Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!

Travel nurses get to experience all kinds of climates, but chances are likely that wherever you are right now it is H-O-T! Cool off from the dog days of July with this month’s travel nurse blog round-up.

Travel Nursing 101: A Solid Contract

Amanda WestBy Amanda, Travel Nursing Blogs, June 28, 2013

Let’s talk about your assignment contract! This is the single most important document of your travel nurse assignment. It’s ironclad and often non-negotiable. You and your recruiter will discuss requested time off, overtime, etc. But, if you remember nothing else, remember that if it is not in your contract, it does not exist! In the best-case scenario, your recruiter will thoroughly explain everything your contract should have in it in order to make your assignment smooth and hassle-free.

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16 Interesting Facts About Nursing Around the World — Infographic

scrubs.logo.webBy Scrubs Mag, July 15, 2013

Just as there are different cultural mores and taboos across the globe, nurses conduct themselves differently from one country to another. Some of these practices may even shock you! Here are some little known facts about nursing around the world.

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Sample Nursing Skills Checklist

KyleBy Kyle, Blue Pipes Blog

Skills checklists are self assessment tools utilized by healthcare employers and healthcare professionals for gauging a healthcare professional’s skill set within a particular healthcare specialty. Healthcare employers often require potential job candidates and new-hires to complete them. They are a standard requirement for employment with travel nursing agencies and healthcare staffing agencies of all types. Skills checklists can also be very useful for healthcare professionals interested in determining their own expertise within their healthcare specialty, for identifying areas of future career growth, and for getting an edge in the hiring process.

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Talking Taxes: Your Mailing Address and State Revenue Agencies

TheGypsyNurse-86_600By Joe from TravelTax, Gypsy Nurse, July 18, 2013

As a travel nurse mobilizes from assignment to assignment, they will occasionally have mail sent directly to one of the temporary mailing addresses instead if having it forwarded from the main mailing address. While this may be convenient, it is a recipe for trouble on the tax end In our practice, we have see the following scenarios that travelers should be aware of.

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Top Travel Nurse Companies

Question ManWe have gotten a lot of questions lately from travel nurses or prospective travel nurses asking what company is the best. Companies have different strengths, but the number one things you can do is find a recruiter who understands you as an individual and also gets what your needs are professionally. When you understand how important this is it becomes more about the recruiter than the company — although some companies certainly foster better environments than others. The right recruiter within a company that recognizes you as an individual and not just a number should your advocate in all situations and should work towards your career goals alongside you.

Also remember that many travelers will have been working with 2-3 agencies to increase their odds of the right placement. So how can you choose the right company or companies to go with? Forums and rankings are good ways to dip your toe if you have yet to sign on anywhere.

We also have a lot of great resources here on this website such as the rankings of Top 10 Travel Nurse Companies for 2013 and the Travel Nurse Agency Ranking Results.


Travelers Conference 2013

1044669_611289382228283_176770603_nEarly warning for the Travelers Conference 2013 (the sixth annual) October 28-29, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is an opportunity for healthcare travel professionals to get together, network, and learn more about the industry through some of the panels, presentations, and roundtables. The networking and social aspects of the conference are also a really valuable experience.

If you haven’t heard of the Traveler’s Conference here’s some more info: According to its website, “The Travelers Conference is held annually and has grown into the largest single gathering of healthcare travelers in the United States. Organized by volunteers who are themselves current or former travelers, the sole purpose of this event is to provide a relaxed setting that gives travelers an opportunity to network with other travelers and industry insiders, earn some excellent CEUs, meet agency representatives in a relaxed, low-pressure setting, and just plain enjoy a tax-deductible Vegas trip.”

Some of the presentation topics this year are, “Apples to Apples: Choosing the Right Company,” “Contract Negotiation: The Nuts & Bolts,” “How is the Money Allocated? Travelers Want to Know,” “Travel Healthcare Industry Update,” “Housing: Know All of Your Options,” “Licensing and Record Management: Keeping Track of All Those Documents,” “Hawaii! How to Succeed at this Top Destination,” and more.

This year’s speakers include Reon Schutte, Joseph Smith, Gene Scott, Epstein LaRue, David Barse, Cynthia Kinnas, Melanie Theriac, Joanie Reneer, Todd Livingston, Lisa Armstrong, and Phil Light. There will also be several get-togethers, including a luncheon, pre-party, happy hour, and more.

The Travelers Conference 2013 will be held at the newly remodeled Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel. Click here for full details on this year’s conference and to register. You can find Travelers Conference 2013 on Facebook here.

Has anyone been to the conference in previous years? What was your experience like?