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    151 thoughts on “United Staffing Solutions(USSI)

    1. I have been a nurse for almost 10 years and started by travel RN journey last year, during the process of finding a travel nurse company, the only company I felt comfortable with (responded to messages, understanding of my situation, etc) was USSI. My recruiter, Michelle Field, has been so amazing through each and every assignment. Response time is super quick. Paychecks have always arrived on time and without issue. Onboarding for each assignment has been straight forward and the team knows what they’re doing. I have gotten a few of my nursing friends to join me through USSI to start their journey as well. Overall – excellent experience!

    2. I have been a nurse for almost 10 yrs now and am new to traveling. Ericka Correa has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She is always accessible and communication is key with a job like this! Another travel nurse provided me with her information and I will never regret reaching out to her. I highly recommend her. Working for USSI so far has been straight forward and organized- which is much appreciate!

    3. I am new to travel nursing and have just finished my first contract with my recruiter Sean Davis. Moving to another city especially with a family is not easy. I was able to find a hospital in the Boston area. Sean constantly made me feel confidant in my abilities and also made himself available to answer and help with any issues at hand. I have enjoyed working with him and will continue to work with him. I have also recommended him to several of my travel nurse friends. I know that he would never let them down !

    4. USSI is awesome. My recruiter, Rachael Fox, is the booommmmmbbb. Signing on with them was super simple and I had plenty of contracts to choose from. Can’t recommend them enough.

    5. This was my first travel agency that my friend recommended to me (she’s been traveling for years), and I feel so lucky to be working with them! I had a lot of anxiety when I started traveling bc I was a staff nurse for 12 years in the same hospital where I was a new grad. My recruiter Sean would always check on me and when I had small issues, he and everyone at USSI were attentive and came to my assistance right away. I love working with them!

    6. This is currently my first travel assignment, and USSI has been great so far. Emily Schuler is my recruiter, and has been very prompt in her communication and has been extremely friendly and helpful! The onboarding team was also quick to answer my questions since I’m a newbie. Definitely recommend USSI!

    7. USSI is a great agency to work with. My recruiter Emily Schuler has been the best! Reliable and quick to answer all my questions. No complaints at all! Highly recommend!

    8. I am very pleased working for USSI. I have a wonderful recruiter Ericka Correa and she is great at her job. I appreciate her being so accessible and personable when I am away from home on an assignment with them. I would recommend USSI to anyone interested in travel nursing.

    9. I have been nothing but pleased with my time with USSI. My recruiter Ericka Correa has always* had my best interest in mind. She has been honest, very straight forward, had timely communication, and has been such an advocate on many occasions. She goes above and beyond to find a perfect fit for me as a travel RN– regarding location, pay, etc.
      I would refer her to any traveler. Having done travel nursing for 5yrs, I can say with confidence she has been a favorite!!

    10. This is my second assignment with this company. Their pay rate is competitive and I always get paid on time with no issues. Sean Davis my recruiter is awesome. He is attentive and courteous. He also learns a listening ear but not overbearing like other recruiters can be. I would highly recommend this company to any traveler or non traveler for their best travel assignment.

    11. The agency I would use every time I take a contract in California. No issues with them. My recruiter Thomas Hong is very supportive and easy to get ahold of.

    12. The agency I would use every time I take a contract in California. No issues with them. My recruiter Thomas Hong is very supportive and easy to get ahold of.

    13. This is the only agency I�ve worked with and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Angel Portillo is a fantastic recruiter. He is reliable and works closely with you to find that next great travel assignment.

    14. Kevin Vaughn is an amazing agent, he always checks in and makes sure I am satisfied with my assignment and if he can be of any assistance during my time.

    15. Sean Davis with United Staffing Solutions is the best recruiter I have had so far. Not only he is with great company, he is the type I will hire if I have a business. He is hard working, persistence yet very respectful and understanding. He make sure I get the contract I am searching for, he negotiates in my behalf. He is just great!

    16. I have great recruiter Santiago! Always very helpful, friendly and professional. I have so far very good experience with USSI.

    17. My recruiter Angel Portillo is a reliable, transparent, and honest person. He’s always available even though I’m night shift, and I don’t have to haggle with him over pay; he always gives me the max amount. I highly recommend him to any nurse who wants someone who has your back and takes care of you!

    18. I have been with United Staffing Solutions for over 2 years now as a travel nurse in California. They have exceeded my expectations in everything. From the moment I set out as a travel nurse they were so helpful in explaining the process and helping me with licensure, always very attentive. The process was smooth and worry-free. My recruiter Angel is beyond amazing. He is always open to give me the best offers and different locations I can go to. He has always been timely and on top of any requests. He is always available for any questions I might have and has a genuine attitude. I don�t think I�ll ever leave USSI because of him. USSI is very reliable and professional.

    19. I have always enjoyed working with my recruiter Sean Davis. He’s honest, friendly, personal, and always gets me the best rate! I highly recommend USSI and Sean to anyone!

    20. My recruiter is always honest and I feel he has my best interest with the jobs I want!! Company does not delay in getting you on board with a position!!

    21. Sean Davis is an awesome recruiter. He was extremely helpful in every aspect that I needed during my assignment. Always accessible if there were an concerns I had. Sean is professional, honest, and is a great supporter! It was my first traveler assignment and not knowing really how to expect the process of starting with an agency, accepting a assignment, and working the contract it was just wonderful to know that my recruiter was there always and had my back with everything!!! I would love to always work with Sean with future travel assignments and will always referral others to him!

    22. Santiago goes above and beyond to find assignments that fit what I am looking for. USSI pay packages are more competitive than other agencies I have worked with. Their benefit packages are also better. Staci in compliance is very helpful too!

    23. This is my first year of travel nursing and I am very happy with USSI.Sean Davis has been right there keeping me informed,up to date and employed in an assignment I love.I am very glad I choose to work with this company and will work with them on the future.Everyone in the organization I have had contact with has been super nice,professional and taken care of questions/issues right away.

    24. I found the recruiters at USSI go above & beyond in getting their nurses the best deals and once on assignment they give great & efficient support. Definitely will use them again.

    25. The treatment, compassion and respect from my recruiter Paula Harrington was amazing, I will do business with them again in the future and I will recommend this agency to everyone!!

    26. My agent is Sean Davis, he�s great! Really reliable and easy to contact. Very knowledgable and trustworthy. I�m really happy working with him.

    27. This is my first time working with USSI as a traveler. I am having a great experience with the company especially with my recruiter Thomas Hong. He goes above and beyond to find the answers to my questions. He is always just a phone call away, very professional and efficient I have to say. I am enjoying working with him and I am sure this will not be the last time I work with him.
      Thank you Thomas

    28. My first time working with this agency. I am happy so far! My recruiter is awesome. His name is Thomas Hong. Thank you so much!

    29. My recruiter is Ryan and he is great! He took the time to speak with me many times because this is my first travel nursing contract. I had so many questions and he was great on answering them and following up with everything! Definitely a company I want to stay with and I would highly recommend to others as well!

    30. Have you tried to wear a pair of pants that feels so right, not too tight nor loose? Fits just right and you’re comfortable. That’s how I feel with USSI. Their contract per se says to me that they have my back. They are pro nurses not to what they can get from you.

    31. Ussi was able to obtain a pay package for the area and hospital i was really wanting to work at. I am very pleased with USSI

    32. This agency is great. My recruiter, Eva Julian, is the best. She keeps me up to date with everything, and is so easy to communicate with her. She replies to all of my emails and text. I’ve already highly recommended this agency to some of my friends and family.

    33. Sean Davis was very professional in his interaction with me and he listened to what my needs are. He was able to find a position that accommodated my needs.

    34. I�ve been working with Raleigh for the last year and he has been easy to talk to and almost always available. He responds in a timely manner and has tried his best to get me the best assignments that fits my interests, although I know he can do better. 😉 hence the 4, in some areas. Overall, I would recommend him and USSI. Thanks for the hard work!

    35. Raleigh Phillips was my recruiter at this agency. He was reliable and I feel like i could have an open conversation with him. My paycheck was always on time. And the team made sure everything was done to get my job done. I would return to this agency.

    36. First off I would like to note that although I have 5 years experience working in SPD I have never once explored working as a traveler.

      As of today I have been offered a travel position in EXACTLY the city I wanted, at a rate higher than I would have expected, on a shift schedule that is as ideal as I could ask for.

      With a doubt I have to credit Eva Julian of USSI for helping me get a chance at this phenomenal opportunity. Not only did she work hard to get me in the running for this position, she was with me every step of the way and then some.

      Not to mention thanks to Eva’s tireless educating I feel as prepared for this adventure as I could possibly be.

      Thank you Eva, for all your patience and guidance while working with me.

      – Alexander

    37. I absolutely love my recruiter. Raleigh is the best hands down!! I never have to worry he takes care of me and any problems that occur on assignment. The company staff is very helpful and I recommend them to every traveler that complains, lol I should hand out business cards I hype them up so much! My experience has been amazing and I�m glad I am apart of their team.

    38. Very available and work hard to personalize care for clients. Cant say enough about my recruiter Thomas Hong. He goes above and beyond and I trust him to look out for my best interest while looking for and signing travel contracts.

    39. I have not ever use their insurance plan but I�ve heard from other transfers that it�s a good one. I lov working with Janice. She listens and is super helpful. Out of the 7 travelers I was working with in a small hospital.. I had the best pay package

    40. Ronnie Cortez is my recruiter and honestly, I could not have done this without him! He�s lighthearted to help me through all the feelings of change and traveling, while being so professional and getting everything done quickly and efficiently! He was ALWAYS available to chat via text or phone call and really has made my experience one I�ll never forget!


    42. I am working with Logan Frank at USSI for my first travel nurse assignment. He is very knowledgeable and always goes out of his way to make sure I have the resources / support to be comfortable and successful! USSI is a smaller company which offers individualized support and opportunities. Logan and the entire USSI made the on-boarding process as painless as possible and continue to be available for questions or concerns. Paychecks arrive without issue, and USSI offers a variety of day 1 benefits at a reasonable cost. I definitely recommend this company!

    43. My recruiter Sean Davis is awesome. He is on my side and I have a lot of confidence in him. He always gets me the best assignments and pay rate.

    44. they were able to get me to the area I wasnted, in the hospital I wanted. eventualy I did end up signing perm with the hospital because I liked it so much

    45. Paula is always there whenever I need her and if she can’t personally help me with my issues, she makes sure to get me someone who can.

    46. My recruiter mr Sean Davis is very efficient , approachable and reliable . I don�t have a bad experience with him as well as the agency

    47. This is just my first assignment with this agency but so far so good. My recruiter Paula Harrington is by far the best recruiter I have had to date. She has been doing this for many years and it shows. She is on top of everything. If I have a question she has the answer quickly. She is very direct and honest and I have talked with her more with this assignment so far than my last recruiter did all 13 weeks. I can tell if I ever have an issue she will be on top of it. I look forward to a long working relationship with Paula.

    48. USSI has been great to work with. They always have one of the highest pay rates and really good contracts at great hospitals. They always get me assignments super quick and they are always quick to fix any problems with pay. I always recommend them to all my nurse friends!

    49. USSI is a great company to travel with. Gloria Ojeda is the best Recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with. She stands out amongst all of the recruiters I have spoken to during my traveling career. I spoke with many other recruiters that did not follow through with what they promised. I felt like just another number to other recruiters. Fortunately, I found Gloria! She ALWAYS follows through and does what she says she is going to do. She has excellent communication skills and is a pleasure to work with! She takes great care of her Travel nurses. I have recommended her to all of my nurse friends that are thinking about traveling.

    50. I would avoid using Gloria Ojeda as a recruiter or this company after finishing my contract and seeing how this company operates. Numerous issues with paycheck not containing my full pay that was only corrected after I double checked my pay stubs and found errors. Was requested to submit multiple correction forms to receive correct on call pay to only still be paid at a lower rate than was stated and again, was only caught by me.

      Was quoted a call back rate twice by Gloria of 109.00 per hour and after working those hours was only paid time and a half and told by her manager that rate was only paid for over 36 hours, information never passed on to me by Gloria. Her only response was that she told me what she knew at the time and was sorry. I still haven’t been paid for 12 hours of on call time I worked in the beginning of June that I submitted a correction form for.

      Avoid this company and recruiter at all cost unless you want to be constantly running behind them to ensure you’re being paid correctly. I’ve worked with more than a few companies and recruiters, the behavior from this group was unprofessional, sloppy and not worth the headache.

    51. I recommend USSI and especially my recruiter Sharon Cartwright because of the great efficiency that has been provided in order to make travel nursing successful.

    52. I have been a travel nurse for 5 years now. I have to say that USSI is one of the best agencies I have ever worked for. My recruiter Sarah and the whole team have worked together to make this a great experience. They really appreciate their nurses and show true compassion and caring. Sarah has always been quick at responding to any question I have. This has been the best travel assignment yet. I also want to say thank you for the wonderful gifts they gave for nurses appreciation week. USSI is 5 star all the way.

    53. Ask for Michelle V. I’ve had such a positive experience travel nursing I quit my full time job and have referred several colleagues to her.

    54. My recruiter Dustin Sims has been very helpful. He is easygoing, friendly and honest. He responds quickly and ensures that you get what you ask for and more! I have recommended him several times and will continue to do so.

    55. Andrea Gastelum has been my recruiter and works very hard to answer any and all of my questions and concerns!!!

    56. USSI is my first agency I’ve traveled with. They try really hard to answer all my questions and make sure they can get me the best rate. The reason I went with them vs other agencies was the great pay package. Communication is superb and my recruiter has a great personality. I’m very thorough and Erin my recruiter would try her best to give me as much details as she can.

    57. I don’t usually leave reviews but I wanted to let anyone know who may read this that my recruiter, Arnold, is superb. He is very through and up front with everything. He does what he says. I just had to also say the Mona is fantastic too. She just has this thing about getting things organized for me and that is so comforting. Thanks guys.

    58. I have had the most incredible experience with USSI. My recruiter is outstanding. She is very professional, friendly, prompt and professional. I feel like she is always looking out for me; knows what I’m looking for whether experience/memories or great pay. I recommend United Staffing and my recruiter everywhere I go!

    59. Stephanie Norman is the best recruiter I have worked with. As a new traveler, I have spoken with many agencies and none have move as fast and communicated as well as Stephanie has. I contacted her on a Tuesday, was submitted on Wednesday had an offer by Friday! She not only worked hard to get everything I requested, she always keep me in the loop and updated on everything that was going on. Excellent communication skills hands down! Just having that piece of mind that your recruiter is working hard for you take away a lot of the stress we endure in this profession. Thank you Stephanie!

    60. My husband and I have worked with multiple travel companies and United Staffing Solutions has definitely been the best. Our recruiter Andrea is always quick to get back to us and straight forward and honest. Would definitely recommend them.

    61. My recruiter was super friendly and very helpful. They responded to my emails quickly and were always happy to answer my questions. They worked with me to get the assignment that I wanted.

    62. I came across USSI due to Nurse Kelley. She is their Brand Ambassador and I am so glad that I found USSI. Love Kelley and all the people who helped me to get what I wanted in California. I am looking forward to meeting Kelley soon. My recruiter is Dustin and he is very straight forward with me and tells me what he can do and can’t do. I love their honesty and they do deliver what they say. It’s refreshing to have such a nice agency.

    63. Super impressed by USSI. Feels like they are always available for me when I call them. I even had my license done by Mona and it was such a smooth experience. Whatever they are doing, it’s right and working for me.

    64. I have worked with USSI for a year. Everyone I have encountered with is professional and attentive. I would recommend them to my friends.

    65. Outstanding service! Mona has helped me to get my California license! She is very knowledgeable and super friendly. She has so much patience and helped me through every step of the process. I would highly recommend USSI.

    66. USSI has always been there for me even when I’m off assignment for short time. Very supportive, I love them all. Every employee has been respectful and always thinking of ways to help and encourage me to reach my potential.

    67. This agency cares about their nurses. My recruiter Sharon Cartwright is exceptional and accommodates my needs as best she can. I have worked for USSI for one contract and initially each respective department checked on me to help me along the process.

    68. I have recently started working with USSI.Andrea Gastelum, my recruiter and Edgar Soto have made my transition easy, efficient and found me the perfect assignment. I have worked for the past year as a traveler and USSI has been awesome in every aspect. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to travel. Cynthia Campbell RN

    69. USSI has been great. They helped me with insurance plans in the beginning. The only suggestion I have is for them to be more proactive assisting getting the next assignment lined under before the current contract is ending.

    70. Stephanie Norman is amazing and always goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met. I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team.

    71. I’m so glad I found USSI & made the switch! They have definitely taken care of me in every way since I’ve been with them. I’ve recommended many nurses to my recruiter and they are all just as happy, thanks Logan & USSI!

    72. So thankful that iv been refereed to such an amazing company from a good friend of mine. Ussi has had a job for me in the states iv wanted to visit.

    73. Overall I had a great experience with this agency because of my recruiter Michelle. She is incredibly caring and efficient in her work. I’m happy with USSI.

    74. As a first time traveler, but seasoned nurse of 14 years, working at USSI with Stephanie, my recruiter, had been a positive experience. She is motivated and proactive in finding me an assignment by letting me know what positions are out there.� She has a great communication skills and a positive attitude.� She has helped me and continue to help me with my time sheets which i greatly appreciate. She consistently follows up on how i am doing or liking the assignment. Those abilities has created a crucial relationship as I trust her judgment when it comes to future travel assignments.

    75. Stephanie is an ace recruiter. She’s diligent in finding her nurses the best contract. I love my housing and this company rocks compared to those I’ve used in the past. I think I’ve found home. Finally!

    76. Promised reimbursement for TNCC and firm start date at acute care facility. Date was never made with facility and lost one week of pay. Reimbursement for TNCC never given. Twenty hours of orientation completed with promise to pay. Payment never received. Promised advance of funds to cover inconvenience of delayed start date. Funds never given. Recriuter was fired and agency refused to honor his agreement that was sent via text. USSI stated it is a risk nurses take with their agency

    77. I have the very best recruiter. She is so supportive and helpful. This makes all the difference to me. And because she is so happy with the company that she works for, I’m convinced that United Staffing Solutions Inc.(USSI)is the best.

    78. when working with an agency. as a nurse i want responsiveness and accommodation with needs. USSI is far more ahead of others in this game. i could not speak enough for Steve who got me on board with the agency with his professional approach to work and ethics of keeping up to his word. overall a pleasant experience. i will be here for a long time

    79. My recruiter, Steve Schroeder goes the extra mile to find me great assignments and to provide support. It’s an efficient agency with a small town feel. I recommend it.

    80. USSI was the first traveler nursing company that I worked with. So far I had a good experience with the contract assignment. Staffs are friendly and helpful. PaycheckS were on time and if it will be late, the company will notify. Very professional.

    81. Excellent company to work with.Im grateful for this great opportunity to work with USSI.Hard to find a company that really care about employees and treat them well.

    82. they know what they are doing and are a pretty nurse friendly company, I gave them a shot after working for my company forever and they got me a great assignment with great housing.

    83. I am 8 yr nurse w/ 7yr travel experience. I have worked with 5 different travel companies and USSI is one of the best for travel and local staffing.

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