Best Travel Nursing Blogs

Celebrate LaptopWhat can make a blog valuable is its connection with a specific audience and ability to educate and entertain them on a subject of interest. A website called GuoTime — “Your guide to the fabulous land of niche bloggers” — makes it their business to seek out some of the best blogs out there to unite them with the readers who need them the most. This month they did a post on the “Best travel nursing blogs for traveling nurses and (aspiring) R.N.”

According to its site, GuoTime “is all about finding best niche blogs and experts who can address people’s problems and needs.” So for those actively interested in travel nursing, thinking about it as a possibility, or even those already working in the industry these suggestions of blogs and agency blogs are really helpful.

The best travel nursing blogs they decided on were Highway Hypodermics, The Gypsy Nurse, Travel Nursing Blogs, and The Nerdy Nurse. Each blog is detailed in terms of exactly why it is a great resource for prospective, curious, or working travel nurses. Highway Hypodermics is recognized as being highly authoritative and especially great for aspiring travel nurses. The Gypsy Nurse is described as a “community designed for people to excel and enjoy travel nursing jobs.” is explained as a great resource site with a variety of contributors who are “industry thought leaders.” The Nerdy Nurse is a social media pro who is “known for using technology to advocate the nursing profession that she loves.”

Among the best travel nursing agency blogs they chose, Medical Solutions, American Traveler, and TaleMed. The post also includes some stats about travel nursing, including some demographic info on travel nurses, and an infograph from The Nerdy Nurse about some of the top travel-friendly facilities out there.

Checking out these blogs will help you better navigate the world travel nursing. Happy reading!


Continuing Education for Travel Nurses

Continuing Education for Travel NursesKeeping up with education is important for any healthcare professional. In the past continuing education for travel nurses has seemed more daunting than for perm workers, simply due to them being on the go, geography, and logistics. With the growing popularity and greater availability of online courses, continuing education for travel nurses is made easier. But it turns out the number one concern or reason why nurses don’t enroll in classes isn’t so much geography, it is time.

A recent report from the National Student Nurses Association surveyed a group of registered nurses to determine the top four reasons why they might be apprehensive to continue their education. The reasons were isolated and then addressed as myths or facts, where the authors unpacked the assumptions and realities of these reasons why people choose not to head back to school:

  • Obtaining a BSN will not enhance the ability to function as a registered nurse.
  • Obtaining the BSN will not increase registered nurses’ salaries.
  • The schedule of RNs precludes returning to school.
  • Returning to school is too expensive.

One big takeaway from the NSNA survey was that for many respondents the fear or worry of not having enough time to continue their education was worse than reality of taking classes. Some of the chief benefits from continuing and obtaining a BSN reported in the survey included, “increased knowledge base,” “professional growth,” and self satisfaction. Research discussed in the report also concluded that “the higher a nurse’s education, the better the patient outcomes.” Click here to read the full report.

It so very important for travelers to continue learning in the healthcare field. Continuing education for travel nurses is a great resume booster and helpful in terms of patient care, it better equips travelers to truly hit the ground running and be successful at any facility.


Top Specialties for Travel Nursing

ER TeamThose who want to become travel nurses often wonder if there are top specialties for travel nursing that they should focus on that would make them more marketable in the industry. In general, the demand in travel nursing tends to follow the demand in the nursing industry at large — which is big and poised to become even huger in the coming years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse employment is projected to grow up to 18 percent between the years of 2011 and 2018.

While it’s true that a nurse with any specialty can find work in the travel nursing industry, Healthcare Traveler Magazine recently published an article detailing 7 specialties especially in demand for nurses now and expected to have even greater demand in the future. They spoke with several industry experts and the 7 top specialties for travel nursing that emerged were:

  • ICU
  • Telemetry
  • Neonatal
  • OR
  • Dialysis
  • Labor and Delivery
  • ER

This is not to say that if a specialty is not on this list it should be overlooked. Every nurse has a natural area or areas of interest and at the end of the day you will be the best at doing work that you are most passionate about. For the most part these top specialties for travel nursing are ranked due to a demand in the aging population or in some cases the need for critical care nurses. Especially when traveling, a nurse of any specialty must be able to jump right into even the most intense situation.

Click here for the full Healthcare Traveler article, which provides an excellently detailed foundation of reasoning for these rankings of top specialties for travel nursing, as explained and defended by industry experts. The article also has some great “Fast Facts” for each specialty.



Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!

June 5, 2013

Hello all! Hope you had a great Nurses Week, Memorial Day, and are now ready for some serious summer fun in the sun! (Or, you know, in the A/C with a good book or movie, if that’s more up your alley!) It’s been awhile since we did a  travel nurse blog round-up, so today we’re back with five of our favorite recent travel nursing blogs. Enjoy!

Travel-friendly Facilities — Infographic

By The Gypsy Nurse on May 31, 2013

TheGypsyNurse-86_600Travel nursing offers and exciting opportunity to build your career and add rich experiences to your life. Some ten thousand nurses decide to travel to hospitals and medical facilities outside their communities every week.

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Travel Nurse Tech: 5 Great Apps for Travel Nurse

By Sarah, Travel Nursing Blogs on May 20, 2013

Sarah Wengert_MAW picSometimes it’s hard to remember life before there was “an app for that.” The handy-dandy world of smartphone and tablet applications is still relatively new, yet we’ve quickly become accustomed to relying on helpful apps to make our lives run smoother and better. A travel nurse can benefit from a variety of apps whether relating specifically to the clinical world or to keeping an on-the-go personal life in check.

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Mid-Year Checkup

By Chad, Aureus Medical Group on June 3, 2013

ChadSo, did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year? Most people do, but how many are still keeping them? Odds are not you’re not!  Studies show that over 60% of people have long forgot about them after six months. I won’t list all the reasons why, you can probably think of them yourself. You’ve probably invented some clever ones on your own.

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How “Skills Checklists” Can Help Healthcare Professionals

By Kyle, Blue Pipes

KyleHealthcare professionals face a unique and difficult challenge when measuring and conveying their skill sets. This is largely due to the vast array of skills that encompass a given healthcare specialty. Consider the difference between the skill sets of a general professional, like a sales professional, and a healthcare professional, like an ICU nurse.

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7 Ways for Busy Nurses to Create Balance in Their Lives

By Scrubs Mag on May 20, 2013

scrubs.logo.webAs a busy nurse, I sometimes find it challenging to live a balanced lifestyle. I find myself running from task to task and taking care of everyone around me, only to get home and do more of the same.

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