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    49 thoughts on “Advanced Surgical

    1. First experience as a traveler was with this company. My recruiter, Mary turned me off of any travel positions for a long time after that. I thought I’d give traveling another shot and now that I have since taken several assignments (with a different agency), I can accurately say Advanced Surgical is rude, unprofessional, and self-serving. They were more interested in getting the contract filled and their foot in the door with this particular hospital than with my well-being. Housing was not even offered. My recruiter NEVER EVEN CALLED, not once, to check on me after I signed the contract. Their contracts are so complicated when figuring out pay- when all was said and done I took home $1000 a week. Thats just a taste of what I went through. I learned a very good lesson the hard way about due diligence. You have been warned about Advanced Surgical!

    2. Jimmy Y., was the recruiter assigned to me. Terrible. He seemed like a teenager with no life experience. He called all the time, almost daily to inquire about the job. It was annoying, unprofessional and uncalled for. He often tried to make conversations personal. Listen, I’m here to work, not make friends with a creepy guy.

      Advanced Surgical has the same job posting across the nation. It’s always $79-80,000 ‘high pay rate.’ Keep in mind, they don’t provide housing on top like the good agencies. After taxes and after paying housing, you end up with $1000 per week, nationally (New York or Louisville, any city regardless of cost of living).

      These guys are frauds.

      I ended up signing on with a hospital after using them, I could have extended with them, but this Jimmy guy was too invasive. Really bad recruiters all around.

      Bad pay, fraudulent advertisements, and weird recruiter culture tell me and hopefully you, be smart, don’t work for this company.

      I will be a DNP in a few months and I’m finally getting around to reviewing sub par situations. Trust me, this is a bad agency.

    3. Terrible. Recruiter made multiple mistakes and then when asked to correct them was defensive and refused. After multiple people at that office laughed and rudely brushed it off- had to call CEO to get my contract completed correctly (she was great). Recruiter and any other personnel I spoke with at the actual office – unprofessional and super rude. HCA/Parallon also sucks big time-that’s a double whammy I had this assignment. The only positive thing to say is that my pay was always correct and on time, and no red tape getting reimbursements.
      Will never travel through Advanced Surgical or HCA/Parallon ever again. Lesson learned.

    4. Hard to get ahold of. Lie to you all the time. o not stand behind their nurses. Yell at you for things you have not done. Unprofessional company. Do not use them as they will use you. Do not pay for your way back from assignments

    5. The lies they tell you. Hard to get in contact with. Call you a liar. Never returns phone calls.
      Save yourself a headache. Never use this company. They do Not care about you

    6. Highly recommend this company! Everyone I’ve spoken to there have been friendly and polite. I really feel like my recruiter has my back and actually cares to listen to what I want.

    7. In the 3 years I’ve been a travel nurse, I haven’t found a company better than Advanced Surgical. I tried various other companies but never felt 100% committed. This one feels like the perfect match for me!

    8. I will never work for advanced medical again. I called my agent with a major concern; he laughed at me and hung up the phone while he was still laughing. The problem has not been solved. He does not care and he has made that obvious.

    9. They offer great benefits and in my opinion, always helped to find my ideal location. My recruiter is really knowledgeable and basically awesome!

    10. When I first transitioned to being a travel nurse they helped with everything I could ask for! My recruiter is super nice and patient and helped answer every question I had. Great company with great people!

    11. I don’t know how they have received such good reviews… I have had a horrible experience with them, or maybe just my recruiter. My recruiter is very lazy and tells me where to go instead of listening to where I want to go. 4 weeks before my end of my contract he still wasn’t looking for a new assignment for me, he said “he wasn’t worried about it”… then ended up having me extend at my current hospital. This will be my last assignment with them for sure! Other travelers at my hospital get paid more than I do and they all get extention bonuses, I asked my recruiter about it and he said “we don’t do them”. So I think he pocketed mine. Don’t go with them!!

    12. For my 10 years working in the medical/health field this company is on top of my list! Great company with great people. Being a travel nurse is an awesome job!

    13. Excellent staffing agency of travel nurses. We are being paid a fair amount and are trained to satisfy our clients. Never thought this job can be this awesome.

    14. This company deserves a perfect rating and all my praise. It’s only been a year since I became a travel nurse but I was able learn a lot within those months of offering our services and traveling. Having a job like this is really awesome.

    15. Five years of being a travel nurse and still counting. I love my job here and I’ve learned a lot of things and was able to be around with a lot of people. Such an amazing experience.

    16. It’s a pleasure to be at Advanced Surgical. Assignments are pretty flexible and the pay is great. No wonder a lot are really satisfied with this company.

    17. Never knew that I’d really enjoy being a travel nurse for two years now. It seems like time so fast and every moment of it was well spent because I am surrounded by awesome people at work. Advanced Surgical has a very good management when it comes to business.

    18. This company rocks! It’s only been a year since I worked here but my experience has been awesome. Looking forward to more years of serving this company and its clients.

    19. An excellent company to have! It’s just my second year here but I am more than satisfied. My schedule is flexible and the job is something I really enjoy since it involves traveling to other places.

    20. I got the chance to travel to different places because of my job that I really enjoy. Thanks to this company as I am able to work at ease and with flexible schedule.

    21. What a great company! I’ve never appreciated being a Travel nurse until I tried them myself. It was truly a rewarding job especially if you are under Advanced Surgical who’ve provided all my needs when it comes to every task assignments.

    22. It’s a pleasure to work with Advanced Surgical. I always look forward to every task assigned to me and do my best. Highly recommended company!

    23. I’ve been working as a travel nurse for a year now at Advanced Surgical and I’ve never thought that this job could be so fulfilling. Flexible time and you are able to go to any destination like having a vacation while at work. I highly recommend this company!

    24. For my 3 years here at Advanced Surgical, I give them a perfect rating of 5 in every aspect. It’s truly worth it to be at this company and be a travel nurse for 3 years now.

    25. Traveling and working seems an impossible job for most of us but I’ve been doing it for 3 years now with Advanced Surgical. It’s a very rewarding job because it is made by the company to exist and that’s what I love with this company. Support is overflowing!

    26. I was hesitant to try out travel nursing after I graduated as a Nurse. Never imagined how this job affected my vision in life. I was able to serve a lot of people without being a resident in a hospital or something. Thank God this company made my dream possible by making me see the world and use what I’ve learned in the nursing school.

    27. It was a good decision to take up nursing 10 years ago and been to a few medical companies to enhance my experience. I am a travel nurse by profession for a while now and working at Advanced Surgical was the best decision I’ve made so far for my career. Working for them has been great ever since and it was a bonus that I am generously paid because of my skills and what I can do for the company. Advanced Surgical is the best!

    28. I never thought being a travel nurse for Advanced Surgical can be this satisfying. With paid travels and amenities, it feels like every travel for work means travel for leisure. What can you ask for more if everything you need are provided by this company. All you need to do is do the best for your company and make everyone be proud of you.

    29. I enjoy working here at Advance Surgical as a Travel Nurse for a year now. I never thought this profession could be a satisfying one. I thank every one especially my superiors for helping me when I was still a newbie when it comes to traveling as a nurse. God bless this company!

    30. Three years of being on the field as a travel nurse gave me exposure to what really life is. I thank Advanced Surgical for giving me the opportunity to serve others. This company has everything a travel nurse could wish for.

    31. It is always a rewarding thing to travel as a nurse. My love for traveling had been satisfied by Advanced Surgical. It’s an amazing company that truly supports you and provide you all the tools you need. This company deserves my 5 stars rating.

    32. I love my job! My love for travel has been filled by this company many times for two years now. I enjoy being a travel nurse because I am able to help other people through my skills. This company respects its employees and provide them the necessary benefits needed for their stay to be meaningful. I can’t compare any company with the same culture and benefits Advanced Surgical offers.

    33. I’d gave this company a perfect score because everything about Advanced Surgical is exceptional. I’ve been in the healthcare industry for 7 years now and only here I experience great working environment and very supportive management when it comes to your career. Aside from the great benefits, this company has great company culture and very innovative.

    34. With exceptional tools and support from the management, I can say that I’ve improved very well since I started as a Travel Nurse 3 years ago. Advanced Surgical has been very good to me and made this profession truly rewarding.

    35. This is my second year as a travel nurse with them and I can say that I have never experienced the same thing before. With great travel benefits, you are enjoying every travel and somehow you won’t feel that you are working at all!

    36. It’s my first time to try being a travel nurse and it is great to be a apart of this company. Awesome benefits and experience is what you’ll have if you work here.

    37. It’s my first time to try being a travel nurse and it is great to be a apart of this company. Awesome benefits and experience is what you’ll have if you work here.

    38. Reputable company to work for. My experience here as a travel nurse is great with its awesome benefits and perks. I am glad to be a part of this awesome company!

    39. I am more than satisfied with this company. Everything here is great and you definitely won’t find any other company like Advanced Surgical. Great culture, awesome benefits, amazing support. I’d definitely be working with them in the next years of my life!

    40. It’s great to work here at Advanced Surgical. I’ve had fun working with my co-workers because they are so friendly and are great team players! Benefits are great too.

    41. The people working with you to set up your travel assignment are awesome! I have not met a rude, cranky, or disorganized person yet. My recruiter has been at this so long that I can just tell that she would be able to do her job with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back!! She knows all the ins and outs. And I’m not left hanging because she calls me weekly to check on how things are going. Can’t say enough great things!

    42. First time as a traveler I was very pleased with the experience because they were very informative through the entire process. Another firm offered me more money, but Advanced Surgical had so many other great reasons to work with them.

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