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    36 thoughts on “LRS Healthcare

    1. It’s ALL about the recruiter, one would think. Mine was so incapable, it cost the hospital, the agency and my family thousands of dollars. I was also let down by the Compliance Department and Payroll. I requested a different rep and they not only didn’t allow it, they didn’t even explain it wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully, my rep no longer works there, but their perspective on dropping the balls uncountable times was sadly ignorant.

    2. My recruiter cares, bottom line. I don’t feel like I’m just another nurse on his desk. That is a very reassuring feeling while on assignment. I’ve traveled with many companies, but have found my “home” with LRS Healthcare.

    3. I was very lucky to find this agency after a horrible experience with another “reputable” agency. they have been so wonderful and helpful. Especially newer to travel. I’ve only worked with Adam Bruch, so can just speak regarding him. But, I have worked with housing dept and they have been fantastic as well. I don’t plan on shopping around for other agencies because I just trust them enough.

    4. My recruiter is the only reason I�ve stayed with this company so long, and her performance has been deteriorating lately. No single thing is absolutely unbearable about LRS, but I would not recommend them on any level when there are just plain better agencies out there.

    5. I worked with Jim Baker for the first, but not last time I hope! Company pay is good & I was always paid on time and the right amount. He found me a great assignment and did not try to shove me into an assignment that I was not 100% comfortable with. Jim was very responsive when I called/messaged him and he kept in contact with me constantly throughout my 15wk assignment in IA.

    6. They are so helpful to work with. I started with LRS, went to a different company, and came right back to LRS. They know their stuff.

    7. After working with slot of different agencies I do enjoy LRS the most. However, I�m not a needy person. I don�t need constant interaction or babysat.

    8. Randi is my recruiter. She continually goes above and beyond she is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. She helps me do whatever is needed. She is very hardworking. She works for her travelers.

    9. I was spoiled by my previous company but LRS outshines everyone. They are very concerned and caring toward their nurses and always available to help. The insurance is unbelievable. I am glad I hooked up with this amazing company and look forward to many years with them.

    10. I have enjoyed travel nursing. My recruiter is the Best!! They have always been concerned about me and my job well being. They have keep close contact with me to ensure my safety and job satisfaction away from home and my family.

    11. Brittany was/is a great recruiter. Always checking in every few days to see what was going on. Always interested about hearing the pros and cons about assignments. Brittany and Danielle were upfront about the feedback they have heard about an assignment and did not sugar coat it. If I could give more than 5 stars I would this was a great company to work for!

    12. I am only halfway thru my contract, but so far i feel soiled based on what i hear from co-workers. I would suggest them 100%

    13. My recruiter Andrew has been amazing. Returns my calls in a timely manner and checks in with me frequently to see how I’m doing. This company sincerely has my best interests at heart. I recommend them to my fellow travelers.

    14. My recruiter, Jeff L. has helped me to get where I wanted to be, whether location or $$’s. I left LRS and went with another company and regretted it fairly quickly. Currently working my 5th contract through LRS. I recommend my recruiter often.

    15. Recruiter is dishonest and lied to me. Recruiter is not qualified to work as a nurse recruiter. Recruiter did not understand her job and never knew hat certifications were required for job being ACLS, pals, etc.

    16. I’ve dealt with some doozies at other agencies while traveling. I met the LRS group in Vegas at TravCon and they are straight forward – no BS. I love everyone I’ve met so far and my recruiter Jeff L. always takes great care of me and gets me where I want to be.

    17. Dan Engstrom has been a good recruiter. They fixed many issues I had with the hospital and they did all the phone calls and back and forth for that. Pay is great, paycheck is accurate and on time. Did have problems with insurance and not having coverage for 6 weeks while paying for it.

    18. LRS is very dishonest. Pay is always fought for and watch your contacts when it comes to holiday pay. Make sure you understand when it will be paid even though it says if the hospital recognized the holiday. They don’t pay. Unprofessional individuals and bullies. Tried them twice because because they offered the most money at the time but what you have to fight for is ridiculous. Malcolm Kindle is vicious and two travelers can provide proof. Text messages speak for themselves. Stay away!

    19. I have worked with LRS Healthcare since March 2014. Caire Barnett is great. She is there for me no matter if it’s work personal or just need to talk. She has helped with any problems that arises. She helps me find great housing and assignments. My pay check always matches my time sheet and has never been late. I have had 6 contracts and all have good including when I need time off. I have told people to please call them. Caire will talk to you and answer all questions with no pressure for you to make decisions on working with her or what contract to take. I highly recommend LRS and Caire.

    20. This is one of the best agencies I have worked with so far. They ended up taking a contract over when another agency decided by spite to take it back. They have decent pay. My recruiter help me get my own housing so I could utilize my stipend which, I have not done before. It is so much more convenient as I have been in situations where a contract was cancelled and have been left homeless. My recruiter and I have each others cell phone numbers and even though he lives in in a different time zone than I he responds in a few hours. I completed one assignment with them and I am doing another.

    21. Recruiter Bryce very disrespectful, unprofessional and he is a bully. Paycheck is never accurate not very honest. Pay close attention to your pay stubs. Make sure you have everything in writing before you start.

    22. I have completed one assignment with LRS and am about to begin another with them, and I have very pleased so far. Brennan S. has been my recruiter and he’s been there when I’ve called, put up with my whining and been an all-around great guy. The only reason I gave the benefits & insurance plan a 3 is because I did not utilize the insurance plan or the other benefits in the package.

    23. I have completed my last 7 assignments with LRS Healthcare. My recruiter, Heather is great. She’s available on the weekends, after hours, etc. She is VERY knowledgeable of what jobs are open and where the best pay and location would be for me.

    24. I’ve worked with this agency for 6 years and with my recruiter at a different agency for 2 years prior to that. When she made the move so did I and we are both much happier. They are available nights and weekends so you don’t have to wait forever to hear back from someone when you need something.

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