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    16 thoughts on “Parallon aka All about staff

    1. You have been warned: WORST TRAVEL NURSE AGENCY OUT THERE!!! Multiple company name changes to protect themselves. They lie and steal your $. Garage benefits and insurance.

    2. Please do yourself a favor and never take a contract with this company. They have absolutely no clue about anything. They had me running around to start a contract that NEVER started. They had me sitting in a city with NO income. I left a permanent position to work with this company but listen to me when I say no matter how much money they offer you DO NOT WORK WITH THEM.

    3. Horrible experence … no support from management … had very heavy 7-8 pnts per night staff at south austin medical center very rude , unsupportive and backstabbing.
      My contract was canceled mid way through and Paralon tried to kick my family and I out of housing in 48 hrs .Can never reach recruiter… recruiters are not nurses, have no clue about hospital work . Working for Paralon made me want to quit nursing …. I regrouped and moved on …

    4. All About Staffing, Parallon is now HEALTHTRUST. This God-forsaken agency staffs HCA hospitals across the U.S.A. The worst agency ever. The recruiters pretend to work in your favor, but actually work against you. They fail to provide housing and give you a blended rate which is always a RIP – OFF.

      If housing is provided, you lose $2000 or more per month and hourly rate drops to $18 to $20This agency is all about money and will never give you all you need to work with. You have no access to charting or Med adminstration. You can’t get a hold of the recruiters and will always find negative reviews about your performance circulating from one manager in one facility to another without your knowledge. No reviews, no feedback, no communication whatsoever. You are just to be used to make money for them and be dumped at will. Their assignments are the worst you can ever encounter. HCA facilities are very unsafe. I will never work for Parallon aka HealthTrust or any of their affiliates. I’d rather starve to death.

    5. Parallon won’t allow you to write your needs into a contract. I was unable to negotiate a ‘real’ overtime rate due to ‘company policy’. They failed to pay me more than once and I had to jump through hoops to get paid and even then I was on my next assignment before I got my last paycheck. (3.5 weeks after it was supposed to be deposited into my account). It’s a huge corporation and as such runs about as smoothly as the DMV. Finding the correct person to speak with was often a nightmare in itself. According to my recruiter, ‘I’m not allowed to coordinate directly with the hospital, including the payroll’. They were the worse agency I’ve ever worked with despite the fact that I really did appreciate that the recruiter was well intended. It didn’t matter, her hands were tied or she was unable to negotiate the system.

    6. The entire credentialing and onboarding process was a nightmare. I could never get hold of my ‘credentialing specialist’. She was absolutely no help whatsoever. I was given 2 days to get countless online modules done before my start date and they assigned me the wrong ones. Then they made me rush to my assignment for fingerprints before I could start, which I found out could have been done later. Had to do an online meditech class before start date only to repeat it again at the hospital. It’s like they don’t communicate with the hospitals, making the travelers repeat multiple tasks. It took a month for them to set up my direct deposit so my first few checks were late. I did everything on my part in a timely manner, but couldn’t rely on them to do the same. The pay was good, and my recruiter was very helpful. Only good things I can say about my experience.

    7. My only issue with this agency is the fact that they don’t pay for any titers, licenses, or anything for that matter. They just started offering insurance, so I can’t speak as to how good it is. Other than that, I have pretty much been able to choose where and when I want to go. The pay is excellent, compared to other travel agencies, and everything is pretty clear cut. My recruiter Shakira was awesome, always looked out for me. I will continue to work with them, so long as they have assignments where I want to go.

    8. I worked with parallel for 1 assignment and will NEVER go with them again. I consider myself a pretty east going person but this agency is not to be trusted. The recruiters are awful (I’ve talked to fellow travelers who have also had negative experiences) and they are NOT in your corner. They are only there to make money for themselves. Steer clear of this agency! There are plenty of good ones out there. Happy travels!

    9. Love my recruiter but hated my assignment hospitals. Very unrealistic expectations for nursing care. Unsafe patient ratios. Think twice about las vegas

    10. I love my recruiter. This was my first company and their choice of facilities is great (Florida). Haven’t talked to them about insurance. Don’t use housing. The only benefit is their 401K, which I have with them. I’m very happy.

    11. My recruiter Joi Crockett is phenomenal! Hands down best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. I have been with Parallon for a year now and have loved every minute of it! They have gotten me assignments in the locations I have wanted and with great pay! Ive had one or two issues with payroll within that time but my recruiter sorted them out right away. Parallon always comes through for me and it has been a wonderful year with them!

    12. No insurance, No mileage or travel money. No future. Pay falling every year. Increasingly expecting you to be “float”. Worst job ever. Stay home. No license or credential reimbursement. No reimbursement for required medical labs or exams. Why go anywhere else.

    13. Done several assignments with this company, never had any problems with them, was well paid and always correct. One of the hospitals was horrible, but that was not their fault.

    14. Parallon is owned by HCA and regularly violates compact law. Their contracts are horrible and they will hold off sending it to you to review at all costs. They are without a doubt the worst travel company out there. They care nothing about nurses.

    15. I worked with a rep who was very difficult to get ahold of. He submitted me to facilities without speaking to me. There were several communication issues and when I declined a contract (after it was offered 3 weeks from interview time), I was told that he didn’t have anything else for me due to this.
      They don’t reimburse for certifications or license renewals, or travel. I will not sign nor can I recommend this company

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