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    1. This company lacks honesty & transparency. Very misleading with information. Would never recommend this company to any of my fellow travelers.

    2. Agents always there and while maybe not knowledgeable of actual nursing, will find and get answers. Run by nurses and the board, senior VP, CNO, etc are nurses and really have your back if something happens. The agents work hard to get you what and where you need to be. Paychecks are accurate and on time.

    3. I’ve been working with Accountable for one year. I love my recruiter. He is honest with me about who is paying the best. Has encouraged me to check with other agencies to see if they could get me better pay. I’ve never had a problem with pay. I was cancelled by HCA…shocking….and they stood behind me. I will continue with this company.

    4. Let me first say, I got burned on numerous assignments with some popular “travel companies” earlier in my career and went perm due to all the garbage, hassle, haggling.. etc

      8 years later I wanted to get out and try something different. I quickly discovered why I stopped travelling in the first place. And really want to find a reputable locum company that doesn’t screw me with “travel agency” services.. With the Internet; I can book my own travel, lodging, car…etc and prefer they not reduce my rate because they’re profit margin is 50-60% and anything they don’t provide, is added commission, lining for somebodies pocket.. not mine!

      **We are the resources** They need us, not the other way around!! Find a company that will 1099 contractor your assignment!!

      Never worked with this Agency… However, after combative & uninformed recruiter, I escalated to a Mgr and got Director Vic Rowan.. Total asshole, it’s obvious they care more about providing a warm body to their client, not quality nurses or giving the resource decent wages. They’re only methodology is bringing on newbie travelers that they can take advantage of.

      **Stay AWAY!!**

    5. I work with Drennan and he is very knowledgeable especially the upper east coast. I have had no issues with pay or contracts. He responds quickly and I have his personal cell and work cell. Paychecks are always right and always on time and I am paid weekly. Would def travel with them again.

    6. The San Antonio branch is a joke. Always waiting for call backs from office personnel. Never confirm you on time. Never answer your texts for assistance while at a facility. Many facilities have confided that they will not be using this agency any longer because they are sub par.
      I was thrown under the bus because someone said I fed an infant the wrong formula even though I never touched that brand that someone placed at the bedside by the previous shifts. I fed and documented what the Dr. ordered. The office staff is prejudice and make no secret of it. The manager is a space cadet. I urge you to go with other agencies and leave this one to its own destruction.

    7. Been with accountable for 4 years and many assignments. Every issue I have ever had (very few that were the hospital’s fault every time) was corrected to my satisfaction. My recruiter is awesome and easy to get ahold of. Insurance is good, many choices, but as everyone knows, expensive.

    8. I had been with them over a year. This last assignment was HORRIBLE but they did not tell me it was a facility for sexual deviant multi offenders, and I would be the only medical person in the facility from 2 till 10:30 with 150 inmates. Then during orientation I was informed I had been written up by someone in Security and given to the warden who called Accountable. Long story short I was terminated from my contract but also from Accountable. I have not been given any paperwork, the Warden refused to see me, and my recruiter doesn’t know anything or so he says. Bottom line they will throw you under the bus in a second!

    9. My recruiter was a nice guy, but would zone out while I was talking to him. He would apologize and I would have to repeat myself over and over. He also seemed to be more concerned with the hospitals needs than mine. He convinced me to take a job in the busiest OB unit in the country on my first assignment. I think that was a huge mistake although I survived it. He had a hard time finding me another job after the first assignment. Nothing in the areas I needed to be in. So I went to TruStaff and they hooked me up immediately. Would not say my experience was totally horrible, but definitely not recommending this company to anyone else.

    10. Travelers beware!! They will extend your contract without asking. I worked with them for over a year, my last contract I was at the hospital for almost six months was ready to move on to something else turned out the hospital and I had a different end date, they extended me longer than agreed because I got used to them I didn’t pay attention or sign my contract, also the recruiter that I had that is now the director of one of their office would constantly adjust the pay because there is no sign contract he got away with it. He would never return your call he acts as if you needed them more than they needed you, and that you will always work for them. Their head office contacted me after they realized that I didn’t work with them for a while and recommended that I tried the travel division, I decided to give them one last chance of redemption. I spoke to a recruiter from the travel division and she had some nerve!! She wanted me to leave from Dallas and take an assignment in Houston without any guaranteed hours. What??? Who would agree to that. They don’t respond promptly to your concerns, and they don’t take responsibility for their actions. (Nobody knew who extended my contract without my permission) They’re unprofessional and extremely dishonest.

    11. The hospital I was working for offered me a verbal extension. My recruiter denied this on numerous occasions. For a month this went on. My recruiter told me I needed a backup plan or else I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family. I signed elsewhere then found out he (my recruiter) signed my name declining the extension and had been lying to me for over a month. When confronted he finally admitted saying I thought you’d rather have higher pay and a 13 wk assignment instead of 8 wk. Who is he to choose for me!

    12. Received an offer from a hospital. Accountable confirmed the contract without my consent or signature and without giving me time to read it, or add my requested days off. When I asked them about it, they said, oh, it still looks like you can work your 3 days and get off, just tell them when you get there.Be careful and think twice.

    13. Unbelievable rip off artists. The worst in the industry. Don’t use this company. NEVER let them submit you… you will be sorry

    14. They have always been there for me. The only negative comment I would make is that they almost feel like you will always use them, so are slow at contacting prior to end of assignment for next assignment.

    15. The staff are wonderful & very helpful & efficient. Pay is good, although it would be nice to get a raise for dedication to the company & vacation (4 years). Other than that, can’t ask for better place to work for.

    16. They absolutely DO NOT place 100% of qualified nurses. These incompetents strung me along for months and never had any work for me. Absolute waste of time. There are much better companies out there!


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