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    1,129 thoughts on “FlexCare Medical Staffing

    1. The positives: The recruiters, easily. I’ve never had an issue it took more than 24 hours during the week to get a response on. They listen and they’re overall just really good at their jobs. Emily Elliot (who’s worked with me since I started) has been extremely responsive on the rare occasions I’ve had issues, always enormously helpful when looking for new contracts, and overall just been great at keeping the whole travel-nurse experience as seamless as possible. She’s one of those people that manages to combine kindness with resourcefulness and efficiency, and still manages to be communicative even while managing what I’m sure is a full team of clients. Overall, definitely a big part why I’ve stayed at Flexcare as long as I have (2-3 years).

      Other thoughts: Assignment selection is above average, and I’ve never been sent to a hospital where I felt my license was at risk. They do tend to pay slightly lower rates than competing agencies for the same contracts, and don’t tend to offer reimbursements for license/cert renewals (which is a frustrating combination), but I’ve never had issues with late or missing pay checks, and pay is always on time.

      End comments: Awesome agency if you prefer to be largely “hands-off” and not have to do much besides “nurse.” Recruiters make it the place to go.

    2. I worked one great assignment with FlexCare. Allie Negro was my recruiter and she was absolutely wonderful! You could tell she truly cared about her travel nurses. She was constantly checking in on me, and went above & beyond when I had any concerns. Unfortunately while I was looking for my second travel assignment, I received a message that Allie was no longer working with FlexCare and Jacquelyn was my new recruiter. Everything just went downhill from there. Jacquelyn was very pushy with trying to get me to sign for literally just any assignment, even ones that were in a completely different state than I had requested. She would blow my phone up, but only if it was something she needed. If I needed something, I would never hear back from her, or it would be days later. She was not a supportive recruiter at all. She has her own best interest prioritized over the travel nurse’s.10/10 do not recommend Jacquelyn.

    3. I’ve been working with DeVon Golden and he’s been a gem! He is all over everything and makes sure communication is clear on all counts. He reached out as soon as we could start submitting. He listened to my needs for jobs, and locations even when I wasn’t being realistic. Lol.
      I feel confident that if I have any questions or issues I can go to him and he will have the answer or it handled within the day. It brings great relief after working with another travel agency that used zero communication. I have sent his info to about 10 people, so far, if that tells you how well I think he is at his recruiter position. 10/10 would recommend.

    4. This is my second nursing agency and I must say, I’m impressed. Working with Natasha Underwood has been nothing but awesome. She is the person you would want to talk to you. She is very professional, and honest ( not beating about the bush). She tells you what to expect and will go above and beyond to make sure you get the best contracts. She feels like a mother and a friend to me, what more can I say?! Thanks Natasha for all you do!

    5. This is my first time traveling and Alexis has made it stress free. She is always available for me and never fails to remind me of the important things. She has made this experience amazing for me and if I ever need her she is always there.

    6. I would have jumped ship if not for Dillon Overholt. That’s his name right? Dillon? I put him as “Not Important” in my phone. Anyway, I traveled with several travel agencies over the years, and dealt with plenty of recruiters and potential recruiters. Dillon is the guy that you want to talk to when you have a crisis of the heart. His tone and timbre implies empathy and compassion, patience and understanding. A lot of people before him just came off as used car salesmen – glib and preachy. Dillon is different – it’s like this is his first time at Sunday school; he doesn’t know much aside from what he has heard, but GD is he gonna try hard for you. Because he is scared that God is going to strike him down. I get it – Flexcare doesn’t do A LOT of things most other companies do (i.e. reimbursement, pay negotiations, etc.). But people need to understand, you can’t have everything you want, you need to pick your battles, and be prepared to be both satisfied and upset at the same time. That’s called compromise. I choose to stay because Dillon actually won’t let me quit. I tried, really. Still trying.

    7. I was considering changing travel companies but changed my decision because of my travel agents. First was Kimmie Baker. After she was promoted, Michael Adlfinger became my recruiter. They are the best recruiters I could have been associated with. Michael is both friendly and professional. I look forward to many years of working together.

    8. Travelling with Flexcare has been an amazing experience especially being guided through the process by the best recruiter Emily Elliot. I was referred to her by one of my closest friends who is also a traveller who had only the greatest things to say about her experience. Emily is so helpful , understanding , knowledgeable she has been working with Flexcare for many years and that comes with great experience and the most knowledgeable advice when it comes to finding the right assignment. She works with you and listens attentively to help you find what you’re looking for. Thanks Emily you’ve provided great support through my experiences here at Flexcare.

    9. My first travel assignment and Flexcare beat out all the other companies! Mostly because of Lucas Williams who is my recruiter. He worked with me and my crazy life to find THE BEST assignment for me.

    10. I’ve had a wonderful time so far working with flexcare. They’re kind, hardworking, and take initiative. More specifically, Allie Nigro has been just that and more! She’s always checking in with me and is super friendly. She really feels like a recruiter I can count on. Thanks for all the help and I hope to continue on my travel journey with yall.

    11. I have had a great experience working with Flexcare. My recruiter Brie Frerichs has always been so helpful, supportive, and looking out for my best interest – she’s the absolute best! Also love working with a smaller company where that I feel aligns with what I’m looking for!

    12. Lindsey Roush is a great recruiter. She has a lot of energy and is always upbeat. It’s been great working with her.

    13. Conner Wilson is the best recruiter!! He is great to talk with, knows his stuff and finds the right job for you. He is always there to help and give support. I look forward to working on a lot more assignments with Conner.

    14. My recruiter is kaytee lankford! She is amazing! Always on top of everything! Shes great at communicating and knows what shes doing! High recommend her! This is my first assignment with this agency and it has gone super well! Very satisfied!

      • Justin Goulart is the recruiter I use with FlexCare and he is always on top of things. He is very knowledgeable about the industry and You can rest assured that he will always be there for you and answer your calls if you ever need anything. The agency however is ok. They claim they are the highest paying but it doesn’t seem to be the case. They are competitive. They dont help at all with any kind of reimbursement for travel or licensing. They do help very little though compared to other agency’s with paying for your compliance before heading over to a new assignment.

    15. I am currently on my first assignment with flexcare and Stephen Riolo is my recruiter. He is truly amazing! He’s always there to answer my call and check in on me and I truly value that so very much. Traveling can be isolating and lonely sometimes so when your recruiter goes the extra mile to text or call you it feels like you are a valued person rather than just a number. This is my first ever travel assignment and I’m so excited that I decided to take this new journey and with Stephen Riolo help it has been a great experience. Thank you Stephen Riolo for being a great recruiter

    16. Alex Willis is an amazing, honest, knowledgeable and professional recruiter. I am thrilled that I found her and Flexcare. The pay is great and the healthcare benefits are the best I have seen offered by a travel agency! Flexcare even pays a significant amount towards your health benefits and they do not cancel your health insurance for an entire month after assignment completion, so there is plenty of wiggle room when it comes to taking personal time off!!! I will forever be thankful for Alex and Flexcare as they have opened up a whole new exciting and adventurous world for me!!!!!

    17. I am currently on my first assignment with flexcare and James Lyons is my recruiter. He is truly amazing! He’s always there to answer my call and check in on me and I truly value that so very much. Travel nursing can be isolating and lonely sometimes so when your recruiter goes the extra mile to text or call you it feels like you are a valued person rather than just a number like with other angevin’s I have worked with previously.

    18. Sheila Manley, Recruiter
      Sheila has been such an angel and God sent. She has made this adventure such an amazing trip. Sheila helped me get out of my comfort zone. In doing so I’ve made amazing people on this adventure and my surgical skills are more epic. The hospital is amazing as you know no facility is perfect but I’ve enjoyed this contract twice.
      Sheila’s knowledge and experience about her job helped me enter this contract being a 1st time traveler with confidence and assurance
      Thank you Sheila

    19. Flexcare is the second travel company I have worked with. I switched companies because I was wanting an assignment in the Southeastern part of the US, preferably in the NC/GA area. A great friend/coworker recommended Flexcare and referred me to her recruiter Jessica Chase. I must say that Jessica has been FABULOUS! She is very friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond if I have an issue or question about something. She was a GREAT help with getting all my paperwork turned in when I was looking for my next assignment. Jessica also gives me advance notice if she is gonna be unavailable anytime during the week and always gives me another great go to person if I have any issues or questions while she is gone. (Samuel Aguilar) Jessica texts or calls me every week just to say hello and to see if I need anything or have any concerns or questions. I am very happy that I chose Flexcare for my new travel company and I am even happier to be working with Jessica Chase!!

    20. Amanda Moore has been an amazing recruiter! She had me prepared way in advance for my first assignment. She has stayed in constant contact with me just to see how things are going. My assignment was everything she explained to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience without Amanda’s research for me.

    21. I have really enjoyed working with Flexcare. My recruiter, Jason Guthrie, was on top of helping me find an assignment that was a good fit, is honest, thorough and has really been accommodating to my needs. I totally recommend him. The pay is excellent. Although they don’t reimburse you for things, they pay you the max so it really ends up being manageable in my opinion. I’m really particular on who I work with because I’ve had some crappy companies/recruiters in the past. But I’m definitely sticking with them for my future contracts.

      • My recruiter Darci Martinez and account manager Whitney Mandelik are absolutely amazing! They fought for me for a particular issue that I had and I cannot praise them enough. I’ve had travel recruiters that don’t find for their nurse and they did!

    22. The recruiters were amazing! But the agency is subpar. I traveled with them for my last two assignments and here’s the issues I’ve had:
      1. They switched recruiters 3 times over two assignments. Granted the recruiters were great…but…why?
      2. They stand strong on not negotiating pay. They say “we offer the best pay” when usually in fact…they don’t. I had to threaten to leave to be able to make what other travel nurses at the same hospital were making..
      3. They don’t reimburse ANYTHING! They consistently say “we can reimburse…but it’ll come out of your pay.” Which is ridiculous considering all other companies I’ve worked for (which usually offer higher pay) reimburse everything! They don’t even pay for your pre-employment screening!
      4. Everything else has been fine! The insurance is decent

      All and all…love my recruiters, but the company in itself…garbage.

      • Yes, they are ripping nurses off. Other travel agencies pay for immunization, and physical exam costs. I will not take another assignment with them because I feel like I’m getting nickle and dime’d with them… the pay is no higher than any other company. Terrible.

    23. Denae Muraski has been a great recruiter for me and my travel partner the last year. She has always been quick to respond and is on top of getting everything done efficiently. We have really appreciated her help getting settled into new places. We would definitely recommend working with her and Flexcare as they were also recommended to us from an experienced travel couple.

      • With this being my first travel assignment, my recruiter, Ivan Sanchez was with me every step of the way. His patience with me was amazing. He was always available when I needing him.

    24. Have loved working with Sam Maamo! She has been professional, knowledgable, and very nice! Makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the transition into traveling!

    25. I’m currently using FlexCare for my first travel assignment as an ED RN. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily Elliot (my recruiter), who has been amazing at helping me simplify what at first seems like a really complicated process to its simplest parts. I had a job at one of the locations high on my preference list within a week of beginning to talk to her, and she’s been communicative and on top of things the entire time to make sure the transition to the new assignment went well. Couldn’t recommend her or FlexCare more highly, especially for newer travelers who have concerns about navigating what can at first seem to be an overwhelming process, they’re an excellent place to begin.

    26. I would really like to recognize Megan Wunsch. She goes above and beyond for her nurses, and I would recommend her to anyone. She is very nice, always patient, and an extremely hard worker!

    27. I am really enjoying my time with flexcare. My recruiter Megan has been doing a spectacular job with keeping me constantly updated, taking initiative to find assignments that meet my needs, and above all just being a caring person. Would highly recommend!

    28. Rhi Bulger, my Flexcare recruiter, is nothing short of amazing. She made everything very simple and easy to understand. She also bent over backwards in the face of adversity to make things happen. Constant, accurate communication was both given and welcomed.

    29. They were easy to work with and got me assignments where I wanted to go! Jen Dempsey was an excellent recruiter to work with!

    30. The success of a travel agency is large in part due to their recruiters. I entered into travel nursing through FlexCare and my recruiter, Taylor Tucholski, is very accessible and very thorough on answering all my question that made the whole process smooth. Not pushy, easy to talk to. During tough times when covid 19 greatly reduced the need for travelers, she worked with me and laid out my options to get through it. Highly recommend!

    31. Rachel Rylander was one of the best recruiters I�ve ever had , and I worked for multiple agencies. Rachel fought hard to get me to the areas and hospitals I wanted. Rachel never gave up, and always kept me up to date on everything that was going on. Rachel was very knowledgeable and looked out for me and my
      Best interest ! I will always refer all nurses that want to travel to Flexcare, because of my supportive experience with Rachel Rylander 🙂 thank you for everything you have done for me!

    32. My recruiter Rachel is the most hard working, knowledgeable, and personable recruiter. She takes the time each week to check in and has always gone above and beyond for me! She is transparent and explains each step throughout every assignment. I will continue to recommend her as I have many friends of mine that have taken an assignment through her and have shared the same experience.

    33. My recruiter, Rachel, was the least empathetic person I have ever worked with. She is not a nurse, which is completely obvious, and because of this fact she is completely out of touch when it comes to the things we RNs go through on the job. She was rude to me multiple times, for example she told me I would get fired if I asked about hazard pay for Covid-19 rather than going to bat for me, as I was in an all-covid hospital and exposed to it daily while working as a travel nurse. Not only her, but other people within the agency of whom I reached out to after getting no where with Rachel emailed me to berate me for asking about hazard pay. Unacceptable.
      Furthermore, once the coronavirus outbreak seemed to �slow� nationwide, the only other time she reached out was to make sure my Joint Commission required documents were complete.
      Paycheck turn around time was fine unless there was a discrepancy, then I waited up to 3 weeks to receive a pay check.
      My other friends who went with other agencies are appalled when they hear the way I was treated. I was floored and disappointed by this experience.

    34. I am so thankful to have a recruiter like Quang �Q� Phan! He has gone above and beyond for me as I transition into this world of travel nursing! I could not ask for a better experience!

    35. FlexCare is THE best agency I�ve worked with. Their values and ethics are impressive. Taylor Tucholski, my recruiter, is everything I could ask for and then some.

    36. FlexCare has provided me the amazing opportunity to begin traveling. They have been professional, accommodating, and everything I want and need in an agency. Julio Castano has continually gone the extra mile to ensure my safety, happiness, and overall best experience I could have! I have been recruiting for FlexCare in my own professional arena since I became connected with them! Nothing, but praise for this company and especially recruiter!!

    37. Taylor Tucholski is mine and my travel partners recruiter and has been nothing short of amazing! She thinks outside the box and works very hard to get the assignment that we want. She is very fast at responding and answers all our questions. Highly recommend her and the company!

    38. I have worked with Flexcare and my recruiter Jen Dempsey for the last 2.5 years and she had been nothing short of amazing! She goes above and beyond to make sure my assignment is a great fit and she always responds right away. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great recruiter!

    39. I been traveling for over four years and I had great experiences with multiple different agencies. My worst experiences were with Flexcare Medical Staffing. I would warn nurses to not work with Flexcare Medical Staffing Company. I had many bad experiences with this company. They lost two contracts with two different hospitals and, they lied about the reasons. I ended working directly with the first hospital system they lost the contract for a per-diem position for higher pay. They didn’t want to pay for my canceled contract. I gave them a second chance and, the second contract they lost in the middle of signing the contract and I was offered and I accepted the job offered. I was glad I didn’t sign with this agency because they wanted me to sign a contract with major missing information. Lastly, I found the same job offer a few days later with another agency and they were paying $700 more a week. I would never work with this company again or refer any travel nurse to this company. This company use to have a good reputation agency but its going downhill.

    40. I worked with savannah from flex care and she was on top of it from the beginning. Before I switched over to flex care with savannah I was with another recruiter for another company and I was less than impressed. I wasn�t listened to, it seems that they were only in it for the money and I was low on the priority list. Even so, I actually wasn�t even actively looking for another recruiter when savannah found me. I didn�t realize that there could be other recruiters out there who actually cared about you as a person, but I�m glad she did. She sold me from the beginning with her attentiveness, she goes above and beyond for you and won�t stop till she has used every resource available. She is very knowledgeable in the field and I was in awe with her ability to stay in close communication with me to keep me up to date. When another recruiter couldn�t Lock me into the location I wanted to go to savannah came in, took charge and made it happen. I�m so happy to have made the switch! And they pay isn�t so bad either! 😉

    41. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my travel career without Flexcare, but more importantly my recruiter! Tagen Davis is so knowledgable about the field and truly cares about her nurses satisfaction! When I was going through a tough spot in my personal life, she was not only there for that, but allowed me to focus on those issues when I needed to! She embodies everything I think a recruiter should be! You would not be disappointed with Flexcare!

    42. I�ve been working as a travel nurse for almost three years and have worked with four different companies. FlexCare has been my favorite company to work with so far, and Taylor Steffan has been my favorite recruiter! I like that with FlexCare I don�t have to stress about the pressure of �negotiating� pay packages, and feel that I�m being compensated fairly. Taylor is also the beeeest! She�s very organized, always responsive, an advocate for me whenever I need it, and is just fun to work with!

    43. Taylor Steffan is a wonderful recruiter. She is always quickly responsive and it’s very obvious that she is working hard to get me an assignment that fits my needs. I feel very confident that she will do what it takes to help me out with whatever I need.

      • I cannot speak highly enough of my Flexcare recruiter Rachel Rylander. For the past three years she has walked me through the ins and outs of travel nursing and been supportive, encouraging, and thorough. She explains everything in detail, always responds quickly to any questions and has gotten me every assignment I have wanted. She is absolutely wonderful to work with and anyone who is looking for an all star pro recruiter should consider working with Rachel! Thank you Flexcare!

    44. Brieanna Frerichs made my experience amazing. Dedicated, responsive, kind and very honest from our first conversation. Her availability and work on my behalf made everything a breeze- even the dreaded credentialing!!!
      Highly recommend her.

    45. The experience with Flexcare Medical Staffing has been great! Extremely prompt responses, knowledgeable recruiters and many options were presented to me. You can tell that the recruiters, Taylor Steffan especially, really want you to be happy with your location and hospital. I can’t recommended Taylor Steffan enough!

    46. My friend recommended Flexcare to me and shared her recruiter Lonna with me and I am so grateful she did. I know there are a ton of travel agencies for nurses it can be overwhelming. I could not be happier with the company and especially Lonna my recruiter. We first communicated about assignments and it took about 8 months til I actually took one. She never made me feel pressured but genuinely wanted me to be ready and make the best choices for myself. She never became impatient sending me assignment after assignment. She is always honest, always advocates for me, has pushed for interviews when it needed to be done and things were being delayed on the hospitals end. She is always easy to get a hold of and responds so quickly. She’s so easy to talk to and I can’t say enough about her. She even helped one of my friends get an assignment when she was having trouble with another agency and she also speaks very highly of Lonna. She works her butt off and is just a wonderful person all around. She always has my best interest in mind and is sincere with every word and action. I highly highly highly recommend this agency and Lonna. You will not be disappointed.

    47. I started travel nursing with FlexCare Medical Staffing and from the get go, my recruiter has been transparent, honest, and supportive of me and my requests. I wouldn�t leave them because they are so individualized and treat you as a person and not a number.

    48. BRIEANNA FRERICHS is my recruiter and she is the absolute best! Shes always there when I need her. I dont have to deal with 10 different people to get an answer to a question. She handles everything and goes above and beyond! 100% recommend flexcare!

    49. Tagen Davis is a great recruiter, she is very professional and sticks to bussiness. I’ve had other recruiters trying to be too involved into my personal life instead of finding me a job which is most important. Thank Tagen for helping us through this year 🙂

    50. Have been working with Tagen for a little over a year and she has been great help finding positions. I like that she is up front weather it�s good or bad saves a lot of time and makes me feel comfortable about the jobs I�m taking!

    51. My recruiter Savannah Jones did a great job in finding travel assignments for me and my friend. She’s very accommodating and friendly. She always make sure that I understand everything and response quickly for any concerns. I would definitely recommend my recruiter for anyone who wants to start travel nursing with Flexcare. Thanks again Savannah!

    52. So far I love working with Flexcare and my recruiter, Jennifer Dempsey. She is very reliable and works hard for me and I can�t thank her enough! I only started travel nursing but so far my experience with Flexcare has been incredible. They are very accommodating and efficient. Couldn�t recommenced this company enough!

    53. My recruiter Savannah Jones did an amazing job at finding my first assignment. She took into consideration all of my needs and found a hospital that accommodated all of them. She was always available and kept me in the loop with everything. I�m extremely happy to have her as my recruiter. I feel confident my assignment will go great.

    54. Esteban Heredia !! he is honest, patient in explaining everything for you, and giving you time and fallen up as you are the only employee in this company. The VIP treatment with Esteban makes you feel like you are unique. He knows what he is doing, and we should put in your application, even small detail, but will produce different in your application overall look. Honestly, I recommend him 100%. I want to thank him for the pleasant experience as a new travel nurse and thank him for the great advice all the time. By the way, he never pushes you in something you do not like 100%; he only gives advice. Esteban, you are wonderful, thanks!!

    55. This is my first travel nurse assignment and I am so glad I chose FlexCare! My recruiter Savannah Jones has been so helpful throughout this process, and has been so patient with all of my questions and concerns. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she finds the answer for me from a reputable source in a timely manner, instead of giving me false information. Savannah’s honesty and transparency was one of the main reasons I chose to sign with FlexCare as opposed to another agency. As a person who really values honesty and integrity, I really appreciated those same traits in Savannah. She is always prompt to answer, straightforward, and genuinely seems invested in my new career as a travel nurse. I am so glad I chose FlexCare and that I have a great recruiter like Savannah by my side. I am really looking forward to my first assignment!

    56. Working with Taylor Steffan at FlexCare has been absolutely crucial to my success as a travel nurse! She was extremely honest, communicative, and professional with me from the day I reached out to her, and she is perhaps the most efficient and hardworking person I�ve ever met. This fall I spent nearly 6 weeks with other agencies unsuccessfully attempting to secure interviews, but when I turned to Taylor I signed a contract for my dream job in less than 2 weeks.
      The only tough thing about FlexCare is that their health insurance plan kicks in on the first of the month after you start an assignment. Since my most recent assignment started on the 2nd of the month, I have to wait a full month before being insured. That being said, the plans are much better than the private insurance I had used prior.
      Overall, I have loved my time with FlexCare. No bargaining for higher pay rates due to their guarantee of providing the highest rate possible, recruiters that are paid regardless of the number of nurses they sign (so I don�t feel pressured into taking assignments quickly), and a HUGE pool of jobs due to FlexCare�s positive reputation with hospitals. I love working with this agency!

    57. I have nothing but good things to say about this company and my recruiter Heather Bierwirth. She is always there when I have questions or concerns. She returns my calls quickly and has made my whole traveling experience very easy. I don’t ever see myself switching companies.

    58. I have been very happy with FlexCare and my recruiter. The only thing I would change about my experience is the push of jobs outside of what I am looking for. For example: I am specifically looking for Arizona but am getting pay packages for Nevada, Hawaii, etc. although my recruiter wants to show me other options, it would be nice to just focus on what I want.

    59. First contract with FC.
      Geoff Krieger has ben great!! Wonderful communication, treats their employees great! Will be working with him again!

    60. GEOFF KRIEGER Is and excellent recruiter, this is my first time working with an agency. Geoff made the transition so easy for me!

    61. Denae Muraski has been my first recruiter and I could not have asked for anyone better. She responds to all/emails texts almost immediately, gives prompt updates, and ensures that you have everything ready to go for your assignment. She has been so present and walked me through every step of the way. I was a little nervous quitting my full-time job and getting into this travel nurse thing, but I could not be any happier with my decision or the process. I was introduced to Denae by a fellow nurse traveler and I feel like that is ALWAYS the best way to find your recruiter instead of just a random google search or whoever gets assigned to you. Moreso, I love how honest Denae is. She gives you all the information upfront and never pressures you into taking any assignment. She really does put you first and just wants you to be satisfied with both your assignment and her as a recruiter. She’s awesome. I could not have dreamed up anyone better to work with.

    62. Geoff was/is my recruiter. He was there after a competing agency did not live up to the standard. Geoff has been excellent and got an answer back in the time frame that was comfortable with me. This is my first travel assignment and was referred by a friend to Geoff. Hoping to have to a long career with Flexcare Staffing. Many jobs to select from. The major down for me was the cost of the healthcare. For my wife and I it was going to be over $1,000 a month. Thankfully she has it through her work and we can go that route.

    63. Denae Muraski and I have been working together for 3.5-4 years now, and it has been nothing but fantastic. She is very reliable, honest, prompt to respond and easily accessible as I have had her cell phone # since the day we first connected. I always recommend flexcare and Denae to anyone who asks who I prefer working with!

    64. I took a travel assignment with Flexcare for a flu clinic position in California. My recruiter was Gina Dinelli, and she was always prompt and professional on returning any of my calls or emails if I had any questions or concerns. I had no issues with Flexcare and would more than likely take another travel assignment with them in the future.

    65. Denea Muraski, has been an excellent recruiter. She always keeps me informed and calls me when she needs to. She is on the ball 100% of the time and I don’t say that often. Whenever I have a problem she resolves it very quickly. I’m very satisfied with working with her!

    66. Flexcare has a wide variety of assignments. My recruiter is knowledgeable and friendly. She always keeps me informed and if I ever have a problem she quickly resolves the situation.

    67. My recruiter, Denae Muraski, is the best. She was extremely helpful in every situation preparing me for my travel assignment. It has been a pleasure working with her. Denae’s dedication to excellence is top of the ladder!

    68. I�ve been traveling with FlexCare for over three years, and, with their help, have had nothing but excellent experiences. Gina Dinelli is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is helpful, knowledgeable, communicates well, and is always accessible without ever being intrusive. She works hard to find me what I want and makes all the paperwork and compliance requirements a smooth process. Thanks to FlexCare and great people like Gina, I�ve been able to do what I love while traveling around the country!

    69. On the pro side, pay is decent, pay checks were reasonably accurate. I don’t recommend this company mostly because I had issues with accuracy of information and receiving compliance instructions in a timely fashion. At one point I was quoted the wrong pay and inaccurate information was given to a facility about my qualifications(information that had to have come from flexcare), leading to a contract cancellation after I had already found and paid for housing. On a separate contract it took a ridiculously long time to receive my list for compliance requirements. It shouldn’t be this hard to have things flow smoothly.

    70. Flexcare really does a good job of making sure all of the little details are worked out so I never have to worry about issues with paperwork or other tedious things. I think if there pay packages were a little higher they would be the perfect agency.

    71. My recruiter, Julio Castano, is really awesome. He makes sure I get the assignments that I want, is knowledgeable about travelling, and is pretty much always available. I’d highly recommend FlexCare and Julio in particular.

      I wish that the benefits were more affordable, but other than that I have absolutely no issues.

    72. Jennifer Dempsey has been amazing, this is my first travel assignment and she has been very supportive and communitive. She responds to all my new traveler questions quickly and always makes me feel at ease, i would highly recommend her and flexcare!

    73. My recruiter Andrew Pink, was very helpful and informative of starting the process as a travel nurse. He made the transition easy once I got the assignment taking care of all the requirements and scheduling my required physical and mask fit testing, so all I had to do was show up. I got my first assignment in July and I am over halfway done. 100% highly recommend Andrew and the Flexcare team when starting to travel!

    74. This is my first assignment and I�m so excited to be a part of flexcare medical staffing. Deanna Donabedian has been so great with me. She has been communicative, reassuring, responsive, kind, and on top of it. She is always there for me when I need it. It�s been a great experience for my first assignment!

    75. FlexCare has been such a great place to be employed at! I have absolutely no complaints. My recruiter, Deanna Donabedian is super personable, incredibly knowledgeable, time efficient, and always there when I have questions.

    76. I�ve just started working with FlexCare with a recruiter named Taylor Steffan. Since day one I have felt the positive difference in all parts of the hiring process compared to my previous companies. Starting with a professional and friendly introduction to my recruiter who seems to have her phone on her hip because she always returns my calls promptly. Going into the hiring process was smooth and with no hiccups. Getting a contract was beyond easy with my recruiter in constant communication with me about existing and new contracts, plus I was only offered hospitals that suited my needs. If here�s one thing I hate is when I get sent jobs that are completely out of my target area or under my pay minimum.
      It�s no wonder to me why FlexCare was rated one of the top companies in the industry. I look forward to long and bright future with them and hopefully my recruiter Taylor stays on board because she�s been awesome to work with.

    77. I’m so glad I chose FlexCare for my first travel assignment. Although I don’t have much to compare it to, I truly couldn’t ask for more in an employer. My recruiter, Taylor Steffan, is always (literally always) available to answer any and all of my hundreds of questions. She’s so easy to talk to and has made me feel completely comfortable about my transition into traveling. After talking with other travelers, it seems like the benefits and pay package at my current facility are equal to or better than most companies. I don’t have a single complaint about my experience so far.

    78. This is my first travel assignment. FlexCare did an amazing job of finding me an assignment with my roommate. They are quick to respond and answer any questions I have.

    79. Melissa Perez is my recruiter, and she is awesome! I have worked with agents from 3 different agencies and Melissa is by far the best. She works so hard for each of her clients and she makes sure I have a job that fits for me! She is professional, approachable, and extremely efficient!

    80. Brodie is a great asset to Flexcare. He is an excellent recruiter. He is always making sure you are well taken care of. Also, if you have any issues he solves the problems quickly. My experience so far with Flexcare has been great!

    81. Keep a weather eye on your paystubs with FlexCare. They do not pay callback hours /as/ callback hours. It is calculated as overtime. So if for whatever reason you did not get your full 40 hours in for the week, your hard work on Call will not be compensated the way it should be.
      I was amazed that a travel company had started doing this, and won’t be traveling with FlexCare again if there is /any/ Call included in the contract.
      Thanks for reading.

    82. My experience with Flexcare has been amazing from the very beginning. Morgan Singleton is such a joy to work with. She is thorough, always making sure that I have all of the information I need before submitting me to jobs. She communicates well and is always available, which makes for smooth and efficient assignment changes. Most importantly, I have felt supported by Morgan throughout our time working together. She has been quick to advocate for my needs, and always takes an sincere interest in how things are going. I am so thankful to have found her!

    83. Flexcare has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Nicolette Grant as a recruiter. She is honest, knowledgeable and will answer all your questions even before getting any of your information. Good benefits within the company.

    84. Flexcare was recommended to me by another traveler and I am so glad I made the switch! From my very first phone call with Taylor Steffan I knew this was the company I wanted to work for. She was super easy to talk with and was crystal clear on how the pay packages were distributed. I went from feeling like a number being bounced around between the different departments at my previous company to having THE MOST caring and dependable recruiter out there. She was my go-to person for everything from beginning until end. Taylor felt like a friend right away and made me feel comfortable with my first big move across the country from Michigan to California. She shared all the exciting moments with me and always checked in on me – especially when she knew I was having a hard time being away from my family. I was even able to meet up with her in Sacramento and she treated me to dinner! I could not recommend Flexcare and Taylor any more!

    85. I have had all positive experiences so far. As an ED nurse I feel like sometimes they don’t have AS many assignment selections in popular cities as I would hope for but also know the ED is more competitive. However, I have been able to go to cities of my choice. My first assignment I was able to go to DC and not settle for a random city. Flexcare compensates well and my recruiter Nicolette Grant is amazing. She communicates and is supportive.

    86. I have been with flexcare staffing for 6+ months. I have had the best experience. I was a little hesitant to changing jobs, but, my recruiter Nicolette Grant talked me through the process and updated me on any progress changes, good or bad. I would recommend the company and recruiter to anyone.

    87. I have been traveling as an ICU RN for almost 3 years. I have worked with about 4 companies, and, I must say that working with DEANNA DONABEDIAN has been great for me! Deanna has made sure that I have the assignment that fits me and that I fit. And, she is my extra eyes in my time sheets and ensuring that I am compensated for all of my hours worked. Thank you, Deanna, for helping to make my travel nurse career a positive experience!!!

    88. My recruiter is Taylor Steffan at Flexcare. She is always friendly, helpful, and supportive. Phone calls, emails, and texts are always returned promptly. I feel she’s always been honest and transparent with assignments and answers questions knowledgeably. Overall I’ve had a great experience so far.

    89. My recruiter is Jennifer Dempsey, and she has been the most knowledgeable and helpful recruiter I have worked with. She consistently checks up on me, as well as makes sure that I am put in a place that is safe. She works well with me, and always asks me where I want to go for my assignments, and is very thorough with her research. Incredibly hard-working, honest, easily accessible, always professional, and extremely supportive. I appreciate everything that she and this agency has done for me.

    90. FlexCare has been very supportive over my last assignment. My recruiter Deanna Donabedian has been very supportive through some very difficult situations

    91. This is my first time working with a travel company and I chose Flexcare based on a fellow nurses recommendation. My recruiter Lindsay Mason has been great to work with. Lindsay works hard to get me the answers I need about locations, pay, time off and any other info I might need. Lindsay Mason is a true professional. She is always quick to respond to my calls or texts, and if she doesn,t have an answer for me right away I know she will have it by the end of the day. Lindsay works very hard to make sure that I am taken care of and I would highly recommend her and Flexcare to any nurse looking to become a travel nurse.

      Phil Boyer RN

    92. Lonna Rose worked so hard for me! I couldn�t ask for a better person to help me with my travel journey. She�s on the ball, takes into account everything that you want and tries to get exactly that. She answered my texts and phone calls within minutes and if she missed my call, she�d call right back to answer my questions. I�m so happy I got to work with her, she landed me my dream assignment!

    93. I have been working with Deanna Donabedian for more than 2 years now. She is always there for me with everything I need. She finds the right fit for me and helps me transition from one assignment to the next. She is the best!

    94. Jen Dempsey is extremely honest and knowledgeable. Very open with me and my needs as a traveler. The communication is so open and honest, and she helped with all my needs. I was able to secure a contract in the shortest time ever. Very good work with this agency and I recommend it highly to anyone.

    95. Becoming a part of the FlexCare family and having Lindsay Mason as my recruiter has truly been an amazing experience. She helped me get an incredible job at Mayo Clinic Arizona. She has been efficient, reliable, supportive, knowledgeable, and she is a kind and friendly person to work with. I have been traveling for a number of years and I have no complaints or concerns when working with FlexCare or Lindsay. Both have truly made my travel contracts/experience a great one.

    96. My recruiter is Kristina Berhenke and she is AMAZING ! She answers the phone any and every time I need her, and knows exactly what she’s talking about. She fights for me to get contracts that I want, and I definitely feel like she has my back. I would recommend her and flexcare a million times over !

    97. Beginning to plunge into the travel nurse world is terrifying to say the least. I am so happy with flexcare. It was a smooth transition from staff to travel RN. I have 4 years under my belt as an ED nurse and Geoff made sure that I got a position I wanted. I love trauma and he got me into a trauma center for my first contract. Unfortunately, as a travel RN you can’t be in trauma due to them wanting you to train with their trauma team, but the overall acuity of the hospital was what I was looking for. I found an amazing facility to work for and even extended a contract. I am overall so pleased with Flexcare and if I decide to travel it would be through them.

    98. Flexcare has been amazing! Best pay packages that I found, amazing recruiter and team. Very organized! I recommend them to everyone!

    99. Keighley Negro is my recruiter and she is excellent! She is always available, supportive and trustworthy. I was with another agency several years ago and they were not honest. I have been with Flexcare and Keighley for >2years and have never been dissatisfied.

    100. I�ve thoroughly enjoyed working with FlexCare and Geoff Krieger.
      As I�m new to travel nursing, I had a million questions to ask; my recruiter Geoff Kriger was patient with me and took the time to answer all questions and help me navigate this new adventure. All questions and concerns were handled in a timely manner, if Geoff didn�t know he would find the right person to help. He worked hard to find the right assignment for me, I know it wasn�t easy. He has great communication skills and very friendly. Look forward to continuing to work with Geoff and FlexCare.

    101. Geoff Krieger at Flexcare is an amazing recruiter. He is always available at the drop of a hat and made sure I was well supported even when he was out on paternity leave. I recommend him to all travelers!

    102. I work with 4 other travel agencies, Flexcare has the most positives for me. High pay and a lot of hospitals to choose from. The caveat is that I only travel nurse on the west coast and so my experience is solely based on that location. My recruiter, Geoff Krieger, is by far one of the most reliable and knowledgeable recruiters I have worked with – and he goes to bat for me when I have issues.

    103. I�m currently on my first assignment and my recruiter Jennifer Dempsey has been helpful from day one. She didn�t pressure me into taking assignments or working with Flexcare, she even encouraged me to shop around at other agencies to see their rates. So far my paychecks have been accurate and on time. Can�t wait for my next assignment!

    104. I�ve been with Flexcare for over 2 years. My recruiter Geoff Krieger has helped me find great assignments in the cities I chose. I appreciate his help, accessibility and knowledge of the travel nurse world and have and would recommend him for any travel nurses looking for a recruiter.

    105. Love working with Flexcare the past 5 yrs.You can’t go wrong with my excellent recruiter Geoff Krieger-very helpful,accomodating and very fast in responding to my needs

    106. After so many years of working as a nurse, I decided to give traveling nurse a try. I did my research and decided on FlexCare Medical Staffing. Kory James responded to my request the same day and has been an amazing recruiter ever since. He sent me a wide variety of assignments to chose from and was also very open and honest about the process. I can hardly wait for the next assignment.

    107. Natalie Pisciotta is amazing. Very reliable, easy going, and honest. I had almost given up on traveling when I found her. She is al wa ays on top of things and great communicator. I am extremely happy with her and Flexcare.

    108. I worked with Melissa Perez for two years. She was so easy to work with, got me great jobs, and her communication was impeccable! She kept me up to date on everything concerning my assignments, documents, and any issue that arrived. I highly recommend working with Melissa if you want a seamless, amazing contract with a great recruiter and a great company, Flexcare Medical Staffing!

    109. Deanna Donabedian is AMAZING! She is honest and hardworking. Since our first conversation, Deanna has understood what I need and continues to make it happen!

    110. My recruiter Erin Rogers, has been wonderful. She listens to me and puts my needs/wants first. I trust Erin to advocate for me to the best of her ability in any situation. I had several requirements for my next contract to be met before I signed with a company. Erin listened and met all my demands. I have recommended Flexcare to other travel nurses and Erin specifically. Its not easy to trust someone you’ve never met, but Erin has consistently kept her word and has proved to me she is trustworthy and reliable.

    111. Flexcare is a great company and my recruiter Jamar Pharr is the best I have ever had. He is very personable and easy to get in contact with when needed. Truly treats you as a friend and not just another travel nurse. Been doing travel nursing off and on for 4 years and this is the first time I am taking time to write a review since my experience with Flexcare and Jamar has been really good and wanted to share that with everyone.

    112. I have worked with Natalie Pisciotta for the past 2 years and she has spoiled me! She is great at looking for new assignments according to my requests and is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have. I HIGHLY recommend her as a recruiter.

    113. I used to be happy with this company but not anymore. They would lie to me sometimes, will say your facility so & so said this and that, when in fact they didn�t.. just to put pressure on you. Lost trust ever since. They don�t reimburse your requirements either. Met a lot of other travelers who works with me on the same unit but get paid a hella lot more than I do.

    114. I feel really supported by my agency, they are always keeping track and updating what I need for my assignments and for my RN license in general. I worked with Deanna Donabedian and she is alway’s available and pops in supportingly to check on me and help update me on what I need.

    115. As a new traveler Donna Donabedian has been an excellent recruiter to work with. She�s made herself available to me 24/7 and answers any question I may have. She�s even helped find me housing. Would definitely recommend!

    116. I’ve had my fair share of relationships with travel nursing companies and Flexcare has by far been the best for me. They are always straight forward, have better pay packages than other agencies with the same hospital relationships, and they always seem to come through for me when its time for a new assignment. My recruiter, Deanna Donabedian, has been open and honest with me and has more knowledge of the travel nurse world than any other agencies/recruiter I’ve talked to before. She’s been so great to me that I even referred a good friend to her when my friend was struggling to get a contract and within 48 hours after contacting her, she received a contract. Flexcare has taken the fear of getting the bad contract out of my head and I plan on working with them for many more contracts!

    117. My recruiter Deanna donabedian always available. Checked on me during assignment. Pay has always been correct. Was given multiple assignments to interview with. I could not ask for a better recruiter or company

    118. I’ve had a great experience with Flexcare and my recruiter, Deanna Donabedian. Deanna is so helpful and supportive. I’d recommend her to anyone. I’m so thankful for all her help enabling me to be able to pursue this dream in traveling.

    119. Good staffing company with competitive pay-packages. Some job listings seem limited but they have TONS if you’re looking to get to California.

    120. I have really enjoyed working with Rachel and the Flexcare staff! I have had an amazing first assignment so far and plan on referring anyone considering travel nursing to work with them.

    121. Flexcare is a great agency to work for because of great recruiters and their model. My recruiter, Taylor Steffan, was my only point of contact for all recruitment, credentialing, and timekeeping throughout the assignment, which made everything really cohesive and simple. She was also really upfront about where the pay comes from, how she gets paid, etc., which was a nice change from the sometimes overly personable cheefulness that overshadows important info (i.e. lots of companies will pay you a travel bonus, but that bonus actually comes out of your lump sum, making your weekly pay less!
      Anyways, Flexcare is awesome. First time travelers, I absolutely recommend you use them, and Taylor, for your first assignment. You�ll learn all you need to know about being successful in the travel world and won�t deal with any BS!

    122. My recruiter Karl Jonczyk, is just the best, makes himself very available and accessible. He is very knowledgeable about the field and the profession, he is very informed about the facilities where his nurses are being sent to, provides extensive knowledge about the city and pertinent information that is needed to thrive in the travel world. what i like the most is how easy it is to reach Karl for anything and have my question answered to my satisfaction. this is my first assignment, and im loving it. Karl connects with me on a personal level and understands what me and my family needs. Great agency to work with.

    123. Rachel Rylander is such a great supportive recruiter I would recommend her to anyone seeking travel assignments. Rachel deserves a raise!

    124. This is my first experience with a travel agency, but my recruiter made the process very smooth. I only need to talk to my recruiter to address all my questions. I was able to find a job where I wanted to be.

    125. This is my first time traveling as an ICU nurse and my recruiter is Kory James. I have nothing but positive things to say about him, as he is extremely organized, responsive, friendly, and reliable. When I was going through some health issues, he was completely understanding, caring, and non-judgmental. I truly think he is an asset to this company and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to work with such a wonderful recruiter, especially as a first time traveler. He is very easy to reach, as a lot of times we even text. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a great recruiter.

    126. I have worked with two other agencies and talked to multiple via phone. Flexcare and my amazing rep Kory James (woot! woot!) has been my best experience hands down. I travel with a friend who is in a different specialty than I am which has increased the difficulty factor for job placement but Kory has done an awesome job finding options for us.
      What stands out is that Flexcare assigns you a representative who takes care of everything instead of a separate person for job search, compliance, etc. My rep, Kory, is easy to work with, quick to respond to questions and is tireless when it comes to the details. I know I don’t have to worry about “falling through the cracks” like I did working for other agencies. In fact I don’t have to worry about anything because I know Kory has it covered and will let me know if there’s anything on my end that needs to happen.
      In addition, I appreciate the transparency in pay rate and expectations from me and the agency. It helps in building a professional, honest working relationship.
      I’m sticking with Flexcare for my next assignment.

    127. My recruiter Nicolette Grant is the best as a first time traveler. She is clear and upfront about what to expect from assignments. Any discrepancy arise she is on top of it and a resolution is always in place. She is caring, encouraging and available through all forms of communication day or night. She is resourceful and will offer suggestions on how to get things done smoothly. Her pleasant persistence is appreciated because I know it is always done to benefit a positive outcome. Thanks Nicolette.

    128. Flexcare made it easy to go into traveling. My recruiter Kory James is always available to me and if not available at the time I always get a response within usually no more than an hour. Flexcare does much of the hard work for me and I really appreciate that.

    129. Kory James has been a great recruiter! He listens to my needs/concerns and addresses them to the best of his ability. He works hard to get me the job I want with the pay I want. Would recommend him to anyone!

    130. When I first started the process of finding an agency I was so overwhelmed. I left my info with so my agencies and either didn’t hear back or felt uneasy about working with them. When Heather Bierwirth from Flexcare returned my call I felt so comfortable. I think we were on the phone for 45 minutes just talking. She answered every single one of my questions without me even saying yes or no to the company. After that first phone call I knew I had to work with Heather at Flexcare and I have never regretted that. I love travel nursing and working with Flexcare is amazing!

    131. I am just starting my third contract with Flexcare and I only have good things to say. I have been extremely happy with the agency and my recruiter, Kristin McKnight (she’s the best!!). I feel like overall they have very competitive rates and pay packages as well as great opportunities in both locations as well as hospitals. I have never had a single issue with payroll or compliance, which I am so thankful for since that has not always been my personal experience before finding Flexcare and hearing some true horror stories from others that work with different agencies. I think the most important aspect for me personally is support and I can’t tell you how much support I feel from my recruiter, Kristin. I know that she has my back (always) and that means the world to me during my travel nurse adventures.

    132. Kristin McKnight has been so amazing to work with. I am currently in the middle of my first travel assignment and I am so thankful for Kristin’s patience with me through this process. She is great to check in on me regarding my assignment or even just to see how my roommate situation is going. Its nice to know that I have someone in my corner!

    133. My recruiter Ian Gray has gone above and beyond to help me get through the process. Ian keeps me on track to get my paper work in order and on time and actually spent considerable time with me over the phone to figure out the facility’s chaotic computer ID system. This guy is AWESOME! Word of mouth brought me to this agency and I can tell you so far so good.

    134. I will never work for this agency again. To start with, when I expressed that I would not take any assignment without housing secured first, they attempted to secure housing for me. ONE hour away from said housing location the lease holder called to tell me that my arrival was not welcome by the other tenant in the apartment. Needless to say, I did not go to that house (even though it was 11pm). The next day I alerted the agency. They found a place for me. At an extended stay that cost me a HUGE chunk of my paycheck every week, and was located an HOUR away from my assignment. Finding housing was HORRIBLE. Finding housing and paying for the extended stay was almost impossible. My first paycheck was NOT deposited into my account, as well as several other paychecks after that. Even though I faxed the sheets in. Upon contacting agency when I got off work on a Friday night and found out I did not receive a paycheck I was spoken to in a very unprofessional manner. Also, the issue was not resolved until Tuesday.
      Unexpectedly, my mother passed away nine hours away from my assignment on a Sunday. I was off that day, so I called and texted the agency many times as well as the facility before I finally got an answer. I was given condolences and told to take care of my family. There was NO contact initiated by the agency or myself. The reason I thought nothing of it was because the facility was in crisis mode and flooded with nurses. On that tenth day as I was on the way back to my assignment I recieved notification that I had been terminated due to three no call/no shows. When I disputed this with the company I eventually received a written notification of apology stating that after speaking with the facility I actually did not have ANY nc/ns’s. I was asked to return to my assignment AFTER I had broken the lease of where I was staying, and after I had started back home. They also are still fighting my unemployment (three months later).

    135. Flexcare is great for reliable assignments, professional staff, and prompt help. My recruiter Jen Dempsy is awesome to work with and very accessible. My recruiter is very supportive and knowledgeable.

    136. Jennifer Dempsey is very personable, prompt & timely with responding to you, & very knowledgeable as a recruiter. She’s been nothing but pleasant & delightful to work with.

    137. Definitely a supportive agency, and certainly does not email/call/message you to death with questions or when info is needed. If ever there were a perfect amount of communication with a recruiter, I found it with FlexCare. Thanks you guys!

    138. FlexCare is the second travel nursing company I have traveled with, and I will not be returning. My assignment was a disaster. I could write multiple pages of what went wrong, but here is the short summary: 1) Recruiter convinced me into taking an assignment at a hospital I did not want 2) Pay was continually wrong and never fixed 3) I was charged for health insurance when they never enrolled me 4) Housing was terrible and unsafe 5) My assignment was cancelled and I was kicked out of my housing 6) Recruiter did not help me when my assignment was cancelled 7) I found out from other travel nurses at the same hospital that they were given two weeks notice prior their assignment being cancelled at this hospital, FlexCare only gave me TWO DAYS notice and then kicked me out of housing and left me without a job. I will not be returning!

    139. Madison Maxwell has been the best recruiter . I am fortunate to have her expertise and skills plus warm nature on my side while I pursue my dreams and goals as a nurse.

    140. Kristina Berhenke is an amazing teammate to have during travel nursing.
      Not only will Kristina listen to all of my woes, but she cheers me on as i need the extra boost. When times get rough, either during or between assignments, I can count on her to offer sound advice. AND she isn’t afraid to say ‘I don’t know’, and then promptly research the situation to the level that I would! My only complaint is that I think she needs to stop answering my emails and text messages during her off time. Kristina, we all need time for wine! Thank you FlexCare for incorporating her into your family!

    141. Flexcare Medical Staffing is a great company to work for. Jennifer Dempsey is my recruiter, and she is honest and fair. She will tell you the facts and she works hard at getting the best packages for her nurses. She goes above and beyond.

    142. It was really easy to give Flexcare 5’s all the way down. I have been with this company for the last year and I really can’t find a complaint. My paycheck always come right on time. My recruiter (Nate Shanklin) is so efficient, forth coming and always available. He works so hard to find me assignments in the area I’m interested in. I have gotten involved with a couple other travel agencies but they just don’t compare to Flexcare.

    143. Love working for this company. They�ve always been honest with me. I get a great rate and I�ve never gotten a late paycheck. I�ve been able to cross places off my list. They�re super friendly and have my best interest in mind.

    144. Jen Dempsey has been an awesome recruiter. She is always available and has worked with my nontraditional hours well. I would recommend her to anyone looking to travel.

    145. My wife and I been traveling with FlexCare Medical Staffing for over a year now, and we have had nothing but a positive experience with them. Our recruiter “Q” (Quang Phan), is one of the best in the business. He has been supportive, very quick to respond to our questions, and knowledgeable as well. He goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. I would highly recommend flexCare and “Q” as a recruiter.

    146. My time with Flexcare Medical Staffing has been great and I plan to continue with them for many years to come! My recruiter, Karl Jonczyk, has been exceptional! He is the main contributor to my high ranking excellence for Flexcare. He has proven his dedication and support to his nurses, and genuinely cares about our success in our careers as travel nurses for Flexcare. Flexcare is beyond fortunate to have him as part of their team!

    147. I’ve had nothing but the best experience with Flexcare and my recruiter, Jessica Glasner. Open communication, efficiency, and competitive reimbursement packages have made travel nursing with Flexcare easy, exciting, and worthwhile!

    148. Great experience working with this company and my recruiter Karl Jonczyk. I like how you have one person (in my case Karl) that handles everything for you so you’re not shuffled through a bunch of people. They also have gotten me the best pay rates out of all of the companies I have used.

    149. Great experience working with this company. I like how you have one person that handles everything for you so you’re not shuffled through a bunch of people. They also have gotten me the best pay rates out of all of the companies I have used.

    150. Kristin is my recruiter and she�s been wonderful! I�m a new traveler with lots of questions and she�s always patient and kind. She�s easy to get ahold of and addresses any of concerns in a timely manner. She�s an amazing recruiter! Flexcare has been a great company to travel with, the only thing I wish they did was licensure reimbursement, considering I�d like to travel to areas that aren�t part of the licensure compact I�d like to not have to deal out a considerable amount of money for a 1 or 2 assignments.

    151. Caring and supportive staff, great selection of opportunities, advocate for their nurses. Excellent experience so far!

    152. worked with/through KARL JONCZYK, rapid and efficient in communication and turn-around, upfront about what he can do/not do.

    153. Satisfactory = does not apply, not applicable was not an option.

      I have a great recruiter! I�ve worked with Karl Jonczyk since my first assignment (I�m now on my 5th), and he has been fantastic! He works really hard to find me assignments that meets my all specifications. He is very supportive and there for me 24/7.

    154. My agent is Karl Jonczyk with Flexcare Medical Staffing. My experience with the company has been great. They have found me high paying jobs in desirable areas. Karl is cool and outgoing and was even kind enough to take me out when he visited the city I was working in. You will have hiccups during traveling, and you want a good company like Flexcare and solid agent like Karl to help you navigate them smoothly.

    155. Excellent agency with a fantastic recruiter, Aleesha Schiro, who was always able to find me a job in the location of my choice.

    156. FlexCare has been a wonderful company to work with so far. I work outpatient infusion, which can be harder to find, but the agency always finds something; and the pay packages are great!

    157. I being with Flexcare for almost 3 years. From the start will me being nervous about traveling,my recruiter Amanda Norton has been very helpful and accommodating since the beginning until present. Thank you,Amanda

    158. This is my first travel job but I talked with many companies before deciding to use Flexcare. I chose them because my Recruiter Megan O’Connor was reliable, quick to respond and very ‘on top of it’. They also cover a lot of locations I wanted. Megan is a really great person and I would like to keep her to myself but I have been recommending her to people interested in traveling. Overall happy with my first experience traveling!

    159. I have been working as a traveling nurse the last year and a half and worked with other companies that just were not fulfilling my needs, then I met my amazing recruiter Quang �Q� Phan. He works so hard to get me what I need when I need it. He is reliable, understanding, and honestly the best recruiter I could have asked for.

    160. I have been working as a traveling nurse the last year and a half and worked with other companies that just were not fulfilling my needs, then I met my amazing recruiter Quang �Q� Phan. He works so hard to get me what I need when I need it. He is reliable, understanding, and honestly the best recruiter I could have asked for.

    161. After researching many companies, I chose Flexcare purely based on the professionalism and honesty of my recruiter Amanda Norton. She is passionate about what she does and about taking care of her nurses. She has even personally helped me through a difficult situation. Many other agencies have tried to recruit me, but my loyalties are with Amanda and Flexcare because of the trust I have in them.

    162. My recruiter, Amanda Norton, has been wonderful. She is the only recruiter I’ve had and has always been able to find an assignment that suits me best. She’s responsive to calls, emails, and texts. It’s been a great experience working with her!

    163. Jennifer Dempsey (my recruiter) has been absolutely relentless when it came to getting me my next travel assignment, even when it seemed like we were going through a lot of jobs! She is the best at sticking with you through the trenches and I�m glad I�ve had the pleasure of working with her. She has been with me every step of the way!

    164. FlexCare has allowed for an incredible traveling experience. Our recruiter, Denae Muraski, is always available, willing and supportive. She goes above and beyond to ensure my husband (who is also a traveler) and I get the assignments that best fit our requests and needs.

    165. Amanda Norton has made my experience as a travel nurse. I love what I do and Amanda has guided me through every step of the way. She has proven herself trustworthy and reliable.

    166. Amanda Norton has been (by far) the best recruiter I�ve had to date. I will definitely stick with her.

    167. I have been working for Flexcare for over 6 years and love them! They were recommended to me by a friend in 2012 and I have stuck with them ever since! My recruiter, Amanda Norton, is very responsive and goes out of her way to assist me with anything I need no matter the time or day of the week. She has been remarkable and definitely one of the reasons this is one of the top travel nursing companies.

    168. Amanda Norton is my recruiter and she is the best. I literally can call and text her most times of day and she immediately responds or answers. She handles everything for me and even offers to help find housing if I’m struggling (as it’s not provided). She handles all the yellow tape and gets back to me with the bottom line of what I need to do to get ready for an assignment. She goes above and beyond and is my single point of contact and that’s why I stay with Flexcare and Amanda Norton! Cannot recommend enough.

    169. Amanda Norton has been an amazing recruiter! I have enjoyed working with her these last 4 years and am looking forward to many more years!

    170. I love my recruiter Denae Muraski! She’s very personable and easy to work with. She’s not overbearing and checks in every so often to make sure things are going well on assignment. I always try to recommend her to others that are interested in traveling!

    171. I was initially very excited to work with Flexcare, due to their rankings as a company, and high pay, but my first assignment with them was disastrous. When the facility canceled a large portion of my contract last minute, they were not there to support me, and even had the audacity to support the hospital instead. Both my recruiter, and her supervisor could only think to praise the facility in that tense situation, and tell me how highly they are regarded, and how everyone wants to work there, etc. They had zero conflict resolution skills, and were not compassionate when I was trying to get them to understand that I had already signed a lease for the entire contract term, and the facility had cost me money. They told me that maybe traveling isn’t for me because I expect a facility to uphold their agreement, just like I always uphold mine. Then they were very shady about the situation, and refused to put in writing that the hospital was canceling a part of my contract. I asked several times for this, but they would only call to discuss, so I had no actual written proof for my records. Instead, they sent a new contract with shorter dates and wanted me to sign it (which I did not). They did their best to then pressure and intimidate me into fulfilling the now void agreement, which I was going to do anyway as they literally called me to tell me this info as I was boarding my flight to be in the new city to start work the next day. I completed the contract up to the canceled portion, then went on my pre-planned trip. Later, I had applied up for some benefits, and listed my last employer, along with the reason I was no longer working, as asked. My benefits were approved, but then put on hold, and I had to complete an interview to verify the info that I provided about my last job. The interviewer told me that Flexcare had provided info that did not support my reason for ending work (contract ended early by facility). He then said that they provided info indicating that there was a new contract, and my previous one was now void, so the facility didn’t technically cancel me early. I let him know that I did not sign that contract. Then he kept asking if I had requested time off (which I had and was already agreed upon by the facility in my contract, but they canceled that portion), and then at the end he let it slip that they had said that I had QUIT?!?!? I emailed the recruiter and supervisor, explaining the situation, and asking for clarification in case it was a misunderstanding, and the supervisor literally said “please file appeal and go through the appeals process to get this worked out”. WHAT??? I emailed back expressing my shock and utter disgust that they had gotten their money from my contract, then discarded me like waste. Then she called. Only then would she acknowledge that my contract was canceled. She tried to say I had the opportunity to not accept the change, but that I did. She was really not acknowledging at all that if wasn’t for the early cancelation, I would have still been on contract at that time, instead of struggling to land a new one in this rough market. I asked that she respond to my email and put this in writing so I have a leg to stand on as far as my interview, and she would not. I am shocked and horrified with how this company does business. All you represent is a check to them, and they will back the facility if things go down instead of you. AVOID.

    172. I have been privileged to work with the best recruiter on the planet in the person of MEGAN O’CONNOR. She has been very helpful, courteous, caring, easily and readily accessible and always gets back to me in a timely manner. As a new travel nurse, I cannot be more grateful nor ask for a better recruiter. I would definitely recommend her and Flexcare to anyone who is looking to experience the adventure of travel nursing.

    173. Megan O’Connor is an amazing agent. This is my first year travel nursing and she made my transition from a staff nurse to a travel nurse so easy. She answered my numerous questions honestly. She contacted me daily to make sure I was comfortable in my assignment. She made sure the hospital and unit treated me fairly. I even extended my contract with this unit. So far travel nursing has been an amazing experience and I have Megan to thank for that.

    174. My recruiter Gina is awesome. She has worked to overcome any hurdle we may have faced during an assignment. When I was having trouble finding housing she even offered to do some searching for me and she even did a dive by of any properties I was considering to make sure it wasn’t a scam. She truly cares about her nurses!!

    175. Keighley Negro was a terrific recruiter, she found me a great assignment every time, in great locations. she works hard on your behalf, is very knowledgeable, and wont take no for an answer!

    176. It scares me to read other agencies’ reviews! I’ve been with FlexCare for 7 years & have no complaints. My recruiter Jennifer Stevens is wonderful! I feel they have been honest & hardworking. They are very knowledgeable in how the hospitals work & deal directly with many hospitals which is always better. I’ve never had a problem with my paycheck which is so important & seems to be an issue with other agencies. It’s always accurate & on time. They have great pay packages. They give you your pot of money & let you spend it how you want. I can’t stand hearing people brag about how their agency sent them flowers or a welcome package or travel bonus. That’s your money!!!! They didn’t do a great thing people. Spend your money how you want. Don’t hesitate to sign onto Flexcare today!!

    177. This was my first travel assignment and it has been a very positive experience. There are so many companies out there and I am glad I went with FlexCare. My recruiter, Quang “Q” Phan has been very kind, pleasant, patient and very efficient.

      I was very nervous about this and very unsure about some things and �Q� was with me every step of the way. He was available even on his days off and after hours and always willing to talk me through the process and encourage me.

      I feel very confident that he is there to make sure that my assignments are going to be a good experience and I am well taken care of. He cares about me as a person and not only as a nurse who is a recruit.

      I will be working with “Q” for many years to come.

    178. My recruiter made my travel nurse career a most fulfilling experience. Keighley Negro at Flexcare always had the best intentions for me and my travel partner, things worked out always.

    179. Flexcare has been an amazing company to work with. Harrison Montague is knowledgeable, helpful, remembers important dates and facts, is honest and always supportive as a recruiter!

    180. Amazing company to work with. Zoyah Kahn is the absolute best. She responds quickly, works tirelessly to get me the right assignment, and is a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Zoyah and the company to anyone.

    181. Dan Gallagher is my recruiter with Flexcare and he is great! Very easy to talk to and works very hard to find a good contract for me. He always sends me many options when I�m looking for my next assignment. He takes care of all my compliances and the contract, he does it all so I only have to deal with him. It makes it easier than sending all my information to different people and having others call me. He also is quick to fix any issues that I come across. I have enjoyed working with him and you can tell he cares about his travelers.

    182. My recruiter, Jen Dempsey, is great to work with. She was quick to respond and accessible. I applied for jobs and got offers within a day. She made the process easy. I will work with her and flexcare again.

    183. Megan O�Conner with flexcare is an incredible recruiter. I spoke with 5 agencies and she really made herself stand out. She�s very hard working and truly tries her best to get you what you want. Nothing but great things to say!!

    184. My recruiter, Keighley Negro, has been wonderful. She�s very easy to reach and also very responsive. Anytime I�m having an issue at work or with paperwork or paychecks, she responds quickly and follows up with me later too. I�ve worked with Keighley for my last several assignments and will definitely continue!

    185. Keighley has made my traveling experience easy and smooth. She is in top of her game at all times, able to find a location anywhere I need. She walked me through how traveling works and consistently learn new things from her.

    186. Love my recruiter Amanda. Always honest and reliable. I don’t have to do any haggling, they give me the only price upfront. which is nice, and usually better than other agencies.

    187. Just wanted to say that working with Flexcare has been a great experience and its all due to my recruiter, Megan O’Connor. From day 1 Megan has been great about letting me know of available positions, always friendly and willing to answer any questions I have, and helpful in making the process of traveling very easy. I would highly recommend her and Flexcare to a friend or anyone looking to begin travel nursing or currently traveling.

    188. Kristin McKnight is the peanut butter to my jelly sandwich, fries to my burger and does everything with ease. She’s very dedicated in finding the best assignment that would suit me that I have yet to encounter any bumps in the road. She frequently checks up on me during my assignment that makes feel comfortable. I’ve never met her before, but just talking to her on the phone will make you feel like you’ve know her your whole life and she’s in your corner rooting for you every step of the way. Thanks Kristin, you’re amazing.

    189. I was choosing between 4 different travel agencies and my current recruiter Deanna Donabedian at a Flexcare Medical Staffing was by far the friendliest, transparent, and communicative!!! She�s available whenever I need her!

    190. This company has been a great company to work with for my first travel assignment. My recruiter, Jennifer Dempsy, has been great at everything! Her response times are immediate and she is very helpful with all my questions. I am definitely going to recommend Flexcare and Jen to anyone who is looking to travel!

    191. FlexCare Medical Staffing has been a great travel agency. My recruiter Jennifer Dempsey is great. She is very quick to respond to any question I have had and has worked very hard in getting me placed with an assignment. Very impressed.

    192. I have been working with FlexCare Medical Staffing for almost 2 years now and they are the only company I have ever worked with. I can’t really compare them to other companies but I stay because I have been treated very well. My recruiter, Melissa Perez, has been amazing in the short time I have been with her. She is super friendly, supportive, honest and always available anytime I need her or have questions about something. She never makes me feel like I’m bugging her even though I’m sure I am, lol and she seems to take a genuine interest in the nurses that she works with. She is my 3rd recruiter with the company and I can’t complain about the recruiters I’ve had (might be nice to stay with one for a while though would be my only complaint) however, the fact that my previous recruiters only left due to promotions within the company I feel speaks volumes to how FlexCare treats their own. I think its awesome that they (recruiters) are your first and only point of contact and I don’t have to talk to a bunch of different departments to get an answer to something. Overall, I am very pleased with FlexCare and my recruiter Melissa Perez and have no intentions on leaving FlexCare anytime soon.

    193. Love my experience with Flexcare so far! Jen Dempsey has been a dream to work with- she is always on top of things and keeps me informed of the latest. She is very approachable with anything I need and is very quick to respond. I would recommend her and flexcare to all of my nurse friends thinking about traveling!

    194. I love Flexcare. Their retirement benefits could have better options, but I understand why they’re the way they are. My recruiter Melissa Perez is always on the ball and clearly communicates with me. Sometimes Flexcare doesn’t always have the most positions, but it’s hard to leave because Melissa is so great.

    195. My recruiter Deanna Donnabedian is the best!! She is very transparent since the beginning which is one of the most important factor when dealing with a recruiter & travel agency – honesty! She doesn�t sugar coat and go straight to the facts. She works really hard to get me to the right places and comb through all the fine details of an assignment. I can be sure and trust her that she won�t be sending me to a place where I won�t be comfortable/competent working at just for the sake of a contract. She also gives the best advices for my best interests. Therefore, she advocates to me to pick an assignment that I know I would certainly be happy to go to and not pressure me into submitting to whatever position she sends me. Lastly, certainly not the least, communication with her is A+++!! Another very important factor when choosing your agency and recruiter. Deanna always follows up, makes herself available, and can be easily reached out to. Travel nurses definitely need to know & feel that they have support available to them 24/7. All I know is that I was guided & supported very well by this team since the beginning! (I have tried another agency & recruiter prior to FlexCare… and what a difference! Glad to have met Deanna on my second trial) Thank you so much Deanna and the entire FlexCare team!

    196. Danae Muraski is a great recruiter to work with. She is very trustworthy and always knowledgeable. She is easily accessible and always gets back to me in a timely manner.

    197. Denae Muraski is a great recruiter, professional, honest, and definitely advocates for her nurses. Flexcare overall all has been great company

    198. I have been so pleased with this company and my recruiter Harrison Montague. He listened to what I was looking for in my first assignment and was very prompt in finding several choices. Since then he has been available for all my questions and concerns and is always checking in to make sure everything is going okay. Everyone else within the company that I have had contact with have also been very helpful and have made my experience amazing! I Plan on continuing to work with this company and Harrison for as long as I continue my travel nursing career.

    199. Jennifer Dempsey is the best recruiter you will ever have ! She is so fast and efficient and very honest ! I received my California license and within two days; she got me a job !! Love love her !

    200. Be sure to work with “Q” Phan, he is the best recruiter hands down. He goes way above and beyond and you can trust him as he easily guides you through what seemed like a tedious process, but with great communication we were able to get everything done with a very quick turn around. 100% recommend 😀

    201. I absolutely love my recruiter and the team at flexcare. Jen Dempsey is who I work with regularly and she is amazing. From the beginning, she was honest, dependable,

    202. I am currently working my first contract with FlexCare and my recruiter Megan O’Connor has been nothing but friendly, honest and very easy to work and communicate with. She was able to find me an assignment quickly and in an area that I had requested. I have gotten accurate, on time, weekly paychecks. The only thing that I was able to get with my previous company that I didn’t get with FlexCare was license and travel reimbursements, which would have been nice as I was driving across the country and driving/staying in hotels proved to be pretty expensive. Prior to signing my contract, I was heading out of the country and Megan made sure I had all of the contact information that I needed to be able to stay in touch with her. It has been a pleasure working with FlexCare and I look forward to continuing with Megan for future assignments!

    203. I am currently working my first contract with FlexCare and my recruiter Megan O’Connell has been nothing but friendly, honest and very easy to work and communicate with. She was able to find me an assignment quickly and in an area that I had requested. I have gotten accurate, on time, weekly paychecks. The only thing that I was able to get with my previous company that I didn’t get with FlexCare was license and travel reimbursements, which would have been nice as I was driving across the country and driving/staying in hotels proved to be pretty expensive. Prior to signing my contract, I was heading out of the country and Megan made sure I had all of the contact information that I needed to be able to stay in touch with her. It has been a pleasure working with FlexCare and I look forward to continuing with Megan for future assignments!

    204. From the start flexcare has been reliable and straight forward. Harrison Montague has been a great recruiter. He is able to explain and help in all ways. Highly recommend flexcare.

    205. I have worked with Harrison Montague from Flexcare medical staffing for several months now! Harrison has worked tirelessly to help find me assignments that meet my wish list. Since day one he has been honest, transparent and dedicated to my nursing career and travel assignments. Harrison keeps an open line of communication and if he is not available to chat one of the employees from the Flexcare team is there to take my phone call as well. I highly recommend this travel agency and another perk is the very competitive pay packages compared to any other agency!

    206. My recruiter Harrison Montague is the best. He�s always on top of everything and he gets his job done efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend Flexcare and specifically Harrison to any nurses starting to travel.

    207. This is my first assignment as a travel nurse but my recruiter Harrison Montague has been great! He walked me through the process and answered all the questions that I had and made sure I was prepared for my first assignment.

    208. Just took my first travel position in Northern Idaho and couldn’t be happier! Flexcare has been a great company to work for. And my recruiter Harrison Montague is wonderful. He’s very honest, accessible and supportive. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better set-up! Between my location, flexcare and Harrison it’s good vibes all around..

    209. Travel nursing is an absolute blast when you have a supportive recruiter and great company, and Landon Montenegro and Flexcare are just that! From day one Landon has been easy to reach, organized, and works hard to find the assignment you�re looking for. I�ve always been payed accurately and on time. Flexcare will continue to be my go to for traveling in the future and I highly recommend working with Landon!

    210. Its been a pleasure to work with my recruiter Landon Montenegro at FlexCare. Landon is excellent at ensuring all my assignments are a good fit for me. Landon is very knowledgeable about the industry and quick to respond to any concerns or questions that I have. Landon is my only person of contact and as a travel nurse, its convenient not to have to contact multiple people for various needs. I have no complaints about working with FlexCare. I vote Landon Montenegro for recruiter of the year!

    211. Housing–Signed contract, Nate said ” Don’t worry, we will get you a great place”. Never heard from him again about housing, found my own. Never called me about if a had found a place. After submitting to an assignment I was very interested in, Nate called the next day and reduced assignment pay by $300 a week. Reimbursement pay, as told to me by Nate, comes out of you next assignment. So actually, they do not reimburse for license, ACLS, BLS. etc. You pay for all benifits, to include travel pay, which I did not receive any. Once, early on, when I called to speak to Nate’s superior, the girl answering the company phone, said I can only speak to Nate. When I asked for her name, she hung up on me. After accepting a position from the hospital, it took 8 days for Nate to send me the form for a background check. Subsequently, because of the late background check form, I could not start work for 6 working day after I arrived at the hospital. THEN, they docked me for housing for not working. Nate said no work, no housing stipend. I am an 18 year travel nurse. Worked for several companies and in over 35 hospitals. Flexcare , by far the worst, across the board. Worst pay in 18 years. Worst recruiter in 18 years. Flexcare is an embarrassment to the industry and Nate is a travel nurses worst nightmare.

    212. Flexcare has been wonderful to work with! My recruiter Landon Montenegro has been the most helpful and so lovely to work with through the process of finding jobs. I could not ask for a better agency or recruiter.

    213. I have been a travel nurse since February of this year and have been working with the same recruiter. His name is Landon Montenegro, he always works hard on answering me right away whenever I had a question and he a very honest recruiter. I feel comfortable talking to him about my problems at work and he is there to listen. He is always there to help and is very knowledgeable about his job. He is an excellent recruiter. I have recommended him to other nurses before.

    214. My recruiter Landon, has always been honest, professional, dedicated to my needs, and efficient. He always answers my questions and steers me in the right direction, no matter the circumstance. The transparency he provided with ALL details of varying assignments was unparrellel, as I never felt taken advantage of, and felt as if he cared about me as an individual, not just as “another traveler”.

      The only reason I switched from Flexcare to another agency was because of the openings available at the other agency, and an increased pay rate. Otherwise, Flexcare has been one of the most enjoyable companies I have worked for thus far.

    215. I worked with Quang “Q” Phan. He delivered exceptional service and speedy service. He was very attentive to my needs. I worked with two other travel agencies prior to this and neither one has been as helpful or efficient.

    216. I have really enjoyed working with FlexCare-My recruiter is Deanna Donabedian and she’s awesome!. She seems to be available to talk whenever I need her, even if it’s after hours. She Is very supportive and always reassures me when I’m beginning to doubt where my next assignment will be, or if I will be happy in my new location-and so far she has always been right. Basically she’s great and the reason I continue to work with Flexcare.

    217. I took my first travel assignment in San Diego a month ago and have been so pleased. My recruiter, Jen Dempsey, has helped me out so much. She found my dream job for both my travel partner and I, made all the paperwork and steps so easy, and was always available. Even late on weekend nights I can text her and she’ll immediately respond. From the very start my paycheck automatically deposited in my account at midnight on the date I was promised. My pay was exactly what I was estimated when I agreed to the contract. I would be so lost without her! I’m so happy I found a company that I can be comfortable staying loyal to. I’m all about keeping it simple!

    218. Daniel Gallagher with Flexcare medical staffing is an amazing recruiter to work with in obtaining a travel assignment. His go to spirit and one on one contact has made my first travel assignment highly enjoyable.

    219. Flexcare is the second company I have worked for and by far the better of the two! Kristin McKnight is the best! She is always available, honest, not pushy or overbearing, personable and understanding. I have enjoyed working with her and plan to do so until I am done traveling! I am very impressed with her and Flexcare! 5 star service!

    220. My recruiter, Jennifer Dempsey, is an great recruiter to have. She has answered any questions I have had related to travel nursing. This has been my first year doing this type of nursing and I feel she has been a resource to me. She has given me multiple options for assignments in my location of interest. Most importantly, she is always available to communicate. That is very valuable to me!

    221. I switched to Flexcare and have been working with a recruiter named Megan O’Connor, it has been so wonderful to work with someone who listens when I make requests and gets back to me in a matter of minutes or at most 1 business day. I worked for a big company and I felt like just another employee not a part of a special team. Megan O’Connor & the FlexCare team take a bit more time to make the small gestures that personalize the travel experience. I have zero complaints! 🙂

    222. I was traveling with another company and really needed to broaden my options and find higher paying jobs. I ended up talking with Kristin McKnight at Flexcare. From the start I liked her honesty and transparency and how down to earth she was. Not to mention it’s obvious she knows the industry and was able to answer more questions for me than I’d been able to get from anyone else. She worked nonstop to get me the job that best suited what I was looking for at the time and has always been available when needed and quick to respond.

    223. Working with Flexcare has been an amazing experience. My recruiter’s name is Quang Phan “Q”, and he has gone above and beyond to help my husband and I find a travel job. He is quick to reply to texts and calls, and has spent hours on the phone with us, walking us through different processes. He totally welcomed us when we went to the office, introducing us to some of the people who have been working with us along the way. I would totally recommend him and this company for working hard for us, and for really helping us get what we needed.

    224. Kelly Tynes has been a great recruiter to work with. She is so kind and really cares about her nurses. She is always available to answer questions and has made the traveling process as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend this company and her as a recruiter.

    225. Although working with Flexcare got me an assignment in a location I wanted it illuminated how amazing Medical Solutions was to work for. Although they claimed
      “not to be pushy” they were…and although it was only supposed to be one contact I was always told “the account manager said…we also need this or that” My contact was never the last stop as it was with Medical Solutions. I did not feel supported at my job/assignment. I was told by my contact that “never in her career did people allow for a one week extension.” Medical Solutions found a way to advocate for me and help me out even if only for a week. I had short extensions before this assignment and was just surprised at how un-supportive this assignment has been.. On boarding was awful, nothing was reimbursed and I am making EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT AS ALL OF THE OTHER TRAVELERS who are being paid the same rate. I did this for the location NOT THE MONEY but it was promoted that this agency was more open about charges. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AGENCIES. I am convinced.

    226. I freaking love Flexcare Medical Staffing! My recruiter, Melissa, is amazing. I’ve worked with other agencies but none compare with the service, knowledge, and real friendships I’ve made at Flexcare.

    227. Haley Jantzen is a wonderful recruiter! She is very easy to work with and works hard to get you a great assignment. She is a great communicator!

    228. My experience with Flexcare has been nothing less than excellent. I can not ask for a better agency to work with. Jennifer Dempsey has been a huge asset. She takes time to listen and my needs in to account. I will always appreciate her willingness to guide and help me through the processes

    229. My experience with Flexcare has been nothing less than excellent. I can not ask for a better agency to work with. Jennifer Dempsey has been a huge asset. She takes time to listen and my needs in to account. I will always appreciate her willingness to guide and help me through the processes

    230. This is my first assignment working with FlexCare. I chose this company because they came highly recommended. My recruiter ,Nate Shanklin, is truly the best in the business! This being my first time as a traveler, I had many anxious questions. Nate answered each and every one of them in a professional and timely manner. He has really gone above and beyond to make this a good experience for me. As far as housing goes I took the stipend so I can’t speak to that. The benefits packages are a little pricey. Overall, I have had a very positive experience with FlexCare, all thanks to the hard work of my recruiter, Nate!

    231. Danielle Kanan was my agent and i can’t imagine having a better experience. I have had a few agents already and I am very happy to be working with her. I have gotten an awesome assignment and the process was very smooth. highly recommend flexcare and you should ask for Danielle.

    232. Kyle Carr at Flexcare has been excellent to work with. He is available every time I contact him! He was honest and truthful about the company. He helped me get all my requirements completed for my first assignment, which was a very daunting task! I got my insurance coverage and paychecks as scheduled. I highly recommend Kyle!

    233. Kristin McKnight is my recruiter and I highly recommend her as a recruiter. She is very open and diligent in trying to find assignments to fit your needs and wants. She’s always available either by email or phone and responds immediately. Flex care is a great agency to work for.

    234. Samantha taylor is my current recruiter and i love her to pieces. Flexcare has been good to me for the last year. When i had an assignment with Cross Country i wasnt happy at all, then i came to Flexcare and was so much happier and better taken care of. My paychecks with flexcare are always on time, the healthcare benefits are good, and job selection is really nice. I recommend this company to anyone.

    235. Haley Jantzen is my recruiter. I spoke with Haley many many months prior to starting travel nursing and she kept me on track to get things done ahead of time. We had some ups and downs regarding information since it is my first time traveling, but so far everything is going great.

    236. Haley Jantzen is the best recruiter. She is always available for questions or concerns I have. She has made my first travel assignment painless and flawless. She is always concerned with if I’m comfortable and/or ready. She’s the bomb.

    237. Flexcare has been such a great company to work with. The whole process has been honest, straightforward, and reliable. My recruiter has been there to answer any questions I had, whether it was during business hours or not. I would highly recommend this travel company!

    238. Geoff Krieger is my recruiter and I highly recommend him! Working at the best hospitals with the best pay for two years. He is easy to work with and the company is very accomadating.

    239. Definitely recommend this company! They are easy to work with and provide the best pay! Always working at the best hospitals with the best pay.

    240. Annabelle Pomeroy is my recruiter and she’s absolutely awesome! She knows exactly what I want and is always reliable and easy to get a hold of. She genuinely cares and helps me so much. I would recommend her to anyone!

    241. I recently switched to Flexcare and couldn’t be happier with my decision. My recruiter is always on top of things. He is professional, friendly, and accessible. He is quick to respond to any questions I have – even going so far as to fix a paycheck issue on a holiday weekend! I was so unhappy in my last assignment with a different company. When I made the switch my Flexcare recruiter only presented me with positions in which other travelers had extended or ranked highly on their company survey. I am LOVING my current job and extended my contract. The pay rates are competitive as well. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Love Flexcare!!

    242. I submit for jobs through several travel agencies but in all honesty I’ve only taken contracts with flexcare so far, they have pretty consistently been the highest paying of the contracts I’ve looked at in most areas. What’s more, my recruiter Annabelle Pomeroy is absolutely outstanding, extremely communicative and also thinks outside the box when giving me potential contracts to review and working hard to get me into the cities and states I want to be in as well as pay rates that are acceptable to me.

    243. FlexCare is easy, reliable, and straightforward to work with. My first choice assignment was available, on-boarding wasn’t too difficult, pay checks arrive on time, and my pay seems to be higher than other travelers I’ve met. Several of my fellow travelers have switched to FlexCare from other companies because their pay rates are higher and they are so easy to work with. I have only positive feedback about this company and about my recruiter, Geoff Krieger.

    244. This is my first travel assignment in a brand new state. While I was waiting for my license in CA, I had spoken with another highly ranked travel agency, much smaller than FlexCare. I remember speaking with Quang, or “Q” for short, much earlier in the year before I was ready to look for an assignment. He actually followed up with me during the 5 months I was waiting for my license. When I finally received my license, I informed Q that I had also submitted my info to another travel agency. I was expecting Q to give me the cold shoulder and spend his time on a new nurse, but instead he worked really hard to find me a job in the unit and shift I wanted (especially considering I’m a new traveller). When it came to signing my contract, there was no pressure and everything was fully explained when I asked a ton of questions. When I have questions about payroll, insurance, etc. I just ask my recruiter. I recommend FlexCare to all my colleagues that are thinking about travel because they spend the extra time on you to get things done and are professional and courteous.

    245. Working with this company has been awesome! My recruiter Kyle Carr has been there every step of the way. He’s always full of great advice, suggestions, and is so supportive! Anytime I’ve had a question or issue, he’s always been there for answers and works hard for quick resolutions. He’s extremely genuine. I researched companies for months prior to finding Flexcare. Most recruiters I spoke to made me feel like I was talking to a used car salesman/woman. It was important to me to find a company and a recruiter that I could trust. I’m so thankful I found Kyle Carr at Flexcare!

    246. This is my first travel assignment and I’ve been working with Megan O’Connor. She was super helpful walking me through the entire process and giving me a heads up on what to expect and my pay is higher than the three other travelers from different companies that started with me on my current assignment. The assignment is probably the most perfect for beginning travelers and the facility is super traveler friendly. I would and have recommended her and the company to other nurses starting with traveling.

    247. Kelly Tynes is one of the best recruiters I have worked for. Always willing to respond back to emails or phone calls in a timely manner. So far Flexcare has impressed me with the policy and procedures of how they do things. I will continue to work for this company.

    248. Kelly Tynes with Flexcare has been 100 percent honest, awesome and available no matter the situation. I totally recommend anyone wanting a GREAT nursing recruiter to get in touch with her. I have worked for several agencies and this one is TOP DOG. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING.

    249. I am very pleased with my recruiter, Haley Jantzen. She’s very consistent and personable and I’m very lucky to have worked with her for my first assignment!

    250. I worked with Jennifer Dempsy while working with FlexCare and she was absolutely amazing! She answered all of my questions honestly and efficiently and her response time when you contact her is almost always immediate. She was fantastic with sending me all leads and was upfront about all details of the contract and what to expect. I would highly recommend her!

    251. I’ve completed one assignment with Flexcare, and they were very helpful, Chelsea Troxell is my recruiter and she is always available if I have questions and if she doesn’t know she finds out who to ask. My first travel assignment went very smoothly

    252. I love Deanna, She’s the best! I could never replaced her with anyone else. This is my first travel and im happy as such! She’s there with me whenever i have questions even in her days off i can reach her anytime. She’s very professional and effecient in handling nurses!. One time, when i feel scared and nervous to travel she give me the best advices and helps me pushes through with my career. She’s very open and honest to everything. Love her!!!😍😍😍

    253. After working with different recruiters from several companies, I was finally fortunate enough to meet my recruiter soulmate, Denae Muraski with Flexcare. She is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and works hard to place you where you want to be with amazing pay packages. Denae has become more of a friend than a recruiter. During our travels, she realized that my travel partner was being underpaid based on a higher rate than originally thought coming from the hospital and instead of keeping the difference, she made sure that my partner was back-paid for the difference. It was then that we realized just how fortunate we were to work with such an honest person with great moral integrity. I recommend her to all my friends and she is absolutely a joy to work with!

    254. Traveling with FlexCare has been awesome! Denae Muraski has been amazing! She has a great personality that makes it very easy to talk to her about anything. She is always honest and straightforward about contracts, hospitals, and all that goes along with travel nursing. I would recommend Denae and FlexCare to any traveler!

    255. Flex Care was the first agency I worked with when starting traveling & I am very happy that they were. Chelsea Troxell & the Flex Care family were very professional, present & attentive for all of my questions, concerns and requests. Being that I was new to traveling, Chelsea was great about explaining everything and breaking it down for me to understand. Making sure to route me to right people for certain things and touching base with me to make sure things got handled. Chelsea is also very accessible and prompt to respond by email, phone & text which is a HUGE deal for us travelers. I love that Flex Care is open about their opportunities, but does not pass judgement if you decide to look elsewhere. Chelsea has been amazing in continuing to check on me throughout my current assignment and discuss plans for my next assignment even though I am currently working for another agency at this time. I am looking forward to taking another assignment with Flex Care and continuing my travel journey with them!

    256. Harrison Montague is a good recruiter to work with. He is accessable and dependable, and tries hard to get what you need.

    257. Chelsea Troxell at FlexCare was really great to work with. She always follows up with you and is very responsive via text and email. She is upfront and gets you all the money she can right from the start. If another company offers you more, she doesn’t take it personally and wishes you well. She even followed up with me regarding locations and timelines I had specified for my next assignment, even tho I was with another company. I have and will continue to recommend her to other travel nurses.

    258. There were 2 positions in my specialty (periop) and I was happy with the people I worked with, however the company was a mess. The pay was incredibly low. I get emails from them every two days asking if I want to take another assignment. When I finally told them I was a bit surprised at the amount of pay of my last assignment, they stopped communicating. Good riddance.

    259. Chelsea Troxell has been my recruiter at Flexcare, and throughout the entire process she has been amazingly on top of things. If I don’t have an answer, she can find it. She even gave me contact numbers to reach her after close of business. She tailored my contracts to what I wanted/needed, and provided assistance with choosing the best plan of action. I would not be a travel nurse without her.

    260. Paycheck ALWAYS incorrect. They cut a little time off here and there. Especially if it had some OT on it. Would ask at the last possible minute for expiring documents. It was always something and it had to be done in hurry or else! I had to fill out a new time card for months earlier and have it resigned for time I was already paid for?? Asked for a reference from a busy manager via email and then they LOST it. The manager was irritated and wouldn’t supply it again (they dislike Flexcare. Feel they are incompetent. So much so that I was worried that they wouldn’t extend me even though they liked me)I have been with Flexcare for over a year. First assignment was GREAT. Recruiter was amazing. I was stoked… finally found someone that I wanted to stay with. A couple weeks into the second contract my recruiter asked me to go on these site and mention her by name and talk about how good they are. I did. I extended. They gave me a little increase. I extended again and they took it away even though the bill rate stayed the same. More in their pocket. Greedy. I have been a loyal traveler. Never complain. Don’t ask for time off. Looking for packages now… all low balls. She will say “oh.. the rate went down dramatically on that one… AND that one… and NOW that one.” If you can find a recruiter that will continue to work for you.. GREAT! But keep an eye on that paycheck. And to my recruiter… hun.. you guys are NOT great and you are a giggling phony:)

    261. Chelsea Troxell is AMAZING!!! Always upfront and honest, and does what she can to meet your needs when finding an assignment. Always checks in and makes sure things are going well. Reachable at all times if needed, I wouldn’t choose to work with anyone else!

    262. Working with my personal agent, Chelsea, was great. She was helpful, answered all my questions, and met all my expectations. The only downfalls were my housing was extremely inadequate and my travel/license “reimbursement” was in fact not a reimbursement, but “built into my paychecks”, which was not what I was expecting and I would have gone somewhere else had I known.

    263. Deanna Donabedian is an excellent recruiter. She is compassionate and available 24/7. If I find myself in a jam, I can always count on my recruiter to help me problem solve. Excellent agency. Highly recommend.

    264. Working with Flexcare for the past year has been a great experience and would recommend them to anyone! My recruiter Marlette has been awesome to work with and she goes above and beyond for her travelers!

    265. Marlette Nunez was a great recruiter to work with and I would gladly work with her again. At the time of my assignment I had 3 other recruiters with different agencies searching for jobs for me and Marlette was the only recruiter who would frequently call me with updates instead of emails or texts. That was so helpful and she was so accessible to me. When I signed my contract with her she stayed on the phone with me for over an hour explaining each item I signed. That is exceptional and she has been wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to any nurse looking for a great recruiter.

    266. I love my recruiter, Marlette! She was wonderful in helping my begin my travel career and helped me every step of the way!

    267. Marlette Nunez is a great travel nurse recruiter. She communicates well with her nurses. She is honest and straight to the point. I like how she is my only source of contact. She is very friendly and cares how her nurses are doing during each assignment.

    268. Wonderful agency. My recruiter has been professional, knowledgeable, friendly, always available and responsive in a timely manner, and provides me with assignments that suit me best. I like that I work with one person for the entire process, that being my recruiter. I feel as though she is very genuine and personable unlike other recruiters who just treat you as a number and someone easily replaced. I would highly recommend this agency. I am going on a year with them and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

    269. I worked with Marlette Nunez and she is fantastic. She is very friendly and reliable. I would highly recommend her.

    270. I had great recruiters with both Carley Brown and Althea Ochoa being absolutely fantastic in terms of professionalism and proficiency. I would definitely work with them again.

    271. I am new to the travel nursing experience and have been very pleased with what I have experienced working with FlexCare Staffing. My recruiter, Harrison Montague, has been especially helpful during this experience. Harrison listened to my reasons for wanting to begin travel nursing and my wishes for the first assignment. He worked very quickly and found me numerous options that worked in line with what I was looking for. He kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole applying and interviewing process and was extremely helpful with every question I had. He was always available and there while I was getting ready and starting this first assignment and continues to check on how things are going. I am very happy with my experience thus far with FlexCare and with my recruiter Harrison Montague,, and look forward to continuing to work with them.

    272. I have traveled with multiple companies and have found Flexcare to be one of the best. My recruiter Geoff Brabec is amazing and has always been able to get me the assignment I have wanted. This is an honest company, they pay on time and offer great pay packages. They also offer sick time after you have worked with them long enough and overtime starts with a fixed rate for anything after 36, unlike most companies that doesn’t start until 40.

    273. BE CAREFUL WITH THEM. CAREFUL OF THE DECEPTION THAT FOLLOWS THEM. STAFF MEMBERS FROM FLEXCARE HAVE BEEN FILLING OUT THEIR OWN REVIEWS GIVING THEMSELVES HIGH RANKINGS. Notice the dates in which each review is posted, a little too frequent. Nurses have had problems with them. My personal experience with them completely sucked! If you express certain personal standards for not wanting a particular assignment there will be serious attitude towards you; they just want you to accept any assignment without too much thought because the primary goal is to build clientele and make dollars off of you. I’ve had bad attitudes thrown at me from two separate recruiters and a manager for not wanting to accept an assignment for fear of my safety in particular areas they were trying to send me. They didn’t want to hear anything, just wanted me to do it. When asking the recruiter questions about the assignment she blatantly laughed it off and never answered them, instead she told the manager and the manager even sent me a email telling me to stop being so particular with not wanting to take this particular assignment even though I made it known that I feared my safety in the area. I’m a 105lb female and found that to be very insensitive of them. I left them alone real quick after that. I know my worth and I can do better than them. Take your chances if you may, good luck.

    274. Great company. Really like the one contact concept. Pay check has never been correct and always have to be back dated. However, that seems like the facility and not flex care. Geoff Brabec does a great job monitoring my pay check and making sure I get paid what I’m suppose to. Geoff Brabec is always easy to get a hold of and quick to get back to you. Goes above and beyond to make sure your satisfied and get what you need.

    275. I have loved working with my recruiter (Gina Dinelli) at Flexcare! As this was my first time traveling, I wanted a reliable company who would help me find the best fit for my first assignment. Gina was amazing at communicating through the entire process as well as answering all my questions! I would recommend Flexcare to all my fellow nurses who want to begin traveling. They made it so stress free that all I had to worry about was driving from DC to CA.

    276. Lonna Rose may well be the best recruiter out there. Timely, professional, thorough…she even consulted her coworkers to help me find temporary accommodations when my housing arrangements fell through. Who else looks after their nurses in such a way? Lonna is my recruiter forever.

    277. I have never been with other companies, and I do not think I would ever replace FlexCare with any! My recruiter, Alicia Keith, has been amazing from the very first phone call I made, when I was scared to leave my common grounds! She answered all my questions so confidently, whether they were straight-forward, complicated, or even incompletely formulated! Her knowledge, understanding, listening skills, motivation, and ease of accommodations show that she is an expert in her field and is able to easily pull out the motivation in nurses! I feel like even after officially starting an assignment, her concerns for me as a nurse grew greater as she ensured that I was truly adjusting well. She is always ahead of the game and forming and reforming plans to meet my needs. To add to the bonus: she is prompt at responding to emails, phone calls, and text messages! Thank you Alicia for all you continue to do! You truly are one-of-a-kind!

    278. I am a first time traveler and spoke with many different agencies and recruiters. I decided on Flexcare Medical Staffing and am 100% satisfied with my decision. This is a fantastic agency to work with! The whole process seemed stressful and scary at first but my recruiter Haley Jantzen made it very easy and exciting. She is the absolute best recruiter to work with. She found me exactly what I was looking for for first assignment. Haley is always available to answer my questions and is always honest. I trust her 100%. I wouldn’t think of working with any other recruiter or agency.

    279. Geoff Brabec is exceptional, very professional. Over the time I’ve spent with FlexCare he became as close as family, such a rare find nowadays. I would totally love to work with him and FlexCare again if given the chance.

    280. Flexcare has been wonderful to me, and Lonna Rose was a very professional and amazing recruiter! I definitely recommend signing with Flexcare as a travel agency, and if you are lucky enough to have Lonna as your recruiter you will be taken care of very well.

    281. This experience was the best experience ever as a travel nurse. My recruiter, Lonna Rose, insured a smooth transition for me from a staff nurse to a travel nurse. She invested her time and efforts each step of the way with compassion and care. I am very thankful to have such a magnificent recruiter. I look forward to working with here in the future. I can not say thank you enough. Lonna Rose, you’re the Best!!!!!

    282. This experience was the best experience ever as a travel nurse. My recruiter, Lonna Rose, insured a smooth transition for me from a staff nurse to a travel nurse. She invested her time and efforts each step of the way with compassion and care. I am very thankful to have such a magnificent recruiter. I look forward to working with here in the future. I can not say thank you enough. Lonna Rose, you’re the Best!!!!!

    283. I’ve really enjoyed working with Flexcare. Prior to signing on I read reviews and looked at rankings and they were true. This is a great company. My experience though with my current hospital hasn’t been great, my ONE POINT contact aka my recruiter has been great and supportive throughout the process. I really feel like she has my back. I’ve already recommended quite a few of my fellow nurses to Flexcare where in the past I never made recommendations.

    284. When I started with Flexcare I could not have been more impressed. My recruiter, Michael, was excellent. Unfortunately (for me) he got promoted, and my problems started. On my second assignment with them, my paycheck was delayed several times. Although I had everything in on time, either the hospital or the VMS (they blamed the hospital but it could have been either) was late, and I did not get paid on time. They said they could not pay me until they were paid. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday, and I’m not new to the travel industry, but I know that it takes 4-6 weeks (at least) for an agency to get paid. They also told me they could not afford to pay me without being paid by the hospital. An agency that does not have enough of an overhead to do that sounds like it is in trouble.
      What it boils down to m in my view, is that , after five plus months of being an excellent employee, they still did not trust me, and did not trust that the hours I sent in were correct.
      When I tried to call the agency, the phone was answered by an answering service who stated that she couldn’t transfer me to the office (during office hours). I’ don’t plan to ever work with them again, nor will I recommend them.

    285. My expierence working with FlexCare and my recruiter Kelly Tynes has been amazing. I am not your “typical” travel nurse, as I come as a package deal travling with my husband and two young children. Kelly Tynes not only understands the demands of working full time, but also the unique juggles and stresses of being a “traveling mom”. She helped me find the assignments I have been looking for; in the areas my family and I want to travel and explore. Also having a “one point of contact” for all my questions and needs is helpful when having to manage my time and busy schedule. I am very excited to start my new contract with FlexCare and future “travel adventures”.

    286. I really love traveling with flexcare! My recruiter Jen Dempsey is amazing. She’s extremely reliable, friendly, and does everything she can to make the process as simple as possible. The pay is great, and the extra mile the recruiters take does not go unnoticed.

    287. Natalie Pisciotta is my recruiter and I absolutely love her. From my first interaction with her, I knew that I wanted to work with her. She came highly recommended by a colleague of mine (he had been working with Natalie for a few years). She is so sweet and professional. She is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have. I always feel that I am being well taken care of. She is very thorough, honest and personable. Especially being brand new to the travel nursing scene, I feel that she was very willing to help guide me through acquiring the best assignment and acquiring the highest pay/housing possible. I am very happy to call her my recruiter and highly recommend her.

    288. Worked with Megan Carroll and she BEYOND exceeds expectations! She is well organized and never lets me panicked. Job submittals are timely and she constantly keeps me up to date. She is an amazing recruiter! FlexCare made all my travel nurse dreams come true!

    289. Denae Muraski is a fantastic recruiter. She is always very helpful and friendly. Ashley who works with her is also very supportive. Can’t recommend these two enough!

    290. My Recruiter is Megan Carroll and she is absolutely fantastic to work with. She always goes the extra mile to makes the effort personal. She truly takes all the extra unneeded stress off of traveling.

    291. Mallori at FlexCare is a dream to work with. This was the only agency who didn’t harass and call me when I’m sleeping. I will recommend them time and time again.

    292. Pluses – great recruiter, Megan Carroll, one point of contact, regardless of region I work (everything I need to submit,sign, any instructions, etc.. are provided to me swiftly and efficiently
      works diligently to get me to areas that I prefer to go, and makes a sure that it is a good fit for both me and the health care organization I am submitted to
      FlexCare is a very transparent company – honesty regarding all aspects, professionalism, support, energetic and very personable recruiter
      I choose to find my own housing and decline benefits at this time, but resources exist should I need them.
      I count my blessings each day that Megan Carroll picked up my call the day I decided to venture into the travel realm.

    293. Megan Carroll is the best recruiter I’ve ever had!! She is always on top of everything, she is supportive not only of my career, but emotionally as well. She has made this entire travel nursing experience 10000000 times better!! I can’t say enough good things about her!!

    294. Flexcare was my first travel company. I liked the way they divided their pay packages. They minimize pay per hour and maximize stipends. If you want to work overtime then this isn’t a good fit for you. I was not happy with the way they run their business. They are very brisk and efficient and sometimes don’t take time to really listen. However, they are always available by phone or email if you need anything.

    295. Mikayla Matthews has been an awesome recruiter to work with! She is very personable and knowledgeable about many aspects of the travel-nurse world. If she does not have an answer she will get back to you within a few days. She gave me her personal cell number to call or text at any time if I had a question or needed guidance through the process of getting ready to start the assignment. I would definitely recommend this agency and this recruiter!

    296. Joel Finn has been an awesome recruiter for me! He’s very knowledgeable about the agency and assignments and very easy to work with!

    297. This is my second assignment with Flexcare and my recruiter, Joel Finn, is so great. He’s been very supportive, timely, and kind. He cares about where his nurses get placed and has been great with follow-up. He’s very punctual with returning phone calls and emails. Flexcare has always been no non-sense, straightforward and honest to work with. I feel fortunate to be working with a company that holds its nurses in such high regard.

    298. I work with Jennifer Dempsey and she has been great wti effective and immediate communication with me and letting me know what to look for and what to expect. I will continue to work with her throughout my traveling experiences related to the easy and effective communication I am able to have with her and her great personality!

    299. Mikayla Matthews is the best recruiter I have ever had. She returns my phone messages promptly and if I am confused about anything. She walks me through it. Everything done accurately and she truly cares about her nurses. I would highly recommend her and flexcare

    300. This is my first assignment. Samantha Taylor has given me a great start. Her follow up has been excellent. She has walked me through each step and virtually held my hand during a scary change in my career. Love her!

    301. I have used Flexcare for 2 assignments and have had ZERO issues with them. My current recruiter, Karl Jonczyk, has been very accommodating and helpful with the whole process, from beginning to end. He goes out of his way to be extremely thorough and explain everything. Karl is always sure to address any questions/concerns that may arise. He is very accessible and ALWAYS promptly returns phone calls/texts if I am unable to get through immediately (which is unusual). Pay is very fair, above average even, and I have never had any issues with my paychecks or direct deposit. I would highly recommend both Flexcare Medical Staffing (in fact I have) AND Karl Jonczyk!!!

    302. On my first travel assignment so I may not be the most experienced or able to give the best review but my recuriter Melissa Hollan has customized the choices for me, pushed me to get stuff done and as far as I know very honest and helpful. When I started I was with a couple other travel nurses and they had horror stories on how bad their experience has been so far where I don’t feel the same way. I think it was my recuritors hard work that made it easier on me.

    303. When I started looking into travel nursing, I talked with several companies to gather all the information I could. Flexcare was the company my husband and I ended up signing a contact with for our first travel nursing assignment together and we have no regrets! Our recruiter Jennifer Dempsey is absolutely wonderful. She has made this whole experience for us run so smoothly. Jennifer Dempsey is so approachable, efficient, and very thorough. She has been very honest and open with us the entire time. My husband and I can tell that Flexcare truly cares about their staff. We could not be happier with our decision to work with Flexcare!

    304. This is my first travel assignment with Flexcare Medical Staffing. I would like to commend Denae Muraski for being such an excellent recruiter. She always finds time to accomodate all my requests and inquiries regarding my contract.

    305. I have worked for FLEXCARE for a short period of time but my experience with them was excellent. I have to mention especially my recruiter, Denae Murasky who was awesome. She helped me from the very beginning with any issue that have came up, give me good advice, helped me find housing, and give me many information about the place where my assignment was. She was always there when I had a question and answered it. My paychecks always came in time even if the hospital delayed to send the time card. I would definitely recommend FLEXCARE to any nurse who is looking into taking a travel position.

    306. I am so happy to say that Denae Muraski is my recruiter!! She has made the process so easy and enjoyable. I love having one point of contact and she is absolutely a pro, always quick to respond when I have a question, takes her time to explain things and works hard to find the right contract for me. Flexcare has been so easy to use. Their online resources are user friendly, pay is great and arrives on time and they have lots of positions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    307. Denae UMuraski is a great asset to Flexcare. She is knowledgeable and informative, personable and energetic. I enjoy working with her.

    308. Denae is a great resource, very helpful and knowledgeable. I really enjoy speaking with her. She is very enthusiastic and personable.

    309. I have had an amazing experience with FlexCare. I would and have recommended the company to many other nurses thinking of traveling. Denae Muraski has been such a wonderful resource. She is always available when needed and can answer any question that I have. I’m glad to be working with FlexCare and Denae!

    310. My girl Mercedes Flowerdew is AMAZING! I feel so lucky that all of my research to find a trusted agency and recruiter paid off. I hit the jackpot with Mercedes!! She is beyond honest and upfront, incredibly professional and appropriately attentive (i.e. not overbearing, but always available and looking out for me). She is so knowledgeable too. Mercedes and Flexcare are first class and will have your back as a RN. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with them. I do work with a couple of trusted agencies (2), but Mercedes and Flexcare will always be my home base as a traveler (i.e. the agency I start with first when seeking specs on an assignment. She knows that I work with 2 agencies and has been so supportive of me when I work with my second agency. This is common as a traveler, to work with more than one agency. The fact that I can be honest with her about it and that she supports me and welcomes me back to Flexcare at any time, is just another reason that makes her my number 1.

    311. So far, I have had a great experience with Flexcare and my recruiter, Devin. They have been transparent with me since day 1. My first recruiter (who has been promoted) explained to me in much detail how traveling works, and she was the only one who actually explained things to me out of the other agencies I talked to. The other agencies seemed to ask more questions of me and were already pushing me to get a job the first time I talked to them. Communication with my recruiter has been great, and if I don’t get a hold of him the first time, he usually gets back to me in a couple hours. Both the recruiters I have had experience with were so friendly, and I felt like I was talking to a friend. And from time to time, my recruiter would check up on me to see how I was doing and how I was liking things. So far, I have not had a problem with any of my paychecks – they have always been accurate and deposit into my bank account on time. I also really like that I only need to talk to one person for all of my problems and questions. All in all, I feel like I have been taken care of and that I have been treated like an actual person and not just a number to them. I really do appreciate this agency.

    312. I have loved working with Flexcare for the past year and a half. Jennifer Wilkinson is a wonderful recruiter! She goes above and beyond to answer all my questions and is always easy to reach. My paychecks are always on time and accurate. I would definitely recommend this company! I’ve gotten to travel to so many wonderful places! Flexcare makes it easy.

    313. As a first time traveler I went with this agency based on two personal friends’ recommendations. I have not been dissatisfied yet. My recruiter has been amazing, thorough and reliable. Even when I was at a terrible assignment, my recruiter and agency were understanding and helped me through the process of leaving early.

    314. I’m still a new travel nurse and I am currently only on an extension from my 1st assignment, but Flexcare has been very reliable. Speaking from other nurses who work with different agencies I really feel flexcare is a great company. The pay has been fair, not worrying about negotiating is awesome. I was a little wary of that at first, but knowing what I know now I think it’s easier not having to worry about it. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with my new recruiter, Kevin Babcock, for too long, but he has been awesome so far. My previous recruiter was promoted and he has definitely brought his A game for me. I appreciate his kind words, professionalism and prompt comminication. Kevin Babcock has been awesome and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him for future assignments. Kevin Babcock and flexcare is where it’s at! 🙂

    315. FlexCare Medical staffing is a wonderful, reliable, and efficient traveling company. In particular, Gina Dinelli has made my first travel experience an easy and stress free transition. She has been upfront and informative in answering my many questions. She is very patient and diligent in checking in to make sure I am doing Ok.

    316. I was initially nervous and hesitant about travel nursing. I wasn’t sure about leaving the comforts of home. My recruiter Carly Mickelsen is incredible. She made me feel very confident about my decision to travel. She explained everything to me and I feel she will always go the extra mile for me.

    317. I have a wonderful recruiter, Devin Wilson. He is very friendly, helpful and reliable. He has made me feel comfortable through this whole process and frequently check in to make sure everything is going smoothly and all of my wants/needs are satisfied. I will absolutely recommend him as a recruiter to future travelers.

    318. My recruiter, Gina Dinelli, has been wonderful to work with and made the transition to becoming a travel nurse very easy from my standpoint. She is easy to get ahold and responses quickly to any questions I may have.

    319. My experience with FlexCare has been very good. This is the 3rd agency I’ve worked with and they are by far the best! Lloyd Mull is an outstanding recruiter and we work very well together.

    320. I’m currently near the end of my first travel assignment, and I spoke with numerous agencies before I chose flexcare, and the main reason I did with because of my recruiter Devin Wilson. From the first conversation with him, he was personable and upfront, and made himself available when I had (a million) questions for him. Since then, he has continued to be the same way, whenever I have needed him, he always gets back to me within the hour (even on the weekend). He makes me feel more like a friend he is helping, than just another one of the nurses he works with. Furthermore, he always seems willing to work with what I want. When I was searching for my first contract, he never pushed me to go somewhere or take a pay I was not happy with. I would definitely recommend Flexcare and Devin Wilson to anyone wanting to get into travel nursing, or change companies!

    321. I’ve just switched over to Flexcare, and so far, I am very happy! My recruiter, Devin Wilson, is very friendly, professional, and prompt to respond.

    322. My recruiter is Lloyd Mull. With Flex Care Medical Stafffing and he is amazing at his job. He is truly honest and is devoted to helping in every way possible. My checks have been accurate and nothing is missed with him watching out for me. I wish I had used Flex Care years ago and my experiences would have been many times better. I didn’t get the feel of honesty with my other interactions with other companies. Flex Care and Lloyd Mull are the top standard in travel nursing. Don’t use anyone else.

    323. My recruiter is Lloyd Mull, and I recommend him and FlexCare without hesitation. Lloyd has been awesome! He’s honest, accessible, patient, and consistently goes above and beyond in his work. He’s dedicated to ensuring his nurses secure good contracts and addresses any questions promptly and professionally. I researched many companies (and recruiters) before getting connected with Lloyd, and he’s blown other recruiters out of the water-no comparison! FlexCare is great because you have one contact person (your recruiter), they pay more than other companies, and paychecks are timely and accurate. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with FlexCare, and consider myself lucky to be working with Lloyd-he’s the best!

    324. My recruiter Lloyd Mull always is available to answers my questions… he is quick to answer anything and is always friendly. I love that with flex care I have just one person I am in contact with. If I ever forget something, like turning in my time sheets on Monday, he’ll give me a call and let me know. He frequently checks up on me to see how things are going. I have talked with other travel nurses with other agencies and I feel like I get treated exceptionally here at flexcare.

    325. I’m currently on my first travel assignment ever, and my recruiter Jen Dempsey really made it happen for me. The contract I’m on in Florida had soooo much compliance to get through in order to start, but she kept in touch and guided me ever step of the way. When I couldn’t find a mask for a fit test, she had one shipped to me from California! I only rated some criteria as satisfactory because I haven’t experienced them yet. Overall fantastic experience so far with Jen and Flexcare. Looking forward to an excellent mutually beneficial relationship.

    326. I have been traveling for 5 years and have used 3 different agencies. My recruiter, Jennifer, is top notch! She has been easy to work with, continues to keep in contact with me even after the contract was signed and I started working. She is quick to respond to any need that I have. I am just so totally happy with her performance! I can’t say enough good things about this company. I will continue to be apart of their team!

    327. This is my first travel assignment and has been great! I had thought about it for several years and was just nervous to make the move. Annabelle Pomeroy is my recruiter and has been amazing to work with. Very prompt and friendly. Has made the transition from staff nurse to travel nurse smooth for me.

    328. First of all let me say that this was my first assignment. I was a little weary at first but my amazing recruiter- Denae Muraski really has be in my corner the whole way. Literally for a year I was unsure but Denae kept in contact with me and was reassuring without pressuring me the whole way through. I was very particular with my assignment and she superseded my expectations! She was honest, upfront and supportive the whole way through. Once my first assignment was selected and the deal was sealed the quote I received prior was an exact reflection of my pay check no hidden fees nor deductions, very upfront and 100% accurate. During my first week I missed a scheduled day but Denae and her boss certainly made the appropriate contacts to ensure everything went smoothly. While others complained about their agency during my first assignment. I could do nothing but give praises about my recruiter. Even when I had some frustrations she was willing to be a listening reassuring ear on the other end of the phone. I am truly pleased with Denae Muraski from Flexcare medical Staffing and have nothing but positive remarks for her and my experience especially going into it as nervous as I was, a first time traveler.

    329. My recruiter is Jennifer Dempsey and she was been wonderful! She is professional but also for personable and wants to know you personally. I have impressed with her from the start. She really tried hard to get me another assignment and really kept me in the loop with great communication skills. It made me a have peace of mind knowing that she was actively working on my case! I would recommend her to any travel nurse looking at Flexcare as a potential employer.

    330. Flexcare will always have my loyalty due to my awesome recruiter, Devin Wilson!! No problem is too big or too small for him! He is always there for me and ALWAYS answers the phone! If you have dealt with other agencies as I have, you know how important that can be! He is professional, kind, knowledgeable, and always with a positive attitude!! Devin is the best recruiter and I cannot say enough to convey that!

    331. This really is an outstanding agency. They are much more professional than others I have spoken with, and in comparison to other agencies, give the nurse a bigger piece of the pie. My agent, Kristina, is phenomenal, if I have any questions or problems, she’s on it – I’m not redirected to someone else. I would definitely recommend this agency, and I do!

    332. Ashley Sylvester is my recruiter and she is AMAZING! She has always been honest and open with me since the beginning. She has always given me her professional opinion which I value greatly. Flexcare has been a choice I have not regretted and Ashley has always had my back. I am grateful to have her in my corner!

    333. I worked with recruiter Ashley Sylvester for my first travel assignment ever, and it could not have went better. I never had any trouble with pay or communication, everything was explained to me thoroughly, and she was always available to answer my questions. Week one the website where I entered and submitted my time for the week was not working and locked me out on Saturday night (its due by noon Sunday). Ashley responded via text and ended up contacting the administrator to fix the problem so I wouldn’t have to worry about not getting paid. Great company, great recruiter, great hospital. I’m with another company now because Flexcare didn’t have Virginia jobs in the area I wanted to go to at this time of year, but Ashley knows I will be back in the future!

    334. My wife and I both work for FlexCare, and we love our recruiter, Ashley Sylvester! We are fairly new to travel nursing, but Ashley has been great getting us assignments, teaching us the ropes, and just being all-round helpful! We have been blessed. Overall, the company has been good. Good selection, competitive pay, and good benefits. It has been a pleasure so far!

    335. This is the first and only agency I’ve worked with. I have been satisfied with them and recommend them often to fellow nurses.

    336. I have worked for Flex care for several assignments and I have been very happy. My recruiter, Marcus Wheeler is very accessible. Anytime I have had a question he has been there. I have worked with other agencies and I would have to say that this has been my favorite. It is probably because of the recruiter. He does a great job.

    337. My recruiter Denae Muraski was amazing to me! I couldn’t of had a better experience as a first time traveler. Denae was always accessible and extremely accommodating. She is very efficient and ontop of her business and will always make you feel like her number one priority. Flexcare is a great agency, transparency is priority and they will always provide their information about payments and benefits upfront. I recommend Denae for any travel nurse, novice or experienced!

    338. Dense Muraski is by far the friendliest and most enjoyable person to work with when it comes to packing up your life and moving across the country for a new job. She always seeks my best interest and is honest and knowledgeable. FlexCare has been a great agency to me & I’m grateful that the transitions have been made very smooth thanks to them!

    339. Was in desperate need of work due to hospital departments closing, laying off in our area. Recruiter made all kinds of promises, told me to go ahead and renew all of my certificates that she could get me all kinds of assignments. Paid out of pocket for all of this then she told me I had hit the six month mark being unemployed and that no hospital would hire me as a traveler. Was left hangin. I was out of pocket for the recerts, had no income and a family member died. I couldn’t afford a flight ticket to go to his funeral or help my mother attend to his personal effects. Once I started working again, they were all happy, friendly, offering to place me. Not a single apology for what they did! Horrible experience. They knew in advance how long I had been looking for work!

    340. Alicia Keith with flexcare is easily accessible, and helpful. She breaks down information to make sure you know everything that is expected of the nurse and what the nurse is expects from the agency and hospital. Worked with another agency and this agency if by far the best!

    341. I have been working with Kristina Berhenke it she has been amazing. I have worked for many years as a travel nurse and she is by far the best and easiest recruiter to work with. I will recommend Kristina and flexcare to anyone who wants to do travel nursing. It has been a pleasure working with her.

    342. I have had a very positive experience with Flexcare over this past year. My recruiter, Jennifer Wilkinson has been wonderful! She is always there to offer support when I need it. I would recommend Flexcare to any RN interested in traveling.

    343. Kevin Babcock is my recruiter, he has always been very professional and supportive during my time with him as a traveler. this was my first assignment and everything thus far has gone smoothly. I would recommend his services to another nurse anytime.

    344. I have worked with Flexcare for the last three months after it was recommended to me by a traveler nurse-friend, and I have to say that from day one, two agents I have worked with Kristie Zimmerman and Derick Yi, have been my best support in walking me through my first traveling experience. I have full trust in their professionalism, knowledge and experience. They have been very courteous and always looked out for my interests. This is the best travel agency I have worked with. I will definitely recommend it to any of my close friends.

    345. Keighley Negro is the most candid, supportive recruiter there is. FlexCare represents my second – and final – travel nursing agency, because I’m not one to bugger up perfection. If I had known then what I know now – because of Keighley – I would not have had to go through my first agency, which was awful. I’ve found a “home” in FlexCare and a friend in Keighley. Save yourself the time, energy, and money – go with those that act as honest brokers. Go FlexCare.

    346. I’m on my second contract with FlexCare and I have nothing but good things to say about them. My recruiter Annabelle is awesome. From the beginning she has been very upfront and honest with me. She always makes herself available and has answered countless questions for me since I am new to travel nursing. I would definitely recommend FlexCare and Annabelle as a recruiter!

    347. Like many others, I left a permanent staff job to see what travel nursing was all about. I had my concerns and everything was so new to me but flexcare, and more specifically,my recruiter Annabelle, made the transition smooth and worry free for me. She was incredibly generous with her time and attention and always squeezed me in even when I had limited availability to talk. I really felt as though someone was looking out for me and truly wanted me to have a good experience. She was constantly sending me new opportunities and assignment options. When I finally picked a location and started driving across the country, the hospital changed some of the start requirements which left me stressed and slightly lost. Annabelle found ways to make sure everything was completed so that my start date did not get pushed back. I was so happy with Annabelle and this company that now two of my friends are travel nursing and working with them (they are extremely happy as well!). I spent months trying to find a reputable and honest company and feel so lucky to have been paired up with Annabelle!

    348. It has been an absolute pleasure working for Flexcare and having Mikayla Matthews as my recruiter. She has made everything so easy and less stressful for me. Also, if I have any questions or concerns I love that she is available to me at any time and responds to my calls and texts quickly. I’ve already told all my friends about how great flexcare is and what an awesome recruiter I have! Thank you.

    349. FlexCare is a smaller company so there is a smaller selection for assignment options. However, the recruiters are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are very honest about the payment amount and the process of starting the assignment.

    350. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Flexcare so far. Mikayla Matthews is my recruiter and has been extremely approachable and patient with all my questions and needs related to each assignment! She is extremely prompt with returning calls, kind, and honest about expectations with pay and preparation for each assignment. I would recommend Flexcare to everyone.

    351. I am now on my second assignment working with Flexcare Medical Staffing and my experience so far has been exceptional. My recruiter is Mikayla Matthews, anytime I have needed anything she has always gone above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of in a timely manner. I look forward to continuing my work with not only Flexcare but Mikayla into the future.

    352. I first was intrigued by Flexcare Staffing because of the locations I was interested in traveling to. And since then I haven’t been disappointed. The paperwork was straightforward and easy to complete. The mandatory assessment website was easy to navigate and after receiving my first job assignment I was able to sign-up for payroll and receive my weekly direct deposits with no problem at all! My travel agent and advisor, Jennifer Wilkinson is absolutely amazing! She’s been extremely helpful since the beginning of my travel nursing experience and always available when I needed quidance. Has never failed to respond to my concerns or questions within a timely manner. She’s super friendly and personable. I have no doubts that I can count on her for anything!!

    353. FlexCare has been wonderful to work with. Jennifer Wilkinson is very easy to reach and always helped me with any issues, which were very minimal.

    354. I love love love my recruiter and this agency. Flexcare is super transparent. Lets be honest.. no matter how much we love nursing.. we aren’t doing this for FREE or for a lower rate than other nurses are making. It’s hard work packing up and moving around! I have had several agencies give me their rate for a certain hospital and Flexcare always gets me top dollar. I really appreciate that Flexcare will send you a list of available assignments with the pay package info. Know what you will make up front! If you want an “A” rated recruiter..Jennifer Wilkinson is one. She works fast to get me my next assignment. I hate when you have to wait days for your recruiter to contact you. They snag you for that first assignment by working hard for you and then they drag their feet when it’s time to look for another assignment. Not this recruiter. She wants to make sure you are able to pay your bills on time hahaha! If you want great money that’s always on time , fast placement, and a great recruiter that will stay on top of things while you work… Flexcare and Jennifer Wilkinson!!!!!!

    355. This is my first travel nursing assignment. Flexcare really made everything easy for me and they explained everything in detail and answered all my questions honestly. My recruiter Denae Muraski was very helpful and got back to me right away with any questions I had for her. She was very professional. I have enjoyed working for this company thus far. It has been a great experience.

    356. Kristina Berhenke is a great recruiter. She’s very understanding and makes herself available at all times. She’s so friendly and works to make my job as easy as possible!

    357. I am currently working my very first travel contract. My recruiter, Denae has been SPOT ON!! She has so much positive energy that is refreshing! She has been very patient and understanding with “walking” me thru this whole process of obtaining my first contract. FlexCare and Denae have exceeded my expectations! I look forward to a long term working relationship with this company!

    358. Absolutely acommodating, my agent went above and beyond to help me get the location I wanted and helped me to get all my paperwork and hospital work done in a timely and efficient manner. I definitely rate this agency to other nurses

    359. I just signed my 5th travel nurse contract with Flexcare. I have tried other companies and they just havn’t compared to the way Flexcare takes care of me as a Travel Nurse. Luis is a phenomenal recruiter. He is efficient, attentive to detail & very responsive to all my needs. I could not ask for a better recruiter.

    360. Denae Muraski has been wonderful to work with. She is efficient, organized and straight forward. She made getting our first assignment feel easy!! Would definitely recommend her and FlexCare.

    361. Denae Muraski has been a stellar recruiter for my first travel assignment! She is reliable, readily available, friendly and worked with me to get me the assignment I wanted. I’m lucky to have her as my recruiter!

    362. Megan Caroll my recruiter was great. I wish I could take her everywhere.
      The company “boasts” high pay but after doing my research I found out that I was not getting any benefits/ bonus such as license reimbursement, travel stipend, completion bonus etc.
      I found other companies that were willing to pay the same pay package plus these extra benefits.
      I worked a lot of overtime for that one assignment (at least 1-2days/week of OT) and tried to negotiate if I can even get $100 refund for the license, with NO luck…. All I got was my pay package, and NOTHING else— no reimbursement, no travel stipend,, NOTHING.
      I feel that they were being stingy considering the amount of work I put in to make extra money for myself AND the company. There were other companies willing to give me the same package plus more after I told them how much I work.

      With that said I feel like they lack appreciation, as well as a “business” mindset—- I feel like a little “thank you” goes a long way and makes us feel like we are doing the “right” thing, with the “right” company…
      So I left them. And I probably won’t be working with them again unless they change some things!

    363. I am a new travel nurse -i am on assignment with flexcare – they are a very good company-
      What i like about them-they are transparent -you have to have all ur paperwork up to snuff-they will help you with that-and most importantly my recruiter Melissa Courtney is excellent -Melissa is very efficient and proactive -and quite honest -and is a professional helping another professional – they are a good company -ur recruiter is the key-Melissa is on it.

    364. Kortney Jonczyk has been a wonderful recruiter to work with. She is very accessible and timely with responses. FlexCare, as a whole, is a company that exemplifies professionalism and it is greatly appreciated.

    365. From the time I filled out an information request, I was amazed at the turn around of contact. It took Kortney Jonczyk less than 5 minutes to get back to me. I’ve only dealt with her and she has been wonderful. This has been a great experience so far.

    366. From the time I filled out an information request, I was amazed at the turn around of contact. It took less than 5 minutes to back to me. I’ve only dealt with one person and she has been wonderful. This has been a great experience so far.

    367. Gabrielle Reitter is a great recruiter! She has gone above and beyond to help me find assignments!Love working with her!

    368. Alicia Keith is my recruiter and has been exceptional. She has been 100% correct in anything she has told me, has always been available and returns call immediately if she doesn’t pick up when I call. I’m new to travel nursing and she has been there for any questions that I have. She will be the one I call when my friends want to start doing travel nursing. Thank you Alicia!

    369. My recruiter Gabrielle has been great. She almost makes me feel like I’m one of the only clients she has. I would recommend her and the travel company to anyone

    370. My agent, Gabrielle Reitter made my first assignment travel nursing a dream! She was there every step of the way, making sure I had everything ready and was kept up to date.

    371. I have been with Felxcare for 3 months and I’m on my first assignment with them. I had no idea what to expect or even what to do, the question to ask but my recruiter Kristi Zimmerman is AMAZING!!!! She listens to your concerns and is available at all times. Always has an answer for everything and if she doesn’t she goes above and beyond to find it and help you.Very responsible travel agency. They are always on top of their game. Things are turned on time and paper work is simple with them. Although they do not provide housing they help you find it. So with Flexcare you are never alone.

    372. I have been with Felxcare for 3 months and I’m on my first assignment with them. I had no idea what to expect or even what to do, the question to ask but my recruiter Kristi Zimmerman is AMAZING!!!! She listens to your concerns and is available at all times. Always has an answer for everything and if she doesn’t she goes above and beyond to find it and help you.Very responsible travel agency. They are always on top of their game. Things are turned on time and paper work is simple with them. Okay is great, and although they do not provide housing they help you find it. So with Flexcare you are never alone.

    373. Great help from Gabrielle Reitter. Very prompt communication. Great nurse/recruiter teamwork. Will always find a way to help you out and make the logistics (paperwork,payroll, HR related tasks) of the job easier if possible. I’ll be sticking with Flexcare and Gabrielle for the foreseeable future!

    374. I had an excellent experience working with my recruiter, Gabrielle Reitter. She is always available when I need her, always return my calls in timely manner. It made my move to California a lot easier. Thank you.

    375. This is my first ever travel contract and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had spoken with a couple agencies and they really didn’t seem to try to get an idea who I was as a person and what I needed or wanted in a contract for that matter. Then, I had a friend tell me I should get in touch with Flexcare cause her father had been working with them and had nothing but amazing things to say. Truth be told they most definitely have been amazing. Gabrielle Reitter has been amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, courteous, friendly, and genuinely caring person. I had no idea what to expect. She’s been very honest and open with me throughout this process and easy to get along with. At times I’m sure I was quite annoying and I probably still am (first time traveler, tons of questions) but it doesn’t seem to phase Gabrielle. Her words of encouragement and what seems like genuine concern as to what is going on in my first contract have been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter. I can only hope she can and will continue to put up with me. 😛 Gabrielle is amazing! 🙂

    376. I talked to a few agencies when i was ready to start travelling, they all had some things in common; not really taking the time to get to know what you want,too quick to get your profile out and giving you surface information especially when it came to the pay. When i first talked to Gabrielle at flexcare medical staffing, she was very professional, asked all the right questions and was very patient in working with me (i would admit i was very indecisive being my first assignment). After our conversation i knew i wanted to work with her.I have been at my assignment since february, renewed and very satisfied with Flexcare. As travel nurses, i know most people want to know how accurate and transparent the company is with the pay, Well i have never had a cent missing on my check since day 1 and i get what they told me they would me, no gimmicks, no sugar-coating. I do plan to continue working with Gabrielle, She’s great.

    377. I havent found an easier more thorough recruiter than GABRIELLE REITTER. She has been 10 steps ahead of everyone else with placement. very professional and honest.

    378. FlexCare medical staffing has a great variety of assignments, fair salary/stipends, and great recruiters.Gabrielle Reitter has been an amazing recruiter! She is friendly, honest, and efficient. She is always easy to get a hold of/communicate with and if she doesn’t know the answer to any question you have, she finds out the answer/information you want promptly.

    379. Melissa Perez is my recruiter. She is wonderful. I worked with her on my first travel assignment and I feel very lucky. She is friendly, professional, and trustworthy! thanks Melissa

    380. I started my travel career with several agencies and had neutral to negative experiences. Once Flexcare was recommended to me by a fellow traveler, I have worked with them exclusively and wouldn’t consider working with any other agency. My recruiter was always available, provided ACCURATE information about pay rates and assignments, and worked hard to find me the job I wanted. Melissa Courtney was the recruiter for my most recent assignment and I found her to be exceptional in every way. Always upbeat, extremely concerned about the welfare of her nurses and supportive in every way. She fought to get the contract I wanted and helped me through a couple of bumps in the road.

    381. Annabelle Pomeroy has made my first travel assignment less stressful. She makes sure everything gets turned in and done on time, and offers words of encourage mentioned.

    382. Geoff Brabec, my recruiter, is perhaps the most dependable person I have ever come across. He has a warm heart and a hard work ethic. In life there are times when the stars align themselves perfectly; that is how I feel about Geoff and Flexcare medical staffing.

    383. All around great experience with this company. Cant say much about the housing they provide as we always find our own. But my recruiter Geoff brabec does a great job keeping in touch and letting me know when new jobs I’d love become available.

    384. My recruiter, Alicia Keith, has done a tremendous job. She listened to what I wanted (not where she wanted to send me), gave me multiple options in my area of practice, and even (gasp!!) answers the phone on first ring! She has been completely honest with me throughout the process, as well as being very knowledgeable,helpful and prompt. I also appreciate FlexCare policy, in that I work directly with Alicia as a one stop source for payroll issues, contract questions, you name it! My experience at another agency is that I was passed off to another department when I had a problem, meaning no one really cared if it was addressed or not. I would highly recommend FlexCare (and Alicia!) as THE premiere travel nursing agency. TSK

    385. Melissa Perez is my recruiter and she has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. She is super prompt, helpful, and encouraging. I would highly recommend both my recruiter and this agency to fellow nurses looking to travel!

    386. I have been working with Denae Muraski at FlexCare throughout my past assignment and have had an amazing experience! She is always available (or gets in touch promptly) and is upfront and thorough with every part of our interactions. I trust her and will definitely continue working with her in the future!! Highly recommend…

    387. This is my first travel assignment and I can’t begin to say how grateful I have been to work with Nicole Bender and FlexCare Medical Staffing. Nicole is an amazing recruiter to with with. She is always available whenever I need her and if she is unable to help me at the moment she always finds a way to meet my needs. She is beyond supportive and is always there to answer any question I may have. FlexCare was the only agency I inquired and am glad I did. Each person that I have delt with has been able to meet every need that I may have had. I am excited to pursue my career as a traveling nurse with FlexCare Medical Staffing.

    388. Shane Young with Flexcare is awesome!! He took time to carefully explain how travel nursing works, and he took time to explain to me how his company is different from all other companies. Overall, I am very satisfied with this company!!!

    389. My recruiter, Nicole Bender, is quick to respond to questions via email, phone, and text. She even checked in with me after my first day to see how my assignment was going! She also worked very hard to find me an assignment close to the family I was wanting to see.

    390. Natalie Pisciotta was so great to work with! She is very encouraging and very quick to respond–u can’t wait to work with her again on my next assignment.

    391. This is my very first assignment and thus far I am very satisfied. I talked with a few other companies before flexcare and felt very rushed and like I was not being heard. I immediately felt calm reassured when I talked to my recruiter at flexcare for the first time. After speaking with other travelers I’ve worked with I’ve found that I’m quite fortunate and found a gem in regards to my recruiter Natalie Pisciotta! She has made this transition very smooth for me and has been very kind supporting and encouraging. She was also very patient with me in my moments of doubt and has my best interests in heart. I have nothing but good things to say about flexcare and Natalie and I’m looking forward to assignments with them in the future.

    392. This agency has met and exceeded all of my expectations. I feel extremely appreciated and respected with them, not just like I’m another number that no one truly cares about. The are also very organized which I really appreciate.
      My recruiter Shelby Davis is so wonderful and caring. She worked quickly to find me a job all the while trying to meet all of my criteria, she helped me find a place to live, and even after a month still checks on me frequently, asking how my assignment is going and how everyone is treating me. I have only great things to say about my company and my recruiter!

    393. My recruiter is Shelby Davis – She has been so wonderful! She’s been very kind and energetic from the beginning and very straight forward in all of the aspects of the company and traveling. She had a variety of assignments for me to choose from in the area I wanted. Anytime I have a question she is always available, whether she’s at work or not. I would definitely recommend this company and Shelby!

    394. My recruiter is honest about all questions and if an answer is not readily available she finds the right answer in a timely fashion. Extremely accommodating and I feel I can ask questions without hesitation.

    395. This is my first travel assignment so I answered these questions only with my limited travel nursing experience. My recruiter has been very supportive and has worked hard to ensure I’ve been happy.

    396. Flexcare was great. Not one complaint. Chelsea Troxell was the best recruiter you could ask for. She is always available and goes the extra mile. I would recommend Flexcare and Chelsea to any friends or family.

    397. My recruiter, Annie Doolittle is great to work with. She has been a great resource helping me start out as a new travel nurse last year and finding great assignments for me that exceed my expectations.

    398. This is the third travel agency I have worked with and definitely the best experience. My recruiter, Geoff Brabec, is by far the most professional, responsive, and friendly and am very grateful for the service he provides. I have and will continue to recommend him highly to other travel RNs.

    399. Geoff Brabec is a great recuiter. He is honest and straightforward. Very high payout company. Pay check on time. Never problem with working for this company yet. Would recommend Geoff Brabec and this company to any nurses out there who want to travel. You will like it !!

    400. Geoff Brabec has been the best recruiter I’ve had this far. He is very professional and accessible at anytime. I am very satisfied with FlexCare as a whole. I’m very happy I made the decision to work with them for my current and future assignments.

    401. Geoff Brabec has been an excellent and supportive recruiter. I’m glad he’s my single point of contact because he’s always up front and honest about everything. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship going forward.

    402. I am currently in the middle of my first travel experience. I have been working with Kristi Zimmerman who has been nothing but great. She is always a phone call away, day or night to answer any questions I might have. The professionalism and experience thus far has been one without complaints.

    403. Ashley Sylvester has been one of my best recruiters by far. She gives you all the info about the assignment before submitting you to help you make the best decision on where to go next. If you want money, she will help you find that assignment that pays $$ or if it’s location she will help match you to the location you want. She is very friendly and personal. Will continue to travel with Flexcare.

    404. My favorite thing that I liked working with Mercedes Flowerdew was that she was very honest and upfront when I first contacted FlexCare. I felt that a lot of the other agencies I talked with were more interested win getting me on board first before telling me how the assignments and pay rates work. Mercedes is also really efficient and quickly gets back to me

    405. FlexCare and Annie Doolittle have been awesome to work with. Annie is always available to help , answer questions and give support! I would recommend her and FlexCare to any travel nurse!

    406. Flexcare is a great agency to work with, I feel like they have been honest and transparent. Ashley Sylvester is amazing to work with, she is willing to talk anytime and I really feel like she takes care of me. She even made sure I got paid when there was a problem and I was out of town. She definitely goes the extra mile to make sure everything is good. Traveling is the way to go especially when you have a great agency !!

    407. I absolutely love this new adventure I am on with FlexCare Medical Staffing and, in particular, with my recruiter, Annie Doolittle!
      Annie far exceeds my expectations; she is professional, thoughtful, encouraging, compassionate, dedicate and always accessible — she has a sense of humor too!
      I already recommend FlexCare and Annie to almost every coworker that asks me about my experience! I look forward to a long relationship with Annie!!

    408. I’m going to start by saying that I couldn’t be happier in my career at this time as a travel nurse and I’m going to tell you why. I am currently with FlexCare and my recruiter is Nicole Bender and she and FlexCare have literally made mine and my husbands dreams come true! This is no joke! I love this company and my recruiter as if they were family! I ask for a job, specific dept., location and shift and poof I have it! I’ve never and I mean never had any issues with this company or my recruiter! I have 1 and I mean only 1 contact person and that’s Nicole my recruiter. No matter what time of day or what day of the week she is ALWAYS available! She is truly part of the family and so caring and genuinely concerned for not just my happiness but my husbands as well who travels with me. I’ll say it again! I truly couldn’t be happier at this time in my life as a traveler and I give big kudos to FlexCare and Nicole Bender for this happiness!!!! Thank you to the FlexCare family! Keep up the awesome work! You know how to make traveling nursing a dream come true!!!!

    409. When I was shopping around for an agency/recruiter, the biggest challenge I found was finding someone who sounded genuine and not like a “used car salesman”. I found that with Flexcare and in my recruiter Megan Carroll. She is honest, supportive, and very responsive. If I have an issue she quickly tries to resolve it. I highly recommend!

    410. My decision to work with Flexcare Medical Staffing, and my recruiter, Megan Carroll came after doing extensive research to find the very best travel nurse agency out there. Flexcare has been awarded many years in a row for being a favorite among travel rns and recruiting facilities. Their commitment and promise for transparency is what attracted me most. I desired high pay without the need for negotiations, a stable and experienced recruiter with whom i could develop a strong working relationship, and know they would consistently go above and beyond to make sure my assignments flowed smoothly and my needs remain met. I have been so impressed with Megan Carroll’s work ethic and dedication for excellence. After two assignments, she remains as professional and commited as she promised she would be on day one! My research really paid off! I would, and do recommend Flexcare Medical Staffing and Megan Carroll, Recruiter to all travel rns wanting to work with the very best! Bravo!

    411. Nicole Bender is my recruiter with flexcare, and I love her. just finishing up my first assignment and while I am definitely not in love with this facility to say the least. Nicole walked me through all my options when the going got rough. she was prompt to answer any of my questions or phone calls. she never minded my random texts at her 3 am as she is 3 hours behind me on the east coat. just signed for my second contract with Nicole and flexcare. I have a feeling this is going to be a long and wonderful ride in travel nursing.

    412. I’m on my second assignment with, recruiter Megan Carroll, at FlexCare. She has made my experience great. I can always get ahold of her and she has been honest about everything from the beginning. I’m looking at other opportunities and assignments with her now as well. So far it’s been a great company.

    413. Im on my first assignment now through Flexcare and its exactly what I expected. My recruiter, Megan Carroll has made the whole process easy. She’s always available and srives to make my life easier. I plan on sticking with this company for a while!

    414. Megan Carroll is the best!! She is always available, works hard and I truly feel she wants me to get the best job that will fit my needs. Truly appreciate her time and her hard work.

    415. After a recruiter switch, Flexcare has been a very pleasant organization to work with. I can focus on my actual job of caring for patients without having to worry about the notoriously stressful operation of being a contractor for a company in the foreground. My recruiter’s name is Megan Carroll and she is reachable 24/7 via all fashions of communication and has been nothing short of stellar. While both genuine and gracious, It was clear from day 1 that her priority is you and also to treat her RN’s as people as opposed to clients or commission dollars. I am fortunate to have a recruiter that I can describe as a teammate over a consultant.

    416. I worked with Megan Carroll from Flexcare. She’s very very efficient, available all the time even in her off days and is willing to help in every way she can. I am very grateful to have her as my recruiter!!!

    417. For my first assignment, Megan Carroll could not have been a more helpful recruiter. She took the time to explain contracts/ tax requirements, and obtained a job in my first choice city on a floor that was safe and comfortable for my first assignment. She went above and beyond when I had issues obtaining my California License, and reassured me when I was stressed about paperwork issues. She was always available, very patient,and always had a positive attitude. I am so glad that I chose FlexCare, and that I was lucky enough to have Megan as a recruiter.

    418. Flexcare was recommended to me by a fellow traveler and friend and I am so glad I chose to work with them. I couldn’t ask for a better recruiter. Nicole Bender has made every transition into travel nursing a breeze! She is very efficient and always available to answer questions. Very happy with my first assignment and will continue to work with them in the future!

    419. I recently switched to Flexcare from
      a different agency and have had a great experience. My recruiter is Denae Muraski and she’s made the transition as seamless as possible. She’s super accessible, knowledgeable and has really gotten things done for me! Flexcare is much more upfront and honest regarding pay structure, tax issues, and basically travel nursing in general than my previous company and I appreciate that I have only one person to talk to about any issues that come up. Highly recommend!

    420. I have had a great experience with Flexcare. My Recruiter Denae Muraski was patient, enthusiastic, helpful and supportive during the whole process.
      This is my second time travel nursing and I am very happy I went back to Flexcare!

    421. My recruiter is Denae Muraski and I absolutely love her. She is available 24/7 and always responds to my questions quickly. Denae was extremely helpful with my first assignment, I wanted to stay somewhat close to home and she found me a great hospital and was very helpful with helping me find housing even though I took the housing stipend. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter.The only reason I rated the insurance a 3 is because it was going to cost around 900 dollars a month for me and my husband. Other than the insurance pricing this company has been great so far!

    422. This is my first travel assignment and I chose Flexcare because they were highly regarded on the internet and had only wonderful comments from their travelers. My recruiter, Jennifer Wilkinson has been so very supportive through everything! She checks in with me often just to see how things are going. She is always caring, positive, and informative and I would recommend her to anyone looking to do some travel nursing.

    423. Kristina Berhenke is an amazing recruiter. She is extremely reliable and always working as hard as possible for her travelers.

    424. Kristina Berhenke is an excellent resource to have as a new travel nurse. She has been friendly, honest, and accessible throughout my travel assignment. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her as your travel nurse recruiter.

    425. My recruiter, Kristina, is AMAZING. I have worked with other companies and they don’t even come close to Flexure for multiple reasons.

    426. Flexcare Medical Staffing was recommended to me by a friend and fellow travel nurse and I am so happy I took her recommendation. My recruiter is everything I could have hoped for- Kristina Berhenke has made my travel experience easy and fun!! Kristina is very easy to get in touch with any time I need her, which is so helpful, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure that my experience is the best it can be- she is always sure to check in with me and follow up to make sure that I’m happy and comfortable. Flexcare and Kristina have made my travel nurse dreams a reality 🙂

    427. After 14 years as a staff/charge nurse I decided I needed a change. My recruiter Michael Elm made the whole process virtually effortless. I’m one week into my first assignment and loving it.

    428. Nicole Bender has been wonderful to work with. She is very helpful and works very hard to make sure I have all the things I need to feel comfortable in my job.

    429. Flexcare is great. I’ve worked with other companies but flexcare seems to be the most honest company I have worked for. Looking forward to future assignments with these guys!

    430. My recruiter, Nicole Bender has been awesome. Any issues that have come have been quickly dealt with. She has been on top of every contract and has kept me in the loop

    431. I personally had a rough start with the company my first year. I couldn’t get ahold of my recruiter at times, to the point I had to call the main company. It was pretty disheartening. I kept with this company because I believe in 3 chances. This is the third and final chance I have given my recruiter and honestly she has stepped up this past year. The higher ups of the company are very responsive and nice. They have checked in since my complaints and things have been great. When there’s a discrepancy in pay I do get it fixed within a reasonable amount of time. Although they don’t have many openings on the east coast as I would like, I am satisfied with the ones they have on the west coast. The new year has started off great and I think they’ll continue to get better.

    432. This was my first travel assignment. I had seen excellent reviews online about Flexcare Medial Staffing, so I decided to work with them for my first assignment. The good reviews were accurate! I’m pleased so far with my experience working with Flexcare and enjoy having Amanda Norton as my recruiter. She has been extremely helpful and accessible throughout this whole experience. I’ve also been impressed with how quickly she will respond with any issue I encounter and always quickly finds a solution. I also liked the fact that I only have to go through my recruiter with any question I may have. Other larger companies have you talk to multiple people in different departments depending on the information you’re looking for. If Amanda doesn’t have an answer right away, she will find out and get back to me. I definitely appreciate that. The pay package is also a plus with this company. When I compared pay packages with other travel nurses at my assignment, it seemed that Flexcare offered a little more than others. It’s been an overall pleasant first travel experience.

    433. Denae Murasking was knowledgeable in orchestrating employment, easy to contact, answered all questions promptly, and always kept in mind where I wanted to travel too above higher pay rate jobs.

    434. From all the horror stories of traveling nursing and horrible recruiters I was skeptical. But without hesitation I simply love Flexcare, In particular my recruiter Nicole bender. From the beginning of this grueling process Nicole Bender has been such an avid supporter of my success. This road has not always been straight but at every blocked path Nicole ALWAYS found a way to get over such. From endless questions on my behalf, to securing the right job, or just checking on how things were going Nicole has been amazing. I could go on about how well she does her job, but the fact that I have already recommended her to several coworkers says just that. Thank you Nicole and Flexcare for all that you’ve done.

    435. Recruiter Nicole is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, brisk thorough communication, and always does her best to meet needs.

    436. Flexcare has been great! Angie Entwisle is an amazing person who is always there for me. We have been a team for a year now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have no desire to ever leave her or Flexcare as long as I’m in this business! Here’s to another year!

    437. Amber Wehrlie is my recruiter. She is very knowledgable and friendly. I’m new to travel nursing she gave me information I needed. She calls you to ask how’s your assignment. She’s the best recruiter!

    438. I spoke on the phone with Shelby Davis and she could not have been more helpful or professional. I would recommend her as a recuiter to ANYONE! She was a joy to work with!!!

    439. I have not been traveling long, however, I have been very satisfied thus far with Flexcare Medical Staffing. Our recruiter, Angie Entwisle, is/was the primary reason we chose FMS and hope to continue with the agency.

    440. Flexcare uses a single point of contact for everything. My recruiter, Nicole Bender, has always made the process very simple. She is knowledgeable, timely in her response, thorough, and friendly. She handles every part of the contract process from start to finish and continues her support during the assignment.

      Theres only one minor thing I can think of that I would change if I could. It would be nice if I could take the money for medical benefits as pay instead because I can get better coverage for less through other means. But it’s very typical in jobs for this to be a use it or lose it perk.

    441. I think that I made the right choice in choosing Flexcare as my agency when I decided to become a travel nurse. My recruiter Amber the best!! She is always available when I need something, have questions, or have any issues with the facility. She has always made me feel at ease when I have any concerns.

    442. I am currently working with Amanda Norton from Flexcare, she is extremely helpful and accessible, she quickly catches any discrepancies made by the hospital and fixes them. It has been a great experience working with her.

    443. My agent Angie is great. I have no complains. She has been great, accessible. It will be if the agency offers discounts such as cell phone. If they could partner with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

    444. My recruiter, Mercedes, is fantastic! My whole experience with FlexCare has been exceptional. I am so glad I took the time to research agencies on TNC + Highway Hypodermics, as they lead me to FlexCare, which is the perfect fit for me. They are honest, attentive, fair, and on and on. I highly recommend them and Mercedes (she’s the best)!!

    445. Amber Wehrlie is the best thing to happen to Flexcare since I became one of their travelers! She has been an amazing recruiter thus far. There is no problem that she can’t solve. She is great at using resources that she has available with the incredible Flexcare. Amber is not only the best recruiter ever, but she is one of my closest friends. If you are looking for a travel agency look no further.

    446. I have had the Pleasure of working with my recruiter Angie Entwisle. Angie is responsive, fun to work with and she gets to know you as a person, she learns about your likes and dislikes, size of facility you’re looking for and helps make it a perfect fit. I have enjoyed working with Angie and the company she works for flex care

    447. Very personalized but yet professional. I recommend Angie to other travel nurses all the time! Flexcare is 10/10 in my opinion!

    448. Angie Entwisle is my recruiter at FlexCare. She is by far an all around great person. I can call her anytime day or night and she is always eager to assist me regarding work or just life in general. She always has an answer and follows through 100%. I always know what is expected of me and she always keeps me up to date and compliant. Having Angie Entwisle as my recruiter makes traveling as easy and fun job.

    449. Angie Entwisle is an awesome recruiter. I have not had any complaints with my work experience with her. She’s reliable and easy to contact. She also responds in a timely manner. She’s honest if I ask her opinions about certain hospitals and what others have expressed to her. If I ask her to research certain places for me, she gets things done right away. With her, I feel like we’re a team. Once, I’ve had to do so much for an application while in the middle of moving to another place, and so she worked with me to make it a fast and easy process. She looked up places for me to get my blood work done.. My X-RAY, etc. She’s really great. I always recommend her to other travel nurses.

    450. Angie Entwisle is our recruiter. She is wonderful! Easy to get in contact with, helpful, honest and so sweet!!! We don’t want to work with anyone else!!!

    451. I have had the best experience with Flexcare and my recruiter, Angie Entwisle. She is always on top of things and very fast to respond to any questions I may have.

    452. Talking with other travelers I know I picked the right company. I have heard horror stories about never being able to reach their recruiter, having to always talk with numerous people, and their pay being less than what was estimated. I have the best recruiter, Angie Entwisle is always there for me. I’m always asking questions and she always responds back right away. She is even there when I just need someone to talk too and we haven’t gotten to meet yet! I feel really taken care of and supported with Flexcare. I would recommend them to anyone!47

    453. I have worked with Flexcare for almost a year now and I really love it! My agent Angela Entwisle is always accessible, reliable, honest and caring. She really looks out for me. she works really hard to find jobs for me near where I live and always tries to accommodate my preferences (I prefer ICU Days) which can be a challenge at times. I recommend Angie to any travel nurse especially if you are new. Angie has been my agent since I moved from the Midwest to California. This could’ve been overwhelming for but she helped made the transition process smooth for me. She made sure I had all of my certifications and tests done so I wouldn’t have problems when it was time to start work. If there are issues with my assignment (there have been very few) she is right on top of it to make sure that I have no problems at work. I am glad to have Angie in my corner. She’s the best!!

    454. I am currently on my second assignment with Flexcare Medical Staffing and I am entirely pleased with this company. Angela Entwisle is a godsend recruiter who not only knows her stuff, but willingly and eagerly goes to bat for her nurses. Any questions, concerns, or issues are dealt with promptly by Angie and its apparent that she really does care about her nurses. As far as Flexcare goes, they seem to be very transparent (or at least Angie is) in regards to wages, stipends, availability of contracts, and so on. I am thoroughly pleased with Flexcare and Angie and do not anticipate switching companies or recruiters.

    455. Angie Entwisle is the best recruiter I’ve ever had. She cares about the things I care about for an assignment, which has kept me with this company.

    456. I have had essentially no complaints with my flexcare. I love that I can get in touch with my recruiter (Angie Entwisle) anytime, and she solves my problem practically instantly or before the day is over. I have nothing but the highest praise for her! I’ve recommended this agency to so many other nurses because I absolutely love working with her. She makes my life so much easier!

    457. My recruiter is Angela Entwisle and I cannot say enough good about her. She is accessible and responsive at all times of the day and night….even responded on her birthday for some questions I had. She is the best!!!

    458. We love our recruiter Angela Entwisle! She is amazing! She is so accommodating and will go above and beyond to get us in the assignment of our choice! We recommend her to everyone we meet and we will never go with another recruiter!

    459. Angie Entwisle is my recruiter and I love her! She is always prompt in answering me and is very easy to work with. This company has given me the best pay in comparison to any other company I have seen or worked with.

    460. Zoyah Kahn has been fantastic from our first contact. She is always available, provides honest answers to questions, and checks up on us to make sure everything is going well. My wife and I have received A treatment since joining Flexcare. They use docusign for forms, and the payroll website has all the information and forms you need. I just wish we had joined Flexcare sooner.

    461. My recruiter Anna Caselli is very helpful and motivated. She handles everything quickly. She does not push me into going where I don’t want to go. She is the type of recruiter you want going after the jobs you are interested in. I have no complaints with Flexcare the company. I was paid very well and any issues that came up with the hospital was addressed asap.

    462. Alicia Keith has been nothing but excellent. She has made her self available to me almost 24/7. She has answered all of my questions in a prompt and efficient manner. I couldnt have asked for a better agent. I will be traveling to Alaska for my next assignment, and this destinatioon has been at the top of my list for a long time. I couldnt be happier

    463. Alicia Keith is my recruiter and I absolutely love her. She goes above and beyond to make sure I’m getting what I need from not only the travel company but the hospital as well. I don’t see myself traveling with any other company. The pay is much better than any other company I have worked for.

    464. I have been working with Anna Caselli and FlexCare for the past 4mo, and have nothing but good things to say. I have had bad experiences with other agencies in the past and my experience with FlexCare has restored my faith in travel nursing. Honest, accessible, friendly, helpful: just a few of the adjectives that describe them.

    465. This is my first assignment and I was a little scared but my recruiter Alicia Keith was very helpful in explaining how everything is done and really helped me through the process of getting my application complete Also I wanted to go to a certain facility and she supported that decision to get me there although other offers were available I am constantly checked on to see how things are going and that’s a plus to me.No hiccups with payroll are starting benefits.

    466. Amanda Norton has been an amazing recruiter. She has made this experience as a first time traveler not stressful, and has worked very hard at making sure that I had everything in order for my first assignment. I feel that she really cares about the nurses she works with, and has always been available to answer any questions. I feel lucky to have Amanda as my recruiter, and look forward to many travel assignment with Flexcare .

    467. Super responsive to my needs. Amanda Norton, my recruiter, hasn’t ever taken more than a couple of hours to answer any questions I’ve ever had, although replies to emails usually arrive within 10 minutes. Easily the most responsive travel company I’ve worked with.

    468. Fast response time and addresses all concerns quickly. Friendly and professional staff. My recruiter Natalie Pisciotta always gets back to me immediately and genuinely cares about her nurses.

    469. Amber Wehrlie is THE best recruiter! She is always so helpful and available whenever I have questions or needs regarding my assignment. She has always been able to fix any issues I’ve ran into when it comes to hospital assignments. I would highly recommend Amber if you are considering traveling! I’ve heard other horror stories when it comes to recruiters, and I’ve experienced some of my own, but Amber is the best there is!

    470. Ive been working with Amanda Norton for almost exactly a year now. I can honestly say that I love this woman though I haven’t ever met her. Best thing I can say is that I left FlexCare (not because of her) and after a ton of research found another agency but the guy I was set up with was an idiot. Completely useless. I called Amanda and asked her to have me back in less than a month. FlexCare people. Its where Amanda’s at.

    471. I have been working with Amber Wehrlie as my recruiter and she has been wonderful. I know she is busy but I always feel like she has time for me! I feel like FlexCare pay is equivalent or better than other companies. I have had minimal to no paycheck issues and definitely will keep working with them in the future.

    472. very friendly and professional. The are more attentive and concerned with your needs compared to other agencies in my opinion. love the weekly on time pay and guaranteed pay for 36hrs. However their housing options and pay are not competitive, I think those can be better but they certainly make up for it in customer service.

    473. I’ve had an awesome experience so far with flexcare! My recruiter Natalie Pisciotta is amazing! Super attentive and responsive to my needs. She’s also very supportive and I love how she’s my only point of contact with the agency–makes life a lot easier.

    474. Natalie is a very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful recruiter. She is accessible and always gets back to me in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her!

    475. I am a first time traveler, but I am quickly learning how great Amanda Norton is as a recruiter! She has been honest, reliable, and knowledgable since day one. Flexcare in general has been great, especially when I hear other nurses talk about their agency/recruiters and how much has gone wrong in their experience with them. As of now, I plan to stay with Amanda and Flexcare in future assignments!

    476. My recruiter Amanda Norton is fantastic. She is always available by phone, text, or email and responds to me same day with complete answers to my questions. It’s been a pleasure to work with her so far and I look forward to our future work relationship!!

    477. Sadly, I had a very poor experience working as a travel nurse for Flexcare. As a company, they pride themselves on having one point of contact (recruiter) for a travel nurse. This was not the case for me. I was shuffled around from three different recruiters within a two month period.

      My starting days were delayed up to one to two weeks after signing a contract and a hospital cancelled a contract with them one week before I started. I felt like I was being treated like a dollar sign rather than a human being.

      Health benefits were delayed and they were not flexible with changing them, as they said they would be able to do once I started a new contract.

      Lack of support was the most difficult aspect of dealing with this travel nurse company, as well as poor communication with myself and the hospitals I was working at. I am glad to no longer be working with them.

    478. I have worked with FlexCare for eight months. Landon Montengro, my recruiter, has been both courteous and respectful. He is very responsive to my requests, and he gets my needs met.


    480. Great travel company to work with and I’ve work with a few. Very personalized service and very responsive. I’m very happy with flexcare and don’t plan on leaving.

    481. Pleasant person that’s very patience especially with me being a procrastinator. Keep me inform on everything that was need thank you so much

    482. I’ve been with FlexCare for a year, and am in my third assignment. Although they’re the only agency I’ve worked with, in my conversations with other travelers from other agencies I always find myself pleased with my FlexCare experience. The pay and stipend rates are awesome, and the diversity of contracts available nationwide is great. My recruiter, Landon Montenegro, is always efficiently available when I need help, and goes to bat for me at every turn. Gold star overall!

    483. Denae Muraski has been attentive and supportive. There were a few hiccups in the road and Denae contacted me from the road when she wasn’t even working! I feel like I have my own personalized recruiter who looks out for me and only me! Thank you!

    484. Denae has been super supportive as this is my first assignment. My pay had been the highest amongst my coworkers. She texts me right back and actually converses with me as a friend and recruiter. I’m so blessed and ecstatic and can’t wait to enjoy more assignments with her.

    485. Denae Muraski is awesome! Very personable and easy to work with and helps to meet all my needs and answers all my questions effectively. She’s a good asset to the company! I look forward to continuing to work with her and Flexcare. (I am a first time traveler and is currently on my 1st assignment).

      I haven’t used their housing or benefits and there’s no N/A option so I put a 3/5 for those options.

    486. This is my first travel assignment and my recruiter is Denae Muraski with Flexcare Staffing. I don’t think I could’ve had a better first assignment. Denae is awesome! She has immediately responded to any question or concern I have had. She was patient with me when we were looking for my first assignment. She’s been awesome,