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    1,095 thoughts on “FlexCare Medical Staffing

    1. I was a first time traveler and my recruiter went above and beyond to find the perfect first travel assignment. She “held my hand” every step of the way, she was even available on the weekends when I had a questions!!

    2. The recruiters are knowledgable, patient and very helpful. By far the best agency I have worked for. They offer the best rates! I have had nd continue to have great experience with this agency!

    3. Flexcare is a very competitive agency when it comes to pay rates for their nurses. My recruiter Ryan is professional, timely and pays attention to my needs.

    4. This has been the best company I have worked with so far. My recruiter is fabulous! I had a problem and she had it solved in a matter of hours and works very hard to get me at just the right hospital. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone who want to travel nurse.

    5. I have worked with several travel companies over the years and I must say FlexCare is my top choice. My recruiter Alicia, always is available and willing to take the extra time to explain things to me and is always available.

    6. very aggressive at submitting and securing contracts for travelers! max stipend, No games here, 9 yrs experience traveling, I have interviewed all of them.

    7. Very reliable in terms of coming back to address queries. Prompt in payment. Wish they had a bonus on completion of assignment.

    8. Sarah and Lindsey are awesome! They really are your advocate for getting the most out of your travel experience. Awesome team!

    9. They don’t have a housing department so you have to find your own housing which can be a problem but they offer huge stipends.

    10. I absolutely cannot say enough great things about FlexCare and my recruiter, Mario DelValle! Always accessible, friendly, honest and supportive.

    11. Flexcare is a great travel agenct. The pay is better than most. I chose my own housing, but the company is great to help with making arrangements. They are easy to get ahold of and friendly!

    12. I really appreciate the individualized service that Flexcare provides. My recruiter is awesome! She handled any issues I had with the hospital immediately and without question. Flexcare’s recruiters provide their personal cell numbers, so are available by text or phone at any time. I can’t recommend this agency highly enough.

    13. Just seems that, while I was being recruited, alll the talk was they could and would find me an apartment, but once signed on, I spent six months in an Extended Stay Hotel, with the expectation that I would do the legwork if I wanted to move.

    14. I LOVE Flexcare! I’ve been with this company for 2 years. I have worked with 4 other agencies and Flexcare is the best agency I’ve been with. I love having one point of contact when I call with questions about pay, benefits, etc. My recruiter is always easy to get in contact with, and if I leave a message (vmail, email or text), I always get a quick response back. Pay is competitive, fair and always on time. I feel like my recruiter is not just my recruiter, she is also my friend. Having a great recruiter can make or break your entire view of an agency and I’m so lucky to have received an amazing one at Flexcare. I always recommend this agency when I meet new travelers.

    15. I had previously worked with a large company on my first assignment and I was so frustrated & almost ended my traveling career…however I met another nurse on the unit and she said you need to call my recruiter, she explained to me that picking the right recruiter and company could really make or break your assignment, she was right! I have been working with Flexcare and Alicia for the last year. She is reliable, Professional, friendly and I really feel like she has my best interest at heart. I had some issues with my paycheck and the hours that the hospital had submitted and I felt like she really went above and beyond to get it resolved, even involving her manager. I don’t ever feel like I have to haggle with her about my pay, I know she is always trying to get me the best rate possible. I would encourage all to work with her, she is the best…no wonder she was recruiter of the year. Flexcare should be very proud to have her.

    16. What more can you say, Flexcare is a top 10 company and I work with the recruiter of the year…I couldn’t ask for more.

    17. Good company, I always had worked with larger companys, but I must say working with a smaller company like Flexcare, I didn’t feel like I got lost in the shuffle….my recruiter was available, nice and I liked that I could always reach her, she would even respond to my text’s over the weekend or after hours….if you are looking for a good company pick Flexcare…if you are looking for a great recruiter pick Alicia.

    18. My recruiter listens to what I am looking for and delivers exactly that. He does not try to ‘take over’ the conversation and tell me what I want or what I should do, as I have had several other agencies do that. I never feel as though I received the short end of the deal and I always feel that he has my back. Extremely satisfied!!

    19. Each member of the FlexCare team that I’ve dealt with have been very thorough, approachable and friendly. Never pushy in any way.

    20. FlexCare is the BEST company to work for! My recruiter is friendly, available, always gives me the best options and I don’t have to go back and forth with her about my pay.

    21. My Recruiter/liason, Natalie, is excellent. She goes out of her way to represent me in the best possible way. Phone calls are returned promptly, my questions are answered accurately, she was even very supportive when I was going through a personal difficulty. Compared to other experiences I’ve had with recruiters at another large agency, Natalie far outshines them. I’m very happy I made the switch to Flexcare.

    22. I am very much satisfied with the work Flexcare Medical staffing has done for me. They follow you through the whole procedure and keep updating you , very good in looking for the job and specialty you want and the area you choose to be working specially here in California. They’re very thorough on everything when it comes to paperworks relating to travel and the agencies protocol.

    23. Very friendly and smaller company so you get more personal attention. Sometimes my recruiter was a little too casual for me and could have explained things a little more. Also I probably could have pushed a little more to get paid more but I was new to traveling and didn’t think to ask. Overall good company to work with as a first time traveler.

    24. I’ve been with Flexcare for over a yr now & have no complaints. My recruiter, Mario, has gone above & beyond for me every step of the way. He treats me like a friend but is still professional. Agency hopping is not worth it when your happy with the one you have been with, which I have been with Flexcare.

    25. My agent is Ashley Tullgren and she is the best agent I have ever dealt with and very honest. She is very prompt with returning calls and getting you info in a timely manner. Thank you so much Ashley.

    26. This was my first travel gig, so my frame of reference is limited. With that said, Flexcare was very helpful in coordinating my assignment and details. I chose to find my own housing, so I can’t comment too much about that. Ashley Tullgren is my recruiter, and she was awesome! I never had issues with pay and never felt like I was being lied to by Flexcare. They seemed fair and reasonable throughout my contract.

    27. Ashley Tullgren is an honest, reliable, efficient, friendly dependable agent at flexcare staffing. She makes her nurses feel as if they are her only client and is always there for you. 🙂

    28. Jennifer is best recruiter. if there is ever an issue (rarely are problems)she has it fixed with in a quick amount of time. She is friendly and has my best interests in mind when finding me a job. She is truly the best.

    29. Don’t know if this is typical for Phoenix area, offered a contract, but housing stipend was less that $150/week. Contract was spot on with GSA meals & incidentals, but really less than $150/week for housing.

    30. After working 40 hours a week for 40 years as an RN I decided to finish my career as a traveler. I reviewed the Top Ten companies from two different sites and contacted three from this list. I have been very impressed with the services I have received from Flexcare Medical Staffing. They provided the assistance and support to help me with my first assignment. Now that I am nearing my contract completion, my recruiter called and talked with me to determine my future needs. I had a new assignment within 24 hours. This has been a seamless experience for me and I will continue to work with Flexcare Medical Staffing.

    31. I love my recruiter, Jennifer Shvetsky.
      I’m impressed with the speed of her response to my phone calls, emails and text messages. Knowing that That support is there is very comforting.

    32. I’ve worked with Flexcare for 3 assignments now and I absolutely love them. The recruiters are the best. They are friendly, respectful of your time, and decisions. I love the single point of contact and the housing stipend is great. If I could work with them for all my assignments, I would in a heartbeat!

    33. Love flexcare! Sarah is my recruiter and she is friendly and a pleasure to work with. It is nice to work for this smaller agency that can provide more competitive pay. Also, you only have to communicate with only 1 or 2 people verses jumping through hoops to get assistance with any questions or issues you may have. I would recommend this agency to anyone especially if traveling in Cali TX or Arizona.

    34. Very professional, quick and exact when processing my job and documents. I felt confident in my recruiter Jennifer Shvetsky. I would work with flexcare again and I highly recommend them.

    35. FlexCare is amazing, could not have had a better experience for my first travel assignment. My recuiter Nate Blanton has been incredible! He’s there for me 24/7 with any and all needs. Will stay loyal to him and FlexCare for any and all travel assignment needs. Absolutely the best experience ever. The hospital they set me up with was superb. The most amazing facility I have ever worked in. Thank you FlexCare and thank you Nate for the most amazing experience!

    36. After researching the top agencies, I must say I am very impressed with Flexcare. From the moment I started talking with my recruiter Mike, I felt like he listened to what I saying and wasn’t trying to sell me. I was given a lot of information from the very beginning, and Mike answered all of the questions I had before I had a chance to ask them. I am about to start my first assignment and I feel like I am in good hands with Flexcare!


    38. I just completed my first travel assignment with Flexcare. My recruiter, Mike, guided me every step of the way. I felt like I was his only client and had great support from our first conversation to my next assignment selection.

    39. I cannot say enough good things about flexcare. I am on my first travel assignment with them and it has been nothing short of wonderful. The process was smooth and almost flawless. I felt confident leaving my job and starting my new journey with them with out any doubts. They truly treat you like you are their family.

    40. This is the first company that I worked a travel contract for and it will be the last time I work for them. I felt very manipulated and rushed/pushed into an assignment I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, My recruiter Nate didn�t listen to my concerns or frustrations. I caught him in several lies and everytime I spoke to him I felt rushed or that I was annoying him. Nate appeared totally clueless of the market at that hospital. He was unapologetic for his deceit, and attempted to turn things around on me once he was caught. When he asked me what my plans for the next assignment I told him to get lost, there were more reputable companies out there and I eventually have found them.

    41. My recruiter, Sarah Phelps, is the best! Her communication is excellent and she always makes sure I am well taken care of.

    42. This was my first travel assignment and I did extensive research before selecting an agency. I am so happy that I went with FlexCare! Ashley Tullgren has been great, she is always available to answer my questions and has made the process very smooth. I haven’t had any issues with this company at all. I am definitely going to continue traveling with FlexCare.

    43. Ashley Tulgren with Flexcare has been so amazing and helpful in each assignment. As long as you are ok with floating a lot within a facility and comfortable with asking where things are at (almost constantly) it will be fine. Most people are understanding that you are new so its not usually a problem.

    44. My recruiter, Brittany, is wonderful. She is easily accessible and always friendly. My experience with this company has been nothing but positive.

    45. I have been a nurse for a number of years and this has been my first year as a traveler. Flexcare has made my first assignment an easy transition. Reliable and I feel very comfortable with my recruiter Ashley. It has been a great experience.

    46. Sarah is an excellent recruiter! She is attentive to all my needs and listens to my particular requests. Sarah is a wonderful asset to travel nurses!

    47. This was my first travel assignment. I had no idea what to expect but my agent (Ashley Tullgren) walked me through every step of the process and had my dream job in 3 days!! Have had no issues with Flexcare and would strongly recommend them to anyone!

    48. I have worked with 4 travel agencies. I have found the one I respect the most!! Flexcare is a wonderful , honest company to work for. Very impressed.

    49. This is the first travel nurse agency that I have worked with, and I’m definitely sticking with FlexCare. My recruiter is Grant and he has been absolutely phenomenal. Even from the first phone conversation, I could tell that he was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and really had my best interests at heart. He really gets to know you as a person and will suggest assignments based on your individual tastes and preferences. He set me up with a fantastic assignment in California. From the hospital to my apartment to the town in which I live, it’s absolutely perfect for me. I was nervous about moving (first assignment and never moved away from home), but he was constantly reassuring me and encouraging me every single step of the way. I am able to contact him pretty much at any time and he’s prompt in a response and extremely courteous. He stays on top of my credentials, immunizations, and all other compliance matters to ensure that I am up to date. He is absolutely essential in my success as a travel nurse. It really is true that a recruiter can make or break your travel assignment. It was extremely difficult leaving my family and friends behind, but I am able to confidently pursue my career as a traveler largely due to Grant and the entire FlexCare organization. I am so grateful for their support and feel incredibly lucky to have found such a fantastic agency.

    50. My only complaint with FlexCare is the insurance benefits. They seemed quite high for decent coverage. I established health, dental, and vision coverage on my own for a better rate. Everything else about this agency has been great!

    51. There does not seem to be a limit to the number of indescrepancies you find with this company. You cannot depend on anything that they tell you to be the truth except the pay rates. If you are looking for nothing more than a paycheck….literally then they are fine but if you want decent housing, follow up or honesty…run!

    52. My recruiter was always so professional and responsive. Very competetive pay and timely job placement

    53. Very competetive pay rate and pretty quick placements. Jen S. was extremely helpful with all of my issues and I felt that if it wasn’t for her support I would have had a much different of an experience traveling. Looking forward to a great relationship with FlexCare in the near future. Thank you

    54. It was a great pleasure to work with Flexcare, especially Jennifer Shvetsky who made my experience with the company among the best in the most recent years. She is so knowledgeable and accomodating and made my transition seamless during a very hectic time in my life. If it wasn’t for Jennifer’s support and knowldedge, I don’t think I would have been able to move and help out my family. Thanks again to Flexcare and Jennifer for always being so accomodating.

    55. First travel assignment and I would highly recommend this company. My recruiter Brittany is very supportive and wears all the hats when it comes to pay, housing, etc; you are not dealing with a bunch of different people or departments. I will definitely be working with her and flexcare again!

    56. I’ve been traveling with my recruiter, Sarah Phelps at FlexCare, for over a year. She is by far the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She always gives me knowledgeable advice and support when I need it. She has found me back to back amazing assignments. As long as I travel, she will be the only one I work with.

    57. Amanda Moore is my recruiter and she is excellent. I cannot say enough great things about her or FlexCare. Amanda always makes me feel like I am her number one priority. She is thoughtful, supportive, professional, honest, positive and just all around awesome. She is the BEST!

    58. This is my first travel assignment and FlexCare has been great! My recruiter, Natalie Pisciotta, was amazing. She got me the perfect contract and I was working within 2 weeks after my initial contact with her. This was a stress free process and I had knowledge and support every step of the way. So far so good, and I look forward to my next assignment with FlexCare Medical Staffing!

    59. I have a 5th wheel so no experience with housing, but, this company is a breath of fresh air! Of course I believe it’s because I have a FABULOUS recruiter, but I also believe it’s because the culture of the company allows her to be real, available, flexible and fun! I started an assignment with a very large company represented by “Dumb and Dumber”, i.e. my recruiter and nurse advocate. Stuff was so freakin’ messed up that I got embarrassed walking into the staffing office each morning! When I extended my assignment I contacted Brittany at FlexCare to handle my new contract and I’ve been nothing but proud ever since! Hospital loves FlexCare. I love FlexCare. And I’m absolutely stoked about the extra $400 a month that I’m bringing home since switching!

    60. Brittany Freeseha is an amazing recruiter, I’m on my first assignment and she has been truly phenomenal. I absolutely, thoroughly enjoy working with her.

    61. I enjoy working with Flexcare and my recruiter Luis is great! He’s easy to communicate with and gets things done! I can’t really comment on housing, benefits, or insurance since I don’t take them (but the rating system makes me input a score), but everything else has been pretty hassle free!

    62. Luis Cabrera at FlexCare Medical Staffing is hands down the best recruiter I’ve worked with. My specialty has limited positions available so I work with several different companies. When a contract opens up, Luis is the first to notify me before my other recruiters – and this has happened more than once! He’s very relatable, honest, trustworthy, and easy to work with. He won’t beat around the bush when it comes to pay packages, and this is extremely important to me when looking for a new assignment. It’s because of recruiters like Luis that keep us nurses going, and it’s no wonder his company is ranked

    63. Flexcare Staffing is hands down the best staffing company I’ve worked for. Where other companies stick up for their clients, Flexcare sticks up for their nurses.

      I have worked with 2 other companies with high rankings on travel nursing rating sites, and both times, the recruiters would stick up for the hospital even when all evidence provided clearly shows the hospital is at fault. At times I was even threatened with losing my contract with those companies, even though there was nothing that could be done more from my end to please the hospital. Flexcare is the opposite, if there are any errors, they collect all the information and fight for my rights as an employee.

      As for recruiters, You can’t get a better recruiter than Luis Cabrera. Luis ALWAYS gets the job done and FAST. Whether it’s new assignments, corrections to hours reported from the hospital, or even just a quick chat; Luis is always available and the nicest guy I’ve ever met. I honestly know that if I need ANYTHING, he is there to help.

      Flexcare has the best pay I’ve had as a nurse, the quickest responses to new assignments, and they work to fit your needs.

      I plan on staying with them for the entirety of my travel nursing career, and I hope that this review helps those that.are looking for a company that will work for them.

    64. Just signed second contract with Flexcare. Only had issue with one paycheck and it was resolved and deposited the next day. East Coast assignments and skimpy, but they just got me a great assignment in Florida in the summer. My recruiter has worked hard finding the right assignments. This will be my second assignment and Flexcare has been great.

    65. First Time Traveler and decided to go with Flexcare Medical Staffing after researching and reading great reviews. Very honest company, haven’t had any issues with payroll and my recruiter Kayla Seville is amazing! Very supportive and really listens to what I was looking for. She set me up with a very reputable hospital and made the transition very easy and painless. She is very thorough and follows up any time I have any questions or concerns. Follows up even after I’ve signed the contract and checks in with me regularly. Definitely quality and excellent customer service with this company and their recruiters.
      Kayla has been an awesome recruiter and I hope to continue working with her and Flexcare for future assignments!

    66. FlexCare has been a great company that has continuously met and exceeded my expectations with their follow through,openness and honesty. My recruiter continues to be unmatchable in her care and support of me along with the rest of the FlexCare Staff.

    67. My recruiter is amazing! Natalie P is always willing to listen and responds to any questions or concerns quickly and takes care of my needs like I’m family. She’s always positive and very concerned about me. Couldn’t ask for a better recruiter!!

    68. Have had a wonderful experience with flexcare thus far. Very professional recruiters but also very friendly. Love having one point of contact that I can call anytime.

    69. I have had a fabulous experience with FlexCare Staffing. My recruiter was simply amazing. She was very straight forward about how it works and the financial part as well. She was always available for me, even on her off hours. I really feel they are the very best travel nursing company.

    70. I love my agent. Natalie Pisciotta. She and Flex Care have been very open about assignments and keep me in mind. They have delivered on every single promise that they made.

    71. They are always available and go out of their way to assist you .. Even on weekends and holidays I can reach my recruiter. They make the process so painless and you don’t have 1 million hoops to jump through !

    72. I have been an RN for 44yrs. I returned to travel nursing after a 8yr absence.I researched agencies extensively and chose Flexcare.It was the right choice.My recruiter, Kayla Seville, made the transition easy and comfortable. She was consistantly supportive and put me and my needs first and foremost. I strongly recommend the agency and esp. Kayla

    73. Ashley Tullgren with Flexcare was fantastic! She helped negotiate my contract expertly and was always available when I called. I would recommend them highly to any one wanting to explore travel nursing.

    74. This is my first assignment as a travel nurse, ended up going with Flexcare based on positive reviews on this site. Although I do not have a comparison, my recruiter found me a job, delivers paychecks on time at the agreed upon rate, and overall are very straightforward. No complaints thus far!

    75. This is my fourth year with Flexcare and they have always been great! My recruiter, Sarah Phelps keeps me organized and informed of the open positions in the areas I would like to visit. She is thorough with my time sheets so that I am paid correctly. I am looking forward to seeing several more cities on my bucket list through Flexcare!

    76. I am currently having an excellent experience working with Flexcare Medical Staffing. My recruiter, Sarah Phelps, has been nothing but helpful She easily secured my position with a highly desirable facility; UCSF Medical Center. Everything has gone smoothly without error.
      The best aspect of Flexcare Medical Staffing is that everything from securing an assignment to receiving pay checks is handled only by your recruiter.
      I have a fantastic recruiter whom I trust. I have no fear of being able to contact Sarah if a problem would arise.

    77. This is my first time applying as a traveling nurse and my recruiter Nicole Bender has done a very good job in putting everything in place.She took care things with the best attitude.I was really surprised of how efficient and quick they are with the whole process.I will definitely recommend this agency to my friends.

    78. I have enjoyed working with flexcare. Jennifer Schvetsky is great. Very patient and honest with my questions. My first assignment with them was exactly what they said it was going to be like.

    79. My recruiter Jennifer Stevens is wonderful! She works quickly to get you submitted at a hospital she thinks will work best for you not just to get a job. She gets back to you quickly if you leave a message. She keeps in touch but not so much that you feel hounded. Large number of CA contracts. The only negative is the agency needs more contracts in other states. She works hard for you. Call her!

    80. As a brand new travel nurse, I was nervous to get started in this field, but my recruiter, Brittany Freeseha, has made the transition simple and smooth. She makes a point to be available to me and checks in with me regularly. I highly recommend FlexCare.

    81. My recruiter Nicole Bender is always positive. When I got discouraged she was there with a positive attitude and always made me feel better. She gave me her cell phone number and was available after hours (I’m on CST and she is on Pacific time) and every time I called she answered the phone. If she did not answer she would call back soon after. She made me feel comfortable. I have been on 3 travel assignments with 2 different companies and neither one of those companies disclosed everything. Now that I know what to expect from a recruiter I know what questions to ask and how they should answer them and she was spot on. She was and is here for “me”. To me that means the most because I am the one that is going out of my world meeting new people leaving my family to travel. I expect great things from her with complete honesty.

    82. After meeting other traveling nursing in the same hospital and assignment, it become clear that the pay and resources (insurance, license repayment, housing, etc.) that other companies offered was much better.
      Recruiter was very nice and friendly. Sometimes did not respond promptly but I would work with her again, very sweet.

    83. So, I like the recruiter, kinda young, but friendly. BUT, I found out after the fact that the company did not pay me correctly when I was on assignment with them in Oregon. They only taxed me on $15 per hour. Most other companies tax on a higher base rate. At first, I thought, great, I take more home. But this is NOT good as I still am responsible to pay proper taxes and they are basically making it seem like I get more money because they are not putting enough in the taxable part and TOO much in the housing and non taxable meals per diem. I am not going to use them again, this is not a reputable way to do business. NO nurse should make $15 per hour taxable, especially in Oregon where they make so much money! I am really worried now about getting audited by the IRS. It is NOT worth it, and I am NOT making more money, I am just not paying enough taxes.

    84. My recruiter Jennifer Shvetsky is amazing. Very approachable and helpful. I am very new to traveling and she really made it easy for me. She even met up with me in Sacramento and took me around. I don’t think many other agencies have such personalized care. I would not hesitate at all to work with her again or recommend her to other new or experienced travel nurses.

    85. Jennifer Shvetsky is a great recruiter, she’s very helpful and always willing to answer any questions I have regarding my assignment!

    86. I have worked with Sarah Phelps for two assignments. She was recommened to me by a fellow travel nurse. I find Sarah to be very upfront with information regarding how Flex Care works with their travelers. She will answer your questions thoroughly and give explanations that make sense. What I really like about Sarah is she will go the extra mile to help out a nurse not even under contract with her company in order to help them understand whatever situation they are having with their current hospital/company. Not many people will go out of their way to help other people like that and I think that speaks for her integrity and commitment to her work. I appreciate working with a recruiter who truly cares to make my travel experience a good one. TMH

    87. FlexCare has been really helpful throughout this whole process. My recruiter Jerad Thorp has been very helpful. From calling frequently to make sure things are going well or just to give whatever update he has, and emailing many possibilities for placement. To helping me find a place to stay at my assignment to just making sure my first day is going well.

    88. Jennifer Schvetsky is the greatest , most thorough recruiter I’ve had. She is honest, responds in a timely manner and always looking out for my best interest.
      Flexcare has done nothing by impress me with their professionalism. I will gladly refer all my fellow nurses to use them during their travels.

    89. I am currently on my first travel assignment. My recruiter, Mallori Marucci, has made this entire process so easy! Even though I did not take the housing she still assisted me in finding housing close to the hospital. She is also very honest with me about the information she knows for each hospital. I will definitely be working with her again to find my next assignment!

    90. Over the 15 years I have been traveling the country, I have worked with several different travel companies. Sarah Phelps, my recruiter at Flex Care, has been very upfront with me from the start of our working together. She does not promise me anything she can not deliver. She answers my questions honestly and doesn’t promise anything that is not true. Not fulfilling promises has occurred with several other companies and creates problems to say the least. I especially like the fact that I can have a travel nurse/tech friend talk to her about the travel industry without them feeling any pressure to join. The fact that she is willing to talk to people to have their questions or concerns answered or straightened out speaks to her integrity and professionalism. I hope to have a long joint adventure with Flex Care and Sarah.

    91. This is my fourth agency and I’m glad I can finally say that I’m happy working with them (flexcare medical staffing). They pay well, don’t bs you about how the money is paid out, and have a huge list of available contracts. My recruiter, Brittany Freeseha, has been wonderful. She’s helped me every step of the way and has checked on me at least once a week since I’ve started. I know if I need anything or if I have any questions that she’ll be there, day or night. I would and have recommended this agency to fellow travelers.

    92. I’m a first time traveler and flexcare has been great agency to work with. My recruiter, Nicole bender, has always been helpful and always time to answer my millions of questions about traveling. I also liked that I talked with just her and didn’t have to be transferred between people I answer different questions.

    93. My Recruiter Mallori Marucci is awesome! She is always available to talk, and answers all my questions promptly. If she says she is going to send me something it arrives in my email a few minutes later. I just love her!

    94. I must say this is by far the best company to work far by 1000%! I just attended the conference and was able to meet my recruiter and other members of the team and not only was the message the same that they all delivered but I feel like the genuinely love what they do and where they work! She hosted a meeting and afterwards I was proud to tell everyone she was my recruiter! Alicia is by far the most talented recruiter I have ever worked with, she is passionate about her job, reputation, her company and about our industry; I hope we never lose her!!!She has always worked extremely hard to find me the perfect assignment and is always honest and upfront with me. Yes the company you choose is important but the relationship you have with your recruiter is what really makes or breaks it! If you want a great company work with Flexcare! But if you want a rockstar recruiter work with Alicia!! Thank you for all you do!

    95. My experience with Flexcare has been so overwhelmingly positive that I don’t really know where to begin! Alicia has simply been wonderful. This was my first travel nursing assignment and they made it so easy that all future recruiters will have great difficulty matching her. I was very nervous with this new adventure but Alicia was there with me every step of the way. There were absolutely NO surprises for me, she was always honest and upfront with me. Alicia phoned to check on me and was simply an outstanding recruiter! I would recommend this team of professionals to anyone! Alicia, no one can compare to you!

    96. I am very satisfied with Flexcare staffing. They are always the first one to get me a travel contract. The pay is competitive. The staff is professional, friendly, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Flexcare to any RN wanting to travel nurse.

    97. Grant Johnson is a wonderful recruiter, almost always available, prompt, helpful, and caring. Grant always make me fell I am the only person on his agenda!

    98. Having been in this profession for probably longer than many of the nurses who will read this have been alive, I have good first hand knowledge of what makes a recruiter or a company the “real deal”.

      This company and my specific recruiter,(J.S.) are ranked by Hypodermic magazine as the #1 agency for good reasons.

      The best example I can give of this is when I first started, there were some problems in the direct deposit system. After many phone calls, it was determined that an extra little dot which was on the voided check I gave the company was the cause of all of the grief. J.S. was relentless in tracking down the root cause.

      My continued dealing with my recruiter have been consistently positive. The life of a travel nurse is exciting but it can also be frustrating and lonely. Only the best recruiters really understand this and are always willing to listen to their employee “blow off steam” while still be ready to get assertive if needed to ensure their employees satisfaction.

      You can not go wrong with this organization.

    99. My recruiter is Grant Johnson with Flex Care.He’s awesome! He is so much better than my recruiter with my first assignment (Cross Country).I feel that Grant really is looking out for me as a nurse and not just trying to keep his hospitals happy.He’s available anytime, even weekends and I don’t have to call a main line and deal with a secretary to get in touch with him. I can text him day or night and I get a quick and thourough reply. I was nervous when I ended up taking an ICU contract and was being floated regularly to a stepdown unit.Grant told me he would get me out of there and in a new assignment in no time if that’s what I wanted to do.I feel that other recruiters I’ve talked to definitely don’t have their nurse’s backs like he does!!!Grant not only cares about how your job is going but housing too.I always choose the housing stipend and recently found myself in a sketchy situation and Grant was eager to help me if I needed to get out of there. It’s comforting to know I’m working with someone who I feel really cares about keeping his nurses happy.

    100. First time doing a travel assignment and I’ve enjoyed my experience. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Would work with again.

    101. I have worked with other companies that shuffle you around to different reps depending on the state you’re working in. This can be very frustrating. I love FlexCare’s commitment to keep RNs with one rep. I have worked with Sarah Phelps from the beginning, she has been amazing in supporting me with all my travel needs and -honestly- everything I could want. Flexcare is committed to working WITH their RNs not against them. This makes for a wonderful experience as a travel RN. In my opinion, Flexcare is the best in the business!

    102. Working with flexcare has been a great experience so far. I owe a huge part of that to my recruiter Natalie Pisciotta. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I’ve had everything I needed. She continuously checks up on me, has helped me to get situated and comfortable in my new area, and is there for me with any questions or advice. Without her this whole experience wouldn’t have been possible. I definitely recommend flexcare medical staffing. Can’t wait to see where this company takes me in the future.

    103. My recruiter, Aleesha Schiro, has been on the ball and very communicative since the get go. This is only my first assignment, so I know there will probably be some hiccups somewhere down the road, but so far smooth sailing and a great first assignment! Answered “satisfactory” on questions that were N/A to me–didn’t use their housing, insurance, etc.

    104. Flexcare has been pretty great. My recruitor, Natalie P., hooked me up with my first travel assignment at John Hopkins after pretty much every other hospital said I needed travel experience first. She has been extremely friendly and accomendating. It’s been a great experience so far.

    105. Mallori Marucci at FlexCare has been absolutely amazing!!!! She worked very diligently to get myself and my travel partner a job in California. She is so personable, it’s like I have known her my whole life! Mallori worked so hard to make our first travel nursing job a success!!!! If you’re interested in traveling, give her a shot! You will not be disappointed!

    106. I am new to travel nursing and mallori marucci with Flexcare staffing has made this experience wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about her! She is honest, friendly, easy to talk too, reliable, professional and the list goes on. I have had a great experience working with her!!

    107. GREAT company! Very professional and reliable! I’m lucky enough to have Natalie Pisciotta as my recruiter who is ALWAYS willing to help in any way she can and always has time to listen to any questions I may have.

    108. I have been working with FlexCare on and off for the last 3 years; during my off time I return to a staff job, but I must say nothing with them has changed. I always get the same level of service and my recruiter, Alicia is wonderful. She is always honest, upfront and the most important thing I can reach her anytime! I had an issue with the facility not paying me correctly and Alicia took the issue to her boss and he agreed to pay me even though the hospital wouldn’t; I truly felt like everyone cared. Even when she knows I’m home at my staff job she checks in with me, which makes me feel like she really cares! I don’t just consider Alicia my recruiter I also consider her a friend. I can’t say enough good things about this company and about her.

    109. Hey everyone, so this was my very first time on a travel assignment and I have to say my experience so far with Flex Care and my recruter Mallori Marucci has been so much better than anything I was expecting. Mallori helped me tremendously during the whole process and explained everything in detail, she was also there for me any time I needed anything extra. The pay is great and exactly what they say you will be receiving and everything is written out clearly. Such an amazing experience and would definitely recommend not only Flex Care AND Mallori to anyone interested.

    110. Sarah Phelps is AMAZING! She takes care of everything you need, super accessible, caring, awesome personality, and definitely an advocate for me, her nurses, and FlexCare.

    111. Mallori M, is amazing (a recruiter). I called her, needing to be submit to hospitals asap, because I’m going on a vacation after my current assignment. She worked for like 2-3 straight hours, getting everything in order (FOR ME!) I’ve worked with a few companies – moving around for better opportunity, and if this is the type of professionalism I will get from Mallori (which I expect it is), I will never leave this company. She went the extra mile, and her door didn’t close at 5pm. She sent me an email, after work hours letting me know where she submitted me – there was closure, in a business where closure is hard to find. So I’ve been submitted to several hospitals of my choice, because Mallori took the time to recognize my outstanding nursing qualities, and drive the ship that will most likely get us a job we want! Thank you! By far, the best recruiter I’ve worked with.

    112. After 25 years of working in the same hospital NICU, I took a leave-of-absecens to satisfy by curiosity about travel nursing. Flexcare Medical Staffing and Brittany Freeshia were always available, accommodating and friendly. My paychecks were always on-time and correct. My assignment was just what wanted and a very satisfying experience. I highly recommend this agency!

    113. My first assignment as a travel nurse has successful and very rewarding, in large part due to the help and guidance of my recruiter, Natalie Serra. From day one when contacting the agency and working with Natalie, I’ve felt confident that she would keep my best interest as a travel nurse in mind. She has remained attentive to the details in ensuring my paperwork was in on time to start my travel nurse assignment on time. She has always been easy to get in touch with and I feel confident that she will be just as helpful when I seek out my next assignment.

    114. I work with Mike Lupia and it’s always a pleasure to pick up another contract with him. Its easy to get a hold of him for questions/updates/problems, and if I can’t reach him by phone he’s typically very quick to return calls or e-mail me back.

    115. Mike Lupia was my recruiter and he was great!! He was always working double time trying to take care of my issues with certain hospitals and to find me a new assignment. He did a great job with both me and my husband as travelers and I would for sure recommend him to anyone!

    116. Mike Lupia with Flexcare is an amazing/best recruiter. But also an amazing person! I don’t know how many other nurses he works with but I’ve always felt like I was the only one he works with, as he is very attentive and supportive. He’s even called back on a holiday 🙂 Flexcare is the best company I’ve worked with and I really appreciate how your recruiter is your only point of contact for everything.

    117. I have had a great experience with Flexcare. They have been upfront and honest with me. I am a Canadian nurse on my first assignment but have been working with my recruiter Mike Lupia for over a year. He has answered all of my questions and helped encourage me through the process of obtaining my TN visa. Once I was ready to find a job we sent out applications and I landed my first assignment within a week! I have had an issue with one of my paychecks but it was an error on the hospital side and my recruiter let me know there was an issue before I missed any pay.

    118. Flexcare Medical Staffing is a great company to travel with.I have had a wonderful experience traveling with them for the past 7months. Thanks to Mike Lupia, he’s an awesome recruiter! He is very informative and made sure I got all the necessary information needed(everything from housing option,pay,the kind of hospital facilty- what to expect and look out for) to help make my travel experience a success. Mike was always available whenever I had questions or problem. The pay is great, better than most company I researched.Really, I have nothing bad to say.The whole staffs at Flexcare are wonderful people to work with.I would travel with them anything and recommend them in a heartbeat.

    119. Flexcare has been a great travel agency to work with and specifically Natalie Serra has been a great recruiter. She is my “go-to” person for EVERYTHING. Her personality is sincere and hardworking. She is always able to answer any questions I have or point me in the right direction. She has worked with me, and for me, during the whole travel process and I would recommend her and flexcare to anyone thinking about pursuing travel nursing.

    120. Your recruiter is everything when working as a travel nurse. Mine was Mike Lupia. He was amazing! Recommend him to anyone. Always returned my calls and answered any of the questions I had. Very knowledgeable and personable. Would definitely work for this company again!

    121. Nicole Bender was supportive and helpful. Answer all my questions and was relentless on selecting job assignment on what I want. So far so good.

    122. I am signed up with several other companies but Flexcare has always been the best. I have never used the other companies I signed up with initially because Flexcare has always given me what I’ve needed. They have also gone above and beyond to help me with my pay structure and getting me an assignment in a location I want to be.

    123. I’ve worked with a few companies, but FlexCare has been my absolute favorite! Mike Lupia is an awesome recruiter, he makes me feel like I’m his top priority when working together, he is always responsive to my needs and has gone out of his way to find me assignments I want. Working with a single point of contact makes things super easy. To top it off their pay rate tends to be higher than I’ve seen from other travelers I work with on the same assignments. I always recommend using FlexCare to all my nurse friends!

    124. My experience with Flexcare has been great. My recruiter was patient and took time to explain the process of getting an assignment and what to expect, as this was my first assignment. Mike even reached out as I was traveling and after I reached my destination to make sure everything was going well. He is always prompt with giving updates and information. He’s been great to work with!

    125. Over the years I have worked with several different travel companies. My current recruiter, Sara Phelps at Flex Care Medical Staffing, is a pleasure to work with. She is very informative about the positions we discuss. I find her to be truthful and reliable in regards to my travel contracts. She does not promise anything she can not deliver. On several occasions Sarah has gone over and above the call of a recruiter. She has spoken with several of my travel friends to give them advice on traveling and what to look for in a company and position. She never once pressured my friends to join her group which, I must say, I find refreshing. That alone speaks for her ethical behavior in the travel industry! Sarah really seems to enjoy her work and that makes my job much easier since I don’t have to worry so much about the little things. I look forward to having more travel assignments with her!

    126. This is my first year being a travel nurse and I have had the best luck finding Flexcare as an outstanding agency and having Kayla Seville as my recruiter. She is awesome to work with and I feel she is doing a 100% for me all the time. I am so lucky to be working with her on my journey to look for good assignments !!!

    127. I am treated like family at Flexcare. Mike Lupia is the best. All logistics of my travel are met with efficiency and I can concentrate on ‘nursing’.

    128. I made a big move to California to start travel nursing and it was all very new and scary to me. I talked to a few different travel agents and fortunately came across Kayla Seville and instantly there was a comfortable connection. She has been available 24/7. Literally. The day before my very first day, on my very first travel assignment she called me to make sure I was going to get a good night’s sleep and assured me that I was going to be just great. For me personally, working with a recruiter can make or break your experience/view on a travel agency and Kayla has made it easy to be looking forward to my next travel assignment with them.

    129. Kayla Seville has been my recruiter for Flexcare and has made my travel nurse experience excellent. She is hard working, dedicated, and honest. I def recommend anyone who is interested in travel nursing to get in contact with Kayla Seville at Flexcare.

    130. Nicole Bender has always been right there for me no matter what time! I can call. . Text. . Email. . She doesn’t care! She relays information to me in a speedy manner and is always so sweet!

    131. I have had a great experience with FlexCare. Specifically, Kayla Seville! She is an amazing recruiter to work with. Very attentive, quick to respond, and a great resource!

    132. Flexcare Medical Staffing has been great. This was my first traveling assignment, and they were very helpful in assisting me to transition to this new adventure . Mike Lupia was the name of my agent and he was very instrumental in the process. I would definitely recommend Flexcare Medical Staffing to friends

    133. I would like to mention how amazing my nurse recruiter Kayla Seville has been. She is kind, efficient, easily available, and makes me feel like part of a team. What is most important to me, is when she follows up with me just to see how things are coming along. Flexcare Medical Staffing absolutely provides quality service every step of the way!

    134. Kayla Seville has been my recruiter through Flexcare Staffing at my new job in CO and has been excellent. She worked quick to get this contract for me and was prompt at returning my phone calls and emails.
      After having past problems with my old agency, I decided to switch to Flexcare in august and have not run into a single problem with them or my recruiter.
      Kayla is on top of everything, very friendly to talk to and checks in to make sure I am happy at the workplace, with the agency and just to see how life is going. It has really been an easy and smooth process working for her and Flexcare!

    135. Flexcare is the second company that I have worked with and they have made my travel experience amazing. My recruiter, Mallori Marucci, is simply the best! She treats her nurses with respect and professionalism. She is very accountable and I can reach her at anytime! I would refer any nurse to Flexcare and Mallori!

    136. A great choice. My agent was most helpful and comforting for me as a new traveler. Always making sure I happy and looking out for the best for me.

    137. I have been working with my recruiter, Kayla Seville for 3 contracts now and I truly appreciate working with her. I feel that she is looking for my best interest.

    138. FlexCare has been amazing thus far and has met all my needs and expectations. Mallori Marucci is my recruiter and I cannot say enough about her! She always keeps me informed and we have constant communication. I love that I only have one contact person (my recruiter) and she takes care of absolutely everything for me!

    139. I was lucky enough to find Jerad Thorp as my recruiter. This was my first time as a traveler and he stood with me every step of the way. Jerad was always up beat and helpful even when hiccups beyond his control would leave me cranky. He is a great resource and I would highly recommend him.

    140. From what I know Flexcare gets its clients mostly from references. Nurses that I’ve met are usually satisfied with their assignments and/or how they’re treated by their Flexcare agents. I’ve only been with Flexcare for a year, I was referred by a friend and I’ve referred two friends already who are always satisfied with their assignments. My agent Mike Lupia takes his time in explaining details of contracts and assignments, always available to answer questions, he’s also transparent and honest in his dealings.

    141. Jennifer makes you and your family feel like you’re part of her family and is very professional, caring and has a fantastic personality, It is truly a joy to work with her.

    142. I have had nothing but a wonderful experience while working with Flexcare. My recruiter is Aleesha Schiro, and I couldn’t be happier that I have had the opportunity to work with her!After my first recruiter (who also worked extremely hard to find me the job I wanted) was promoted to account manager, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Aleesha. We get along very well and I find that is what is key to having a great traveling experience. Aleehsa takes the time to answer all of my questions and concerns and if she doesn’t know, she finds someone who does! I appreciate her honesty and how dedicated she has been to getting me jobs I really feel would be a good fit for me. I feel like Flexcare has my best interests at heart and the pay has been more than I anticipated! I will continue to work with Aleesha and Flexcare as long as they will have me!

    143. Working with Natalie Pisciotta has been awesome! She is very knowledgeable about the industry. I know I can count on her to answer my questions and concerns in a timely manner. She’s very trustworthy! Flexcare offers competitive rates with a wide variety of assignments.

    144. Flexcare is a highly reliable company. They assigned me to an awesome recruiter named Natalie Serra. She has made my first travel assignment such a smooth transition. She is very knowledgeable and has great communication skills.

    145. Flexcare Medical Staffing has been wonderful! My recruiter Mallori Marucci is the absolute best! As a new traveler, It can be very overwhelming with all the decisions you have to make about traveling. I am very lucky
      to have found such a great recruiter. Mallori always made me feel like I was her only client and gave me lots of guidance and attention with any questions or concerns I had. The communication back and forth was superb, always a phone call or text away and very prompt. She was able to get me and my travel buddy a job in our specialty field in the same hospital and same unit. She has gone above and beyond her job title even helping us find affordable housing in a safe area. I can honestly say my recruiter is amazing! When someone truly loves their job like Mallori does then you can be assured that you will be taken care of!

    146. Mike Lupia is my recruiter and he is fantastic! Returns calls quickly, checks in on me, ensures my paycheck will be correct.
      I would work again with this agency because of Mike!

    147. I was very pleased with Flex Care. My recruiters name is Mallori Marucci. She was very helpful in step of the way. We talked weekdays and weekends when she was off. She was very patient in explaining every piece of information regarding the traveling process. Her email were prompt. At the time, I was traveling with three nurses and she worked very hard to get us jobs in one facility. She worked to get us really good pay when we told her we were money motivated. She always sent several jobs so we would have options to work with. I definitely will be using Mallori Marucci for future jobs. She was sweet and never complained.

    148. Sarah Kurth has been a great recruiter to work with. She is very personable and friendly. She always tries her hardest to find me a position that fits my needs and wants as a traveling nurse. Flexcare has been by far the most professional and reliable company over any other company I’ve been involved with.

    149. It’s been a positive experience with them so far..it is my first agency so I don’t know how it compares but the recruiter is super friendly and easy to reach and communicate concerns..I get the assignments I want though there is a push for places that they already have other nurses at but I still go with what I want with no problems…

    150. Mallori Marucci @ Flexcare is amazing. When I decided to give travel nursing a try, I read about many of the horror stories and hoped I would get lucky enough to have someone willing to guide me through the process. SCORE!!! Mallori has taken me by the hand and ensured that my needs were looked after through every step. She even went above and beyond to help me with housing, even though I elected to do housing myself. I have referred friends to her and will continue to do so.

    151. Brittany Freeseha has been awesome to work with. Responses to emails have been prompt and to the point. As a new traveler she has provided accurate and thorough information on the process and alleviated any concerns I had.

    152. This is my first time as a traveler and I have been learning as I go. My recruiter, Denae Muraski, has been incredibly helpful from finding assignments, applying for licenses, getting new insurance, finding a new home and answering any questions I have in a timely manner. I have appreciated her as my sole point of contact as well as her willingness to use her colleagues to verify her own information. I feel like she knows me by my name and personality instead of my specialty and potential earnings. I am very lucky to be having such a positive experience.

    153. From my first phone call to my most recent email with FlexCare, I have had the best experience! My recruiter Mallori Marucci is a joy to work with. She is available to me at any time of the day or night and is more than willing to go out of her way to help me or talk me off the ledge!

    154. My recruiter Mitchell Lee has been amazing. I’ve been a nurse for almost 8 years & this is my first traveling assignment & I was really nervous about leaving a place I had been working at for so long but thanks to Mitchell everything went smoothly. I only had 2 weeks to get my ACLS certification & couldn’t find a place near me & Mitchell got me the info I needed so I could get everything done it time. I really couldn’t have made it without Mitchell. He is always there to help me & answer my questions even if he’s already off work & that’s really important as a night shift nurse because sometimes I’m not awake when he’s working. The pay with Flexcare is better than the other agencies I’ve checked out & my paycheck always comes on time. This decision to do travel nursing has been a great one & has been a great experience thanks to Mitchell. So happy to finally get paid great for the hard work we do as nurses.

    155. My recruiter at Flexcare Medical Staffing Aleesha Schiro is always on point with all aspects of managing my travel nursing career. She is a true professional!

    156. this is my first assignment as a traveler with my friend and am only about 5 weeks into it and have already decided to renew my contract at the current hospital with this same company. I moved across the entire country to travel and Natalie Serra, my recruiter made our transition a smooth one. She made sure all of our paperwork was completed and turned in before we left that way it would be a smooth transition and be able to start on our assigned day without delays. Natalie Serra is very easy to get in contact with

    157. This is my first travel assignment and I already decided to extend my contract for another 3 months with FlexCare. My recruiter Natalie Serra is amazing! She is very accommodating and really individualizes your experience. She’s always just an email or phone call away which is super important since I am traveling across the country. As long as they can offer me an assignment where I want to go, I will definitely be sticking with FlexCare throughout my time as a travel nurse. Very impressed!

    158. Amber was great help with everything. Always there to talk to and answer any questions I had about the travel nursing industry.

    159. I just started working with Nicole Bender at Flex-Care. She is amazing at her job and networking for you. She’s always there when I call and goes out of her way to find the perfect position. I love Flex-Care and the way they treat nurses!

    160. Mallori Marucci with flex care is THE best. She literally will answer my calls day or night. I’ve had one terrible assignment due to facility, not company, and they backed me 100% to get me out of there and somewhere I would be happy! Couldn’t ask for anything better!

    161. So far FlexCare Medical Staffing has been a great experience and my nurse recruiter has also been very resourceful and efficient in fulfilling my needs as a new travel nurse. My nurse recruiter has been dependable and readily available whenever needed. I would definitely recommend FlexCare to other nurses who may be interested in travel nursing.

    162. My recruiter, Brittany Freeseha, is fantastic! I have used two other travel companies, Core and Aureus, and while they are good, they cannot hold a candle to Flex Care. Brittany got me the assignment I wanted, great pay, and most importantly, she listens to me. She finds out what I would like and makes it happen, or does her utmost, level best. She is diligently working on my next assignment and I look forward to a long, rewarding relationship with Brittany and Flex Care.

    163. I have had the pleasure of working with Brittany Freeseha on two assignments now. I have absolutely nothing but fantastic things to say about her as well as the company. I would highly recommend her and this company when searching for your next agency!

    164. – This is my first travel assignment and from my very first contact with my recruiter, Angie Entwisle, I have been very pleased. She is beyond dedicated to her job and is available 24 hours a day! Angie got me everything I was looking for and more. I recommend her And Flex Care every chance I get and not for a referral, for the simple fact that they are amazing! I will be with them For a very long time.

    165. I chose to do my first travel assignment with Flexcare and I am so glad I did. I was not sure where to begin when looking for a company and recruiter that would have my best interest at heart as I knew it would be easy to get stuck with someone who took advantage of my travel inexperience. My recruiter at Flexcare is Angie Entwisle and she has been amazing since day one. She is available to me at nearly all hours of the day. I never have to worry about not having communication with my recruiter as she’s present via text, phone call, Facebook, etc. She is honest with me and found me the contracts that I was interested in. Angie has been a great asset to making my first assignment successful. Pay is competitive and I have not had any issues with late or incorrect pay. I am very happy with my experience with Angie and Flexcare.

    166. I recently began working with Angela Entwisle at Flexcare Medical Staffing and have been beyond impressed. Not only was the pay package well above what I was being offered by other agencies for jobs in the same area, Angela was also very up front and honest. Some agencies require days of paperwork before they even provide you with figures regarding pay, but I had the numbers as soon as Angela had my email address. I have found the whole process to be incredibly efficient, within 24 hours of submitting my profile to the company Angela had me submitted to a job, interviewed, and the contract signed. Much easier and faster than the last two companies I’ve worked for! Also, I have to mention how available she has made herself to me. Night shifters know you may not always be able to take that business hours phone call. Not only do I have my recruiters cell number, business line, and email, she has also made the extra effort to utilize texting and Facebook messages to keep in contact whenever I need her. I couldn’t ask for a smoother experience, so glad to have her on my side!

    167. FlexCare is the second company I have worked with and I have had a terrific experience thus far. Angela Entwisle is absolutely the best! From day one she has been availabe, honest, and reliable. She has answered any and all questions, has worked VERY hard to get my desired assignment and has been honest to a fault. I feel secure and, most important, connected. I would recommend Flexcare to anyone interested in working with a highly professional company that will work hard for their nurses.

    168. Mallori Marucci is hands down the best and most knowledgeable recruiter to work with. I have never had an issue in regards to pay, my certs, or working with different facilities. I feel as though since Mallori has such a great working relationship with different facilities it shows in the offers received as a traveling nurse. The facilities trust Mallori and in return they trust her recruits. I can honestly say any time I have needed Mallori for anything she is very quick to respond if not at that moment at the very least later in the day. She really makes you feel like you are her most important nurse. If given the chance, work with Mallori she really is a caring person to have on your side. Plus FlexCare is amazing and carries out every bit they offer. Truly amazing company and a pleasure to work for/ be a part of.

    169. I have done contracts with several different places and this was by far the best place. My individual service was above and beyond. My requests were always answered right away and if any further explanation was needed it was provided by the person who knew the most and in a timely manner. If I do another assignment, I will use Flex Care for sure.

    170. Angie Entwisle at FlexCare is great! She is very sweet and very prompt whenever I need her. Great company and great recruiter!

    171. Denae Muraski has been so great since day 1! She knew I had applied for my CA license and she checked the status of the license everyday until I got it. Then she submitted me to a high paying job exactly where I wanted and I obtained the position easily. Denae has been great, always there to answer questions quickly when I have them and fix problems if any come up. I absolutely would recommend her and Flex Care to others and will absolutely be taking more assingments with them!

    172. Denae Muraski was my recruiter

      ( i submitted a survey prior but forgot to include my recruiters name in it. Please disregard previous survey and instead keep this one. Thank you)

    173. Hello, I have had a great experience with flexcare medical staffing. My recruiters name is Mallori Marucci. She has been a pleasure to work with. She is always prompt with responses and she always has an answer for my questions. She found great jobs with great pay. I told her what my goals were and my expectations and she met those and then some. I was also traveling with a group and she worked around the clock to have us placed in the same area. She is very comfortable and knowledgable I her job which shows through her work. I love working with her and the agency she work for.

    174. This is my first travel assignment and everything has went very smoothly. My recruiter Mallori Marucci is nothing short of Amazing! This is my third week on my travel journey and I couldn’t be more happier with the communication especially when it comes to the paycheck! The check was on time and what was quoted in the contract. Flexcare Medical has the best recruiter! Mallori Marucci is totally dependable and honest about everything. She has gone above and beyond to make sure me and my travel buddies are getting paid and enjoying our travel experience. I have found a lifetime recruiter in Mallori Marucci.

    175. My recruiter Mallori Marucci is the absolute best! She has been very helpful in making my first travel assignment such a breeze. She worked very diligently to get me and my travel buddies in the same area where the hospital was close to each other. I almost didn’t get to go with my travel buddies because I was on a cruise when the hospitals were doing the interviews. However, Mallori did not stop pushing to get me an interview. Now I am enjoying my first travel assignment with my nursing buddies. Oh and my first pay check did not disappoint!

    176. Denae Muraski has helped me tremendously with my first assignment. I am very excited to complete it and get started on my next new adventure. She has made me feel at ease and assisted in every aspect. Many thanks!!

    177. Denae Muraski is my recruiter and she has been my rock throughout this whole process, always there, always willing to help me. Great experience.

    178. Flexcare is Excellent. Super nice and honest people . Nicole Bender at Flex Care was so positive . She made sure I was well inform and she worked so hard to find a good assignment for me and to feel comfortable for doing it for the first time as a traveler nurse . I will totally recommend her without hesitation.

    179. I applied online to three travel agencies including Flexcare since they were highly recognized by travel nurses. Geoff Kreiger called me within the hour. The others responded over the next few days. By then, Geoff already had me set up with plenty of options to choose from, one of which I contracted with. I just contracted with a second facility through Geoff and Flexcare. He is easy to get in touch with and quick to answer any questions. I can’t say enough about how easy it has been dealing with him. I will continue to use Flexcare!!

    180. Mallori Marucci is a GREAT recruiter! She is very attentive to my concerns, always friendly and personable AND accessible.
      Flexcare is an excellent company to work with. I feel secure traveling abroad knowing I can depend on them.

    181. Nicole Bender is my recruiter and has been so easy to work with! She makes me feel like I am her only traveling nurse with the attention to detail and time she puts in to her work. She is genuine and caring, which has made my experience with FlexCare become so enjoyable! Thank you Nicole!

    182. I recently decided to take my nursing career on the road and travel around the U.S. Flexcare staffing came highly recommended and so I chose to inquire how to start this nursing chapter with them. My recruiter, Angie Entwisle, is the most dedicated recruiter that has responded to my inquiries. She has been nothing short of informative, responsible, timely, and efficient at her job. In just a few short weeks I was on my first assignment in sunny Florida. She is always reachable, and let me tell you- you will never feel alone, she’s very encouraging! I’ve read a lot of reviews about pay checks bring inaccurate; I have to add, mine was exactly as I was quoted.

      Using the single point of contact is very advantageous in this line of work. Flexcare has been a great company to work with and Angie makes the stress of moving across the country much more bearable! Working with her as my recruiter has been a fantastic experience. Thank you Flexcare, and thank you Angie!

    183. The staff at Flexcare has been amazing. My most recent assignment with this company was not ideal, but my recruiter was available at all times of the day and never hesitated to offer words of encouragement. I will definitely be staying with this company.

    184. I have been in touch with FlexCare for just over a year, I contacted them when I first started to entertain the idea of traveling. A recruiter would call to touch base every few months (definitely NOT hounding me by any means)just to see where I was at & see if I was still thinking about traveling at some point. They weren’t pushy trying to get me to commit to anything I wasn’t ready for. When I was finally ready to take the leap I started working with Geoff Krieger. I told him what city I wanted to be in and he found me a great hospital match based on my experience and specialty. He has been great to work with since! Any questions or concerns I’ve had he has been easy to get a hold of and has addressed them quickly. I think that is the best part of working with FlexCare, any issue you might have whether it’s payroll, insurance, contract issues, whatever, you go through your recruiter and they go to the different departments to figure things out for you. It makes things a lot more personal, like you matter, and aren’t just a nameless employee.
      FlexCare has been very easy to work with, I just signed my second contract through them, and look forward to working with them for future assignments!

    185. Flexcare is by far the best travel agency out there! I have nothing but great things to say about this agency. My recruiter Amber Wehrlie (who is AMAZING btw) took her time to find the perfect assignment and follows up with me everyweek to make sure everything is still go as planned. If you’re looking for a travel agency look no further Flexcare will take care of you 🙂

    186. Brittany Freeseha has been knowledgable, professional, supportive, and very accessible. She has been an awesome recruiter to work with and I look forward to my future travel assignments with her.

    187. Mallori Marucci is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She is truly the best. Mallori is always available to answer any questions I have and if shes not available always gets right back to me. I can count on Mallori to be there for me anytime – day or night. She makes sure that you understand everything and explains things clearly. Shes very honest and makes sure that she gets you the very best package possible. She goes above and beyond to help out! Mallori spends so much time with me and I truly appreciate that. She helped me with housing for my next assignment by actually referring me to a friend of her families who has a house near my assignment – unbelievable. She is such a warm, sweet easy to work with recruiter. Cant say enough good things about her!! Mallori is truly the best!!

    188. Mallory Marucci has been very pleasant and helpful. I am new to traveling and could not have gotten s
      Everything started without Mallory ‘s
      Encouragement and patients.

    189. I found Flexcare on several different travel nurse agency review websites. They had the highest cumulative rank when compared to other agencies, which prompted me to contact them. I’m several weeks into my first travel assignment and can definitely say that I’m satisfied. There are many positive things to highlight, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. First and foremost, the pay is fantastic compared to many other “top” agencies! The only sacrifice I can see is that Flexcare does not find housing for you. But the good news is their housing stipend is huge imho (Almost $1k per week! And that’s TAX FREE!). I’m typing this in the middle of my first travel assignment in Southern California. So far so good. The facility I’m at is great and the paychecks are on time. My recruiter Angie Entwisle was and still is super helpful when it comes to answering all my questions and concerns. She was by far the most responsive recruiter I had interacted with. I did entertain other travel agencies, but Flexcare will have my business due to their professionalism and efficiency. I definitely lucked out with Flexcare and a great recruiter , and plan to continue my adventures in travel nursing for some time.

    190. Mallori Marucci is my recruiter and she is awesome! She replies almost instantly when I have questions or concerns–even on her days off. She is very helpful and patient as I have a lot of questions because this is my first travel assignment.

    191. Jennifer Stevens is my wonderful recruiter. She listens to my needs & finds a hospital that is a good fit. She is very friendly & supportive. She is very busy but gets the job done quickly. The agency is very competitive in pay packages. They have a lot of CA jobs. I think they are trying to expand more thru out the U.S. They are a smaller company so they have less overhead which puts more money in your pocket. Pick this professional agency & they will take good care of you. Please give them the same respect back as a traveler.

    192. This agency has been the best agency I have ever worked with. It is 100% due to my recruiter Angela Entwisle. She is ALWAYS available no matter what and she is really quick to fix any problems that may arise. She loves her job and it shows. I will work with this agency for a long time as long as she is my recruiter.

    193. I am a labor and delivery travel Rn with flexcare. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone who appreciates personal and exceptional costumer service. My recruiter Natalie Pisciotta has made this experience so easy for me, she is extremely organized, easy to get ahold and very passionate about her job. I have not had a single issue with my paychecks or housing but I know if I did shed be a phone call away ready with a solution. She is very
      aware ofyour needs and works diligently to get you your dream job/location.

    194. Natalie Pisciotta is my agent, she did a great job getting me oriented and giving me a great assignment. She’s been available, responsive, and super supportive.

    195. I have been very satisfied with this agency. Everything is done timely and honestly. They have a wide selection of jobs available as well.

    196. I have been very pleased with this agency. They are timely, accomadating and honest. There is a wide range of job selections available as well. My recruiter, Natalie pisciotta has been extremely helpful and accommodating in my search for the right places to work. I will definitely be referring as many people as I can to this agency and recruiter

    197. Flexcare is very accommodating and my agent is friendly and supportive. She is very pro-active, approachable, and reliable. Flexcare is very transparent with assignments and pay-packages, which has allowed me to develop a trusting relationship with the company.

    198. My recruiter, Mitchell Lee was great-extremely patient with me. He responded to all my questions, issues, problems immediately. I would definitely work with him again or recommend him as a great recruiter.

    199. This has been my first time working with a travel agency. My recruiter, Mallori Marruci, is absolutely awesome. She’s always available and answers my texts/phone calls whenever, she never stops working! She truly is an advocate for her nurses. I consider myself lucky to have her for a recruiter. She’s knwoledgeable and knows how to get you what you want/need.

    200. Just starting, but my recruiter was the most awesome I could have asked for… The best! Encouraging and positive, which caused me to be confident and excited with the job. I know I can count on her to be helpful. We are successful together.

    201. My recruiter Sarah Kurth is awesome. She is very thorough and explains everything in detail. I’ve never had a problem communicating with her, in fact she provided me with her cell phone number in case I need to contact her after hours. This is the second company I’ve worked with and I must say I’m highly satisfied with the service. With my last company I had to deal with multiple people regarding paperwork, insurance, timecards, payroll, etc. This could get frustrating and a times it was difficult getting things done. This DOES NOT happen with FlexCare! My recruiter handles everything and definitely gets the job done! I’m looking forward to a long relationship with FlexCare and my AWESOME recruiter Sarah Kurth!

    202. So I changed companies due to my first not having a need in the place I wanted. I was driving 2,000 miles from home. I was not offered a travel reimbursement. When I asked about this, she said it’s already in my pay. I wanted it on my contract. The max they could give was 500 round trip. This is NOT the same as the GSA rates. My previous company, I drove 3.5 hours from home and got 400 round trip! I had to drive a hour to get a drug test, even though I lived 30 minutes from a drug testing facility. I had to get titers and then had to get a MMR vaccine. I had to get a physical from a MD or a RN. I was at home for the holidays. My mom is a RN. I asked my recruiter if she can sign it. Her response “I guess”. So my mom signs it, and then my recruiter said it wasn’t acceptable. I was leaving to travel across the country in 2 days, and she wanted me to get a fit test. I had failed it for the last 4 years. My previous home hospital said it would be pointless to do it since the state I was going to would have a different mask. I had no choice but to NOT get re-fit tested. My recruiter EVENTUALLY accepted this. I was told that I could get a fit test during my 2,000 mile travel to my assignment! I did not do this, they would have to accept my “Failed fit test” statement. I was told to get an extended stay hotel to stay in. When I called said hotel, they were going to charge $2300 a month!! Way over my housing stipend. I was never asked the address of where I was staying…I was only asked so she could tell future travelers. My other company sent me freebies..a travel mug, laptop bag, foot massagar, chocolates, gift card, thank you cards. This company hasn’t sent me anything. Receiving gifts made me feel appreciated! I have not had a good time working with this company. I don’t know if this recruiter is new or what. I had my own insurance and was never compensated for having my own. They don’t offer a bonus for working x amount of hours, you have to get your time sheet signed by someone at the hospital. She couldn’t ask my question about 401k stuff. Also, spoke with a traveler who moved from Maine and she was NEVER given travel reimbursement!! Also, she was told to “stop along the way” to her assignment to do titers and vaccinations. I don’t see how this company is one of the top companies!!

    203. Flexcare is an awesome agency! This is my first experience as a travel nurse and my recruiter Nicole Bender is the best! She literally walked me through the entire process seamlessly explaining every little detail along the way! I am quite the OCD type and Nicole understood this from day 1 and has returned every call, email and text in a very timely fashion. I have explored over the years a multitude of traveling agencies and spoke with many recruiters and none have compared to Nicole or to the Flexcare agency! I want to give a big shout out to Flexcare and Nicole Bender for making my first traveling assignment come through without as much as a hiccup and calming my nerves throughout the process! You guys are great at what you do and I would highly recommend this company to any traveling nurse or a nurse wanting to travel! Thanks again Flexcare!

    204. Alicia Keith has been my recruiter for FlexCare and she is amazing! Super friendly and just seems to love her job. If she doesn’t know an answer to a question I have she is quick to figure it out and get back to me. She answers texts when she’s not at work and is always available if I need her.

    205. once my recruiter left this agency went to the pits. Pay isn’t good unless it’s one of those really high paying jobs, outside of california they are horrible and they make tons of mistakes with your pay, insurance and other stuff unless you have a great recruiter. Stay away!!!

    206. I’ve had a great experience with FlexCare thus far. My recruiter, Angie, is always available when I need her, responding back to me within minutes. She is very knowledgeable and frequently asks how I am managing at an assignment. I’ve had nothing but good experiences, and am very excited to continue to work with this company.

    207. I’m current working with Natalie Serra from FlexCare. She’s wonderful to work with, very friendly and easy to get a hold of. Great person and company to work with.

    208. Amanda Norton is my recruiter and she is WONDERFUL. she is always there to answer any question I may have. I totally recommend this company to everyone. INTELLIGENT, HONEST, DEPENDABLE.

    209. Highly recommend FlexCare,they offered me the most money for certain areas UPFRONT. When other companies provided offers of much lower amounts, then eventually would increase the pay packages little by little, FlexCare has honest, hard working, friendly recruiters that will be very honest with you from the beginning. Their staff is efficient, and communicate effectively and do not surprise you with mandatory requirements last minute. I have had recruiters call me on their days off, hours after they are done working to help me with questions and just to check up with me. Even after your assignment has started they like to get as much feedback as possible. They are always looking for ways to improve. I have had a wonderful experience with them! Their pay is some of the highest I have seen so far. I have already recommended this company to many other travel nurses and will continue to do so! A

    210. my recruiter is angela entswisle and she has been fantastic. multiple phone calls prior to accepting assignment and answered each question with perfect accuracy. she is kind returns calls and texts and emails quickly. if you want a great recruiter she is for you!

    211. Alicia Keffel and Natalie Simmons-Truxall are two of the very best recruiters in the world! Even though I am not traveling anymore, I recommend them to every traveler I come across.

    212. Denae Muraski is an excellent recruiter ! I could email, call, or text her anytime with anything and she would immediately get back to me. As this was my first travel assignment she walked me through all the details and I felt completely prepared when I started. I would recommend Flexcare and Denae for anyone who is looking to start travel nursing!

    213. I have recently started my very first Travel assignment. After researching companies I chose Flexcare because of all the great reviews. After completing my online profile, Mallori Marucci contacted me right away and guided me through every single step. I CANNOT say enough good things about Mallori. I can honestly say without her I would have never made that first step in trying out Travel Nursing. She has made this so easy and look forward to working with her for many many assignments to come!!

    214. My recruiter is Denae Muraski! She is awesome! I can txt her or email her anytime day/night and she gets back to me right away. I feel like she’s on my side when setting things up for my contracts. She sees things through in a timely manner and is persistent when contracts/extensions aren’t coming through as quickly as they should. Overall I highly recommend Denae Muraski! And Flex Care for that matter! I’ve never been done wrong by Flex Care but more importantly I feel like a priority.

    215. I have just switched from another travel agency and working with Amber Wehrlie has been a great change! She is always available, is professional and helpful, encouraging me every step of the way. I always know if I have an issue come up, she gets right on it to find answers and solutions. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends to work with. I have not taken housing or benefits with this company yet, but I plan to switch to their benefits plan because it is much better than the plan I was on with my other company. This experience with Flexcare and Amber has been great so far!

    216. I have worked with multiple companies and FlexCare out does them all. My recruiter Amber Werhlie has been phenomenal, always accessible via phone, email or text. I’ve worked with a few people at this company and they all have been wonderful. FlexCare’s transparency and honesty is unmatched by other companies in this market, and their take home pay rates are higher than most, if not all. Unlike other companies, there is no pressure to take assignments you don’t, they really try to meet your needs. I would recommend them to anyone and plan on continuing to work with Amber Werhlie and FlexCare myself.

    217. I just started with Flexcare after finishing a 5 month contract with AMN. I was introduced to my recruiter Alicia Keffel who gave me the biggest relief regarding financial security. I explained to her how horrible my experience was with AMN and how they completely steal from first time travelers. She gave me pay packages to hospitals that I didn’t possibly think I could ever receive. She was absolutely amazing and made me feel more comfortable with travel nursing because I almost wanted to give up and go home. I am from Dallas and wanted to go to Los Angeles. She was with me every step of the way and I felt like she actually cared about me as a person, not just a new business deal. I am SO fortunate to be apart of Flexcare and I hope I continue to have great jobs and travel with her as my recruiter!

    218. Hi all,
      I am currently on my 1st assignment as a Travel Nurse and I must admit, I am having a ball! My recruiter Aleesha Schiro is great! She was honest with me being a 1st time traveler about pay and housing. She worked with me to get compliant with the hospitals and even was able to get reimbursement for shots I had to retake. Although I chose to look for my own housing, she sent me lists of rentals and hotels in the area I was to travel to. She was prompt with returning my phone calls and answering any questions I had. I got to choose the hospitals she submitted me to for interviews. I got a interview the same day of submission. She even sent me possible suggestions on how to answer interview questions. She did not try to low ball me on my salary, even telling me if it was on the low end compared to other hospitals. I was able to review my contract before signing on the dotted line. I would definitely sign on for another travel assignment with her as my recruiter. Compared to another travel nurse that started at the same hospital on the same floor doing the same thing (different company) My compensation was a few hundred dollars higher.She was actually mislead by her company and was told after she got her first check that the stipends and compensation had changed (lower than quoted). Which put her in a bad position. She found her own housing which wad 3 times more than I wad paying for my accomadations. Needless to say she is now looking to change from her company and give my company a chance. The overtime compensation was higher than most companies trying to recruit me. If you need insurance benefits and 401k they offer some of the top companies out there for coverage. So if you want someone who will be an advocate for you, definitely give Aleesha Schiro at Flexcare a try!

    219. My recruiter (Aleesha Schiro)is great to work with, aware of my needs and desires in a job. Always willing to accommodate, answer questions and aid in any situation.

    220. I couldn’t be happier with Flexcare Medical Staffing and Aleesha Schiro. Aleesha always goes above beyond to get things right for me. I couldn’t imagine being with any other agency or recruiter.

    221. They are just like all the other agencies all they care about is making money. Once you get the job and are making them money they really don’t care about you anymore. The recruiter I had was at my beck and call in the beginning and then it was like she didn’t know me anymore. This agency get such great ratings and I thought they were going to be different but they’re not there just like all the others

    222. Geoff Krieger my recruiter was very supportive for my first time as a travel RN. He was honest, knowledgable and friendly. With prompt response 7 days a week and accurate pay, I would 100% recommend this company.

    223. I have had a positive experience with Flexcare so far and have been with them for several assignments. They have excellent pay rates when compared to other companies. My recruiters are always friendly and keenly responsive through calls and texts. They have lots of job opportunities, which is a definite plus. The only downfall I have noticed is the lack of reimbursement for standard expenses such as licensure, certifications, etc that other companies in my experience have always offered to pay.

    224. this agency was very promp & professional I had to do a Loy of testing for a facility & my recruiter Denae was really on top of things very efficient, professional & kept me going she was always very upbeat & positive really took care of my every need. My contract was cancelled due to my inability to catch on to their computers (cerna) which I had never used before. Which I thought if given another day or 2 I would have been fine. I feel bad because my recruiter really went to bat for me in getting everything done so I could start in a timely manner Denae was always there for me any time day or night. Flexcare went above & beyond to help me with anything I needed.

    225. I can’t say enough good things about Geoff Krieger as a recruiter. He is VERY prompt with returning phone calls (something not every recruiter does do); ANY problem I may have had regarding a paycheck (NOT his fault), he quickly got right on resolving the issue and money into account immediately; he’s very personable, polite, listens TO me. Treats me as an individual. Respect.

    226. I have completed one assignment with flexcare and plan on continuing this wonderful adventure with them. My recruiter Camille Walton does a top notch job of taking care of her nurses. She is a great communicator and does everything in her power to make sure my wants and needs in a travel assignment are met. I am beyond pleased with her ongoing efforts and genuine compassion to assure I am satisfied with my assignments.

    227. Geoff Krieger at Flexcare is very accommodating. He answers emails and phone calls in a timely manner. When I have a question or concern, he works hard to get an answer for me.

    228. My recruiter, Jennifer Stevens, is the best I have worked with. When I first applied with this company, she had interviews for me within 24 hours. I would definitely recommend her for your agent.

    229. The hourly pay rate is significantly less than I received in a similar position as a permanent staff nurse, but the living stipends make up nicely for that. I do wish they would pay a health insurance benefit for everyone; I declined their in-house insurance agency because most providers are out of network for me (and most travelers, I assume!) and because I don’t work assignments back to back, I’d have to file for COBRA every time I took a break. Very inconvenient. Finally, my recruiter is very friendly and effective, but could use a professional communication refresher; the use of “LOL,” “omg,” smileys, etc. in professional written communication is a little distracting.

    230. This is my first travel assignment. Alicia Keith is my recruiter and she has been great so far. Very easy to get a hold of and answers all of my questions. She keeps in touch on a regular basis and is very supportive! So far, Flexcare as a whole has been a great company to work with.

    231. I don’t know if I just got a bad recruiter or what was up, but my recruiter (Jennifer Shvetsky) seemed “too busy” and really uninvolved with me. I would ask her for new assignment listings toward the end of my assignment and not hear back, ask again a couple days later and still not hear back, and ask a third time and then just get like 20 emails of positions with no personal note like “hey, sorry it took so long to get back to you” or anything. She was annoyingly difficult to get ahold of throughout the whole assignment and seemed to brush off my concerns as if they were nothing. After the assignment ended, I never heard one more thing from her. All other companies seem to like to keep in contact, but nothing from flexcare. Very weird company, don’t think I’ll be going back with them any time soon.

    232. This was one of the best travel assignments I’ve had in the last several years. Jenn Shvetsky made sure that my housing was set up before the assignement and that the pay structure was accurate with my requests. Thank you again Jenn for exceeding my expectations.

    233. I have been working with Jenn Shvetsky for a little while now and she has consistently gone above and beyond for me. She clearly depicted to me how travel nursing works so I went into this with the right expectations. Some of the other nurses in orientation didn�t have all the information they needed. They seemed like they just didn�t know what to expect from the hospital, their orientation or even their housing. I think Jenn has done a great job and I know she will be there for me when I need. FlexCare is a great agency and I can�t imagine working with anyone else

    234. FlexCare Medical Staffing was able to do very quickly what another agency could not. I had a confirmed assignment within 2 days, AMAZING!! Very professional and friendly. Nicole was awesome. Would highly recommend this company to any nurse who wants to travel with the best!

    235. Mitchell Lee (my recruiter with FlexCare) is friendly and reliable. If he doesnt know an answer to a question, he knows where to find it and gets back in a reasonable manner.

    236. This is my first travel assignment and I chose this agency based on the wonderful reviews I read. I have been very happy with this agency since my first encounter with my recruiter Angela Entwisle. She has been very helpful and accommodating. She is easy to get ahold of and pleasantly answers all my questions and addresses any concerns I might have. I have already recommended this agency and my amazing recruiter to my friends who are looking to start travel nursing.

    237. I just started working with Flexcare this yr and what a difference it is working with a company that has one point of contact for all your needs and concerns.My recruiter Camille Walton is so easy to reach 24/7 and always go the extra distance to make my adjustment to my new assignment smooth. and continually is doing so even after i’m already settled.

    238. Mitchell was very professional and very accessible but flexcares reimbursement package is nonexistent (literally, they don’t offer one, nada nothing) and the compensation package dosent make up for it. I will try TNAA next

    239. Ive been happy working with FlexCare and thats mainly because of my recruiter, Aleesha Schiro! She’s always there when I need her, I know I can depend on her to return my calls, answer any questions and fix any problems with payroll. She’s always been on my side and thats made all the difference! Im excited at the assignments Ive been able to get and I look forward to the ones to come!

    240. Mallori Marucci has been an outstanding recruiter! She has been very accessible and patient with me! I will always recommend her

    241. I have been working with my recruiter Amanda Norton for a while now and she has been absolutely amazing! She really listened to my needs and wants and helped me obtain all of them!! She is there for me 24/7 and always able to answer any question I might have! I would recommend Amanda and the company to any traveller!

    242. I am on my second assignment with FlexCare and remain so grateful that I found them and my recruiter Angie Entwistle! This assignment I was searching for some very specific elements (location, shift, etc). Angie worked extremely hard to find me the perfect contract. She never pressured me to compromise on what she knew I wanted and needed for this assignment. Angie has gone out of her way to make sure all of my questions are answered. She is easy to communicate with and is my only point of contact with the company. Angie answers my calls, texts and emails immediately and is really great to work with. I know that my career as a travel nurse is in great hands because I work with Angie. She has immense knowledge of her company and the travel nursing industry. I feel like she always puts the nurse as her priority. I will continue to work with Angie and know that if there is assignment out there I want then she will work tirelessly to find it! FlexCare pays well and has paid promptly. Any issues that might arise is attended to quickly by Angie and I know that FlexCare supports her as a recruiter. I have a lot of faith in FlexCare as the best travel nursing company and would recommend them and Angie Entwistle to anyone considering travel.

    243. This was my 1st assignment. I couldn’t have done it without Mallori Marucci’s guidance and patience. She always answered my phone calls and emails right away. She would check on me which was very helpful in the early part of my assignment. It has been a wonderful experience thanks to Mallori Marucci!!!!!!!

    244. FlexCare has been great, I have absolutely NO complaints. Angie Entwisle is amazing! She has been here for me since day one, 24/7! I will continue to use her and FlexCare as long as I can, and fully recommend them to everyone I talk to!

    245. Starting out as a new traveler, I was extremely nervous choosing one agency with the ridiculous amount of them out there. I used travel nursing central as my gauge in determining the top ranked agencies and after speaking with several of them decided to go with FlexCare. I cannot express how ridiculously happy I am with my decision. My agent and I clicked immediately. She understood me, took me seriously, let me know it was ok to explore my options, and hung in there with me for a YEAR while I got everything slowly ready to travel. She was the sweetest, most laid back, understanding, and most of all GENUINE agent I spoke with through my process…and i spoke with A LOT! Brittany Freeseha, is without a doubt the biggest blessing in my life this year. Brittany has been PERFECT for me. She is an absolute DOLL! She was always there if I needed her, responded to texts and emails PROMPTLY, always made sure I was happy and would send the sweetest care packages in the world with flexcare goodies and the kindest notes! Also as a new traveler it’s been hard for me to remember my paperwork, deadlines, etc. every week, and she handled ALL OF IT for me. She turned in all my hours, would shoot me texts if she had questions, and went above and beyone to ensure my first experience was epic. It was so epic that i extended my contract in the area and wouldn’t think of leaving her or Flexcare. I would HIGHLY recommend this agency and although I have no other agencies myself to compare them to, I do have 2 close friends who also just started traveling and are making less money on the same assignments, with more stress, and less direction. I am not one to write reviews but I felt the need since I wish I would have had direction when I was going through this process. Let me just tell you, it doesn’t get better than this. A+ agency, A+ staff. Thank you Flexcare for making my experience so great! Excited for the many assignements in store for me 🙂

    246. I,did a lot of homework before choosing an agency for my first travel assignment. I fount Flexcare and fell in love with my recruiter Nicole Bender. She has been absolutely phenomenal. The agency has been great and efficient, and has made my first assignment a smoothe one thus far. I would highly recommend both Flexcare and Nicole!! I intend on continuing my travel career with Nicole and flexcare!!!

    247. This is my first travel assignment and all I have to say is Kayla Seville made it the best experience I could ask for. She is available at all times through text, email, and phone. Even if it is after hours and she is not in the office, she is always there if I need her. She also always had my back and fought for me during any time issues came up during assignment. I was always notified if for any reason she was going to be gone or unavailable. She gave me contact info of another recruiter to reach if I needed them while she was gone. I honestly feel like I gained a friend when I started working with Flexcare. Thanks KAYLA!! YOU ROCK!!

    248. I’ve been working with Denae Muraski for the past several months on finding a job in San Diego. Her dedication and promptness finally resulted in an ideal job in San Diego and I couldn’t be happier! She is always friendly, prompt in her responses, always willing to go the extra mile to assist me or answer my questions in a timely manner, and makes me feel like she really cares about my needs and desires as a traveler! A good recruiter really does make a huge difference in the world of traveling and I thank you Denae!

    249. Alicia Keith at Flexcare Medical Staffing is great. Sweet and willing to go above and beyond for her nurses. I appreciate her for making me feel like her only nurse.

    250. I give Flexcare a 3 only 4 areas. Housing, benefits, insurance and accommodating. This is because there is no N/A option. I did not use housing, benefits or the insurance plan. I do think the company could have been a little more accommodating. They didn’t pay for some of my pre travel things like a health screen and that seems cheap. Other than that, my recruiter was AMAZING. I had an awful assignment that he was incredibly supportive with through the whole contract. Eventually I had to resign early and he continued to be supportive even though it was obviously going to cost him money. Geoff is the best recruiter I have ever worked with and any nurse would be lucky to work with him!

    251. I love working with Alicia Keith! She’s amazing! This is my first experience with traveling and she made it a breeze!

    252. My recruiter and everyone else at this company who I have had contact with is great, always available or arranges ahead of time for someone else to be available. If she goes on vacation she calls me, and emails me an alternate point of contact. Checks up frequently even if its just to say hello and make sure nothing is up. One pay error, corrected within 12 hours of me calling!

    253. Camille Walton is a great recruiter, she worked hard to find me housing, and is available anytime I need her to ask questions or voice concerns.

    254. This was a great experience for my first time traveling. Camille Walton worked very well with me to get all I needed to do my job well. My only issue was I was told it would be easy to find housing, so I chose the stipend and housing was not easy if you have a few requests like living alone or not desiring a complete stranger to live with. Everything else has gone well.

    255. I had worked with AMN for 1.5 years and recently switched to FlexCare. I was teamed with Angie Entwisle. She has been so incredible to work with. I have nothing but good things to say. She’s easily accessible, honest, easy going, extremely friendly, knowledgable about the business, and very resourceful. I have been on my new assignment with FlexCare and I already want to extend. It helped that Angie was familiar with the area I was moving to, I feel like we are friends, not only business partners. I have referred so many of my friends to her after having such a good experience over the past couple of months of working together. I plan on staying with FlexCare for a long time after knowing I’m in such good hands with Angie. I’m just sad it took me so long to find her!

    256. Alicia Keith has been AMAZING!!! This is my first assignment as a travel nurse and she has made it so smoothly! She is always so cheerful on the phone and super sweet. I can’t imagine having a better recruiter!

    257. My recruiter is Angie Witsile and she is very helpful. I love the fact that I can reach her at anytime of the day.

    258. Annie has been fantastic! This is only my second travel assignment and my first with FlexCare. My original agency left a bad taste in my mouth, but Annie has made me realize
      that I made the right decision to travel. I have sent her emails well after business hours and still receive a reply from her. She has been on top of everything that I may need and has been upfront about everything. My paychecks have been accurate and on time. The benefits are well priced and with a well known company. I am very happy with FlexCare and Annie. I will definitely using them for my next assignment!

    259. Annie Doolittle is an awesome recruiter! This was my first travel assignment and she really made the transition from staff nurse into travel nurse a smooth a seamless process! I definitely would recommend FlexCare to anyone currently traveling or someone who is interested in travel nursing!

    260. I have profiles and recruiters at over 15 agencies (yes that means 15 freakin checklists!) so I can compare each offer and choose the one that suits me. I have not worked with a more friends and helpful agency. My recruiter, Mallori Marucci is always available 24/7 when I need her. I work night shift and a few times I’ve had to remind her “it’s midnight on a Sunday. Go to sleep!” She is always on the ball and if she doesn’t know the answer, she finds in promptly. I highly recommend FlexCare and Mallori Marucci to first time and experienced travelers

    261. Mallori has been an awesome source of information as well as guidance as a nurse recruiter. I am happy with my assignment as well as my pay. I will definitely continue to work with FlexCare and recommend it to anyone who is interested.

    262. My recruiter, Jennifer Shvetsky, has gone above and beyond in helping me find housing. When she couldn’t go look at an apartment for me, her husband went in her place. Very efficient, helpful, and kind.

    263. FlexCare has definitely lived up to its reputation and my expectations. My recruiter, Jennifer Shvetsky, is an asset to their team and to the travel nursing community. She is very efficient, hard working and dedicated to her travelers. Jenn has gone above and beyond to make my travel experiences successful and I am very thankful to have her as my recruiter!! I have already recommended FlexCare to several co-workers and will continue to do so. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

    264. Camille W. has been an awesome representative of Flexcare Staffing. She is my one stop shop for issues and is ALWAYS available to assist me! Haven’t had any major problems with the company and transitioning into the hospital, most of my issues arose once I got to the hospital since this was their first time dealing with the company, such as requiring a 3 month TB test as oppose to 12 months which delayed me slightly or not enough computer training for travelers. After getting over the bumps and having Camille to vent with and my voice was heard. She also makes sure my pay is ALWAYS on time and accurate. Love working with the company, will do so again 🙂

    265. Alicia Keith did a great job of keeping me updated on jobs in the area I was looking for, next steps and answering all of my questions. She is always available and I feel that she really has my best interests at heart. She also gets back to me right away, which got me the job I wanted. I haven’t started my first assignment yet, so I can’t speak to the paycheck questions (although this site made me fill them in). My only issue is that I had to find my own housing, but the place I found looks beautiful, so hoping for good things. Thanks Alicia!

    266. First time working as a travel nurse and i never regret choosing Flexcare Medical staffing for my travel assignment.I am very much happy with my first assignment and now extending my contract.They are very helpful,supportive and honest.

    267. First time working as a travel nurse and i never regret choosing Flexcare Medical staffing for my travel assignment.I am very much happy with my first assignment and now extending my contract.Mallori Marucci is really amazing! Very helpful,friendly,honest and supportive. One of the best thing i like working with her is, what ever concerns you have, you can text,email and call her anytime( even at 11pm or midnight as long as she is awake!lol) and you will get a prompt reply.She is always on top of everything.Really the best!!!

    268. A recruiter can make or break a travel experience. Working with Jennifer Schvetsky has been the sort of experience that earns an RNs loyalty. She is efficient, honest, and puts in the time and effort to make sure her nurses secure positions that are a good fit and positive professional experience.

    269. I have not received my first paycheck yet as I am new with this company, so I really can’t comment on that aspect. I will say that my recruiter (Denae Muraski), has been extremely helpful and accommodating.

    270. My recruiter Mitchell Lee has been an amazing! Having been an emergency paramedic for 11 years but an RN for only a year and a half, he worked to get me into what I’ve heard from exp. travelers, the highest paying contract in CA by pitching my background. He didn’t have to, but he went the extra mile and never settled until I was more than satisfied. He has been very attentive and answers my texts messages almost immediately no matter what and he’s a super nice guy! I can’t say enough about him and the company. I did a complete life change and the transition was smooth as ever got a first time traveler! They never harassed me to join them and they have be efficiently communicative and patient with me being a newbie. I feel like it was a gift and great 30th bday present to myself to have such a great company backing me.

      They are awesome, as the reviews don’t lie as they are what led me to them! Will be extending if this hospital keeps that rate, but either way I’m finding another place with FlexCare! Loving the experience at the hospital and ease of emailing a pic of my time card and getting paid early and correctly!

      I will be staying with FlexCare with my recruiter Mitchell Lee for the long run!

    271. Mitchell Lee is an awesome recruiter. He was timely and professional in getting my brother and I a contract in our desired location, and every efficient and helpful in navigating around roadblocks. He was very quick to have an extension offer ready when I decided to stay for a bit longer at the facility. Mitchell always answers promptly and honestly. Working for FlexCare has been an enjoyable experience and I look forward to more travel assignments in the future with this agency 🙂

    272. My experience with FlexCare has been nothing short of amazing. Amanda Norton is my recruiter, and trust me that she will go the moon and back for you. This is my first time traveling in quite some time and she is making this transition easy. I could not have asked for a better recruiter! Thanks Amanda for all you do!

    273. My recruiter, Angie Entwisle, is everything I want in a recruiter. She is prompt with her responses, and always finds the answer to things she doesn’t know. She cares about my preferences and takes them into account. For example, she told me for weeks there was nothing available in the state I wanted then worked hard to do what she could to get me in…now I’m at my number one choice assignment! I know she cares about my overall experience, and is not trying to rip me off. I will stay with the company as long as possible because of how much respect I have for you. Thanks for everything Angie!

    274. My experience with FlexCare Medical staffing has been exceptional with due credit to Amanda Norton. She really knows her job quite well and knew answers to all the questions I had and talking with her gave me encouragement to progress with travel nursing. Amanda Norton is A . She made the process of travel nursing easy to understand and explained so many details. Amanda is very reliable and seeks the best for her travel nurses!! I felt at ease throughout the whole process.

    275. My recruiter, Amanda Norton with Flexcare is absolutely Amazing!! From the moment that I signed on with this company, she has always been extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions/concerns that I’ve had. I don’t think that I’ve ever called her where she didn’t answer the phone and even if she doesn’t have an immediate answer to my questions, she is very prompt on acquiring a solution which puts me at ease. Amanda has even been helpful to me when I have not been on assignment with her company which makes me feel that she truly has my best interest at heart. Flexcare truly cares about their nurses and it is because of recruiters like Amanda, whom I immediately felt a connection and sense of trust with when we first spoke that this company continues to be successful:)

    276. Angela Entwisle is great at making sure you feel confident and ready to go out into the travel nursing world. She’s always there when you need her and very happy to help you get issues resolved.

    277. I worked with Amanda Norton and she was beyond helpful. I felt comfortable and adequately prepared for my first travel assignment. She was always available, even on her days off. The agency was open about each hospital and what to expect going in so that I could choose a place that would fit my personality and scope of practice. If I ever do another contract I will work with her again!

    278. Amanda Norton has been extremely helpful and accessible during my first travel assignment. She’s gone out of her way to help make this first assignment as comfortable an experience as possible. She’s always available to answer questions and give advice. It’d be great if all recruiters would take a que from Amanda!

    279. Amanda Norton is amazing! She is so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable. She is knowledgeable and so easy to get ahold of. I like FlexCare because I only deal with her and it allows for a relationship to be built. I would recommend Amanda to all my nurse friends.

    280. Amanda Norton is a very friendly, reliable hard-working recruiter. She’s been upfront and fast in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. She has made my first foray into travel nursing an easy transition.

    281. This is my first assignment as a travel RN and so far it has been a positive experience. My recruiter Amanda is amazing – she is super helpful and always available.

    282. The communication with this agency is fantastic. All questions are responded thoroughly and timely. The fact that you have a single point of contact for every possible concern and don’t have to be transferred through to a million people is great. I would highly recommend FlexCare.

    283. FlexCare Medical Staffing has been incredible. I was able to get my #1 location my first time and the process of applying to Flexcare, obtaining an assignment, and moving to another state was seamless. My recruiter Sarah Kurth has been awesome. She is very responsive, and does everything possible to make sure I’m having a good assignment and that I’ve met all compliance requirements. She’s very personable as well-she sends me cards from time to time, checks in on me, and cares about me as a person and not just a client. The pay with FlexCare is very competitive as well and my pay checks are always on time and accurate. I can’t wait for my next travel assignment with FlexCare!

    284. If I ever have a question Sarah Kurth always responds very quickly and with as much information as she can find for me. Very professional and efficient company to work for. Lots of opportunities in all areas of nursing, competitive pay and flexible benefit packages.

    285. I’m on my first travel assignment! My recruiter, Amanda Norton, is wonderful. She is on top of everything and is available all hours of the day. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable with my first assignment and hasn’t gone a week without either e-mailing or calling me.

    286. Alicia Keith is my recruiter and she is incredible! I had an unfortunate experience with another agency that left me stranded in a strange town far from home. I was defeated and very anxious about my situation. I reached out to Alicia in desperation because I remembered that we had chatted a few times before I took the assignment from a different agency. She stepped right into the gap and pulled me out of that dark place in less than 2 days! I was both shocked and thrilled at her expertise and professionalism. I now have an assignment that actually pays better than the other one and I feel more confident about its success. Alicia has a bright, cheerful friendly personality but don’t let that fool you! She is all business and she is dead serious about getting the best placement for her Nurses. I will certainly recommend her to my friends and co-workers. There is a reason that FlexCare is in the top ranked travel agencies. Listen to your fellow Nurses – let our experiences guide you and make a wise choice.

    287. I have been working with Flexcare for 3/4 of my travels thus far and have had offers from other agencies. I always stick with Flexcare because of my recruiters. They have done so well that they have been promoted within. I’m now working with Sarah Kurth and can’t say enough good things about her. She’s professional, friendly and honest.

    288. I wish to express my highest recommendation for FLEXCARE and especially my Nurse Recruiter, Shane Young who went above the call in professional and personal care of needs. Will work with FLEXCARE and Shane Young again and recommend to other Travelers.

    289. This is only my first travel assignment and I’m pleased to say that I would absolutely recommend Angie Entwisle at FlexCare. She is patient, friendly, and willing to find an assignment that suits your skills. She gives honest feedback and does not need to sell her company or herself like some other travel recruiters do. I have run into a few issues with my assignment and she was there to help me each time I needed her, with a quick resolution. I feel like I can have open and honest conversations about my needs for my assignment and that she listens and is willing to go the extra mile. Angie is a great recruiter and I look forward to continuing working with her.

    290. This is my first experience with being a traveling nurse so I didn’t know what to expect or what it would entail. From the first time I spoke with Alisha Keith, she was very informative and accommodating with all the steps necessary to complete credentialing for traveling. She made appointments and phone calls for me, even though I could’ve made them myself. Thanks Alisha for making a potentially overwhelming process seem easy.

    291. Mallori is the best recruiter I’ve worked with. She stays in contact and keeps me updated with all needed information. She checks in each week to see that all my needs are met.

    292. Flexcare is the third agency I’ve been with and they are by far the best! My recruiter, Camille Walton, is absolutely fantastic. She’s personable, caring, and hard working. She fights for me and has my best interests at heart. I know that I can trust her and know that she will always tell me the truth. She isn’t going to rush my into a contract that’s not right for me. I’m so thankful I found Camille and flex are. Definitely won’t be needing a 4th agency

    293. This has been my first travel assignment. I am working with Amanda Norton. Amanda has been so nice, patient, efficient, and helpful during this journey.I have met other travel nurses that have told me horror stories about other agencies. I am so glad that I am working with Flexcare. They have provided me with an awesome first travel experience.

    294. I have had a great experience with Flexcare. My recruiter, Amanda Norton, is friendly and on top of things, always making sure I have what I need for my assignment. I have not had any of the issues I’ve had with other agencies, since my recruiter handles everything, rather than calling several different people, I just call her and she takes care of it. Flexcare does not offer housing, so keep in mind you will have to find your own. But the pay and stipend make up for that.

    295. Love my recruiter. She is the only person I have ever interacted with at Flexcare. She treats me with great respect and does what she says she will do when she says she will do it.

    296. I have had an amazing experience so far with Flexcare. My recruiter Angie worked tirelessly to land me my dream job in San Francisco. It has been much simpler to deal with Angie directly with questions and concerns on any aspect of my assignment

    297. Mitchell Lee has made my travel experience wonderful. He always answers my text messages within minutes. He’s very easy to talk to, and wasn’t “pushy” when I was trying to decide if Iwas going to use them. He explained the whole process to me. When others have asked what agency I’m with, they all say they’ve heard good things about Flexcare. I’m glad that I chose them.

    298. I highly recommend my recruiter Mitchell Lee. He is professional and found my dream job for my first assignment! Thank you! Flexcare is very organized and professional to work with. Highly recommend!

    299. Getting involved in travel nursing can be a little overwhelming at first with so many options and different agencies to choose from. I am so happy I chose Flexcare to help me get started on this new chapter of my career. My recruiter, Amanda Norton, was so understanding and helpful. She answered all of my questions and did everything possible to help me get a job in the location I requested. I have now moved across the country and am so excited to start my 13 week travel assignment in Texas. I plan to stick with Flexcare and continue working with Amanda for my future assignments.

    300. My recruiter is Mike Lupia. Mike has always gone way above and beyond for me. He is available basically 24/7. He is so knowledgeable. I can’t describe in words how happy I am to have found him to travel for/with. I highly recommend him and Flexcare to anyone and everyone I meet!!

    301. Amanda Norton at Flexcare was WONDERFUL!!!! Great personality, astute, her professional acumen is unmatched thus far. Always available to help, and ready to assist. Amanda Norton is an asset to the company and I hope she is treated that way.

    302. My recruiter with Flexcare (Amanda Norton),is always on point. She promptly returns calls/emails/texts. When I ask for something, it’s done immediately. I’m loving her professionalism.

    303. This is my first travel assignment. Amanda Norton at Flexcare has been wonderful to work with. She has been available for me whenever I have questions and concerns. She has been quick at emalling me with forms and such. I am happy with my pay rate and location of my assignment. I look forward to future assignments.

    304. So far I have had a great experience with flexcare medical staffing. Specifically, Mike Lupia has helped me with everything I have needed. He is very responsive to my questions and seems to truly care about my experience and tries to make it the best he can. A couple weeks into my first assignment he called just to check and see how I was doing.

    305. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about FlexCare and my recruiter Angie. She has been so helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She worked hard to get me exactly where I wanted to go with a great pay rate. I would recommend her and FlexCare to anyone traveling!

    306. My recruiter Angie Entwisle is a perfect fit for me, listening skills and understanding needs with great follow up makes her mine

    307. I am currently in my second travel assignment. I am working in a travel team with my significant other. We have been working with Angela Entwisle and she has been absolutely amazing to work with. There were a couple occasions where we were having difficulty getting an assignment in the specific location we were looking for, and Angela went above and beyond to make it happen for us. She responds quickly and is reliable. We have had a great experience with her and we will continue to have her as our recruiter.

    308. Flexcare Medical staffing came highly recommended and my recruiter Angela Entwisle has been an amazing partner in my travel journey. she answers my frantic texts and emails late at night, early morning, and weekends (even holiday weekends)!! She gets the assignments I want and need and is always available to address my concerns.

    309. Nicole Bender with Flexcare has been amazing! From the beginning she listened to what I was looking for in an assignment. She not only got me the area I was looking for but also an awesome payrate all within a week! She is very fast to respond and answers all my questions. The pay with Flexcare was significantly higher than the competitive companies in the area and they had quick turn around times for interviews. I really enjoy working for this company so far!

    310. Angie Entwisle is great! She is easy to reach, easy to work with and works fast and effeciently. I would recommend her to anyone.

    311. I have been working with Angela Entwisle for the past 7 months and have nothing but positive to share. She is incredible accommodating and always available! I love that she is always so quick to respond whenever I reach out. So thankful to have such a honest recruiter who has my best interests at heart!

    312. I wish I could give Flex care a great review. I like the fact that there’s one point of contact. The housing help did not work as promised. For the most part things were going fine until I was left stranded more than 3000 miles away from home after the hospital refused to honored days off that I requested due to religious belief and signed the contract for. I signed the contract a month before only to find out 2 business days or 4 days to be exact prior to starting the contract that the hospital was not aware of the request which at that time my car was already sent there and did not have a choice but to travel there to get my car.I feel like the recruiter had not done enough to resolve the discrepancy which was the hospital and and the contract vendor’s fault and the reason for that is because I am the one who spent my money to travel.They have nothing to lose.To be fair he was always available via cell phone and email which is a plus and he offered to send my profile to another hospital nearby but the money he offered more than $500/week difference than the one I traveled for did not make sense because housing in that area was also expensive. I do believe that he sent the contract with the request days off but the vendor dropped the ball. I choose not to name the recruiter because I would hate to have him lose businesses and I think he is a nice guy. I love seeing people progressing. I hope that he learned something out of this experience.I also have to add that I never received any apology and now I am stranded with no job after I left my full time job.

    313. My husband and I are both currently travel nurses and have been working with Mike Lupia at Flexcare Medical Staffing since January of this year. We have been very impressed with his reliability and professionalism. He is such a wonderful person to work with and always has our best interests in mind. He is very quick to help us get things going to secure an interview for our next assignment and so far every hospital we have wanted to work for has offered us both positions. We are very happy we get to work with such a great recruiter and travel agency.

    314. I was a bit unsure about travel nursing but decided to look into it to give myself more opportunities and experiences I wouldn’t have in my other job. I didn’t realize there were so many travel companies so I did quite a bit of research before contacting anybody. FlexCare kept
      Popping up as the number 1 travel company in all my searches so I finally contacted them via their website. Within 10 minutes,
      Mercedes Flowerdew contacted me and we chatted for a good 30 minutes. She was very open about how everything works with assignments, my compensation, their compensation, and not once did I feel any pressure. She sent me several links to check out and told me to contact her with any other questions or if/when I decided I wanted to travel. I contact her later in the week with questions about having a tax home, medical benefits, etc…, and she was awesome. I finally decided to go for it and she was supportive and amazing during the whole
      Process of getting my documents turned in and finding my first assignment. I have only ever worked in a cardiac PCU, which is what I was hoping to continue, but I was open to working in a basic telemetry floor as well just to be able to travel. She submitted me to a job that looked like a descent match, but the very next morning another job came up so she contacted me right away about it. I decided that sounded even better and it turned out to be the perfect match! Thank-you so much Mercedes Flowerdew for being an awesome recruiter and helping me get the perfect first travel assignment. FlexCare has been great during my first assignment with everything and I am sure it will continue. A good
      Recruiter is the key and I got lucky to get Mercedes.

    315. ALEESHA SCHIRO is everything a nursing recruiter should be! She is very organized, thoughtful, and personable. Everything at our assignments was set up and instructions were always made clear, so we were never questioning where or when we were supposed to be somewhere. If there was ever an issue with a pay check or anything at all, Aleesha knew it and had it handled before we ever knew it was a problem. She is an amazing recruiter, and I would recommend her to anyone!!

    316. Angie Entwisle has been great, she is always accessible, gets you answers and resolves issues quickly. She is knowledgeable and hardworking. I felt she truly had my best interest in mind.

    317. Shane young has been great. If I stay with this company I would never dream of changing recruiters. He has gone beyond trying to help me deal with issues and find my own housing. He always promptly answers me back. He has been honest and caring. I truly recommend him. I don’t like they only pay part of my health insurance. Otherwise I think they are a great company.

    318. Flexcare Medical staffing came highly recommended and my recruiter Angela Entwisle has been an amazing partner in my travel journey. she answers my frantic texts and emails late at night, early morning, and weekends (even holiday weekends)!! She gets the assignments I want and need and is always available to address my concerns.

    319. Jeff Blair is my recruiter and so far he has been great. I am new to travel nursing and he has been very patient and informative regarding all of my millions of questions.

    320. I have been extremely happy working with FlexCare from day 1. Jeff is a wonderful recruiter! Very easy to get a hold of, professional, honest, everything you would want in a recruiter. He really looks after my best interests, I was even given the opportunity to re-sign a contract after a more desirable shift at the same hospital/unit became available! When Jeff was out of the office one day, another recruiter was in touch with me immediately. This agency has your back 100%. Highly recommend FlexCare 🙂

    321. Great company. My recruiter Landon Montenegro eased my way into travelling nursing. I was nervous and di not know what to expect but he answered all my questions and was very honest as well. And pay rate was great.

    322. They won’t give you travel reimbursement. They say it’s already part of the pay package even if you drive from NE US to SW US. Also, if you get put on call and never get called in, you will lose your normal hourly pay for the day along with the per diem for the day. This is a substantial amount taken out of your paycheck, and you can’t necessarily make up the day if you get put on call at the end of the week. Although they don’t have guaranteed pay and don’t have travel reimbursement,they do however have a lot of job positions. But I wouldn’t work with them again.

    323. Katie Little is Great to work with. When the facility messed up my hours she had it fixed before payday and before I even knew there was a problem. She is very quick to respond.

    324. My wife and I are both travel nurses and have been extremely pleased with Flexcare as a travel company. I love that we have had a single point of contact the entire time. Our recruiter, Mike Lupia, has been incredibly helpful from the beginning. He guided us through the initial stack of paperwork on day 1, took the time to make a local attractions list for our first assignment, and continues to periodically check in even when we are happily completing an assignment. It’s great to feel like a cooworker and not just another number!!

    325. Mitchell Lee with Flexcare Staffing has been such an incredible help to me during my first experience as a travel nurse. He has always been accessible, knowledgable and thorough during this entire process. He always gets right back with me when I have any questions with detailed answers. I have been very pleased with my experience and verything has gone so smoothly that I will continue using Mitchell as my recruiter.

    326. �This is my first travel assignment. My recruiter Landon Montenegro is great to work with. He is very professional and friendly. He�s always available to answer any of my questions or concerns no matter what time of the day it is. I am very happy that I stumbled upon this company, and I feel fortunate to have him as my recruiter on my first assignment. I will definitely stay with Flexcare and continue working with Landon for my future assignments.

    327. Love working with my recruiter Shane Young. He got me traveling to one of my top three locations in two short weeks 🙂

    328. Shane Young is an awesome recruiter!! He is very diligent in his work to getting you the best assignment that fits your desire. I am pleased, because this is my first assignment and he made it a smooth process for me. I would definetly use him for future assignments.

    329. Amanda Norton is very helpful and so easy to communicate with! I really appreciate how accessible she is to the nurses she works with. She goes above and beyond and is so supportive and understanding… I’m glad she’s my recruiter!

    330. i really wish they would pay 100% of the insurance. Also dental benefits are expensive. Otherwise they are a great company to work for.

    331. My experience with Flexcare and working with my recruiter, Mitchell Lee, has been Phenominal!! Mitchell has gone above and beyound to meet my travel needs and providing me with answers to any questions I may have had along the way. Also Communication has been awesome as we speak via text and my questions or needs are met same day! I would recomend Flexcare to ANY nurse looking for a new travel agency.

    332. I have had issues with 2-3 paychecks. They try to explain it but it makes no sense, but I had no time to listen to them try to explain it again. They don’t offer travel reimbursement. They claim that it is rolled into your package. They don’t offer guaranteed pay, and for each hour not worked, $20 is deducted. So your paycheck can be $300 less.

    333. Geoff Krieger through flexcare has been great to work with. The pay rates are the best I’ve been offered with any company and that makes me feel appreciated which is really the most important thing of all. I worked with a bigger company before and I never had any issues with them but with Flexcare everything seems more honest and upfront, there was no gimicks or need to asl for certain things for increased pay. Geoff is really good about giving me all the information I need in a timely manner. I definitely recommend reaching out to flexcare and seeing if they are a match for what you are looking for in a travel company

    334. Great pay, great customer service! Geoff Krieger is my recruiter, so far I never had a bad experience with him. He answers all my inquiries and always available everytime i needed him. He’s very prompt with all the matters that needs to be done right away. Im glad i have hime as my recruiter as he made my travelling experience really wonderful and as what i expected to be!

    335. The efficiency coupled along with friendliness and honesty of my recruiter, Mercedes Flowerdew, is what influenced my decision to join this company. Our first conversation answered every question I could think of plus more! I immediately felt like I was talking to a long time friend when I first spoke with Mercedes, and not a stranger. She will always be my top choice as a recommendation for recruiter through the Flexcare agency!

    336. As a new traveling nurse Goeff has helped me get started with this new experience. Goeff has been knowledgeable and friendly thoughtout finding my assignment.

    337. My recruiter, Jeff is wonderful with Flexcare. He is always available and stays on top of things. I did alot of research before signing with a travel agency and I heard wonderful things about Flexcare.

    338. Angela Entwisle has been a fantastic recruiter since I started travel nursing. She is very available, professional, and reliable. She makes me feel like my travel nursing experience is her priority. I have already recommended this company and recruiter to several other RNs looking to travel. I plan to continue working with this company through the next several years.

    339. I had a really quick turn around time from travel nursing overseas for the last 3 years to coming home and needing to sign a contract a month later. My recruiter, Nicole Bender, was so awesome with this process! She was available 24/7 for me to contact any time. With such a time difference it made my experience wonderful! At the time I had submitted to another agency as well to see who would be able to get me a contract in my new area of nursing and Flexcare kicked the other company’s tail (courant get a hold of the other company to save my life). They were great to communicate with and were able to get me a travel position in my new area. I’m about half way into my contract now and have had a few hiccups with miscommunication on some things but Nicole and her manager handled it quicky and professionally. Will definitely be doing my next contract with Flexcare.

    340. Experienced as a OR nurse, but new to the Travel nurse role, I needed an recruiter that didn’t try to “sell” me on their agency. FlexCare Medical Staffing was the 4th agency I interviewed before securing my first assignment. After my first contact with Executive Recruiter Natalie Serra, I was confident that I had found the right person at the right agency to support my new career path. Natalie’s knowledge of her agency and how it represents nurses as well as her honesty and patience in answering questions gave me the confidence to make a commitment to travel with FlexCare. Now, on assignment, I feel I have a powerful resource in my corner to help me through any challenges that I can’t handle on my own.
      I am looking forward to my next assignment with FlexCare.

    341. Natalie Pisciotta with FlexCare is by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with. She takes the time to understand where I want to work and has never submitted my profile without talking to me first. She also doesn’t try to push me to take contracts I don’t want and has always got got my back.

    342. Flexcare is the best! I’m a new traveler and my experience has been pretty much flawless. My recruiter is so sweet and basically the best there is. I’ve heard horror stories from other travelers, so I feel super lucky to have found Flexcare!!!

    343. My recruiter, Mallori Marucci, with Flexcare Medical Staffing is nothing short of amazing. I am currently on my first travel assignment about 2000 miles from home. Mallori has been there to walk me through the entire process of getting set up with my new hospitals, looking at areas to live in, and keeping my profile up to date. She is very easy to get ahold of, and if for some reason she is unavailable at the time, her response is prompt and always within 30 minutes to an hour. She is extremely personable, helping me feel comfortable and cared about, all while maintaining a professional attitude and demeanor. I recommend Flexcare to any nurse out there looking to jump start their travel career, and I always give them Mallori’s name and number! Everyone deserves to work with the best of the best!

    344. Natalie Pisciota has been the BEST!!! I really feel like she has my back. She doesn’t treat me as a number… She treats me as a colleague. She s very personable!!!’ I love that about her. I have never meet her in person but she makes me feel as if I have known her for years !!!calls me immediately and never leaves me hanging — that’s very important to me

      Thank you Natalie !!!

    345. I would, and have, recommended Mike Lupia to anyone interested in travel nursing. Mike is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, honest and upfront and accessible. As a new traveler, I feel that I am lucky to have found such a great recruiter and I know my travel nursing experience will be great because of the experience Mike brings to the equation.

    346. My recruiter Natalie Serra ALWAYS go the extra mile for her nurses. When something new came about such as time sheets we would figure it out together. No matter if it was before or after hours she made herself available to help. Natalie made my first year traveling a breeze and I thank her so much!!!

    347. My husband and I both are travel nurses and our recruiters name is Natalie Sierra and she is absolutely the best recruiter EVER!! We’ve used 3 different agencies since we started traveling a little over a year ago and we will NEVER use anyone other than her again!! Excellent through and through

    348. My recruiter, Mercedes Flowerdew at FlexCare Medical Staffing was amazing! I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Mercedes was always available, but never pushy. She answered all of my questions, was always there with a quick response when I needed her, and she worked diligently to find the perfect assignment for just for me. I would definitely recommend!

    349. Natalie Serra is an awesome recruiter. She goes above and beyond for her nurses and is accessible 24/7. I love FlexCare!

    350. Natalie Pisciotta is my recruiter through flexcare and she has been wonderful! She is helpful, prompt and will work with you in every way possible to make your experience with flexcare a good one.

    351. I have been working with Natalie Pisciotta for appx 6 months and she has been very helpful and up front about things. If she doesn’t know the answer to one of my questions, she will ask someone else and get back to me immediately. She is professional, but also very personable and always very cheerful. I would recommend her to others as well as work with her on other assignments.

    352. I went with Flexcare Medical Staffing for my first travel assignment and I couldn’t have been happier. It’s a great company and my recruiter, Natalie Pisciotta, is amazing. I have only good things to say!

    353. Natalie Pisciotta with Flexcare has been fantastic to work with. She is very easy to get a hold of and really takes into account my wishes for a particular assisgnment. She has kept in contact with me regularly throughout this assignment. This is my first travel contract and I was working with a couple of different agencies to find the right fit and Natalie was the fit! She was just as excited as I was when I got my first assignment in one of my top picks! I didn’t take their benefits package as I have my own so I can’t speak to that. I also took the housing stipend instead of provided housing so I can not speak to that as well, but as far as my experience with Nataile and Flexcare it has been great! I can’t wait for my next assignment.

    354. This is my first assignment with FlexCare, and I am very pleased with the service that has been provided thus far. They were open about their pay rates, and were able to find available positions in top rated hospitals. Angie Entwisle has been the absolute best, always reliable, and considerate of her nurses’ needs and wants. I truly appreciate this agency, and would recommend it to any travel nurse.

    355. Working with FlexCare, especially recruiter Angie Entwisle, has been a very individualized, professional experience. Angie and FlexCare, as a whole, have been very accommodating to my needs and concerns. Angie is very straightforward, reliable, and have answered all my questions with the utmost honesty.

    356. Natalie Serra is my recruiter. She is amazing! She has bent over backwards to get my assignment exactly what I wanted it to be. I can get in contact with her via text, call, or email and she responds within a short period of time that same day. I highly recommend this company and highly recommend Natalie!!

    357. My recruiter, Denae Muraski, at Flexcare is the best! She works so hard to make sure that you’re 100% happy and taken care of. I would recommend her to any travel nurse looking for an organized, honest, and NICE recruiter! And Flexcare has been awesome. Looking forward to continuing to work with Denae and Flexcare.

    358. Camille Walton from FlexCare is fantastic to work with. She listened to what I wanted and where I wanted to go for my first travel assignment and gave me exactly what I asked for! I didn’t feel like I was just a number to her or like she was a salesperson trying to sell me on something I didn’t want like some other agencies I have come across. Camille is also always very easy to get a hold of, even on the weekends! I didn’t feel alone or left in the dark especially this being my first assignment. She asked me to take the time to look up the area the hospital was in and the facility to make sure it was a good fit for me. She didn’t rush my decision or force me into something I was unsure about. I would and have recommended FlexCare and Camille Walton to my travel nursing friends and plan on working with Camille for my next assignments to come!

    359. I have worked with several travel agencies in my few years as a travel nurse and I do not tolerate agency disrespect, recruiter neglect or belittling. These are characteristics of some agencies that forget it’s the nurse who is not only representing them but most of all making their lives possible by making money for them. I am happy to say that Flexcare Medical Staffing does not possess those characteristics! Although I am not on assignment with them right now they are always on my mind! First Forrest was my recruiter and he did an excellent job but I lost him to promotion. However, because he is a great representative of Flexcare (hince the promotion), he made sure that I had a great transition to my new recruiter Nicole Bender. Nicole has been AWESOME to work with and has truly been the BEST recruiter I have had (sorry Forrest, whom I still love)! She is always readily available and accessible to me! She is truly worth her weight in gold!!! Nicole stays in contact with me even when I’m not on assignment. She actually listened to my needs and addresses them accordingly. Nicole is the true definition of RECRUITER! After all recruiting is about someone being so good at what they do for the other person, that it makes the other person want to stick with them!! It seems that a lot of the nurse travel agencies have forgotten or worse never realized this very important concept! Hats off to Nicole, Forrest and Flexcare!!

    360. I am on my first assignment with FlexCare and am absolutely loving it. My recruiter is Denae Muraski who is wonderful! Denae is very quick to respond to questions and concerns and does her best to advocate and get me the most money and best experience. Denae feels like a close friend and will text me back about something day or night, weekend or week day which I very much appreciate. She is reliable and very friendly. FlexCare’s pay rates are exceptional as well!

    361. Shane Young is my recruiter, and has been honest, supportive and helpful since day one. It started when he responded immediately to my inquiring about the company. Shane helped me to set up my profile and get the job that I wanted!
      He has been available to answer all my questions from day 1 and if there’s information he doesn’t know he finds out right away. I couldnt be more happy as a first time traveler.

    362. I work with Denae Muraski and she has been awesome! Very easy to get in touch with and always helpful! Denae goes above and beyond for her nurses and I’m very happy to work with her.

    363. I had never done travel nursing before and had definitely heard mixed things- most of it due to bad experiences with travel agencies. I just finished my first travel contract and can honestly say that I had the most AMAZING RECRUITER and the BEST EXPERIENCE with my travel company!!!

      Kayla Seville with Flexcare Medical Staffing is SO AMAZING! She was always available via phone or email and she was so supportive and knowledgeable! She even took me out to lunch before my contract started and gave me a little goodie bag filled with night shift essentials! LOVE HER! I ended up getting hired on as staff so I am not doing another contract, but if I do it will only be with Kayla at Flexacare! Cannot recommend her enough!!!

    364. My recruiter, Amanda Norton, has been fantastic. Always responds right away to calls and emails, and handles any questions or problems right away!

    365. Amanda Norton has been such a huge help with my first assignment as a travel RN, I have asked her numerous questions and she always replies with grace and in quick timing. I know that Amanda has my best interest in mind when helping me choose assignments and living arrangements.

    366. I have enjoyed working with Amanda Norton from Flexcare! She goes to work for me and is easy to get a hold of when I have questions or concerns. She is not too pushy or overbearing in her opinion or approach. Amanda checked in regularly with me and kept me well informed (even within minutes) when issues with my hospital came up.

    367. I really appreciate and am extremely happy with my recruiter . I feel like I am her only recruitee . Very individualized attention

    368. Amanda norton is awesome !! She makes you feel like you are the first priority !. I have worked with other agencies and I can honestly say this is the best ,and my recruiter is honest attentive and caring

    369. I’m a first time traveler and the experience has been amazing. My recruiter, Amanda Norton has guided me through all the paperwork & verification of licensure, which can be overwhelming when just starting the Travel Nurse path. All my questions & concerns about assignment options, benefits & housing have been addressed in a timely manner. Would highly recommend Flexcare and Amanda as a Recruiter.

    370. I’m on my 2nd week of my first ever travel assignment. My recruiter is Amanda Norton and she made everything as easy as possible. She is very accessible and honest. She does not simply try to get you to sign a contract; instead, she listened to my preferences and priorities to match me with a travel assignment and she delivers as promised. She is knowledgeable and you can expect a quick response from her and I know I had called numerous times throughout the day especially when I just started inquiring about their company and how it runs. When I was about to sign the contract, she spent 1.5 hours on the phone with me thoroughly explaining the terms and answering my questions. When I had an unexpected family emergency, Amanda was able to accommodate my request of pushing my start date back to a week. Flexcare does not have a housing department but Amanda helped me research various housing options in the area. It is only my second week so I have not experienced paycheck accuracy nor arrival time yet but Amanda has me sending my timesheets directly to her so she could catch any potential errors so I do not see having any difficulties in that area. I have already recommended Flexcare and Amanda Norton to my nursing friends and I would not hesitate to continue to do so!

    371. Since day 1, Amanda at Flexcare has made me feel like we had been working together for years. She made my first travel experience painless and enjoyable. Any questions I had were promptly answered to my satisfaction. I feel like I’ve developed a personal relationship with my Recruiter and my travel company and encourage anyone who is looking for an amazing company to work with to look no further than Flexcare. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

    372. As a new travel nurse I really enjoyed working with Shane Young at flexcare. It is great to have him as a single point of contact, instead of talking to 6 different people about jobs. I feel like flexcare cares about my experience and satisfaction! Thanks Shane Young

    373. I am just wrapping up my first-ever travel assignment and am returning for a second with this company. It has been wonderful! Shane is my recruiter and he has been very supportive. He pays close attention to what I look for in my assignments and does his very best to get me where I want to go!

    374. This is my first travel assignment, and Denae Muraski has been phenomenal! She was very thorough with explaining every detail of my assignment. I have recommended her to my co-workers on multiple occasions.

    375. My recruiter, Shane Young, has done an excellent job at maintaining communication in order to facilitate my transition into my first travel nurse assignment. He has been friendly and easy to get in contact with. He also followed up with me after starting my assignment to make sure everything was going well. I have enjoyed working with him and would recommend him to other travel nurses.

    376. I really enjoy working with Megan. She helped me through the difficult process of compliance and kept me on my toes. She even listened to my concerns and worries, and did something about it.

    377. FlexCare is a very reliable company, and I am happy with my agent Megan. Megan is efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Since the travel nurse usually has busy schedule, it’s wonderful to deal with one person from the payroll to the insurance to the benefit and any issue with the hospital. I feel comfortable to work with my agent. I will be happy to continue to stay in FlexCare for a good agent.

    378. My recruiter Megan Carroll is excellent. I have no complaints, she goes to bat for her nurses, stays in touch, and makes us feel supported.

    379. I am in my last week with my current travel assignment with Flexcare. I have had the privilege of working with Kayla Seville as my recruiter. First of all, Kayla has been amazing! Extremely informative, honest, and helpful. She has been very quick too answer any questions. Kept me updated on all of the travel opportunities in the area I was looking for. Flexcare has always paid me timely and paid well(other companies sent me same jobs for much less pay!) SO I HIGHLY RECCOMEND FLEXCARE AND KAYLA SEVILLE! DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

    380. My recruiter, Denae Muraski, has been very supportive of me and is always accessible. She’s very quick to respond to my requests and and is always there when I need help with some aspect of my travel nursing career.

    381. Amanda Norton was very helpful with every phase of my travel nursing experience. I was nervous about this venture in my life, but she made it very pleasant . Thanks, Amanda

    382. Nicole Bender is my recruiter and she is wonderful. She is always brisk in responding to my questions and concerns. Always keeps clear communication. I have and will continue to recommend her to my fellow travel buddies.

    383. I extended with them and they never gave me amy type of extension bonus. Their insurance is good but expensive. They also didn’t give me travel bonus even though I drove cross country to a job for them.

    384. I have taken assignments with Cross Country, Travel Nurse Across America, and worked with recruiters from AMN, Trustaff, and Fastaff, but Flexcare has been the best company by far. I’m not sure if this has more to do with the company in general, or to due with my recruiter, Denae Muraski. She is efficient, always available, easy to work with, approachable, and understands what the younger generation of travel nurses wants. Frankly, I was tired of getting stuck on the phone with recruiters that want to chat all day in order to build “rapport” while offering me lower paying assignments in places I don’t even want to work. I want results and someone that can communicate effectively via text and email because my schedule is already busy enough as a travel nurse. Denae is straight forward, honest, and doesn’t blow smoke up my behind. She also produces results. If she makes a mistake, she quickly fixes it and doesn’t lie to me about it or try to cover it up. I’ve randomly met other travel nurses at orientation that use her as well and have nothing but great things to say. Apart from my great recruiter, I like that Flexcare offers multiple insurance options so that you can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. They also pay weekly and have a 401k with match. Also, for a company that doesn’t only work with crisis rates like Fastaff, they seem to pay the highest. I’ve even had a former recruiter from another company try to get me to send them copies of my Flexcare contracts in order to see what they are doing. No ma’am! Try Flexcare out! It can’t hurt anything, and you won’t regret it.

    385. I’ve worked with FlexCare for only one assignment but I look forward to working with them the next! I had previously done two assignments with another company but never received the support and accessibility that I receive with FlexCare. Denae Muraski, my recruiter at FlexCare, has been attentive to all of my requests, questions, and needs. There is always an open line of communication no matter the time of day. I can always count on her to be honest with me and to always have my best interest in mind. There is always a sense of efficiency with everything she does. I know when I ask a favor of her, she is already on top of it. Highly recommend FlexCare and especially Denae!

    386. If there’s one thing I learned in my time being a travel nurse is how important reliability and trust are in the nurse-recruiter relationship. I know my recruiter, Angie Entwisle, has my back, no matter what. Always honest, efficient, and has yet to let me down. This is my third assignment with her and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon. Thanks for everything, Ang!

    387. My recruiter is Angela Entwisle. She is awesome! I have recommended her to several of my friends and coworkers who are interested in traveling. She is responsive to text, email, phone calls at ALL hours of the day and night. We were in our first assignment in Texas…inbound to orientation at 0530 local which put it at 330 am her time. she is up texting well wishes for a good first day….she has placed me in three assignments so far and will have me for at least another full year. I cannot say enough good things about Angela. She is the BEST!!!

    388. Angie Entwisle is a awesome recruiter. She goes above and beyond to ensure her nurses are taken care of. She made my transition into this stressful career as easy and stress free as she could! Angie deserve ten stars for her hardwork, dedication and her love for all of her nurses!!

    389. Our recruiter Angela Entwisle is fantastic!!! She quick to respond to messages and does everything she can to accommodate us in our search for assignments. She is supportive and does everything she can to make sure we have everything we need

    390. I have been traveling almost a year, all of which has been with FlexCare and my recruiter, Angie Entwisle. I am more than happy with both company and Angie. Angie always knows what I’m looking for in a contract, and has successfully gotten me everything I need/want in all 3 of my contracts thus far. I plan to continue travel with her and FlexCare as long as I can. I love the relationship we have and have not been disappointed in either to this point.

    391. Amazing. I love my recruiter her name is Angier Entwisle. She would do anything for me. I would recommend her to anyone in an instant especially thone who are having problems with a recruiter and or agency. She has been nothing going but helpful.

    392. Flexcare has been great! I have worked with other travel companies and recruiters but Denae Muraski has been the best I’ve worked with so far. Other recruiters in my experience have been either too overbearing, or not involved at all. Denae with Flexcare has been true to everything she has promised in my contract and have not bombarded me like some travel companies do. Highly recommend.

    393. I’ve been traveling for over years and am happy to find myself now traveling with Flexcare.
      Angie Entwisle, my Flexare recruiter, has been excellent. Honestly, though, I’ve been lucky to have great recruiters with all agencies I’ve worked for. What I’m happiest most with Flexcare is the highly competitive compensation packages offered. I’m at the point of in my career where take home pay is top priority and Flexcare has been excellent in this regard thus far.

    394. I have been working with Angie Entwistle at Flexcare for one year now. My entry to travel nursing has been nothing but positive because of her. Angie goes above and beyond to answer my questions and keep me in the loop. The only downfall is that they tend to have more job listings focused on the coast (west coast as that is where they are from). However, Angie worked her butt off to get me a very specific assignment that I was hoping for in the Midwest. She went absolutely above and beyond what she needed to do to help me continue traveling with flexcare for my second assignment. Angie is available at almost all hours of the day and has been a huge blessing to my travel career. Flexcare seems to offer very competitive pay and benefits, and I have been extremely happy with their reliability! Looking back, I have no regrets on choosing to travel with flexcare and allow Angie Entwistle to represent me. I will continue to work with them on future assignments as I don’t think anyone could compete.

    395. I am on my first assignment with Flexcare. The onboarding process was the easiest of all companies I’ve worked with. Denae Muraski has been excellent, very friendly, answers all questions promptly, and is very proactive in making sure our pay is accurate. She has gone above to send insuance information prior to reciving cards in the mail and is always checking to make sure we don’t have questions. So far, I would definitely recommend Flexcare and recruiter Denae to other travel nurses.

    396. My recruiter is Mitchell Lee. Since our initial contact, he has been efficient, polite, truthful, knowledgeable, helpful and dependable. I just completed my first assignment in northern California, and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to stay out there but my family demands dictate that I return to the east coast. I can text Mitchell at anytime (within reason) & expect a prompt response. I like that I only have to deal with one person instead of being shuffled around from department to department.

      During my assignment, one of my payroll deposits was short of my overtime pay. I contacted Mitchell and it was fixed and I had my money asap! That only happened once during the contract. This company is very good about ensuring that I was paid on time, every Friday.

      If I had to say anything that I didn’t like about them, it’s that there is no travel bonus or reimbursement. You are responsible to get yourself to your own assignment. That can be tough at times but Mitchell explained that it’s because they pay at a strong rate and they do nother pretend to offer bonuses using your own money. The hospital pays the agency a set rate for a travel nurse. FlexCare keeps a set amount and the rest goes to the traveler each week. Although I understand it, it still would be nice to have help with travel expenses.

      I like this company and will use them again.

    397. Angie Entwisle is BY FAR the best recruiter I have ever had the privilege to work with. She is focused on what is important to me, is easy to reach and talk to, and makes the entire process easy. I am currently working with FlexCare and plan to continue to travel with them for many more years.

    398. Angie Entwilse has been amazing recruiter! Always punctual on getting back to me with any questions I have and super on top of my needs! Pay rate is great and so far the assignment location has been perfect. I have truly enjoyed my experience with Angie and flexcare, with my previous agency I wasn’t so fortunate.

    399. Mercedes Flowerdew has been absolutely phenomenal to work with. I had started working with her prior to my first assignment and she was so helpful for someone new to travel nursing. She was very laid back, patient, well informed and easy get in touch with. Unfortunately I allowed myself to be aggressively recruited by one of the other BIG agencies and learned the hard way that not every agency cares about their travelers the way that FlexCare and Mercedes do. Well the second time around I came back to her with my tail between my legs and it was as if we hadn’t skipped a beat. She picked up right where we left off and was able to get me a great deal in a desirable area. I can’t say enough about my experience with FlexCare and Mercedes.

    400. Natalie Serra is amazing!!! I have worked with a few agencies since I started traveling. She will be the only one I work with for now on. She is very thorough and helpful. Traveling with a family can be stressful She always eases my worries. If you are looking for a new recruiter seek out Natalie Serra!

    401. Natalie Serra has been great-she walked me through the whole process of becoming a travel RN. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

    402. My recruiter is Alicia Keith. She has been amazing to me and my career. She has taken me from a tiny CAH in rural Nevada to one of the 15 top medical facilities in the nation! I don�t have the words to describe how much she has supported me, encouraged me and gave me the confidence to reach higher than I ever thought I could go. She has made traveling the best job I have ever had. Thank you Alicia! You totally ROCK!

    403. Flexcare has been great. My recruiter, Alicia keith, has listened to all my requirements I look for in a faculty and has definitely delivered! She’s been helpful with finding housing and shes always avaliable when I need her. She is definitely a good representation of flexcare!

    404. Alicia Keith is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have chosen a better recruiter for my first travel assignment. She is honest, supportive, reliable and friendly. Alicia is easy to reach by text, phone, and email. I will definitely be working with Alicia for a long time.

    405. So far I’ve had a good experience with this company and would recommend my recruiter Alicia Keith to other nurses interested in traveling.

    406. Alicia Keith has been so supportive and accommodating. No request was too small, and she took care of everything immediately. She directed me to an awesome first assignment which I fell in love with, renewed my contract the first month I was there, and am so happy that I’m staying. If I ever decide to travel again, I would definitely use Alicia and FlexCare again. Thanks for everything!!

    407. Alicia Keith is a awesome recruiter. She is always available, quick to respond to any questions and help. She is there every step of the way and gives regular updates. Understanding and patient.

    408. I love my recruiter, Alicia Keith! She is always available, trustworthy, and very hard working. Always strives to get me where I want to go and keeps me up to date on new openings. Most importantly, I feel like she has my back and is looking out for my best interest.

    409. I have had a great experience with my recruiter Angie Entwisle. She has gone above and beyond to make my last two assignments as enjoyable as possible, with a smooth transition between assignments. I could not ask for a better recruiter!

    410. My travel Agent is Alicia Keith. I couldnt have had anyone better. She call frequently to make sure that I am up to date on all the paperwork that needs to be completed. She has provided me with her cell phone number and email so I can text, email or call her at anytime with any questions i may have. Her openness has really helped me transition well into the travel nursing field

    411. Natalie Serra is an amazing recruiter! She is very easy to get ahold of, returns calls and emails quickly, and works with you 100% to fix any problems that arise. I will definitely be working with her in the future!

    412. As a first-time traveler, there is so much to learn and absorb. Everyone has their own set of expectations about what life on the road should be, and my recruiter, Annie Doolittle (Flexcare Staffing), was quick to help me understand the “real world” of travel nursing. While setting up my first assignment, she let me know she was available 7 days/week if I had any questions. Our conversations were lengthy, at times, and she never made me feel as though she had something else to do just to cut the conversation short. If she didn’t answer the phone, I’d receive a call back in no more than an hour or two. She recently went on vacation, and personally called to let me know who would be answering her calls and emails. I honestly feel as though Annie is a friend. Her honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness are exactly what I’d hoped I’d find in a recruiter. Looking forward to many successful years of travel assignments with Annie as my recruiter.

    413. This is my second assignment with Flexcare and I am satisfied thus far. The staff is so nice and helpful. My recruiter is Angie Entwisle and so is so efficient. She answers calls and emails in a timely manner. She very knowledgeable and has a positive attitude. Angie was not my initial recruiter, but I am happy to have her as my current recruiter. Angie actively listens and tries to meet my requests. I would recommend Flexcare to a friend.

    414. Gave them a “satisfactory” for housing. The stipend is great, but no assistance with locating housing that was checked for quality and safety by the hiring facility. That would be a big plus. I have not worked with any other agency, so this may be standard.

    415. This is my first assignment. My recruiter, Shane Young with Flexcare Medical Staffing, is a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful person to work with. I am fortunate he answered my email. I like having one person to talk with about all issues. My pay has always been accurate and on time. There was an instance when my present facility requested I use a differen timesheet. Shane was diligen- even over the weekend- and fixed the issue. I have every confidence Shane will be available for me, no matter what the issue involves. I am extremely happy with Flexcare and with my recriuter, Shane Young.

    416. I am lucky to have Marcus Wheeler as a recruiter! He does a superb job at finding me high paying gigs in well established hospitals, and in prime locations. I can always get a hold of him, even after hours. Marcus at Flexcare brought my experience as being a nurse to another level that I may have never been able to find without travel nursing. I recommend anyone who has a chance to travel nurse, do it with Flexcare medical staffing!

    417. My recruiter, Michael Elm, is amazing. He took the time to listen to what I was looking for in my travel assignment and he NAILED it!

    418. This was my first experience as a travel nurse and there was a lot I was unsure about and didn’t know. My recruiter, Alicia Keith, was super friendly and helpful. She guided me step-by-step through the whole process and checked in with me frequently to make sure not only that my job was going well, but that I was adjusting to life in Hawaii. She was easily reachable and always got back to me whenever I had a question or needed help. My travel experience was a positive one thanks to Alicia and all her support. I would recommend Flexcare Medical Staffing to any other fellow nurses and anyone would be lucky to have Alicia as a recruiter!

    419. Kristina Berhenke has been nothing less then fantastic. She is reliable and so helpful. If she does not know something she figures it out in a timely manner and is so nice. Very pleased!

    420. My recruiter Kristina Berhenke is very professional, supportive, relatable, and available to me whenever I need her. My first assignment wasn’t exactly ideal and there were some bumps for sure– however Kristina was there to listen and address issues immediately as they came up. The personal relationship we have built is definitely one that I don’t think you can find amongst the bigger agencies. She always tries to make sure I am happy in all aspects, and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

    421. I am on my first assignment as a traveler and with FlexCare. It has been a great experience working with them to this point. Nicole Bender is my recruiter and she is always available to help me. She has been incredibly patient, supportive, and understanding with me throughout the entire process. I will definitely be traveling with them again in the future and would recommend FlexCare and Nicole to anyone.

    422. My recruiter was Annie Doolittle and she helped me get through my first travel assignment smoothly. She was quick with answering my calls and text when I had a problem and always find the answer for me. She work with me and try to find an assignment and location that best meet my request. She is sweet, honest, and friendly. I heard so much of my co workers having a hard time with their company and I have already recommended two of my friends to Annie.

    423. Kristina Edwards has been an excellent travel nurse agent. She is very prompt, reliable accommodating, professional, and most of all, knowledgeable about the profession. I would highly recommend FlexCare staffing…ask for Kristina Edwards.

    424. I have nothing but great things to say about FlexCare. My recruiter, Shane Young, was extremely organized, personable, and thorough. It was my first travel assignment and he was very supportive and helped me overcome the giant task of moving over 2,000 miles for my first assignment. To make things even more challenging, I was part of a travel team with another nurse whom he also worked with. He made sure both of us were able to get a job in the same unit at the same hospital. We landed a job in Oakland in the ER and living in San Francisco, which is exactly what we wanted. He is always available to talk if you have questions and makes sure that everything is clear before moving to the next step. I do not think he knew what he signed up for when I contacted him because I had a full page of questions I bombarded him with and he answered every single one. I can not imagine how much work he went through to get this all planned out as smooth as it has gone. There was much work on my part as well but he made sure to coach me through it all. He has made my decision to start travel nursing one I will continue to pursue. Shane is such a hardworking and driven professional who has helped me get where I wanted in my career. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Shane Young and FlexCare!

    425. Flexcare has been an amazing agency to work with. They made me feel comfortable and confident to make the transition from a regular staff nurse to a travel nurse. Specifically, my recruiter Denae Muraski deserves a huge shout out, for being patient with me through my hundreds of newbie questions, for being resourceful, and fighting for me to get the position I wanted. Thanks Denae Muraski!!!!!!!

    426. My recruiter, Shane Young, made my first travel experience so easy. He is very professional and personable. I was part of a travel team and he was able to manage both of us and get us into the same hospital, unit, and shift. It is so nice having only 1 person to talk to for everything you need. He is on top of everything and makes sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. Shane is the best!

    427. Flexcare has been excellent to work with. Shane Young specifically made entering the travel nursing profession very easy. He helped me obtain my first contract and was very patient in answering all of my questions before I sealed the deal. He made a normally nerve racking process comfortable and easy! I would highly recommend Flexcare and specifically Shane as a recruiter! Very professional, personable, empathetic and accommodating.

    428. I have been working as a travel nurse for a little over a year now. I previously worked with a company who would switch recruiters every assignment. I liked one out of the three recruiters I worked with- not the best odds. I had two bad experiences with recruiters before I met Mallori Marucci. The recruiter really makes or breaks how your assignment is more than I thought. Mallori has been great to work with! She is faster to respond back to me than the last three recruiters. She gives out her cell phone number, and I always feel comfortable calling/texting her. When you travel by yourself and are in a place you may not know anyone, I feel comfortable to know she is there to talk if I need her. She was able to get me into University of California Irvine med center this past assignment and Stanford for my next assignment. I have already referred multiple friends to her and I will continue to do so.

    429. My recruiter Mallori Marucci has been so helpful and is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied with my assignment! She is very knowledgeable in this field and I would recommend her to anyone!

    430. This agency has been such a pleasure to work with! The transparency and honesty they operate under has been very refreshing. You are their first priority and they show you that time and again whether its through their exemplary recruiting staff or the opportunities they have to offer. I would definitely recommend working with these wonderful people!

    431. My recruiter, Mallori Marucci is amazing. When I decided to travel just over a year ago, she made the process painless. When on assignments, she checks in with me at least weekly to see how things are going. She takes the time to listen and I never feel as if I’m being pushed into taking an assignment. HIGHLY recommended.

    432. Nicole, was very helpful throughout my travel assignment and prior to agreeing to an assignment. It was my first time as a traveler and she was able accommodate to my needs. She also listened to what I wanted and made it happen, she was resourceful and if she was unsure she made sure she was able to help me find the proper answers. Overall it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend anyone working with her.

    433. I have so far had a great experience with this agency but more importantly my recruiter Mallori Marucci. She is the best recruiter I have worked with and I consider her my friend rather than my recruiter. I love that I am able to text her for any questions at any time instead of having to call during business hours like my past recruiters. They are very upfront about your pay checks and I have found I make the most money with this company because of that. Overall I am so happy I found this company and my amazing recruiter Mallori and I suggest everyone switch to Flexcare

    434. Traveling is a really great way to see different parts of the country if you so choose. I’ve traveled with several different companies on and off for about 4 years now and I’ve found that the most important quality in signing with a company is the recruiter. The integrity of a recruiter is of utmost importance when you’re getting ready to embark on a journey in an unfamiliar location. To me, it is paramount that I have an honest, trustworthy and efficient recruiter on my corner. Mallori has been all of the above since I jumped back in the travel nursing pool this past July. She has been assertive in finding me the most fair and perfect contract. She’s gone to bat for me when I wasn’t being treated fairly, which has helped me feel less vulnerable. As a traveler, we can be treated as a “bottom-of-the-totem-pole” nurses. As much as possible, Mallori has advocated for me. Because of her, I will be sticking to traveling for a little while longer.

    435. Out of all the recruiters and agencies I spoke to, I felt most comfortable with Kristina Berhenke with FlexCare Medical Staffing. She is very knowledgeable, personable and didn’t pressure me to make a decision when choosing my first assignment. Always available if I need to talk to her and made the process of moving to my first assignment very easy. I had a problem with one of my paychecks and it was immediately corrected. So far I have had a positive experience with this company and will continue to get my next assignments with them.

    436. Aleesha Schiro has been my recruiter now for two assignments and has been phenomenal. She is always available by text or email and gets back to me quickly when I leave a voicemail. She checks in with me to make sure the assignment is going well and that all my needs are met for housing. She is very professional and knows this business very well. She came highly recommended and I can see why.

    437. Finishing up my first travel assignment in beautiful Washington! This process was smooth and the relationship with my recruiter, Aleesha Schiro, has been great. She is friendly, personable and gets the job done. She is a great listener and was a breath of fresh air from the awful experience that I had with another agency. I have signed my 2nd contract with Flexcare and plan to remain with Flexcare as long as possible

    438. Aleesha was recommended to me from a friend and I’m so glad I chose to contact her and partner with her for my first travel assignment. She has been so kind and reliable. If she doesn’t hear from me she will call to check on me and has let me know any and all details of the travel process. She is very professional, but also very personable as well!

    439. Ashley Sylvester is my recruiter and she made my first assignment as easy as possible! She is friendly and easy to communicate with and work with! I will definitely continue to do my assignments with Flexcare due to Ashley!

    440. My recruiter Aleesha Schiro has been fantastic. She has been super helpful with the loads of paperwork and walking me through each step of the way.

    441. This is my first travel assignment and my recruiter is Denae Muraski with Flexcare Staffing. I don’t think I could’ve had a better first assignment. Denae is awesome! She has immediately responded to any question or concern I have had. She was patient with me when we were looking for my first assignment. She’s been awesome, the insurance so far is great, I haven’t had an issue with getting my paycheck on time, I’m really impressed with Denae and Flexcare! I’ve already recommended Flexcare and Denae to a few nurses and will continue to do so. I researched the best travel companies through highway hypodermics and that’s how I found Flexcare. Then I searched reviews for recruiters with Flexcare Staffing. Denae’s name came up multiple times, so when I emailed them that I was interested I requested her. So thankful I did some research!! I will be doing more assignments with them!

    442. Denae Muraski is awesome! Very personable and easy to work with and helps to meet all my needs and answers all my questions effectively. She’s a good asset to the company! I look forward to continuing to work with her and Flexcare. (I am a first time traveler and is currently on my 1st assignment).

      I haven’t used their housing or benefits and there’s no N/A option so I put a 3/5 for those options.

    443. Denae has been super supportive as this is my first assignment. My pay had been the highest amongst my coworkers. She texts me right back and actually converses with me as a friend and recruiter. I’m so blessed and ecstatic and can’t wait to enjoy more assignments with her.

    444. Denae Muraski has been attentive and supportive. There were a few hiccups in the road and Denae contacted me from the road when she wasn’t even working! I feel like I have my own personalized recruiter who looks out for me and only me! Thank you!

    445. I’ve been with FlexCare for a year, and am in my third assignment. Although they’re the only agency I’ve worked with, in my conversations with other travelers from other agencies I always find myself pleased with my FlexCare experience. The pay and stipend rates are awesome, and the diversity of contracts available nationwide is great. My recruiter, Landon Montenegro, is always efficiently available when I need help, and goes to bat for me at every turn. Gold star overall!

    446. Pleasant person that’s very patience especially with me being a procrastinator. Keep me inform on everything that was need thank you so much

    447. Great travel company to work with and I’ve work with a few. Very personalized service and very responsive. I’m very happy with flexcare and don’t plan on leaving.


    449. I have worked with FlexCare for eight months. Landon Montengro, my recruiter, has been both courteous and respectful. He is very responsive to my requests, and he gets my needs met.

    450. Sadly, I had a very poor experience working as a travel nurse for Flexcare. As a company, they pride themselves on having one point of contact (recruiter) for a travel nurse. This was not the case for me. I was shuffled around from three different recruiters within a two month period.

      My starting days were delayed up to one to two weeks after signing a contract and a hospital cancelled a contract with them one week before I started. I felt like I was being treated like a dollar sign rather than a human being.

      Health benefits were delayed and they were not flexible with changing them, as they said they would be able to do once I started a new contract.

      Lack of support was the most difficult aspect of dealing with this travel nurse company, as well as poor communication with myself and the hospitals I was working at. I am glad to no longer be working with them.

    451. My recruiter Amanda Norton is fantastic. She is always available by phone, text, or email and responds to me same day with complete answers to my questions. It’s been a pleasure to work with her so far and I look forward to our future work relationship!!

    452. I am a first time traveler, but I am quickly learning how great Amanda Norton is as a recruiter! She has been honest, reliable, and knowledgable since day one. Flexcare in general has been great, especially when I hear other nurses talk about their agency/recruiters and how much has gone wrong in their experience with them. As of now, I plan to stay with Amanda and Flexcare in future assignments!

    453. Natalie is a very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful recruiter. She is accessible and always gets back to me in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her!

    454. I’ve had an awesome experience so far with flexcare! My recruiter Natalie Pisciotta is amazing! Super attentive and responsive to my needs. She’s also very supportive and I love how she’s my only point of contact with the agency–makes life a lot easier.

    455. very friendly and professional. The are more attentive and concerned with your needs compared to other agencies in my opinion. love the weekly on time pay and guaranteed pay for 36hrs. However their housing options and pay are not competitive, I think those can be better but they certainly make up for it in customer service.

    456. I have been working with Amber Wehrlie as my recruiter and she has been wonderful. I know she is busy but I always feel like she has time for me! I feel like FlexCare pay is equivalent or better than other companies. I have had minimal to no paycheck issues and definitely will keep working with them in the future.

    457. Ive been working with Amanda Norton for almost exactly a year now. I can honestly say that I love this woman though I haven’t ever met her. Best thing I can say is that I left FlexCare (not because of her) and after a ton of research found another agency but the guy I was set up with was an idiot. Completely useless. I called Amanda and asked her to have me back in less than a month. FlexCare people. Its where Amanda’s at.

    458. Amber Wehrlie is THE best recruiter! She is always so helpful and available whenever I have questions or needs regarding my assignment. She has always been able to fix any issues I’ve ran into when it comes to hospital assignments. I would highly recommend Amber if you are considering traveling! I’ve heard other horror stories when it comes to recruiters, and I’ve experienced some of my own, but Amber is the best there is!

    459. Fast response time and addresses all concerns quickly. Friendly and professional staff. My recruiter Natalie Pisciotta always gets back to me immediately and genuinely cares about her nurses.

    460. Super responsive to my needs. Amanda Norton, my recruiter, hasn’t ever taken more than a couple of hours to answer any questions I’ve ever had, although replies to emails usually arrive within 10 minutes. Easily the most responsive travel company I’ve worked with.

    461. Amanda Norton has been an amazing recruiter. She has made this experience as a first time traveler not stressful, and has worked very hard at making sure that I had everything in order for my first assignment. I feel that she really cares about the nurses she works with, and has always been available to answer any questions. I feel lucky to have Amanda as my recruiter, and look forward to many travel assignment with Flexcare .

    462. This is my first assignment and I was a little scared but my recruiter Alicia Keith was very helpful in explaining how everything is done and really helped me through the process of getting my application complete Also I wanted to go to a certain facility and she supported that decision to get me there although other offers were available I am constantly checked on to see how things are going and that’s a plus to me.No hiccups with payroll are starting benefits.

    463. I have been working with Anna Caselli and FlexCare for the past 4mo, and have nothing but good things to say. I have had bad experiences with other agencies in the past and my experience with FlexCare has restored my faith in travel nursing. Honest, accessible, friendly, helpful: just a few of the adjectives that describe them.

    464. Alicia Keith is my recruiter and I absolutely love her. She goes above and beyond to make sure I’m getting what I need from not only the travel company but the hospital as well. I don’t see myself traveling with any other company. The pay is much better than any other company I have worked for.

    465. Alicia Keith has been nothing but excellent. She has made her self available to me almost 24/7. She has answered all of my questions in a prompt and efficient manner. I couldnt have asked for a better agent. I will be traveling to Alaska for my next assignment, and this destinatioon has been at the top of my list for a long time. I couldnt be happier

    466. My recruiter Anna Caselli is very helpful and motivated. She handles everything quickly. She does not push me into going where I don’t want to go. She is the type of recruiter you want going after the jobs you are interested in. I have no complaints with Flexcare the company. I was paid very well and any issues that came up with the hospital was addressed asap.

    467. Zoyah Kahn has been fantastic from our first contact. She is always available, provides honest answers to questions, and checks up on us to make sure everything is going well. My wife and I have received A treatment since joining Flexcare. They use docusign for forms, and the payroll website has all the information and forms you need. I just wish we had joined Flexcare sooner.

    468. Angie Entwisle is my recruiter and I love her! She is always prompt in answering me and is very easy to work with. This company has given me the best pay in comparison to any other company I have seen or worked with.

    469. We love our recruiter Angela Entwisle! She is amazing! She is so accommodating and will go above and beyond to get us in the assignment of our choice! We recommend her to everyone we meet and we will never go with another recruiter!

    470. My recruiter is Angela Entwisle and I cannot say enough good about her. She is accessible and responsive at all times of the day and night….even responded on her birthday for some questions I had. She is the best!!!

    471. I have had essentially no complaints with my flexcare. I love that I can get in touch with my recruiter (Angie Entwisle) anytime, and she solves my problem practically instantly or before the day is over. I have nothing but the highest praise for her! I’ve recommended this agency to so many other nurses because I absolutely love working with her. She makes my life so much easier!

    472. Angie Entwisle is the best recruiter I’ve ever had. She cares about the things I care about for an assignment, which has kept me with this company.

    473. I am currently on my second assignment with Flexcare Medical Staffing and I am entirely pleased with this company. Angela Entwisle is a godsend recruiter who not only knows her stuff, but willingly and eagerly goes to bat for her nurses. Any questions, concerns, or issues are dealt with promptly by Angie and its apparent that she really does care about her nurses. As far as Flexcare goes, they seem to be very transparent (or at least Angie is) in regards to wages, stipends, availability of contracts, and so on. I am thoroughly pleased with Flexcare and Angie and do not anticipate switching companies or recruiters.

    474. I have worked with Flexcare for almost a year now and I really love it! My agent Angela Entwisle is always accessible, reliable, honest and caring. She really looks out for me. she works really hard to find jobs for me near where I live and always tries to accommodate my preferences (I prefer ICU Days) which can be a challenge at times. I recommend Angie to any travel nurse especially if you are new. Angie has been my agent since I moved from the Midwest to California. This could’ve been overwhelming for but she helped made the transition process smooth for me. She made sure I had all of my certifications and tests done so I wouldn’t have problems when it was time to start work. If there are issues with my assignment (there have been very few) she is right on top of it to make sure that I have no problems at work. I am glad to have Angie in my corner. She’s the best!!

    475. Talking with other travelers I know I picked the right company. I have heard horror stories about never being able to reach their recruiter, having to always talk with numerous people, and their pay being less than what was estimated. I have the best recruiter, Angie Entwisle is always there for me. I’m always asking questions and she always responds back right away. She is even there when I just need someone to talk too and we haven’t gotten to meet yet! I feel really taken care of and supported with Flexcare. I would recommend them to anyone!47

    476. I have had the best experience with Flexcare and my recruiter, Angie Entwisle. She is always on top of things and very fast to respond to any questions I may have.

    477. Angie Entwisle is our recruiter. She is wonderful! Easy to get in contact with, helpful, honest and so sweet!!! We don’t want to work with anyone else!!!

    478. Angie Entwisle is an awesome recruiter. I have not had any complaints with my work experience with her. She’s reliable and easy to contact. She also responds in a timely manner. She’s honest if I ask her opinions about certain hospitals and what others have expressed to her. If I ask her to research certain places for me, she gets things done right away. With her, I feel like we’re a team. Once, I’ve had to do so much for an application while in the middle of moving to another place, and so she worked with me to make it a fast and easy process. She looked up places for me to get my blood work done.. My X-RAY, etc. She’s really great. I always recommend her to other travel nurses.

    479. Angie Entwisle is my recruiter at FlexCare. She is by far an all around great person. I can call her anytime day or night and she is always eager to assist me regarding work or just life in general. She always has an answer and follows through 100%. I always know what is expected of me and she always keeps me up to date and compliant. Having Angie Entwisle as my recruiter makes traveling as easy and fun job.

    480. Very personalized but yet professional. I recommend Angie to other travel nurses all the time! Flexcare is 10/10 in my opinion!

    481. I have had the Pleasure of working with my recruiter Angie Entwisle. Angie is responsive, fun to work with and she gets to know you as a person, she learns about your likes and dislikes, size of facility you’re looking for and helps make it a perfect fit. I have enjoyed working with Angie and the company she works for flex care

    482. Amber Wehrlie is the best thing to happen to Flexcare since I became one of their travelers! She has been an amazing recruiter thus far. There is no problem that she can’t solve. She is great at using resources that she has available with the incredible Flexcare. Amber is not only the best recruiter ever, but she is one of my closest friends. If you are looking for a travel agency look no further.

    483. My recruiter, Mercedes, is fantastic! My whole experience with FlexCare has been exceptional. I am so glad I took the time to research agencies on TNC + Highway Hypodermics, as they lead me to FlexCare, which is the perfect fit for me. They are honest, attentive, fair, and on and on. I highly recommend them and Mercedes (she’s the best)!!

    484. My agent Angie is great. I have no complains. She has been great, accessible. It will be if the agency offers discounts such as cell phone. If they could partner with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

    485. I am currently working with Amanda Norton from Flexcare, she is extremely helpful and accessible, she quickly catches any discrepancies made by the hospital and fixes them. It has been a great experience working with her.

    486. I think that I made the right choice in choosing Flexcare as my agency when I decided to become a travel nurse. My recruiter Amber the best!! She is always available when I need something, have questions, or have any issues with the facility. She has always made me feel at ease when I have any concerns.

    487. Flexcare uses a single point of contact for everything. My recruiter, Nicole Bender, has always made the process very simple. She is knowledgeable, timely in her response, thorough, and friendly. She handles every part of the contract process from start to finish and continues her support during the assignment.

      Theres only one minor thing I can think of that I would change if I could. It would be nice if I could take the money for medical benefits as pay instead because I can get better coverage for less through other means. But it’s very typical in jobs for this to be a use it or lose it perk.

    488. I have not been traveling long, however, I have been very satisfied thus far with Flexcare Medical Staffing. Our recruiter, Angie Entwisle, is/was the primary reason we chose FMS and hope to continue with the agency.

    489. I spoke on the phone with Shelby Davis and she could not have been more helpful or professional. I would recommend her as a recuiter to ANYONE! She was a joy to work with!!!

    490. Amber Wehrlie is my recruiter. She is very knowledgable and friendly. I’m new to travel nursing she gave me information I needed. She calls you to ask how’s your assignment. She’s the best recruiter!

    491. Flexcare has been great! Angie Entwisle is an amazing person who is always there for me. We have been a team for a year now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have no desire to ever leave her or Flexcare as long as I’m in this business! Here’s to another year!

    492. Recruiter Nicole is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, brisk thorough communication, and always does her best to meet needs.

    493. From all the horror stories of traveling nursing and horrible recruiters I was skeptical. But without hesitation I simply love Flexcare, In particular my recruiter Nicole bender. From the beginning of this grueling process Nicole Bender has been such an avid supporter of my success. This road has not always been straight but at every blocked path Nicole ALWAYS found a way to get over such. From endless questions on my behalf, to securing the right job, or just checking on how things were going Nicole has been amazing. I could go on about how well she does her job, but the fact that I have already recommended her to several coworkers says just that. Thank you Nicole and Flexcare for all that you’ve done.

    494. Denae Murasking was knowledgeable in orchestrating employment, easy to contact, answered all questions promptly, and always kept in mind where I wanted to travel too above higher pay rate jobs.

    495. This was my first travel assignment. I had seen excellent reviews online about Flexcare Medial Staffing, so I decided to work with them for my first assignment. The good reviews were accurate! I’m pleased so far with my experience working with Flexcare and enjoy having Amanda Norton as my recruiter. She has been extremely helpful and accessible throughout this whole experience. I’ve also been impressed with how quickly she will respond with any issue I encounter and always quickly finds a solution. I also liked the fact that I only have to go through my recruiter with any question I may have. Other larger companies have you talk to multiple people in different departments depending on the information you’re looking for. If Amanda doesn’t have an answer right away, she will find out and get back to me. I definitely appreciate that. The pay package is also a plus with this company. When I compared pay packages with other travel nurses at my assignment, it seemed that Flexcare offered a little more than others. It’s been an overall pleasant first travel experience.

    496. I personally had a rough start with the company my first year. I couldn’t get ahold of my recruiter at times, to the point I had to call the main company. It was pretty disheartening. I kept with this company because I believe in 3 chances. This is the third and final chance I have given my recruiter and honestly she has stepped up this past year. The higher ups of the company are very responsive and nice. They have checked in since my complaints and things have been great. When there’s a discrepancy in pay I do get it fixed within a reasonable amount of time. Although they don’t have many openings on the east coast as I would like, I am satisfied with the ones they have on the west coast. The new year has started off great and I think they’ll continue to get better.

    497. My recruiter, Nicole Bender has been awesome. Any issues that have come have been quickly dealt with. She has been on top of every contract and has kept me in the loop

    498. Flexcare is great. I’ve worked with other companies but flexcare seems to be the most honest company I have worked for. Looking forward to future assignments with these guys!

    499. Nicole Bender has been wonderful to work with. She is very helpful and works very hard to make sure I have all the things I need to feel comfortable in my job.

    500. After 14 years as a staff/charge nurse I decided I needed a change. My recruiter Michael Elm made the whole process virtually effortless. I’m one week into my first assignment and loving it.

    501. Flexcare Medical Staffing was recommended to me by a friend and fellow travel nurse and I am so happy I took her recommendation. My recruiter is everything I could have hoped for- Kristina Berhenke has made my travel experience easy and fun!! Kristina is very easy to get in touch with any time I need her, which is so helpful, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure that my experience is the best it can be- she is always sure to check in with me and follow up to make sure that I’m happy and comfortable. Flexcare and Kristina have made my travel nurse dreams a reality 🙂

    502. My recruiter, Kristina, is AMAZING. I have worked with other companies and they don’t even come close to Flexure for multiple reasons.

    503. Kristina Berhenke is an excellent resource to have as a new travel nurse. She has been friendly, honest, and accessible throughout my travel assignment. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend her as your travel nurse recruiter.

    504. Kristina Berhenke is an amazing recruiter. She is extremely reliable and always working as hard as possible for her travelers.

    505. This is my first travel assignment and I chose Flexcare because they were highly regarded on the internet and had only wonderful comments from their travelers. My recruiter, Jennifer Wilkinson has been so very supportive through everything! She checks in with me often just to see how things are going. She is always caring, positive, and informative and I would recommend her to anyone looking to do some travel nursing.

    506. My recruiter is Denae Muraski and I absolutely love her. She is available 24/7 and always responds to my questions quickly. Denae was extremely helpful with my first assignment, I wanted to stay somewhat close to home and she found me a great hospital and was very helpful with helping me find housing even though I took the housing stipend. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter.The only reason I rated the insurance a 3 is because it was going to cost around 900 dollars a month for me and my husband. Other than the insurance pricing this company has been great so far!

    507. I have had a great experience with Flexcare. My Recruiter Denae Muraski was patient, enthusiastic, helpful and supportive during the whole process.
      This is my second time travel nursing and I am very happy I went back to Flexcare!

    508. I recently switched to Flexcare from
      a different agency and have had a great experience. My recruiter is Denae Muraski and she’s made the transition as seamless as possible. She’s super accessible, knowledgeable and has really gotten things done for me! Flexcare is much more upfront and honest regarding pay structure, tax issues, and basically travel nursing in general than my previous company and I appreciate that I have only one person to talk to about any issues that come up. Highly recommend!