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    39 thoughts on “Soliant Health Care

    1. I contacted Steve Yang of Mr. Cath Lab for information about travel nursing. I was very please with his advice and enthusiasm for travel nursing. I am very pleased with my experience during my first assignment and will recommend him as an excellent resource for cath lab and EP lab assignments.

    2. Very honest from the beginning. Professional. Once I started traveling they were my 2nd agency that I worked for. When there were hiccups on the first contract they fixed them immediately. When the recruiter sensed my concern she involved her higher ups who called me and who followed up with me after the resolution. Mind you I haven�t had an issue since the first contract 3+ years ago. Love my recruiter Whitney Fields.

    3. Pay has sometimes been wrong, but corrected immediately. I’ve been reimbursed for any testing, parking, etc. Lauren Pierce is my recruiter and always gets back to me if I need something. I’m low maintenance, so I hardly ever contact her. Have been with Soliant for over a year now due to the wonderful assignments they’ve set me up with.

    4. My experience with Soliant was mediocre at best. This was my first travel assignment and I had essentially no follow-up from my recruiter or instruction for submitting my time-I finally figured it out on my own! Making matters worse, pay was on the low side for a travel assignment, there were no travel reimbursements, and though I was promised additional monies to compensate for a higher pay package offered by a competing agency, it was never given. My advice, especially for new travelers, is to move on down the road and avoid this company.

    5. I was a 1st time traveler referred to Soliant by a former co-worker. My recruiter was egar to get me signed and started. Soliant like I all travel agencies do asked me what state’s I would like to work in and I told my recruiter and submitted my top 5 states. To make a long story short. Soliant I feel had little to no direct affiliation to all the hospitals in the my top 5 state picks. I was always given the run around and when I did question my recruiter about the Soliant’s affiliation with hospitals,vendors,etc. I was told time and time again that soliant was the best,the largest,and offered travel nurse the most options concerning location,pay,stipend,and top rated hospitals. This is so. My recruiter was unable to find me a job in any of the state’s I chose,and if my recruiter did find a hospital in one of my top5 picks. The location of the hospital was so remote and usually located in the middle of no where. I had enough with my recruiter and Soliant after nearly a month and a half of them not being able to find me work. My recruiter even blamed me for the lack of opportunities. So I had to see for myself. I checked into a few different agencies and all where able to find me a job in the states of my choices in some of the best hospital in the country in a matter of less than 1 wk,telephone interview contract everything. I was so amazed. Soliant for over 1 month couldn’t even get me a interview and I was lied to by my recruiter time and time again. My recruiter will tell that either the hospital I inquired about didn’t have any needs at this time for my specialty or that she called the hospital or vendor and was told by both parties that there was no jobs or that the hospital or vendor didn’t get back to them. My recruiter even blamed me for not accepting a job they submitted me to. The reason why I didn’t accept the job I told my recruiter was because the job was offer was through another agency, which lead me to believe that my recruiter did know if she was coming or going.

    6. The worst ever.constant lies. Poor help with housing or travel.first 2 paychecks loaded onto a mastercard.he excuse they couldn’t get the paperwork straightened out.every week it’s something with them.just horrible. Steer far away.

    7. I will never travel with them again they have messed up my pay check three times and that’s in acceptable they won’t pay for your housing no bonus at the end if your contract I tell any one don’t work for soliant

    8. Steve Yang is by far the best recruiter ever. He really cares about his travel nurses from day one. Most recruiters get the nurses started then fade away, but Steve Yang for Mr. CathLab continually is reaching out to see if his nurses need anything and I feel he really negotiates well for the nurse. I have never been disappointed with any assignment and the reason is because he goes out of his way to know the nurses and tries to coordinate job assignments accordingly. He ensures both the client and nurse are the perfect fit for the assignment. I love working for Mr. Cathlab!!!

    9. I have to say Soliant is a great company. I think it all boils down my recruiter. Markeisha is the best recruiter ever. She is always available when I need her. She is honest and very reliable. My paychecks have always been correct and on time even when I’m late turning in my timesheet. You will not regret working with Markeisha and Soliant.

    10. A good company to work for and Eric Novak is a hard working recruiter. He even procured my housing for me. He works extra hard to find you the position you want and ending up getting me my dream job.

    11. I’m new to the traveling thing and did my homework on this website! I read the good, bad, and ugly reviews about companies and decided to go with Soliant Health after reading some great reviews. I emailed the company requesting some information about becoming a traveling surgical technologist. This has been a great experience and its all because of my wonderful recruiter Whitney Fields! Whitney guided me through the process on how to get started. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. Whitney helped me find a great hospital to get my traveling career rolling not what benefited the company. Her goal is to make sure the travelers that work with her are happy and love there job! She checks up on me and makes sure things are going well. Couldn’t of asked for a better start to my traveling experience!

    12. Given only one star * out of five. Low pay, recruiter unavailable, not knowledgeable about the contract facility, pay incorrect weekly, have their selected clients and I was informed the more I tolerated the incompetence of this agency the more I would be selected for assignments. My recruiter was constantly unavailable on marathon running trips. The hospital management and I had a meeting to get me to renew my contract. A fantastic facility and staff but I declined the renewal of my contract due to this company’s failure to comply with the contract and NO SUPPORT from agency reference pay, recruiter etc.

    13. My recruiter, Pat MacDonnell is excellent. She is a very personable agent and definitely makes you feel as you are her only client. You can make a little more with other agencies but none has taken care of me any better than Pat.

    14. Soliant has always taken care of me and my interests when writing up contracts with the different facilities. I feel they have been faithful to me through some difficult situations. I appreciate that very much!

    15. Will probably work with this agency again. No horror stories. Recruiter did not seem to fully read my emails, or understand me, sometimes. Not sure why, but never developed a great relationship with recruiter.

    16. I went through 4 recruiters during my year and a half with Soliant/ Sunbelt… The first recruiter was not knowledgable, the second recruiter was very pretentious and never returned calls, unless you threatened to switch recruiters. The last recruiter pretty much had her favorite clients whom which she catered to, not knowing that we as travelers will eventually cross paths and share info. It is sad when you’ve asked to be placed somewhere and your recruiter tells you it’s not available and tries to coerce you into going to places that NOONE wants to be. Only to find out that it is one of their “exclusive” accounts and they make the big bucks off of you. Then you meet travelers who are either too old to be traveling and slower, yet they are with the same company and you begin to realize that they’ll hire ANYBODY… Good luck with finding an honest recruiter. I went back to my original company… Medical Staffing Network. They don’t pay as well, but they will work hard to get you into the hospital you really desire to be. They will also check in with you to be sure you are adjusting well.

    17. Where to begin…Soliant posts jobs that aren’t available! When I asked my recruiter why there were so many jobs posted for a specific location, he gave me 4 reasons…either the listing is closed, it’s open, it’s been filled but it hasn’t been removed, or the listing was posted to “get candidates to market.” He also told me that he only has a 20% success rate placing nurses. What a joke. I’ve tried to work with other recruiters from this company and they’re all the same. They post listings that aren’t real or available, then make excuses for why they can’t place you. I even had one of their recruiters say “they haven’t called you yet? they were supposed to call you last week!” This company is a joke, do not travel with them!

    18. Call Steve Yang @ (770) 225-3167!!
      He calmly and confidently guided me through every process. Searched and found a position in my speciality to not only gain me a per many position at a hospital fitheen minutes away from my new condo, but also in the recently field I recently graduated from. Steve is positive, honest, driven, and truly a blessing to work with and know as a person. I am thankful I followed the whole process. All I had to do was show up and work. Thank you Soliant Healthcare; thank you you Steve!! 🙂

    19. Soliant Health was my first travel assignment. They made my transition from my home to Atlanta smoothe. They were very helpful when I had questions, always accessible via email or phone. If I had any concerns, my recruiter Pam, was always available and helpful. I would like to thank the staff members at Soliant Health for making my first travel assignment most memorable and a joy.

    20. This company is the worst. Pay is very low. housing was horrible. I had to leave the assignment early and my requiter did not have my back in the situation. I have been with my current company for 2 years and I have had no problems.

    21. My experience with Soliant has been wonderful. My recruiter Patrick Dotts is excellent. He calls just to check in all during my assignments and has even taken care of issues while he was out of town. I have recommended him to anyone with an interest in travelling. By listening to other travelers and their experiences with other agencies, and even other recruiters within Soliant, I feel very lucky to be associated with Patrick Dotts.

    22. I have had an amazing time traveling with this company the past year! I have the most amazing recruiter, Betsy West!!! She’s always willing to listen and is extremely accommodateing to my needs!

    23. Overall, I have a great recruiter, Pam Donnelly! Had it not been for her, I would’ve switched agencies a long time ago. She’s very helpful & makes sure that her people are taken care of. Their housing dept. sucks. They are hard to reach, they don’t put forth an effort to find housing & then when they do, it’s expensive. Their payroll dept. sucks to. People not getting paid for their hours worked, but when trying to get rectified, they want to put it on a “debit card”, which is good but doesn’t help when you have bills. Just be sure you watch your paystub. As for the company as a whole, it can stand a little work.

    24. My recruiter is excellent. I feel very well taken care of but I know I could get better pay elsewhere. I will probably have to go with better pay for my next assignment.

    25. Soliant and in particular Eric Novak have been great to work with. I have enjoyed my contracts, my accommodations, and the ease with which I have been able to work. I highly recommend this travel company to anyone.

    26. My recruiter, Steve Yang, is one of the most personable, concerned, accessible professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have had a few minor glitches with accuracy in my pay. The facility I am currently employed at is primarily responsible for the clerical errors and when I contacted Steve, he spearheaded rectifying the mistakes immediately.

      Soliant is on top of all necessary certifications and health records and does me the courtesy of reminding me well in advance.

      I would, and have, recommended both Soliant and Steve Yang to fellow travelers.

    27. Although I do like working for Soliant, I have to say that is would not be the same without my awesome recruiter Steve Yang!! He is great, funny, understanding and made my first travel assignment not only successful but enjoyable! Thanks 🙂

    28. As a first time traveler, one phone call with my recruiter he promised $500 travel reimbursement next phone call it was $300 with no explanation. He said since my place did not come with blankets, kitchen appliances etc that I would get a gift card upon arrival. But no gift card as promised. Never told me how to sign online time sheet and never told me I had to actually sign up for insurance. Plus the amount my recruiter quoted me on my pay check did not include insurance. Pay was garbage. I felt totally mislead, as did other first time travelers I worked with on the same job and same company.

    29. My recruiter is very pretentious, but he gets the job done. Money is green and I enjoy what I do. As long as I remember that I’m doing this for the flexibility and money , I’m ok.

    30. My recruiter was very pushy about placing me in assignments I really had no interest in and then was surprised when I was unhappy. The options were very limited and although she was able to place me quickly, they were not places any traveler would want to be. When the assignment ended prematurely because it was a horrible and unsafe working environment, Soliant did not have my back and that is crucial as a travel RN.

    31. I have traveled for going on eight years and have worked with numerous travel companies. I have been with Soliant for going on four years. Wendy Washburn, my recruiter, has been the absolute best recruiter one could ask for in this industry. I would not think of changing to another travel company.

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