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    37 thoughts on “Prime Time Healthcare

    1. I have the BEST recruiter Erin O’Gara. This is my first assignment and she made everything so simple and easy. I feel like she has my best interest at heart. Always available and if not she sent me a text with who I can get in contact with if anything arise. PrimeTime is am Awesome company to work for. God Bless Y’all.

    2. I became a travel nurse and am still one today because of my recruiter Jared F. Recruiters are a dime a dozen but really outstanding ones are hard to come by. I am in awe of all that is done behind the scenes so I can just show up and go to work.

    3. My recruiter was Jared Friesen. He has been. accommodating and honest during my first travel assignment. Jared is super charismatic and works hard to make sure you’re job fits the profile you’re looking for. He’s reassured me numerous times when I’m uncertain and explains in grand detail. He loves his job and loves to give people what they are looking for. I’m happy that I trusted my gut and chose Prime Time.

    4. My experience with Prime Time has been wonderful. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Kenzie Haffke. She is always so incredibly helpful and resourceful answering or finding the answers to any questions that I may have. She is the sweetest, most caring, and compassionate recruiter, now friend that a person could have. She definitely goes out of her way to make her crew feel special and taken care of. She’s all about her clients best interest. She’s hands down “THE BEST”. Prime Time,… like me, you’re lucky to have her!!!

    5. Jared Friesen is wonderful! He works hard for his nurses and is a genuinely kind person with a great sense of humor. He always checks in to see how you’re doing. He’s readily available, responsive and talking to him is always easy. He’s the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with, it’s obvious he cares about the people he’s placing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    6. Kenzie Haffke has been terrific! She has made the whole travel nursing experience so much less difficult for me. She is very patient and always is available to help me or answer questions. I would recommend her as a recruiter, and this company, to anyone who would ask.

    7. Kenzie displayed faith in me by tossing my name in on a MS assignment. I’ve been out of acute care and away from the bedside for several years.
      I was selected for the contract and 6 weeks in my feet are wet again in bedside nursing.
      I appreciate Kenzie going for it on my behalf.

    8. I have been working with Kenzie since I started traveling almost two years ago, and I have had only good experiences! She’s always looking out for her people and finding the best job matches for each of us.

    9. Primetime has been great to work with! Our recruiter Ashley Webb has been great to work with! She goes above and beyond to get us placed in the area we request!

    10. Levi is the best recruiter, always quick to help and communicate. I have recommended him and do not regret that. I do wish the company offered better insurance packages for us single moms and this is the main reason for a recent switch to something that will better insure my kids. Levi is always great!! He even responded on nights/weekends/4AM!! I miss him already.

    11. My recruiter Jake Harris does an awesome job I am definitely satisfied with the assignments and the willingness to help find me the best assignments that accommodates me.

    12. I’ve been with Primetime Health Care for almost 4 years. My recruiter has been nothing short of amazing, and the company itself had been great to work for. As a CNA, it’s difficult to come across employers who value you, and have your back in various situations. I’m hoping to go back on the road with them again one day soon.

    13. Hold nurses to a contract that was not signed just discussed. Does not take into consideration family emergencies.

    14. Jared with PrimeTime is wonderful. He works hard for his nurses and helps out in any way he can. Very open and transparent. Quick response time.

    15. I�ve never been treated so poorly by people who want to make money off me working. Pay rates are a joke, then when you�re upfront and tell them that is too low, they get holier than now. They will only discuss assignments on the phone, hardly convenient for night shift workers or if in a different time zone. Sarah refused to work with me, I�ve been licensed almost 10 years, but that wasn�t enough for her. Another recruiter tried working with me but was very arrogant. They post positions which aren�t even available. Travelers be aware of their low rates, rude behavior, and bait and switch!

    16. No follow thru after getting submitted to opening. More concerned about just getting submitted to assignments. Very unprofessional et discouteous mannerism when asked ? regardibg pay package “read my post” sent e-mail regarding this comment. Informed to call et not send or put statements, comments, remarks in an e-mail
      Did not call et took assignment with another agency.
      Would NOT recommend this Sr Recruiter- Jason Barnes!

    17. My recruiter Veronica as always been there for me through the good and the bad and will never let me down ! She goes above and beyond her job duties for me

    18. I love travel nursing. My recruiter managed to find me a great contract close to home when I wanted to spend time close to home for the summer.

    19. My Recruiter, Carla Manderochio is amazing! She is there for me day or night when I Have a question, issue or just need someone to talk to while being away from home.

    20. I work corrections sometimes its hard to find assignments, but prime time healthcare has also worked hard to find me something. Kris Carlson has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times. -BA

    21. I worked in Omaha for 2 assignments so i had an opportunity to meet my recruiter and the management team. They’re all AWESOME !! Prime Time let me go to their suite at a storm chasers game, covered my zoo pass for me and my grandkids. Awesome company…

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