Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2013

Top 10 Travel Nursing Companies 2013With the end of the year 2012 comes our Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies!  More than 1000 travelers have rated the agencies on 20 different criteria.

Rules of the ratings included that the agency was voluntarily rated by nurse travelers who worked with the agency in the last 3 months, the agency must have been rated by at least 10 nurses, they must have a website, and they must have had the top 10 highest scores as of Jan 5, 2013.

Without further ado, here are the Top Travel Nursing Companies for 2013 by Travel Nursing Central. 




3 thoughts on “Top 10 List of Travel Nursing Companies for 2013

  1. I want to do some travel assistments and want to know who would be the best to sign up with. I do NICU areas.
    Thank you, Cathy

  2. Cathy, I would advise you to take a look at a few of the top ranked companies to start researching one that seems the best fit for you. Each company offers a slightly different approach, attitude, and slate of benefits, and each travel nurse has different needs and wants for a company. Take a look at the rankings —, check into a few companies websites to get a feel and view their benefits, zero in on contenders, and call a few up to chat and see what they have to offer. This should be a great start to finding the right company. Good luck!

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