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    45 thoughts on “Onward Healthcare

    1. You will never hear from recruiters nor their managers. Payroll makes mistake after mistake. And onboarding is a nightmare. They are an awful company

    2. I’m not necessarilly totally disappointed in this agency. It just wasn’t the best agency. They blind submitted me twice to jobs that we barely discussed. I got a call from a manager to let me know how their unit operated and to tell me how excited they were I was coming. It was a very uncomfortable situation since I never asked to be submitted to the job. I did not take it. They don’t have a lot of variety in jobs. My recruiter keeps trying to get me to go back to the hospitals I’ve already worked for them when I’m actually looking for something new. Only because it’s easier for them since the hospital knows you. I would say it’s an average company.

    3. I did not even accept the offer. I was submitted for a job without being consulted, and I was blatantly lied to and quoted a $12.59 hourly gross rate when I forced the recruiter to break down the $1200 gross. I told her I was netting more than that at my current position and that the gross hourly rate was completely unacceptable for IRS purposes. She said it waa the rate the hospitals said they had to charge for hourly (lie) – this organization is a middle man agency that is marketed as a “brand” of AMN Healthcare, so there are many many people getting a piece of your wage. I understand needing a VMS system to get jobs out there quicker and more efficiently (to an extent), but not when shady recruiters continue to lie, manipulate and be successful in screwing over the actual nurse having to work in the trenches. Do not work with Barri. She is a friendly, overly zealous car saleman who will lie and give you low-ball quotes.

    4. I have worked with Onward off and on for the last 5 years.
      Likes: My recruiter is always available. She is very transparent in her interactions with me regarding assignments.
      I feel that their selection of assignments isn’t the greatest. I have also found they do not get the best pay rates. I am currently working for a facility in Houston and there are several other travelers here. The other travelers are with other travel companies, and are making $10-$20 more per hour than I am and receiving company housing, just like I am. Lastly, I don’t always feel supported by my recruiter. I’ve had a few assignments where the actual unit requirements were not what was expressed during the interview. When I tried to end the contract, due to inaccurate information, my recruiter pushed me to stay and finish the contract. It was my license on the line–I have the final say. Those are my only complaints.

    5. Jackie Nelson was our recruiter. She was WONDERFUL. My wife and I travel together and she worked well to get us interviews that we wanted in places that were willing to hire both of us in the same unit. I have always felt like I had instant access to Jackie. She is professional and personable and a bulldog on my behalf when needed. She was recommended to me and I will pass her name on to others.

    6. Made a huge mistake going with this company…never again. Cancelled a contract with them after information was falsified that apparently they “weren’t aware of.” Second contract was awful…never got paid on time for the last three paychecks I received. Had to threaten to speak with the President to get my money. Threatening seems to be the only way to get anything done with this company. Since they merged with AMN…only gotten worse. Tried to take extra money from me when I had put in vacation time and saw extra “hidden things” deducted on my paycheck. They will use the excuse, “in a meeting, can’t return your call.” They do not care about you. Do not have a good selection of assignments and my file was sent off to facilities without my approval. So glad to have dropped them; I am enjoying my new company NursesPRN WAY better than the crap I went through with Onward.

    7. Lauren Carter is one of the most rude and annoying recruiters I have ever come across. She came off as normal at first but when I approached the subject that the pay rates she had been offering me were low she hounded me and blew up my email and phone while I was working. When I went with another company she began texting me with rude, childish comments. She is very unprofessional

    8. Poor communication with recruiter and agency, recruiters submitted my profile to facilities without my knowledge or permission. Will not ever use agency again!

    9. Poor agency. No travel reimbursement. Not even willing to pay for a hotel to assignment. Jill our recruiter kept throwing out numbers not got me so confused each time she went through them. Ugh. Has to be an easier way!

    10. My recruiter Erica is the BEST that I’ve had in going on 11 years as a travel nure, She is very kind and caring, follows through any everything she says she will, is very sincere and kind, is alwyas there for you. I’ve been through some real tough assignments with on jeopardizing my nursing license-her follow up was the best,how she handled this assignment and the outcome tells me that she is in the business for the right reason, she cares about each and everyone of her nurses, goes the extra mile, Need I say more, Onward Healthcare and Erica are the BEST that I’ve encountered in my travel career. I would highly recommend them to all.

    11. Within 30 minutes, on day one of contract, I was advised by hospital staff that my agency obtained housing was in an unsafe area. I requested relocation instantly. This did not occur. Further requests went unanswered. On my 8 day, my extended stay room was bburglarized! I contacted my recruiter, she said it would be fixed “first thing Monday”. Within two business hours, they facilitated my relocation. It took them less than two hours, after the fact, when they had approx 37 hours during the previous week to make the changes!

      Also, my pay was incorrect seceral times and a “security deposit” to the extend stay (which they did not charge Onward) took 4 weeks and a 45 minute call to the Vice President to fix.

      The VP was excellent, however my recruiter failed multiple times to pass my request “to speak with management”. Only after I advised my recruiter that I would utilize Onward’s “open door policy” and email the President, did my request get passed forward.

      It appeared to me that Onward forgot that I was the one who provided THEM income! I did not feel like a valued employee.

      After finishing the contract, I contacted the VP and advised her “due to all the problems, I decided not to work with Onward for future contracts.

      Chris C. – Saint Louis, Missouri

    12. My nurse recruiters (I had two in nine months) were very charming and friendly. They answered my questions promptly. I was placed with the second one when my first one left the company to pursue her own career interests. The “senior” recruiter was friendly, however, was never able to negotiate a bonus for me for completion of my three assignments, not even when I mentioned it after completion of my first one. She also had me re-apply for benefits with each new contract, which, according to her, cost Onward $1500 per each 3 month assignment. When I looked closer into this, Aetna only required that Onward pay $1500 IF THE NURSE HAD NOT WORKED IN GREATER THAN 2 WEEKS between assignments. This was not me. When I asked my recruiter about this extra $$ that was needlessly “paid” to Aetna, she denied that she knew what I was talking about. I was accused of substance abuse by my last assignment, and my recruiter DID NOT SUPPORT my idea to submit a urine sample. As a result, I now have a legal investigation with the state pending.

    13. My recruiter Kat has been fabulous! Pay has been comparable to other companies with a good selection of assignments. I’ve been able to get in touch with people when I’ve had problems or questions and I’ve never had a problem with getting paid the right amount on time.

    14. I had an excellent experience working with Onward Healthcare. Everyone that I interacted with was reliable, efficient, and friendly. I really enjoyed getting to know Erika and Keri in particular. They were supportive, professional, and responsive to all of my questions and concerns. They check in on me and have great senses of humor. I would recommend Onward to any traveler. I am likely signing on full-time with my current hospital, but all I can say to them is, “Thanks for taking care of me!”

    15. Erica is the bEST. I’ve worked for several companies oer the years and have found them to be the BEST.. They do what they say they will do. The back and support you 100%. I would recomment this company to anyone, new or veteran traveler. They are the most supportive company out there.

    16. Erica is the bEST. I’ve worked for several companies oer the years and have found them to be the BEST.. They do what they say they will do. The back and support you 100%. I would recomment this company to anyone, new or veteran traveler. They are the most supportive company out there.

    17. I really love the care & attention given to me by my recruiter & her entire team! I never feel abandoned like with other agencies & the support is always there! I highly recommend Onward to all travelers but especially the new traveler!

    18. I really love the care & attention given to me by my recruiter & her entire team! I never feel abandoned like with other agencies & the support is always there! I highly recommend Onward to all travelers but especially the new traveler!

    19. I have traveled with several different companies in my years as a travel nurse. They all promise you the moon but few fulfill that promise. Onward Healthcare is the one that has fulfilled all there promises. I will be traveling with them the rest of my traveling career. Erika is the real deal of what a GREAT recruiter is and should be. She ROCK’S. I had one recent very tough travel assignment. The company and Erika backed me 100%. GREAT COMPANY with GREAT STAFF.

    20. been with this company for my entire traveling career,( 4 years), nothing but great reviews for onward healthcare and my recruiter!!!!

    21. My agent is incredible! She has always been super honest with me and always has my back. This is important because as a traveler, you feel like you don’t have anyone looking out for you. She always lets me know best assignments based on whether i’m looking for great pay or great location and how to make the most bang out of my buck. If my expectations aren’t met, she will bend over backwards to fix it or find something else for me. I love onward!

    22. I travel with another nurse which always makes finding assignments together a little more challenging . Onward has been pain free and enjoyable to work with. The compliance paperwork was one hundred times easier to get thru than some of our past experiences … our recruiter is so easy to get ahold of… I was frustrated with other companies because our recruiters rarely ever answered when I would called and sometimes job finding comes down to the wire and you really need to talk to them same day! Onward has quoted us better money than other companies and got us more money to extend at our current assignment- overall I trust them and really like working with them… I always recommend our recruiter Kat to any of our friends looking to travel because she works so hard for you, is always available and feels like one of our close friends!

    23. My recruiter Kat Agpapo is amazing. Very friendly and helpful. She answers all questions in an efficient time frame and is knowledgable about the company.

    24. The recruiter was great! Getting all the initial paperwork done and working with other people in the agency was painful. It all ended up working out and being worth it in the end. Again, the recruiter was fabulous – I have no complaints about that.

    25. As a travel nurse for over 16 yr., I have worked with many travel nurse agencies and Onward Health is the best by far.They are committed to excellence in individual assignment selection, high pay rate endless support and sincere care for my well being. I am very proud to work for OHC

    26. I work with several agencies, and several recruiters. Onward is my first go to Agency. I know that I am valued there, and treated accordingly.

    27. I have worked with this company since 2004 and I can not say enough good about them. From day one they have been supportive in every way for me. Once when my housing was not ready(not due to anythiing Onward did wrong) I was placed in a really nice Motel. On the second day I got a huge gift basket filled with fruits, cheese and such. It was so unexpected and fun! I never have any problems with my pay or compensation for expenses. My recruiter is available for me and if she is to be unavailable she has a back up recruiter that I can contact. I don’t just think of my recruiters as someone I report to or call only when I need something, but as my friends.
      And they have even went out of the way to get comtracts at facilities that I have an interest in working at.
      Housing has NEVER been an issue. I always get premium housing that I love and feel safe in.

    28. I have been traveling with Onward for over 6 years now, and wouldn’t work for any other travel agency. Their service is untouchable and their professionalism is impeccable. Everyone at their facility is always extremely generous and friendly whether I make calls to their office or if they call me to see how I’m doing at my current placement. Erika Lauri is the recruiter whom I am most familiar with, as she has remained my recruiter through my traveling career! She’s fantastic and always takes care of my needs and makes herself available for any questions or issues I have or that may arise.

    29. I have worked with several agencies and I love Onward. I have never had an issue that couldn’t be fixed almost immediately. I have been working with them for going on 3 years. My recruiter, Erika Lauri, is the BEST! I don’t say that lightly because I can be a challenge at times with specifics I am looking for in an assignment. Erika is more than willing and able to meet all my needs and demands. She is always concerned with my best interest, not just making a buck for her company. I highly recommend ONWARD for anyone looking to travel and have a great carefree time while doing it.

    30. I have worked with this travel company for 3 years. The recruiters are very friendly and on top of finding an assignment that personally fits you and meets your needs. The housing was all set up when arriving to the location of the travel assignment, so I didn’t have any headaches with dealing with rent or utilities. I have recommended them to multiple people.


    32. Didn’t pay my housing stipend one week, but paid it the following week. My recruiter has been honest and very helpful, has been able to find the answer for question or problem I’ve had within a very timely manner.

    33. i took a short term contract with this company, contracted for 48hrs week. the hosp overbooked travelers then started to canx shifts. was told i would be paid, contract was near end. i was never paid, they are a very dishonest and cheap company. just read comments below on others cheated out of pay.

    34. Run away from this company. I have been a traveler for the last four years. I have also worked with a few other companies. Onward has been the worst of them. First off the recuriter is not available after she gets your name on the dotted line. They are never there to support the nurse that works for them and they never back the nurse up. I was working a contract for them in Florida and the hospital kept floating me to areas where I was not qualified to work. Onward’s responds to this was to do what ever made the hospital happy. After trying for several weeks to speak with the recuriter about the situation and never getting to I terminated the contract with the hospital and with Onward. Also for several weeks after starting with Onward the benifits were still not right. I had to call the company every time I had to use the insurance for anything because they could not seem to get the information entered correctly. To many problems with this company to warrent working for them and they will never back their nurses up.

    35. I was passed from one recruiter to the next. The first one was friendly. The second one pushy. She wanted me to take assignment quickly without giving me all the details.

    36. I like the company. My recuriter is the best. I think if you have the right person working with you it makes a big difference


    38. Here are the things to know:

      1. If you are cancelled by the facility you are responsible to pay roughly $90/day for your housing even though it is not your fault.

      2. They told me I would receive shift diff in AZ, and that was not true. None offered.

      3. They have a “no compete clause” stating you may not work for the same facility through another company during the same year or 1 yr after you leave them–fines to incur if you do.

      4. Look for your own housing…they wanted to put me at a 45 min commute in Phoenix, AZ. UGH.

      5. High turnover of nurse recruiters and noone calling to let you know they are leaving. Ask for someone who is not new…more bargaining power.

      6. Rosalie Ortiz is the only helpful person at OH and she is in compliance…they lose stuff continously.

      7. It was stated in my contract that I would receive $250 travel expense at the end of my first assignment…I renewed and they stated that I did not move facilities/or addresses so they would not pay. (I took one week off, as stated I was entitled to…I had to fight for that.) So, I got cheated out of $500.

      8. They had originally stated I was able to take off one week between assignments and keep same housing if I renewed… had to fight for it.

      9. Be careful with this company if you are new traveler.

    39. My first assignment. The pay was the lowest I’ve ever worked for. A fellow traveller with the same company had a family emergency and had to break her contract and they with held her last check and put the charges for her housing on a credit card. No health insurance, low pay, did not address unit issues, lied about their pay rates. Will do anything to make a buck

    40. Do not work for them, they cheated me of pay, they did not pay the milage promised or the hotel while i waited on my apt. You cannot trust them they will take money out of you bank account without a reason. I have traveled 3 years and they are horrible.

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