2014 Travelers Conference

TravCon2014 2014 Travelers Conference

The 2014 Travelers Conference is coming this September!

September 23-24 are going to be the dates for the 2014 Travelers Conference!

The annual conference will once again be held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, located on the Las Vegas strip. The 2014 Travelers Conference is hosted by PanTravelers, and according to its website, it has grown into the largest single gathering of healthcare travelers in the U.S.

“Organized by volunteers who are themselves current or former travelers, the purpose of this event is to provide a relaxed setting that gives travelers an opportunity to network with other travelers and top industry insiders,” reads the Travelers Conference site.

You can still nab the early registration discounted price of $89 (for both days) prior to August 1st. Standard registration is $99, from August 1st-September 1st. And, if the event is not yet sold out (as it was last year by this time) the last minute registration fee is $115. PanTravelers contributing members are entitled to a 15% discount on the cost of conference registration.

This year there will also be a Newbie Boot Camp, Monday, September 22, from 1-5 p.m. This will allow new travelers the chance to learn from experienced travelers and staff. It is completely free, with your paid 2014 Travelers Conference registration.

As of this posting, the 2013 information was still posted under schedule and speakers — to give an idea of what attendees can expect. But, there is information about the 2014 Welcome Receptions and Gypsy Nurse Luncheon, and the full roster and schedule will be posted as they develop.

Click here to learn more about the 2014 Travelers Conference. If you have any further questions, you can contact the organizers through that link.

Have you ever been to a Travelers Conference in the past, and, do you plan to attend the 2014 Travelers Conference? Let us know in the comments.

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Travel Nurse Staffing Saves Lives

Blue Scrubs Travel Nurse Staffing Saves Lives

Your work as a travel nurse provides safer staffing and saves lives!

Most nurses are inspired to do what they do for altruistic reasons. The idea and practice of helping others in need is a huge motivator for those within or thinking about joining the nursing profession.

Because of this drive to help others, many nurses struggle with improper staffing levels, knowing they are giving their all but sometimes unable to deliver the best patient care possible when assigned too many patients or put into an unsafe situation on the job.

This is why travel nursing is such a crucially important career path!

Travel nurses go where they are most needed, to provide care to patients and much-needed relief to overworked perm staff.

Many surveys have indicated that nurse staffing levels are quite often unsafe and more nurses may be needed to provide proper patient care within hospitals. Yet another recent survey, commissioned by the Massachusetts Nurses Association/National Nurses United, indicated that nurses reported that understaffing led to patient injury (46%), longer hospital stays (51%), and medication errors (57%).

Travel nursing is a way to sort of double down on helping others. You can help patients, hospitals, and other nurses — all while taking the opportunity to travel and explore new locations!

If you’re thinking about getting into travel nursing but don’t know where to begin, Travel Nursing Central can be an excellent resource for you. This site offers advice, checklists, information on housing, updates on current events and news relevant to the industry, and information and rankings on hospitals and travel nursing companies.

One of our most popular site features is our annual ranking of travel nurse companies. Click here to see the list for 2014.

With an important understanding for how travel nurse staffing saves lives, we are happy to help you get on the road to helping others through travel nursing. Click around and let us know if you have any questions!

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3 Ways Travel Nursing Improves Your Career

Happy People 001 3 Ways Travel Nursing Improves Your Career

Thumbs up for building an awesome career through travel nursing!

Travel nursing isn’t just a great way to see the country (although it definitely is that!). It’s also a really great chance for nurses to build their careers and advance professionally in the long run.

Here are 3 ways travel nursing improves your career by helping in your professional development:

Practicing Flexibility  

All nurses must learn to roll with the punches, as hospital work bring often brings surprises and demands that you think on your feet. But travel nurses really learn and get to practice adaptability and flexibility, which is awesome for your professional growth and makes you even more marketable wherever you go in the future.

Getting a Variety of Experience         

Travel nurses get exposure to a lot of different colleagues, diverse patient demographics, and facilities (and their various different ways of doing things). In each of these areas this variety of experience will make you stronger professionally and a better nurse.

The strengthening of your base of experience is also a great confidence booster. After a few assignments travel nursing you’ll have seen a lot, and that experience shows yourself and others that you can handle anything! Experiencing new ways of doing things and being in contact with a greater variety of people, personalities, and patient situations also does a lot to enrich you as a person.

Growing Professionally (And Personally)

Having travel nursing on your resume will follow you forever — in a good way! When hospital administrators see travel nursing in your file it automatically tells them that you are dependable, flexible, highly skilled, experienced in a number of hospital environments, and extremely dedicated to patient care. A July 2012 study by Nursing Management reflected that travel nurses grew professionally (and personally) while working on assignment. travel nursing increases your technical skill set and teaches you new things on and off the job.

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Nurses Week Infographics

There’s been a lot of awesome Nurses Week content out there so far during this year’s celebration. Travel Nursing Central thought we would share a few of our favorite Nurses Week infographics from this very special week. Enjoy!

Uniform Advantage put out this awesome infographic that celebrates Nurses as the Superheroes they are. UA wrote: “Thank you Nurses for your extraordinary service in the healthcare industry! What would we do without your tender loving care and skills, without your patience and passion for a profession that is a roller coaster of emotions and yet so rewarding? In celebration of National Nurses Week this year, we honor and congratulate you for being who you are and continuing to do a phenomenal job!”

Super Nurses Infographic

Travel Nurse Source put out this excellent infographic titled “The Modern Nurse” that explores diversity within the Nursing field.

the modern nurse Nurses Week Infographics

© 2014 Travel Nurse Source

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put out this infographic to go with the Nurses Week 2014 theme “Nurses Leading the Way.”

If you have seen any other neat Nurses Week infographics that were put out in celebration of Nurses Week 2014, please share them with us in the comments!

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Happy Nurses Week 2014!

Celebrate 001 Happy Nurses Week 2014!

Happy Nurses Week 2014! Let’s celebrate!

We hope all of you nurses out there are enjoying a Happy Nurses Week 2014!

The theme for Nurses Week 2014 is “Nurses Leading the Way.” All nurses, including traveling nurses, do SO much to lead and support within the healthcare industry. It’s really great that once a year we take a whole week to celebrate the hard work and compassion of awesome nurses.

Here are a few cool things going on this year for Nurses Week 2014:

The American Nursing Association offered up this cool Nurses Week History.

Like in many years before, Cinnabon is doing its giveaway for nurse professionals during Nurses Week. Just bring in your badge, May 6-12, to get a free Classic Cinnamon Roll or Minibon Roll.

Medical Solutions is doing some fun stuff over at WeLoveOurNurses.com:

  • Real Nurses of Nurses Week gallery where you can add your nurse bio and picture
  • A Share Your Best Nursing Story contest w/ prizes like free massages and scrubs
  • Third annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship contest — click here to enter.
  • Shareable eCards and the #yournursesweek for social media

NursingCenter.com is doing:

  • Free access to some of its most popular journal articles
  • An image contest exemplifying this year’s theme, Nurses Leading the Way, and a word search puzzle
  • Daily features on inspirational nurses
  • A free National Nurses Week webinar

Gypsy Nurse, sponsored by Atlas Medstaff, is taking nominations for your “Gypsy Florence Nightingale” — click here to nominate.

Mighty Nurse is doing a Nurse Mad Libs drawing with a Southwest gift card for the prize and is also announcing its scholarship winner this week.

Scrubbed In is sharing a “Wish a Day” for nurses on its blog.

Many hospitals and others are also doing special things this week to honor nurses — so keep your eyes peeled from promotions and discounts May 6-12. We hope you all get a chance to unwind a bit through some of this Nurses Week fun and that you know how very grateful we all are for nurses! Happy Nurses Week 2014!

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A Nurse’s Guide to the Apocalypse

If you are a “Walking Dead” fan and also a nurse, this is the post for you!

Of course, it might not be zombies … maybe it’s a nuclear winter, an asteroid, or even climate change. Whatever the potential apocalyptic trigger, one thing is certain: We’re going to need a lot of nurses — and the ability to travel will be more important than ever!

The folks at The Nursing Bible shared this funny infographic, “A Nurse’s Guide to the Apocalypse.”

How Will YOU navigate the chaos? We hope it doesn’t come to this, but just in case here are a few facts and tips to prepare in the event of an apocalypse:

Nurses Guide to Apocalypse A Nurse’s Guide to the Apocalypse
Source: TheNursingBible.com

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Travel Nursing Blog Round-Up

It’s been awhile but we’re back with another Travel Nurse Blog Round-Up! Let’s jump right in:

TheGypsyNurse 86 6001 Travel Nursing Blog Round Up Gypsy Nurse

Talking Travel Nurse Taxes: The Regional Traveler Part 2  

This blog discusses a handful of “scenarios where the traveler can have taxable partially per diems/allowances or subsidies” as well as a few items and situations related to this.

 Travel Nursing Blog Round Up Blue Pipes Blog

Is Your Nurse Resume Optimized for the ATS?

This blog aims to help travel nurses get the most out of their resumes in hopes of getting great assignments. Learn more about ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems, how they work and how you can make sure they are on your side when job hunting.

David M Travel Nursing Blog Round Up Travel Nursing Blogs

Ask a Travel Nurse: How do I handle Traveler cliques on assignment?

Travel Nursing Blogs’ Ask a Travel Nurse expert David Morrison RN, answer this question about an issue that many nurses face. Cliques can especially be a problem for travel nurses who are so often the new kid on the block.

Medical Solutions Blog

New Infographic on Jobs and the Nursing Shortage

This new infographic on jobs and the nursing shortage helps explain the industry and what to expect with jobs, also pinpointing travel nursing as a great way to navigate the shortage and go where jobs are needed.

Aureus Medical Group Blog

Traveling With Pets

These are some great tips from Aureus on how to prepare and navigate traveling with your pet or pets. Furry companions can add a lot to travel time, but you have to be prepared to take care of them along the way!

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How Travel Nurses are Like Olympians

Medals How Travel Nurses are Like Olympians

Travel Nurses Go For The Gold Every Day!

The 2014 Olympics in Sochi are coming to a close this weekend. Maybe if you’re lucky enough to have worked the evening or night shift you got to catch some of my personal favorite winter sport, Curling — which was on at exclusively odd hours this time around!

Seems so many of us have the Olympics on the brain, and I just came across a great blog this week on allnurses.com called Nurses Train Like Olympians. The posts’ intro reads:

“Before an athlete can enter into the Olympic ring, they must do years of extensive training. The same is true for nurses. They take rigorous prerequisites, nursing courses and clinicals, before they can enter the nursing field. Nurses train to go into many environments. Just like [sic] Olympians take their talents to the slopes, nurses train to take their skills and knowledge into many different arenas. For both there are tears, laughter, joy and few hours of sleep. But they know in the end it will all be worth it because they are following their dream!

I thought this blog made some really fantastic comparisons. The post goes on to compare nurses and Olympians in terms of:

  • Physical Strength
  • Mental Toughness
  • Uniforms
  • Nursing Also Having Fans
  • Ability to Keep an Eye on a Goal

Agreed, on all counts! But, it got me thinking about how travel nurses specifically are like Olympians. Here are a couple more I’d add that are specific to travel nurses and how travel nurses are like Olympians:

Performing Like a Champ on an Unfamiliar “Course”

There was some talk this year about difficulty of certain courses in Sochi. Shaun White may have lost some fans over his inability to deal with a tricky course. On the other hand, American Kelly Clark called the halfpipe course “challenging” but told USA Today, “I know I can’t control what the pipe conditions are. It has the potential to be variable, and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity.”

Clark’s sentiments are pretty much what every good travel nurse must believe when jumping into things at a new facility. Travel nurses can’t control or know what the dynamic will be like, but they jump right in and make the most of it.

Sense of Adventure

Watching terrifically talented athletes conquer adventurous courses and dominate the landscape in all the way across the globe totally reminded me Olympians travel for adventure and to succeed in their fields — just like travel nurses.

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the Sochi Olympics, and that all you travel nurse Olympians keep going for the gold every day on the job!

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Questions Nurses Get Used To Hearing

Question Man Questions Nurses Get Used To Hearing

Oh, the questions nurses get used to hearing!

Talk about a travel assignment: Visiting Bruno Mars in his dressing room to check up on his sore throat. Sounds like a dream assignment, actually. But for one nurse who found herself in this spot recently, she got more then she bargained for when Mars appeared to be a little cuckoo and asked her all kinds of strange questions. Among the strange questions, he asked her to take off her shoes and also why the Pringles can was shaped the way it is! You can check out the video below.

Luckily for this particular nurse, the whole thing turned out to be a prank put on by Bruno Mars and Ellen DeGeneres. But how many crazy questions do you routinely hear on the job that don’t actually turn out to be pranks? Oh, the questions nurses get used to hearing!

Mighty Nurse published a great blog this week called 10 Questions All Nurses Have Learned to Answer.

Some of the questions included:

“So, are you going on to become a doctor?”

“My light has been on for hours! Where have you BEEN?!”

“What’s with the long wait times around here?”

“Have you done this before?”

“Hey, could I call you after I leave here?”

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had happen to you here?”

Also, I’d like to share that when I was visiting the Mighty Nurse site I noticed that they had a poll called “How is the staffing at your facility?” At the time I viewed the results, 86% said “understaffed,” 2% said “overstaffed,” and 12% said “correctly staffed.” These results just go to show there is a massive and ever-growing need for travel nurses!

So, back to questions … What questions do you hear all time? And what’s the weirdest thing a patient has ever asked you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

One thing’s for sure: As traveling nurses, you definitely get to sample different kinds of patients from all across the U.S.

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How to Become a Nurse Leader

Nurse Leader Teamwork How to Become a Nurse Leader

Travel nursing can be great experience for a future career as a nurse leader.

Not all travel nurses want to become nurse leaders, but traveling is definitely an excellent way for you to beef up your resume if you are interested in that career path down the line.

When executives and administrators see travel nursing on your resume it automatically tells them that you are capable, flexible, dependable, professional, and highly skilled. Travel nurse must be able to jump right in to a new hospital environment with little local training and provide excellent patient care without missing a beat.

In case you are interested in one day pursuing a career as a nurse leader, we wanted you to check out this informational guide on how to become a nurse leader: “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Nurse Leader.”

It’s a pretty handy guide that includes several links, graphics, and lots of information for nurses, whether you want to jump in nurse leadership right now, or if you are a younger nurse — maybe even a student — and you just want to make sure that you are on the right path to end up where you want to be.

One example of how travel nursing can be great practice for nurse leadership is the 5 qualities they mention as essential for all nurse leaders are: self-confidence, courage, growth, communication, and appreciation. All of these qualities must be practiced and excelled at by travel nurses while on assignment.

Also, you will get to sample a lot of different facilities over your time as a travel nurse. You get to see a number of different approaches to running a hospital or leading a nursing staff; you get to see what works and what doesn’t, or how certain approaches are best fitted to certain situations but not to others. This can give you excellent perspective when later working as a nurse leader.

We hope you enjoy the guide on how to become a nurse leader!

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