Five Blogs Every Travel Nurse Should Follow

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These blogs can help you find the tools you need for a successful travel nurse journey.

Whether you’re new to travel nursing or a veteran, you need to be armed with the right tools to help you navigate your travel nurse journey. Fortunately, there are several blogs out in the social media universe to help you do just that. Even better, Travel Nursing Central has the rundown on which travel nursing blogs every travel nurse should follow in order to have a successful career below:

The Gypsy Nurse: Along with a new look, this trusted travel nurse blog also recently rolled out an excellent travel nurse toolkit. From a pay calculator to a housing database, you can easily find the information you need before you hit the road.

Travel Nurse Classroom: Mike, a former travel nurse recruiter, is the author of Travel Nurse Classroom, a blog and podcast.  The podcasts tackle complex industry topics, such as how to negotiate your pay, and have a refreshing agency insider viewpoint. This site deserves a second glance, especially if you’ve ever wondered about the inner workings of a healthcare staffing agency. This gem of a blog has a “Ask a Travel Nurse” section. It can be an incredibly powerful resource for new travel nurses. You can get answers to your most burning travel nurse questions from an experienced current traveler. What’s not to love about that?

Blue Pipes: Does tax season make you break out in a cold sweat? You’re certainly not alone. A travel nursing career can make for a tricky tax return, but don’t fret. You can find out all you need to know at Blue Pipes, a popular travel nurse blog. We really enjoyed this site’s comprehensive four-part article series on tax deductions for the travel nurse.

Travel Nursing Central: While we don’t mean to toot our own horn, the fact remains that TNC is a great resource for the travel nurse. TNC provides travel nurse advice, hospital reviews, and a travel nurse checklist.

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Holiday Fun and Tips for Travel Nurses

Santa - Holiday Fun and Tips for Travel NursesWith Christmas right around the corner we’re knee-deep in the Holiday season. Even if you’ll be working this Christmas and/or New Year’s it’s tough to avoid all the fun and fanfare of the season.

As part of our little celebration here at Travel Nursing Central, we’ve rounded up a few Holiday-related links we’d like to share with you. Whether purely for fun or loaded with good advice for travel nurses, here are some holiday fun and tips for travel nurses for you to enjoy and/or learn from:

We hope this list provides some education and entertainment for travel nurses over the holidays!


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Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!

Travel nurses get to experience all kinds of climates, but chances are likely that wherever you are right now it is H-O-T! Cool off from the dog days of July with this month’s travel nurse blog round-up.

Travel Nursing 101: A Solid Contract

Amanda West - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!By Amanda, Travel Nursing Blogs, June 28, 2013

Let’s talk about your assignment contract! This is the single most important document of your travel nurse assignment. It’s ironclad and often non-negotiable. You and your recruiter will discuss requested time off, overtime, etc. But, if you remember nothing else, remember that if it is not in your contract, it does not exist! In the best-case scenario, your recruiter will thoroughly explain everything your contract should have in it in order to make your assignment smooth and hassle-free.

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16 Interesting Facts About Nursing Around the World — Infographic

scrubs.logo .web  - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!By Scrubs Mag, July 15, 2013

Just as there are different cultural mores and taboos across the globe, nurses conduct themselves differently from one country to another. Some of these practices may even shock you! Here are some little known facts about nursing around the world.

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Sample Nursing Skills Checklist

Kyle - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!By Kyle, Blue Pipes Blog

Skills checklists are self assessment tools utilized by healthcare employers and healthcare professionals for gauging a healthcare professional’s skill set within a particular healthcare specialty. Healthcare employers often require potential job candidates and new-hires to complete them. They are a standard requirement for employment with travel nursing agencies and healthcare staffing agencies of all types. Skills checklists can also be very useful for healthcare professionals interested in determining their own expertise within their healthcare specialty, for identifying areas of future career growth, and for getting an edge in the hiring process.

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Talking Taxes: Your Mailing Address and State Revenue Agencies

TheGypsyNurse 86 6001 - Travel Nurse Blog Round-up!By Joe from TravelTax, Gypsy Nurse, July 18, 2013

As a travel nurse mobilizes from assignment to assignment, they will occasionally have mail sent directly to one of the temporary mailing addresses instead if having it forwarded from the main mailing address. While this may be convenient, it is a recipe for trouble on the tax end In our practice, we have see the following scenarios that travelers should be aware of.

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Help us add to this travel nurse blog round-up: What great travel nurse blogs have you read lately? Let us know in the comments!

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Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup – 11/1/12

Perhaps you missed some of the exciting travel nursing blogs that were posted the last few weeks? Or maybe you just have time to read them all. That’s ok! We’ve picked our top 5 favorite articles from the last few weeks that we think you should read.

Here there are:

The Ultimate Travel Nurse Resume

By Kyle, The Truth about Travel Nursing on October 23rd, 2012
f631459376b4e417c02afea0df6e30e9?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup - 11/1/12Below is a checklist for the ultimate travel nursing resume. Again, agencies are going to want you to fill out their applications because they need to get you into their applicant tracking systems…
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Ask a Travel Nurse: Can you recommend good companies?

By David Morrison, Travel Nursing Blogs on Oct 17th, 2012
a7d48dca30500ade11379c5941cffe4c?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup - 11/1/12Hi. I  have recently decided that I want to try travel nursing for a bit. I have tons of questions after spending a fair amount of time reading about it online.

What Kind of Scheduling Does Travel Nursing Offer?

By Joel Pilka, Medical Solutions on Oct 24th, 2012
2724424cb552cf74e901c713cde52b8d?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup - 11/1/12In the past I have had travel nurses work weekends only or even blocking shifts together where they worked 3 days on the floor in a row.

Medical Surgical Nurses Week

By American Traveler Blog on Nov 1st, 2012
americantraveler - Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup - 11/1/12From now until November 7, it’s Medical Surgical Nurses Week. This is a great time to take a friend in med surge jobs out to lunch, or simply let them know how vital med surge nursing careers are in the world of public health..

Registering Your Car on a Travel Nurse Assignment

By Healthcare Travelbook on Oct 19th, 2012
f4040893b5e6ce84e252fcfc97fe08e0?s=60&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Traveling Nurse Blog Roundup - 11/1/12Registering your car in a new state every time you take an assignment can be quite expensive. However, do you really need to register your car every time?
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