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    49 thoughts on “Nurse Choice

    1. Very professional, unreliable, unorganized, unsupportive. They cooperative with the organization other than the nurses, will leave you in the dark if something goes wrong. They will talk you into accepting bullying and keeping quite so you can keep an assignment. They scam you in referrals- tell you will promise you certain amount of money and then later cut you half of the check. They do not give bonuses for extensions. They act like you need them instead of they needing you.

      • All I can say – in the words of Judge Judy – if it looks like a duck and acts like a duck and smells like a duck….it’s a duck. If many nurses are complaining about one person, and he is the common denominator, then one day you will be one of those nurses. He will be fake as can be and then do the same to you…..and whether it be days, weeks, months, or years….one day you will see his true colors too. Moral of the story: I like the company; but we all know that a recruiter can make or break your experience… pray you make the right choice…..and beware of who you pick as a recruiter…..beware….you’ve been warned….*drops microphone*

    2. What used to be a reputable fair company has gone downhill. Recruiter even had to catch himself before admitting rates have gone down a lot this year. They don�t even pay you for hours and hours of required modules that you don�t find out about until it�s too late. And Recruiter does not put rates in his blast emails anymore either. That should tell you something. Reel you in and treat you like dirt. Used to be happy with them but they�ve gone down really bad. Oh and don�t dare to ask for more than 5 days off. And even when you make it only 5 they keep on asking, do you really need those days? Do you really need them? Even with 3 days off a week do you really need them? No more nagging for me and no more low rates. Just say no. Don�t do it!

    3. Here’s a thought: with all due respect, why would you disrespect a recruiter on a public site instead of taking it up with him in person? Are you not afraid that you might find yourself in a lawsuit once his attorney decides you are attempting to destroy his livelihood by slandering his name? Brennan is my recruiter and he is excellent. He is very open and honest. I recommend him to everyone. Anyone who has a problem needs to put on their big boy/girl panties and discuss it with him. Debbie Downers, stop slandering his name. I saw what you did, and I know who you are.

    4. Brennan is my recruiter and I adore him. He�s the best recruiter I�ve ever had, and I�ve been traveling for 6 years. He keeps in touch with me and if there are any issues, or even if I just want to talk, he gets back to me with lightning speed. And any nurses on assignment are his top priority. Nothing negative to say about Brennan, only positives. I don�t know what other people�s problems are – on the rag maybe – you can�t please everyone. Brennan is a really great recruiter.

    5. I’ve been with AMN for 2 years now and have been disappointed despite giving it a go with multiple recruiters (some mentioned here…trust me Brennan isn’t what you think). He didn’t submit me because he wanted me to go somewhere with a higher bill rate but lied and said the hospital wouldn’t accept my start date. I had to sign with another agency, and when I talked to the manager she was fine with my date. The next recruiter also played the game and I had to go back multiple times to get a decent pay package. If you enjoy the negotiation that comes with buying a new car…every time you need a contract, then go with this crew. I’m definitely done.

    6. My recruiter is Brennan and he is fabulous. Communication is excellent. He checks in with me regularly when I am on assignment and he is just a phone call away if there are any issues. One time there was a problem with the facility and my timesheet, and Brennan had a word with payroll to make sure I got paid on time. Even when I am not working for him, Brennan still calls and keeps in touch with me. I recommend my recruiter Brennan to other travel nurses. He is awesome.

    7. I have gone against my better judgement even after I have read the reviews on this company and signed a contract with their lead sales pitch guy (name removed)….I have nothing good to say about this person. He is a very good talker if you like someone that speaks so fast and says things to get you to sign up with him but when your check comes I can promise you it will not be what you were told. This company leaves very little room for negotiating…he is no doubt great at his job bc all he is there to do is to sign you up and then he treats you like you are a slave to the contract. I would not recommend this recruiter or this company to ANYONE!! Please search elsewhere as you will be under paid by 35% by this company. I am currently on assignment with them and the other travel nurse here is bringing home 1000.00 dollars more per week then I am. We both claim the same amount on our taxes have a proper tax home and took the assignment without insurance yet I am making exactly 1000.00 less per week than she is…I called and spoke with an account specialist about this and thought she was going to assist me as I refuse to talk to (name removed) any more about anything bc he is full of lies. He told me the hopsital was not paying the same rate that they paid the last time I worked with them and this was a big fat lie that I only just discovered. I feel sick to my stomach that I am working like a dog and this company is taking 2/3 of the hospital rate..leaving me with a third.. Please Please reconsider using this company!! Go for a smaller company…they will only support you as you are signing your contract and then you will be left in the dark. I have been traveling for over 7 years now and I feel foolish for trusting this guy….(name removed) is not a reliable person..he is a sales guy who knows nothing about healthcare..what we do, how hard we work….I have zero respect for this company

    8. So funny! So I got a phone call from THIS random agency (that has horrible reviews) stating that a hospital I was interested in had actually “reached out” to THEM and wanted them to orchestrate getting me there??? So I called them back confused.. “Oh the position has closed but we have tons of other positions! What are you looking for?” They’ve got mad scams:):)I wouldn’t have taken an assignment with them even if it were true. :p

    9. Kelly Morgan was my recruiter for this assignment and she was great! It was my first travel assignment and she went over and above when it came to making sure I was accommodated and that everything was in order for me to start right away. She was almost always readily available by phone if I needed to ask any questions and was always available via text. She was always professional and friendly even if I had multiple questions that had probably been asked 100 times that day by other nurses. I would definitely recommend working for this company. I can’t think of anything bad/negative about the company or my recruiter. I had a really good experience with them.

    10. Recruiter, payroll and documentation specialist all worked well with me and resolved any issues I might have. I was guaranteed 48 hrs weekly, hispital made me jump through hoops, didn’t fax it in, keep a signed copy and fax it in yourself is what payroll told me
      I did or my ladt week thete hospital would have shorted me 12 hrs. Hope NC needs me again!!

    11. Submitted me without permission. Since I was polite when interviewed, got an offer. Contract didn’t match the pay package quoted to me so I didn’t sign it. Told ‘payroll will honor the verbal promise’; right, I’m soooo stupid I’ll believe that. Called me 3 weeks later, what would it take for you to sign the contract? Duh, some honesty and professionalism maybe. Owned by AMN, enough said.

    12. Housing was great. 2 things I didn’t like: got overtime and bonus, and had it taken away. Nurse choice still after me for money I “owe” for their mistakes. And stupid recruiter- he caters to the dame who drives the drama train. Every day the broad has new drama and he sucks it up. They deserve each other and I hope they rot together. It still doesn’t excuse his behavior when other nurses who have more education and are more valuable than the ditz deserve attention too, not just a bimbo who thrives on the attention and always will drive a new drama train no matter what.

    13. I seriously just had someone call me and brag to me that the recruiter gave her his personal cell phone number. We have the same recruiter. He sent me on a horrible assignment and never once did he give me his number. Does that seem fair? Very unsupportive and now claims that I never informed him of what was going on until the end, that I held it all in, which is untrue because I called him every week. He was the one who dodged my phone calls. And to hear that he freely gives his number not to the one who really needed him but to someone else probably because he wants to bang her…how fair is that? Well guess what, now I’m with a better company on a better assignment and I couldn’t be happier. Pay rate 2x as much, not a dumpy extended stay America but a much nicer hotel, and free transportation. Need I say more??

    14. Oh man don’t get me started on the B word. He insisted on putting me in IMC though I’m an ICU. My wife he will happily float to tele but insists on only Med Surg jobs for her. Also repeatedly told him less than 13 weeks, even found my own jobs on their site, and he wouldn’t give them to me. The man doesn’t listen! He kept insisting Stanford when we all know they are striking soon. I won’t risk my license that way and he doesn’t get it, just insists more pay in a strike. Uh not when it’s not in your contract. Can’t just say well Brennan said this and that. If it’s not in your contract then you don’t get higher pay, strike or not, and he knows that. Also don’t get added benefit of security and undisclosed housing location. Hospitals know that. Brennan knows that. Beef up on extra staff right before a strike happens and hospital doesn’t have to pay more and Brennan doesn’t have added expense of providing secure housing and transportation to/from facility. I refuse to allow this lying shady man to take advantage of me or my wife in any way.

    15. Recruiter submitted me to assignments without my knowledge. When he found out I was working with another company (by submitting me again without my knowledge) he called and left a lengthy voice msg stating I was destroying my career and would look terrible in the eyes of the hospital bc I was submitted by 2 travel companies for same position.

    16. There is someone worse. It’s name begins with a B. It would be a miracle if he actually cared about his nurses the way he says he does. I don’t know who he spends all his time on the phone supporting but it wasn’t me. For me he was very unsupportive. A legend in his own mind. Brags himself up and yet he put me in a terrible assignment and wouldn’t get me out of there. Unsafe patient assignments jeopardized my license. And yet he left me there and avoided my phone calle. Maybe he has his favorites and spends all his time with them. For me he was very unsupportive, did absolutely nothing to help me out. Also I am PCU and he put me in rehab. Totally downgraded me and put me at risk of losing all my skille. He is so stuck on himself, a legend in his own mind. And wonders why he keeps losing good nurses because his attitude is that they can always be replaced. He will lose your license and replace you with someone else. Wouldn’t even help with my paycheck. This company continuously gave me money and took it away, stating they overpaid, which they did repeatedly, and he did absolutely nothing about it.

    17. I’m good with them. But whatever happened to David Lamondin? It would the real David Lamondin please stand up? He was my favorite. I’m still trying to track him down.

    18. Never any major issues with this agency. I worked with a recruiter mentioned in an earlier rating, had no problem with him except for a slightly bad breakup – and only because he was so good and got me everything I wanted during my assignments. Next recruiter is totally different: very moody – I never know if he will answer the phone going 50 miles an hour pumped up on caffeine or sound like he just got run over by a truck. He has not been very helpful during the many problems faced during this assignment. I have called housing 3 times and also had him message out to them twice for me. Housing never called back and he never followed up. I guess it’s the California mentality: ignore them and they will eventually stop calling and finally go away. Plus I get the feeling that his other travelers are total pushovers, probably why he can be the way he is. I don’t blame the agency though, I think it’s the recruiter that you get. This man swears he’s mentioned in so many blogs and brags that he’s won so many awards which I’ve found out had nothing to do with rapport with travelers but are more of a sales thing. I will most likely try to get changed to another recruiter within this agency since my problem is really with him and not with nurse choice and I’ve never had a problem in the past with the first recruiter.

    19. Every time there’s an issue you can’t just go to your recruiter, there’s always someone else you have to speak to. No one communicates with anyone else about anything so no one is in the loop. My recruiter never called me throughout assignment. Things got so bad the division VP had to get involved halfway through my contract. They try to manipulate and bully you into doing what they want because they’re so large.

    20. The politics there must be just awful. Worked with a recruiter since 2012, always very personable and helpful. Suddenly one day he’s moving on and although he knows full well the one location that you’ve wanted to go since you started travel nursing, he doesn’t call or notify you that there is an EMR in that exact location even though you called him asking for that specific location to work with his agency over all others that have jobs in the same area. Instead he dictates who you are to call and when you request someone that you have been communicating with, another recruiter, you can not reach this new person or the manager that you are instructed to speak with regarding this situation and it becomes essentially too much drama. Who intentionally loses nurses?? Nurse choice. Good job guys. You had a nurse who was relatively easy to work with and never did you wrong, never called off days to work a strike, never made up a very sad sob story to end an assignment and take one instead at an agency paying more money (Kesha), and was fair and completely honest in all interactions with you. Thank you nurse choice for not appreciating good nurses and that is why I have chosen to tell everyone about this agency.

    21. Same thing happened to me. Recruiter is (name removed). Conveniently made me miss out on jobs while he’s sitting on his toes and twiddling his thumbs. These are places that I told him I’d been waiting my whole travel nurse career to go there and yet he ruined it for me, and no excuse because it is an EMR. He would place me on nights when I am a day shift nurse and also try to put me to med Surg and rehab when I like to do tele. What does he think ACLS is for anyway? The boy is a spoiled child, he has no sense. Worst recruiter ever. I’ve since heard that he may be leaving and I pray that he goes. Nurse choice would be a much better company without him there.

    22. Same thing happened to me. Recruiter is (name removed). Conveniently made me miss out on jobs while he’s sitting on his toes and twiddling his thumbs. These are places that I told him I’d been waiting my whole travel nurse career to go there and yet he ruined it for me, and no excuse because it is an EMR. He would place me on nights when I am a day shift nurse and also try to put me to med Surg and rehab when I like to do tele. What does he think ACLS is for anyway? The boy is a spoiled child, he has no sense. Worst recruiter ever. I’ve since heard that he may be leaving and I pray that he goes. Nurse choice would be a much better company without him there.

    23. There is a horrible recruiter named (name removed). Lies. Does not care about travelers. Totally self absorbed, a legend in his own mind. Told him a location I want to go and he specifically did not call me when jobs became available there. Never keeps in touch. Totally jacks nurses around. Do not trust him. He will screw you and tattoo you. He will force you into a long term kaiser job and then does not have your back when the hospital threatens you and plays you dirty with guaranteed hours when there is a low census. I think he only got the recruiter job because he has connections there because he is totally out for himself and phony as all hell. Lies lies lies yeah, he is horrible.

    24. Had to change recruiters, the one I had lied about the contract, the housing sucked it and whatever information I gave them wasnt processed more than half way through my assignment. At which point I just consulted with a lawyer and switched recruiters. I can’t STAND LIARS.

    25. Constant screw-ups with time card, paycheck. Recruiter is useless; to get anything taken care of I have to call customer service and wait on hold 20 minutes- probably because they mess things up so consistently. Given wrong information by recruiter, had to pay for their mistakes. They tried to change my contract in the middle of my assignment. Go anywhere else.

    26. Very pushy company, will manipulate you and persuade you to work the jobs THEY want to fill not the jobs you want. Over time pay is a JOKE!!! They have many rapid response assignments that pay good hourly pay, then they decide to break off your hourly pay into taxable hourly rate and meals/incidentals then pay you overtime pay based on that small portion of your pay that’s considered the “hourly pay rate”.. it just makes no sense, and if you do the math, you are getting underpaid! by aLOT! Their housing stipend is a joke also, they pay very low housing rates considering the area you’re in, and they want to place you in a cheap area that’s not always safe.. Found better paying jobs with fastaff.. and they are honest and upfront about pay details and overtime, housing (good stippened rates), and the assignments available. If you are looking to get good pay with a reliable company compare these two and find out for yourself.

    27. operate at a high level of dysfunction, but expect you to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. no support, bad housing choices, don’t get all details upfront. my recruiter had no personality skills, or how to relate.

    28. Pay and benefits are very vague on contract. Get everything in writing! I was told one thing over the phone, but got something way different on paper. If you get cancelled, you will always owe them money for something they supposedly gave you. They are not supportive if you have clinical problems. They have exclusive travel with Kaiser hospitals in California and worry more about the hospital than you. Make sure you have in writing where you will float, especially with Kaiser. They will hire you for a unit and float you 85% of the time. Travelled twice with them and have not had good experiences either time. Not planning on working for them again!

    29. Recruiters are dishonest, had to fight to get my pay every week. Housing unsafe, dirty, cheap! My first assignment was great I think they do that to get you on the hook,my last two assignments were awful. Horrible and unsafe housing, placed on unsafe unit, too many travelers hired so contracts cancelled in the middle of the assignment. Found my own safe housing and then when contract was cancelled recruiter called me to get my housing info for one of her other nurses who were not cancelled. I was shocked to be treated so terribly and will never trust a recruiter again. Will never have anything to do with the company again.

    30. I was promised my choice area but after I got my assignment, it was in a different area. I was also promised a certain schedule and told on the unit that they could not give me anywhere close to that schedule. Message in this, with this company, get your preferences in big black letters in your contract. While they tried to be understanding, the company would not do anything about it because it was not in my contract or conveiniently any of the notes my recruiter made while talking with me. She was unavailable to help me with this. Otherwise, I had some problems with my housing that were resolved immediately. My checks have never had a problem, and I was reimbursed immediately on my assignment for my travel expenses thus far. I am willing to give them one more shot. I do feel that the majority of the blame falls on this hospital not communicating their needs well and myself for not having a specific contract from my company. Lesson learned.

    31. Do not believe anything they say. I was lied to over & over. They moved me without a license then expected me to pay for housing! I’m a first time traveler & it has been a nightmare. I’m only finishing this contract because I like the hospital & don’t want to cut my ties!

    32. Nurse recruiter does not tell you the truth before you take on an assigment. When the hospital you have been hired to work at expects you to do something that is not in your contract Nurse choice recruiters act like they do not know what going on. They are quick to get back to you when they want you to sign a contract but when you have an issue with the hospital you are working for they are suddenly at meetings for the entire day. They do not treat their travel nurses well. I highly recommend that if you do work with them that you cross your Is and dot your Ts because they will not support you!

    33. Run far away from NurseChoice! They will lie to you to get you to take an assignment! If you have an issue with the facility you are working at they will NEVER take your side! You will be fired and all that you have agreed to will be flushed down the toilet. The recruiter who I worked with blatantly lied on the phone, and when there was an issue she ran for the hills. The only person I spoke to was her supervisor, and the clinical liaison at the hospital. New travelers beware and everyone else cover all your bases! I would never speak with them over the phone but through e-mail only! They will say anything to get you to sign a contract, anything. They absolutely love picking up the phone when they are about to sign you and make money off of you. But as soon as there is a discrepancy they are at a meeting for “5 hours” (says the incompetent secretary). What this travel agency did to me was despicable and I would not want my worse enemy to work for them!

    34. I have worked for 4 years with trs and decided to try nurse choice for a 3 week computer coversion at medstar in washington dc. there was about 70 of us and everyone that i talked with had problems with amn adjusting lunch hours and not paying overtime even when signed by a department superviser. at the start of the assignment they were scheduling people 56 hours and being very pushy about working more than the assigned 48 hours that everyone signed on for. there were multiple problems and multiple recruiters were not supportive at all. i have never worked with such a deceptive nursing company or hospital.

    35. poor housing. uncaring recruiter. all they care about is filling slots. probably will not travel with this company again. the main problem is they are associated with amn need I say more. housing is awful!

    36. I did my first assignment with company and things were pretty good, but this is my 2nd time with them and the housing is terrible. No luck with the housing dept. Felt that they were very unsuppotive. Also clinical liason wasn’t very supportive about a bad work situation.



    39. For once, I have an agency that hasn’t screwed up my check, hasn’t screwed up my travel reimbursement and my housing is there. Based on past experiences, that’s nothing short of amazing

    40. I have nearly completed my first travel assignment. I have heard such bad things about this company but I completely disagree.

      I worked exactly where I asked to, was paid what I was told. I didn’t take the insurance, got a small stipend instead. I wish their insurance benes would be better.

      I am in a really small town and they don’t even have an extended stay hotel. They worked things out for me and put me up in a hotel in a suite. My partner has stayed with me on several long weekend trips here and there was no problem with that either.

      I have been paid what I was told, was always given my 48 hour guarantee and was always paid ON TIME, even once when I faxed in my timecard late.

      I have had a great experience with them and hope to work through them again.

    41. This company has great pay and pretty good low cost benefits. Not much choice in assignment locations. Housing has been a nightmare. I told my recruiter before I agreed to any assignments that I was traveling with hubby and dog and that we needed a 1 br apt. They placed us in an extended stay hotel (supposedly) temporarily until the apt came open. So we are now still in the extended stay hotel, had to kennel the dog, and they keep saying “maybe tomorrow” every stinking day. They contract for 48 hrs per week guaranteed, regardless of whether or not you work it, but then if you are a few hours short (like I had a 9 hr orientation class, rather than a 12 hr day) and they withheld my additional 3 hours off my pay because I didn’t check the right box on the time card, even though I made a notation on it as to why the hours were short.
      Have been through 2 different recruiters now, the original recruiter was completely not understanding of my situation and said that it was not her job to make my family comfortable that is traveling with me. She was overbearing and didn’t listen and didn’t attempt to meet any needs unless I insisted. Requested a change of recruiter, and got her supervisor who is much nicer, but doesn’t call when she says she’s going to, and can’t answer questions about what’s happening with housing. I don’t know if they are really that clueless, or they don’t care, or are being purposely vague. As far as recommending them to anyone else, not unless you are traveling alone, don’t mind a hotel room for your housing, are not particular about where you work, and just want to make good money. If you want any comforts and want anyone traveling with you, go with someone else.

    42. They are a great company for short term contracts 4-8 weeks. Pay is excellent and on time for direct deposit. The only draw back is you have to work 48hrs per week, and they will not change the contract to include specifics like patient ratio. But, the my recruiter is awesome and always willing to help if needed.

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