Continuing Education for Travel Nurses

Continuing Education for Travel Nurses - Continuing Education for Travel NursesKeeping up with education is important for any healthcare professional. In the past continuing education for travel nurses has seemed more daunting than for perm workers, simply due to them being on the go, geography, and logistics. With the growing popularity and greater availability of online courses, continuing education for travel nurses is made easier. But it turns out the number one concern or reason why nurses don’t enroll in classes isn’t so much geography, it is time.

A recent report from the National Student Nurses Association surveyed a group of registered nurses to determine the top four reasons why they might be apprehensive to continue their education. The reasons were isolated and then addressed as myths or facts, where the authors unpacked the assumptions and realities of these reasons why people choose not to head back to school:

  • Obtaining a BSN will not enhance the ability to function as a registered nurse.
  • Obtaining the BSN will not increase registered nurses’ salaries.
  • The schedule of RNs precludes returning to school.
  • Returning to school is too expensive.

One big takeaway from the NSNA survey was that for many respondents the fear or worry of not having enough time to continue their education was worse than reality of taking classes. Some of the chief benefits from continuing and obtaining a BSN reported in the survey included, “increased knowledge base,” “professional growth,” and self satisfaction. Research discussed in the report also concluded that “the higher a nurse’s education, the better the patient outcomes.” Click here to read the full report.

It so very important for travelers to continue learning in the healthcare field. Continuing education for travel nurses is a great resume booster and helpful in terms of patient care, it better equips travelers to truly hit the ground running and be successful at any facility.

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