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    30 thoughts on “Nomad Health

    1. Despite any previous negative comments about Nomad, I personally had a great experience with Nomad I would recommend Nomad to anyone.

    2. Nomad’s pay rates are extremely competitive. The platform is very accessible and easy to use. This is the agency I’d recommend to travel nurses for sure.

    3. Nomad pay is the highest I have seen.

      Im new to traveling and found that I was drawn into other agencies because they had more listings. I found those listings were really not available.

      Nomad is great about notification of the status of postings. If i had questions, they were answered in a timely manner.

    4. Nomad is definitely one of the highest paying agencies and my experience with them has gotten better now that I changed my point of contact person. The first person I worked with was not reachable when needed but Andrea was great this last contract and I would recommend nomad to my travel associates.

    5. First time traveler and Nomad was my choice. Everything from signing up, on boarding, to start date was clear and efficient. I was nervous at first as I have read reviews stating the company is more for seasoned travelers, I did not find that to be the case. I’m roughly 9 weeks into my first assignment and have not had any issue with compliance or pay. Highly recommend.

    6. I have had a great experience with Nomad. I just finished my first week with my hospital so haven’t received my first paycheck yet but I would recommend Nomad to anyone who is tired of recruiters who take most of your money.!

    7. I really like my contact person, Mackenzie. She is helpful and quick to respond through the whole process. I think the pay is higher than most other agencies. Benefits are very good. I like the one click application too.

    8. I’m just getting started, the reviews are exciting, motivating and inspiring ! I look forward to having a similar and great experience working with Nomad!

    9. This is my first time with Nomad. Still trying to hook up with a job. But so far with the process, they seem to be more clear than other processes I have been through. Will give another honest review when I pull through with one with them.

    10. I love working for Nomad!! I have traveled with other agencies, and my experience with Nomad has been A#1. I love that you can see everything about the facility. Its a no brainer, no gimmicks, no hidden agendas!! The team is friendly, supportive and I’ve never had any problems that couldn’t be rectified. Nomad is the best!!!!!

    11. I didn’t use their benefits because I already have health insurance, so I can’t comment on that. Everything on the contract went well, I goofed on submitting my hours on time one week, and they fixed it easily. I had a great experience with them, no problems at the facility during the contract, so I also can’t comment on how well they respond if there is a problem.

    12. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling with Nomad. Their omission of recruiters will garnish you higher wages than other traveling agencies. I have earned >$300/week more than any other traveler I have conversed with and who was working the same job. The health insurance was the same high-quality insurance plan I received when working with a previous travel agency, which is the second largest travel nursing company in the United States.

      I highly recommended traveling as a Nomad!!!

    13. I’m also new here with expectations and outcomes but I will strongly recommend Normad to everyone because they have the higher standards of rates in work ethics .

    14. There is no high pressure recruiters calling you. Everything to prepare me for my assignment was smooth. My contact person was very easy to get a hold of and answered my questions promptly. The pay rate is quite a bit higher than other agencies, often the same job. Keeping my portfolio updated is simple and the one-click application process is a very nice feature. I have no plans on trying any other agency. This one is the best.

    15. I have traveled with Nomad through four assignments. Their non-negotiable pay rates are higher as they do not use recruiters to help travelers find jobs. Once you have completed the sign-up, you can browse available jobs. Once your profile is complete, you do a 1-click submission of your profile to either get an interview or get passed over. If you are passed over, you will get an email relating your application was declined, possibly because of a missing credential that wasn’t listed or because another candidate was selected. You may need to call the agency to have them finish processing your application to get this answer as well.

      Their computer system does not stay current with all available assignments. On their job listings, they do not put ALL requirements of the job, eg required certs, on-call, or floating. Remember to ask as many questions as you want answers to if you interview.

      The travel reimbursement is NOT gsa rate; it is a MAX of $1000 and is split between the first and last paycheck, depending on your mileage from HOME, not in-between assignments.

      In place of recruiters, Nomad uses navigators to help the traveler thru the process; you may have more than one. It is helpful to have them because they usually dump multiple requirements into one email and will not follow up except to re-send the same email relating there are deficiencies in the application. Likewise, the final signed contract (there were 282 pages in mine).

      Their assignments are sometimes limited per specialty and vary daily. Do not count on Nomad having multiple listings in areas, they sometimes only have 1-2 per state.

      As with all agencies, everyone has different expectations and outcomes. Some are a good fit while others are not; try them for yourself.

    16. Fantastic agency. High rates. Fantastic team taking care of me. 100% would recommend to other travel nurses, and would work there again.

    17. Truly have loved working for Nomad. They do not have recruiters, instead they post their contracts on their website which you can directly apply for. Their pay rates are completely transparent and the pay is more than traditional agencies. The people who you have contact with are called Navigators. They are not focused on finding contracts, they are focused on you and making sure you have everything you need. I cannot say enough about working for Nomad more. They are amazing!

    18. I have been with this agency for almost a year now. I love the way I have been treated. There is always a contact person available 24 hours a day. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of their nurses.

    19. I will work with them as long as I can. They pay more to ME the RN who is working. Other recruiters from my other agancies say, ” they can’t pay that much , they will lose money”…… but they do. I love the insurance. Have found other companies with less deductible and less per wk but the difference in pay outweighs that.

    20. I have used 3 different �Top 10� Travel Companies and had fair to horrible experiences! On a whim I went with Nomad Health for this contract and I have been blown away by their professionalism, accessibility, and their support for me when a few things went wrong with my contract (due to the facility breaking my contract terms, not Nomad). I called my recruiter �Dana� and she was on it with in the hour!! She went to bat for me and within a matter of hours the department manager of my facility was contacting me to apologize and correct his wrongs.
      Nomad had my back and that is very important to me as a critical care travel nurse. I will continue to use Nomad and Dana, because I honestly feel valued, respected, and most importantly safe with them on my side!

    21. I always received a rapid reply to questions I had. The initial procedure was rather lengthy with forms and required lab work but overall, the process went smoothly. This was my first assignment so it was a very positive experience.

    22. Best pay I’ve seen anywhere, straight forward and very transparent about pay upfront, no need to negotiate prices, up to $1,000 travel reimbursement plus certification reimbursement and $100 towards scrubs with each assignment, no recruiter but always have contact person that responds quickly for questions and speedy on-boarding, never had trouble getting guaranteed 36hrs/week, though do not recommend their insurance, through United, paying over $200/week for two healthy adults and child with high copays, did have hiccough with pay as they had been overpaying for first 2 months of assignment so remaining weeks were deducted to help compensate but nomad rep did call and negotiate “bonus” with me to help offset weekly deficit and ended up getting paid above original contract as result, very willing to accommodate throughout and will definitely work with them in future

    23. I stopped traveling for some time and wanted to try an agency without a recruiter. You have a contact person to reach out to when things go wrong. However, I had to fight for them to give me guaranteed hours, they gave me less of a paycheck one week, and then after they said they would fix the guarantee hours they decided to take more back. I had to end the relationship with the company because they weren�t keeping the terms of the contract and made three mistakes on my pay.

    24. Working my 2nd assignment with them. They truly pay the highest because they don’t have recruiters. No hand holding, everything done online, no housing…just highest stipend. Great experience so far.

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