Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!

June 5, 2013

Hello all! Hope you had a great Nurses Week, Memorial Day, and are now ready for some serious summer fun in the sun! (Or, you know, in the A/C with a good book or movie, if that’s more up your alley!) It’s been awhile since we did a  travel nurse blog round-up, so today we’re back with five of our favorite recent travel nursing blogs. Enjoy!

Travel-friendly Facilities — Infographic

By The Gypsy Nurse on May 31, 2013

TheGypsyNurse 86 6001 - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!Travel nursing offers and exciting opportunity to build your career and add rich experiences to your life. Some ten thousand nurses decide to travel to hospitals and medical facilities outside their communities every week.

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Travel Nurse Tech: 5 Great Apps for Travel Nurse

By Sarah, Travel Nursing Blogs on May 20, 2013

Sarah Wengert MAW pic1 - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!Sometimes it’s hard to remember life before there was “an app for that.” The handy-dandy world of smartphone and tablet applications is still relatively new, yet we’ve quickly become accustomed to relying on helpful apps to make our lives run smoother and better. A travel nurse can benefit from a variety of apps whether relating specifically to the clinical world or to keeping an on-the-go personal life in check.

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Mid-Year Checkup

By Chad, Aureus Medical Group on June 3, 2013

Chad1 - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!So, did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year? Most people do, but how many are still keeping them? Odds are not you’re not!  Studies show that over 60% of people have long forgot about them after six months. I won’t list all the reasons why, you can probably think of them yourself. You’ve probably invented some clever ones on your own.

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How “Skills Checklists” Can Help Healthcare Professionals

By Kyle, Blue Pipes

Kyle1 - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!Healthcare professionals face a unique and difficult challenge when measuring and conveying their skill sets. This is largely due to the vast array of skills that encompass a given healthcare specialty. Consider the difference between the skill sets of a general professional, like a sales professional, and a healthcare professional, like an ICU nurse.

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7 Ways for Busy Nurses to Create Balance in Their Lives

By Scrubs Mag on May 20, 2013

scrubs.logo .web  - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!As a busy nurse, I sometimes find it challenging to live a balanced lifestyle. I find myself running from task to task and taking care of everyone around me, only to get home and do more of the same.

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