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    73 thoughts on “Medical Staffing Solutions LLC

    1. Spoke with my recruiter and the compliance RN in regard to how unsafe this hospital is for nurses. Agencies reply was ” we have never heard this before, and I never would have sent you there had I known how bad it was”. No support what so ever.

    2. This is the third agency I�ve worked with and hands down the best one. I will never travel with any other agency. Very helpful and very friendly! 10/10 recommend!

    3. Best agency I�ve worked with .Ive had 6 agencies and this was the absolute best .This is the only 1 I recommend .They are not do big that they don�t know you and your needs personally.I know the owners personally .Melanie Theriac ,an owner hand delivered me wonderful cupcakes and a sack of T-shirts to my work on Nurses Week.She learned I wasn�t working on the Pizzia party day ,but I even got a box of goodies delivered to my home on top of it.She never got upset with me when I used different agencies and readily welcomed me back when I got burnt .I would never travel again with any other agency .My pay was always on time and correct.They have your back in every way .The recruiters always contact me immediately and give me just what I need .The pay is great ,and the perks are amazing !❤️

    4. Woodspring Suites is not a safe enviroment for your traveling staff. The place was not clean, and it was heavily populated with drug users and possible prostitution on site or in the parking lot. This is at all wood springs this is a poor representation of MSS. This was my first travel assignment ever. This is the one place the ball was dropped. Please research other safer hotels for travelers not familiar with Wood spring Suites check them out for yourself. Baymount was more than willing to work out lower prices for travelers check them out.

    5. Best agency hands down especially for first time travelers. My first experience with traveling I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but my recruiter carried me all the way with ease. I’m much appreciative of MSS,LLC

    6. Love this company! They are the only company I�m with right now and the one I�ve continued to work with over others. I recommend them and my recruiter to all who are interested.

    7. MSS is the best out there.They don�t get you out there and desert you there�s continued support throughout your assignment as well as upon completion

    8. My recruiter was amazing. Probably the best one in the company. They need to have people who are more honest, and actually look at things before they send people to places.

    9. I was a first time traveler. They went out of thier way to make everything smooth and easy. Very accommodating and understanding. There every step of they way and called to check up on me often. Outstanding agency! Tara Lively is simply amazing!

    10. My recruitor, Nick, was fabulous. Hewasprofessioanl had a great personality, checked on me weekly, even when he vacationed, and went out of his way when challenges arose. The agency was also very professional and easy to work with! Highly recommend MSS and Nick!

    11. Excellent agency. Lucky to have an amazing recruiter. I’ve referred several nurses to join our company and all are happy!

    12. I have worked with RTG and MSS and Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC is by far top notch. Iam on my 3rd contract with them, even when I heard that alot of companies treat you differently by the 2nd or 3rd contract, in order to snare you in. Not MSS, they have gone above and beyond and will assist in emergencies.

    13. Great company to work with, they have been accommodating and work hard to get you to the locations you want to go. The staff is very friendly and efficient.

    14. Love working with my recruiter and this company, not enough words to describe their loyalty to �us� nurses and the business.

    15. Worked with several agencies, this is my favorite. Have received responses after hours from all departments, and always timely responses. They look out for me and have my best interest at heart!

    16. I have absolutely no complaints at all with MSS. My recruiter Danielle Morris is amazing and there for my questions everyday. I absolutely love this company/my recruiter.

    17. Best agency and recruiter hands down! Especially for first time travelers they took and take good care of their employees!

    18. MSS, LLC has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Switched from another agency because the prior didn’t have an assignment in the area I needed to be. I was very happy before and very nervous about switching agencies. Brianna Perry is my recruiter and she has made everything absolutely wonderful from the very beginning. Easy to work with, listened to my concerns, always there for any issue. I was able to extend at the last minute on the last day of my contract because Brianna worked so hard to get it done. Thanks MSS, you’re great!

    19. I went with MSS because of a friends recommendation. I am extremely satisfied with my them. Every issue I encounter, my recruiter takes care of as soon as possible. I would recommend MSS to anyone looking for an agency.

    20. This agency is absolutely amazing. I have dealt with several recruiters and each and everyone of them a quick efficient honest accurate and very reliable. I absolutely love them and will always love to travel with them. My recruiters Joshua more, Kristen crap on

      This agency is absolutely amazing. I have dealt with several recruiters and each and everyone of them a quick efficient honest accurate and very reliable. I absolutely love them and will always love to travel with them. My recruiters Joshua more, Kristen Creighbaum are Outstanding. I would recommend this agency to anyone and everyone

    21. My very first travel assignment and MSS has been great. Nick K my recruiter has been with me every step of the way and, he does a great job of keeping me in loop with any changes. Nick K always checks in with me weekly just to make sure that everything is going well not only for my assignment but for life in general.

    22. MSS has made my travel assignment to Maui the most effortless I think ever, my recruiter was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They knew exactly where to go and what to do and even provided taxi phone numbers to licensing in Honolulu. When I got to Maui I got off the plane a rep. Picked me up and I went straight to my apartment after getting my rental car.

    23. This agency is the best I have found, they are very personable, remember your needs and put you as the traveler first. They are the best!

    24. First time working for an agency and I absolutely love it. They are super nice and actually care how things are going and you get gifts as an appreciation of dedication and trips. I would highly recommend them. My recruiter is awesome!!

    25. This has been my first traveling job. I couldn’t be more happy to be working with great people. I will be here for a long time. After 27 years in LTC…I’ve finally found my home away from home. I recommend this company to anyone wanting to travel or in need of staffing help!!!

    26. Nurses ripping off travel nurses is what this company is all about. Recruiter accepted the job 2 days before telling me she did so when I was waiting for interviews & would not have taken the job. Recruiter did nothing when hospital staff were verbally abusive to me – did not respond to my emails or phone messages. Hospital dept never had travel nurses before & did not want them. Wanted me to pay them the full 3 months of housing when they took the cheaper lease break amount. Held up picking up furniture for 2 weeks & again wanted me to pay the full 3 months rental when they were charges a much lesser amount. Dishonest, unethical people. Switched my recruiter to a druggie whose claim to fame was posting his police arrest photo for narcotics on his webpage. That is who they hire??

    27. My recruiter and the staff is awesome. The company is incredible. The do stand by their staff with honesty, integrity and above all fairness. Thanks MSS

    28. Have worked with 5 different agencies during my travel career. MSS Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC is my favorite. My recruiter is awesome & has stood up for me. Any little glitches, she’s on it & gets it fixed.

    29. Insurance plan changes without notice. I�ve had the premiums taken out of my check then denied because provider said the insurance said I wasn�t covered. I�ve skipped mammograms, etc because of this. We no longer have a grace period between assignments. Insurance now terminates the last day of the current assignment. Tired of starting over every time I turn around!

    30. This agency is upfront with everything-from pay to assignment. Always available-even recruiters personal phone number. Weekly pay is also a plus.

    31. My recruiter, Trevor, was very helpful and answered all of my questions, there was a lot of them, as this was my first travel assignment. My checks have always been correct and arrive on time. I happily recommend this company to anyone interested in a travel career.

    32. My first assignment had some setbacks (facility’a fault) and this agency had gone above and beyond to assist me through this process. They really care about their employees!

    33. Have worked for this Agency twice and the owners who are RN’s are just amazing. The entire staff was always pleasant to work with. They have good relationships with the hospitals they service. I felt very supported by this agency. I think they are one of the best to work for and I’ve worked with 3 others.

    34. This is my second assignment with Medical Solutions LLC. My recruiter is accessible, friendly, always returns my calls. They were able to do very quickly what another agency could not. I had a confirmed assignment within days of letting my recruiter know that I was ready to start an assigment. Paychecks are always deposited to my account on Fridays as they promise. No problems with Medical Solutions, LLC. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for company who is there for you 24-7.

    35. The agency got my assignment in record time with in 5 days from speaking with them. My paycheck was accurate and on time, their rate was a fair rate. But ask this company if the nursing home is unfit to work in can you break the contract. Nurses are sent to questionable assignments. There are 2 Medical staffing solutions the questionable one has LLC behind their names.

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