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    92 thoughts on “MOORE NURSES

    1. I have found Moore Nurses to be a great company with great people working there. Super nice. My 1st time in 7 years as a travel ER RN that I actually felt a sense of trust with the company I’m traveling with. Smooth, straight forward, no problems. A breath of fresh air! I have found my forever company, Moore Nurses!

    2. I recommend Moore Nurses if you want an honest company that is for the nurses. Their top pay is the 1st indication as to such. I’m on my 5th year with them and I don’t plan on changing something that is good.

    3. I’m on my 9th contract with Moore Nurses and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are always attentive, pay well (weekly…luv it) and super nice. They even pay for my RN license renewal and heart cards. I recommend Moore Nurses to all nurses!

    4. Now I see why they are the highest rated! Im an ICU nurse, been traveling for 14 years, and I have never been treated so respectfully as I am with Moore Nurses. Everything that is said in their reviews is True! And then some. It’s so nice and a breath of fresh air, the way they talk to me. Very respectful. Their whole organization. I even ask to speak to the owner, just to personally thank him. And (Dr. Moore, formally an RN) called me within 15 minutes. Boy was I was surprised. We spoke for a good 30 minutes. He was so nice and respectful. Now I know where their mindset comes from. I know everybody says it….But it’s true, I highly recommend Moore Nurses to Everyone! I will never work for another company again. Only Moore Nurses!

    5. Working with Moore Nurses has been awesome. My account manager, Megan, has been always available when needed. I researched companies for months before settling on Moore Nurses. It was important for me that the company i went with was nationally known and repeatable. I even spoke to 6 different companies. Moore Nurses seemed completely different than all the others. Honest, straight forward, caring, and easy to sign up. Boy did I make the right decision!!! Thank you Megan and Moore Nurses, for all you do for us nurses and for your genuine concern for our well being.

    6. I highly recommend Moore Nurses. I just renewed my contract with them again. If you want a no nonsense company, then they are the one for you. They are straight forward, honest, and I love getting paid every friday.

    7. Now I see what all the rave and review about Moore Nurses is. They really are as good as others say. I have nothing but good to say about this agency. My recruiter, Diane, would say at times during our conversations, that “we are happily on an Island by ourselves”, in relations to how they treat nurses and run shop. I can say, with first hand knowledge, its true, true, true! I’m midway through my first contract with them. Though I’ve been traveling for nine years, I wish I would have discovered them way earlier. They really are the best and I highly recommend Moore Nurses! I plan to stay with them for the rest of my career!

    8. I highly recommend Moore Nurses. They really do pay the highest. I’m experiencing it now. Thank you Thank you Moore Nurses!

    9. I had a great time on my first assignment in Hawaii with Moore Nurses! I saw a part of the United States I had not seen before, it was awesome! I worked with some great nurses and now I’m going to to California on another L&D contract with Moore Nurses. Why? Because they are Awesome, and I Highly recommend them to Everyone. My account manager, Karen, is truly a gem. I feel like she and the company always has my best interests at heart. Thank You Moore Nurses for giving me these wonderful Experiences and paying me so well.

    10. I’m so glad I signed with Moore Nurses. I’ve been a LD traveler for the past 8 years. This is the most Honest and fair company I have ever come across. Everything was straight forward, they were kind, and I’m making more money that ever before. I like that there all the money, no frills way, about them. Other companies paid me lower and gave me a cookie basket, or a starbucks card, or a pizza. The usual….lol….But Moore Nurses, they don’t do that. They instead, loaded me up on what really counts….Money! ? I Highly recommend them. I’m never working for anybody else from now on!

    11. I am so grateful to Moore Nurses. I took a NY Crisis assignment with them and I am currently in NY. The scheduling has been hectic and getting our schedule has been a challenge because as I imagine the hospital probably has not had this many travelers to deal with all at once. My 2 friends got an assignment a week before me but with another company. Whereas my friends have not received a nickel to help them with their expenses while waiting for their schedule for 3 weeks, Moore Nurses response has been very generous and has paid me weekly to help with my expenses and they have been so helpful, kind, and supportive. I�ve spoken to my friends and it is a night and day comparison, their company and mine. I�m SO GLAD I chose Moore Nurses. They have another traveler for Life, in me!

    12. Moore Nurses is The Best!!! The Recruiter, Andrew, and their HR team are all so nice and were very helpful in getting me my Crisis COVID-19 Job in NY. In just one week, I flew to start my assignment! And they definitely have the highest pay! I Highly recommend Moore Nurses. I will definitely be signing an extension once my contract is Up!

    13. I am so honored to be going to New York for the COVID-19 crisis with the best, Moore Nurses! I�m from TN and our hospital has been slow. Moore Nurses stepped in and made the situation better for everybody. Moore Nurses is sending 98 of us to New York and we are sooooo happy! The hospital is relieved too and didn�t have to furlough us after all. They are taking great care of us and paying us like no other. I saw their add on SM and it was on from there! They are the Best! I Highly recommend Moore Nurses to ALL Nurses and ALL Hospitals that are in a similar situation that we were in.

    14. My recruiter Andrew, at Moore Nurses is nice and honest. He took the time to explain to me the ins and outs of everything, which is important to me because I’m new to Travel Nursing. Andrew and Moore Nurses has been a Blessing! I HIGHLY Recommend this Company!

    15. I Love Moore Nurses. In my 15 years of travel, I’ve never been paid so much before. And they have a ton of jobs! With Moore Nurses, I’ve been to California, Texas, New York, and currently in Hawaii. Love their Pay, Love their their job options, Love how nice they are! I Highly recommend Moore Nurses!

    16. I have been working with Moore Nurses for 2 years now. Beverly, my recruiter, has really gone above and beyond to ensure every assignment is better than the previous. She makes sure our package is the next possible package. She�s always available when I need her. I would definitely recommend Beverly, to other nurses. The company pays you on time and that’s what matters.

    17. Moore Nurses is amazing! My recruiter, Beverly, has been a major help. Answered all my questions as a first time traveler, and really helped me to know what to expect. She’s been nothing but honest, and always available! Couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.

    18. Company with a heart! Always sympathizes with all their nurses and concern. Will definitely renew contract with Moore Nurses. Susan is my

    19. Thanks to this website I can express my gratitude to the company that helped me reach where I am right now. Thanks Moore Nurses for your very friendly yet professional ways of treating your RNs. I miss travelling again as a nurse but in case I get back, I will look for another contract with Moore Nurses.

    20. I was recruited by Susan, and all I did was to completed an electronic form for 6 minutes. They send out a list of what’s required and upon sending them, I received an offer already. This is my 7th Month with Moore Nurses.

    21. I get paid on time, That’s what matters to me and the reason I am extending with Moore Nurses for the 4th time already. I do not have a recruiter and this company is kind enough to give me bonuses every completion of 13 weeker.

    22. I was employed for 2 years as a Travel Nurse back in 2016, I just saw this website and figured to give Moore Nurses a review as they gave me a very pleasant stay in San Rafael, California. My Recruiter that time was Olivia. I look forward to coming back in 2020.

    23. I highly recommend this Travel Nursing agency / company. I think I will be sticking to working travel all my life because of how easy it was to apply / process and even payroll comes weekly and on time. Looking forward for my next contract. My recruiter was Susan.

    24. I was introduced by my recruiter Olivia, so far had no problems with staffing etc. My start date will be next week and I never felt pressured into giving any requirements.

    25. My recruiter is always on top of her job. She is wonderful at keeping me up to date of all assignments that are available. Susan is awesome!

    26. Very trustworthy and they can pick up on your vibe meaning they don’t overwhelm you with texts or call if you don’t want. Company with both Sympathy and Empathy! My recruiter was Susan!

    27. I always felt Im prioritized and valued. I can’t think of any instance that I felt stressed. They will help you from onboarding until you go away. Looking forward to signing up again when I return to the US!

    28. I made a switch from a company I really liked because I heard so many good things about Moore Nurses. It’s really true. On my 2nd month now and definitely getting an extension.

    29. Solid company to work for. their communication is top notch. My recruiter is very responsive. I definitely recommend this company. Thank you Moore Nurses.

    30. I work with Susan and she is very knowledgeable especially in Los Angeles. I have had no issues with pay or contracts. She responds quickly and I have her personal cell and work cell. Paychecks are always right and always on time and I am paid weekly.

    31. Moore Nurses deserves a perfect rating and all my praise. It’s only been a year since I became a travel nurse but I was able learn a lot within those months of offering our services and traveling. Having a job like this is really awesome.

    32. Moore Nurses has been fantastic. Working with my recruiter, Beth , has made travel nursing easy. She’s always on top of her game, and cares about you not only professionally, but personally as well.

    33. My agent at Moore Nurses was Olivia. She has been extremely helpful during my time at MN. She is consistently helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable about meeting my needs as a Travel ICU RN. As a nurse, I highly recommend working with Moore Nurses!

    34. I’ve had nothing but the best experience with MN and my recruiter, Susan. Open communication, efficiency, and awesome reimbursement packages have made travel nursing with Moore Nurses easy, exciting, and worthwhile!

    35. Application , Extension and everything is simple with Moore Nurses. I have no recruiter (recruited myself) and everything has been done by phone. No problem with the salary etc. I wish I found out about them sooner.

    36. The staff at Moore Nurses are so pro-active. We became fast friends without ever losing the professional side of the recruiting process. I would recommend them to anyone to work with.

    37. They got me placed quickly and I love where I am, Moore Nurses know what they are doing! I received great bonus for finding out their website and applying with myself.

    38. From application to employment, no problem ever occured. How I wish I knew Moore Nurses earlier. This company brought back my trust on Nursing Agencies, My recruiter, Olivia did everything right. I recommend that you ask her name when contacting Moore Nurses.

    39. Signed up after a friend’s referral. No regrets and the process was a breeze. Moore Nurses is unlike any other company that I worked in the past.

    40. As a member/RN of Moore Nurses, I love my job, the support provided by the office team and the flexibility of my hours. They�re always so bright and cheerful on the phone. A really welcoming and friendly company to work for.

    41. As a first time traveler, Moore Nurses and my recruiter, Kevin, have made my experience seamless! I have been well-informed of various processes in the travel industry and my questions have been answered promptly. Thanks for making me feel like a priority and for a wonderful first experience as a travel nurse!

    42. My recruiter is Olivia and she has made the transition to becoming a traveler easy! Love traveling with MN! and will continue to do so.

    43. I have been with my recruiter, Natalie for two years. I am extremely pleased with our relationship and communication. Moore Nurses is an excellent company to work with.

    44. I am so happy with my company. My recruiter, Olivia, is not only a recruiter but a friend who wants her nurses happy and well cared for. She is always just a phone call away! If I have a concern about an assignment she listens. She is speedy, reliable and has a heart of gold. I can’t imagine working for a different company other than Moore Nurses.

    45. Paycheck comes on time, supportive and honest. I am recommending Moore Nurses for Nurses looking for a friendly agency.

    46. I was assigned to my preferred location and shift! The application process is piece of cake and took just couple of phone calls and emails. It was ultimately hassle free. 10/10 for Moore Nurses

    47. All went well with my 9 months travel experience with Moore Nurses, Novenne was my recruiter and I never had any setbacks whatsoever.

    48. Moore Nurses has been a wonderful company to work with. My recruiter Susan, has been everything I could hope for. She is always easy to get in contact with, which is very important as a traveler in unfamiliar areas. I know if I ever run into any problems, she will be on the other end of the phone to fix it. She also is just a truly caring person and checks in with me frequently to make sure my assignment is going well. I consider her more of a friend than my recruiter! I would recommend her to any fellow travelers, as well as Moore Nurses.

    49. Beth was a very kind recruiter, I got a sweet deal on the season rates because of her, Moore Nurses gave me no hard time signing up, I just literally signed a contract, passed on some requirements and I was good to go. Now on my 3rd week

    50. Moore Nurses is the best. Ive been traveling for eight years with a few different agencies and I gotta say, there is no comparison between Moore Nurses and the others. It’s like night and day. Govar, my recruiter, and their staff in hr all have been so kind and professional, making the process seamless, and quick. From the time I signed up, on their uber quick, 6 minute online signup app, I had my LD contract in just 2 days. I couldnt believe it! And, Ive Never made $45,000 on a 13wk contract in my life! I am sooooooooo excited and highly highly highly recommend Moore Nurses!

    51. Helpful Company Staff, guides me to all credentialing processes. I have started my first L&D Contract with them and I hope to extend afterwards. Moore Nurses helped me through a lot.

    52. Moore Nurses and all the staff I worked with have been very professional,friendly, Checks on me weekly, even if its just to say hello and hows it going. Just extended my contract. My Recruiter Kevin is awesome

    53. I am currently working with Moore Nurses and I had no problem signing up with them. I worked with Susan and she’s emphatic on all my concerns when I was starting.

    54. Everything went well with my 3 past contracts with this Moore Nurses, My Recruiter was Susan. I will work with them again when I get back to CA or TX

    55. All went well with my 3 contracts on Moore Nurses. The HR staff is helpful and the accounting gave me no problems with my wages, Katie was my recruiter and everything was a breeze with her. 10/10 will get another contract after my travels

    56. Olivia is an amazing recruiter, always available and responsive, works hard to get the contract you want, honest and a great person!

    57. Beth has been my recruiter for 2 contracts, now. She was the recruiter who patiently talked me through all my questions and uncertainty before my first travel assignment, advocating for me without being pushy. She’s always accessible and keeps in good contract throughout the assignment.

    58. I want to thank my recruiter, Beth, for everything she has promised. I always wait to review anyone until I have worked with them for some time. She has far exceeded my expectations as a recruiter and has repeated fulfilled what she has said she would do. Thank you!

    59. My Recruiter Novenne was very helpful on placing me a Job in California. She is always available when I need her and my Pay is never delayed. I will definitely renew after my current contract with Moore Nurses!

    60. From the time I filled out an information request, I was amazed at the turn around of contact. It took less than 5 minutes to back to me. I’ve only dealt with one person and she has been wonderful. This has been a great experience so far.

    61. Wonderful company to be with. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people to guide me along my travel experience. Thank you Moore Nurses

    62. The company and my recruiter have never failed to be there for me through some very difficult times. Very personable, felt like we have been friends for a long time.

    63. They will work diligently to get you an assignment. Their team is prompt and responsive. Many openings and opportunities for extensions. I’ve extended several times already.

    64. In Moore Nurses , I have had the best experience as a travel nurse, best decision I ever made for my nursing career. I love the travel company I work with and my recruiter is always there for me.

    65. I have done 3 assignments with this company and never had any issues. My recruiter was always pleasant and helpful. I would recommend them to any RNs

    66. I have worked for AB as a travel nurse for 5 years and have nothing but positive things to say. They have been able to get me fantastic assignments all across the country!

    67. They are always available and have helped me with family emergencies. They pay your Travel upfront so you do not have to wait on your money. I have traveled with them for years. This company has Excellent Personal Service.

    68. This is by far the highest paid agency I have every worked with. My recruiter Pamela has to be the hardest working recruiter I’ve ever met. She has the goal of getting you the highest paid contract available. I love her and Moore! I used them for several contracts and plan to continue to work with them when they have a contract I’m interested in.

    69. The best, most honest, and as they advertise, the highest paying agency I have ever worked for. I feel they are really here for the nurses. I can’t say enough good positive things about this nurse owned company. I know so many nurses that travel with them. I feel very secure working for them because they do what they say and also, I can talk to another RN anytime I call to their offices. Many RN’s work in house for them. Many who have traveled before, including the owner. I will never work for another company besides Moore Nurses. They are The Best agency out there. And I have worked with many of them before finding Moore Nurses a few years ago.

    70. This was probably the worst company I have ever worked with. No benefits, no travel reimbursment. Of course they dont tell you unless you think to ask before you sign your comtract. Good luck getting paid ontime or in the right ammount. And if they do get it wrong they wont even fix it till weeks later. Once my recruiter could not get the issue fixed I attempted to go above her regaurding the issue. After speaking with the “ceo” with a god complex, Who was once a travel nurse, I realized I was getting no where and would never work with them again. Absolutely no support. My recruiter would duck out and dissapear when I really needed her.

    71. My recruiter is amazing and always goes above & beyond. The company has been friendly for the most part even though I had some payroll issues that did get resolved. The downside, they absolutely offer NO benefits. You are given an extra $200/month to put towards a premium.

    72. If you are looking for an assignment in California, THIS IS THE AGENCY! They have all of the bases covered and to my knowledge THEY PAY THE MOST! I have been a traveler since 2000. I’d strongly recommend over anybody out there!

    73. If you are looking for an assignment in California, THIS IS THE AGENCY! They have all of the bases covered and to my knowledge THEY PAY THE MOST! I have been a traveler since 2000. I’d strongly recommend over anybody out there!

    74. Overall a great experience! I never thought that I would be rating an agency that I didn’t select to travel with in the end due to prior arrangements but that didn’t stop the recruiter from calling and becoming a genuine friend. Appreciate all of your hard work Erin. I had to do this for you and Moore Nurses! I am traveling with you to CA next assignment, that’s a promise. Very much appreciated!

    75. I have worked for many Agency;s and None compare to Moore Nurses. They are the Best, bar none. It is an Agency that is owned by a RN and they really care for their Nurses. I can’t say enough good things about Moore Nurses. I Highly recommend them to Every Nurse in America.

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