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    55 thoughts on “AB Staffing

    1. Seems to be a real solid company. I am enjoying my assignment. Haven’t travelled in awhile. But AB Staffing’s recruiters and office staff have made it an easy transition.

    2. My recruiter, Jeff Nelson, has been extremely responsive and respectful to any questions, concerns, or needs I may have had with regard to a contract. Jeff has been open, honest, and objective with disclosure of contract terms and compensation. Thus, eliminating any “surprises” once I have accepted a contract assignment. I value and appreciate the working relationship I have with Jeff Nelson and AB Staffing!

    3. Brittney Thies, at AB Staffing, is a brilliant Recruiter who keeps to her word and keeps you in the loop. She is also very thorough and helpful and has your best interests in mind. Brittney helped make the process of finding my next assignment very easy. She listened to what I wanted in a job and gave me fantastic advice. Within a day of our first meeting, she got me the position I wanted. Throughout the whole process she supported me, and called me to see how I was doing all during my new assignment. This is all due to her professional and first class service. Brittney was always there for questions, updates and would respond quickly. She has made the search for a new assignment process fantastic, so much so that I would hope we cross paths again in the future, as I would enjoy going through the experience again

    4. AB Staffing has done everything I have asked of them and in large part it is becasue of my awesome recruiter Brittany. I get calls from lots of recruiters at many companies and by far Brittany has the best temperament in this role of all the recruiters I have encountered. There are others that are good but I feel like Brittany is looking out for my every best interest. AB Staffing never misses payday and tries to get me the maximum in pay and benefits.

    5. Good money, benefits, bonus referrals, weekly stipends, weekly pay, timely communication response from recruiter. I have worked with other nurses employed by AB staffing and I can tell you I felt very fortunate to have had Kirsten Fothergill as my recruiter. She was very supportive, ensured I was happy in my position, and she was even willing to let me vent after a stressful day. She also updated me on other travel opportunities frequently to let me know my options. I would highly recommend her and AB staffing if you ever plan on becoming a traveling nurse.

    6. Kirsten Fothergill is a great nurse recruiter with AB Staffing. Kirsten is very friendly and attentive. She was my first recruiter and has set the bar very high.

    7. Love my wonderful recruiter Lindsay Schilling. She�s super engaged and got my the assignment I wanted fast! Great experience working with her!

    8. Ab Staffing is a great company to work for. They go above and beyond to make sure that your experience working there is amazing. Sean Lake, is a recruiter there and he makes the assignment very manageable assuring that scheduling and payroll will be reliable. It’s a great job!

    9. My recruiter, Sean Lake, is the Best! Great Company to work for as the staff is very friendly, helpful & communication is always there via email or phone call!

    10. I highly recommend them and appreciated Recruiter, Kirsten Fobergill completely. She has integrity, caring and is very smart.

    11. My nurse recruiter is the BEST recruiter! Jessica has been honest, reliable and accessible. I just feel like she does all that she can do as the recruiter, but the company itself can be more accommodating. I give Jessica all 5-excellent as a recruiter and AB Staffing as a company would get a 3.

    12. Kirsten Fothergill is by far the person to deal with at AB Staffing. She is a Manager/Recruiter and she is excellent in an otherwise spotty and spurious health contracting agency.

    13. Kirsten is always there if I have any questions, she�s proficient and efficient and always gets me the assignment I want, I would recommend her to all my friends

    14. Honest Review from a travel RN. AB staffing is a great travel company for sure and the team is awesome but… my recruiter Sean Lake is my go to for everything! He has been detailed, thorough and pays attention to the little things that make working for him a really good experience. He checks in consistently, makes sure I always get paid on time ( even when I made a really stupid error entering my account info) he gives real opinions about assignments, makes sure to stay in touch during the entire process and updates me the whole time. He listens to gripes, is encouraging and knowledgeable. I always know that no matter where I am and on whatever assignment, I have a go to person in Sean. Always available, reachable, and completely genuine. Couldn�t recommend him more for anyone considering travel.

    15. They started off fine. Most promises were fulfilled. Mckaye’s communication then tailed off and now they have become poor related to communication and support. I can not recommend them. Many better options available than this company. Avoid.

    16. The biggest disappointment is they deduct 4 hours of my per diem on the weeks I work 36 hours, but don’t pay more per diem when I work 48 hours a week. This is every other week. Pay is less than other agencies, and watch your contract dates, most are 14-15 weeks not 13.

    17. Elias did an Awesome job securing me the position and keeping in contact! He was friendly and knowledgeable. He is also wasn’t afraid to get help from his coworkers when it was neceasary.

    18. Elias Rodriguez is my recruiter and life saver. He returns phone calls and emails quickly.
      Always positive and professional!!
      I am very happy with AB staffing!

    19. My recruiter and contact person Elias great to work with. Always kept in close contact. Worked hard to find me the assignments I was looking for

    20. I’m still in the paperwork process with AB Staffing and have not yet begun my assignment with IHS in NE yet however so far through the paperwork process I have had a very good experience thus far. I have been working with Kirsten F who is seriously an email, call, or text away. I would ask her random questions after hours as I was sitting at home and the question would hit me and she would always reply back right away. She was very honest and her responses to any of my questions were quick and if she didn’t have the answer she would find it for me. She calls almost daily just to check in and see how things are going and to help make sure all the necessary documents have made there way to the right people. At this point in time I have nothing negative to say about my experience thus far. For anyone looking into AB Staffig I would strongly encourage them to ask for Kirsten F if you want to speak with a friendly and extremely personably, helpful person.

    21. One of the biggest reasons I went to work for AB Staffing, is the recruiter Elias Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez was up front and honest about every contract and worked hard to get me the contract I wanted. Mr. Rodriguez kept in constant contact with me to make sure I was being treated fairly during my contract. I also liked the company, due to the fact, I never had to worry about getting paid on time. The only reason I left AB Staffing is, I was offered a full-time government position.

    22. Jackson Weaver is my recruiter. In 2008 I started with AB staffing and Jackson. I took a 13 week assignment at Whiteriver Indian Health Services. Stayed on at the facility after contract ended as full time. I worked at facility until May 31st 2016 and retired. I decided that I would return to AB staffing so I could do a prn type position with the hospital. I once again went to Jackson who is still with AB staffing and kept in touch with over the years. Jackson waded through what is now called causal contract. I am so happy that he was still there. I may not have continued to work even prn if he had not been there to bounce the idea off of. I have never been left in that dark. I would recommend Jackson Weaver to anyone looking for a travel assignment or a physician who is looking for a position. Jackson is one of the most caring recruiters I have ever talked with.

    23. This is my 3rd assignment with AB over the past 4 years. They have always delivered on their end, sometimes smoothly sometimes with a few bumps in the road but the journey has always ended happily, more than less. My recruiter Elias Rodriguez has always been able to problem solve and work on my behalf. Kudos!

    24. I’ve worked with Elias Rodriguez as my recruiter at AB staffing for about a year and a half. I consider him a close friend. He is always available to answer questions and when I need something he is conscientious and quick to fix the problem and get back to me. He cares about my work ethic and also how I’m doing personally and with my family. It’s a great place to work and everyone that works there is really helpful and also especially Connie Case in payroll. I’ve had a lot of questions for her that are answered immediately.

    25. I have to say that my recruiter Rob Backis is absolutely amazing! He has done nothing but work for my needs in a contract! I would definitely recommend this gentleman! He is persistent and kind at the same time!

    26. This is a non-professional company that does not care about their nurses. Nurses are hired that have no experience, managers and charge nurses (males) are allowed to make rude sexual remarks and nothing gets done about it when reported. Pay checks are held at the discrepancy of the manager (who is a joke). People are hired and placed at random because this company has such a horrible reputation. The only good reviews written were by other recruiters. Stay away from Jackson Weaver! What a LIAR.

    27. My AB staffing recruiter sent my application to Arizona, and I was hired by a clinic. Then just a few days after getting the position, AB called to let me know that the clinic wouldn’t need me anymore because the nurse I was supposed to replace had renewed her contract. It was disappointing, but I hadn’t signed any agreements at that point.

      Then my recruiter sent my application to South Dakota. Soon thereafter, AB told me I had been accepted by a clinic, and we set a start date for three weeks out. I signed various employment agreements, and even booked a hotel.

      Then, about 5 days before my start date, AB called me with this bombshell: “we have some bad news. The clinic cancelled your contract and replaced it with a long term nurse.” I was devasted. I had plans to start driving in just two days. I had already spent money on certifications and moving expenses. All of that completely wasted. And worst of all, I had quit my previous job. I was stranded.

      And I hadn’t been working in the week leading up to my scheduled departure date, as I was busy boxing up my apartment. So that was a huge paycheck out the window.

      My recruiter swore up and down that the agency didn’t know this would happen, but I’m not sure I believe them. For one thing, the very next week, I sent my resume to a similar staffing company that also contracts with Native American healthcare facilities. Guess where they sent my resume? (The very same clinic that cancelled on me at the last minute).

      I don’t know what’s going on with that agency or those facilities. I have my theories, but all I know is that I’ll never recommend AB staffing. At least not to anyone I like.

    28. I have tried AB Staffing twice now and both times they messed up my housing, was lied to about having an apartment ready for me on last assignment, had to find a place and go to furniture rental store and pick out furniture. They have a law suit against me that is pending because I extended at the Hospital and am going through another agency. My recruiter was great, company lied and do not treat everyone the same. Do not recommend this company!

    29. Once under contract with AB staffing, they will threaten legal action if you talk with other nurses regarding salary and per diem rates. Their Spectrum Housing will assign housing that won’t be available when you arrive. Then, you are left to find housing on your own. This last assignment was a real eye opener. The recruiters are very friendly. However, they do try to low ball you on salary and per diem. They offer bonuses and then don’t pay them. All in all, I am looking at other companies.

    30. I just finished my 3rd assignment and am very happy with AB! Making the transition to traveling was an adjustment, but they were patient with me and answered all of my questions about housing and per diem amounts. I would highly recommend them!

    31. I have worked for AB as a travel nurse for 7+ years and have nothing but positive things to say. They have been able to get me fantastic assignments all across the country!

    32. only thing good about AB Staffing is how nice my recruiter (Joe) is! You are promised anything to get you TO THE ASSIGNMENT…then it’s “sorry, our director said we can’t do that”. I was without housing for 2 weeks. They were great before changing alot of their policies. I’ll put it like this…My husband said it’s either them or me…

    33. This is my second assignment with them. The first one had mistakes and I made the mistake of going with them again just for more errors. What a disaster. Sent me to the most dangerous place to work on the planet. Pay was deducted, no on call pay, and no support when reported risks to my license. After I decided to quit because they never did fix the problem is when they want to have a Clinical Liaison call me to report it when I reported it weeks ago. This time fool on me for trusting they could do something right this time.

    34. My recruiter and the VP had to do some fixing to make things right. But, all in all they have been very supportive through everything and were there when I needed them for what they could do. I was paid what I wanted, I received the housing I wanted, and when I could not afford my electricity deposit they forwarded it to me. They have been one of the best agencies I have worked for in the seven years I have been traveling compared to the agencies that have high scores on this site. I guess it really goes to show it is all about personal experience.

    35. Worked for them at an IHS in Winslow AZ. From the get go they lied. I was told I was going to an ER, it’s not even a hospital,just a clinic and an urgent care. The facility closes and you work till close which may mean you are scheduled a 12 hr shift that goes into 13,14,15hrs,then have to be back in there again the next day for more. The facility itself is new, but the regular staff are unfriendly to contract nurses. I do not recommend it when there are so many other opportunities out there.

    36. I wish I would have came here before taking an assignment with this company. I sincerely don’t know how they are legally in business

    37. I have traveled for a few years now and this agency rates the worst yet at standing behind their nurses. Do your homework. If you are new at traveling or seasoned, do not jump on this just because they can get you an assignment. Stay clear!!

    38. Worked with AB for an assignment in Arizona on Navajo Reservation never recieved my referral for my friend working for them and never recieved my reimbursement for travel was told look at contract they only care about how much money you can make them>

    39. I have done 3 assignments with this company and never had any serious issues. My recruiter was always pleasant and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.

    40. Travelers Beware! They are dishonest when it comes to payroll and contractual language. Don’t get it twisted Management doesn’t care about their Nurses, but their relationships with the hospitals only, and trust and believe they will leave you high and dry to drive that point home! The travel department consist of 1 ” Full of herself Idiot” who is useless! Most of the contracts are low dollar and then they expect you to pay for hight dollar housing out of that to boot! Travel is a flat $250 whether you come from 10 miles away or from across the country, oh and just so we are clear that is round trip, I am amazed at how they get away with their ridiculous behavior, but I have a feeling it’s all coming to a close soon enough! “What goes around, comes around.” Do yourself a favor and work for a Professional company which AB Staffing is NOT!

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