Top Travel Nurse Companies

Question Man - Top Travel Nurse CompaniesWe have gotten a lot of questions lately from travel nurses or prospective travel nurses asking what company is the best. Companies have different strengths, but the number one things you can do is find a recruiter who understands you as an individual and also gets what your needs are professionally. When you understand how important this is it becomes more about the recruiter than the company — although some companies certainly foster better environments than others. The right recruiter within a company that recognizes you as an individual and not just a number should your advocate in all situations and should work towards your career goals alongside you.

Also remember that many travelers will have been working with 2-3 agencies to increase their odds of the right placement. So how can you choose the right company or companies to go with? Forums and rankings are good ways to dip your toe if you have yet to sign on anywhere.

We also have a lot of great resources here on this website such as the rankings of Top 10 Travel Nurse Companies for 2013 and the Travel Nurse Agency Ranking Results.

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