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    83 thoughts on “Valley Healthcare Systems Inc

    1. This is the worst Agency for Reliability Honestly Communication and Fair Treatment .Manipulative and a bunch of lowsy cowards . They work with AMN on cancellations . No support and the Agency should be shut down . I drove to CA to find my contract cancelled and it was like. Sorry about that . Never reimbursed for all of the money I spent . Lying F. Bastards and that is too good a statement

    2. You tell Swan the mistakes of the recruiter , they never follow thru. Then lies to you & gives you false promises. The recruiter talks Down to you but she doesn’t even know You . Who are you anyway ??? You’re Not even a NURSE ??!!

    3. This is by far the most shady, manipulative and unprofessional agency there is. They do not care about the nurses that work for them. Please beware of doing any assignment with this company. Once you sign your contract you are done! Go with a more established and reputable company. The owner, and management have no interest in the nurses whatsoever. Reporting to Joint Commission.

    4. Manipulative with no access to posting jobs and very limited knowledge about the business of travel nurses. LIED about pay and the insurance costs are ridiculous. NO one there I MEAN no one knows what they are doing.

    5. voicemail-267.m4a. Left on my voicemail. Seriously? Never disrespect the nurse! I tried scanning documents (traveled to kinkos) photos with smart phone…and when I got audited for year 2010 (in 2013) swan never responded nor assisted with my request for docs for IRS

    6. I worked with this company for several contracts, overall they were pretty great. My recruiter was always friendly and ready to help. Compliance was tough to work with at times. The benefits recently changed to Kaiser and they are very expensive now. One thing I noticed was that this company ranked number 1 for several years and now they aren’t even on the top 10. I cant help but wonder why that is.

    7. I have worked with several different travel agencies and this one has been the worst. The first recruiter I tried to work with never called me back nor did they respond to my calls or emails. So I then was being “helped” by Sarah the office manager. She was only one click better. Still very slow to respond, didn’t answer calls promptly, long delay with emails, etc. After trying for TWO MONTHS to get a contract (I have all my certs, references, everything dialed in), the contract is wrong on many areas. Wrong pay, wrong stipend, wrong dates, shady wording, hidden “stipulations” that absolve them of much responsibility. When I questioned them with what needed to be fixed they told me they had someone else for that job, so they were not going to be working with me as there were too many things they had to do to correct the contract. (!!??) I would not ever recommend this agency to anyone EVER. There are too many good ones out there. If you chose them read your contract carefully, they lie!!

    8. I’ve tried other agencies, but I keep coming back to Valley because my recruiter actually listens to what I want and they’ve never misled me.

    9. Its hard to impress me after traveling 16 years with various companies…..but Steve Swan and Valley Healthcare have truly impressed me!

    10. Offer a “take home pay” sum, then bait n switch after weeks of prep, high pressure sales tactics once the break out the contract. This is where they tried to get me.. twice. Watch for this…They pressure you to sign now. If you catch them in a contract error (in their favor of course!) they state it was a mistake on their part “im new!”, but still have the guts to try to guilt you into accepting the lower contract because “you gave a verbal contract”. A complete used car sales approach. Stressful and waste of time. Watch for the shell game they use with, 1849 take home pay for 32 hrs eve a week turns into 1440 take home pay for 40 hrs, turns into … RUN!

    11. Valley Health was a wonderful contract company to be associated with. I have worked for three travel companies and enjoyed them all. However, the personal treatment and support from Valley Health was like having a good friend working with you. It was really nice. My recruiter, Ryan Zucha was beyond amazing. I have no idea how he can provide such friendly, professional and personalized care to each of his RNs, but he does! Also his boss, Todd, was equally as professional and personal and just a joy to work with. If there is a job that suits me, and works for Valley Health, I would def work for them again. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    12. I have tried traveling with multiple agencies and just didn’t like them for one reason or another. I have Jordan as my recruiter and have has an awesome experience.

    13. I really enjoy talking to my recruiter K. Spillman. She us very knowledgeable and on the ball when it comes to keeping me in work.

    14. My recruiter was very accommodating in finding an assignment in my requested area. He was very efficient in preparing me for my assignment. There was prompt communication within various departments of VHCS. This company has shown me they have personnel that are professional, friendly and encouraging.

    15. Coordinator . Reye bosby very patient to deal with. Puts a good amount of effort into accomodating you very professional

    16. Coordinator . Reye bosby very patient to deal with. Puts a good amount of effort into accomodating you very professional

    17. Very dependable, professional and personal. Only issue was a miscalculated paycheck once,which was fixed immediately. One of the higher paying agencies. Would recommend to others!

    18. I especially am grateful for all the help that Reye Bosby gave me and the efficiency of the whole process. I was amazed that he was able to secure an assignment for me so quickly. Kudos and thanks to him.

    19. The two areas that were unac-
      cepatable were that I had to have emergency surgery at an
      out of pocket cost to me of
      $59,000.00 after the insur-
      ance portion and the profes-
      sional discount was paid. I
      would have preferred to have
      had an option for a more cov-
      erage at greater deduction for
      cost from my paycheck.

    20. I found Valley Health Care and my recruiter Ryan Z excellent to work for. As a company they represented themselves with values and goals that matched my own and my recruiter went above and beyond anything I could of expected with his diligence to find opportunities that match my needs, communicate effectively and in a timely manner, and his personality was always pleasant and easy to talk with. There use of technology made it easy to see avilable jobs, get and give needed information, complete orientation and just overall communication. It is a wonderful company to work for and I recommend them if you are looking to travel.

    21. My nurse recruiter Julianna is phenomenal, she checks in with me twice a week just to see how I’m doing, I have never experienced that with any other company in my 10 years as a travel nurse. She worked very hard getting me into the right assignment and was genuinely concerned about whether it was a good match for me.she has always been very good about getting right back to me after I call her. She has always been straight and honest with me about all the details of my contract so there are no surprises or hidden agendas. I plan on staying with valley healthcare as long as possible and would refer anyone of my nurse friends to them. Julianna is a huge asset to Valley. She made me feel like a person and not just another number. Thank you Julianna and thank you valley healthcare for being such a wonderful company to work with , I am proud to be a part of your family.

    22. I’ve not been with this agency for long but I have enjoyed my time so far. Have all your records and pertinent info ready to send at fairly short notice. You should already have this kind of packet for yourself anyway.

    23. The nurse scout calls me every Friday and responds to my calls, emails and texts. A very pleasant travel experience.

    24. I loved this travel assignment! I got really lucky with my hospital and the people there were very receptive to travelers. VHS is an incredible company. I had a unique situation in that I had already moved to the new state when the initial travel company had to back out after realizing some Worker’s Comp issue they had was not compatible with my state. Are you kidding me?! Anyway, VHS swooped in and expedited my paperwork so that my transition into the position was smooth. They were attentive, accommodating, and the pay was incredible.

    25. I LOVE this agency. I have worked with others in the past, but Valley has always exceeded my expectation. A big part of that is my recruiter, Kareen. She is always available, even after hours by text or email. Has had my back in many situations. I highly recommend Kareen and VHCS!

    26. My recruiter, Karen Spillman, is very knowledgable concerning assignment options. She was patient and understanding when unexpected family emergencies occurred as I was seeking assignments. I would recommend her to all who are seeking an honest, friendly recruiter.

    27. bait and switch tactics,please watch wording when it comes to holiday pay and bonuses, extension pay renewal withdrawal after promise to pay on original contract,poor pay scale,it will not benefit the traveler to work tax advantage for any company. the company wind up with most of the money.the hospital pays the same amount to all agencies.recruiters switch or quit.

    28. I have been on three assignments with Valley and have been very satisfied with the people and contracts. I am sad my recruiter left and am trying to gain rapport with the new recruiter… Pay always on time and correct. Housing less than stellar as I’ve always been put in an extended stay, but they are very nice extended stays! Would and do recommend them.

    29. This is the most dishonest company I have spoken too. (name removed by admin) tries a bait and switch once you get out to your assignment- local travel they call it however you are always canceled and treated rudely by the oncall person.



    30. Love the Concierge! Valley makes me feel like a guest in their home rather than an employee. Love Las Vegas, too!

    31. Always upfront and honest. Would always work diligently and quickly to correct any mistakes or to handle any problems that came up.

    32. Still waiting to be paid from assignment in Casper, Wyoming. Won the Wage and Hour lawsuit, now Valley Health care REFUSE to pay! Any suggestions?

    33. Had finished an assignment with them for 8 months at Fresno Regional Community Medical Center.I was able to renew my contract upon request as needed. VHS staff kept me inform of changes and called frequently to see i I needed anything. Housing very nice and near work within 2 blocks as requested. Plenty of work and more if desire on my assigned floor.

    34. Extremely personable recruiters. Company has always stood behind their word and every promise has been kept. My recruiter is #1 in my book. Always dependable and I know he has MY best interest at heart. Have worked for them for 2 years and see no reason to stop anytime soon.

    35. Excellent company to work for. Completely set me up with housing/furniture and took care of all my needs with no work on my part. Hospital is great to work for and have never had a problem getting paid. I have been a nurse for 5 years and this was my first travel assignment.

    36. This was my second contract with Valley Healthcare Systems of Gold River, CA. The incompetence of my recriter and Valley’s payroll dept. was without compare! Each and every paycheck was incorrect! Incorrect payrate, incorrect hours, incorrect on-call pay, no on-call pay at all, overtime to be paid at the end of the contract in the form of a ‘bonus pool’,(we’ll see, haven’t got it yet) and all I got was lip service and rudeness. Wage and labor will be tasked to correct this mess.

    37. Don’t believe it.
      I do not understand how this agency received such high rating. I worked with their agent Daniel, who many times used what I consider to be bait and switch tactics.
      I went through an extensive and exhaustive process for one facility, having been accepted for the position, completing drug testing, background checks and all of their required paperwork and training modules. I was to start on a Monday, but on Sunday, received a call from Daniel saying they could not guarantee hours. I thought this was something he should have known, and could have prevented me having all of the late-night faxing sessions to get all this documentation in at the last minute. He later recommended me to a trauma facility knowing I have no trauma experience, thereby wasting the time of the hiring manager, and me. I would not recommend this particular agent. And, as he represents the agency as a whole, could not recommend the agency.

    38. The pay was great but for the first 2 months my check was either wrong or late or sent back to my home address instead of my current assignment. The insurance was awful and expensive. My recruiter wasn’t very knowledgable. Will not be working for them again!

    39. I love my recruiter and I really like working with Valley!! Benefits are great- they have lots of assignments available. I get a car and air too! My recruiter has been in healthcare a long time and she knows a lot about the different areas and what to expect there. Go Colorado!Thanks Valley!

    40. Great Company, makes me feel as if I am part of a family. I especially like the referral bonus when I send over nurses! $1.00 extra an hour!! (It only applies while I and my referral are working.)

    41. Valley is a wonderful company to work for; they have a great team of recruiters, they always return calls promptly and in a professional / friendly manner. I feel very taken care of.

    42. This is the best company to work for, I will never work for another travel agency, not when Valley has everything I am looking for in a company

    43. The folks at Valley put me first… always. They always anser the phone and in my 3 years of travel with them, I have never left a voice mail. I have compared pay with several companies and Valley pays WELL above what any other agency is paying.

    44. You will find professional recruiters who will be there to support you from your first phone call in to you after your contract is over.

    45. This is the best agency I have ever worked for, they are very friendly and always get back to me when, I inquire of a new location. All the recruiters are so kind, and always give me the attention I need. Thank you Valley Healthcare for taking care of me.

    46. I am really happy with Valley, they are extremly helpful and always work hard to find me the assignment I”m looking for. I highly recommend.

    47. They are the best traveling compnay I have ever worked with. They are always available to me and I was very pleased with the service that I recieved from day one all the way to current. I am excited about the free CE that they offer and

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