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    40 thoughts on “Titan Medical

    1. The recruiter I have this time is nice and accessible but hate the fact that I have to change recruiters all the time with changing assignments. If you need good insurance coverage, don’t use them!! Have been offered assignments at other agencies that they don’t have, only reason I have stayed is because I HATE doing all the paperwork to change agencies!!

    2. I love Titan!!!! Great account manager, on time pay, great stipends, honest regarding pay packages, great assignments

    3. I would work with this agency again but with a different recruiter. I just want someone who is honest and will go the extra mile to make sure the nurse is working in the capacity he/she signed on for.

    4. I really like working with Bert Huebert. She’s easy going, nice and she genuinely cares about the nurses who work with her. When I call she’s available but if not, she always returns my calls. Pay package is comparable to other agencies after talking to other travelers. Pay checks are always accurate and on time. Please mention my name, Lina zempel as a referral! 🙂

    5. Very friendly and somewhat knowledgeable. They seem like a young, small company trying to make a start. The account manager that I worked with was very nice and professional, but once I was placed I never heard from him again. I tried contacting him through email regarding my paycheck stubs asking for an itemized breakdown of my paychecks, and never received a response. This was my first assignment with this agency and every other agency that I have worked with in the past have been able to provide them. The pay package for this contract was also low. I had to negotiate my stipends, which I have never had to do in the past. I don’t feel like the pay was competitive for the amount of work this facility demanded. It also compromises your work ethic when you don’t feel like you’re getting paid what you’re worth. Bottom line is you get what you pay for.

    6. Out of all the 3 agencies I’ve worked with, Titan has been the most consistent and reliable. They are really diligent in getting you the assignment of choice. Their pay packages could stand an upgrade.

    7. This is my first travel assignment. My recruiter has not checked up on me at all since I started my assignment. Which has made me feel more like just a number and a paycheck for them. The pay is decent and I have been paid on time. My second pay check was not accurate and needed to be corrected which they said they would take care of.

    8. My only complaint with this company is that after my final extension at my last assignment, they kind of left me hanging on finding my next contract. I got minimal communication from my recruiter. I honestly felt no effort was made. Other than that, I had no other issues with this agency.

    9. Titan Medical is a great company to work for. The only complaint I have is that my recruiter was hard to get ahold of at times. Besides that I’ve enjoyed my time with Titan.

    10. I can count on one hand how many times my recruiter checked in on me. Excellent pay and paychecks were always right, but I was unable to find my next assignment with them.

    11. This is my first travel assignment, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, however, I am completely satisfied with how everything has gone so far. My account manager, my recruiter and benefits contacts have been very helpful and knowledgeable during the entire process. The pay is one of the highest in the industry as well.
      I would definitely recommend Titan to others. What a great experience!

    12. Titan Medical Group is a great company to work for. They’re always available, and always willing to help. I’m excited to work with them in the future.

    13. Took an assignment with this company and immediately regretted it. From the beginning was told basically what I needed to hear but once I actually started the contract I was told lie after lie. The housing they provided was roach infested. My pay was never consistent and I felt this company did not have my back. They try to coax you into taking assignments at facilities where your nursing license may be put in jeopardy and then get mad when you tell them that you are not interested. Lesson learned!!

    14. They are my first traveling company and I have not had any problems with them. They call and check to make sure all is well and going good. They treat you like family.

    15. We got lucky in having Lisa as our recruiter. She’s been on the ball about everything and is available to us when needed. The pay is on the lower end, and the provided insurance is terrible. If we didn’t have such a great recruiter we wouldn’t be with them.

    16. Unavailable when assistance needed during assignment. Denied promised reimbursements for state license and hotel expenses incurred due to their mistakes with housing. Poorly organized for housing. Not a company I will work for again or recommend to my friends.

    17. This is the only agency that does not tell you your take he only gross pay but when I asked how much this assignment paid they told me and I said is that take home they said yes.well come to find out that was not the case my fault for not double reading the contact but when brought to there attention they were rude and degrading I would never recommend them again.

    18. You have to watch your contract b/c no matter HOW they’ve BEEN paying you, if the facility disputes it, they will BACK the facility & NOT their employee!!!! And that info came STRAIGHT from the VP, Mike Arkfeld.

    19. RUN!!!!!! I have been with this agency since Nov. 2014. Worked with Jenny & then Amber. Both great girls. Had to cancel the last of my contract with them b/c they didn’t have my back when it came down to an issue where they WERE paying me “per my contract”, but then the facility decided they weren’t going to anymore & tried to pull the “okie doke” on me by saying I was “told” to sign up for add’l shifts in order to get paid for 40 hrs whn my contract CLEARLY didn’t say that. PER MY CONTRACT, I was contracted to work “2 wkdays/wk & every other weekend”…GREAT SETUP! So from Feb. until Aug., I was getting paid for 40 hrs REGARDLESS of how many hours I worked. So when the facility decided they weren’t going to DO it anymore after 5 months of working there, TITAN, Mark Arkfeld (the VP), nor my recruiter Amber Peters (who originally understood the contract as I did) had my back on this & so I simply CANCELLED the contract. If you can’t rely on your agency to have your back while you’re out there working FOR THEM, then you don’t need them!! The VP told me “U simply got lucky all this time”…like are u SERIOUS??!!! I will NEVER work for them again!!! So unprofessional.

    20. not the best paid agency but I haven’t had many issues except once when I felt pressured to take an assignment.

    21. They penalize you for being canceled. I would work 34.5 hrs and they would take money from housing. It was hours I was scheduled. When I questioned they said we hear OT available. Why is picking up OT my problem. In addition the excessive amount of on call hours where I was called back didn’t count towards my contracted hours because I was pd premium rate. I am sorry but something wrong when wk 50hrs and only 34.5 regular and they are docking my housing.

    22. The only thing they know how to do well is LIE…repeatedly! Do not honor their written contracts, commitments via emails or verbal promises. Unsafe housing, unsafe assignment, extra mysterious deductions from paycheck that they refused to explain or correct. Refused to pay what the contract stated.

    23. Dishonest, greedy, and simply the worst agency to work for. Likes to lay the guilt trip on you. Unsafe housing, work environment, and LIES, LIES, LIES! Get everything in writing.

    24. One of their recruiters is psychotic. She harrassed me by calling me phone 20 times in one day, 10 times in one minute. Since that moment, I decided to NEVER work for them. Knowing that they allow that kind of unprofessional and illegal harassment is disheartening. First she said she can’t give me a higher offer, then when I decided to take another agency’s offer, she changed her mind and gave me a guilt trip for not trying to work it out with her first. That’s what she gets for not giving me what I asked for in the beginning.

    25. My recruiter Lisa has been great she keeps up on things and makes sure all my stuff if done. Was little slow when I was ready to move out west but than got on ball and had me interview in a day.
      I didn’t use housing or insurance so hard to really judge those areas

    26. Get everything in writing. They say they guarantee 30hrs but then will prorate your housing. My pay dropped to 400.00 when I worked 29.5 hrs. They told me they prorated my housing because I was called off twice that week. If I were responsible for the reduced hours I would understand. But they penalize you when you have no control of the shift cancellations.

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