Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2014

Top 10 2014

Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2014

We hope you are all enjoying a happy, healthy start to 2014 so far! With the New Year also comes Travel Nursing Central’s Top 10 list of Travel Nursing Companies for 2014. We hope that these rankings give travel nurses good information that may help inform and improve their career paths. Beyond that we believe this gives each agency the chance to be aware of important feedback from their nurses.

Our site compiled this year’s ranking based upon ratings and feedback from more than 1600 traveling healthcare providers. The travelers rated approximately 140 agencies based upon 20 different evaluative criteria, such as benefits, pay, honesty, housing, efficiency, and more.

For 2014, Travel Nursing Central has further improved our formula for crunching the numbers, as well as how we are displaying the results. We have moved to a tiered ranking system, which evaluates the best agencies as Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Travel Nursing Central wants to have a large enough sample of reviews to be able to best serve our users, so in order to be considered for these rankings each company must have at least 15 ratings and must have been voluntarily rated by a nurse who’s worked with them in the last 3 months. In addition, the agency must have a website, which we believe provides a certain legitimacy, and we only considered ratings submitted on or prior to December 31, 2013 for the 2014 rankings.

With all of that said, we hope these rankings are of help to you, and, without further ado … here is the Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2014.


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