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    990 thoughts on “Travel Nurse Across America

    1. This is a very good company, although there is a lot of paperwork to get started they are very organized and efficient and send you everything you need. They are supportive and the housing was very good, papy accurate and on time and insurance decent. did have a recruiter change, but that was fine. only c/o is that you have to deal with a lot of different people ending and starting an assignment which can be aggravating instead of just one or two. would work with them again, and refer others to them.

      • For over 14 years I have been an employee with TNAA. My recruiter, Donna Dickson, has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and great at her job. I’m fortunate to have had her on my side all these years.

    2. There are only two areas of difficulty for me with TNAA. The first is that they do not have many travel locations in the midwest. Not a problem for most but for me that’s where I’d like to go. The second is that their health insurance has an annual max. so it would be wise to carry some additional catastrophic insurance. Which they now offer but if you are over 40 it’s a little pricey.

    3. Everyone with this company has been exceptional to work with. I had what felt like a million questions and they answered everyone of them. Every call and email I made was replied that day or the very next morning. That truly went out of there way to make sure I got what I wanted and needed. I would recommend them highly.

    4. Housing now comes with microwave, waher and dryer. You can mix and match your furniture, too. You can opt for a bookcase instead of a chair or get a sofa sleeper.

    5. While every nurse was staying in a luxury apt, with all amenities and a dog park. They had me stay in a cheap place. I had my dog and one HOT day in the summer, the AC froze and had to be turned off for 3 days. They did nothing to accomodate me. Fortunately I had a friend in the area or my dog would have died from the heat during the day. They tried to make my apt sound better by saying, it’s 2 bedroom! I had no one with me or visiting and they didn’t furnish it. They also told me that the other apt (by the way, they said I would be staying there in the beginning) had no vacancies. I checked them out and asked them if they did and they said they did and did at the time I moved in the other apt. When I first got there they told me I had to do a test at the hosp and if I didn’t pass I would have to leave, they only told me that AFTER I arrived. They said I couldn’t have my apt until I passed the test, so they were going to put me up in a hotel. Again, I had a friend near by and was able to stay with her. I did drive by the hotel they were going to keep me in. It was a dump in the hood. So I would have been walking my dog in a dangerous area at night with all my possessions in my car. When I was looking for a new assignment, I asked my recruiter for different areas, to shop around. She left a message stating it has taken up a lot of her time and had to get someone to help her, like I was a bother. I thought that was her job to look for jobs for me?!?! I will never go back with them!

    6. My first travel assignment was outstanding as a result of Donna (my recruiter) and her staff. I tried 2 other companies before finding TNAA. My housing is pretty good. I didnt like the housing they were going to use so they asked me where I wanted to stay and got it for me. Rental furniture wasnt good but was fixed promptly. Assignment criteria well explained before arrival. Pay check always on time and correct, although I think the other travelers make more. Will definitely use this company again.

    7. Make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing. It is amazing how companies SEEM to be the best UNTIL an issue arises and then you see their TRUE colors. This company was actually ranked at the top in terms of travel companies but it has been one of the worst and most unprofessional groups I have ever worked with as a traveler. The nurse liason and housing coordinator are both very rude and nasty. The only thing good about the assignment was that the hospital was in an excellent location and my co-workers were amazing. My recruiter was grand in the beginning but once a problem arose, he shrunk into the background and left me stranded, dealing with his less than professional co-workers. I have worked with many travel companies and this is the only one that I would absolutely NOT recommend.

    8. Michelle Cacace is my recruiter always easy to get in touch with, is honest, professional, and caring. Very good company to work for. I have worked 2 assignments with them and working on a 3rd.

    9. Pay rates in the LA area have been more than or at least always competitive with other agencies. Great support given from recruiter- checking in every 2-3 weeks.

    10. This company is happy to take on nurses to make money for them, but the are very poor nurse advocates. You can count on this company siding with the hospital if ANY issues arrise. They would rather hold onto the contract potential than to risk it by protecting the nurses that work for them. They are great until you need their support, then they claim a “no tolorance” rule for any problem you may have. I tell every nurse I meet about the negative experience I had with this company.

    11. My experience with them has been very good so far. I particularly like that they reimburse for all training, education, and required immunizations. Their travel reimbursement is also very good.

    12. I would encourage anyone to be as specific as possible with scheduling requests prior to ever submitting for a position at a hospital. Once the receiving facility accepts your proposal it is hard to back track and negotiate any specific needs or wants.

    13. They were good until my assignment was ending and they kept me dangling with no information about a next assignment until literally the last minute. They were deceitful and evasive about the nature of the next assignment, I contracted for a NICU position and was instead put into Central Staffing and floated up to 4 times in a shift every night I worked, every shift. They offered me NO support with this issue. The housing had nothing but a bed, table and couch. NO dishes, nothing to use. I was 2,000 miles from home, with NOTHING. We had discussed housewares, and what I got was a broom and a bucket, what I needed was sheets for the bed and dishes. Their so-called medical insurance covered nothing. Although they broke my contract by putting me in Central Staffing instead of the department I contracted for, they billed me $1,800 for “fees” for “breaking my contract” then sent it to a collection agency. Avoid them.

    14. I am working on my 5th assignment with TNAA and so far it has been a very good experience. I am always able to get in touch with them and if you leave them a message or email they get back to you promptly. They continually check in on you and listen to you when you have a complaint or problem and bend over backwards trying to fix the problem or accommodate you. will definitely keep traveling with this company.

    15. My recruiter promised me things she couldn’t deliver on and it ended up costing me money. I went all the way to the CEO and he didn’t care. Throughout this issue I remained professional, however, my recruiter stopped answering emails and didn’t return phone calls. The true measure of a company is how they handle an issue and this is definitely not one you want to have an issue with. Stay away from this company.

    16. I absolutely love TNAA. I have always felt complete support from the entire agency. They are incredibly prompt with any and all questions. I wish they had eye insurance and life insurance, but other than that I am completely satisfied with everything about TNAA. I suggest them to all of my friends and coworkers.

    17. Michelle my recruiter, Michelle had been great looking out for jobs that fit my needs perfectly. She stays in close contact with me very often to make sure everything is going well for me in my current assignment. Wendy has kept me informed on my certifications and documents that I needed and even makes arrangements to help me get those so it’s more convenient for me.

    18. Once I started working with TNAA there was no need to jump from company to company, they have everything I need. Each person I interact with is professional and positive, my recruiter is great at finding jobs where I want to go and from the beginning of each assignment until the end, I feel the company is there for me when I need them. I don’t take the insurance so I can’t speak for that and I find my own housing. And as an added touch, I love that we have a Chaplain available if we need him.

    19. I Was fired from a position and when asked to provide documentation of reasons, first two reasons were false and last two reasons was strickly hearsay and i was unable to provide proof that they were false. Human resouces grilled me on the phone and finally decided that since i worked for the agency for a number of years without incident and glowing references that they would continue to let me work for them after i paid a rather large fine for incomplete contract. I felt like the agency didn’t stand behind me as proven by the fine, and that taking the word of the hospital over mine wasn’t very loyal to me after several years of loyal service.

    20. Always a positive experience working with them. They go above and beyond to help and make a point of accommodating the travel assignments.

    21. Very up-front with all information, making the decisions easier to make. Good communication with all departments of the agency.

    22. Put in for time off. Keep personal issues to self when getting assignments. Be honest with ur skills, don’t say u can do when knowledge is lacking!

    23. Everyone with the agency has been very helpful. My recruiter, Michelle, is awesome. Always able to get in touch with her or she will call back promptly. Ashley in housing has been great with accommodations. June and Kari in QA have been very helpful and get you set up with testing or labs needed. Never have had a problem with payroll.

    24. Recruiter has been very friendly and has taken the time to get to know me and really takes my requests and concerns seriously.

    25. I am almost at the end of my first contract and have nothing negative to say about TNAA. I could only rate some topics as “great” vs excellent bc I have not experienced or have nothing to compare it to. I highly recommend Michelle Cacace, my recruiter to anyone, she is very knowledgeable at what she does and will treat you as an individual and look at Your needs when looking for an assignment. I have already got my next assignment lined up thanks to her.

    26. Very good agency, works really well with you, checks up on you frequently, and the payroll department is very on top of any issues.

    27. This is my first travel assignment and I am very satisfied. This is a great travel company to work for. I would highly recommend this company.

    28. I have never had BIG promises made. Instead they always are on top of things and you receive the plus and negative of assignments so you can make a realistic choice and determine if you will be a good fit in the assignment. Recruiter, housing folks, payroll and benefits departments communicate very well with each other and with you. I have done several assignments with TNAA and there are no surprises. That’s always a plus in my book!

    29. I really like this company. I have been in healthcare for about 13 years in various roles and they have overall been very supportive as this is my first travel nurse experience. I especially like their ‘mystuff’ tab it’s your own personal account of everything about you. I am really excited that I chose to travel with this company.

    30. Love love love this agency. They are so supportive and you really feel like they care. My recruiter feels like one of my friends now! They call to check on you often, the housing they have provided has always been top notch and they are very knowledgeable about the areas they send you to and the hospitals. I feel very lucky to be with this company, especially when I talk to other travelers that are not with TNAA and not having as good of an experience as I am.

    31. TNAA has been the 3rd travel company I have used and I am extremely pleased with them. My recruiter is wonderful! This company strives to be easily accessible, help find assignments that are a good fit and location for their nurses, and are always upfront with pay rates and provide detailed breakdowns of what I can expect to make during the assignment. The loyalty and honesty this company has shown me has been spectacular… That’s why I’m on my 4th assignment with them!

    32. TNAA has always given me the good the bad and the ugly on every travel assignment. They are honest in their dealings with me and I always know going in exactly what my pay will be and they put it in writing!Their insurance plan is the best and I have never had a problem with it.

    33. Michelle, Ashley,Wendy and TNAA in general are awesome to work for. They are there for you every step of the way. They are available at all times to answer questions, concerns, and address needs that you might need assistance with. I enjoy being a part of this company because I know I am well taken care of.

    34. I have been with this agency for approximately 2 years and had a difficult start due to my previous experience with another agency. I have been treated with respect, concern for myself and family, and have been accommodated within reason. My recruiter is a God fearing woman who is not afraid to share her story, her compassion, and her faith with anyone and everyone who will listen. I am thankful to have her in my professional circle and would recommend her without hesitation.

    35. Very good company. I like that there are different departments to help with housing, all the paperwork, etc in addition to the actual recruiter.

    36. This is my first travel contract/assignment and I stayed local, but I would have no qualms with traveling with this agency, my recruiter is awesome and everyone is so supportive!

    37. I have heard horror stories abut agencies that getyour paycheck messed up or are unsupportive but this agency was amazing and I 100% recommend it. They were consistently supportive, friendly, and efficient.

    38. I used TNAA as my very first travel nursing agency as a new traveler. I don’t think I’ll be using them for my next assignment. My recruiter was very nice, but she was incredibly difficult to get in contact with once I signed my contract. Also, there was a particular hospital I wanted to work at, and I had my recruiter send in my application to them. She called back and told me the positions in that hospital had been filled and tried to get me to go somewhere else. Right after I signed on with the hospital where I am now, I got a call from the manager at the hospital where I really wanted to be, asking if I would like to work there. Too late… TNAA staff seemed indifferent when I would call and would just try to transfer me to my recruiter, who of course was unavailable, and I would get her voicemail. When it came to pay, I thought I was getting a decent deal until I showed up at the hospital and met other travelers. As it turned out, my pay package was MUCH less than theirs, and their housing was way better. Speaking of housing, I ended up finding my own housing because the housing department at TNAA was not very helpful, and I took the stipend, which was also less than other travelers at the same hospital. When I was sending in paperwork to TNAA, they seemed to have misplaced my paperwork and had me redo them more than once, later blaming me for not sending it in. One of the occasions was right before I moved to my first assignment and was without internet access, so it was incredibly difficult to redo paperwork for them. They were less than understanding and very pushy, once even arguing with me on the phone over it. I have not been happy with their service. Their pay and their insurance plan is not worth this aggravation. It was not a smooth transition into travel nursing for me. I was incredibly stressed. I chose TNAA because of the good reviews I’d read about them, but I would not recommend them. As it turns out, they weren’t even well-known when I told other travelers and hospitals about them. I’ll be moving on to another agency for the next assignment.

    39. I switched to TNAA after working 2 assignments with another agency and am so glad I did. My TNAA recruiter has been open and honest about the hospitals, pay rates, and cities. She will only submit me to assignments that I am interested in and that she feels will be a good fit. Everyone at the office is so friendly and knows their job. It doesn’t matter who I speak to when I call, they always have my information and are on top of everything. Being a foreign nurse a lot of agencies are hesitant to work with me, or make the sign on overly complicated. With TNAA it was an easy sign on process. TNAA offers the best pay rates and reimbursements of any of the agencies I have looked in to. I have not used their insurance plan, but I will be switching over to it on my next contract.

    40. I have already recommended this company. I have been travelling for 4 months. My first assignment was tough, simply a personality clash, but my second assignment is wonderful. My recruiter has been there whenever I need her, as have the payroll staff. My last paycheck did have a problem, but TNAA works quickly to assist you. I do just wish they were more forthcoming when they were repaying advances from your paycheck. I will continue to travel with TNAA until I settle back down somewhere new. 🙂

    41. I have worked with Olivia Carper as a recruiter for over 5 years and she represents what this company is all about. She is friendly, honest, and trustworthy. I would recommend TNAA to other travelers based on my own experience with them. They are supportive when I am on assignment and helpful when looking for a new contract.

    42. Very responsive to my needs. If I call, I get quick call back. Always helpful. I am happy with my assignments and happy with my paychecks.

    43. I have researched many travel agencies and am very pleased that I decided to go with TNAA. I have had nothing but spectacular experience with them. Everyone has been kind, very supportive and like family from day one. The pay is very competitive, the incentives / bonuses / loyalty points do not compare with other agencies. If it weren’t for family demands, I would stay with TNAA until I retired!! Highly recommend without reservation (:

    44. Highly recommend TNAA, I have been with them for a year and have had multiple assignments with them. I can always get my recruiter when needed and have had flawless exoeriences with them. My pay is great with out any complaints. If i have to take a preassessment test for an assisgnment they go above and beyond to make sure I have all the resources needed for efficient practice and knowledge. Housing is seemless and has multiple options for fit your needs at any location. Very professional and compassionate group of people. They are my second family.

    45. I was very pleased with TNAA. Very helpful, accessible recruiter. Housing by agency was clean and safe. I would highly recommend working with them!


    47. I receive random calls from TNAA. I work for another company. I applied for work with TNAA, the recruiter never obtained work for me, told “nothing is coming through.” Yet, they call and leave messages “call me right away”. I wouldn’t go with them now~ just a waste of my time trying to get any where with them. Not very professional in that regard.

    48. TNAA is not the biggest name out there but they are the best. The pay is excellent and what they quote is exactly what you get, no last minute sorry but stuff. My recruiter Michelle is the best in the business and she always “has my back”. I know because I’ve been a traveler for 15 years and worked with several agencies. I’m never leaving TNAA.

    49. I have done four assignments with this agency and would not use anyone else. My recruiter shows genuine care and concern for me. They provide home tax advantages and is available to the nurses 24-7.

    50. They stood up for me when the hospital canceled my assignment. They were very very supportive. It was very ugly how the cancelation happened. But the way they handled it was excellent. My recruiter was right there for me along with CNO. There was one mistake with paycheck but after I pointed out, they corrected it right away. I can honestly recommend this agency!

    51. Have to say the best aspect of the company was my recruiter. They were my first company as a new traveler. I did my homework and went with them because they offered the best across the board (I did not use benefits). Very helpful, always available and went above and beyond in the beginning of my first assignment when the hospital neglected to let us travelers know orientation had been cancelled for the week we were reporting because of JCAHO-TNAA reimbursed me money spent because of the hospital’s screw up. And my recruiter made sure not to send me to an ED that was the kind that would eat you alive. It was a good first experience in terms of the assignment. The only negative I have is when my assignment ended, I was due to go to another ED. A few days before report time, the ED “cancelled” my contract offer, I was in panic mode (the thought of no job and being the family provider was a pretty helpless feeling) so I interviewed for a job in another ED with lower pay, crappier work schedule, horrible reviews, and further away. I really felt pressured needless to say. I conceded. And less than a couple hours later was told that the original hospital wanted to reoffer me my original contract, but my recruiter told them I already accepted another position. But I really hadn’t, and if my best interest were in mind, I would have ended up at the orginal ED. At this point I still hadn’t signed anything for the crappier assignment and less than 12 hours later after my interview with the crappier offer, I changed my mind (never signed anything accepting the official offer) told my recruiter I wasn’t going to accept the assignment for the above reasons. They tried to bully me into accepting, stating that I could face a lawsuit and penalty fees for time spent (again less than 12 hours), but I wouldn’t budge. Then the VP called me and offered me more money and a bonus. Wasn’t worth it. It all really rubbed me the wrong way and made them look bad, I felt they were trying to play me. If it wasn’t for making good friends at my first assignment who were ALL seasoned travelers, I never would have called the BS flag on that move. I cut my ties after that and went with another company (better pay, pretty accomadating and lets be honest, we travel for the money and less ties to an organization). I still think TNAA is a very good travel company and I still do recommend my recruiter to people, I just think it wasn’t meant to be with them and I.

    52. My recruiter, Donna, is THE BEST!! She calls me several times during every contract to make sure that I need nothing. I have always gotten a prompt return call for any voice mail that Ive left for any one at TNAA.
      Wendy is a gem as well. Payroll/benefits department are just precious.

    53. TNAA is an awesome company.
      I am always referring people and all my friends also have a great experience. They put the pay in writing. They pay for all your pre-employment requirements. They pay for your license and help you get it. They guarantee pay. Their recruiters are all very seasoned and know what they are doing. Call them, you will not be disappointed.

    54. Have done several assignments with TNAA,can trust my recruiter Michelle to be honest and upfront with me, Ashley will keeping working hard to find housing until we are both happy with my home away from home. The pay is not as high as some companies but pay is good. I feel like I have a support group when I am on assignment, not just a relationship with my recruiter. Everybody in the company is available and eager to problem solve or answer questions. I have never be wronged by this company in any capacity.

    55. I have worked with my recruiter Michelle Cacace since I started with the company about 3 years ago. She is probably the main reason that I stay with, and maintain exclusivity with TNAA


    57. I did one assignment with this company. Paycheck was always on time and correct. Didnt care for assignment. Felt I was mislead and sent to a facility that my recruiter Gena knew used a lot of travelers…but were not traveler friendly. Once I signed contract she was rarely available. I was used to my recruiter having some sort of contact by email or phone call at least once a week. This one nothing. When I did get her on the phone she was polite enough but I felt she did it only because she had to. Im not a whiner by any means. We just did not connect. After contract ended she just forwarded emails with available jobs but no personal contact. You really need to bond with your recruiter because youre putting a lot of trust in them.

    58. I have traveled with 3 companies so far and TNAA is my favorite. Olivia Carper is awesome and honest and will go out of her way for you. Olivia checks in on me to make sure all is going well, as does the DON of TNAA. Pay is accurate and on time. I feel I found my home company. I highly recommend TNAA.

    59. The staff at TNAA do not try to “fit” you into a position that may not be right for you. They take time to get to know the nurses, listen to their goals, and finding out what is important to the traveler. They will then look to find a position that is right the traveler, with honesty and full disclosure of what to expect from the assignment. No unpleasant surprises.

    60. Great company, great recruiter (Eliza)! Listens to what I want in my travel assignments and works hard to make each one a great experience. Everyone at TNAA returns calls and emails promptly (often within the hour!). You won’t regret taking an assignment with TNAA!

    61. My recruiter Amber was awesome. First year as a travel RN, took so much time explaining things to me, answered all my questions, multiple times! Love working with her!

    62. Nothing but positive things to say about my agency, I have had no complaints, and this is the only agency I will ever travel with. Amber has always been available when I needed her. Traveling with TNAA has made my experience smooth and stress free! Travel with this agency if you want to feel taken care of and secure in your decision to take an assignment.

    63. I love working for this company. Amber has been more than helpful in so many different ways. Everyone I have talked to here has taken a personal interest in me and I feel like they really know me. Would recommend them to all my close friends.

    64. Great to deal with. When there was no assignment where I wanted to go My recruiter found me an alternate location which I love. Would recommend TNAA to anyone on the road traveling.

    65. everyone at tnaa has been great. i haven’t had any problems that couldn’t be worked out. my recruiter amber is awesome! she has to be to work with me. first time on an assignment with tnaa i got a call from the clinical director (i think it was) and she just called to see how things were going. i really appreciated that. so far, great company to work with.

    66. Note: I am new to travel nursing and TNAA is my agency. I was really nervous about beginning my career as a traveler, as I read so many horror stories online. I checked several websites that rated agencies and decided to go with TNAA because they were always highly rated. I am very happy that I did. My recruiter, Amber, helped me get a contract at a very traveler friendly facility. The housing is a very nice, very secure apartment located two miles from the hospital. I really couldn’t be happier. I just signed an extension. I recommend TNAA and Amber to all of the other travelers who I work with.

    67. I just want to thank everyone at TNAA. My travel experience has been nothing but positive, and I never feel alone out here. Someone is always there. I decided to go with TNAA because how much I really liked my recruiter, and I felt that that was very important. I have talked to other travelers and they don’t always have that same feeling toward their recruiters. So I would recommended Derek for anyone who was looking to talk to a recruiter about travel nursing. He’s very knowledgeable and not pushy or anything, he listens to what you want out of traveling. Also the housing is really nice. I took the housing this time since I didn’t know much about the area before I moved and I absolutely love where they put me, I don’t think I want to leave! Thanks again so much to very one at TNAA!!

    68. This company has been very supportive and accommodating to my specific needs. I’m always able to contact my recruiter when issues arise. Everyone has been very helpful in beginning this new path in my career.

    69. just know that there are a ton of tings you have to get done prior to assignment to for that facility so ask about those from quality personel and don’t try to get them done during a quick start job (one that is starting in two weeks unless you are not working and have the time to devote to the list okay).

    70. TNAA is the best travel company’s that I have been associated with. They always have quick response times to any issues that may arise during a contract. Easy to deal with on levels.

    71. This is by far the best company I have worked with compared to the other 5! Our recruiter did everything she could to get us a job! I will continue working with this company.

    72. Be aware that Travel Haven will tack a hefty fee onto your monthly rent for the privilege of them arranging your housing…

    73. This is a great travel company.Very true and honest upfront with every info so you can make an informed decision.I really love all the members of my team.

    74. This is the first travel company I’ve been with. So far, they have been great. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and get back to you quickly. Their pay is fair and their extra benefits (extra shift bonus, points, and contract extension bonus) are wonderful. Highly recommended.

    75. I love working TNAA. They have had my back when I needed them too. My paychecks have been on time with only one time it was not right and immediately fixed. They are very friendly and professional. Pay is decent and I love their benefits. Housing has been great. I feel like I matter to them and am not a number. My recruiter does a great job of putting everything up front prior to securing a contract. I am extremely happy I chose this company and plan on staying with them!

    76. I absolutely love this company! Besides having an amazing recruiter, the company itsself has exceeded all expectations. This is the best company I have worked for in all my career! I recommend it to anyone wanting to travel!

    77. I love working with TNAA! I can trust this company to find assignments that fit my needs, safe and convenient housing, and always be available when I need them for anything.

    78. I had to travel in order to get out of a bad situation. I tried to keep that from my recruiter, but planning on leaving only made things worse and I had no viable options.
      I’m so glad I told her; she got my information out to everyone, and I was on the road sooner than I would have dared to hope. Its not an ideal assignment, and not what I would have chosen in normal circumstances, but this was certainly not normal and she really stepped up and got me out of there asap. Saved my life.

    79. I’m working at my first assignment and I love it. Some things didn’t go as I planned but I think it is just a learning curve. Anytime I had a question, and there were many, I called Rebecca. If she didn’t know the answer she knew who did. She is great to work with.

    80. Outstanding company! Travel Nurse Across America agents and representatives treat me like I’m a part of their family. They provide excellent service, and they are always available when I need them. Travel Nurse Across America exceed all of my expectations.

    81. They have been very clear from the beginning about what they are offering. I am very impressed how efficient the agency is. I am traveling with my family ,and it is difficult to trust someone over the phone. They have kept to their word. They are reliable, professional, personable and available. I would recommend them to anyone.

    82. On my 3rd assignment with them and love them. Love my recruiter Gena Deaton. Reimbursed me for my Oregon license, get in contact with me quickly if my hours reported are not the same as the hospital reports and will pay the amount I report then allow me to get the hospital to fix so will not be missing the money. Only cons no 401K and paid every 2 weeks. Other than that would definitely recommend.

    83. Just finishing up my first assignment in Roswell NM with TNAA. April Coltran is my recruiter and she did an amazing job finding me this contract when my first contract at Medical City Dallas got cancelled 3 days before it was supposed to start. It did take some time to find this assignment since Peds contracts are a little harder to find in early springtime, however, TNAA did an excellent job putting everything together for my assignment and rushing my NM RN license for me to start with a week notice.
      Pay rate is very comparable to all the other travelers I work with at this hospital. I had one paycheck issue earlier on in the contract when they deducted housing twice (I did company housing for the first 13 weeks; stipend for the extension). I emailed payroll Friday and they corrected that following Monday. I’ve received excellent support from April, June (compliance officer), and Claudia (nursing liason) all throughout the process and assignment. TNAA offers travel pay, completion bonuses, and overtime bonuses.
      **One negative = TNAA does not offer a 401K program. They say no one ever signs up for it. To some people, it could be something worth switching companies over…

    84. If I hadn’t had previous experience this wouldn’t have worked. I had to push to get things done and there were a lot of last ‘must dos’ partly because Parallon is a pain. My company had to go through them. This company does not have very good benefits but I’m in it for the travel.

    85. It’s a great company my recuiter, Q&A is awesome, some issues with housing and pay, but with that said, when made aware of any issues its quickly resolved I’ll guve them a 4.8 out of 5.

    86. Karena is an amazing recruiter. She has been able to secure me with assignments in every city I desired to travel to and always gets back to me in a timely manner. I have never had an issue with my pay check and the benefits are fantastic.

    87. Travel Nurse Across America is a wonderful company to work with. Everyone from my recruiter, to payroll, to the housing department are friendly and always there for you. I highly recommend this company to other travelers.

    88. I’ve done most of my travel assignments with TNAA and Michelle Cacace has been my recruiter. Growing company that is supportive and well organized. Each person in the company is great to work with and friendly, no attitudes. I’ve taken housing with them and always happy, Ashley Graham works hard to make sure housing is perfect. I also like that they have a Chaplain on staff.

    89. As an empty-nester looking for new adventures, I was blessed to find TNAA. They were professional and met my expectations at every turn. TNAA provides excellent communication, always clear and concise. They handle paperwork efficiently the first time. My paychecks were always correct and on time. Their housing department took good care of me.

    90. I have been 100% satisfied working with Travel Nurse Across America. Everyone from my recruiter, to all of the supporting departments have been knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. I have always felt comfortable with my decision to work with TNAA. I would highly recommend this company, and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

    91. TNAA is a great organization to work for. They are honest, upfront, and supportive from the very first phone interaction. Extremely knowledgeable on all things travel related.

    92. This company has always treated me amazing! My recruiter has been super accommodating and helpful in meeting my needs and getting me where I’d like to go. They’ve gone out of their way to make sure each assignment is a good experience! I love working with them and will continue to do so in the future.

    93. This company is awesome. My recruiter Michelle Cacace has a great deal of knowledge and experience in this industry. She made certain to choose an awesome facility for my first travel assignment. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible!

    94. As a seasoned OR Nurse, but newere traveler I have learned quickly that the agency you select makes ALL the difference! I was referred to my recruiter Michelle C and have done 2 assignments with TNAA. I will never use another agency. Why? Professionalism and expetise. This company puts every penny in writing and never sends your file without my permission! Every department is top notch amd knows their stuff amd gets back to me immediately.
      FYI. If you are hearing others pay more do NOT belive it. I compared my pay on each asmt and I make the most! Several of the nurses I know were saying they made more take home but they are not paying the right taxes!!!!! TNAA is TOPS. Love this company. Will never ever leave them.

    95. I love this company, my recruiter Amber is awesome ! She is on top of everything and so personal. All the other members of the team are awesome as well, I am so happy to have chosen this company. I would recommend them 100 percent.

    96. TNAA is a great travel company. My recruiter Michelle is professional, knowledgeable, and I like that she calls/emails/texts to check up on me throughout my assignment.

    97. Had a wonderful assignment and loved Travel Nurse across America. I was referred to my recruiter, Michelle, and I was extremely happy with the service I received from her. And the other departments; housing, quality people, payroll, all wonderful! This company is very ethical, honest and professional. I recommend this company.

    98. TNAA and my recruiter, Michelle, exceeded my expectations. I am an OR RN, am used to the used car salesmen in this industry, and TNAA is far from that. My recruiter has over a decade doing this and is professional and knowledgeable. She walked me through everything and all the money and pay info was IN WRITING before I even sent my file for an interview. Never seen that before! I like that their President is a tax expert, CPA. I trust that my taxes will be correct. I liked the way QA was so helpful. I had an amazing experience and was offered a very competitive pay package without having to negotiate or play games; straight forward, honest and very professional. NICE too, which is really something you do not always see. I was treated like they care about me as a person, I do not feel like a number. Over all TOP marks. Love TNAA!

    99. Everyone in the office are friendly and knowledgeable. The paycheck comes on time always. The houding options are wonderful. I am very happy with this company. I want to thank Amber,Wendy and Allison for helping my smooth traveling experience!

    100. My recruiter Amber has been helpful an accommodating. I’m in a position where my assignments are very stressful. Amber hooked me up with Claudia which was a blessing. I can’t say enough good about the support I have received from TNAA over the last almost 2 years I’ve been with them

    101. Great agency. Referred to them by two other seasoned OR nurses who both love TNAA.
      They quote me pay in a PDF file ahead of time. No guess work.
      My payroll was always right.
      Housing was helpful and fast to respond.
      My recruiter Michell really knows her stiff. And is very honest. Straight forward and texts me back super fast.
      I highly recommend this company. I think the pay was same or higher and none of yhe used car techniques others try.

    102. I must say this company is amazing and my recruiter Teresa Tiao is excellent…I can always get in von tact with her whenever I need hee and overall the company and clinical staff is great and very supportive of their nurses..They handle issues very quickly and work hard to get things resolved…Housing department is great.They pay upfront fees if you choose your own housing. The only downside is they don’t offer vision with the insurance package…Overall this company is fantastic!!!

    103. Great agency. Excellent recruiter. Help me get what I needed on time after some problems I encountered at the beginning of my assignment. And always keep in touch with me.

    104. WORST agency worked with!They were quick to make you sign a contract. The entire team claimed to be a great resource and to be �very� supportive if needed. As an issue arose in workplace and I needed their help/support/knowledge, they were all disappeared!! The agency Nurse Manager never returned my phone calls. She was the one who contacted me prior to the assignment and stated to be a great resource for any concerns and issues!! They absolutely did not care for what has occurred to me..all that matters, their �costumer� satisfaction which is HOSPITAL not the poor nurse!! do not recommend this company!

    105. Was at a hospital was sent home per there Employee Health, but per a Dr. I was able to work and NOBODY at the agency stood behind me to help me get back in work or get paid from work for the time I missed. I was with this agency on a extinction and was LAID to regarding money. Very disappointed and will not return or sent anyone there. Stay away far away fast!!!

    106. Great agency to work for. They’re very professional and caring towards their nurses. My recruiter Teresa Tiao deserves to be honored. I was highly pleased with them.

    107. You don’t always know if your agency will have your back. They proved to me numerous times that they are dependable and would go above and beyond for their employees.

    108. I found my new recruiter MichelleC online on facebook on gypsy nurse. She was extremely helpful and honest, answering all my questions, and others too. She was not pushy, like many were, just emailed me some info and was there when I needed her. I just took my second assignment with TNAA and I am happy I did. All departments are knowledgeable (esp QA, they helped me find a class I needed for certs and with my license) and I get my pay guaranteed, great housing and medical/dental, and I am paid really well. Most of all I trust them, everything is in writing. I feel extremely lucky to have met this recruiter and company on Facebook, and they always get great reviews and feedback from the nurses on there. TOP notch!

    109. Rebecca was wonderful! It seems like we’ve known eachother previously. She spent time finding the right assignment for me. She’s always available via email, cell or text which is extremely convienant. The pay is acceptable and I’m happy in my current assignment and I look forward to working with TNAA in the future.

    110. This was the second job I have had with this company very disappointed this time and lied to about pay. Will never use this company again

    111. The only reason I gave a 4 on benefits and insurance is because we have no vision insurance.
      They have come through with all their promises. And we have the appreciation from our assignment supervisor all the time, and it is truly what matters. Thanks Amber for all your hard work!!!

    112. I’ve been very happy with TNAA. I am on my third contract and have not had any problems with my contract, company of hospitals. I plan to continue my employement with TNAA for a good long time 🙂

    113. My recruiter called me every other day when I first applied and we looked for positions, they seemed pretty aggressive in looking for positions. On my assignment my recruiter called me weekly to bi-weekly to check in, and if I ever called and they didn’t answer they would call back within an hour. If I emailed they would email me back almost immediately even if it was late in the evening or on a weekend. The bad part about the company, though, is that on my last assignment they wrote out the contract and it was I would float, I didn’t mind floating but I asked that it be put in the contract that I float in turn with the staff of the unit. My recruiter said that would be hard to add because the contract had already been written. My recruiter said that the unit I was going to was fair on floating and other travelers there said they didn’t float much anyways. Like an idiot I signed the contract, which I should not have done, and I got to the hospital and floated every single day. So my recruiter lied to me. That was my last assignment with them. They are a good company just make sure they put exactly what you want in your contract or don’t sign it until it’s what you want. Because they will try and take advantage of you, just like any travel company

    114. I love my agency. They take care of everything and nothing is ever a problem to have organized. If there is a rare issue that arises it it taken care of immediatly.

    115. Great company to travel with! Everyone is very down to earth and friendly especially my recruiter.They respond in a timely manner and help you with your assignment start to finish. While I love that they offer free CE’s I would find it more beneficial if they offered tuition reimbursement or partnered with an online university to further my education while I traveled. If they had that they could make an already great company pretty perfect!

    116. Olivia with Travel Nurse Across America, is an amazing recruiter. She is very friendly, outgoing and really knows her stuff. She worked well with me to give me exactly what I wanted out of travel nursing. I was placed on an assignment in a timely manner. The other staff was amazing as well, they were knowledgeable and easy to work with. I recommend this travel company to any travel nurses looking for a committed reliable friendly company. I had the best travel nursing experience thanks to Olivia and her team.

    117. Best Travel Agency ever. My recruiter is so incredibly nice and kind. Goes above and beyond to make sure that your happy with your assignment.

    118. TNAA has been a breath of fresh air after working with larger, more impersonal companies. Love my whole team!

    119. I don’t have a ton of travel experience, so not much to compare to. However, I once traveled with AMN, which I neither cared for or hated. Even without that, I really like TNAA. I even got to meet Deana, Courtney, and Allison in person because they were so into getting things worked out. even after my contract started, the few times I contacted the company, the response was fast and helpful. I’ve read a few ugly reviews online (maybe 3 out of the 20 or 25 I looked at) and I suspect those reviewers just had a little bit of shotty luck or a bad week in the universe. I can’t like TNAA enough- I gambled a lot on this travel assignment. I’m winning by a wide margin, and I’d be a dummy not to acknowledge the company’s efforts.

    120. The staff has been absolutely wonderful! They are always available and friendly. The most efficient company I have worked with in traveling. This is my third company and housing has been set up for my 2 assignments with plenty of advance notice. It is a relief to be able to plan ahead and not worry about housing a week prior to my next assignment. My recruiter, Olivia, is down-to-Earth, efficient, and friendly; personable and professional. One cannot ask for better. All staff has been thorough and wonderful to work with thus far. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this company and recommending them to other travelers. Thank you all for a great job!

    121. This company has good selection and friendly/helpful staff. Although you have to talk to many different people to get something done, as opposed to just one contact person. not happy with the benefits, poor medical insurance with no selection options, although it is free, and poor housing options for people with pets.

    122. I LOVE this agency. I sing their praises to anyone that will listen. Any problem I’ve ever encountered has been addressed and quickly resolved. This includes all departments – housing, QA, payroll, HR/benefits and hospital/contract issues/questions directed at my recruiter. They are all phenomenally kind and patient. I give my absolute highest recommendation to them – they are a very well oiled machine. April is my recruiter and I can’t say enough great things about her. She is a workhorse!! Wendy and Tasha in QA have their @#$% together and will make sure you do too lol, Alison and Rosie in housing work swiftly and flawlessly (and are so nice!!) and Carla in HR is a dream to work with. Kristy (is a riot) and Angel in payroll do a fabulous job of turning out accurate checks. There are of course many other fantastic people in TNAA but these are who I’ve worked with most. They call/email and check in during the course of the assignment to see how you are. If you are debating which agency to choose, look no further than TNAA!!! No I am not a paid spokeswoman, just a very happy and grateful traveler! 🙂

    123. Love this company. Honest, ethical, professional! Their recruiters are all very seasoned and know their stuff, so even when my recruiter Michelle C was on vacation another recruiter got right back to me! The medical is very good for travel, United HC and better than my last company. I highly recommend this Travel Nurse. (I did want to say re; below comment that is puzzling to me …how can they “lie to you about pay”? They put every quote in writing before you submit your file!!! I call foul on that post.)

    124. When I decided to become a travel nurse I was pretty scared. The thought of going to a new place and a new job and starting over it definitely played on my mind. However April my recruiter with TNAA was an amazing support system through it all. She is always available, always checking on me and how I am doing and is always looking out for my best interest. Even when my last assignment ended abruptly she worked hard to get me to my next assignment ASAP so I wouldn’t be without pay. It’s important to have a good relationship with your recruiter and I feel like I’ve known her for years! I sing praises of everyone with the company. I don’t feel like just another traveler but a person. I am now on my second assignment, again April hit the nail on the head. I am so glad I chose to travel and even more happy I chose Travel Nurse Across America. Everyone finds out who and what works best for them, thankful I did on my first go around!

    125. Amber K. is my recruiter and I have to say from the first conversation on the phone she has been supportive and very attentive. She has even checked on me while I was on assignment to make sure everything was ok, and for that I really appreciate her. My pay check has been accurate and on time which is also a plus. Last but not least the health insurance is one of the best plans I have experienced since working in healthcare. I would definitely recommend working for Travel Nurses Across America and Amber as an amazing recruiter. Looking forward to my next assignment already.

    126. I loved TNAA, specifically my recruiter Amber Kaufman. I had to switch companies for a specific job I was looking for but am so thankful to have worked 3 assignments with TNAA! Amber is the best, she was always there when I needed anything and always directed me the right way. Everyone else in the company I worked with was great too, fast responses and accommodating. I’d recommend this company any day.

    127. Amber Kaufman has been amazing. She has helped so much with everything. The entire TNAA was so supportive and caring when my dad passed. They were/are truly amazing.

    128. They have always been really responsive about any issues, and have a representative that checks in with me regularly even if I havent contacted them about anything. Ive always taken the stipend in place of the housing so I cant speak for that but the stipend is definitely sufficient for my needs

    129. They put me in a bigger facility than I have worked in before telling me I would be fine. Then I got fired 2 weeks in and they are suing me for housing. No reason given for being fired. They weren’t supportive at all. I have never had an issue like this before with any agency. Beware….. They told me they have at least 2 firings a week at their agency. I have never heard such a thing and they were so casual about it like it was no big deal. They must make their money by suing their nurses.

    130. Amber Kaufman was not a good recruiter for me. She seems to favor the high pressured, used car salesman’s approach in presenting assignments. The prescription part of the insurance program is the worst I’ve experienced. Though this agency is highly ranked on this site, I’d look elsewhere.YMMV

    131. My housing specialist is amazing! She keeps me grounded, and so far has picked great places for me to stay. And my recruiter sends me info on things that I am intrested in seeing, or doing. And he looks out for me money wise, as well as how safe my assignments are, and their locations.

    132. I just finished my first travel assignment with TNAA and overall it was a good experience. My recruiter was always very professional and pleasant to speak with. She found me a great location and that was my top priority. I have only one complaint. I feel I was jilted out of $1648. That’s a large amount of money! The hospital was paying a $5000 completion bonus. I was verbally told by my recruiter that I would get $3750 after taxes. After receiving my last paycheck, I did receive $3750 but I was taxed on top of that. Apparently $1250 was a tax I had to pay to TNAA and it was never explained to me that way (very deceitful). The second was my milage reimbursement. I was once again verbally told I would receive $448 for milage reimbursement upon my return to my home state. When I asked for the form to fill out the milage, I was told I don’t get that reimbursement because it was rolled into my meals and incidentals all along. Again deceitful and was never told this prior to signing the contract. After talking with my recruiter Donna, she apologized but never once attempted to compensate me. I realize I was a first time traveler but I am also a business owner and would never mislead my client in that manner. I had a great experience for my first time traveling. Sadly, I CANNOT recommend this company because I DO feel they deliberately mislead me for a quick profit. I will continue to travel, just not with this company.

    133. Ive had a great experience with TNAA during my first travel assignment. Looking forward to doing another assignment soon!

    134. While they are not always the highest paying, I have never had a problem with a paycheck, or any of the staff. My recruiter deana goes out of her way to be available and work with what I want. I love that the company has housing payment assistance that you can use even if you don’t have them set up your hosuing.

    135. My experience was extremely positive with Travel Nurse Across America. I did one long 6 month assignment in the San Francisco Bay and ended up getting a permanent job at the facility they sent me. I can’t say enough positive things about my recruiter. She was beyond professional, kind, and genuinely cared about my well being. She was accessible, and very easy to work with. The quality specialist that made sure I was complaint with paper work was also extremely personable and professional. Other travelers at my facility were getting about $200 more weekly take home pay than me initially. They had contracts with different companies. I voiced this concern to her, and she matched the money. Most companies would not do this for you from what I read. Very impressive. Lastly, when I told my recruiter that I had taken a permanent position, and I would no longer be working with her, she was nothing but positive towards hearing my decision. You will be extremely happy with pay, your recruiter, and overall experience with this company!

    136. They are horrible. Didn’t back me when I told then the place was dangerous. Wouldn’t pull the contact. It was cancelled literally 2 shifts early. They ruined my credit trying to charge me rent for the last month. Horrible hateful staff. Dangerous floor danger town I had to find my own housing. Nightmare

    137. WORST AGENCY EVER! I am sure they make all their money by taking it from their nurses. I had to contracts terminated with them simply bc I didn’t fit. TNAA was not supportive or helpful. I messaged them frequently about issues I was having with the hospital and they did not help. They lie and underpay. I always had a problem withbmybpaycheck arriving on time and with no errors. The housing is a rip off as well. They force you to accept the first offer that is given. DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THEM I lost more money traveling with them than I earned.

    138. Assignments have gone smoothly. No problems with pay or gettin pay on time. Every one I have spoke to on phone has been courteous and helpful. DON called immediately when I reported concerns about a facility to my recruiter. Negatives: Pay is on the average side, do not like to modify contracts to add things in like floating clauses. You have to insist. Will work with again.

    139. I did 2 assignments with TNAA. My recruiter April was friendly and accessible but did not always tell me the whole truth, mostly with regards to my pay check, and I felt it was hard to trust her. My second assignment, I had 3 paychecks in a row that were incorrect and I had to track down every cent that was promised to me. Heidi in payroll did not make this an easy process and I kept getting the feeling that they were being difficult on purpose. I met very few nurses, many of whom are currently traveling or have in the past, who have never heard of TNAA. I wouldn’t call working for this company a bad experience but it wasn’t great. I will not be seeking another assignment with them.

    140. Amber was absolutely wonderful! I had an injury before the assignment started, and she worked with me through the whole process and put my mind completely at ease. She is so friendly, compassionate and understanding, it made the whole ordeal infinitely less stressful. I cannot recommend Amber and TNAA enough.

    141. Horrible company! They will not support you if you have any problems with your assignment! They are very dishonest. Stay away, especially from Derek…he is very two faced and lies a lot!

    142. Olivia Carper has been so completely wonderful. We started working together on a Tuesday and by the same week on Friday I was offered an awesome position with great pay in a place I REALLY wanted to be. She really listened to my needs and what I had to have in order to be able to live comfortably. She goes above and beyond and really cares about her job. She’s been doing this for over 9 years and is definitely a pro. Ask for Olivia!

    143. Olivia Carper has been so completely wonderful. We started working together on a Tuesday and by the same week on Friday I was offered an awesome position with great pay in a place I REALLY wanted to be. She really listened to my needs and what I had to have in order to be able to live comfortably. She goes above and beyond and really cares about her job. She’s been doing this for over 9 years and is definitely a pro. Ask for Olivia!

    144. Traveled with TNAA for multiple assignments. Recently switched to another agency for more location options, better pay and more support. TNAA repeatedly told me they paid the best, but every assignment I did with them, I worked with other nurses making more than me – they even showed me their contracts. Also, recruiter, while friendly, was also pushy and kept telling me I had to accept jobs “ASAP” – jobs that did not match my skill level, training, experience or location interests. Pluses: lab work, physicals, fit tests all arranged for me, paycheck always correct and on time. I told them I would not sign another contract while still completing 5 weeks on assignment with them. Was then cut off from My Stuff login on TNAA website and no longer received responses from recruiter, quality, or payroll staff.

    145. I enjoy my assignment and the location I am at. It is like they have a lot of resources to help you. They have a DON, housing dept. payroll, etc. I think they have a lot of overhead. The pay isn’t great. I get paid biweekly:-( I’m ICU and ran into a med/surge rn working for another company who is getting $300/week more than me. I ran into another TNAA med surge nurse who is getting almost $1000/week less than the other med/surg rn. I felt I had to really work for the pay I got. I dislike not being able to contribute to retirement. We work hard for our money! On a positive note, I am able to reach my recruiter on the weekends if needed. My recruiter was very diligent and aggressive finding me work. The people working for the company are very friendly. I would work for them again one day when money isn’t one of my top five priorities.

    146. I love them!!! April is my recruiter, very straight forward, hardworking, honest. The housing folks – Ashley, Rosie, Allison – friendly, efficient, accommodating. Credentialing – Wendy, Tasha – superb. Knowledgeable. On it. I am shocked TNAA is not ranked higher here. I absolutely love them. Any problems I’ve had with anything have been resolved quickly and professionally. The downfall I feel is the pay is probably medium – not poor – compared to the highest paying agencies. But once you take a few contracts with them, they know you by name and really go to bat for you. So impressed. I am willing to get paid a little less for an agency to have my back. Some nurses aren’t I understand, but I like that security as a single person running around the country. Know that the more nurses your recruiter has, the more you probably will get paid, but the less attention and help you will get if you run into trouble. Not unlike nurse/pt staffing ratios. TNAA balances this beautifully. I hear all the time how travelers say they can’t get their recruiters to call them back. What?! Move on. This has never, ever been an issue with April or anyone I’ve contacted at TNAA.

    147. I am on my second contract with TNAA and just signed an extension. My recruiter works hard to get me where I want with the pay I want. I have found that my pay is average to other travelers with other agencies. I want to travel to the Midwest next, however I have seen lower pay rates for the Midwest. The south and west coast, however, offer excellent pay rates through TNAA. I also like my “free” day one medical and dental. I have also found that TNAA pays more mileage reimbursement than some other agencies. I am also working on my referal bonuses, once I reach 10 referrals, my referral bonus rate increases to $1,000 per referral from $500.

    148. This is the third company that I’ve used and they have definitely been my favorite. Amber Kaufman has been excellent to work with. I love that they offer guaranteed pay, paid insurance, PTO, etc. Excellent company to work with.

    149. Amazing company and if you have the chance, ask for Olivia…she will make it worth your wild as a travel nurse. Tell her Jason sent you.

    150. One of the best companies that I have ever worked for. Olivia Carper is the best. She is always there and answers her phone at all hours of the night and day. ASK FOR OLIVIA. tell her that Jason sent you.

    151. I love TNAA, they are all the best people and truly care for me as a person and traveler. I can’t tell you how much they have done above and beyond for me. My recruiter April Coltran is so awesome and she will get you taken care of. all of the departments are top notch in their field of this company and are so nice and outstanding. This company rocks.

    152. I have been a traveling PICU nurse for 3.5 years with TNAA and they have been wonderful the entire time. They have went above and beyond for me so many times, without my even asking. Many travel nurses have to bargain with their agency to get the best pay rate, TNAA automatically gives you the best rate from the start (a rate I’ve compared side by side with other travel nurses at the same hospital as I am working for different companies and mine has always been the highest pay rate). In fact, in the past they have told me an error was made in a previous paycheck of mine that I had not noticed, but as soon as they caught it they contacted me and processed an extra deposit into my account. They are friendly, caring, efficient, honest, and overall run a very ethical and warm hearted company that I am extremely proud to work for. My recruiter, Eliza is out of this world amazing at her job, and has even acted as a great life coach when I needed help deciding where my path was going. She is a wonderful recruiter and a truly wonderful person as well. I truly cannot say enough great things about Eliza, she is caring and makes sure to do whatever she can to get me where I want to go (and I’ve always ended up exactly where I wanted to be). TNAA is the only travel nurse agency I would ever even consider working for and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    153. So I reached out to this company because my company at that moment in time stated it was too early to contact another facility and Tana at Tnaa took the chance which I really appreciated. What drew me to them also was the benefits.
      I found an assignment in the city I wanted I actually found 2 I would have went with the second option but was told that they promised me to the other facility and regardless if I hadn’t signed a contract or not I couldn’t chose the other place I wanted more. Moving on,
      One thing in particular they offered with tnaa was guaranteed pay.
      They pay biweekly which sucks and to help offset my troubles with that tana said they could remedy that. So she said they would pay me weekly for the first two pay checks and then start bi weekly on the 26th of sept. So here is somethings I had problems with:
      1. The second week I was supposed to get paid by the week they forgot to and wired it later in the day on that friday.
      2. They make you pay back your Housing advance in two pay checks. So for me mine was 2900. I asked for it to be broken up more and they said 3 payments is all they can do. Stating that if I cancelled with them they would lose money. But in their contract if I terminated early I would have to pay anyway.
      3. The guaranteed pay is a crock. Example. This facility has me off like 2 days a week in my 4 day work week. Instead of this place calculating my lossed days by the hour they do it by the amount I am supposed to make for 2weeks. So in my case I was off 2 days and worked a Sunday call shift. Instead of it being for example.
      In 2 weeks I actually worked 40 hours*$26=1080
      12hrs of call*=624 they add that together which gives me 1704. they will subtract that amount from the 2080 I am guaranteed to make base and then add that amount in to get me to the 2080. Instead of taking my 40 hrs *26 at and then guaranteeing the other 40 hrs at 26 equalling 2080 and then giving me my call back. If you understand what I am saying then hopefully you can see my frustration.
      4. The hospital I am working with is crazy at times and I don’t like it. They are unsafe they don’t use proper technique. The management will go under mutiny any day now. All I am told is hang in there.
      I am very close to resigning a d paying the fee. It’s that bad.
      Will never sign with these people again. Ever.

    154. TNAA is an absolute blessing to work with! I have been with them for 2 years and have no complaints. Olivia Carper is my recruiter and she is a Godsend! Always available for answers to questions or when looking for a new contract she’s super helpful. All it takes is a quick email and I get a reply within a few min to an hour or so. If you are looking to travel or are looking to change companies TNAA is definitely worth a look!

    155. TNAA is a fantastic agency to work with and I would definitely recommend TNAA to anyone wanting to travel. Olivia is the best!

    156. TNAA has been wonderful to work with since I started travel nursing. I had planned to work with more than one agency while traveling; however, I was so impressed with TNAA that I didn’t want to work for any other company.
      I had one particular assignment that didn’t go well. TNAA was very supportive and ready to help me out in every way. They really made me feel like they truly cared about me and not just making money off of me.
      I have spoken with several other companies who all made me feel pressured and weren’t not very friendly.
      I love working for TNAA. My recruiter is amazing!

    157. Olivia with TNAA is simply the best. She genuinely loves what she does, and she cares about her nurses. If I need anything at all, she’s always there for me. TNAA in general takes care of their nurses. There is a reason I’ve been with them for almost two years!

    158. My recruiter Olivia is amazing. This was my first time traveling and I had no idea where to start or what to expect. She walked me through every step.
      I wish there were more assignments closer to my home but that has. been my only concern

    159. I believe a recruiter can make or break your travel nursing experience. My recruiter, Olivia Carper, is THE BEST! Olivia is genuine, friendly, honest, helpful, and works hard to get you the best contract exactly where you want to work. Olivia is always accessible easily which is comforting when you are out on your own.

    160. Staff at TNAA are professional, friendly, and prompt to respond to any concerns, questions, or suggestions. My recruiter gives me individualized attention and seems to truly care for her clients. The housing department is very accommodating. They are supportive if a traveler is in a bind and strive to find the best housing that fits the traveler’s needs. The director of nursing checks in on travelers periodically and is knowledgeable of continuing education resources. All staff is great! TNAA offers sick time, license reimbursements, and decent insurance. Pay rate is decent, but it would be appreciated if they could obtain more for the client. Overall, great company to work for!!

    161. Wonderful agency to travel with! They really care about their travelers. My recruiter Olivia is very supportive and responds in a timely manner. They have a support people for each housing and quality assurance which makes transitioning in to a new assignment much easier.

    162. I have worked with TNAA for the entire 4 years I have been travel nursing and I can’t say enough good things about them. I have signed up with other companies and ultimately never did a contract with any of them because they just couldn’t offer me what TNAA could. Even after all the companies I talked to at the travelers conference in Vegas, I have yet to find another reputable company that offers so many perks, including sick time and loyalty bonus cash! Not only that, but my recruiter has become so much more than just a “recruiter”. I love that I can call her my friend and I really feel like she looks out for me and has my best interest in mind. She is always there for me even if it’s about personal stuff or a bad day. I have also had the pleasure to meet/talk to many of the management/corporate team who are all just as wonderful. They really make it a point to make you feel valued and like you are part of their family. I highly recommend them and can’t imagine my travel career without them.

    163. I have been with TNAA for over 3 years and I will never work with another agency. The staff treat you like family. Olivia, my recruiter is the best in the business and does everything she can for her nurses.

    164. I traveled with TNAA for one year. On my first contract, I had problems with my housing arrangements not working out. Housing left me high and dry and told me “It’s too late now for us to help, you’ll just have to get a hotel.” The only other support they provided was a link “for a realy good rate for Hometown Suites”… $110/night, which would be a ridiculous expense for an entire contract. The QA specialist Tasha on my first contract was amazing, she was personable, organized, kept me from getting overwhelmed, and knew her business. My second contract, I had a different contact for QA. She was absolutely AWFUL. I had gone home to visit between contracts, and had to do my pre employment labs while I was home. I was sent to one lab close by for the UDS, but to another an hour and a half away for the blood testing (TB Gold). I asked but never did understand why I had to go so far, something about it not being covered anywhere else. Fine, I went. The next day, as I’m packing up to leave NY to drive to Montana, she calls to tell me the hospital I’ll be working with requires a Hepatitis B titer. I explained til I was blue in the face that I was allergic to the vaccine, so you can draw titers all you want, I’m never going to test immune and there’s no way the hospital requires that of someone who states they haven’t had the series. Usually I just sign a declination form for HepB. She continues to state they don’t accept that, and that I’ll have to go BACK to the lab that’s an hour and a half away. I said sorry, that’s not possible, you’re going to have to find something that works into my cross country road trip. So she arranges another lab visit in Missoula, MT. I call her somewhere around South Dakota with a revelation, Hey! I had a HepB titer once in the past, some hospital along the way checked because of the minute possibility that I might have sero-converted after 2 shots in the series (which was when I reacted badly to the vaccine). I provided a copy of the titer result for my first contract, I don’t have it available to me right now on the road, but can you check with Tasha to see if that’s still in my file somewhere? She was quick to call me back after that stating ‘Oh, new information from the hospital, you don’t actually have to have that test!” It was such BS. Basically after talking with the QA person who KNEW her job, she got the correct information which I had been trying to tell her all along. Completely ridiculous.
      Then, the recruiter I had & liked left the agency. I was randomly reassigned to this recruiter who never responds on my first inquiry, I wait a week for a response and reach out again. I had submitted receipt for license renewal and had to pester for months to get the reimbursement followed up and paid. I was 3 weeks from the end of my contract and had been given no options for the next contract. It took a week as usual for her to respond in any sort of active way about to my request to get started. I asked for anything west of Texas, excepting California where I am not licensed yet. That’s a pretty large area…but over the next 2 weeks I was only presented with a total of 3 jobs to review. She said “we really don’t have a lot of contracts in your specialty right now. COULD YOU MAYBE JUST NOT WORK FOR A WHILE?”

      No, I cannot just not work. I informed her as a courtesy when I signed a contract elsewhere, and she asked “Was there something they were offering we didn’t have?”

      Yes. Their time, attention, and A JOB. I do not feel TNAA is a bad agency. I think they are well-rounded. Their comprehensive offerings are closer to a more traditional work situation, which I found really comforting as a new traveler. Now that I have my feet wet, I understand the value of a truly good recruiter, and there’s no way in hell that I’m letting a crappy, passive, unresponsive recruiter make money off my skills, my training, my 12 years of experience, ever again.

    165. Two areas for improvement would make huge difference. 1) weekly pay. 2). Make 401k available , even if there is no employer match.

    166. Olivia Carper is my recruitor. She and my team have been wonderful to work with during this transition in my life. I highly recommend both her and this Agency.

    167. Olivia Carper has made my experience with TNAA a rewarding experience. Amber May has been more than knowledgeable in setting up housing before my contract starts and making this an easy and stress-free transition. Their customer service is phenomenal. Olivia Carper is hard-working, honest, and persistent when it comes to finding me assignments/contracts. She is relentless in finding me a contract I would be happy with in an area of my choice. Paychecks/payroll have never been an issue. Very satisfied with this company.

    168. I love TNAA. They have been nothing but wonderful to me. Olivia Carper is my recruiter and she has bent over backwards to get me the assignments I want at a decent pay rate. She is there for support when I need it, and if something comes up, I am always able to get ahold of the person who will help me. I will definitely be working with them for a while.

    169. Great company to work for, never any issues. I only wish the pay package for my new assignment with a different agency for the exact same hospital was re-estimated. I would have certainly stayed then. A discrepancy of $175/week is not much to renegotiate in my honest opinion. Thank you for everything though and will hopefully work with you soon in the future!

    170. I have been able to reach my recruiter or the Sr Nursing Director anytime I’ve had a question or needed advice. They are a great group of people that are there to help and support their travel nurses. I highly recommend TNAA to any travel nurse looking an assignment.

    171. My recruiter (steve turner) has been amazing in the 3 years that I have worked with him. If I have any issues – continuing education, infrequent payroll issues, basically anything that comes up! – he takes care of it. He checks in with me and keeps tabs on how my assignments are going and does everything he can to make them awesome!

    172. My recruiter April Coltran had been amazing. I have been more then happy working with her. She always works her hardes to get the positions I would like and the hours I’m looking for in the city of my choice. She is honest when it comes to any questions I have. I look forward to having many more assignments with her for the next years to come.

    173. I absolutely love working for TNAA they treat me very fair. I hear of people getting paid a little more than I do but they say they hate the way the are treated. I am willing to trade $35-$50 a week for a company I know treats me as an individual and is respectful to my wishes.

    174. Trinity/TNAA had been great to work for. Always available when questions arise. Maybe not as competitive on the pay but that’s made up for in other areas such as benefits and bonuses

    175. Steve is wonderful. He had been there for me through thick and thin. Would recommend him to any travel nurse I know. Travel nurse across America has been great. They have also been very helpful and supportive throughout my contracts,

    176. First my recruiter Rachel Dill blocked my calls, then did not answer my texts, and then did not answer my emails. This afternoon I received an email from Jill Ellison, their VP of Clinical Services saying “After deliberation by the Peer Review Committee, we have decided not to proceed with your application any further.

      We are aware you have many healthcare staffing companies available to you, and we appreciate your interest in Travel Nurse across America.”

      They have dropped me as a traveler because they are not my sole traveling company. I was shocked, but finally concluded it’s their loss. I will share this news and the letters I was sent with any other traveler who wishes to know.
      Thank you,
      Kathleen Taborn, RN

    177. I have highly recommended my company and recruiter (Steve Turner) to more people than I can count. I am grateful for the patient and accommodating staff of TNAA!

    178. Love TNAA! They are so helpful and are always reaching out to me to see if they can do more to make my travel assignment the best!

    179. I have worked for trinity healthcare staffing group for several years. They have always been professional, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. As they have transitioned to being part of travel nurses across America I have found that I receive the same level of quality as before. I will continue working for TNAA and happily recommend others to organization as well

    180. I had tried a couple other agencies without luck (one recruiter just quit contacting me) before I signed with TNAA. I have had nothing but success with them and was lucky to get assigned to April Coltran! She is the best!! She is always on top of things and is also just a genuinely nice person to work with!

    181. My recruiter, Monica H. goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met! Every department I’ve had dealings with has been prompt in their replies and very courteous.

    182. Travel Nurse Across America is a very good agency to work for among the many out there to choose from. Ultimately, I chose TNAA because of paid time off/sick leave pay. Also, the recruiter April was honest, trustworthy, and reliable. In addition, I had a medical emergency after taking my first assignment and they were very understanding in working with me when I had to cancel the assignment. Thank you!

    183. I have said before it is recruiters who make the company and I love my recruiter. So far company is great, all companies have little tweeks that could be fixed but am enjoying my time with this agency. So far have been honest and have done what they said would do when asked.

    184. Have been traveling since Oct 2016. TNAA has been great. My recruiter Richard M. Is a great, personable individual that makes you feel first and foremost. Looking forward to more experience and time with TNAA..

    185. My recruiter with this company is awesome! She works with my needs to get me great paying jobs! Also treats me like a person and not a number! Always makes sure I have everything I need! Rebekah Ghan is awesome!

    186. I have traveled exclusively with TNAA for the past 6 years. I have had 2 recruiters during that time and both have been excellent. Rebekah Ghan is my current recruiter and I couldn’t be more happy with her. Instead of sending me a bunch of assignments the company is just looking to fill she presents me with assignments that fit me and exactly what I’m looking for. If I express interest in one I receive a detailed contract of exactly what I will take home per week before even applying. I always get paid on time and their loyalty points system is an unparalleled benefit. As long as I travel it will be with TNAA.

    187. I’ve been with Travel Nurse Across America for two years now and I’ve been very satisfied. I never have to worry about my paycheck being correct and on time. My recruiter is also fantastic and very personable and genuinely wants me happy. I’d recommend this company and my recruiter to anyone considering traveling.

    188. I have been blessed in my experience its not often you find a honest company and recruiter i remain forever gratful for tnaa and Karenna Schellpepper…no doubt hands down ahe has my best intrestat heart..honest and dependable

    189. I can’t say how much I love my agency. I have been with them for six assignments, starting my 7th in two weeks. I love them. The benefits are amazing. I am beyond pleased with my choice and will continue on with them.

    190. Karena is UH-mazing! while traveling we tried another company and ended up coming back to TNAA. Honestly I feel like they beat the competition in how they treat their nurses. Karena has been so helpful for my husband, who is also a travel RN, and I and our little pup. We consider her our “travel mom” because she always checks in. If she is out of town, someone else on the TNAA team reaches out to check on us. Any concerns have always been addressed. I have a dream to work at a Mayo clinic, and before now , TNAA never had an established relationship with them. Now they do. Thanks Karena and TNAA team! even if for some weird reason TNAA hasn’t established a contract with a hospital, they will do what they can to establish one and make your dreams come true. They go that extra mile. We’ve had great apartments, great pay, and if we got sick, we were taken care of. If your hesitant about the gypsy life with so many agencies, try TNAA. They won’t disappoint 🙂 Happy trails!

    191. I love working for Travel Nurse Across America. I started out with this company as a first time traveler. TNAA puts their nurses first and values our feedback. My recruiter Kristy Brekeen is awesome! I can always count on her to be transparent with each and every assignment. She’s also very accommodating and available even after business hours. Overall, this is a great company to work for, and I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to start travel nursing.

    192. I love working for Travel Nurse Across America. I started out with this company as a first time traveler. TNAA puts their nurses first and values our feedback. My recruiter Kristy Brekeen is awesome! I can always count on her to be transparent with each and every assignment. She’s also very accommodating and available even after business hours. Overall, this is a great company to work for, and I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking to start travel nursing.

    193. My recruiter Rebekah has been so supportive and I can’t thank her enough for her support. She is extremely responsive and has always been there for me immediately when I need her. She has talked me down from “the ledge” when my fears were getting the best of me and almost had me considering quitting travel nursing. I feel like she always represents my best interests, and has confidence in me that I will succeed. She has found me great assignments and pushed me to new limits! Thank you!

    194. After working with several different recruiters (different companies), Renauta McAleese with TNAA has been the best by far!

    195. My recruiter with TNAA is very personable and extremely supportive. I have had nothing but positive interactions with all their personnel. I would definitely recommend to any nurse starting out on a travel career.

    196. I’ve had a great experience with TNAA. My recruiter has taken great care of me and worked her tail off to get me jobs. She has always supported me and been honest.

    197. TNAA offers competitive rates. They have a few benefits that other agencies may not have (paid sick day per assignment). They pay biweekly, which may be a draw back; and some agencies may pay a little more (but have fewer benefits). Very professional staff, and worth calling to see if they’re a good fit.

    198. This is not the first company I have worked for. It will be the one I will be staying with. There are no hidden costs to me, like mask fit tests or deposits on housing. I know about everything up front before I accept the assignment. They have easy stay housing option which puts more back in my pocket. I forgot my ACLS was due soon, but I was contacted by my agency and enrolled in a class at my convenience by them. And my recruiter, Rebekah, is amazing! I can’t imagine traveling with any other company!

    199. I have been an emergency department RN for two years. Prior to traveling I had only worked in a small hospital, and decided that I wanted to branch out and travel to gain experience in my career and in my life. I was referred to Rebekah Ghan at Travel Nurse Across America, and am immensely grateful for the effort she has put into finding me assignments that are a good fit. She is always available if I need her, and she is always my advocate when needed. TNAA takes care of all expenses needed to start a new assignment. I have health insurance at no cost to me, which is fantastic! I am grateful for this opportunity to travel, and am very happy that I chose TNAA!

    200. I have been working as a travel nurse for a few years and have worked with multiple agencies. TNAA is by far my favorite company. I will be hard pressed to use a different one. My recruiter is great and I’m glad I made the choice to use them

    201. I began traveling a few years ago with a different company that was adopted by TNAA. I have the same recruiter, Richard and I must say he’s always looking out for my. Eat interest. His response time to any issue or question I may have is exceptional whether it be through email or call. The company has its perks, I appreciate the now availability of PTO and sick leave along with incentive pay for OT shifts. I will admit that I’m not fond of the loss of Vision insurance with the new conversion, but guess I don’t have to see all my patients (lol jk). A

    202. I’ve been with Travel Nurse Across America for almost two years. It has been a great experience! I have a complete team of professionals working with me who assist me in every aspect of my assignment from obtaining licensure to getting settled into my new apartment. TNAA assures that all my paperwork gets to the assignment before the deadline. Teresa is my recruiter and we are in regular contact. She is always there for me. I really appreciate the “Estimated Assignment Benefits Summary” that she sends me for potential assignments. It gives me a complete picture of potential assignments and allows me to compare various aspects before making a decision. I have tried other agencies, but have only received single figures on potential assignments which made it impossible to make an informed decision.

    203. Have only ever worked with tnaa last year my grandmother died 3 weeks later my hunsnands grandfather died we got two weeks off with full pay and support from tnaa. The travel reimbursement and the reimbursement for Licensing and credentials has always been paid and has proven very helpful.

    204. Love my recruiter, and the company. The only thing I wish they would do is pay us weekly instead of biweekly. The bonuses and stuff are there and they really try to find you an assignment where you want to be.

    205. Not only is TNAA excellent to work for as an agency, I also have the best recruiter I could ever wish for. James Dwyer is extremely caring, honest and hardworking. He genuinely cares about his nurses. Professionally and personally, his is always available to help. I have worked with other agencies, and not a single one can compete with TNAA.

    206. Excellent staff, it seems like they work well as a team to support the traveler in any way that they can. My reqruiter has been straight forward and efficient throughout my entire experience traveling with Trinity and now TNAA. The transition from Trinity to TNAA has been simple and stress-free. I would, and have, recommended TNAA to other nurses who are interested in traveling.

    207. Always get a quick response to inquiries. Staff is easy to get in contact with. They always go above and beyond.

    208. I have been with TNAA since November and they have been wonderful!! My recruiter, Russ, is always available to answer all my questions. I never have to worry about when I will be paid because my paycheck is always direct deposited on the day it is suppose to be, never short and exactly what TNAA said it would be. If I have an issue, Russ is right there to help me solve the problem. I admit that beginning my journey to travel nursing was scary because I heard so many stories about shady companies, but TNAA is not one of those companies, they do exactly what they say they are going to do. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to chose TNAA!!

    209. I have worked with 3 other agencies, TNAA has a wonderful selection of assignments, benefits and they have been very professional and proficient.

    210. My recruiter makes all the difference! James D is amazing, and always has my best interest in mind. My assignments are wonderful, he hand picks them for me based on my hobbies, and the availability for me to explore. I haven’t been on a bad assignment yet. As a whole TNAA are always on top of things, and the staff are super friendly. Even when I call the office everyone knows who I am, where I’m on assignment, and the status of what I’m calling about. I love that it’s a small group, and they all know each other. Couldn’t ask for a better group to work with.

    211. I have been with this company for all of my traveling jobs. Everyone has been very helpful, and nice to work with. My recruiter, Kristy, is always available to talk with. I will stay with this company for the future.

    212. Our rep Susan Delaney has been incredibly helpful and is very responsive whenever we need her. She has helped us find our ideal positions in an ideal location!

    213. My recruiter is Bridget Smoak, and she is by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with. She’s super friendly, gives me lots of options, and doesn’t pressure me into taking any jobs. She listens to what I’m looking for, and works hard to get me the job I want. Finding a new contract can be stressful, but she is very quick to respond to messages and gives you updates throughout the process. There isn’t another recruiter I trust more!

    214. Kristin Jackson is an excellent Recuiter! First assignment; she contacted me frequently with assignments and found the perfect first assignment. She followed through on everything. She is professional as well as pleasant. I only have one agency and plan to keep it as so because of all at TNAA made something stressful FUN and exciting!!

    215. When I have had any issues with assignments or housing, my recruiter and the company were there for me every step of the way and was more than accommodating. My recruiter is knowledgeable and always has an answer for me or finds one out rather quickly. The benefits are great and I haven’t had any issues using them in any state I’ve worked in. I’ve had no issues finding assignments in the locations I’ve wanted. My paycheck is accurate and always on time.

    216. I was in need of a job asap and I happened upon TNAA and so I applied online. The very next day I got a phone call and so took the opportunity to inquire. I was very impressed at the nurse recruiter that I work with and her name is Suzanne. She really helped me out and she made sure to get me in the door. Suzanne and colleagues were all very efficient, kind and compassionate. They understood my plight. I would definitely recommend them. This is my first assignment and just started last week and so far aside from the heavy traffic through Boston, my experience has been great. I hope that I’d be able to make it through these 13 weeks and have a good experience onwards.

    217. Baran Pal is my recruiter at TNAA. He is exceptional and I had a wonderful experience, especially as a new nurse and being new to traveling. I can’t say enough good things about working with Baran. He was responsive, understanding, supportive and encouraging. I knew I had him in my corner and it made me a better nurse. I moved all the way across the country and Baran helped me make this place feel like home. My travel facility was excellent and my team was so welcoming and happy to have me in the department. OR nursing is a tough environment but Baran connected me with some great people. Fate smiled upon me when I was matched with Baran. ~Stephanie

    218. This is my first travel assignment experience. I was extremely nervous, but my recruiter, Suzanne, has been amazing. She calls me just to check in with me. Working nights she is completely understanding. She will just leave a message or will text me, and let me call her back when I am awake and functioning. The housing specialist emailed me to make sure that everything was okay. Suzanne completely gets my personality and lets me be myself with her. I have been able to be honest with my concerns, struggles, and praises with my first assignment.

    219. Missy Clagg from TNAA has been a phenomenal recruiter. She’s personable, transparent, and wants the best for you. I love having her as a recruiter because she doesn’t push assignments on me, and when I tell them my bottom line take home, she makes sure she tries to find me what matches my needs. I have recommended missy to many of my closest friends. Missy contacts me weekly to check on me and I love that. I have enjoyed TNAA for the most part. The only cons that I would have to point out is that they pay biweekly, and their insurance plans does not cover vision. Their pay is fairl comparable with other agencies, and due to their other benefits like PTO, and guaranteed hours, it makes up for the other areas that are lacking.

    220. Dear Readers,

      I have been traveling just shy of four years. My wheelhouse is Main Recovery. I have been fortunate to work with and for wonderfully smart people. So when I cross paths with a truly smart and sincere individual… I instantly want to hitch my wagon to them! That star is Suzanne Farrington with TNAA. I really don’t have enough time or space to list all the qualities that make her a great recruiter and human being! She is so open and sincere. Suzanne is 100% consistent with communications and follow ups! Soooo detail oriented yet incredibly kind and supportive. I have worked with six recruiters in the past… (2)=D, (2)=C, (2)=A+ Suzanne being one of the A+’s!! I don’t know anyone in any profession who is more conscientious than Ms Farrington…

      Thank you,
      Gina Brunetti

    221. Love that my recruiter always checks to see how my assignments are going, and willing to help me if I have questions. If she doesn’t know the answer she finds someone who does

    222. I absolutely love Travel Nurse Across America. They are absolutely there for you as a traveler. They support you in a professional manner and I also feel as though they care about me as a person.

    223. Missy Clagg is very dedicated we have worked with her at more than one agency because of her hard work. She is very approachable when you meet her just like when working with her on the phone.

    224. I’ve been traveling with Missy Clagg (recruiter) and TNAA for over a year now and they have been nothing but AMAZING!! Missy has become like family and always available to help me out or point me in the right direction! I highly recommend traveling with TNAA! Everyone has been very helpful and meets my needs in a timely manner! Thank you Missy and TNAA!!

    225. My recruiter has done a fantastic job at leading me in the right direction and recommended new places I never would have considered based on some of my interests. I am very happy I am with TNAA

    226. I absolutely love my recruiter, Kristen. I have never had a moment where I felt that I could not contact her or rely on her; issues that every travel nurse I have met complained about every single time. She is very knowledgeable, honest to the point of transparent.

    227. My recruiter is Summer Lewis and she has done an amazing job with getting me where I want when I want to be there. She also care about me as a person and my wants and needs in addition to being professional and knowledgeable!

    228. When I started traveling 2 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect or how to do it. My recruiter, Rebecca Baxter, was top notch in finding my first assignment, where I wanted, and putting everything in place for me! She has been efficient, professional, and always available. If she happens to be away, she clearly let’s me know that another professional from TNAA will be available should I need anything…Rebecca is THE best recruiter!!!

    229. The first week of my first assignment was very stressful and hectic. My recruiter went above and beyond to help fix the situation and make my week as easy as possible. So far my experience with TNAA has been excellent!

    230. I have been with TNAA for 3 years and highly recommend them. I was nervous and a bit scared when I first decided to be a travel nurse but Rebecca Baxter, my recruiter, walked me through the process step by step. She has always been upfront and honest about potential facilities I was interested in working for. She’s always worked quickly to solve any issues that came up while I was on assignment. I won’t travel with another company. Everyone is so supportive and helpful!

    231. Benefits could include 401k with match to enhance benefit

      My recruiter and her team have consistently given me outstanding support and have always been my advocate.

    232. I have been working exclusively for TNAA going on 3 years now. Hands down the best agency I have ever worked for, and will continue to work for in future, and Rebecca Baxter my TNAA RN recruiter is the reason. She is a top shelf RN travel recruitment professional Always supportive, knowledgable, works fast finding good contracts, efficient, honest, easy to get ahold of, looks out for her RN Travelers, and always pleasant.
      My only complaint about working contracts for TNAA is they do not offer a 401K retirement option for their RN travelers, especially when they do for their F/T staff.
      They rest of their benefits are excellent

    233. TNAA has been there for me every step of the way for my first assignment. I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

    234. Summer Lewis is an amazing recruiter! She really listens to me about what I want out of a travel experience and assignment and works so hard to get me exactly what I want! She calls weekly (if not more) just to talk and make sure things are good and is never more than a phone call or text away (even outside of business hours). Couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter.

    235. Baran is the recruiter that I’ve had ever since I stared working with TNAA and I’ll never use anyone else. He not only gives me information about the hospital, area and work conditions but also gives me great advice when it comes to making a decision. He’s on top of it and makes me feel like I’ll be taken care of.

    236. Everything hasn’t gone as planned but the staff of TNAA has always compensated me or taken care of things to rectify the situation as soon as possible. I am truly grateful to Summer Lewis, Alison Garrison, Lavonia Clemens, and so many more that I’ve never seen nor spoken with. I greatly appreciate the effort everybody has given to help me get straight and settled in to places. Thank you! respectfully P.M.

    237. As a first time traveler my biggest concern was that I might be overwhelmed. Thank goodness for the staff at TNAA! Of course the work, as a critical care nurse, was challenging. I had to learn new skills in a new environment. My recruiter, Christine, nurtured me like a new born babe. Specific concerns (of which there turned out to be few) were handed off to specialty staff who responded immediately and practically begged to solve even the most minute difficulty. After my first assignment ended I liked the venue and TNAA so much I resigned in the same unit. Thanks Christine and TNAA for a fabulous introduction to travel nursing!

    238. Missy Clagg with TNAA has been great to work with! First time traveler and she walked me through each step of the way.

    239. Some glitches noted during expanse and change/addition of personnel in the individualizing partand communication area but smoothing out.

    240. Baran Pal is an amazing recruiter with this agency. He always puts the needs of the traveler first & considers their requests as thoroughly as possible.

    241. Kristen Jackson is my recruiter at Travel Nurses Across America. She is awesome, warm, honest, and accommodating. I can tell she cares about her travelers. That means a lot to a traveler who is working away from home. Thank you Kristen for everything.

    242. I have worked with TNAA for 5 years and the only thing I regret is leaving them to try another agency. I will definitely recommend my recruitor Donna Dickson for her support and honesty with every assignment I had. I will recommend tnaa 100%

    243. My recruiter, Donna, was very professional, friendly, reliable, and always responsive to anything I needed. As I was traveling across the country, they made it easy for me to obtain my lab results and N-95 fit tests while on the road at a near by clinic. She checked in with me regularly to make sure everything was going well with my hospital arrangements. In addition, when the hospital was overstaffed and cancelled my shifts, I still received pay. AMAZING team to work with and I highly reccommend working with them. TNAA is highly organized and proactive in serving their nurses. I felt supported and part of the TNAA family.

    244. My Recruiter Missy Clagg is the best there is out there. I would recommend her to any nurse who is curious about travel nursing to the nurse who is traveling with any other agency. Missy goes above and beyond for her nurses. She is straight forward and always honest. I spoke with several recruiters with multiple agencies before I chose to work with Missy and for TNAA and i have to say it was the best decision I have ever made.

    245. My recruiter Andrew is always available and helpful! He checks in on me often making sure I have everything I need. I’ve only had 1 assignment with TNAA, but I’m definitely going to stick with them.

    246. I have traveled with 2 different agencies and TNAA is, hands down, my favorite. My recruiter, Donna, feels like a friend who cares about not just getting me to take an assignment but making sure I find an assignment that makes me happy. She’s very responsive to my requests and I never feel pressured. I’ve had good experiences with every department I’ve worked with within the company. Other than the less than stellar insurance offered, I have zero complaints. I would wholeheartedly recommend them as an agency.

    247. First assignment went great. This second one with them has been terrible from the time I signed the contract. They definitely are in it just for themselves.

    248. My recruiter with this agency is great! She helped smooth over a lot of inconsistencies for me after the Trinity/TNAA merge. After the merge I have been a little disappointed. My benefits premiums increased and we lost our Life and Vision coverage which were both necessities for my family. Sho

    249. This has been my first travel agency and they have been great since the beginning. The recruiter I used was Suzanne and she’s fantastic. Always there when you need her for anything.

    250. I have enjoyed my experience with TNAA so far and my recruiter Ron York has been a pleasure to work with. He makes sure I’m happy!

    251. I had some issues with my contract being incorrect, my recruiter was quick to admit fault on her part and quickly made the correct changes, no harm done! She has also been right there as some emergencies came up. If you are looking for a recruiter who has you back, great benefits, and a feeling of someone being there every step of the way, TNAA has that, the pay maybe be lower but you can not buy piece of mind!!

    252. have gotten great support from my Recruiter Rachel Dill, if she doesn’t know the answer to my questions she finds out for me checks in regularly to see if I need anything.

    253. I love TNAA!!! They have always been there for me. Any issue or question I have ever had has been solved quickly. I am confident they have my back. There are no games or negotiating to play with. Working with them is simple, easy, and honest. Never had any pay issues.
      100% RECOMMEND!!!!!!!

    254. Ron York is my recruiter. I have been with other companies before and Ron is above all the rest. He works very hard to get me the hospitals that I want in the states that I want. I would highly recommend him as a recruiter. He also calls weekly just to see how I am doing.

    255. I really enjoyed my time working with TNAA. The staff was wonderful especially my recruiter Rachael Dill. She is awesome sauce and I had no problems getting in contact with her if any issue came up. When my family member passed away she got a card and had everyone sign it and send it to me and it was so thoughtful of her. Im going to miss her. I definitely would recommend TNAA to others who may be interested in traveling.

    256. I followed my recruiter, Richard Mui, from Trinity HSG to TNAA. I have been very pleased with him as a recruiter and with TNAA as a travel nursing company. I find that they are very easy to communicate with, any of my issues have been resolved in a very timely manner, and I have recommended them to any nurse that is interested in traveling (or already traveling, but is not satisfied with their company).

    257. TNAA is a solid agency to travel with. My recruiter Richard is very forthcoming about job opportunities as well as locations. I know he has my best interest at heart.

    258. I just signed my sixth contract with TNAA and have no plans of working with anyone else. I did a lot of research on companies prior to traveleing, because I uprooted my husband and daughter for the gypsy life. I had to make sure that I was working with a group of individuals who were honest, hardworking and had not only my best interest, but my family’s best interest at heart.

      I have had nothing but good experiences with this company and that applies to each department that I have dealt with. They have gone above and beyond to schedule appointments, pay for scrubs, schedule and pay for my ACLS/PALS/NRP, CCRN, support me clinically, and all while having a positive and friendly attitude.

      In addition, I have the best recruiter. I know everyone says that, but I DO! Christine Douheret is AMAZING. This lady constantly goes above and beyond to make it happen for my family. It’s hard having a single income for a family, but I can confidently say that she constantly gets me the contracts I want and or need, to more than support my family and accomplish my goal of paying off student debt. I know I can be a high maintenance nurse, because I like to know that my recruiter is in the loop on what is going on with me on my current assignment and preparing for the next. Christine does a wonderful job of making me feel important, always taking the time to check in every couple-few weeks, either to say hi or figure out or next plan of attack. She is on the ball…I feel like each time I have looked for my next contract, it’s done and over within a week or two, and usually way before I actually need to start looking. I’m a little type A, and jump the gun most of the time when it comes to looking for my next location. She is also just a really nice person. The first time we actually got to meet in person, she had a gift for me and my little girl. I would not hesitate to refer her or TNAA to any nurses considering traveling, or experienced travelers looking for a change. Being from Texas, I am a big believer in Southern hospitality, and everyone has made me feel important, listeneted to, and been very warm.

      Lastly, I’m very happy with all the additional perks that TNAA offers, up to $1000 in travel, sick pay, guaranteed pay, loyalty points (you can cash in for a $ bonus), extra shift bonuses, swag gifts, and referral bonuses. I narrowed my search to 4 companies when I started my travel company search, but based on my 1.5 year experience as a traveler with them, I haven’t found anyone that compares. TNAA has definitely impressed me, which was hard initially because I have a lot of information from my father who is also in staffing. Hopefully this helps anyone considering TNAA for their next travel adventure.

    259. My recruiter has been on top of everything, stating pay rates in writing on available positions for me to choose from. The Nurse educators are available tohelp in any way they can. Pay is comparable to other agencies and appropriate for the areas.. Biweekly paydays is a change for me but is doable. Would recommend them as a solid and reputable agaency.

    260. I could not have asked for a better experience in a travel agency! I always felt like I had a team of folks looking out for me, between my recruiter and her assistants making sure I was lined up with my next contract in plenty of time or just checking in to ensure all was going well with my assignments, to the behind the scenes team keeping me compliant with license and certifications, to the payroll crew who always made sure I got paid on time! This company is top notch!

    261. Housing was horrible. Asked for assistance finding a place and was simply sent an e-mail with links. Ended up only being able to find housing for more than the housing allowance. The clinical team had similar approach. I reached out to them and simply received an e-mail passing the buck elsewhere. I did not feel supported in these two areas. Otherwise, experience was good.

    262. Olivia is always looking out for my best interest. She’s personable and conducts herself in a professional manner at all times. I like to think of her as a colleague instead of a recruiter.

    263. TNAA is the best agency to work with! Their compensation, benefits, and jobs are outstanding! Olivia, recruiter, is the best and always finds what I want! Couldn�t go with anyone else in the business! 100% recommend TNAA!

    264. Susan Delaney and the TNAA team is excellent!Very responsive, helpful, friendly and honest. I’m thrilled to be associated with TNAA.

    265. Much respect for TNAA and my recruiter, Olivia Carper. I�m 5/5 on great hospital experiences. Olivia takes the time to find assignments with comprable pay in locations she knows will be fun. After talking to other RNs about their companies, it sounds like TNAA offers some of the best benefits around.

    266. This is my third assignment but my first with TNNA. The process was smooth and an easy transition.I felt as though she listens to me and helped me get an assignment where i truly wanted to be. I had a call off due to low census at the hospital, i had to provide paperwork but i was still able to get paid because of their guarantee pay. A great thing to have! Absolutely love this company.

    267. My recruiter is Annette B. She is the best! I interact with her by far the most of anyone else with in the agency. As she has always been able to answer questions/get things done that need to be done. I feel like the agency has my back. I would and do recommend TNAA to others.

    268. Monica Hamilton has been my recruiter with TNAA and I can say so many wonderful things about her and this company. This has been my first travel assignment so of course I was anxious but Monica understood that I’m the type of person who needs to be over-informed in a new environment and answered all my questions, phone calls, everything. She has been accessible most anytime by call or text and is transparent with me. The only issue I had was in the beginning of my contract when they had me down for biweekly paychecks instead of weekly, but I called Monica and she got it fixed that same day and I did get my pay that same week. This company is quality, some of the benefits I appreciate that they offer are guaranteed hours, day 1 medical and dental, and one of the best travel reimbursement amounts I have seen among the companies I’ve looked at. They’ve really shown me they take care of their nurses and I will gladly work with them again.

    269. Sarah Chisholm is the best recruiter. She is so personable it feels like you’ve been friends with her forever. She is always looking out for you and tries to find the best job that suits you. I recommend her to every travel nurse I speak to and she never disappoints. If you’re going to work with TNAA make sure you ask for Sarah.

    270. I am very pleased with my recruiter. She seems to have my interests at heart. TNAA seems to be increasing the benefits that they offer. I would like to see more transparency regarding how benefits affect overall pay if they are taken. Regarding pay, I haven’t had enough experience with them to know if they are one of the lower paying agencies as some suggest.

    271. James Dwyer is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with! He’s helpful, and checks in on me, gives great suggestions on places to go, and things to see… I can’t ask for better.

    272. I have traveled with TNAA for almost 3 years. When working alongside other travelers you tend to discuss your different companies. I have found that TNAA often offers a better pay rate with great benefits. Some companies may pay more but don’t offer comparable benefits. I recommend my company to any nurses wanting a good company to guide them on their journey.

    273. James has made my transition into travel nursing a great one! Going from a full time staff position to accepting my first assignment was definitely a scary thought and James was with me every step of the way. He’s always working hard to make sure I have every thing I need from him, the company and having an assignments lined up!

    274. Rachel Dill nurse recruiter has been fantastic to work with. She helped to find a wonderful assignment in the area I wanted to work at. She worked to find the right fit and the assignment with the right benefits and money. The entire agency works as a team. Christine Foder the Senior QA made the requirements as painless as possible and kept me on track.Rachel always response right away to any phone calls, texts,and emails.Rachel goes the extra step. None of the She is away from her desk and you find out the recruiter hasn�t been in the office for 3 days and you have been trying to reach the recruiter multiple times with no answer. TNAA is an excellent place to work with

    275. James is an amazing recruiter, he will go above and beyond to get me an assignment that I want. He always looks out for his travelers and is always available if his travelers need him. The agency has amazing benefits and is employee-centered.

    276. Loving my recruiter Nichole, super sweet and personable, caring and interested! This is my first time and I’m enjoying it so far!

    277. My experience with TNAA has been nothing but superb. My recruiter Steve Turner has been awesome, very professional, and dependable. I would not work for any other agency or recruiter.

    278. Great agency! They are very efficient and very knowledgeable. My recruiter Baran has over a decade in the industry. I feel very secure having him oversee my traveling experience.

    279. Donna Dickson is hands down the best recruiter in the industry. She is the reason I have worked with TNAA for five years. TNAA has the best comprehensive benefits plan, which they continually try to improve upon. I have recommended over ten travelers to TNAA with the consensus being that TNAA has the best customer service.

    280. To be fair: I don’t use company housing or insurance so it is not right for me to rank them one way or another. Overall I would highly recommend (and have) this company. The only complaint that I have is that it always seem to take to the very last minute of the last business day prior to my start date for me to get any start day information. A lot of that has to do with getting paperwork and such in one time, but for example this contract that I am on I have been cleared for a day or two, but have yet to receive start date information. I acknowledge this could be the fault of the hospital. Otherwise I am satisfied with the company.

    281. My experience had been nothing but exceptional with TNAA, but more specifically my recruiter- James Dwyer. He was always there for me whenever I needed him, always found me the perfect job and most importantly he always advocated for me. He does everything in his power to make sure his nurses are happy. Leaving him was one of the hardest things to do when I took a staff position. Hands down the best recruiter in the business.

    282. I started with TNAA for my first assignment and LOVE IT. I worked with two companies prior to TNAA and felt like I was being treated just like a number to them. They just wanted the contract signed and did not care if I was qualified or felt comfortable with the assignment. I was so lucky to come across Suzanne Farrington as my recruiter because I was ready to give up on travel nursing. She is kind, helpful, proactive, and one of the best people I have ever met. She cares about me and my license which is so important. I will never travel with another company. I appreciate TNAA’s benefits and incentives as well. They have all you need.

    283. I started with TNAA for my first assignment and LOVE IT. I worked with two companies prior to TNAA and felt like I was being treated just like a number to them. They just wanted the contract signed and did not care if I was qualified or felt comfortable with the assignment. I was so lucky to come across Suzanne Farrington as my recruiter because I was ready to give up on travel nursing. She is kind, helpful, proactive, and one of the best people I have ever met. She cares about me and my license which is so important. I will never travel with another company. I appreciate TNAA’s benefits and incentives as well. They have all you need.

    284. Working with TNAA has been wonderful. Everyone has been very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It has been a great experience working with TNAA and everyone there.

    285. The reason that this survey itself was inadequate is due to the fact that it’s so GENERAL. My Master’s Degree is in psychometrics – testing. With few exceptions, the 20 items on the survey have no specificity to whom my rating applies. My recruiter was in the EXCELLENT category for ALL appropriate areas. The rest of the company was NOT. There’s no way to delineate that in this instrument. I suggest a survey for each ancillary department with whom a traveler may have contact. Your results will vary GREATLY among those groups. Again, my recruiter, Brian Ballard, was a standout. HE would be the reason for me to continue working for this company. There were few other reasons.

    286. TNAA is a great agency to work for! I have an excellent recruiter who always works really hard to get me the assignments I want! I could not be happier working for TNAA!

    287. When I first started with the company, I did not know it paid biweekly, however, with many nurses complaints of dissatisfaction with this practice. The company changed to weekly paid. Very professional and This demonstrated to me that TNAA is a reputable company, transparent, and strives to improve processes and to keep employees with TNAA. Also, the perks are exceptional. However, I wish the company would update its site so that the employee is aware of his or her points incentives and how to join the 401/403B plan. Employees should have access to his or her benefits and perks when reaching a certain amount of hours for incentives. Also, my recruitor is great KUDOS Susan Dulaney

    288. Rachel Dill, My recruiter has been wonderful and goes above and beyond. As does all the staff at TNAA,I can’t say enough good things!

    289. Working as a travel nurse has offered me the opportunity to work with diverse systems and health care teams. I have grown professionally because of the travel nurse position. It takes a lot of faith and trust in your recruiter and travel nursing company to travel from job to job and state to state. With TNAA, they have my back as well as my front and sides. They take great care of their nurses and it shows. Great team work TNAA!

    290. Working as a travel nurse has offered me the opportunity to work with diverse systems and health care teams. I have grown professionally because of the travel nurse position. It takes a lot of faith and trust in your recruiter and travel nursing company to travel from job to job and state to state. With TNAA, they have my back as well as my front and sides. They take great care of their nurses and it shows. Great team work TNAA!

    291. I worked with Trinity HSG for 6 years. It was bought out by Travel Nurse Across America at the beginning of 2017. I consider myself very lucky that my ABSOLUTELY AWESOME Recruiter Tara Smith decided to make the transition to TNAA. She and I discussed TNAA and she felt it was a great company. I have been with Tara since I first started traveling in 2010. When I entered the travel industry I literally talked with 13 Recruiters and after paring my list down to three and comparing everything it basically came down to ONE thing and that was simply “there was just something about Tara Smith–she sounded honest and trustworthy and genuinely caring” I felt if I were entering unknown territory she was the person I wanted to “have my back!” She has through the last 7 years been “my rock.” TNAA has been amazing this past year and the benefits and the “personal touch” that I receive as one of their travelers is pretty amazing! So if you want to travel with a GREAT company TNAA is the ONE! TARA SMITH is THE VERY BEST RECRUITER you will EVER find! —tell her Shelia sent you!

    292. I have loved my experience with TNAA. The only down side I have found with them is pay rates can be alittle lower BUT the benefits are awesome. I have learned pay rates are negotable, so don�t always stay stuck on the first quote your given. They have always been very accommodating to my needs and I have a great recruiter Susan Delaney who has went above and beyond for me!

    293. Great recruiter. Always enjoy having her. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Helps resolve any issues. Willing to go out of her way. It’s important to me as I am traveling to have someone I can rely.

    294. My recruiter Christine Douheret was super nice on my first assignment! I�ve really enjoyed being apart of this company, they were supportive and informative. I especially appreciated the �gaurenteed paid� package on my last assignment because I got called off multiple times but still got my entire paycheck. Everyone was honest, my paycheck was always accurate.

    295. I’ve had multiple contracts with TNAA. Baran is one of THE BEST recruiters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is always spot on, quick to get back with me, honest, and most of all very sincere. I trust in him that he always has my best interests at heart.

    296. I love TNAA! They are a little smaller than some of the big companies which means they may be a few dollars less an hour but they more than make up for it in perks, benefits, accessibility and most of all friendly and personable, instead of you just being another traveler amongst all the other travelers they have.

    297. My recruiter Rachel Dill is excellent, she�s the best I�ve worked with so far! I love TNAA, they have so much more to offer than my last travel agency.

    298. Rachel Dill is an excellent recruiter. I love TNAA, they offer so much more than the last company I was with.

      I think this is my second submission, phone issues😳

    299. TNAA has been a great company to work for. My recruiter Rachel Dill is always professional and helpful. Anytime I have an issue she is on it. I look forward to more great assignments!

    300. Rachel Dill has been an awesome recruiter to work with! She is always available and she does what she tells you she is going to do. It is a pleasure working with her.

    301. I have been extremely happy with this company and my recruiter. I researched far and wide to find just what I was looking for, and I am SO glad to find TNAA and Rachel. The benefits and pay accuracy and timing are excellent, my assignment is perfect for me, and I could not be more pleased to find a recruiter like Rachel. She remembers me and my specialty, and reasons for traveling, I never have to explain twice, and she finds me what I need. She is respectful of my time at work and with my family. She goes above and beyond, even sending my kiddos books about our destination city before we go. After researching several companies and talking with several recruiters, I am confident to highly recommend TNAA and Rachel.

    302. Travel Nurse Across America is an extension of my family. They take care of me and I do my best to make them (and me!) look good. I highly recommend them to other travelers.

    303. My recruiter, Racehl Dill, is absolutely awesome! It’s as if she was handpicked just for me! My total experience with TNAA has been positive; I definitely look forward to working with them in the future.

    304. This is my first time traveling and TNAA has been amazing. They have helped me every step of the way and I could not be happier with my first traveling experience

    305. I love working w this agency because of the WONDERFUL RECRUITER I HAVE!!!! She is excellent PLUS! She is very supportive and provides as much assistance she possibly can with each assignment – She is knowledgeable -and provides the best assignments tailored to my preferences! Every person that I have dealt with so far at TNAA� has very high standards and helps to the maximum capacity in each area! I rank them at the top! All the people that I have had the pleasure of dealing with have gone above and beyond in each case!!! They are really on a scale all by themselves � and holds the number 1 slot on my list!! All have exceeded my expectations on every level so far!!! Glad I have the best recruiter ever!!

    306. Andrew Benfer at TNAA has been working with us for 2 years even though we just started traveling June 2017. To me that is wonderful. It shows patience and dedication. As new travelors, he helped my fianc� and I take the jump. Taught us a long the way, guided us to resources where we could hear directly from nurses themselves and has been an a great asset to our success thus far.

    307. Summer Lewis has been a dream travel consultant for me! It ismy first time traveling and it has been the smoothest transition. She was always available and ready to help me in anyway she possible could! I have already recommended and a friend to her and she has taken an assignment and i would recommend again and again!

    308. Shout out to Olivia Carper with TNAA! A friends contract got canceled. She was working with two other agencies who couldn�t find her anything else nearby. I insisted she call my recruiter and see what she could do and – she came through! This is why I stick with TNAA! ♥️

    309. TNAA was great! Russ Whaeler was an excellent recruiter. They maybe did the job too well as I liked where they placed me so much I decided to stay permanently.

    310. I have the best recruiter in the universe, Kristen L. Jackson. She is everything plus more! She is an expertise in her profession while also being an advocate for her Traveling Nurse! Kristen is the BEST!

    311. Choosing the right agency to travel with can be a challenge. I decided to travel with TNAA mainly because of my recruiter, Rebekah Ghan. Rebekah made everything smooth and easy, and still does to this day. She works hard to find the perfect fit for my assignments, and I have had nothing but good experiences. TNAA has competitive pay packages, great assignment locations, and awesome benefits(for your pet too!). I highly recommend this agency, and my recruiter!

    312. Rebekah Ghan at Travel Nurses Across America is the best recruiter! She works her butt off to get me what I want! The insurance and benefits are amazing! I’m young and didn’t think I’d need it, but insurance was free for me! Good thing I needed it and the sick leave made it a less stressful time! I recommend all my fellow nurses that want to travel to Rebekah and they seem to love her as well! I wouldn’t travel with anyone else besides TNAA!

    313. Such a great company with friendly trustworthy recruiters! They really care about you and are so supportive. I am so thankful for such a great experience with them and my awesome recruiter!

    314. I really do love this company. Everyone works together to create a real team environment. You always feel like a priority. My paychecks have always been spot on with the quote that is provided to me prior to accepting any assignment. Now they provide sick time and excellent benefits as well so there’s no reason not to work for TNAA. I honestly feel like I’ve been fortunate to work with the best recruiters in the business starting with Derek King for 4 years and now Rebekah Ghan for over 2. I’ve applied to other companies and spoke with many other representatives/recruiter from these companies. None are even close to being as friendly, honest and hardworking.

    315. Great agency to work with. Got my current contract and start date within a week, and my recruiter, Matthew Brogoitti, is the absolute best. Does an awesome job for me and makes sure I am looked after in all aspects of the job.

    316. I do not have insurance or housing with them so unable to speak regarding that. My recruiter is Rebekah Ghan and she has been nothing but supportive as this has been my first time travel nursing. She is always available and if not, calls me back within a timely fashion. She is very straight forward without coming off too abrasive. I recommend her 100% for anyone looking into an agency/recruiter.

    317. Love TNAA, I feel like they appreciate their nurses and really want to make us happy and for the company to be the best that it can be.

    318. Ron York has always been a great recruiter.. easy to talk to and always available to fix any problems that I may be having

    319. I love my recruiter Rebekah Ghan. She is so sweet, but also knowledgeable. She is also always looking out for me– she was able to snag a much coveted position for me because she was so on the ball. TNAA as a whole is a good company to work for. They have lots of resources, good benefits, and up-to-date technology/webapps. My one critique is that they are a large company so sometimes I wonder if I am getting the best pay for my position. Regardless, they have been very good to me, and that is priceless.

    320. I have been with multiple travel companies over the last couple of years and have decided I will never switch again after working with TNAA! I have the best recruiter, Ron York, he�s an honest, Christian guy that has helped me tremendously over the last year! Pay is comparable to other companies but benefits are great! Health Insurance is free with low deductibles, paid sick time, bonuses, great housing assistance and much more! I have worked with another recruiter in the past, she actually caused me to leave the company and I was very hesitant about coming back (never answered calls and I didn�t receive reply�s in a timely manner) BUT with Ron I have no issues! I am able to get ahold of him at any time of the day and he makes sure his nurses know that!

    321. Ron York is my recruiter and has been since I started traveling. I know I would not be traveling now if it had not been for him.He is so supportive. He checks in every week and is available even when he is on vacation. The company is also great. My check has ways been on time and correct. They also changed tbeir benifits to help meet more needs of travlers
      I would recomend both my travel company and my recruitor Ron York to any nurse wanting to start traveling.

    322. I love Ron York! He is my recruiter and the reason I stay. I feel it was more personalized when they were Trinity Heslthcare.

    323. My recruiter was Rebekah Ghan. She was amazing and really helpful. She took her time and searched for the right assignment that I wanted. She always kept in touch to make sure I was doing well and if I needed anything. The clinical team, assistants, and everyone else that I worked w/ before, during, and after my assignment were really helpful.

    324. Staff is excellent especially Rebecca Boyles. Housing is excellent and Rosie does a great job getting you what you what in an apartment. My recruiter Donna is the best!

    325. Ron York is an amazing recruiter. He always strives to be the best and makes sure I am taken care of during my assignments. I would highly recommend him to other nurses that are interested in travel. Nothing but high praises for him and the company he represents.

    326. I have been traveling for almost 4 years, I have only been with one recruiter, Ron York, he has been great. People often ask me lots of questions and why I have not tried other companies. The truth is My recruiter is the best so far i have dealt with. There is a saying if it aint broke don’t fix it. I believe this. Ron has my best interest in mind all the time. He is a straight shooter and Well not planning on jumping ship any time soon. Even thru a very difficult and trying merger between Trinity and TNAA i was on the brink of changing, but stayed at the behest of Ron said changes were coming for the better, so far they have been. The company has made some very good changes, and they Have my go to man RON YORK. I do recommend them and him for anyone looking for a change.

    327. I’ve traveled with TNAA for 2 assignments and I love my recruiter-Ron. He’s responsive to both emails and phone calls. I love the fact that he checks in periodically to see if I need anything. I’m extremely impressed with this agency and would highly recommend them to everyone.

    328. Overall satisfied with this travel company especially since they made changes in Jan 2018 with benefits and compensation.

    329. I was with Trinity before TNAA bought Trinity. It takes some getting used to to go with a bigger company. I could call my recruiter, and get an immediate answer. I realize this is because TNAA is such a big company, and sometimes having multiple departments can be a plus. I feel like they keep more of the RN’s money than they should. I don’t think they are always honest, nor fair, when it comes to pay, OT, holidays. I’ve spoken with other recruiters from other companies and it seems I have been cheated, and that leaves a bad impression. I can’t fairly say how the assignment selection is in the big picture. I guess that depends on ones willingness to go anywhere instead of being overly choosy. Some things I really like, is my paycheck has NEVER been late. Day one insurance. A team to make sure everything is on point. Everyone I have ever spoken with has been extremely friendly and helpful. I have never used them for housing, but from what I understand that is a good benefit. Overall, I think they are probably as good as any company out there…except when it comes to overtime and holidays. Because of how they did things with my pay, I will probably go with a different company for future contracts. Also, my recruiter is Ron York. He has been there when I needed him, and I feel like he has the nurse’s best interest at heart. I would recommend him to fellow travelers!

    330. Ron is so knowledgeable about all travel assignments. I enjoy working with Ron because of his business manner. He is honest and upfront. He follows up to see how I’m doing on a new assignment. He takes that extra step to make sure I’m comfortable and kept informed of changes. He’s the best ever.

    331. I loved my time with TNAA. My recruiter Kristi Brekeen is an amazing person and recruiter. The housing provided by this company is well furnished, clean, and comfortable.

    332. This is my first travel assignment. I am thoroughly impressed with how I have been treated and taken care of my my travel agency.

    333. TNAA has worked with me and were able to get my lab and documentation as I was traveling to my assignment so we could have a quick start date I was very impressed and very pleased with there team work with all there departments

    334. Great agency to work with!!! Ron York is the best recruiter ever!!! If there are any problems they are there immediately for help . Great pay and great benefits!!!

    335. Jordan Dial is my recruiter, after trying to work with a few other companies who told me �we can�t/ you can�t� Jordan said �we�ll make it happen� and did just that (somehow doing what the other companies said was impossible for my amount of experience) I was offered all 4 of my submission hospitals leaving me a great selection of where I thought I fit best. I could be happier with my first assignment, my first travel company, and most importantly my first recruiter. Thanks Jordan and TNAA!

    336. I love my company TNAA. I have had nothing but excellent service, help, courtesy, respect, and prompt replies to any questions or problems I’ve contacted them about. I would not consider working for anyone else, at this time.

    337. Good company. Have only done one assignment with them but it has been good. Jordan Diel checks in weekly to see if I have any questions as well as help me with anything I need. Answers questions say or night and goes above and beyond.

    338. I am soon to start my 10th assignment with TNAA. I have chosen to stay with TNAA simply because this agency has always been able to meet or exceed my needs since day one. My top 3 reasons for staying loyal to TNAA include: the impeccable benefits, the friendly staff that make it a personalized experience, and the large selection of jobs available across the country. My recruiter, Jordan Dial, has done an excellent job at securing my contracts and ensures all bases are covered. Jordan is by far the most responsive and available recruiter I have ever worked with. He is also very experienced, trustworthy, and maintains a positive attitude. I plan to continue traveling with TNAA because I truly believe in them as a travel nurse agency and I trust that I will continue to succeed with them.

    339. I really enjoy working with my recruiter. She has helped me gained the access I need in order to be able to complete my job and the paperwork involved.

    340. Sjannon has been my recruiter, and she is honest and on top of things for me. Any issues I have are quickly resolved. I am in a hard specialty to place and she always finds me work.

    341. If I ever have any issues there are always people available in each department to help and answer my questions quickly. I have stayed with TNAA for every assignment because of the great people who work for this company, their great benefits plan and the fact that my pay is always guaranteed with TNAA. Overall I have had only wonderful experiences with TNAA would and do recommend to any new or experienced traveler looking for exciting new adventures in life.

    342. I have had no issues at all with TNAA, they are a great company to work for. My recruiter Matthew Brogiotti is awesome. He goes above and beyond for his clients, is always accessible and if you do leave him a voice mail, he will always get back to you the same day. If you are looking for an agency/recruiter, I strongly reccomend TNAA and ask for Matthew

    343. Geoff Brabec is a great agent who was very patient with me and made be feel as though my priorities were the company’s first concern.

    344. Matt from TNAA has been great! Super friendly and accommodating to my needs (which there has been a lot). I would Absolutely recommend this company for my nursing friends and family and hope to continue this relationship moving forward.

    345. My recruiter, Matt is excellent, very supportive and available. The staff was amazing and helped me find hotels and other things I would need on my journey to my assignment.

    346. My experience with TNAA has been great! My recruiter Christina Sammons has been very helpful. I would recommend this company to any nurse new to traveling. The company has been organized and my pay has always been accurate and on time.

    347. I am really pleased with TNAA. Their entire staff from recruiter to payroll and benefits really work their tails off to provide top service for me. Additionally, TNAA has placement opportunities in the region I like to travel in that allows me great variety and steady work.

    348. TNAA is a first class company totally committed to your needs. recruiter Matt Brogotti is excellent. I highly recommend

    349. My recruiter texts me at the beginning of the week to remind me that he’s available if I were to need anything. It feels comforting to receive that text, even if I don’t need anything

    350. This was my first time travel nursing and I was referred to Olivia who was absolutely fantastic. She helped make the whole process smooth and easy to understand. I was always able to get a hold of her in a timely manner. When my Grampa passed away mid contract she helped me through the process to have time off to be with family. A wonderful group of people throughout the organization.

    351. I loved working with TNAA. They were incredibly accommodating and informative. Tana, my recruiter was wonderful and I was always able to get in touch with her when needed. If/When I decide to go back to traveling, I know where to go.

    352. TNAA has been the best decision I have made for my career! From the beginning, my experience has been incredible. My recruiter Sarah C. Is terrific!! She is always so friendly and receptive, and constantly keeps me in the loop with excellent communication. She is always working so hard to make sure I am advocated for, and happy! Sarah and TNAA has proven that they have my best interest in mind. This company has shown me they care about the employees and they treat them like family.

    353. Jennifer has been a tremendous help! She is so patient and answers all of my questions so quickly!! She has also gone above and beyond to find me a perfect assignment that matches not only my needs, but also my wants!

    354. I feel I have a new career family. Unlike the large healthcare systems that are driven by corporate America, I finally feel I have a support system in my career field. All the staff are professional and helpful insuring requirements are met for upcoming assignments.

    355. My recruiter, Russell Waehler, is one of the best I’ve worked with. Definitely recommend him and TNAA to anyone thinking about traveling!

    356. My recruiter Sarah is always available to me and checks in often. Every department I have worked with at TNAA has been very kind and supportive and everyone is always quick to respond to emails/phone calls. The wonderful staff at TNAA made my first travel assignment a great experience and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

    357. Since the merger of Trinity with TNAA, I haven�t had the need to search for another company or go back to ones I used previously. The benefits are outstanding. I have to have a family plan with insurance. Their plan is cost effective and good. It beats my previous company which was eating up my paycheck. The low census pay is also great. It comes from the company not the hospital so it doesn�t matter which job you submit to. They also have sick pay that carries over. My recruiter is Ren McAleese who is awesome. She has had my back. You don�t have to choose all the benefits that way you�ll have a higher paycheck but I like the added cushion of guaranteed hours. I highly recommend TNAA. I�m on my 6th contract with them!

    358. TNAA has been wonderful so far. They have accommodated me very well. They have made sure to check on me to see how I am doing with my current assignment and have been very polite and respectful! I would highly recommend them!

    359. I have had nothing but great experiences with TNAA and Ren Mcaleese! They have your back 100%! Great medical benefits and sick time. You will not be sorry for signing up with this company and Ren!!!

    360. I love this company. I am a new traveler and everyone has made me feel super welcomed! My recruiter calls me every week or so to check in. He is very personable and friendly. I love the housing department as they helped me set everything up and even sent me some essentials that I needed. The facility they set me up with is great! Super traveler friendly and great to work with!

    361. This company is amazing! I’ve been with them for 3.5 years and have no complaints. They take care of their nurses with all of their benefits, and they treat you like a person, not just another nurse working a contract. Highly reccomend

    362. I have nothing but positive things to say about working with TNAA! I have never had an issue with receiving my paycheck on time and the correct amount. My recruiter Karena Schellpeper seemed to have my best interest from the start. She understood exactly what I wanted from my first assignment and was patient with me until I found the perfect assignment! I also love the easy-stay option that TNAA offers. It made the housing process a lot less stressful for a first time traveler! I would absolutely recommend TNAA!

    363. As a first time travel nurse, getting ready for my first assignment was very stressful but my recruiter, Jennifer, and the rest of the TNAA staff have been extremely helpful along the way. I would highly recommend this agency in the future!

    364. As a first time travel nurse my recruiter, Richard Mui has made my experience pretty much stress free. He is always easy to reach and extremely responsive. I cannot say enough good things about working with Richard. One thing that sets TNAA apart from other companies is low census protection- so if your shift gets canceled you still get paid for that shift. I am SO thankful for this in my current contract, because it has happened a few times. Definitely recommend TNAA & Richard- I will continue to travel with them!

    365. Before starting travel nursing, a lot of nurses will tell me to use multiple companies. I have been in contact with TNAA for a year now and I must say I trust them enough to put my eggs in one basket. Great company to work with for first time travelers!

    366. TNAA has made some changes to make their pay packages more competitive but scaling back some of the benefits and offering max cash option. I have taken it, the pay is the best I have had and the benefits they you have to choose from are still top notch. Also my recruiter Ron York is amazing and anticipates what I need. I think they have made great changes. Will continue to travel with them in the near future.

    367. I took my first travel assignment with TNAA and i couldn�t be happier! They have made my experience so easy and memorable.

    368. Working as a travel nurse has allowed me to visit places i might never have gotten to see otherwise. I have learned additional job related skills and become very interested in the venues i have chosen. I will travel as long as i work in healthcare.

    369. As a new travel nurse, I definitely recommend Travel Nurse Across America. My recruiter Richard has been awesome and supportive, and is always prompt to respond when I have any questions or concerns. My first assignment has been great, and the company definitely looks out for their travelers whenever I have brought up any concerns. The pay is also pretty good, and I really like that the company has low census protection as part of our contracts.

    370. They seem to be able to help you thru network of getting a travel job. It would be nice if they reimbursed you for Credentials so you stay marketable, but that is a minor point.

    371. I have been with the same Travel Agent- Renauta McAleese since 2014. I took a break from traveling in 2017 but I have now decided to travel again in 2018 and Ren was my first choice. She has been super reliable and puts my needs first at all times.

    372. My recruiter, Rebecca Baxter is very professional and always has my best interest when we are selecting a job or location.
      I would highly recommend her to any nurse exploring traveling options. TNAA is an excellent organization and very easy to work with.

    373. Recruited my wife, also a nurse, for the $500.00 recruitment bonus. They initially balked because she had applied with the eight years ago. We have been married 3 years. They did eventually pay but this should not have even been an issue. They also are refusing to give me the sign on vacation because I had my TB test read 1 hour too early and they insisted on a blood titer. This set me back starting a week later and missed the end of May deadline. I do not believe this was fair but it is what it is.

    374. I am currently on my first assignment. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the team of staff members at TNAA I’ve been working with, especially Angela Blount. Always kind, responsive, and professional.

    375. TNAA is a great company. I have worked with other companies as a traveler and other recruiters but TNAA and Baran Pal have been great to work with! I definitely recommend him any chance I get!

    376. I have had an excellent experience working with Travel Nurse Across America! Though this is the first travel agency I have worked with, I have no plans of switching. My recruiter, Baran Pal, has made every step of the way nearly flawless.

    377. My Recruiter Baran had made all the difference in the world. He is great.
      I think the communication with housing could be better and I feel they pick yhe most expensive housing available.

    378. This is my first travel assignment and TNAA has made it the best experience. They got the assignment I wanted in 2 days of me applying and my agents Karena and Teresa have been so accommodating and approachable. They stay in touch and make sure I�m happy with my experience. The agency has great FREE benefits and lots of great perks like a free vacation, sick day pay, low census protection, etc. I�m very happy with my experience!

    379. Baran is very helpful and accommodating. I have traveled with T.N.A.A. for 4 years. It is a great company to work with.

    380. TNAA was very upfront and did everything they said they would. Everyone I spoke to was always very professional. There were a few times when I would call and no one would get back to me until I called again. Also during my second assignment with them
      they asked me for copies of all my documents again when they already had all of that. Those were my only issues.

    381. My recruiter Jo Lynn went above and beyond my expectations as a first time traveler. She was available to me even after hours if there was anything that I needed. The company as a whole is great and I would highly recommend them as I was recommended.

    382. I’ve traveled with several companies and just switched to TNAA this July. So far they have been great to work with! Plus it helps when you have the best recruiter. Jo Lynn is fantastic! I worked with her for several years through another company and the relationship we built is amazing! She’s excellent! She’s dedicated to making sure you are well taken care and you’re getting the best stuff! I’m so glad she’s back and working with TNAA has made the traveling even better! Check them out!

    383. Andrew Benfer is my recruiter with TNAA. I am so very lucky to have gotten such a wonderful recruiter. I hear of travelers that have multiple companies they go between for each assignment, I myself have find my one and only company with TNAA. I have never once felt overwhelmed with TNAA. Andrew has guided me every step of the way. He has encouraged and supported me throughout this whole process. He always goes above and beyond to do everything possible to help me. He made sure to find me an amazing first travel assignment. Which, I have enjoyed so much, I have renewed 4 contracts.
      Trust is very important for me. I know that I can trust Andrew and TNAA to find what I am looking for. It�s the little things; a simple text message to see how you week is going or if I am having a bad day he will be there to listen. Andrew isn�t just my recruiter, I now have a lifelong friend. He is always honest and answers all my questions. If there was something he could not answer, he would get me in contact with the right person to ensure and improve my travel experience. Anyone that chooses this company would have all the support they needed. TNAA is the company that you can trust and has your back.

    384. Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) has been absolutely amazing. They have helped me through everything and have gone through it all step by step. This is my first company and I could not be happier with my decision to go with them.

    385. My recruiter is Kristy Brekeen at TNAA. She has been the champion in my corner. From finding assignments to answering questions she has always been there for me. Great company!

    386. I have worked with TNAA for over a year, and have been extremely happy. Suzanne has been great, she is always honest with me, she will let me know when she thinks an assignment is not a fit, and will work hard to get me anywhere I want to go. Suzanne and her team have worked above and beyond when I needed them to help me, but at the same time they are not overbearing. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am and continue to be grateful working with this great group of people.

    387. Jordan Dial has been an amazing recruiter, always calling to check up and make sure everything is going smoothly. He is honest & really cares about his clients!

    388. I had some issues with payroll on multiple occasions that have since been resolved. My recruiter is amazing. Dependable, reliable.

    389. I have been very impressed with TNAA. I was searching for a travel assignment after many years as a staff member in a position that I initially took as a traveler. Andrew Benfer, my recruiter, took the time to listen to what I was looking for and made it happen. Lavonia Clemons, QA Specialist, helped me organize and submit a mountain of paperwork electronically. I received my pay on time thanks to Ariele Soto in Payroll. I especially appreciate their patience with all my questions about using their website. Having traveled before, I do have a good understanding of how things work tax wise with housing, etc, and Andrew earned my trust initially through his straight forward approach to explaining benefits. The people who work at this company have earned its ranking with their professionalism, understanding of the market, and integrity. Every single person I interacted with addressed my questions with a day.


    391. I have tried a few other recruiters from companies other than TNAA. Those opportunities never made it very far, because I always thought I was getting the used car salesman routine. I have worked for TNAA off and on again for five years. I have had no other company, but I have �courted� others. TNAA is very transparent, punctual, and direct in their approach. I have had issues with a few assignments for various reasons, but the TNAA recruiters/managers are very responsive to concerns. They are honest about their lack of power in the dynamic between them and their client facilities, but they have still attempted to mediate. I have also referred many, many nurses to TNAA when they get sick of the scam show by other companies.

    392. Tara is a great recruiter and was always there to help me find a position. She kept in contact and was genuinely interested in me.

    393. My recruiter, Rachel Dill, is amazing. She looks out for her nurses. She only recommends assignments that she knows will be the best fit for me.
      TNAA is an excellent company to work for.

    394. Elysia has been super helpful and supportive through my entire on-boarding process and first travel assignment. She genuinely cares about me and all of her travelers, and feels more than just a recruiter, but a friend. I will definitely continue to use TNAA for my future travel assignments.

    395. I LOVE TNAA!! I have been with my recruiter Tana since I started traveling 2.5 years ago and have no intention of using anyone else. THANKS TNAA and ESPECIALLY TANA!!

    396. Ron York is my recruiter. He has been awesome, I like the company but Ron makes it worth it. He has worked very hard for me and given me basically everything I have wanted. I have left in the past and came back. Any assignment that I take in the future, I will be working with him.

    397. TNAA was the only travel agency that actually got back to me. My recruiter Ron York even had me call him while he was on vacation!! He is always checking on me and is always there. When I need something done he takes care of it super fast! He is the reason I chose this company to travel with.

    398. Ron has been nothing short of excellent to work with. He is extremely helpful and understanding with everything. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and have already recommended him to other nurses as well.

    399. I have always wanted to be a travel nurse and TNAA has helped me realize that dream. Everyone from my recruiter Andrew Benfer to my housing specialist MK Givens, has been exceptional to work with. I have developed relationships with them and could not be happier with my choice to go with TNAA, and look forward to my future with them.

    400. Ive been working with TNAA for only a few months but they have been awesome so far! My recruiter Elysia has been very supportive and reliable in this process! Great company!

    401. Jordan Dial makes looking for travel jobs less stressful than most other recruiters. He�s always just a phone call away, and is fast and honest. I would highly recommend working with him to anyone that asks about travel nursing!

    402. Christina Sammons is a great recruiter! She spent a lot of time getting me my first travel assignment and was supportive the whole way! Also wanted to give a shout out to Courtney Harlan my QA specialist, she was so quick and thorough with getting my appointments made so I could start the assignment asap!

    403. I enjoy working with my recruiters and i love the benefits i feel my needs are met. I wish there was ortho insurance other than that great!

    404. I’ve worked with TNAA for about 5 years now. I was working with Eliza for the first 4 and absolutely loved her so I was incredibly nervous when she left and I got a new recruiter. However, Christina picked right up and provided great service too! Everyone I’ve dealt with over the 5 years have been friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient! The pay isn’t always the highest, but knowing they have my back, guaranteed pay, and my way completely paid more than makes up for it.

    405. This is my first experience as a travel nurse. After speaking to many travelers at my previous hospital and calling multiple agencies, I had decided to go with TNAA. Christina is an amazing recruiter and worked to find my girlfriend and I a great first travel assignment.

    406. Travel Nurse Across America was my first choice when I started to become interested in travel nursing. Shortly after I sent in my request to be contacted by TNAA, I had the pleasure of having Nichole Baldwin as my recuriter. She is outstanding, professional and compassionate when it comes to getting her nurses/clients to their destinations. Her hard work and dedication have been so overwhelming. She�s always there for me every step of the way, either it�s an issue with work or even just to listen to me vent. I couldn�t have asked for a better recuriter and I hope to work with her and the whole team of Travel Nurse Across America for awhile. This journey has been a dream come true and I am glad to have such great team behind me supporting me every step of the way. TNAA is a team of individuals who are compassionate and hard working when it comes to their nurses. They respond on a timely manner and are always there for support for anything. I highly recommend TNAA to all the travelers out there, not to mention, the great benefits the agency offers.

    407. I believe that having a great assignment starts with the recruiter. Nichole has been friendly, professional, and knowledgeable with every interaction we have. She also responds fast to inquiries when everyone else seems to take a little bit of their time. As for the agency itself, they have great insurance and benefits which I’ve seen that most companies don’t give. Their pay is fair and transparent so there’s no confusion or questions as to what you’re getting.

    408. I have been very happy with TNAA and my recruiter Nichole! She�s always willing to help me out whenever I needed it. She also did an excellent job getting me where I wanted to be for my first assignment. TNAA has great benefits for my spouse and me. Can�t wait for my future travels with her and TNAA!!

    409. Nichole is the best recruiter. I can count on her when I need her.She is very supportive.I am extremely happy with Nichole and TNAA.

    410. My experience with TNAA for my first travel assignment was amazing! They made the process seem so easy when I thought it would be overwhelming. Kathleen Dellisant was the BEST! She helped me find exactly where I wanted to be and was great emotional support for the trip halfway across the country!!

    411. my recruiter Nicole is awesome. my first ever assignment was with this agency. Nicole was super helpful both before and after the application process answering any and all of my questions or directing me in the right direction. everyone i have worked with has been prompt to answer and make sure i have have everything i need for the assignment.

    412. James Dwyer is an excellent recruiter. Always available and made sure your questions were answered. Always honest about assignments that met your needs and equally honest about those that didn’t. Never steered me wrong in the 3+ years I worked with him. The entire company is the same way.

    413. I don’t want to sound like a fake review, so I’ll keep it simple. I love TNAA. I trust them. They’re like the travel company I could sit on the front porch with and drink sweet tea, then turn around and ask them to help me fix a flat tire. They’re small, personable, kind, friendly, honest, supportive, and loyal. I don’t plan on working with anyone else.

    414. My agent genuinely takes my interests into consideration when helping me pick a new placement. She also is honest about how travel friendly they are and how much they pay. She really seems to have my best interests at heart making sure that I have a great contract. (side note, I have never taken the company housing from them so I do not know what that is like.)

    415. Jordan Dial is my recruiter for TNAA and he is absolutely fantastic. He was recommended through a former coworker and he got right to work for me. He was honest and upfront about all the details, and had all of the information I needed to get started quickly. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else, nor do I have any intention of doing so in the near future.

    416. Our agent, Kristy Brekeen, has been spectacular. My wife and I’s first assignment has been everything we hoped for and Kristy has been instrumental in making that happen. I would recommend this agency to anyone. Looking forward to many more assignments with them .

    417. Geoff was very professional, yet personable. Does a great job listening and making you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your options, without feeling pressured. Love my Recruiter

    418. I have done a few agenies in my past but this agency had been the best experience. There were a few hicups by themail hospital but TNAA was able to fix the issues and fast. TNAA is friendly and experienced. I always tell my nursing friends to join

    419. I have been a nurse for 10 years. Tara Smith has been nothing but total excellence. She has been proactive and caring and I could not say enough about her. I have promoted her and Tnaa every chance that I get. Tara�s professionalism ,knowledge and true compassion shine through. TNAA is truly lucky to have such a quality professional working for their organization.

    420. I have worked with TNAA for a year and have an amazing recruiter, Tara Smith. She has been great. I traveled with a friend and she was able to get us assignments together on the same floor every time. She really cares and is more than just a recruiter but a friend. TNAA is a great company and I�m super happy that I used them to travel.

    421. I have been with TNAA for a year now. My recruiter Olivia Carter is the best around! She has went above and beyond to land me jobs that were almost impossible to get! I have never had a company/recruiter work so hard before!!! I cannot think of working with anyone else!!! Thanks TNAA and OLIVIA CARTER!!!!

    422. I am so glad I went with TNAA to travel! My recruiter Kristy Brekeen was amazing, honest and worked hard to get what I was looking for. She was always available to me! The whole team was amazing!

    423. I’ve wanted to travel for quite a while and earlier this year I finally got the chance! I cannot say enough good things about my recruiter, Rachel Dill. She was so patient with this first timer and really helped me figure travel nursing out. She is very knowledgeable and a real go getter! I love TNAA and my awesome recruiter 😊

    424. Absolutely satisfied with the customer service and support from TNAA. I have signed up with other agencies but they have not been as available and accessible. I feel so safe and supported by my agent Jordan Dial; I’m on my first assignment and am looking forward to several more with TNAA!

    425. My recruiter Elysia Ezell is wonderful! Whenever I need her she is always available and that makes it so much better for me!!

    426. My recruiter is Jordan Dial, he rocks. He is always available to hear my concerns and responds immediately to resolve them.

    427. This agency has been great! This is my first travel assignment, and my recruiter was absolutely wonderful! She�s called several times to check on me and make sure things were going well. Everyone I�ve come into contact with has been extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend

    428. I have been working with TNAA for almost 1 year now and I could not ask for a better company. They are honest and always have your back. I feel like they are my family. My recruiter is Baron Paul and he goes above and beyond to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. I love working for TNAA. They are my one and only.

    429. Love TNAA and wouldn�t use any other agency, my recruiter is fantastic and the entire team really works with me to meet my needs.

    430. My recruiter Baran Pal has worked diligently and efficiently in making my first assignment with TNAA a positive experience. He is professional, honest, and is dedicated in providing an assignment based on my individual needs. I rate Baran Pal as awesome and would definitely refer others to TNAA. Everything from getting the contract, housing and follow-ups have been awesome. Thanks Baran Pal and TNAA!

    431. My recruiter, Jordan Dial, is very responsive and personable. His knowledge is why I chose TNAA over other agencies despite the slightly lower hourly pay rate and I’m SO glad I did … the benefits package and hustle he does for ME makes them a good fit for me! The entire team works together and has made my experience a very positive and seamless process.


    433. TNAA had been an amazing company as a first time traveler. Worked very hard and made sure I got a good paying assignment that I was happy with. I will definitely continue to work with them.

    434. This is my first travel job and I have been very pleased with TNAA. They were great to explain how everything works and what to expect. My recruiter, Rebecca and her assistance, Allison have been great!

    435. I wish the accrued leave time could be used. Not just the 40 hours a year based on the anniversary date.

      However, my recruiter Baran Pal is super amazing! He helped me during hurricane Florence and hurricane Matthew. I felt as the he really cared. That means the world to me.

    436. I stumbled upon TNAA when they merged with my first company back in December 2016. I am so thankful for the merger because the quality of the company and what they have done for me is top notch. I don’t want that salesperson attitude when talking with my recruiter or anyone for a travel nurse company, and I don’t get that all from TNAA! The knowledge that they have for the travel nurse industry for things such as housing, benefits, tax regulations, is by far the best that I have ever encountered. They are straight forward and honest, and I do not want to work with anyone else!

    437. Staff helped me and my travel buddy get exactly to where we wanted to go. They were persistent and helpful. There were some issues with the hospital telling recruiters they would call me regarding a job, but not following through. Somewhat difficult to work with in terms of being the middle man, but it worked out. I have already recommended this company to another travel RN.

    438. Choosing TNAA for my first travel assignment was the best decision ever made! My recruiter, Geoff Brabec, was so supportive, informative, and as excited I was for my first assignment. The entire process from start to finish was an ease due to the wonderful staff of TNAA. My QA specialist,Gina Keuneke, was awesome and very patient with me. Overall, excellent company, excellent experience, excellent people!

    439. Baran Pal recruiter has been amazingly patient after my previous left without notice or call to his nurses, sent an email to everyone.

    440. My recruiter Donna Dickson is wonderful to work with. She listens to my needs and is there for me every step of the way. I know TNAA will always have my back.

    441. TNAA is a fine agency to work for. I have no complaints. My recruiter is professional and amicable. I ranked the housing satisfactory because there was not an “n/a” to choose–I did not get housing through the agency.