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    335 thoughts on “Republic Health Resources

    1. Glad and blessed to have known my excellent recruiter Dana Headley. I am amazed by our instant glow in our connections. She made the difference of going way beyond as a talent recruiter, she truly cares with compassion about ones career and welfare. Thank you very much Dana. May the Heavenly abundant blessings be upon you.

    2. Think about the worst nurse you ever worked with and now imagine they started a travel agency. That’s what it’s like working for them.

    3. Jennifer Hocking has been amazing to work with. I highly recommend her as a recruiter and the company to travel with as well.

    4. I have been with Republic health for over two years and over all have completely satisfied with them as an employer. They have always had my best interests and have made my life as a travel nurse easier. I have no plans on switching companies because I am happy to be a part of the republic family

    5. I love this company. Always reliable and accessible. I use Ashley Smith as a recruiter and she’s AMAZING. She always works hard to get me into an area I want to explore.

    6. Ashley has been great at working with me to secure travel assignments that are perfect for my situation and requests. Highly recommend her.

    7. I honestly recommend this company and Dana Headley 100%. Dana Headley is,without a doubt, the nicest, most knowledgeable, and Honest agent I have ever worked with. She advised me and tried to land me a contract for years before we found a good fit. Thank you so much Dana Headley. You are the Best.

    8. My recruiter, Brianna has been extremely helpful throughout the process of accepting my first travel assignment. Her communication skills are phenomenal, she is always available, honest and most importantly, she always has my best interest at heart. This is my second contract working with Brianna. Over the past 6 months, I consider her more of a friend rather than a recruiter. I highly recommend her to anyone. I could�ve have asked for a better experience with Republic Health!!!

    9. Dana Headley was amazing in helping me find a campground for my RV close to the assignment she found for me. She has even gone out of way to be make sure my assignment works well for my family.

    10. My recruiter is great!! She is very knowledgeable about my field and is always top notch in communication and helping me out when there is an emergency!

    11. Me recruiter Amber Perkins is the best! Anything I need she is there to help, whether it is housing options or even fun things to do in my new location. I will def be using her again!

    12. Dana Headley was the best recruiter anyone could ever ask for. She is very professional and reliable.
      I would definitely recommend Dana to my friends and colleagues.

    13. Republic is by far the best company to work with. My recruiter Dana Headley is always available to talk to or to listen to me complain about other agencies. I chose republic because of her.

    14. My recruiter Briana is AWSOME she has worked very hard finding me my first assignment in a while and has guided me through the process with the patients of an angle.

    15. Hedric was a great recruiter. We had to make a few communication adjustments but he ended up being one ofmyfavorite recruiters. Honest reliable and always was prompt in getting back to me.

    16. I have been very happy with Republic HR. My Recruiter is amazing! Finance is always on time and accurate. Everyone makes me feel like I am part of the family!

    17. Debbie has been great! She has been extremely helpful with my transition to travel nursing . She helped me in finding a home and ensuring I was making the right decision . Anything I need she is there to help! Highly recommend !

    18. Republic has been awesome! I appreciate my recruiter Dana Headley so much! I�m enjoying my assignment in Oregon and love the staff I work with. Thank you Dana for efficiently getting me to Portland and being supportive throughout my assignment. Thank you!!

    19. My recruiter, Blaire Robinson, is amazing! She has been beyond amazing from day 1. She has helped me along every single step including my application. She is always available for me to ask anything or for any kind of help needed. She keeps me updated even when she�s on vacation. I don�t have to worry about anything!! She makes the whole process to the point to where I don�t have to worry or stress!! #travelwithBlaire

    20. First time working with a travel company and I�m so blessed to have been able to work with Republic. Amber Perkins is amazing!! She is 100% transparent with the offers and does her absolute best to get the best rate in the area you want. She Truly goes above and beyond for her nurses.

    21. This is my third contract with this agency. My first recruiter was amazing and she was promoted within the company. I was then assigned a new recruiter Blaire Murphy who has been a wonderful and helpful asset. I have enjoyed getting to know her and look forward to many more assignments with her help.

    22. After talking with a lot of other travelers, I was more disappointed about not receiving completion bonus nor a Christmas bonus. A lot of my peers received a great Christmas bonus/present.

    23. Danielle Blohm is awesome. She is quick to respond and Knowledgeable. If she doesn�t know the answer she finds out and gets back with you. And she�s always checking in to see how things are going and make sure you are OK as a traveler.

    24. My recruiter is the best! So very supportive and professional! Thank you Henock Newaye for always being not just my recruiter but also a friend!

    25. My recruiter Amber Perkins is Amazing, always available to answer any questions, very knowledgeable, helpful and very compassionate to our needs. I will definitely recommend her and Republic to my fellow nurses!

    26. My recruiter Jennifer Hocking is absolutely AMAZING! I�ve had the best experience with this company and her. They are on top of everything and check in on me frequently. Highly recommended

    27. Jen Hocking is my recruiter and she is spectacular.The whole company provides excellent care of me with every detail necessary .
      I have direct contact with the
      CEO for important safety issues when I needed it.Thank you .

    28. My recruiter, Bethany, is great and I will work with them again. As well as recommend her to others looking for travel opportunities.

    29. The agents are amazing. I really appreciate their timeliness to concerns and their helpfulness. The compliance team has not been as professional and reliable. It felt like there were a lot of missed steps in starting a new assignment that I had to do last minute because they were unaware of them.

    30. I’ve gone through a few companies and recruiters and actually 2 recruiters in Republic and I must say this review is pretty much all about my recruiter who happens to work for Republic lol. Henock Newaye came in guns blazing for me after my last recruiter randomly went ghost and he has been AMAZING. I was a new traveler and he actually listened to what I wanted and came through on all aspects. It wasnt all about his money but rather how we can make money as a team. If I’m not happy, he’s not happy so we work on a comfy middle ground and I appreciate that. I can contact him at anytime and he’s swift about following up and I feel very comfortable due to his transparency. You got a good one Republic! Shout out to Henock Newaye! #bestrecruitereverrrrr

    31. Out of the 5 travel agencies I have worked with, Republic Health has been the most personable, often working around the clock to help with my contract needs. I have done 3 contracts with them and plan to continue exclusively with them. They offer competitive pay and are willing to maximize my tax advantage.

    32. They use high pressure sales tactics to get you to take contracts, and if you re a first time traveler they do nothing to guide you. My pay was lower than every other traveler at the hospital. Never again.

    33. I was getting tons of offers from so many companies that I stopped even looking. Then I got a text from Dilpreet Singh. Her text was transparent. I knew exactly what they were offering. The rate was competitive and there was no haggling. From there it was smooth sailing. Dilpreet was an angel. She was smart, professional, approachable and motivated. I bonded with her immediately. She walked me through every step and lightened the load She was aware that my home life is demanding and she worked around it at every opportunity exercising patience and diligence. If every facility had a Dilpreet Singh it couldn�t be too soon. I also wish to mention Erica Tedesco from compliance. Usually when you hear such a title a nervous butterfly follows. Not in this case. Her happy cheery voice and open nature was a breath of fresh air. We accomplished amazing feats together smoothly. As you know, on boarding can be rough. Not in this case. These 2 leaders have been stellar in every dealing. I would encourage any nurse or professional to join this dynamic team ASAP, no questions asked. Your in good hands with republic, and are blessed to work with Dilpreet and Erica. Thanks guys!!!!!

    34. 1 assignment with them, never once did the recruiter call to ask how things were going. my last pay date check was not given to me instead they kept my check, my stipends & travel pay. was told would keep my pay if I didn’t turn in certain papers of which I did so changed the story to keeping my pay for not calling in sick of which I did & have proof. Lied about many things. I leave messages but only get NO response from recruiter or payroll. Don’t trust this company they will take your pay for whatever reason they can make up.

    35. Everyone at Republic was very professional and helpful. Communication was very good and they were always available to answer questions. I would definitely recommend them and look forward to working for them again in the future.

    36. An excellent Company to work for .Always responds when questions arise .Will listen and be supportive for patient care concerns .Safety is never questioned .Being Nurse owned is definitely a plus.

    37. Ashley has been absolutely awesome helping me get everything together for my new assignment. she is very attentive and checks in to see if i need anything. i highly recommend her.

    38. I love Amber Perkins, she is always available and has the answers to all my questions and works hard to accommodate her clients.

    39. They lied about the time frame to sign up for medical benefits, they screwed up my pay check several times, my apt complex and all the utilities kept billing me personally, and to top it off the agency did not reimburse me the travel for my last flight, over 800.00. They are not a reputable company. Beware.

    40. Absolutely rude. I asked several times for them to stop calling me and the recruiter laughed at me and said “bye felisha”. When I ended my contract with them I asked to be put on the do not call list because of the hell I endured on my contract thanks to them. I will never work for them again.

    41. I have worked with Republic Health Resources for 3 years with no issues! They have always been honest and always works hard for me! Dana Headley is my recruiter and she scores for me every time! Every time I turn around they are gifting me something thoughtful! I have no reason whatsoever not to stay with them and recommend them to my fellow travelers!

    42. just like individual people, and a nicely hand-smashed bowl of guac, no agency is 100% perfect; however, i will say republic has felt like so much more of a family, far beyond what a usual, run of the mill, job affiliation relationship typically does. i feel connected to my recruiters, payroll team, and even high up members of the company outside of merely their names and numbers, but also aspects of their innate personalities. and as meg ryan once said in You�ve Got Mail, �shouldn�t it always be personal?�

    43. Travel nursing was honestly perhaps the �Last of the Mohicans� decisional desires my twin sister and I ever contemplated embarking upon; given we are homebody, homely, hypochondriactic hobbits at our tender hearts� core, it was quite the leap of faith out of a 3 year comfort zone at our beginner hospital but republic was even more than we could have ever hoped to glean out of a springboarding safe haven travel company as my twin sister and I tried the infamous �walking on the travel nursing water� challenge into millennial mayhem; we have had three recruiters now and ALL have been so blessedly perfect for each stage of our trails and trials in the endeavor of transient nursing tutelage. Our first was mothering and nurturing when we needed a wing to shadow us from our first rotation under the glaring New Mexican sunshine; the second was vivacious and vicarious, sending us gift packages perfectly tailored to a brewery hopping (IPA pun definitely intended) and eclectic t-shirt toting twin duo like us, and making sure to take extra care and time investing and engaging our input into places/facilities/cities that would be more geared toward a millennial palate of food, frolic, and friendships; but the last- Dana Headley- has been quite possibly the best of all. When my sister and I are more wizened to the woes and wishes of such a complicated career path both emotionally and occupationally, Dana has been a solid, glistening brass anchor to harbor ourselves to. She is consistent with infallible resiliency, she is punctual in communication and frequently checks in on my sister and I for the mere sake of communal compassion and not merely out of obligatory guilt or compellation, and she works diligently and dubiously to place ya in cities, situations, stipend stipulations, and work environments that will simultaneously broaden our horizons, grow us professionally and personally, and yet be a place that will foster enjoyment and new nursing challenges without unmerited checks and balances and as a facility and location that will be compatible with our wants AND needs. We often refer to her as our travel nursing fairy godmother and without her and her unparalleled rigorous responsibility and cherished commitment to us and our agency, we fully believe we never truly would be two Danskos steps closer to our Nightingale nuanced nursing �happily ever after� fairytale fair weather finale.

    44. I’m new to travel nursing and Dana has been wonderful in explaining the process to me and answering any and all of my questions. Dana is not only an excellent agent, she’s a dependable friend you can count on to help maneuver through the process of travel nursing! Dana takes the time to check up on me and makes sure I’m doing ok. She’s the best!

    45. Transitioned from one recruiter to another one at the beginning of my assignment. Seems like my pay is low but could just be r/t my location. Great staff, honest and helpful.

    46. Shannon has a bubbly personality that really shines! She goes over and beyond to make sure that you get the proper fit and are confident and comfortable She responds promptly to any questions and extremely reliable.

    47. Shannon has a bubbly personality that really shines! She goes over and beyond to make sure that you get the proper fit and are confident and comfortable She responds promptly to any questions and extremely reliable.

    48. Shannon Aragon assisted me with my transition with Republic HR. Shannon was very knowledgeable and so professional. She made the process so easy to get the job. I would highly recommend working with Shannon if you are looking for a travel opportunity.

    49. My recruiter, Jennifer Hawkins was simply amazing. Every day she went above and beyond to make sure I got the best assignment with the most benifts. She was always available even in her off hours for me. She really hustled! On top of it was she is a kind awesome person. She is the best recruiter I�ve ever worked with And Republic Health Resources has been a great company to work with.

    50. I thoroughly enjoy working with Republic Health Resource nursing agency. My recruiters name is Dana Headley. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. This was my first travel assignment. Thanks to my handwork on the job and Dana efficiency I was able to renew my contract for another session. I was able to get a job where I wanted and get paid what I wanted. Any issues I may have encountered on my assignment were handled appropriately. I always felt supported. My recruiter and her team were just a phone call away. Dana is very knowledgeable and was able to connect me to many people to make my first assignment enjoyable. I would highly recommend Republic Health/ Dana and look forward to working with them on future assignments.

    51. Superb service is an understatement.
      Michelle , Jessica, and Holly demonstrates how to deliver excellence in every aspect.
      I will always be grateful to have such outstanding leaders to represent me in my endeavors.
      This agency is unique in that they
      go above and beyond in terms of delivery and compassion .

    52. My recruiter is Allie Self and she is the absolute best!! She worked endlessly to find me the perfect contract and has continually checked in with me to make sure things are always going well. I�m on my third contract renewal and have no desire to work with anyone else. I�d recommend Allie and Republic to anyone in the travel nursing field!

    53. Rachel is a dream to work with. Encouraging and thoughtful. So knowledgeable about her job as my recruiter. I wouldn�t go anywhere else!

    54. I cant say enough good things about my recruiter Allie Self from Republic. I am a new travel nurse and she has made my transition seamless. She is always available when I need her even when I just need to vent about a bad shift. She is a nurse and has also been a travel nurse and brings such a wealth of information and support to her clients. I am lucky to have been referred to her and cant wait to continue on this journey with her in my corner.

    55. I just started traveling with republic 2 contracts ago and I have to say I really enjoy working with them! Our recruiter Rachel Tilley is one of the best recruiters I�ve ever had! She honestly fights to get us the best pay packages and if something is ever wrong during our contract she makes sure she fixes it. She�s always super reachable with is a major plus!

    56. Working with this company, I have had mostly good experiences. My recruiter Rachel has been very knowledgeable, accommodating, and helpful with transitioning me into the travel nurse life. She is a great resource when I have any questions about the logistics of traveling and can say she is the reason I am with this company. I have never had any issues with pay and this company pays a very high rate in comparison to most companies. Their health and dental insurance are quite good and they also offer a 401k plan. They do not match however. Their on boarding process was not very good however. When scheduling to get my necessary drug test, respiratory fit test, and other employee requirements, many times these were scheduled hours away from where I lived. When I questioned to see if I could schedule these closer, I was informed that this was not possible. It was a logistical nightmare and I ended up calling and scheduling the majority of this myself. Not to mention, my drug test was delayed a couple days pushing my first contract back two weeks. Another thing about Republic is that they are a smaller company so they do not have quite as many options for assignments. For example, I was in Virginia for my first assignment and at the end of it in September, wanted to transition to a different assignment but my recruiter said that they had nothing else available. Other companies I had talked to had assisnments at this time. Overall, I have had good experiences with this company and can say my recruiter Rachel has been the dealbreaker if keeping me with them!

    57. My recruiter Hencock Newaye is the best I replied to his posting on the travel nurse job board and unfornately I read the job content wrong instead of blowing me off he took the time to listen and worked hard to find me exactly what I wanted close to home pay checks are correct and on time , the creditialing process was fast and easy and he is always available even with a time change between us. He calls to make sure everything is going ok with my assignment and actually cares I did not use the insurance and I found my own housing however I glanced at it and it was not unresponable. I am overall very happy and look forward to working with them in the future

    58. Rachel armstrong is my recruiter. She has given me everything I need to succeed as a first time traveler and I couldn�t be happier I chose her. She is timely, responsible, knowledgeable, and goes out of her way answering her phone even out of work to answer my questions.

    59. From my very first contact via email then phone, Matt Augustine from Republic peaked my curiosities by his confidence in know-how, his attention to time, his investigating detail in learning all about me- it gave me a sense of security that I’ve not experienced in any other company. With not a minute to waste he produced my with an extremely detailed CONTRACT for (be-it-a-gift from GOD) or by Matt’s honest and up-beat persona, he got me A) placement in a unit populated by most PASSIONATE specialty on my (B) FAVORITE SHIFT and in this combination, I have never felt such relief, such care, and the contract itself made me feel SAFE in comparison to the contracts I’ve signed with other previous agencies. There simply is no comparison. Very professional. Matt sets the standard. I like his Moxy.

    60. Sydney Wells is my recruiter and goes above and beyond for all my needs/wants. She is always accessible and responds back immediately. Does she ever really take a day off? The company is decent as well, but Sydney is the real reason we are with Republic!

    61. This is an excellent agency to work with. The staff is always available via phone and/or email if you have any questions or needs. Michelle was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get an assignment that worked for me. I�d definitely recommend.

    62. This is an excellent agency to work with. The staff is always available via phone and/or email if you have any questions or needs. They are very knowledgeable and work hard to get you an assignment that works for you. I�d definitely recommend.

    63. Felicia Anderson is the best, very organized and works with you to get the assignment you want. She�s too notch and a grade A recruiter. Very informed and helps speed the compliance procedures along. Republic Health is great!

    64. I love the transparency with this agency and my recruiter, Ashley Smith. She�s always available to me, on the ball with whatever I need, and has been a blast to work with. If she doesn�t know, she�ll find out who does. The whole agency is wonderful on communication. And the pay is great!

    65. These guys are awesome! Henock Newaye is my Recruiter and has been awesome! Erica Tedesco was amazing and got my first assignment up and rolling before deadline even through the unexpected hiccups from the holidays. Overall my experience has been fantastic and I�m very impressed with everyone�s hard work and dedication to my career. Good job guys! And thank you!

    66. I have been a travel nurse for 6 years now, but I have only been with Republic for 1 year. So far, Republic has exceeded my expectations. Sydney Wells has always been helpful and available if needed. The assignments have been great experiences. The pay has never been a problem. I plan to continue to travel with Republic for years to come.

    67. Really like this small company. Extremely attentive. Answers emails, phone calls and takes care of concerns right away. Recruiter Sydney Wells has been a vital piece to my travel nurse career, would recommend utilizing her as your recruiter.

    68. I have worked with Ashley Smith a lot and she answered my question anytime day or night as a new travel tech she has been very helpful as well as the rest of her team

    69. Nicole Walker is an excellent recruiter! She went above and beyond to help me find housing for my assignment, she is always available, she�s proactive when it comes to finding follow on assignments, and she�s just a great person in general!

    70. I have just started Travel Nursing and have yet to start my 1st assignment… so I have not had opportunity for paycheck accuracy, but you do not have an N/A response.

    71. James from Republic has been so great! Always keeping in touch and available to answer any questions I have. Great experience.

    72. Sydney Wells with Republic is one of the best recruiters I’ve had. She is always available, answers any questions or concerns I have in a timely manner. She is pleasant to speak with over the phone.

    73. Michelle has been amazing with my current assignment. She is always easy to get ahold of and takes care of anything in a timely manner.

    74. I have had a good experience with Republic Health Resources and would work with them in the future. Just make sure you know what you want and don�t settle. As a traveler you must know how to negotiate. Don�t say yes to the first thing offered to you. I said no to an offer that didn�t sit well with me and they came back with something better.

    75. Felicia Anderson is my recruiter and she�s been wonderful. Very knowledgeable and professional with the process. I look forward to working with her and republic for years to come

    76. Hello there! Excellent company.My Recruiter Michelle Swain is a very direct hands on person.Very friendly,sincere,kind,understanding,loyal person,and very trustworthy.Not only just her but the supportive team is on hands 24/7.I am well season traveler of over 25 years.The company is very respectful of your needs.Look “Guaranteed” shifts paid.This company treats you better than family.I thank them all.

    77. I�ve been with Republican, for almost a year. Working with Ashley Smith. Helping me every step of the way. Making the transitions smooth and comfortable as possible. Even got to meet her this year at the nursing convention. Love them!!!!

    78. Ashley Smith has been amazing! This is my first travel assignment and I was scared!! Ashley has been a friend through the experience and I appreciate her!!

    79. This is a great company to work with and Sydney Wells is transparent and honest which is what I value most!!! Positive attitude and keeps you in the loop at all times!!! Highly recommend!!

    80. I am so pleased I have gotten the opportunity to work with Nicole Walker. She goes above and beyond to make sure I am taken care of and that I never feel like I�m alone in any situation. She checks on me frequently and takes my calls and texts anytime day or night and even weekends! I feel very confident in my choice with republic. Can�t wait to see where Republic and my adventurous soul takes me for many years to come!

    81. Sydney Wells is an amazing recruiter! She is always quick to reply when needling assistance and she is always professional and offers impeccable service. Would recommend her in a heart beat!!

    82. So far Sydney Wells has been an awesome recruiter. I had a contract in no time at an awesome hospital. I did mess up when I put my bank account number in electronically and it’s taken then 2.5 weeks to pay me. Most places overnight your money when they see something like that. I will stay with Sydney because she is awesome and super helpful in finding the right contract!

    83. Incredible company that went above and beyond to work with me when I had a family emergency that took me out of the country during my contract. Can’t recommend them enough! My recruiter Sydney Wells is excellent and helped secure the exact positions I wanted. She and RHR really do treat their nurses like family!

    84. My recruiter Dana Headley is amazing! This company keeps thing personal and professional. I dont feel lost like when i was with other companies

    85. Allie Self has been so wonderful. I was on assignment with her but accepted another position with a different company only because they had a position in a location I need to be- closer to family. She was so kind and encouraging to make sure I got what I needed and didn’t try and pressure me to take a position with her just to keep me on the books. I really appreciated that because some see us as $$ and not people- Allie’s not like that. She gets it. Lots of referrals headed her way!!!

    86. Natalie was the best!! So nice and helpful and helped me every step of the way! I would absolutely recommend this agency and Natalie to anyone!

    87. Republic Health is a great company and values all of it’s employees. Allison Self is one of the best recruiters out there, would highly recommend! 🙂

    88. Republic Health is amazing and a great company to work for. Allison Self is the best recruiter hands down. She is always very pleasant and takes care of her nurses in the best way that she can 100% of the time.

    89. My recruiter is there when ever needed, at anytime it seems like. I work nights and even with a time change. I can ask a question that�s is in no need of a quick answer but she quick to respond.

    90. I love that Republic is run by Nurses. It makes me feel like I can trust their advice or view of an assignment. They understand my needs in a Hospital. Our recruiter is fantastic, she�s funny, attentive, honest and feels like she really works for us as opposed to just finding us an assignment.

    91. Republic is An awesome company to work for! My recruiter Allie has been super helpful in listening to my preferences and finding me the perfect locations with great pay packages!! She has been a great asset for me since I was completely new to the travel world.

    92. I didn�t use the benefits but everything else exceeded my expectations. Kim breede my recruiter and the entire team were very helpful as a new traveler. They communicated with me every step of the way. Although I had a lot of paperwork for onboarding the process was very efficient. I received daily correspondence on my status. Thank you to the entire team for my first experience. I highly recommend this company.

    93. My recruiter Ashley is the bomb! Always very professional and knows her stuff! Would not work with any other travel agency again!

    94. I love my recruiter, her name is Ashley Smith, she had been so helpful and really reliable and helped me land and amazing travel assignment. I truly appreciate everything that Ashley and Republic Healthcare has done. This is my first assignment with them and I plan on continuing to work with them. Ashley even went above and beyond to help me find housing in San Francisco, CA. She took time to call and email about a housing post she discovered and was able to negotiate a great monthly rental price. For this simple act, I am truly appreciative.

    95. Republic Health Resources is an amazing company to work for. It is a nurse owned and operated agency. There is no better feeling in the world then when your recruiter completely understands what you are talking about because she is a nurse as well. I love that when I call, she knows exactly who I am and my background (without having to look me up). The professionalism, timely communication, and honesty has been a relief! I have peace of mind working with Republic because I know that they understand the nurse life.

    96. My recruiter is Lindsay McKerr and she’s fantastic! I’ve found her to be responsive, caring and always on the level. Consider yourself lucky if you
      work with her!

    97. Natalie is the best recruiter I could have for my first time travelling. She is very transparent with everything and is quick to answer any questions I might have about this new adventure. I definitely recommend here to any new or current travel nurses looking for the best recruiter out there! Thanks, Natalie!

    98. I have had one successful contract at this time. Rachael is great. She is there for me no matter what through thick and thin. She has helped with any problems that arises. She helps me find great housing and assignments. My pay check always matches my time sheet and has never been late. I have told people to please call them. Rachel will talk to you and answer all questions or she will get my Superman on the case which is the CEO. I highly recommend Repulican Health Care. Just waiting for my next assignment. I would like to send out a shout of THANK YOU!!!!!!

    99. This company is one of the very best and Natalie tops them all. I would recomend her and this company to anyone that wants to be put first on an assignment and receive the best supoort and honesty

    100. Excellent experience with this company all the way around. Natalie Ardizzoni has been the best recruiter I�ve ever worked with. She makes you feel like your her only client and has always been available when I needed anything.

    101. My recruiter Amy Wardroup has been amazing. She has been extremely supportive and if she doesn’t know the answer (which is seldom)she will find the answer. She remains calm and helpful. She is extremely pleasant to talk to and never makes me feel like I am annoyance. I have enjoyed building a relationship with her. She is very professional yet makes you feel like good friends.

    102. Kat Griffen is my recruiter with this agency. She is absolutely wonderful! She has helped me in so many ways with traveling as an ER nurse. I definitely recommend her to EVERYONE!

    103. The company and my recruiter have never failed to be there for me through some very difficult times. Very personable, felt like we have been friends for a long time

    104. Republic is an excellent travel nurse agency. As in all things, we don’t do business with just a company but with an individual. My recruiter, Ashley Smith, has been the quintessential professional in all of my dealings with Republic. She has been knowledgeable, efficient, and impeccably honest. She is a delight to work with and I would whole heartedly recommend her and Republic Health Resources.

    105. Had several pay issues. Very disorganized onboarding process. Unable to get responses to issues on the weekend. Will not work for them again, nor can I recommend them. Went back to my previous agency.

    106. Natalie Ardizzoni and the Republic Health Resource�s team have been amazing. Natalie was able to get me the assignment I wanted in the exact location I needed with competitive pay. I can�t thank her enough for being so reliable, honest, and efficient! It�s time for me to hang up my travel shoes, but I would recommend Natalie Ardizzoni and the RHR team to anyone looking for a great recruiter and agency to work for!

    107. I did have some issues while on assignment but my recruiter was always in top of it and was basically always available to me if I needed something. It was my first assignment with this company and I would contract with them again

    108. Natalie at Republic Health Resources is incredibly professional, kind, and hard-working. She was able to find me several contracts in my desired locations astonishingly quickly. I highly recommend her. Her knowledge for the Travel Nursing world is unbeatable. I will be using her for all contracts in the future.

    109. This was my first travel assignment and the make my life so easy. I habe had a wonderful experience with this company and would highly recommend them to any of my fellow nurse friends!

    110. Natalie Ardizzoni was very helpful to me when trying to get my first travel contract. She kept me updated and told me promptly of any new opportunities that I might be interested in. Even though my circumstances changed and I took a staff position, I will definitely rely on her in the future when I am ready to do travel nursing.

    111. Lindsey is great! Relating to work, she�s gotten me the best paying assignments in hard to get cities, and is knowledgeable and a go-getter without being overbearing like a lot of recruiters. On a personal note, she�s gone to bat for me when it mattered and always makes sure things are going well with each assignment. Exciting to keep working with her and Republic in the future. Keep up the good work Lindsey!

    112. I did not rate the company a 5 on item #5 – rates vary by market/location. I did make more in 1995 than I do now in this same location. Housing (item #7) should not have been rated, because the company did not provide housing; I took the allowance/subsidy. I’ve learned to be content. Overall, I am willing to “take a cut or settle for less” and happy for the service and relationship with my recruiter who is the “face and voice” of this company.

    113. This is my first year traveling and I have had one of the best experiences so far. My recruiter is always available for any questions I have and the company is on top of everything leaving me feel super comfortable with them. Highly recommend them to any travelers and especially new travelers. They have some much knowledge and If one person doesn�t have the answer, they always make sure to find the person that does have the answer. Love my company!

    114. I�m on my second recruiter with the company after my first one was let go. Thankfully my new recruiter Mike is phenomenal! I highly recommend him. The company overall is great as well, I get paid on time, have yet to have any compliance issues.

    115. My recruiter Taryn is wonderful! She is very helpful, honest and checks in with me frequently while on assignment. I have received so much support from her. Work with her if you want a hard working, caring and sweet recruiter.

    116. I have worked with this company for 2 assignments. I have had nothing but problems with this company. From the ridiculous insurance plan to the delay in receiving my checks. I have done my research on this company and each recruiter after the fact and Will no longer be using them in the future. STAY AWAY!!! Save yourself the trouble. Scott Martindale the CEO of republic is in over his head in this industry. The company claims to be nurse owned as well as claiming to have licensed nurses working for their company. Come to find out several of the supposed nurses have lost their license for drug related issues, makes you wonder what kind of people the hire at this company. What a joke Republic Health Care is.

      -Richard Head

    117. Mallory Plummer my recruiter was amazing to work with! Was able to get interview in 48 hours! Always available and follows up throughout hiring process! All departments I dealt with returned calls immediately and were on top of things!

    118. Lindsay Mckerr is awesome available accommodating supportive! Her positive demeanor is a pleasure to work with! I look forward to doing more business with her.

    119. What is there left to say about Alex Egge? She is a phenomenal recruiter to have. She provides the best pay packages consistently all of the time and she always keeps my best interest in mind. She is a great nurse advocate and she fights for her nurses. Love her!

    120. I got my very first travel contract with this agency & they have been amazing the entire time! I started off with Anna as my recruiter & she was a great help as I had become discouraged from it taking so long to secure my first contract. She stayed positive & encouraged me we would find me a position! After signing my contract Anna moved to another position in the company & put me in the care of Dana & she’s also been an amazing recruiter! We’re now working on my 2nd extension for my current contract because I have fallen in love with the beach! 🙂 Dana is also very considerate with my preference of texting/emailing instead of calling since I work nights & have abnormal sleeping hours. I highly recommend this company & these ladies! I know I am in good hands!

    121. Horrible experience, and from what I know and have heard from other recruiters with other companies, this CEO is completely full of it!!!! Do not go with this company, you are warned!!! I�ve already gone through several recruiters as I�m told they �move on to bigger and better things�, well if that�s the case, then maybe this company isn�t all that it�s cracked up to be…. glad I found another company.

    122. Dana Headley is the best here. Goes out of her way to make sure you get what you need. Always available and never makes you feel ignored.

    123. Republic will always be the agency that I choose to travel with. Compliance was great, Shirley does a great job in finance and Alex is a great recruiter. Couldn�t be happier with my decision to go with Republic.

    124. I have been traveling for over 4 years now and I have been with several agencies. This one by far is the best experience I�ve ever had with a company. Republic really cares for their nurses and their recruiters are fantastic. My recruiter is Alex Egge and she has done a fabulous job for me. She is personable and really tries to find the right contracts for me and what I�m looking for. She gives detailed descriptions about the hospitals and what they are like, as well as what other travelers experiences have been. She is honest and fair and I love working with her.

    125. This has been my second year traveling consecutively with this company and I couldn�t be happier. My recruiter is Alex Egge and I absolutely treasure her. She always looks out for my best interest and she has always been available to me. She is a godsend and I highly recommend her to any nurse.

    126. When I started, I was placed in a very horrible hotel and needed to stay there for almost a month. That hotel is 30 long miles away from my work assignment. I was finally transferred to a hotel that is nearer and is of better service after almost a month. So far, I feel that I am being treated a little better than when I first started.

    127. Amy Wardroup is the best recruiter! She works super fast and effectively to get you where you want to be for the pay rate you want!

    128. Jessica Cho is my recruiter, and she is amazing! She is always available to answer any questions or concerns I have. She also does a great job of checking in on me, and making sure I’m ok, or that I’m happy with my assignment or in life. She is the reason that I’ll stay with this company while I work as a travel nurse!

    129. I love my recruiter Alex Egge. She is the reason why I travel with Republic. She listens to what I want and she provides. If you want a recruiter that truly cares, she�s your girl.

    130. This is my first travel nursing experience and it has been amazing. I had no idea what to expect and my recruiter, Jessica Cho, has been phenomenal. She walked me through the process, was always available for questions, very friendly, super professional, and has made this experience wonderful. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a great travel nursing position.

    131. I really do like my recruiter Alex Egge, she has been the best these last two years and listens to my wants and concerns for each assignment.

    132. My recruiter was Alex Egge. She is ALWAYS friendly, dependable, and accommodating. I love that she gives me her personal phone number as I have called her at all hours of the night past office hours and she is always there to help. She is one of the main reasons I love my agency!!

    133. My recruiter went above and beyond to find a position suitable for my needs. She was diligent in her search at a very slow time and found a great contract that I have happily extended another 13 weeks. Thank you Lindsey Yeates!

    134. I LOVE this company!!!! I have been with Republic for 3 assignments now and I am loving it. I have to thank Alex Egge for everything. She has been such a hard worker and gets things done for me. She gets me everything I could want in an assignment and she always checks in regularly. So far I’m extremely happy with this company and recruiter.

    135. I�ve done 2 contracts with them now. My recruiter mike is awesome, always has my back. Payroll was rocky at points but other than that they are a great company.

    136. Just started working with Rachel and she�s been so helpful walking me through travel nursing. Looking forward to starting my career as a travel nurse with Rachel as my recruiter!

    137. Rachel really did a great job at breaking down everything for me. As a first time travel nurse, I wasn’t sure where to start and how everything worked. Rachel lead me through it all.

    138. I truly love this agency. This is by far my best experience that I’ve had with both my agency and recruiter. I have been in the industry for 12 years and my recruiter, Alex Egge has been a breath of fresh air. She’s kind, knowledgeable, and attentive to me. She’s been with me every step of the way and I really appreciate her going the extra mile. I highly recommend her and Republic for any new nurse or experienced traveler in the industry. You won’t be disappointed!

    139. I have worked with many recruiters in my time, but Jessica Chow is persistent in finding me a job. She has compassion and treats me like a friend. I used to have pay issues all the time, but she really does try to solve all my pay issues as fast possible. I would work with her again.

    140. Mike Fetzer got me a contract in under a week in the area I wanted after my last one was cancelled. He stayed on top of everything for me. On boarding was very easy and everyone communicates with me well.

    141. Allie Nicole is a great recruiter. She very good at her job. Calls back in a timely manner. Would recommend her to all my travel nurse friends.

    142. Sydney Wells with republic health is my recruiter. She is honest and very helpful. Anytime I have called her she is always more than willing to accommodate me. I know that if i ever have a problem she is there to help me. I would highly recommend her amd republic health to anyine wanting to start traveling.

    143. My recruiter, Alex Eggs, has been a life saver. She has been so patient while we found me the exact right assignment, and when we did she had me submitted in a matter of minutes! She’s always available any time I have a question, she’s thoughtful and sincerely wants me to happy in my assignment and all the details around it. I will absolutely keep working with her and recommend her to anyone else looking for a great recruiter. She is prompt, knowledgeable, caring and worked very hard to get me where and what I wanted. I’m so grateful to have her!

    144. I have worked with a couple of different companies and came to Republic on a friend’s suggestion after my previous company was bought out and became disconnected. Although I had a bumpy start with my first couple of assignments, my recruiter and even the owner were very involved and supportive in the transition. Money isn’t always a reason to go with a certain company. I need to mesh with the people and need them available to me when I need them.

    145. Very sweet, enthusiastic recruiter! Really worked with me to get the perfect pay package. My recruiter, Jessica, is patient and efficient. She is forward and honest and at times pushy, but that�s the industry!

    146. Very professional, take care of their staff. Listen to what to what you have to say and my recruiter is a delight to work with(Ashley Smith).

    147. Jessica Cho, my recruiter, is hands down the best recruiter I�ve had yet! She worked so hard at getting me the job that I really wanted! The compliance team was also very easy to work with. I would definitely work with them again.

    148. I�ve been with Republic for over a year straight now. Mike is a great recruiter. I can always get in touch with him when I need to, he has sent several surprise gifts and is easy up front and honest. Most importantly they have always been able to get me where I want to go and pay is competitive. They�re loyal to me so I�m loyal to them!

    149. Cole Gilbert is an excellent staffing coordinator. Always approachable, attentive to my needs. Definitely I’ll continue working with him

    150. My recruiter Natalie Ardizzoni has been excellent! She is always so helpful, she has many times gone out of her way to help me. I had problems with attaining my out of state license in the beginning and she step by step guided me, researched for me, made phone calls for me, I am so thankful. She is always immediately accessible, I love that and need that. Any obstacles I have faced in transitioning to travel, she has been so supportive and helpful! My paychecks are always on time and accurate. I am so glad I chose to work with Natalie and Healthcare Resources for my travel career!

    151. This company worked hard to get me my first travel contract in a location I wanted to be in, to was hard for a new traveler with 1 year of experience in 1 area. Then I wanted to stay in that area my recruiter worked even harder to find me my 2nd contract in the same city. I can always get in contact with her. She is always positive and upbeat. So far I have nothing negative to say about this company.

    152. Amy has been awesome she always gets back to me quickly and is always helpful. The whole company is great. Everyone is very accomadating and pleasant. I feel at ease knowing I’m in good hands and that I can get help when I need it.

    153. My experience with Republic Health Resources has been fantastic!!! My recruiter Amy Wardroup is absolutely amazing!!! She genuinely cares, and she’s always there for me when I need her. She treats me like a friend and not a number. I highly recommend Amy!!! I’ve done travel contracts with other companies, and I’ve never been treated as good as I have been with Republic.

    154. For a first time traveler… I love this agency! They have been more than accommodating to my wife and I. Our recruiter, Sydney Wells is the best!

    155. Sydney Wells has been extremely helpful. She is very professional and always keeps me informed on what travel options are available. She treats me as a friend, not just a number. I would highly recommend her as a recruiter and republic health as an agency.the agency has offered competitive rates and multiple options for locations.

    156. My first recruiter was great, Kat Griffin. She�s very straight forward, which you either love or hate, but she is so efficient, responsive and really gets the job done. I could text her or email a question or concern and she would follow up with no hesitation or without me having to make repeat calls or emails. Compliance was fairly smooth, always received my paychecks on time. Kat unfortunately is out on medical leave and her replacements have beeb subpar and frustrating. No one initially reached out to me in her absence so I had to call the compamy myself. I was given 3 replacement options. I emailed the first and didn’t hear back so i emailed the second recruiter, Mike. Instead of the first recruiter letting me know Mike would be taking care of me, she forwarded my email to Mike and left it at that. Mike is very friendly but not responsive at all. I�ve never had to reach out so much to a company as much I have now and constant follow up for every little issue. We already work so hard as nurses, it would be nice to lay back and allow the agency to do their part. Republic�s pay hasn�t been the most competitive lately but I would gladly work with Kat again. Can�t say the same for her counterparts.

    157. Poor communication between employees leading to delays in completing compliance requirements.
      Difficulty with direction with benefit enrollment and poor folloeup from Human Resources. Recruiter left company a week into assignment. No additional recruiter follow up or assignment. VP of company verbalized he would act as recruiter and follow up. I have not heard from anyone in a month.

    158. I just want to give a big thank you to Republic Health resources for my first travel adventures. Dana Headley is my recruiter, she has been absolutely wonderful, always there when I need her… very pleasant talking with. She thought about me during nurses week and sent wonderful gifts. She bought pizza several times for me and coworkers, would definitely recommend her and this company to any nurse.

    159. Dana Heatley has been everything I am looking for in a recruiter. She searched in a flooded market for the perfect job for my husband and I. She listened to our wants/needs, she combined them with her knowledge to find us a job we didn’t know we were looking for and we have ended up extending. They pay well even in a “destination” location. We highly recommend RHR and Dana.

    160. What a scam and a sham. First of all Republic Health Resources asks their recruiters to ask their nurses that they have good relationships with to add positive reviews to different social media sites including this one. Something about trying to stay on the front page or top ten here? Next, the pay! Paychecks consistently wrong. They have one person working payroll? Jobs, not a whole lot selection. Recruiters, too new. None of them have any experience. Very green in the industry. Scared to fight or go above and beyond for their nurses. And by above and beyond? I mean getting things done like certification reimbursements. Nurse owned? No. CEOs wife is a nurse. Andddd that’s the loophole he uses to claim it’s “Nurse owned”. Like I said a scam and sham!

    161. THEY ASKED ME FOR A GOOD REVIEW AFTER A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. The hospital is great, but my recruiter is awful! They never pay me on time, and when they do, it’s less than what they are supposed to. My recruiter doesn’t do anything about it. She says it’s out of her hands. Then they told me they would send me pizza to my floor if I wrote a positive review for them. DON’T WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.

    162. Awesome experience with this agency. My recruiter, Jessica Cho, is always accessible, honest, transparent, and dedicates herself to my needs. I�ve been extremely satisfied with all aspects of this company, and look forward to working with Republic Health Resources for a long time.

    163. My first assignment started off great, but then my recruiter was never available to me, promised me things I didn’t receive and left me to do all the work. Wasn’t the best experience.

    164. Ashley Smith is amazing! Always available when I need her, super friendly and accommodating. Their rates are competitive, and you accrue PTO after 90 days which is rare in traveling. I’ve never taken their insurance, and they don’t do housing, but I always do my own so no big deal to me. There needs to be an “N/A” category above.

    165. Ashley Smith is a very responsive recruiter who is always willing to help. I wish they were like Cross Country or PPR where you can call in one time without docking your housing stipend. I will work with them again if they have a job I am interested. The selection seems limited. I learned that some of the travelers got a “winter rate” to work in midwest. I was not offered that. Over all, a good experience, though.

    166. My recruiter, Ashley Smith, has been awesome to work with. She’s there for me any time I’ve needed her. Can’t say enough good things about Republic.

    167. I don’t have anything to really compare them to, as I have only worked for this company, but I really like my recruiter, but I am not very happy with their benefits.

    168. I’ve worked with multiple companies and this is by far the best one I have worked for! Amy Wardroup is my recruiter and she is amazing! She works so hard to get me exactly what I want, she is supportive and reliable! I will not be working with any other agency or recruiter again.

    169. Have had a great experience with republic. My recruiter or readily available and responds promptly and super friendly

    170. My Recuiter Dana Headley is the very best. She is supportive, understanding and efficient. All I have to do is to tell her what I want and she make it happen. I am currently working at an assignment that is perfect for me all compliments of Dana’s persistence.

    171. Ashley Smith has been a complete joy to work with. Very professional and responds within hours to questions and concerns.

    172. Ashley Smith is the most helpful recruiter I have ever worked with. She is always accessible and goes above and beyond for anything that I need. I recommend her to everyone that is wanting to travel.

    173. Starting my travel nurse career was initially very intimidating until I found Republic Health Resources and namely John Berg. John guided me through the process with complete support and put my mind at ease. John continues to provide as little or as much support as needed. John is not only knowledgeable but just plain fantastic to work with! The best part, with John and Republic Health Resources as a whole, is the integrity with which they work. It’s great to know that integrity is important to them and that the success of their employees is a priority!

    174. I am so disappointed with this company! They sounded good at first, but the moment I signed my contract I regretted it. I got paid so much less than other nurses at the hospital I was at! My recruiter lied like crazy and then had the audacity to ask me to write them positive reviews! I couldn’t believe it! I will never work with them again.

    175. I’ve worked with a few recruiters/agencies and have talked with many recruiters. Kat Griffin and Republic Health Resources is by far my favorite. Kat is a straight shooter, knows her stuff, and I instantly had a good feeling about her. I’ve never had that feeling with any other recruiter/agency. I contacted her once to let her know the hospital recognized me for the Daisy award (so she could note it in my file) and Kat sent me a beautiful 2 dozen bouquet of flowers and lovely note the very next day. I was not expecting that at all, and it shows how much she really cares about her clients. Sidenote: the CEO of this company called me on Christmas Day last year to wish me and my family a wonderful holiday. It was not a recording … a real person … CEO … taking the time away from his family to wish mine a beautiful day. This company truly cares and I will work with them as long as I can. I highly recommend them!

    176. Kat with republic is awesome. She feel like my family not just my recruiter. Money is always on time. The only complaint I would have is more choices of assignments outside the cities. They’ve been great to me and I will continue to recommend them to others.

    177. This is my first travel assignment and my recruiter, L.Y., has made it such an easy transition into travel nursing! The whole company has been supportive and helpful. Highly recommend Republic Health!

    178. First assignment went smooth and it was placement for my wife and I. My agency and recruiter hustled to get us a sweet gig! Republic is the BOMB!

    179. Dana Headly is my recruiter and she is great. Friendly, professional, and easily accessible. Overall the company seems solid. Some common issues with sending in paperwork multiple times and broken communication between departments. Their insurance is expensive. Otherwise, they have competitive pay and opportunities.

    180. I’m currently on my first travel assignment with Republic and I am extremely pleased with the service that I have received so far. My recruiter, Michael Fetzer, has been honest throughout the entire process and worked really hard to help me get the assignment that I really wanted. He checks in with me about once a week to make sure everything is going smoothly and anytime I have a question about anything, he normally responds quickly. Overall, I am very pleased with my recruiter as well as the company and I plan to continue traveling with them!

    181. Ashley Mulford, my recruiter, and their entire team, have been awesome:)! They are very accommodating, supportive and reliable. Also, the only reason some of my responses are only 3’s is because these do not apply to me at this time. I hope you will alter your questionnaire to reflect an option of N/A when it applies to those of us who travel. Thank you.

    182. The agency has been very supportive, efficient, encouraging, and always available when I ned them. I highly recommend them.

    183. Dana is very friendly. Had issues with on boarding and had to travel several hours to get a Tspot (prior assignment was behind the Redwood curtain) and was on assignment with a different company that played the shell game with my paychecks and she sent me a wine and chocolate basket when I started my assignment. A merry Christmas call from the VPN was impressive as well. The only thing I wished was that you could go on their Web page and look at openings. Don’t like bothering recruiters all the time

    184. Dana is very friendly. Had issues with on boarding and had to travel several hours to get a Tspot (prior assignment was behind the Redwood curtain) and was on assignment with a different company that played the shell game with my paychecks and she sent me a wine and chocolate basket when I started my assignment. A merry Christmas call from the VPN was impressive as well. The only thing I wished was that you could go on their Web page and look at openings. Don’t like bothering recruiters all the time

    185. Finishing my first assignment with Republic. Jenn Hoppe my recruiter has been professional, supportive, honest, and reliable. The company as a whole has been wonderful. The CEO personally called me to wish me a Merry Christmas! My pay has been on time, and in regards to insurance- they have about four different plans to choose from. They don’t make you jump through crazy amount of hoops to sign up with them either. Overall I would recommend this company to any fellow traveler!

    186. Dana Headley, recruiter, is the greatest asset to the company. Vert professional yet approachable. Embodies the definition of caring and resourceful. She is great at playing the hand dealt to her and represents the agency very well. Always an agency advocate even for issues beyond her control. In addition, the call from the head of the company on Christmas is a great touch of class and compassion that should be maintained throughout the years of operation. The company has much room for growth and potential to exceed many others once equipped with the adequate staff and resources to match competitors.

    187. I have to say my experience with this company has been phenomenal! This agency has truly been a blessing. There are some changes that have been taking place, but Republic truly caters to their nurses and listens to what we want. I love republic and my recruiter, Alex Egge. I have been traveling with her for quite awhile now and I couldn’t be happier with her. She looks out for me and always caters to what I want my travel experience to be like. As busy as she is, she always makes time for me, and that I am very grateful for. I definitely will keep traveling with republic.

    188. I love this company and my recruiter, Alex Egge. She is the best part of the company and is always a joy to talk to. She is sweet, funny, knowledgable and always listens to what I want and need. She is always there to answer any of my questions and she always has my best interest. I highly reccomend her and Republic Health Resources to any traveler.

    189. My recruiter Dana Headley has been great. We have had a few bumps in the road along the way, but she has always come through when I needed her the most. Shes friendly, and has a big heart. She has gone out of her way to assist me during my time of crisis. And she always shows her appreciation for my service. If you are looking for a good recruiter then contact Dana Headley at Republic Health Resources.

    190. Jenn Hoppe is incredible! There for me no matter what. She’s there for me every minute of every day, took time after hours to help me find housing options, connect me to other nurses, and tested me with the up most respect.

    191. Have has a great experience with this agent! On my third assignment and they are always so efficient and involved in my success as a traveling nurse.

    192. My recruiter Jenn Hoppe has been with me throughout this whole process for my first assignment. She is accessible 24/7 and had made me feel super comfortable while taking the leap into travel nursing. In regards to the company as a whole, they are quick with communication and also made the process easy and bearable! A++

    193. Love this company! Dana Headley has been amazing as I transitioned into the world of travel nursing. They always respond quickly to any questions I have. Very supportive.

    194. Especially enjoy working with recruiter, Ashley Smith. She is always upfront, honest, pleasant and readily available to take care of anything I may need help with. I have shared her information with many travelers and have heard great reviews about her and the company.

    195. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I worked with Dana Headley and she doesn’t have a clue about this business. She just wants you to sign the contract and then you are left on your own to figure the rest out. I went into a contract under false pertense. I was told one thing and something completely different occurred.I traveled over 2000 miles from home only to be in multiply situations were I couldn’t get or make my money. I am actually in more debt since I’ve been on this assignment. Dana isn’t supportive of her nurses and nor does she have your back. If u take a contract with them make sure it’s everything you needed it to be.

    196. I have taken my first assignment with Republic health in California but I consider myself to have been with them for a little over a year now since I have been in direct contact with Dana all while I was working my regular job trying to consider moving into travel nursing. Her and her company has been very helpful and helping me progress and make my change, as slow as it was, into this New field of nursing. They keep in touch with me almost every day of the week and are available off job hours as well in case I ever have any questions or concerns with my current facility. I am so thankful for them and can’t consider myself working with anyone else. They are so personal with their staff and make sure I always have what I need.

    197. Thanks John Berg, at Republic Health Resources, for making my assignment less stressful! I must say, so refreshing to meet someone so passionate about their job. You Rock!!!! You certainly set the bar for all recruiters!

    198. My recruiter, Kat, and all of the staff at Republic were so supportive and accessible! I would definitely work with them again, when my schedule allows it, and would highly recommend them to my friends!

    199. Starting process was a little rocky, I had all of my stuff submitted the them, however I didn’t really hear back from them as far as my paperwork and pre work appointiments until the week before I was to start my contract. All in all it was stressful the week before I was to start, but I was able to start on time. My recruiter checks in with me, very personable and easy to reach. However I have been told multiple time “watch your mail, I have something coming your way,” yet I have never gotten anything. I have asked for her business cards to give to other nurses interested in traveling (as I had seen another one of “her” nurses I work with had them) I was told I would have them the following week and it’s been over a month, still waiting. When she needs an answer for a contract, she wants it ASAP, when I ask for something, it usually takes a while after asking a couple times. It seemed better when I started, maybe she is just not as organized anymore or has more nurses, I’m not sure. I have been satisfied while working with them, just frustrating my recruiter doesn’t follow through with what she says she is going to do.

    200. My recruiter Dana is a God send! She was very patient with all of my questions and reassured me about many things to put my mind at eaae. She’s always available 24/7 and welcomed me to the company with open arms. Republic’s staff are as well amazing. I’ve found a new home away from home. So happy to work Dana and the amazing staff at Republic!!

    201. Alex Egge is friendly, helpful, genuinely interested in her recruits lives, is supportive, and understanding. She makes Republic Health Resources capable of keeping me as an employee. There are several aspects of the company that I do not agree with, there should be help with housing for any travel nurse, insurance should not be an entire paycheck every month for a family! It seems that everyone behind Alex Egge is not efficient at their job, appointments made for the wrong city, having to pay for insurance when it was opted out of, requirements left out of contracts. Alex is the only person keeping me with Republic at this point and should be recognized as such.

    202. Dana Bradley was friendly knowledgeable, and always kept me informed. She replied to my texts within a timely fashion. I would recommend her and republic to other travel nurse!! Thank you

    203. I worked with this agency 1 time and had a very negative experience from start to finish that is why I gave them all 1’s. The final straw was there refusal to pay me correctly. Because I do not live in Texas, my State Labor Board could not help and neither could Texas Dept. of Labor. I was cheated out of almost 1000.00 dollars. To claim they are a faith-based organization even makes the whole situation worse.

    204. I love working for Republican Health Resources Agency. The benefits and recruiters are remarkable. Specifically, my recruiter, Alex Egge is awesome. She has been nothing but honest and supportive since day one. I love her so much. Our professional bond has really helped me adjust well being a new travel nurse. I hope to continue to have nothing but good things to say about this agency and their recruiters in the future as I continue my travel nurse journey.

    205. This is my first Travel Nurse experience. My recruiter, Amanda Burnett-Freyre has been there for me every step of the way. She is so knowledgeable about the process as well as incredible supportive and sweet. It’s because of her, I accepted the offer to begin with.

    206. I have worked with Republic Health Resources for the last 8 months and could not ask for a better agency to work for. I have had a positive experience with the entire team including Shirley in payroll and Angela in HR. My recruiter, Alex Egge, has been fabulous. She works hard to maintain a professional but personal working relationship with her nurses. The lines of communication are always open but more importantly she is genuine and supportive.

    207. My recruiter, Alex Egge, goes above and beyond for me. She is always available to answer questions or fix any problems. As a first time traveler, she was very supportive and encouraging. They have a great selection of jobs and everyone at the company is friendly.

    208. This not a company where you feel valued as a nurse. I have worked for agencies who cater to my needs and always work to satisfy me, this has not been the case. They don’t have many or any contacts at all in the places I would like to travel to. Dealing with some staff members has not always been a pleasant experience. The only thing that has made me stay with the company is my recruiter Eric Lee, he has been the saving grace from my many headaches with the company. If the survey was about him alone I would have given excellents across the board.

    209. I am a more recent hire for Republic Health Resources and was referred by a close friend to recruiter Alex Egge. I used to work as a regular staff nurse and wanted a change due to so much politics and restrictions. I could not be happier with my move in career and cant imagine going back to a regular hospital staffing job. Alex has always been there for me with any questions or concerns at work and while finding assignments, she listens to my needs and does her best to find what I want and where I want to go. I’m finally a happy nurse.

    210. My recruiter is Alex Egge. She was super great in the beginning. I think maybe because she was new. She still is great,I’m not taking anything away from her, but I think the more nurses she gets the harder it is to get information in a timely manner. However, I have never met someone so genuine and down to earth in this travel world. She may not always have the answer I need but she is more than willing to utilize all her resources to get me what I need. I have had some really difficult times through my contract, and I truly felt supported by her and my company. The acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices we make, which is nice, and I feel truly motivates us to perform better and stay loyal to the company. I have worked with several other companies/recruiters, and I feel like overall this has been the best one. Now if they had a housing department, it could easily hands down, dominate the travel nursing world.


    212. Dana Headley was fantastic to work with. She was very open and honest and really worked with me to ensure I was able to start when I wanted to. She was very easy to communicate with and the company as a whole has been nothing short of spectacular to work for!

    213. First time working with this company and they have been great! Got me right into the hospital of my choice and the location of my choice. Was very easy to fill out the paper work and my paycheck was easy to get and see. Everything has been great. I can communicate with them at any time. It’s been a wonderful experience. I recommend my nurse recruiter Paula A. Dohanian
      Travel Nurse Recruiter. She has been outstanding!

    214. This company is just good people! They are honest and upfront. No need to haggle, as they give you their best rate upfront. Easy to work with. Prompt with returning phone calls. Love my recruiter, Paula Dohanian.

    215. This agency has been wonderful from the beginning, they made my process a breeze. Everyone is knowledgeable and if unable to answer my questions, they always seek for the answer and get back to me in a timely manner. My recruiter Dana is heaven sent, there hasn’t been a request she wasn’t able to for fill. She’s always a call or text away no matter how busy she is. On top of business, she’ll check in from time to time just to make sure everything is going well with me and to make sure I’m doing fine in my new environment as a travel nurse.

    216. Love my recruiter Ashley Smith from Republic Health Resources. She is more than a recruiter. She’s a friend and that makes all the difference. I don’t feel like I’m just a paycheck. She’s always there when needed.

    217. Hands down the best company around. Everyone from recruiters (Ashley Smith!!!) to credentialing (Andrea Murphy!!) to the top of the chain Scott and Clint, they all have your back and love their nurses. They really value the fact that the nurses are happy in their assignment. Faith based, down to earth company and people. I’m a very satisfied travel nurse!!

    218. I have worked with 3 different agency and Republic always takes the extra step to help me find new contracts with great pay. Won’t work with anyone else

    219. Ashley Smith is the best recruiter ever! And Angela Murphy is always on top of everything from documents to orientation schedules. Bravo republic!

    220. My recruiter Dana was awesome. She handled every issue I had, even if it didn’t directly relate to her job. Pay checks have been timely and accurate. I will definitely sign with them again!

    221. I am a first time traveler and moving across the country for my first assignment. I have always thought about travel nursing. After doing research on agencies and recruiters I got referred to Ashley and chose to start working with her. I had a few other recruiters from different agencies but Ashley went above and beyond and stood out to me. I feel as if I made the first right choice and lucked out with an amazing recruiter and great company with benefits! I was able to get my first assignment where I wanted and Ashley worked so well and patiently with me as its my first time! Having a great recruiter makes all the difference!

    222. My recruiter Dana Headly is amazing. Any needs I have she responds quickly and efficiently to them. I’ll never forget how quickly she found me housing 3 days prior to starting my contract. She is the best!

    223. I have worked with multiple agencies over the years and must say that Republic is by far the easiest most accommodating agency. They have promptly responded to any questions or concerns that I’ve had and I feel they have gone above and beyond what I have expected based on past experiences. I would strongly recommend working with them!

    224. I must say, I was about to give up on travel nursing. I spoke with Ashley and at first I heard the same ramblings in “my” head– it’s gonna be the same old same old… BUT when I tell you I LOVE this lady, I truly mean it. She has helped me through a rough beginning when my contract was pushed back, she sent me encouraging texts, gifts, words of encouragement AND reaching out for help with housing for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter, friend, or sister. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

    225. I love working for Republic. My recruiter Dana Headley is awesome. She always has my best interest at heart and is always available. The CEO Scott McKenzie is great. A few times I needed something more than a recruiter could approve he would reach me right away and always reach a resolution. Shirley Ennis in accounting too is awesome. I received gift cards for employee apreciation, flowers for my birthday, phone calls when I was sick etc….what else can I say. The best agency I have worked for so far. Republic health resources ROCKS! !! 🙂

    226. Scott and Shirley have been absolutely wonderful. They always return my calls in timely manner and are there when ever I need them. I will definitely work for them again. As a matter of fact I hope that I only have to work with them in the future and no one else.

    227. Great Agency – Very proficient and helpful. Fell as if your a part of a family, you will now everyone in the office. They all help whenever needed.

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