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    16 thoughts on “Stability HealthCare

    1. In my experience, Stability is a great nursing agency. My recruiter and her assistant are very responsive to my questions. Both of them are great support and ensure I have everything I need to provide the best experience as a travel nurse. I highly recommend Stability👌🏽

    2. Stability Healthcare was who I chose for my first time as a travel nurse because they were the first agency that I found that had an assignment listed in the city I wanted to work. But I am SO HAPPY I stumbled upon them first. From beginning to end, there is someone always there for you and providing answers to any questions you have. My recruiter, Brittney, has been an absolute rockstar and works so hard to make sure I get the best possible contract and rates. The rest of the staff is just as helpful- they remind me when I forget to submit my time sheets, make sure my contract hospital information and forms are properly handled, send me encouraging texts, and are all so helpful! If you’re on the fence about using a lesser known (or smaller) agency- don’t be. The personalized time and attention to detail they have provided to me during my time traveling has made this such a good experience for me. Knowing someone is always available to help when I need them is such a comforting thing for someone who was super nervous to start travel nursing. I get texts from someone at least once a week it seems, to check in and make sure everything is going well. The benefits are fantastic too! My rate is always comparable to any other travel nurse on the unit and they make sure I’m treated fairly within my facility. I cannot recommend my recruiter, Brittney, and her team at Stability Healthcare enough! They are wonderful!!!

    3. I have enjoyed working for Stability so much! They have been so kind and helpful from the very beginning! My recruiter Chad and everyone on the team has been available 24/7. Always checking on me to make sure everything is going well and anytime I have a question, there’s an immediate text or call back. Thank you guys for the kind words and sweet care package I received for nurses week! Thank you for making me feel appreciated as a nurse, and thank you for helping me find the perfect assignment!!

    4. I started with Stability last July 2020 and i had a wonderful experience with them. Chad has been very helpful as well as the others ever since i started. I will definitely recommend Stability Healthcare. I truly appreciates you all.

    5. My recruiter is awesome “Chad Mitsunaga” always on top of opportunities,communicates effectively,and makes the process smooth…best travel company…from top to bottom..

    6. I would highly recommend Stability. They are fair with their pay packages and their website is extremely easy to navigate. The recruiters constantly go above and beyond for their nurses to make sure they are heard and the placements are a good fit. I never feel alone or isolated, and someone is always checking in on me, making it feel like I’m not traveling on my own.

    7. This is my 4th travel company I have worked with and by far my favorite! Everything is so simplified. I am honestly happy I found them. I plan on doing more contracts with them in the future. From their process to submitting yourself to assignments, to the ease of compliance, and the easiest time keeping system, I would definitely recommend to everyone. Samantha is very sweet and I can see they truly care about their nurses.

    8. Stability is a great company to work with. I have never worked with a team that cared about and listened to what their nurses wanted and needed as much as them! The communication was constant and consistent and I would highly recommend! They didn’t just sign me and leave me. They checked in with me consistently and always made me feel like I was part of the Stability family!

    9. I have been a traveling OR nurse for 18 years, and in that time have worked with several different agencies. While avoiding any and all companies that have any ties whatsoever to AM, I managed to stumble upon Stability, years ago. I’ve worked several contracts with them over the years, and am happy to be working with them again now.
      Stability has stuck by me all this time, even when I’ve worked with other agencies. They’re always there to welcome me back and take me back into the fold.
      Their pay rates are at/above standard, their personnel are professional and friendly (without being fake), and they work hard for you behind the scenes.
      Out of all the companies I’ve worked with over the years, Stability is one of only two companies that are on my “Best” list. (If you’re curious, the other is AYA Healthcare.)
      Thank you Meg and Tre … you’re both a credit to the industry and amazing people to work with.

    10. Sometimes when I talk to other travelers they will say they make a lot more money than I do. There are so many variables that come into when I consider the whole big picture..I feel very satisfied with my recruiter and my company.

    11. Recriuter Lana Kimmick is the best.Thoughtful,meticulous,professional and always accessible . She takes care of everything so I can focus on work. She sees and treats me as a person and not just a voice on the other end of a phone. Stability in turn is a perfect fit . Up to date systems for timekeeping and clinical competencies makes working for this agency a pleasure. Proud to have signed on!

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