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    19 thoughts on “Maxim Healthcare

    1. During the last holidays I got hundreds of emails, txts, calls!!! lots of SPAM mail from recruiters reaching…. did you know from whom I DID NOT got a single email or sms? MAXIM HEALTHCARE… the one company I was working for… I did not feel bad, I actually smiled.. that’s who they are.. they really just don’t give a …

    2. Nicole Abramson was my 1st recruiter with Maxim. She was so excellent. She helped me on my journey to becoming a travel nurse.

      I highly recommend her. I travel locally in IL.
      Never had issues with communication, or finding a contract with her but this was peak covid times. My new recruiter with maxim is ok, not as responsive. Jobs are scarce but not her fault. She’s not really willing to bargain pricing which I don’t like. Been with maxim for 1 yr.

    3. Hello! My recruiter is Christian Hansen. He has gotten me everywhere I’ve wanted to go without any difficulty. I can be a little overanxious prior to starting an assignment and sometimes I during this time I can feel at times like the office support staff isn’t moving as quickly as I like or aren’t communicating when things are complete. Whenever this happens I just email/text Christian and I get an immediate response. May not be the best company for your first assignment because of this but if you’ve got a contract or two behind you I think that they’re top notch!

    4. My recruiter Jim ward is amazing. He’s such a hard working recruiter you won’t regret having him as a recruiter. Goes above and beyond. Only agency I need.

    5. My Recruiter’s name is Weston Ladnow, the best…he could find me a job where nobody could..I wasin homehealth and all travel agencies couldnt me a hospital job because of Home Health experience..but Weston did.down to earth easy to talk to and very accomodating..very impressed..great pay..on time direct credentials for screening were done so fast and accurate very impressive,,,Thanks Weston..Thanks Maxim…

    6. Karyi Heydt National Recruitment Manager with Maxim Healthcare Services – TravelMax Division took over as my recruiter during my last contract.

      My last contract ended very well.
      I was offered a position at the last facility I worked at, but refused as I know taking a position within that time frame after completing a contract is a violation of my conditions of hire with Maxim Healthcare Services and I also wanted to continue working as a Travel RN with Maxim Healthcare Services Travel Max Division.

      When working for Maxim Healthcare Services TravelMax Division I was never late, I never called in sick and I picked up as many shifts as I could when asked by a nurse manager.

      At the beginning of a new contract Karyi Heydt, whom I’d never worked with before, offered to submit me for contracts in an area I was interested in, in the future, although I was not ready at that time to confirm a contract.

      I told her I was still looking for a place, since they do not provide affordable ones and she certainly wasn’t helping me locate one. I also stated I would need to be down there before I would know what days off I needed to submit.

      When Karyi first told me that she told people they could call me for interviews whenever they wanted and that the interviews would not be scheduled – this was the first issue I had with her ‘organizing’ that I never had to deal with, with prior recruiters.
      This was nearly impossible for my schedule and also seemed very unprofessional.
      My last recruiter that set up my last contract scheduled times for both parties, which made this part of the initial process possible, since, huge shocker, I as a full time nurse and Nurse Managers have a low success rate of just catching random phone calls during business hours.

      Karyi ignored or refused to legitimately organize anything or assist with anything that would take extreme inconvenience, for me, out of the equation from this point forward.

      Which is something I did not have a single snag with when setting up my contract with my last recruiter.

      I currently work a significant number of hours each week at my per diem Pediatric Home Health position for which I have been working for 6 years.
      Therefore, I am simply not available to just answer my phone whenever someone chooses to call.
      I told Karyi, that if I was going to take a phone interview that it would HAVE to be scheduled – which is what my last recruiter provided without my having to request it.
      This is the professional way to set up an interview and to avoid issues of someone missing the call.
      Aside from the fact that when I am working a 12 hour shift with medically fragile children, I simply cannot just answer the phone as this is a policy at this job not to and I would not do so as I find it to be a major safety concern.

      Karyi placed the blame to the nurse managers stating that ‘they just don’t do that in this state’.

      Karyi throughout this process consistently ignored my needs and requests for the most minimal assistance on her part and placed the blame on either the nurse managers or myself whenever something just wasn’t possible for her to do.

      I had one day off without an excess of my own scheduled appointments and had a very positive interview with a nurse manager at a Women’s Hospital.

      When busy working full time I pleaded with Karyi after this interview to follow up with the nurse manager on two questions I had forgotten to ask, but could fully confirmed once answered.
      Karyi refused. She then just kept harassing me to confirm even though she had never even sent me the contract breakdown with the pay and rate details! I could hardly believe it. Constant lack of effort and recklessness.
      She was extremely negative with me about refusing to confirm the contract immediately.

      This was when I felt very uncomfortable with her as a recruiter. Specifically when she stated that ‘if I did not confirm now, that I likely would not be hired by any hospitals in the entire area every again because they are run by the same system’.

      She stated that I ‘was not valuing the time of the nurse manager’ simply because I had a couple more simple questions and conditions I had to make sure were met, which she refused to assist me in answering.

      I forwarded text messages she had sent me to travel nurse friends of mine and they stated she was manipulating me and harassing me into confirming and that ‘its recruiters like these that drive travel nurses away and have on occasion given Maxim a bad name’.
      Again, she has been pleasant and helpful in the past but this does not excuse the mess that she has created with this situation by simply not providing minimal assistance which is her job to do.

      I reminded her that I was VERY CLEAR that I would not have my days off until I got to Albuquerque BEFORE I took interviews and she chose to push me to interview anyway.
      I said that she knew that before I interviewed and she should not have told the nurse manager to call me for an interview when she knew I was not yet able to confirm, as that clearly sets the confirmation up for failure.

      Karyi refused to take responsibility for this and refused to help me from that point forward with the most minimal of assistance that I’ve never even had to ask my past recruiter for.

      I told Karyi, ‘fine Karyi, I will confirm even though I am not yet ready, if we speak with the nurse manager and she is ok with my turning in my time off requests before orientation.

      At the time of this discussion and in the following days I was scheduled working 5-6 days a week at my current job during all business hours of the day. I offered to call initially, but I realized I absolutely needed MINIMAL assistance from my recruiter Karyi, to contact the Nurse Manager at the Women’s Hospital to ask her ‘if she would accept my turning in my days off request after my confirmation but before my orientation start date’ and one last small question I simply forgot to ask in my interview which was if Lovelace uses the Epic documentation system.

      Karyi stated I needed to contact her myself despite my legitimate lack of inability to when at work and she refused to help in order to make the establishment of the contract official sooner and in a much more convenient and supportive process for myself, the RN whom would be completing the contract.
      I stated ‘Karyi, I’m working every hour during the business week this week and next week I need you as my recruiter to please make contact to get these few quick answers so that I can confirm’.

      Karyi refused.

      I also had something strange happen with my employee portal. Karyi had deactivated myself as an employee and stated that I had to reapply, even though my end date of my last contract was well under a year ago. When I contacted my local office where I did my new hire paperwork, they stated I should not have to go through the process of an application again until I’ve not been employed with Maxim for a year.

      Throughout all of this, Karyi completely ignored my consistent request for her to contact the nurse manager and I was at work and could not get on the phone to call.
      During this time Karyi constantly texted me ‘its an emergency you need to email me back by noon’, even though she knew full well I was not able to get on to the phone and do not have constant access or time to email an employer while at work according to her demands.

      In addition, when I asked Karyi before the interview for the nurse manager’s last name, as I felt like I’ve never addressed nor asked for someone professionally by just their first name, her response was ‘oh that’s just the name she goes by, it’s fine if you ask for just her first name’. That puts me in a position to sound ignorant and unprofessional in the event I would have to call her. And it was also disturbing to me that my recruiter did not know the full name of the Nurse Manager at where I would be working. Then, after that, Karyi provided me with the incorrect contact number for the nurse manager TWICE and refused to locate the correct number herself to provide me with it.

      Yesterday, I finally had the time to contact the nurse manager at the Women’s Hospital. I explained that the delay in my follow up was that I work full time during the week and sadly my recruiter was refusing to provide supportive assistance to me. I stated that I remained fully committed to working for the Women’s Hospital with Maxim Healthcare Services Travel Division full-time, nights, I just had one condition and that it be I turn in my dates off after I confirm the contract. She stated it was ‘not a problem at all’ and that she largely was very confused and frustrated that she felt we had a great interview and definitely wanted to hire me but never heard back from the agency. She stated she did not understand why no-one from Maxim contacted her back and the only response she received was being told that Karyi had withdrew the contract!

      After that occurred Karyi provided a weak apology and stated she would like to move forward, but she didn’t change her odd behavior at all.
      She continued to place the responsibility of confirmation not having occurred sooner on myself and not on her providing sub-par assistance.

      Despite the countless examples of her lack of minimal effort and mistakes made when pretending to organize this contract in a functional manner, I truly could not believe that she continued to blame me when nearly harassing me about a confirmation when she had not even sent me the sheet which outlined the payment, rate, location details of the contract! I legitimately had to tell her ‘Karyi, you keep telling me to confirm a contract you have not even sent me the pay rate details for’. I truly don’t even understand how a recruiter can be so careless.

      She stated that ‘we’ve decided that since you cannot get past ‘your frustrations’ that we suggest you move forward with a contract with another agency’.
      Again with the unprofessional passing of the blame and I suppose I have essentially been let go because of whatever reason Karyi Heydt is justifying for being so lazy, inconsiderate and completely unhelpful at this time.

      Karyi Heydt provided incredibly poor, unprofessional recruiter services to myself that surely resulted in significant inconvenience to the nurse manager at the Women’s Hospital, that resulted in Maxim Healthcare Services looking unprofessional to this facility due to how Karyi refused to provide minimal communication assistance when a Nurse Manager and a valuable staff RN were fully ready and expecting to confirm and complete a contract with Maxim Healthcare Services.

      I contacted my local Maxim Healthcare Services location, but because the contract is out of state I needed to speak with TravelMax Division.

      I am a reliable employee and have a handful of great references. I enjoyed working for Maxim Healthcare aside from this issue and again am just shocked that a contract can be canceled despite both the nurse and the facility wanting to work together based on the recruiter’s lack of minimal assistance and any consideration for the staffing nurse.

      I feel that any recruiter being reckless, unhelpful and inconsiderate in this manner is never acceptable despite if they are the National Recruitment Manager or not.

      As of this experience it is clear to me that nurses are not valued by her after they place even minimal expectations with her and although this may not mean much to the company at large, it is instances like these that give Maxim Healthcare Services TravelMax Division an accumulating poor reputation among facilities.
      This recruiter cost Maxim a contract and contributed to a negative image of Maxim when it could have been completely avoided.

    7. If you want to actually get paid for your hours, dont work with this company. Apparently in this day and age, they cant or wont do direct deposit for at least a month and I have been fighting for 2 pay checks. Thank goodness I was only using them for per diem.

    8. I worked with Josh Lambert whose manager was Chas Saurez with Maxum/travelmax out of Tampa, FL. The first assignment was good when Alex was our recruiter. The second assignment we were Josh/Chad and we’re sent to a hospital we found out was closing during our first day. We did 40+ hours of education we were paid $75 for and drove over 1,500 miles and ended up getting paid $0.09/mile. It wasn’t until the 12th week (2nd to last paycheck) that we were finally reimbursed after going through Florida labor department that they paid us back over $600 for sign on bonus, education, licensing, and travel reimbursement. We then found out our insurance was cancelled by Maxim (told this by BC BS) and never recieved an answer why so we had to get Cobra after 15 days waiting for a response that never came. There were 5 checks out of a 13 week assignment where I was shorted anywhere from 19 minutes of pay to over $800 which was not paid up until 8-10 days later. Josh has his read receipts on and will read texts within minutes yet not respond for 4-10 days. Our contract has been over for a week and neither Josh or his manager Chad will respond to t/c as to why our insurance was canceled or the fact that they shorted us 12 hours of oncall pay on the last check and it doesn’t look like we will be paid.

    9. Worked four contracts with Maxim. Should have gotten a completion bonus for each contract. Also owed mileage and sick time (CA) of 24 hours. Never saw any of it. They kept telling me the check was being processed, the payments were being reviewed, etc. Then my recruiter left and the new recruiter said he would have to research the issues to get up to speed. Now, since my last contract has ended, they say there is nothing they can do, even though I was never paid for the items listed. They will also try to low ball you every step of the way. After doing a little informal research, I found that I was being paid almost $400/week less than other Maxim nurses on the same unit for the same work.

    10. Horrible agency. I would give all zeroes if it were an option. Rude, hateful to their nurses. They do not want to pay for work done. Never again!

    11. During the last 5-6 years I have traveled as an ICU/CCU RN in Washington State. The travel nurse company I was so thankful to find is Maxim Healthcare Service/TravelMax positioned in Seattle, WA. Prior to my travels, I had worked in a fast-paced ICU/CCU/CVICU environment for 25 years. However, when my needs and curiosity changed, I switched it up and connected with various travel agencies. When I finally found Derek Edwards of Seattle or he found me, I was really on the road toward challenging nursing assignments to help build my career. My experience working with my recruiter, Derek Edwards has been excellent! Derek is a rare find in the travel business. He is a real gem in the our ever-changing, stressful, but exciting world of current healthcare. Derek is a hard-working professional recruiter who will never give up negotiating both the best financial and personal travel package for his clients and caregivers. He is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and is a great advocate for the integrity of our profession. Derek has a wonderful touch working with all people. His communication skills are highly regarded by hospitals, his clients, and his staff. I can always rely on his cheerful and thoughtful emails/phone calls. He is skillful at troubleshooting any potential problems or dilemmas that you might come across whether you want to work locally or across the nation. I highly recommend both Maxim Healthcare/TravelMax and my wonderful recruiter, Derek Edwards.

    12. I recommend doing your due deligence and research Maxim thoroughly. Sacramento office of Maxim is incompetent. They sent me through 5 visits to the same clinic to get my medical clearance instead of the customary 2 visits. They made promises of a sign on bonus they had no intention of keeping. Office manager is rude and confrontational. Couldn�t even offer an apology for the gross mismanagement of my medical clearance. Thank goodness I saw through them and pulled out before the contract started. Worst experience ever. I would rate them

    13. Really didnt like this company, they are rude and unreliable and I had nothing but issues which made my job stressful! I would never work here again.

    14. 3 Years with TravelMax/Maxim. TravelMax – great things to say, but you have to work with the Maxim people if TravelMax is not in that area. (Think California – LA, Orange county, San Diego from my experience. Also Phoenix, AZ.) They are great at upselling you and getting you submitted for contracts. They pay you sub-par, but you can negotiate. The paychecks don’t often come on time. For me about 6 times last year and they say the next tuesday is when they can get me funds. Well the last time I threw a fit, I called the Head office, was told to go to the local office. Sit in the boardroom and don’t leave until you make them get on the phone and guarantee (with tracking number) that it will be sent over night. (it was like pulling teeth, and I knew these recruiters for years.) Often times for contract I do per diems with same company. I lived in Santa Monica, I had two hospitals I did per diems with. Lakewood and Los Alamitos, everyone is local with the per diem scheduling and are aware of the traffic in LA. I would get a call for a late ER start per diem – like 10am or get there asap. I can get ready and go in 20 minutes, but the drive can be longer than 2 hours on bad days. Often times the agency would promise the hospital my start time of within an hour of their request and its impossible to get there. The hospital would be mad at my late arrival and I was told that get there asap – keep us updated, no set start time. It made me and the agency look like fools. Fortunately I am social and well spoken, have good relations with hospital staffing offices. They just started to call me for shifts to work around the incompetent agency office staff. The agency in the LA areas are just way too busy, understaffed and high turnover to get this all put together. They do not support you if the hospital cancels you beyond contracted – wont ask for the pay that is written into the contract for these situations. If you have a complaint or concern, they will not advocate for you. They will hide and even tell you, if they complain or say anything to the hospital- well then the agency might get blacklisted and no more travelers can be sent there. So yes, they will advocate for you blacklisting at hospital to save their “buttocks.”. It was the TravelMax rep in Fl who kept me going this long, he was awesome. But even he could not fix when the LA office would submit me to places without consent, then not tell the hospital was not interested. I had one manager calling me for 2 weeks, I tried telling her I didn’t get submitted with permission- that was interesting. They will “forget” to put housing into the contract just lowballing your pay to the point that taking the contract and finding housing – its impossible. Just do not work with Maxim. They have lawsuits just finishing and currently active with complaints from their own recruiters, the nurses, OT, home care negligence. This is my experience in CA only – Maxim Bad. Travelmax good – but will not be able to do important leg work of contracts in CA, so it goes to Maxim offices. Don’t let that happen to you.

    15. From the very first encounter I was treated like and spoken to as if I am a color and not a person. Institutional racism is very clear. Initially I was put up in a hotel that was in the process of being renovated. I had to threaten to leave before they moved me to a better place. When I got my “so called” furnished apartment it had a bed that you fold out from a closet and a card table with two folding chairs. If I voiced an difference I was treated with indifference, even when it involved HIPPA violations. I could go on but I will stop here.

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