Why You Should Travel with Your Pet

doggy - Why You Should Travel with Your PetBringing pets on assignment is becoming more and more common.  Healthcare staffing companies are realizing the importance of pets to their travelers and have become more lenient on housing regulations. While traveling with your pet not only offers companionship, it also could be extending your life and well-being.

The transition to an assignment in a new city can often be overwhelming.  Studies show that pet owners cope better with new or difficult situations. Bringing your pet can help improve your self-esteem when meeting new co-workers and make your new apartment a little less lonely. The longevity institute claims that cats add an average of 10.3 years to a person’s life, and dog owners are shown to be more physically fit. Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to become familiar with your new neighborhood.

Travelers with Pets:

• Are less stressed
• Have lower blood pressure
• Stay more active
• Are happier and healthier

If you do decide to travel with your pet, ask your recruiter what your current company offers for pet accommodations. While majority offer only the possibility of allowing pets based on breed, some go as far as paying for pet deposits and offering pet insurance.

Pets of all kinds are known for having great therapeutic rewards that can be useful in easing any life transition. From a new and exciting career in healthcare traveling to adjusting to your new working environment, they make anywhere feel like home.

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