How Recruiters and Travel Nurses Can Build Trust

Trust - How Recruiters and Travel Nurses Can Build Trust

Find out how you and your recruiter can build and maintain a trustworthy relationship.

Sometimes, in order to learn how to do something well, it’s helpful to understand how it should not be done. Over at Blue Pipes Blog, Kyle Schmidt recently shared a pair of posts that illustrate this — one about ways recruiters betray the trust of travel nurses and one about ways travelers betray the trust of recruiters.

14 Ways Recruiters Betray the Trust of Travel Nurses

Before diving in, Schmidt notes that the “travel healthcare industry is unique in ways that tend to accentuate the importance of trust between candidate and recruiter.” For example, he writes, healthcare travelers are not just depending upon their recruiters for a job, but often also counting on them for housing and travel arrangements as well as help coordinating the many documents and credentials needed to be in order prior to an assignment.

Including quotes from actual nurses pulled from forums and social media, Schmidt then details his list of the 14 ways recruiters can compromise travel nurses’ trust. Themes from this list include any lack of being upfront, lack of communication and follow-up, being too pushy, proceeding without a nurse’s permission, pay issues, and more. Click here to read this blog in full.

15 Ways Travel Nurses Compromise the Trust of Recruiters

After Schmidt’s article described above, he says he got requests — primarily from travelers — that he do an article on how travel nurses compromise the trust of recruiters. He carefully explains that neither list is representative of all recruiters or all travelers, and that perhaps this set of articles will help “bridge gaps between travelers and recruiters.”

After discussing that it’s in each traveler’s best interest to maintain a trusting relationship with their recruiters, Schmidt dives into the ways travel nurses can compromise their recruiters’ trust. These can include disrespect for housing, repeatedly cancelling shifts or backing out of contracts, lack of communication, incomplete paperwork, missing interviews, not being upfront, and more. Click here to read this full post.

How Recruiters and Travel Nurses Can Build Trust

It seems to me after reading both posts that most of these issues boil down to honesty and communication. A good, solid relationship with your recruiter is key to your success as a travel nurse. To that end it’s important that both parties treat each other with respect and honesty.

First, you need to work with someone you’re compatible with. Beyond that, ethical behavior on both ends and a two-way street approach to good, honest communication seems to be the best recipe for a happy traveler-recruiter relationship. I hope these tips on how not to be will help you and your recruiters be aware of how to be in order to have the most successful relationship possible.

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Travel Nursing Central’s Updated Blog Feed Aggregator

Blogs Bullseye - Travel Nursing Central’s Updated Blog Feed Aggregator

Bullseye! Travel Nursing Central’s updated blog feed aggregator helps keep you in touch with all the recent travel nurse news and blogs.

There are a so many travel nursing related blogs out there — it can be hard to keep up with them all! But being able to read from them on a regular basis is super helpful to travel nurses at all different stages of their careers — from early stages of travel nurse curiosity to pulling the trigger on your first assignment to vet status in the industry.

Because of the helpfulness of travel nurse industry blogs to travelers and prospective travelers, Travel Nursing Central works to bring you a simple one-stop shop by aggregating the travel nursing blogs you want to read. We have recently made some updates to our blog aggregator, in hopes that it functions even better for our readers now. In addition to the Travel Nursing Central blog itself, Travel Nursing Central’s updated blog feed aggregator includes:

  • RN Network
  • Aureus Medical
  • Fastaff
  • Medical Solutions
  • Blue Pipes
  • I Love Travel Nursing
  • Highway Hypodermics
  • The Right Solutions
  • Gypsy Nurse
  • Travel Nursing Blogs

You can click here to go to Travel Nursing Central’s updated blog feed aggregator. Then, simply use the drop down menu to select from the various blog feeds listed above. You can use this tool to view a title and quick snippet of each blog’s past 10 posts, as well as the date it was posted.

We hope you’ll be able to use Travel Nursing Central’s updated blog feed aggregator to help stay informed and up to date on all kinds of travel nursing industry related topics, such as: housing, pay and bonuses, contracts, taxes, continuing education, locations, holidays, clothing, footwear, scrubs, and accessories, companies and recruiters, the benefits of travel nursing, beating nurse burnout, succeeding in the industry, interviewing tips, contests, current news related to healthcare and nursing, and so much more!

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Best Travel Nursing Blogs

Celebrate Laptop - Best Travel Nursing BlogsWhat can make a blog valuable is its connection with a specific audience and ability to educate and entertain them on a subject of interest. A website called GuoTime — “Your guide to the fabulous land of niche bloggers” — makes it their business to seek out some of the best blogs out there to unite them with the readers who need them the most. This month they did a post on the “Best travel nursing blogs for traveling nurses and (aspiring) R.N.”

According to its site, GuoTime “is all about finding best niche blogs and experts who can address people’s problems and needs.” So for those actively interested in travel nursing, thinking about it as a possibility, or even those already working in the industry these suggestions of blogs and agency blogs are really helpful.

The best travel nursing blogs they decided on were Highway Hypodermics, The Gypsy Nurse, Travel Nursing Blogs, and The Nerdy Nurse. Each blog is detailed in terms of exactly why it is a great resource for prospective, curious, or working travel nurses. Highway Hypodermics is recognized as being highly authoritative and especially great for aspiring travel nurses. The Gypsy Nurse is described as a “community designed for people to excel and enjoy travel nursing jobs.” is explained as a great resource site with a variety of contributors who are “industry thought leaders.” The Nerdy Nurse is a social media pro who is “known for using technology to advocate the nursing profession that she loves.”

Among the best travel nursing agency blogs they chose, Medical Solutions, American Traveler, and TaleMed. The post also includes some stats about travel nursing, including some demographic info on travel nurses, and an infograph from The Nerdy Nurse about some of the top travel-friendly facilities out there.

Checking out these blogs will help you better navigate the world travel nursing. Happy reading!

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Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013

Been a little behind on your travel nurse reading? That’s OK!  We’ve complied some of the best blog posts about travel nursing from the past few weeks.

Here they are:

The rewards of travel nursing

By Aya Healthcare Blog on Jan 21st,  2013
aya - Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013Travel nursing assignments are among the most unique and rewarding career opportunities available.  That being said, the many benefits that travel nursing jobs offer are not without their own challenges.

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Ways for a travel nurse to become a better leader

By Aureus Medical Group on January 31st, 2013
blogicon Aureus1 - Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013New evidence shows that a travel nurse with leadership training and advanced education is in a better position to help his or her workplace and create a more effective unit.
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How to Handle Mail on Your Travel Nurse Assignment

By Jeannie, Travel Nursing Blogs on Jan 25th, 2013
2cd54104a216c942fcd1deffc95918b1?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013
Moving to a new assignment every 3 months takes a lot of patience and organization, including taking care of your mail and bills. But how do most travel nurses handle their mail situation?
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Travel Nursing – Is It Worth It Without a Tax-home?

By Kyle, The Truth about Travel Nursing on Feb 1st, 2013
f631459376b4e417c02afea0df6e30e9?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013
Travel nursing agencies and their recruiters trumpet the benefits of tax-free stipends in their marketing campaigns and sales pitches. And of course, why wouldn’t they? In most cases, the tax-free stipends can result in hundreds of additional dollars making their way into the pocket of the travel nurse.
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Top 10 expectations for a travel nurse

By Mighty Nurse on Jan 29th, 2013
mightynurse - Traveling Nurse Blog Round Up 2/1/2013
The top 10 things that a hospital should consider when working with Travel Nurses (from a Travel Nurse perspective):
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Travel Nursing Blog Round-up

Perhaps you missed some of the exciting travel nursing blogs that were posted this week? Or maybe you just have time to read them all. That’s ok! We’ve picked our top 5 favorite articles from this week that we think you should read. Here there are:

Travel Nursing – Is Your Skill List Up-to-Date?

By Howard, Sunbelt Staffing on October 4th, 2012
pix - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upSo you’re ready to start travel nursing. You’ve got the education and experience, your resume is newly polished and you’ve prepared for those tricky interview questions. Have you forgotten anything?
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Cancelled Travel Nurse Contract? Don’t Panic!

By Jeannie, Travel Nursing Blogs on Oct 08, 2012
2cd54104a216c942fcd1deffc95918b1?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upWhether it was a complaint from a patient or coworker, the hospital thought you were a bad fit or perhaps you just got sick – canceled contracts do happen.  It’s normal to think your travel nurse career is over, but fear not, even veteran travelers have a contract canceled occasionally.
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Travel Dashboard – Tools for Travelers

By Gypsy Nurse, The Gypsy Nurse on Oct 10, 2012
1dbc221864db9516a918dbd97a5eb2db?s=100&r=pg&d=mm - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upWhen you are planning to go on a trip, especially one that will be rather long and have multiple destinations, it can be stressful keeping track of everything. Flights, hotel check-ins  time zones, currency converters…there is so much to keep track of.
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Travel Nurse Wellness Tips – Change is good!

By Tara, Medical Solutions Blog on Oct 5th, 2012
707be867ec542b113c9741447f9fd083?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upFor those of you that are on the road as a traveling health professional, your options for exercise equipment may be limited. However, you don’t have to just change the activity to increase a change in your body.

Follow the Fall Colors for Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

By Healthcare Travelbook on Oct 2nd, 2012
f4040893b5e6ce84e252fcfc97fe08e0?s=60&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upIf you are presently trying to decide where to take your next travel nursing assignment or are going to be on the road soon, you may want to consider following the fall colors.  Here are some of our favorite spots for the fall season:
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