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    360 thoughts on “TotalMed Staffing

    1. Amanda Kingsbury with TotalMed has been an amazing recruiter! She is always on top of everything, goes above and beyond to make sure my pay is correct, and is just an awesome person in general! I have been a traveler for 8+years and >4years have been with TotalMed Staffing. I always end up coming back to TotalMed 🙂

    2. Alyssa Kaspar has been my recruiter through total Med staffing and I have had a great experience with her throughout! She has been a great help.

    3. I have been working for TotalMed now for 5 years and honestly the only reason I haven’t left them is because of my awesome recruiter Alyssa Kaspar! She has had my back on many occasions, always available, and always has a job for me!

    4. Alyssa Kaspar, is always awesome to work with, from the get go we connected. Her honesty was something that just drew me to her, she is always up front and has never lead me in a direction I didn’t feel comfortable with. I was with Totalmed for 4 years, the company and people that work there are now my extended family, best company I ever worked for. Locations for our RV, the hospitals and areas we wanted to be in, were always taken into consideration and everyone of them exceed our expectations.

    5. TotalMed was my first travel agency and will be my last. My recruiter is phenomenal and I’ve always felt like my voice was heard and that I am important!

    6. Alyssa Kaspar is beyond amazing! She is also reachable, knows exactly what I am looking for and is always honest and upfront! She has made traveling as a pair totally doable and pain-free. TotalMed also offers great benefits (all about that 401k match!) and competitive pay packages. I am on my fourth contract (plus extension) with this company and very satisfied.

    7. Keith Kappal is absolutely top notch. He keeps in constant contact with you throughout the process and does whatever he can to find the best fit possible for you as a traveler. I have and will continue to recommend him to any quality nurse looking to travel. He makes a sometimes difficult process very easy and smooth.

    8. My recruiter Keith Kappel has been WONDERFUL!! He has been nothing but honest and very prompt at getting back to me or fixing any issue I might have. He has been nothing but honest and does not say �what I want to hear� but what I can expect. I could not ask for a better recruiter and Totalmed is very lucky to have him. He represents them well. The only complaint I have is not necessarily just a Totalmed issue but with a lot of the companies is that the cost of insurance is very high. I do like the fact that it is available on day one.

    9. My recruiter Alyssa Kaspar is one of the best I’ve worked with, not for, but WITH. Alyssa is good at building working relationships. She’s very good about communicating, reliability, following through and going above and beyond when assignment issues came about. I would recommend her and Total Med Staffing !

    10. Lets talk about Taylor Harris. Taylor works for totalmed. Upon starting travel nursing, I have worked with five different recruiters. I have dealt with people saying there were jobs available where there was not, I have dealt with recruiters getting upset about me taking jobs with other companies, I have dealt with people trying to take advantage of me, I have dealt with people offering me low wages. Lets talk about Taylor. Taylor is honest, upfront, knows how to define boundaries (we are all looking for different things in a recruiter, and Taylor can be any of those things without you saying what you need). Taylor clearly communicates (which is so rare) you don’t have to read between her lines, what she says is what she means and she does not say things in a way that leaves you guessing. She will tell you what she has, and she will work extremely hard to find you what she doesn’t. If she cant find something for you, she will tell you. If you choose another company, she will understand and still be there waiting to work with you. She VALUES her nurses and she is ALWAYS available. I know, without her saying, that she works welllll beyond the hours shes supposed to, because well – she values the relationships and rapport she establishes with people. I could not say enough great things about Taylor. I value honesty, open communication, and hard work. I value truth. Taylor encompasses everything every travel nurse recruiter should be, and it’s an honor to know someone like her exists in this world of travel nursing because it’s scary, and it sucks sometimes, and there is nothing more valuable than knowing someone has your best interest at heart – no ulterior motives present.

    11. Used to be a good agency but since the merge with Valley their customer service has gone downhill. Payroll was very inaccurate and getting them to fix anything was a full time job. I won’t be back.

    12. It’s been a pleasure working for total Med. I have been working with total Med since October of 2013 until today January 26th of 2019. My recruiter I have is phenomenal she make sure my time cards on time my paychecks always on time and she remind me of things that need to be done like paperwork Etc. Working for total man has been a wonderful experience and great opportunity thanks for everything.

    13. Great company to work for. Justin Smith has been a knowledgable and helpful recruiter in getting me assignments I where I want!

    14. I have been with Totalmed and Alyssa Kaspar now for 3 years and hands down she is one of the kindest people I know. She not only helps get me the assignments, but also takes the time to know who I am as a person, and know what�s going on in my life. She and her team are always there when I need them, and are always working hard to find my next assignment with the best pay. If there has ever been any issues on assignment, she and the team have always had my back. #totalmedrocks

    15. My recruiter, Alyssa Kaspar, is truly one of a kind. I met her at Trav Con and knew right away that I wanted to work with her. She goes above and beyond. She truly is available at any time, and if she can�t answer a question I have, she either finds out or directs me to someone who knows. It is nice to have someone that is down to earth, but also gets stuff done. I truly believe that she has my best interest at heart.

    16. Total Med is not trustworthy. Their website is completely misleading. It states:”cost free insurance”, which does not exist. It takes 3 yrs to be vested in their 401K. Fine print states “a match is at the discretion of the company”. Bold print simply says they will match up to a percentage. Total lie. I was not happy with travel pay and they doubled it after I complained. Same with reimbursement for modules required by Banner. They doubled the amount only after I complained. I can not trust them on anything.

    17. The company does not pay fair 1.5 is not acceptable- changed insurance and it blows now – more out of pocket- some do nothing to help you. Find a job- they are a vendor so they steer you away from not their jobs- and pay is going down but their vendor perks are going up- not a card or thanks for being with is for xx years-

    18. Every communication with TotalMed has been beyond pleasant. Alexandria Fosse is a very friendly and knowledgable recruiter. I will very likely never leave TotalMed as long as I’m traveling.

    19. Love my Recruiter Reece Zoelle and the entire team…been with them long enough to feel like they are part of my family! Best company out there!

    20. Dustin has been a wonderful recruiter. Really listens to what I am looking for without being pushy in any way. Honest and reliable.

    21. My recruiter is Reece Zoelle! He’s been the absolute best. He is always available and stays on top of what’s going on. Reece checks on me at least twice a week to make sure that I’m doing ok. Communication is Total Med’s main focus and Reece exemplifies that each day.

    22. Quality agencies are all about quality recruiters. Reese Zoelle is one of the best, always available and always invested in finding the best contract possible and support me all he can.

    23. Lied about cancelation policy. Contract says no cancellations, then hospital cancels nurse, Total Med steals money from nurse, and when questioned, Total Med claims �oh, cancellation becomes an issue after third time hospital cancels you.� WTF? LIARS! Only look out for themselves. You are just a number, sent to make the company money.

    24. Alexandra Fosse is such an amazing recruiter. TotalMed Staffing is the best travel company I have ever worked for. Amazing pay packages, works day and night for you. Highly recommend.

    25. Kayla Seville is the best in the biz! She is singularly the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She is knowledgeable, efficient, and truly cares about her nurses.

    26. Kayla Seville was always super responsive and helpful. She walked me through every part and still reaches out just to see how I�m doing. Absolutely wonderful and attentive!

    27. I have nothing but good things to say about Total Med. I plan to use them as my travel agency until I am finished with traveling.

    28. I work for a great company and love them! I have done 4 assignments with them and already have number 5 lined up.

    29. I love working with this company and specifically with Logan Malueg. He is a great recruiter and I’ve been very happy with my experience.

    30. TotalMed has been a great company to work for. They value all of their travel nurses and work hard to ensure assignements in a timely manner. They are very communicative and reliable!

    31. I’ve worked for several agencies and TotalMed is the best as far as pay and personal support. My fave agency!

    32. My recruiter Brandon Benzing is awesome. Worked hard to get me what I was looking for and always gets back to me quickly anytime I call.

    33. TotalMed is a great company to work with. They have always supported me and my needs as a traveler. Would recommend them to anyone looking to travel.

    34. I have only worked with this company, and I have no intentions of leaving it. My recruiter is great; I can tell he genuinely cares for his nurses and works his hardest to get the best deals. He has been my advocate and has always had my back. I’m glad to say I proudly represent TotalMed.

    35. My recruiter is personable, communicates in a way that works best for me, sends gifts, is honest, and makes me feel like my interest is above the his own or the company.

    36. Great company to work for. My recruiter is very friendly, and works hard to make sure all my travel needs are met. I love working with this company.

    37. I have worked with a couple of different agencies, and there was nothing wrong with the other ones. But Totalmed just does it so much better. They make you feel like you matter and always come through doing everything they can to make sure your comfortable with your assignment. Totalmed is the only company I will travel with from this point on.

    38. We have a great Recruiter Joseph (Joey) Balestrieri. No complaints. He has always been prompt with our request and has always been supportive with any concerns and needs . We couldn’t be happier with anyone else. We trust him and he is extremely knowledgeable in his role.

    39. Joey B has made my travel experience wonderful! He’s always available to help with questions. I’ve been with Total Med for almost 2 years and have no plans on switching companies.

    40. Amy Regazzi is amazing…straightforward, honest…great pay, service and efficient placement. No worries working with Amy..she�s great at this job! TotalMed gets better every year! Always improving!

    41. The staff at Total Med are what makes the agency work so well. Onboarding is a breeze, they stay in constant contact throughout your assignment and they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure traveler satisfaction!

    42. have been a great company to work with, and I have used 3 others prior, have stayed with totalmed staffing for a year now since I started working with them.

    43. Joey Balestrieri was my recruiter, and has been my recruiter for about 2 years. I really enjoy him as my recruiter. I have a very hard personality to deal with and I expect things to be done a certain way. Joey is very transparent with the rates, jobs, and he makes sure his nurses get their perfect assignments. A few times I have had to leave totalmed to get a job in cities/hospitals totalmed did not have contracts. I have always been honest when looking for jobs that I do use other companies. Joey always tries to find me that perfect contract, but does know it is nothing personal if I don�t go with totalmed, it is in my best interest. I highly recommend Joey and totalmed as a travel company/recruiter. When I am finished with my current contract, I will let Joey know so he can hopefully get me a position in my next desired location – Alaska!

    44. I have worked with a few agencies and TotalMed is one of the best agencies I have worked with. I truly love my recruiter West Krieger!

    45. TotalMed Staffing is consistently great to work with, each person in the company is eager to help with anything you need,every interaction, every conversation is professional & positive. TotalMed organizes events to get travelers together & dinners for travelers who are away from their families during the holidays. My recruiter is always available & when she goes on vacation, has a designated go to person who is very responsive. I feel like I have the whole company behind me, not just my recruiter.

    46. I have been with Total Med for over a year now and I love my company. I have the best recruiter, Brandon Benzing he definitely goes out of his way to make sure that I am well taken care of. I definitely do not feel like a number with Total Med Staffing. I would recommend Brandon and Total Med Staffing to any of my friends.

    47. Branden Benzing has been my recruiter for the largest part of my current employment with Total Med. He has been personable, professional, and always there when i need him. He is who i recommend to all my friends beginning travel nursing experience and has made the experience easy for me. He has been all around wonderful as well as compliance staff!

    48. Will stay with this company and Joey B until I stop traveling. He is accommodating and tries to get what I want. Listens to me and finds what I want. Andy W. Was my recruiter before and if I can�t get answers I still call him and gets me answers. I will not switch companies to get more money because it all comes in the end.

    49. I would work with them again- Joey B was an easy recruiter to work with and would always get back to me quickly, even on nights and weekends.

    50. I have done every assignment for the last year through TotalMed. I trust the company but most importantly trust my recruiter!

    51. My recruiter is very caring and compassionate about my well being. She calls a checks on me. If I have any question I can just call her and she answers and helps me with whatever I’m dealing with. She’s and awesome person in general.

    52. I have yet to work a contract with a fellow traveler at the same assignment where my pay package did not beat theirs. My recruiter Cameron Peterson and I have been working together almost 5 years. He is a honest, hardworking, guy that has become family.

    53. Timothy Bruce from total med staffing has been a phenomenal recruiter. He has done everything he can to make this a smooth contract. He has been supportive and helpful with anything and everything.

    54. TotalMed is a great company to work for while traveling. They have always put me first. In addition, if I have any concerns/issues arise my recruiter, Logan Malueg, responds instantly no matter the time and resolves the issue/concern in a very timely manner. An example of this is a few years back I fractured my wrist while mountain biking. I was on assignment on the west coast(My home is the east coast). Logan was reachable the day of the incident. He helped me during this process and was very kind. While I was worried about missing work; he was worried about me. Logan/Totalmed helped me get back to my home and checked on me daily-even after I had to cancel my contract. This is a company who truly cares about their nurse/employees.

    55. I used to work with Trent Floss and then got a promotion. I was sad to not have him as a recruiter, but was happy he got a promotion. I then was assigned Logan Malueg whom has been wonderful to work with. I consider him a friend rather just my recruiter. The company has been amazing to work for and very personable. I am not just another nurse when I work for TotalMed.

    56. When I started traveling, I did my research (including relying on this survey). I chose to talk with companies that had consistent high ratings from their travelers. Based upon those conversations, I took my first assignment with TotalMed, and I’ve been with them since. My recruiter (Logan Malueg) is awesome. He takes the time to understand my needs and is there to support me when I need it. Knock wood, they have always had great assignments for me and their assignments are always the best-paying assignments in a given location. Working with the TotalMed team is easy because they work to make it easy for their travelers. I’m big fan of TotalMed and frequently recommend them to my friends who are interested in traveling.

    57. Very happy with my recruiter, would recommend her to anyone looking for one. Just wish with today’s issue about insurance I wish they had better insurance plans. Yes we make good money but when you have to spend 1/3 of that on insurance its just like working any other job!!!

    58. Being a seasoned healthcare professional with a plethora of scopes in acute care settings, it is with great pleasure to recommend TotalMed Staffing in the facilitation of your next nurse traveling position. I�ve utilized a number of supplemental healthcare staffing agencies to accomplish my goal of completing my RN to BSN, while working to broaden my knowledge base of duties and responsibilities within a variety of emergency and trauma care facilities. I was introduced to TotalMed staffing through a traveling nurse that was ecstatic with the 24/7 dedication of her nurse recruiter Jason Kunz. The staff at TotalMed staffing is extremely committed to the care of their nurses. On more than one occasion, they have exceeded in �my expectations for attentiveness and reliability. The whole team works well under pressure and maintains calmness and functionality under strict deadlines. Jason�s specialty is collaborating with various members of the health care team and in creating nursing contracts. Jason and TotalMed Staffing exude diligence, reliability and trustworthiness.

      Jessica E. South Beloit IL

    59. I’m satisfied w/ totalmed. The insurance is a tad pricey but it covers what I need. My recruiter is always there to answer any questions I have. They are on it w/ credentials etc. They have a fast response time. My paycheck is always on time and always accurate. HUGE DEAL!! I’m very pleased w/ this company.

    60. Started off to be so great with a lot of support, very professional, workable pay packages but in the past year do not understand the complete opposite has happened. Lidnsey Towles recruiter is never available. Will return a call 4-5days out and thats after leaving numerous messages regarding an assignment you are interested in submitting too. There is so much competion these days that it is imperative to have a recruiter that you know is behind you 100% not someone who says “sorry was busy” or because she does not get back to you “sorry their not taking any more submissions” “oh sorry that closed this morning”. We all know the importance of a good recruiter is, one that we can depend on, have our backs. Unfortunately no longer feel Lidnsey does any of the above and not sure what changed but my friend had her too but asked for different recruiter but was willing to see if she would change but she has just got
      vworse. . so its time to get someone new or different agency.

    61. (3 on housing as I did not take it and there isn’t an N/A option).
      My very first week something went wrong with my paycheck and I didn’t get it at all. I contacted my recruiter and she actually wasn’t working that day but had a coworker get in touch with me and I had the money in my account in less than 3 hours!
      Also-whichever department it is that tell us what we’re missing (documents, tests, medical stuff, etc), she got all our stuff done in about one week so we could start ASAP and not get postponed. Couldn’t have been happier!

    62. I work with several companies but I have chosen to stay with totalmed the last year I have been traveling. I am from a very small town. The recuriters there seem more like your neighbor, hard working laid back people that are always right next door. They are always available! Traveling for the first time across the contrary, I felt like I knew my recruiter was there if something happened. This was very comforting. You have one single point on contact. Their wages are competitive. They will go out of their way to help you. This is the only company I work with that isn’t a 9 to 5. They might not be at work but they will still get back to you. I use to have Anna, which I loved her!!!! I now have Cameron and he is super cool. He doesn’t bully you to take a contract with him. He is ok with me working with other companies. Unlike other companies which take offense if you go somewhere else. It’s nice not to feel pressured. By far the best company I have worked for all because of the recuriters!

    63. I work with Tim Bruce and he has been the best recruiter I’ve had thus far. He is available 24/7 and he keeps it real. He even got me an extension bonus even though I didn’t ask for one! I don’t really see going to any other company for now.

    64. I couldn’t ask for from TotalMed and Tim Bruce! He was SO helpful to me as a new traveler. Preparing for my first contract I think we spent over an hour on the phone, he covered everything in detail for me and took some time to get to know me personally. I feel like Tim really has my best interest in mind and was always available whenever I needed! I heard so many horror stories of travel assignments, terrible treatment by company and on site, & late/poor pay but I haven’t had any issues with Tim and TotalMed! Even when I forgot to submit my time sheet until 2am Sunday night, he ensured it got in and that I was paid on time!! Above and beyond!

    65. Alyssa is a very helpful recruiter. She constantly checks to assure my needs are met and to see if my assignment is going well!

    66. Pay could be a little better compared to some other travelers I’ve run into, like Aya, seem to have more perks and bonuses.

    67. Alyssa Kaspar and Trent Foss are two of the best recruiters I’ve ever had . I feel like a person, not a number and that I matter. I have referred other travelers to Alyssa, who have signed contracts, and I will continue to do so. She is wonderful to work with!!

    68. My recruiter Brandon has been excellent. He has worked really hard to get me an assignment in this challenging period with few openings for my specialty.

    69. Amy Regazzi is amazing! She’ll get you the best pay. She’s upfront and she’s not weighed down with tons of clients. She returns messages quickly!! She came highly recommended to me by a very experienced traveling nurse.

    70. Tim Bruce was awesome to work with. He kept in touch multiple times a week throughout the duration of my contract and always answered my questions immediately! He truly cares about his travelers and goes the extra mile.

    71. Best travel nurse agency I have ever worked with. My recruiter Tim Bruce has been awesome through out the entire process, I appreciate him staying on the phone line while I completed my application process, he made sure I understood every step. I would definitely recommend TotalMed to anyone.

    72. TotalMed has been a great agency to work for over the last year. They are quick to find assignments for me and help to get the best pay rate. My recruiter, Reece Zoelle, goes above and beyond to make sure things go smoothly for myself as a traveler and responds quickly when I have a question. It’s been an overall good experience!!

    73. This is the best agency:recruiter I have worked for. No complaints, no issues. It’s been a great experience!

    74. Brandan Benzing is the best recruiter! He does a really good job making sure things run smoothly for me as a traveler. Definitely would recommend.

    75. Brandan Benzing has been a wonderful rep for total med. He is always readily available and goes above and beyond to provide quality support for the staff.

    76. Brandan Benzing has been an awesome recruiter and I will definitely work with him again. He is reliable and extremely easy to get a hold of. He was able to find me a great contract despite my specific preferences. I feel like an individual not just a number.

    77. Brandon my recruiter is awesome, he is very friendly,easy to talk to and readily available if I have questions. I highly recommend Total Med

    78. I love TotalMed. My recruiter is Tim and he has gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy. He follows up with me weekly to make sure things are going good and is always helpful and efficient if I have any questions!

    79. I work with TJ and don’t have a negative thing to say…I’ve given him very detailed contracts and he makes it work..He gets me what I need… He is always reachable either text or call…. I highly recommend Total Med!!

    80. TJ Hulbert is the BEST! He is very easily reached, returns calls quick, friendly, helpful, honest. I have really enjoyed my first assignment with him and TotalMed and will absolutely continue using them!!

    81. Really great system. Reachable and reliable people. Paul is not only a recruiter but now a friend after working with them. I highly recommend this companie. 0

    82. This was my first time traveling. This company treated me very well and did everything it could to accommodate my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend it to a good nurse.

    83. TotalMed Staffing is the best. My recruiter, Paul, has excellent communication skills and works hard for me to be happy on contract. I recommend TotalMed Staffing to anyone I come across who is interested in traveling!

    84. My recruiter Cameron Peterson is the best recruiter I’ve had so far period, end of story! Always above and beyond the call of duty, always available if there is a problem.

    85. My recruiter and the pay is why I have stayed with the company for 2 years. She’s always looking out for me. The job choices aren’t always there, however, I give her very specific criteria to work with and she manages to make it work. Can’t comment on housing nor benefits as I don’t need either.

    86. Trent Foss made it so easy to transition into travel nursing. Always available and keeps me up to date with all the goings and comings. Great company!

    87. TotalMed has been wonderful from start to finish. My recruiter actually found me by chance when I was working up in the Bay Area and TotalMed had a nurse appreciation event. I wasn’t working with his company at the time and it did take a bit to find a Peds ER position in the location that I wanted, but I’m glad that I waited! TotalMed has been unbelievably awesome to work with. I had some issues with the contract and Total Med really worked hard to compensate me fairly for what happened. My recruiter, Logan Mauleg, is awesome to work with and I can’t wait to get out traveling again so I can work with him!

    88. I love my company.I was offered a perm job but turned it down because TotalMed is so wonderful to work for. I rarely have a problem and if I do they fix it promptly. The recruiters always respond. Benefits are as good or better than perm companies. Lindsey Thowless if my recruiter. Fabulous, always available, hardworking, professional. I just can’t leave them…I’ve tried. They’re too good to me.

    89. Trent Foss is my recruiter and he is awesome! Always looking out for me, finding the best of the best and is always upfront and honest. Couldn’t ask for a better recruiter or company!!!

    90. Trent Foss is the best recruiter!! I wouldnt travel without him! If you’re looking for someone w your best interest and give yo honest advice this is your guy!

    91. I have been very happy with TotalMed. My recruiter, Trent Foss, has gone out of his way from the beginning to get the assignments I want and to provide excellent customer service.

    92. Great travel experiences to California with Total Med and my recruiter Amy Regazzi! Found assignments where I wanted, with great pay, benefits and always helpful with needs/questions along the way!

    93. I really love Working with TotalMed! In particular Trent Foss. This company really seems to care about their nurses more than any other company I’ve worked with. They are certainly the most honest and transparent! Trent is wonderful to work with because I really feel I can trust him to give me All the information I need as a traveler. He really seems to be in my corner and will advocate for me as much as he can. I also like the upper management, Nick in particular. I really felt like Nick cared, listened and fought for me when I had an issue with a facility. He worked With Me, and seemed to have a lot of integrity.
      Benefits are honestly expensive at this agency, but I think it’s because they are a smaller one. But they make up for it with everything else. It’s not like working for other agencies where you are one of a hundred or so nurses that your recruiter has. They have less nurses per recruiter so you feel like you are more than just a number or dollar sign to them.
      I have never had any issues with my paycheck like I’ve heard with other agencies, though a couple of times the payroll dept has had to make adjustments for benefit charges. For some reason they weren’t taken out a couple of times, so they had to be doubled on the next check. But they’ve always been very good with notifying me about this.
      Overall this is a great agency to work with 🙂

    94. The Totalmed pay rate is better then many other agencies but I would not recommend working with them since not all of their recruiters are honest and straightforward.

    95. TotalMed has been there for me for years. They always have work set up for me before my contract has ended. I never have to worry about where the next gig is, or are my credentials all up-to-date.

    96. My recruiter is Boe Casarez and he is awesome! He has taken care of
      My every need and has gone above and beyond to help me. I am proud to call him not only my recruiter, but my friend!!! Thanks for all you do, Boe!

    97. I love working with Totalmed staffing. They always find me new jobs and sometimes I am a little difficult to place. They are always very nice and professional. My recruiter, Amy, is the absolute best!! She is alway available when I need need her and she always works very hard finding me new assignments.

    98. Cameron peterson is awesome! Always reachable, responds timely and has your back. Will definately work for totalmed again, they just didn’t have the hospital i wanted. Oh..and Cameron is so easy to talk to, very laid back and down to earth.

    99. Have used this agency exclusively for the last 4 assignments. They have had positions in every location I wanted. Pay rate has always been very competitive.
      I have referred 3 close friends and will continue refer people to this agency.

    100. Totalmed has been a pleasure to work with from the beginning. My recruiter Gary Coit seemed to genuinely care about my needs and he proved himself trustworthy and reliable again and again.
      I would definitely recommend Totalmed and Gary to everyone.

    101. Totalmed is a great company.My recruiter did everything in his power to make sure I was happy and taken care of and he was accessible at all times.

    102. TotalMed is a great agency. It’s a great business to help a nurse have fun traveling while working – or travel nursing! I’m onto my 3rd assignment and the company has been able to accommodate what I ask. They are so nice; I really feel appreciated with this company. People deserve to have fun in life, and travel nursing with TotalMed allows me to do this!

    103. I’ve traveled with Cameron Peterson thru totalmed before and went back to them again for this assignment. Great company with lots of choices for assignments.

    104. Payroll can’t get your check right to save their lives. It becomes a rolling mess that you’ll spend all your off time trying to get fixed. While they’re friendly on the surface the lack of performance makes this agency a pass.

    105. Cameron Jeglum has been a great recruiter for me as a first time traveler. I am now starting my second assignment with him and could not be more pleased.

    106. I just started as a travel nurse with TotalMed Staffing for 10 months. They really helped me with my new career step! My recruiter is supportive, honest and works hard for me. I really appreciate all they do for me.

    107. There should be a “n/a” option. Some of these categories don’t apply to me and I didn’t have an option to choose. That being said, Cameron Jeglum is hands down the best recruiter I have worked with and I would definitely recommend him. If I go back to travel he is the only one I would work with

    108. My recruiter is top notch. He is available at any time via text message or email and he is a huge nurse advocate always ensuring the best for his nurses

    109. My experience with total med since day was has been amazing! Tom and Cameron have done everything to make this a memorable time. They have been there for me not just as my recruiter but as a friend to help me deal with anything comes my way and make sure everything is correct!

    110. I have been consistently impressed with the staff at TotalMed. I have yet to have a single negative experience with anyone in the company. My recruiter TJ Hulbert works hard to get my friend and I into the assignment that we want and is available for questions or support 24/7.

    111. I can’t imagine going with another agency. I have yet to work with other travelers that have had a better pay package than mine. These guys are honest and have integrity. My recruiter is alway just a phone call or text away. I love my TotalMed family!

    112. My recruiter Jesse Naumann is great. He is quick, efficient, available and simply a really nice guy! I feel like he has my best interest in mind and I recommend TotalMed.

    113. TotalMed Staffing is a top notch agency and my recruiter Jesse Naumann is an exceptional individual that cares about his nurses. I can’t say enough good about TotalMed Staffing

    114. I had a great experience working with TotalMed. My recruiter was very helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first travel contract and they put my nerves at ease.

    115. Tj Hulburt has been an amazing recruiter thus far! So easy to work with and always answers my questions in a timely manner

    116. This is my first travel nursing experience and it has been a great one with TotalMed and Jesse Naumann. Everything has gone so smoothly and Jesse has been there for every question I’ve had every step of the way. I highly recommend this company and Jesse!

    117. I don’t think this space should be a required space….I have nothing additional to add and if this space was available without it being required, and I did have a comment…..I could add it.

    118. My experience has been great, my recruiter Reece has went over the top on multiple occasions. The credentialing team has been wonderful and very helpful as well.

    119. Few minor concerns, but really, what job wouldnt you have at least one issue with. When it comes to what matters, it works amazing.

    120. I have worked with the same recruiter since day one. I have felt numerous times that he has put my best interest first, even putting me above the company’s interest. I trust him immensely.

    121. My recruiter for 4 years was the best, honest, trust worthy and very attentive. Alyssa Kaspar made all of my assignments so wonderful, just by making me feel so appreciated. Totalmed in its self made me feel very comfortable knowing they always had my best interest in mind.

    122. I love TotalMed. I have worked with one other company in the past and TotalMed out ranks them in every area. No other company has come close to the great pay packages TotalMed has shown me. My recruiter is awesome! West actually cares about what’s going on in my life instead of just always talking business. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for!

    123. My recruiter, Lindsey Thowless always has my back! I can honestly say I have the best nursing job with Total Med!! I love this company!

    124. I LOVE working with this agency! My recruiter and compliance officer are super easy to work with. They have awesome pay, contracts at top hospitals of all acuities, and are efficient with your time. I don’t have any plans to look elsewhere for travel companies since they have treated me so well. They are far superior than my last company in every way.

    125. travel nursing has been a big part of my career in the OR and find this company superior to any other company I’ve been traveling with

    126. I can’t rate specifically on housing as I got my own. I also would say the benefits and insurance are difficult with any company and should not be reflective of this one specifically as I travel with and have to cover my entire family which is costly no matter what! However, this company is ALWAY quickly reachable and will help repair any problems quick. They are organized and efficient. They are open and honest and look for the best for you without being rude or pushy!

    127. I have had a great experience with TotalMed Staffing… recruiter Reece Zoelle has been great with finding the right contracts quickly! I would recommened working with Reece at TotalMed for any of your travel RN needs/desires!

    128. A fantastic and enjoyable group of people to work with. TotalMed is defined by their compassionate, respectable employees that prides themselves with their unmatched level of integrity.

      This is a bold statement, but one I am able to make with strong confidence. I’ve worked with numerous companies until I found my place …. my new home with TotalMed.

    129. My recruiter dropped the ball on the dates I needed off so they made it into my portion of the contract but not the one the facility signed. I lost a lot of money when I had to cancel my travel plans due to this. Later, the facility canceled my contract, and I think it had at least some to do with the way that the contract was (mis)handled. Once the contract was canceled, I got no support from my recruiter and nothing but lip service from his manager who said he would get to the bottom of the issue and never called me back. It’s been 15 days since the contract was cancelled and 13 days since I’ve heard from anyone at the company. My recruiter made a halfhearted attempt to find me something new at my insistence, and sent me three listings of jobs that I was not qualified for, and that we had specifically had conversations about prior to me accepting the original contract. This has been a nightmare experience, and I would not recommend them to another traveler.

    130. I love Totalmed and my recruiter Cameron Peterson! Cameron is always available if I have any questions and can make the impossible possible! Totalmed is very professional and has had my back more than once! I would highly recommend this company and recruiter for any traveler out there! Great job to Totalmed and to my recruiter Cameron! Keep up the good work!

    131. Mr. Peterson has been very professional since I have been working with Totalmed. He is always available if I have any questions or concerns.

    132. My recruiter Logan, is the best! He is professional,supportive, and very reliable. Logan is conscientious and always is concerned about what is best for me and my family. I will continue to recommend Logan and his company to anyone! He is truly amazing.

    133. My recruiter Logan, is the best! He is professional,supportive, and very reliable. Logan is conscientious and always is concerned about what is best for me and my family. I will continue to recommend Logan and his company to anyone! He is truly amazing.

    134. In all honesty, I have no complaints with TotalMed. I am seriously impressed with the entire team. They are a group of hard working and caring people. Each and every person I have talked to has been professional and honest. My recruiter, Logan, has certainly exceeded my expectations with his attentiveness, knowledge, and support. I couldn’t ask for a better experience, company, or recruiter!

    135. I would stay with Total Med Staffing, even if it means a cpl bucks less b/c I can’t find another recruiter or agency that trust worth most everything! Couple hiccups, but who’s perfect!?

    136. Pay always incorrect, always in their favor. Did not have the nurses back when things went sour. Friendly but difficult to get in touch with. First and last contract with them.

    137. I have nothing but great things to say about TotalMed and my recruiter Rob Neuville..he has my back 100 percent of the time, he is there any time day or night and is always working hard for me…

    138. I abaolutely love this company!! My recruiter Tom has gone above and beyond for me looking for contracts and is available and checks in to make sure everything is going well. I know many other recruiters there and find them all to be a great group of people who appreciate what nurses do.

    139. I have been working with Trent for the past several months and he has been wonderful. The beginning of my assignment was a bit uneasy do to unforeseen circumstances, however Trent and the Totalmed staff were completely wonderful and supportive. I also love that when I have a question about anything, even not travel related he is willing to answer or find the answer needed. I absolutely will work with Trent and the Totalmed staff again!!!

    140. My first assignment has been with TotalMed. They made it so easy to transition into travel nursing! I felt like I could rely on my recruiter and trust him to fight for me. I will recommend this company to any nurse who wishes to travel.

    141. TotalMed is my go to company for all the reasons listed above, honesty, integrity, great work ethic. I’ve met some of the management team and appreciated their level of professionalism.

    142. I have had wonderful experiences through Total Med. Logan has always been there through phone every step of the way. I am new to traveling and bombard him with many questions and he always has an answer. Very knowledgable, friendly, and caring. They make you feel comfortable and safe right away. And very well taken care of. Thank you Total Med and Logan for doing such a great job, always! You rock!

    143. I have completed 3 assignments with Total Med at this point, they have always come through with pay and having my best interest at heart. My recruiter Tom Horan is not only my recruiter but I feel that he has become my friend and is truly a bulldog when I tell him I want/need something in an assignment. I can not say enough great things about this company. I have worked with 6 total and Total Med is in my top 2.

    144. I had lots of great support from my recruiter the entire time. I had issues with my paychecks and he did a great job getting everything worked out. They were all very helpful with getting set up with my contract.

    145. TotalMed is an amazing company!
      They are professional, reliable, pleasant, and very accomodating. My recruiter, Logan is extremely attentive and personable. He checks on me quite often to see how I am doing, and if I need anything. He is wonderful.

    146. TotalMed is by far one of the best travel agencies! Anna Jeffries and Tom Horan are great to work with!!! They have been 100% honest with be since day one and have worked very hard to place me in great hospitals so I can provide the best care possible. Without Anna and Tom, my travel experience would suck. They 100% have my back in all situations and I know they have my best interest at heart! TotalMed is the way to go!

    147. I have had very few problems that have ever come up, and when they did, TotalMed was there for me right away. Great group to work with!

    148. They’re the only agency I have worked with in the last 5 years because I have found none better. They treat their nurses right.

    149. TotalMed was very supportive and quick to respond to communications. I was a new traveler and they were very helpful with the onboarding process, which was quite intimidating for the first time.

    150. There are a few people within the agency that I prefer not to have any dealings and the insurance isn’t designed to accommodate a traveler, as it doesn’t cover “in network” if one is on assignment out of the area. Overall, though, they are a great and my recruiters, Lindsey Thowles and Beth Ann Turner are fantastic.

    151. My recruiter is Lindsey…she is the best! I would recommend her…she is kind, caring, compassionate and always there for me! I love her….she is like family to me…..

    152. Total Med staffing has been the best agency so far I’ve used with traveling. My recruiter Lindsey Thowless is amazing! She’s always checking in and making sure I’m comfortable and happy with my assignment. Best travel company!

    153. My recruiter is great she gather all the information about the hospital before calling me. When i start assignment she check on me to make sure everything is going good with me and the company am working with.

    154. The company as a whole is not a bad place to work for. It’s your recruiter who makes it better even if the assignment sucks. Much appreciation to Alyssa Kasper-she’s the BEST.

    155. Gary Coit is by FAR the best recruiter I have ever worked with! Good company. Not happy about having to wait 90 days to receive health benefits.

    156. The totalmed website is lacking in comparison to others out there. Very little information to offer when you look up available jobs.

    157. Trent Foss works Very hard and is Very honest! He is always available and is patient, and willing to go the extra mile for his nurses.

    158. I cannot thank my recruiter, Chris, for taking the time to walk me through this exciting process of travel nursing. His transparency throughout the hiring process is something I truly appreciate. As an ICU nurse with vast experience in cardiovascular and advanced heart failure care, Chris and Nick helped secure an appropriate travel assignment that capitalizes on my skills and worked patiently around my schedule. Though I cannot comment on the hiring and application process of other travel companies (as this is my first experience with a traveling company and as a traveling nurse), Chris and Nick provided frequent updates regarding what I needed to complete, set appropriate time lines, and were easily accessible via phone or email. I couldn’t ask for a more seamless hiring process.

    159. All members of the staff I have worked with have been professional, pleasant and helpful. The insurance plan is not ideal but the recruiters will be upfront about the plan. All staff will work hard for what you tell them you’re looking for. I can tell they value nurses; they see them as people and not just clients.

    160. TotalMed has every possible assignment selection in our area that any other co. has except they pay better and their service is consistent and efficient. TotalMed doesn’t promise what they can’t deliver. If I have issues, they’re immediately resolved.

    161. I love my recruiter Jon Thorn and I love working for this agency! It makes finding my next assignment stress-free and a pleasant experience!

    162. Jon Thorn is my recruiter and he’s great to work with! He a actually asked me what I wanted and instead of trying to convince me to compromise into something else. He got out there and found what I wanted. TotalMed treats you like family and is beind their nurses and listens to their needs. My questions are always answered in a timely matter, and I always have access to my recruiter via his cell phone if needed. I’ve never felt like I was being pressured into an assignment, which is refreshing from many other companies.

    163. My recruiter spent hours after hours helping me find the right assignment. He got me more money than I was expecting and made sure the right things were put into my contract to protect me. I have his cell number and can call him anytime of the day if I have a problem. He’s more like a friend that looks out for me. I love Total Med!!!

    164. Extremely happy that I entered travel nursing with this company. My recruiter Lindsey thowless is the best. I do find my own housing and so far stipends have covered.

    165. This company is great overall. However I feel that they are on the low end for taxable wage. Many other companies are paying allot more for first time travelers with less experience.

    166. This is the 4th travel agency I have worked with so far. My recruiter has been great. Any questions/issues that I’ve come to her with, she has always responded very quickly with an answer/suggestion/etc. I’ve never had a single problem with any of my paychecks, they’ve always been 100% accurate & 100% on time.

      With that said, we all know there isn’t a business or company in the world that is 100% perfect & I think its important to share the good as well as the not so good. My 2 downsides I have found with this agency is that 1. my pay with them has been SLIGHTLY less than what I made with previous agencies, not a HUGE difference, so not a major make or break factor for me.

      The 2nd thing, & my personal biggest disappointment with TotalMed, is that after seeing 1000’s of online posts from fellow travel nurses with various different agencies, it seems to me like TotalMed is at the bottom of the list when it comes to appreciating the nurses who work for them. Maybe that is just my personal opinion & experience, but I truly have felt like other agencies/recruiters show a strong appreciation for their nurses, whereas with TotalMed I have not felt much of any.

    167. Totalmed is a wonderful company to work for and are always willing to help and answer questions along with paying great! If the insurance was better and more affordable for families, I would have rated everything even better!

    168. Overall great company. Always attentive and quick to respond. Great pay. Good attitudes. Haven’t had any problems! Definitely a great company to work for!

    169. Total Med put me right where I wanted to be! Always available and my recruiter Jennifer is the best always going above and beyond making me feel as if I’m her only nurse! I would highly recommend!

    170. Total med is a great company! They are always available and put the nurses first. The best example I have is I fractured my wrist while on assignment in Oregon (I live on the east). My recruiter-Logan- and the team at total med truly went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of during that time.During assignments the recruiters check in frequently and are always making sure the nurses are happy.They are honest/trustworthy. They make traveling easy!

    171. I am new to this agency and have had a great experience so far. My recruiter is always available and checks in with my on a weekly basis. It’s nice to feel important and appreciated.

    172. Awesome Company to work with. Logan is the best! He is supportive,available, and dedicated. He really goes above and beyond. His attention to details is amazing!

    173. Working with TotalMed has truly been a pleasure! My recruiter is always upbeat, available, and professional! They take the time to get to know you and your needs as well as making sure you feel welcomed to company. A wonderful team of hardworking individuals!

    174. Tyler, my recruiter made my last assignment a great experience. 24/7 I could send a message and he would handle the issue or follow through with who needed to handle. I appreciated that this agency was very careful in making sure all needed paperwork, competencies and checklists were appropriately completed both for me and the hospital I worked at.

    175. Because of the individual attention I get from TotalMed Staffing, I have been with them exclusively for 3 yrs. They attend to all my needs, wants and wishes. I have talked with other companies and recuiter. They fall short of TotalMed. The relationship with my recuiter is another reason why I feel I do not need to look any further.

    176. Recruiter is always available, supportive and extremely professional. I have worked with several travel companies, and I am quite impressed with Totalmed.

    177. Totalmed Staffing has been amazing to work with! My paycheck is always on time, my recruiter is so personable and friendly and you get the sense that they really care about you and your family. I won’t switch agencies, these guys thr best!

    178. Total med staffing is the most friendly and approachable staff! It’s the only company I use! I’ve listened to others and thought about signing with them but when it comes to numbers and benefits they have the best for me in mind! I trust my recruiter completely! He’s fast to reply and knowledgeable! He’s also fun to talk to!

    179. I love the entire TotalMed team so much! They found my first-ever travel assignment exactly where I wanted to be, for great money. I truly feel like I am important to them, and they accommodate all my needs.

    180. Would not recommend this company! Very sneaky! Housing was not that great, and their excuse was, ” it’s tourist season”. You are a travel company! Don’t get in the game if you aren’t ready to play ball with the big boys! Additionally, facility listings are minimal. Unprofessional in how the recruiter ( Donnie) was allowed to speak to the RN and Nick his supposed Boss was notified after I let the Recruiter know what time is was on his inappropriate behavior, and nothing was done about it! I was glad for him that the company wasn’t local because once I told my husband the deal on the situation…. I know for a fact the outcome for Donnie would not have been good!

    181. Great organization. Easily accessible and wonderful to work with. Just tell them what you are looking for and they go to work for you!

    182. My recruiter Tom is awesome, he always returns my calls or texts and deals with issues promptly and efficiently to my benefit. His team works hard to find the places and contracts I want and some how gets me the best deal whenever possible. I would highly recommend this company if you are considering travel opportunities, if your an experience traveler or just starting out. Give them a call, you’ll be happy you did.

    183. Some of these areas, such as housing, I don’t have specific knowledge as I take the stipend and find my own housing but the stipend for it is at the highest allowed level. Their accessibility is usually great but as with any person or company, there are times that I wish the response was a bit more immediate and that I didn’t have to call a second time. The assignment selection, for me, is limited as I prefer to stay reasonably local. There is a greater selection if I would choose to go farther away. I wish benefits were better but they are in line with today’s climate. I also wish the pay scale could be better but it depends on the area and what the facilities are paying. Overall… agency and recruiter are FANTASTIC.

    184. Puts staffing first! Very easy to talk to. Honest with a breakdown of everything so it’s easy to understand. Great for beginners and monogamist travelers.

    185. Tom Horan is a great recruiter and goes out of his way to make sure everything is right. I’m a no BS kind of person, I want an honest recruiter and company that supports their nurses. I have not needed corporate housing or the insurance so I can’t speak for those aspects but the company is great and their payscale is better than other companies I have work with.

    186. I have worked for many travel agencies ether traveling with them or doing local contracts, and I found Total Med to be individualized with placing you, where you want to be placed, not just trying to get you to sign a contract. They are realistic and always return your call immediately, which I can not say for a lot of companies. I highly recommend Total Med, and using Vanessa Sanchez as your recruiter. She will look out for your best interest.

    187. I have been very happy with my experience with Total Med Staffing. My recruiter went above and beyond his duties when I was getting registered with the agency, I was having problem with my computer, so he read the questions to me over the phone and keyed in my answers for me. I was actually in the middle of a family crisis( death in family), and he was very supportive. I gave a lessor score on the insurance plan, simply because, I have other insurance, so I have never utilized the plan offered.

    188. Absolutely love not only my recruiter with TotalMed, but the entire team as a whole. They’ve always found me great assignments with top pay. When I’m looking for a certain location, my recruiter and his team work hard to find me an assignment there. I feel more than comfortable with my recruiter and know he’s working in my best interest. If I ever run into problems along the way, I know he’s only a phone call away. I would highly recommend TotalMed over any other company I’ve worked for in the past.

    189. Always work hard to get me what I want. Desired location not always available but they sure try. Paychecks are exactly as expected, amount and on time. Pay is average, not superb,certainly not bad. Day one affordable health insurance is a huge plus.

    190. I recommend this agency to everyone! It stands above the rest. I don’t feel any company can be perfect, but I realize I am fortunate to be working for Total Med. They excel in areas that are most important and I do believe they will always keep improving.

    191. I have needed to stay within a small geographical area and they have always been able to find me my next contract in very timely fashion. I hada a problem with one of their recruiters and their supervisor met me for coffee, listened to me

    192. Total Med has been great to work with. Able to accommodate my wishes while providing great pay rates, consistently above other quoted rates from other companies. Always get honesty and straight answers about pay rates and commission rates. Also have met many members of the company including owners and upper management at travcon this year and they were all approachable and appreciative of the hard work we do. Would highly recommend giving them a try.

    193. StAte what days, holidays you want off before negotiations, ask about call hrs and have it written in contract length of contract

    194. I am just getting started with travel nursing and the people at Total Med Staffing have been amazing. They have always responded very quickly to any question I have had, and they worked diligently to get me my first assignment. I couldn’t be any happier with them. I haven’t needed to use the housing they arrange, but some current coworkers are and they seem very happy with it.

    195. TotalMed Staffing is the best. I feel like they are family. My pay packages have been very nice and the places I have worked have generally been great. I personally do not take benefits but have heard from other nurses that Total Med has comparable benefits to the rest of the industry. Great company to work for.

    196. These guys are just incredible! I have traveled with a few agencies over the years and this one just keeps impressing me. I’ve honestly never been so proud and excited to work for an agency! They all seem to really enjoy working together and they treat you like a part of the team and a friend. It’s just a great and refreshing philosophy and I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else now. Tom has definitely been there for me when I needed him and he did it without me having to ask.I trust him implicitly.

    197. I have spoken with Alyssa more in the last month of joining Total Med than I have in the last 6 years with my two recruiters from AMN and Med. solutions. Thus far Total Med as talked the talk and walks the walk. Had a contract in 2 wks after coming on board in the city I wanted.

    198. I really like this agency and they have helped me every step of the way, this was my very first assignment and the hospital I’m at I couldn’t ask for any better place also the hospital I was assigned to even let me extend multiple times and even wanted to hire me

    199. Great agency! Ask for Nate Regina! I just started traveling under his guidance, and help, last Febuary, and he is a fantastic recruiter!

    200. I have been a traveler for going on four years now. This is my first contract with Total Med. The attention to detail and personal relationship my recruiter has given me is second to none! I’ve spoken to other travelers with this company and they say the same about their recruiters. They treat us like family. We’re not a number to them, they care about us. I’ve never experienced this with the other two companies I’ve worked with. I’ll never leave my recruiter, I absolutely adore her!

    201. I love working for Totalmed staffing, Lindsey is the best recruiter you could ask for. The staff is kind and caring, they treat you as though your family.

    202. I have really enjoyed working with my recruiter on a professional and personal level. I feel like she has my interests at heart.

    203. Love this company and their dedication to their nurses. Always giving their nurses that extra mile in order to help them have a wonderful assignment and experience. You feel like your part of the family!

    204. Love them! Have traveled with them for my last few contracts and wouldn’t want to go with anyone else. They are honest and down to earth people. They work hard to find the assignments you need. They are honest and willing to work with you so you get what you need.

    205. I have traveled with this company for a couple of years, and I have never been disappointed! Always available for me, no matter what I need.

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