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    47 thoughts on “Genie Healthcare

    1. Syed Farhan Hyder has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment person. I cannot thank you enough for you full support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career within just one or two weeks! You are brilliant at what you do. As a recruiter he maintained a highly professional demeanor and was always very friendly, and found me the perfect job instantly! Syed was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognizing my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. He was always there to help throughout the process. I could not recommend Syed more highly. Thank you, Syed. : )

    2. Tanya is an amazing recruiter!! Pam in the housing dept is awesome as well! However, overall Genie is kinda unorganized. I left my contract with some guilt, not because of genie, but because I loved my recruiter Tanya. I wasn’t happy at all at the site i was placed at. Tanya and Pam worker their butts off to assist me, but with all they were doing. I was so depressed at the work site. Genie could offer more opportunities outside Genesis, and better pay

    3. I enjoyed working for this company. It was my first experience traveling and they made things smooth sailing for the process of getting started and start working. My recruiter Syed Farhan was extremely helpful and always just an email away with a quick response. I hope to continue working for this company.

    4. I’m on my first assignment with Genie and my recruiter Syed is great. He’s always checking in on me and is always available for questions. I like my assignment and I really like knowing I have a good recruiter and agency to advocate for me!

    5. What a great experience with Genie. Syed stayed on top of entire process assuring
      I was being taken care of. Everything was handled efficiently, especially payroll! Housing manager was attentive to my needs and assured I was settled upon arrival. I’m very impressed with the professionalism and how efficiently my assignment was handled.


    7. Genie Healthcare is a great travel company to work for, they’re efficient on getting great contracts and with great pay rates. The recruiters are great. I’m hoping to stay with Genie Healthcare for a very long time.

      • I’ve been with Genie for two years now and I have no desire to work with any other agency. Kevin Bowen, every time, has gotten me where I wanted to go for more pay than I expected. I don’t know how he does it but I’m always impressed with his work.

    8. In my opinion it’s my recruiter Jeri Nations that makes the difference. She was a travel nurse for several years before she became a recruiter. She knows what it’s like and has backed me up and been a sounding board along the way. She has gotten me the most money and she is always available, and puts up with my quirky ways. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

    9. Syed from Genie Healthcare is always accessible when you need him. He always tries to answer your questions immediately, or will email someone to get an answer for you. He takes pride in doing a good job for you. I would recommend Genie Healthcare, and Syed as a recruiter.

    10. My very first recruiter Syed was the best, he walked me thru the process and never had any problem explaining any questions I had. He is always available to make sure anything I need or just checking on my assisngment is going. I have tried other companies and he got me what I needed.

    11. My recruiter, Jeri Nations is the most responsive in the business. She knows her industry well and is always on the lookout for an assignment that might interest me. She sends me alerts if she finds a potential location for me.

    12. Just is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever dealt with she really cares about her nurses and does everything possible for them would recommend this company 💯

    13. I know it sound over the top to say, but my recruiter changed my life. Best agency out there. They care, they are knowledgeable, professional, patient. I couldn�t ask for a better team taking me on new adventures. If you believe in blessings, they are just that, a true blessing to each of us.

    14. I LOVE GENIE! My recruiter is amazing Jen is always available when I need her. She tends to my concerns asap and genuinely cares that I’m happy with my assignment! Genie’s pay packages are AWESOME!

    15. So far working with Genie has been great. They seem to pay pretty well compared to other agencies I have spoke with, and my recruiter is always there when I need her. I am on my 4th extension and look forward to my next one. 10/10 would reccommend

    16. My recruiter Jen is always available when I need her and gets me higher pay than any other company. I plan on staying with them for the rest of my travel career.

    17. Love my recruiter at genie healthcare. She�s alwsys there for me when I needed her. She�s great to work with, she checks on you to make sure everything is going good and if not she try�s her best to fix the issue. She send you to good paying contracts too!!! Her name is Jenn Hopp!!!!

    18. Genie Healthcare is the travel agency that secured my first travel position in the city that I requested to work in. I could not have asked for a better recruiter. Alyson Parker walked me through the entire process, answering all my questions quicklyand putting all my concerns at ease. She was always accessible. The payroll department ensured that I received my paycheck every week, contacting me immediately if they were missing my time sheet. I have nothing but positive things to say. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Genie Healthcare and will continue to work with them in the future.

    19. I think their contracts are low paying. I think they are dishonest in negotiations. Not sure I�ll continue to work for them. Especially when other travelers are getting better pay for same position with other companies.

    20. I have absolutely loved working for this company. My recruiter and housing coordinator have been awesome as well as the HR and compliance departments. From start to finish, they had me ready to go within a week of being interviewed by the facility. I highly recommend this company and Kevin as your recruiter!

    21. I have previously worked with 2 agencies and by far Genie has been the best. My recruiter Kevin Bowen has been so amazing, helpful and he sincerely has my best interests at heart. The housing crew was amazing too, Pam was great and efficient

    22. Genie is a nurse focused agency. They appreciate their nurses and it shows. Ashwaq M and Jenn H work their tails off. On my first ever assignment, the facility tried to cancel me on my first day. Jenn and Genie were able to get things resolved with a shorter contract due to the facilities disorganization. They stayed in touch the entire time. Ashwaq followed up with me weekly to make sure things were going smoothly. I always felt Genie had my back. I couldn�t have selected a better agency. Will definitely be taking another assignment, and I highly recommend Genie to all travelers.

    23. This is a new company for me and although I was hesitant I made a good choice. There was a few issues when I got to my assignment and they worked hard to correct it. It was the facilities problem but it all worked out. They helped me with an advance on housing and when I screwed up my direct deposit they helped me out. It has been a really good experience so far. The downside is the language barrier between myself and my recruiter. He is a extremely nice guy but I can’t seem to get my point across to him at times. I will text him something and his response has nothing to do with the question. Overall everything has worked out. I will use them as often as I can.

    24. Out of the many agencies I�ve traveled with, I�ve finally stuck with this one. Genie may still be in it�s infancy but a lot of things are happening fast to the benefit of all recruits! Happy to see it!

    25. Kevin Bowen was my recruiter and he is wonderful! He always offers the highest pay and is available almost any time I message or text him no matter what day or time it is!

    26. My recruiter Jenn Hoppe is always on point! She always gets me the highest pay compared to my fellow travelers on the same unit. She is always accessible and very on top of my needs as a travel RN. She has had my back when I had an issue at one facility. She works hard at finding me assignments and makes sure that I arrive safe and that my travel stipend is on my first check. Would highly recommend this agency A++

    27. Dwayne Roshier is amazing! He communicates well, he�s prompt and efficient and I love working with him. He works very hard for me and pay is competitive.

    28. The company is a great company to work for. The bad side of the company you do not get good pay and they do not want to increase pay when requested. They do not accomadate for housing and no reimbersement when you travel hours from home to an assignment if you have to provide your own. They do not pay for gas reimbursement when you have to travel an hour or more from home. They are not understanding when you try to explain your needs as a Caregiver. They need to increase the pay when someone has to invest there gas and time of travel. They also should provide sometime of housing package so you are not driving 2 to 3 hours back and forth it is very tiring when you are working a 40 hour shift and very unsafe the healthcare worker like me.

    29. I rated benefits low due to cost only. I know that this agency is working on making it more cost effective. Very caring CEO.

    30. I really enjoy working with Genie. My recruiter is always available when I need her, and the pay is ALWAYS higher than what I get quoted at other companies. They make me feel like I’m a part of the company instead of just a number. Definitely working with them for future contracts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

      • My recruiter is always profesional and personable, always easy to get ahold of him, if i leave a message he always calls me back,

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