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    356 thoughts on “Fusion Medical Staffing

    1. I did two contracts with Fusion. The first contract was all wine and roses. The second was horrendous and unethical.

      Started in April right after lockdown.
      1) asked fusion for a covid test for myself and was flat out told “No!” The reason given was that testing was “inaccurate.” I paid out of pocket for my test.
      2) had to get housing because of the lockdown (usually travel in an RV and all the campgrounds were closed) and asked for an increase in pay due to that and COVID. Again, “No!! There’s no way we can do that.”
      3) extension offered by facility, which I accepted. The “bonus” turned out to be $400, and the recruiter (Katie Brown, who blatantly lied to me) told me that she was able to change the bonus to “non-taxable” to save me money..! Are you kidding?! Bonus monies are taxable by LAW. The so called extension bonus was part of the tax free stipend I was due ANYWAY, and would have received if I had gone on to a different contract. 4) I sold my house after the initial contract and prior to start of second. I requested my contract be changed from tax free stipends to 100% taxable. Again, Katie Brown refused, which I think is not only unethical, but illegal.

      Stay away from this agency, and in particular stay away from Katie Brown! I later found out travelers from other agencies were making more than $2000/month more than me.

      In the middle of a healthcare crisis, this company refused to treat its nurses with even a modicum of care or respect. If you drop dead on the job, they will not care. Look elsewhere if you want to work for a responsible, reputable agency.
      I’ve been a travel RN for 3.5 years and have never worked with a company that is this deliberately careless with RN’s. They call you a “healthcare hero” to your face while refusing to keep you safe in the life threatening environment that hospitals have become. Never again, Fusion!

    2. Taylor Nance is AH-MAZING!!! She has been so helpful during my first contract with Fusion!! I�ll DEFINITELY be returning to Fusion for future contracts!!

    3. Started with a great recruiter, but she was covering for someone on holiday. then that person came back, then she passed me on to yet another recruiter. Nathan wanted me to get licenses in states with little or no postings because it was easier for him. Zero help getting work where I was actually licensed. Lied about job postings. Tried them a second time when THEY CONTACTED ME about the need during COVID outbreak. Then he says they don’t actually have any need, which was a lie. He wanted me to take a position they couldn’t get anyone else to fill. Dirtbag. Other people had great experiences. Why did they have to give me the worst recruiter they have? Never again. I’ll go with a company that has a lesser reputation before I put up with this crap! You don’t get to live off my back when you treat me this way.

    4. I have been traveling with Fusion for a year now and I never pass up an opportunity to brag about how amazing this company is! My recruiter is fantastic! He got to know me and my husband on a personal level which helps with assignment suggestions! Because of that personal relationship, we have gone to amazing places all over the country! All the staff members which I have met are incredibly helpful and takes care of my needs! Top notch contacts, pay, destinations, and benefits! I wouldn’t dream of traveling with any other company!

    5. Been working with Fusion for almost 2 years now and it�s been a great experience. Chase is a great recruiter and all the others I have talked with are so friendly.

    6. With Fusion I always know who I am talking to and why. Furthermore everyone is 100% friendly, helpful, and professional. I’ve had only one issue with anything since starting with Fusion. It involved a third party, and Fusion bent over backwards to ensure the issue was resolved quickly, and with no impact to me. I would absolutely recommend this company!

    7. I gave Fusion a 3 on housing, insurance and benefits because I haven’t needed them but they offered to help on several occasions. I’ve been working with Lindsey for months and she has been super helpful. She was able to get my application submitted and an interview and job offer within two days! They have super timely on getting contracts and paperwork to me. Every person I have talked to has been very personable. We don’t always even talk about work related things. Sometimes we will talk about vacations and our family and it just feels very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to another potential traveler.

    8. I’ve been with Fusion for a couple months and am just getting ready to start my second contract. This is my very first experience traveling and so far it has been great! I feel valued as an employee and also as an individual. My recruiter, Julie, sometimes calls me just to check and see how I’m doing with the area and family. It’s been a pleasure to work with this company!

    9. Fusion is a great travel nurse agency. I tell all the travelers I meet on assignment how wonderful my company is. They are truthful, honest, every one I deal with from my recruiter to compliance seem authentic.

    10. I have been working with a few medical staffing companies and I prefer Fusion. They have been very honest, upfront and have my best interest as the goal for my employment. My recruiter checks in with me often. The pay is very competitive. The insurance and PTO are added benefits. I will continue to work with Fusion in the future.

    11. I�ve completed three assignments, 2 of which were with Fusion. Truthfully, it�s hard to imagine working with anyone else. Never had any issues – my recruiter is 100% transparent and I never feel like I�m alone in working through issues with a facility (though I�ve been lucky enough to not have many of those either). He really listens to what I want and works so hard to help me achieve my dreams. Through comparison with a couple other companies, I�ve always felt that Fusion was very fair (and usually the highest). 10/10 recommend Fusion.

    12. I love working with Fusion. They treat you like an individual not a number. Everyone is easy to work with and my assignments have been great.

    13. Was called and my recruiter blew up on me for simply taking a better offer from another agency. Was told that I was not allowed to do that. I have worked for a few different agencies and have never been yelled at by a recruiter for taking an assignment with a different agency. My recruiter was on maternity leave and while she was away the person taking over only contacted me about once every 2-3 weeks with 1 maybe 2 openings. Once she returned got back searching for assignments and got 4 calls in 1 day, but it was through another agency they just happened to be the same facility. I took the better offer and was called and everything but cursed out. She was extremely unprofessional and I had been with that agency for a year did 2 assignments( 1 13 week & 1 26 week) and to be told that I wasn’t allowed to change agencies, while being yelled at, was completely uncalled for. I would not recommend them for any traveler. The don’t pay as well as other agencies and some of them are completely unprofessional. I understand the work put in by a recruiter, but once I take an assignment I’m the one working my butt off in the OR. Probably the worst experience I’ve had as a traveler.

    14. Fusion is excellent! I am just finishing up my second contract with them, and I have been extremely satisfied. Not only do they have a simple onboarding process, but they are great with communication! They are also very up-font about the pay breakdown, which is very nice. My recruiter checks in regularly just to make sure everything is going ok, and also goes out of his way to remember and cater to my preferences. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone thinking about starting a new travel adventure!

    15. Fusion is.by far the BEST traveling agency I�ve worked for thus far. The staff is amazing, especially my recruiter Julie. Thanks FUSION MEDICAL STAFFING!!!!!

    16. I love my agency, I shopped around before I decided and I am glad I did. My recruiter is honest and friendly, sometimes we just talk to check in and she is amazing. Aubrey is a gem. They help with license reimbursements. I didn’t have to switch my doctors from home. The pay is good! I continue to work with them for a long while

    17. I have been a traveling RN with Fusion Medical Staffing for just over 2 years. After attempting to work with several other agencies, Fusion stood out the most based on the recruiting staff personalities alone. Other agencies tried to sell my travel partner and I on what their agencies offered, the perks, pay, incentives, etc and showed very little interest in what our goals and ambitions were. From the very first phone call with Fusion, we were asked what our interests were both professionally and personally, where we would like to go, what we would like to get out of traveling. We were then matched with an incredible recruiter who has had our back through some very tough assignments and has become a great friend! The entire Fusion team works very hard for their travelers and are very interactive. We’re always celebrating something! Our fellow travelers are very friendly, too! We have made many lifelong friends across the United States thanks to Fusion!

    18. Honestly, there is not enough great things I can say about Fusion! My recruiter Aubrey has been nothing but amazing while on my first assignment as a travel nurse. She�s always there to answer and questions I have or address any concerns I come in contact with. When she can�t provide an answer, she finds me someone that can. She has made the transition from a staff nurse to a travel nurse both seamless and enjoyable. I have recommended many friends to fusion and will continue to do so!

    19. Honestly, there is not enough great things I can say about Fusion! My recruiter Aubrey has been nothing but amazing while on my first assignment as a travel nurse. She�s always there to answer and questions I have or address any concerns I come in contact with. When she can�t provide an answer, she finds me someone that can. She has made the transition from a staff nurse to a travel nurse both seamless and enjoyable. I have recommended many friends to fusion and will continue to do so!

    20. I am on my second contract with Fusion, and I have had the best experience so far. Fusion provides a very personal experience, and has found me exactly what I wanted in my assignments. My recruiter is very responsive and knowledgeable and has guided me through the process making me feel extremely comfortable with my decisions. I could not ask for a better experience than the one I have had with Fusion!

    21. Fusion is by far the best company I’ve ever worked for. I’ve been involved with write a few agencies and they are by far the best.

    22. Fusion has been amazing! I am just starting my first travel nursing assignment and already love it. My recruiter is always available to me and works with me personally every day, making sure everything is set for my upcoming assignments and to answer any question I have. I love how personable the company is, and how hard they work to make sure you get to experience all the adventures you hope to.

    23. I love working with Fusion! The team that I communicate with are amazing people. The pay is great. The opportunities are endless! Highly recommend Fusion!

    24. Very personal service from recruiters; really work to find the exact right opportunity! One main point of contact, responsive staff. Pay is competitive with other travel companies; not always adequate with local markets/costs of living (but consistent with other travel company pay packages). Easy onboarding process. Great communication!

    25. Fusion has provided a fantastic traveling experience for me! Chase has been an amazing recruiter! He has been there every step of the way! He makes an effort to get to know me and my goals. Because of this, I have had smooth transitions and amazing opportunities!

    26. Fusion is an incredible company! And my recruiter, Kelvin Nesbit, hands down the best recruiter around. Really professional company and staff. Couldn�t be happier With my choice to go with fusion.

    27. My recruiter is Brian Dumont. He is the BEST! He walked me through the entire process, and was ALWAYS available to answer my questions. He is knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and has your best interest in mind. He also listens to what you want out of an assignment. He even checked up on me on his day off to make sure all was okay at my job. I could not have asked for a better recruiter. I�ll be with Fusion for a long time. There are a million agencies/recruiters out there, its easy to get overwhelmed. Fusion make the process from beginning to end feel like you�re their only client.

    28. Fusion has been the only travel company I have worked with. I feel the pay packages could improve but I do acknowledge that I have always been paid on time and what I was guaranteed in my contract.

    29. My recruiter does what I ask of him. Very honest, and always working for you. Staff is very professional and reply quickly to emails and phone calls.

    30. I have loved working with Fusion Medical Staffing. They have been helpful, quick to respond, and easy to work with. I appreciate all of the guidance I’ve received in landing a great assignment.

    31. I’m new as a traveler and so far everything is wonderful and my recruiter Becca Jacobs is excellent I really appreciate her!! I have been recommending my their agency to some of my ex-coworker and I hope they join them.

    32. As I’m finishing my last few weeks at first travel assignment, I am completely satisfied with this experience. Thank you Chase Saxton for being an amazing recruiter! I plan to take more assignments in my future!

    33. Pay is a big thing. I had actually forgot to submit my time on Sunday as required. Chase text me that Monday about it and got it taken care of. I got paid on time only because of Chase. Chase is easy to talk to and he stays in touch. He keeps me informed if he is going to be out or out of reach and who will be covering for him if any issues arise.

    34. I love working as a travel nurse for Fusion. My recruiter is AWESOME. He always makes sure I end up somewhere that I truly want to be. I have had nothing but positive experiences and I am so glad I chose Fusion!

    35. I only rated the 4s because i find my own housing and only take dental benefits, so my assessment of these things is skewed. Fusion is my second company to work for and I really don�t think I�ll ever leave them! My recruiter, Tim Quass, is incredible and very helpful and easy to reach. He�s very encouraging as well. Get you a Tim!

    36. I love fusion the most! I have worked with other companies but fusion continues to be my favorite. They always exceed my expectations and always have my back.

    37. I could not ask for a better team to work with! My recruiter is always available to me, no matter what, for a text or call with a problem or question. Number one praise is honesty. I have never arrived somewhere and found a different story than what I was told by the agency. This is truly an agency on the rise!

    38. I love my recruiter! He has worked hard to find me an assignment and I�ve always got paid in time and reimbursed for extra expenses.

    39. Great recruiter! Never lets me miss a paycheck. Talks me through moments of fear or stress. Answers all of my questions.

    40. Chase Saxton has been my recruiter for over a year with fusion medical staffing and has always been helpful, honest, and accommodating. I highly recommend him as a travel nurse recruiter.

    41. Fusion has found me all of my assignments so far since I started traveling, and they have been great about not pressuring me to go where I don’t feel comfortable.

    42. Pay rate: I put a 3 because I am getting paid less than other travelers I work with, but I plan to renegotiate when I extend my contract.

      Housing, Benefits, Insurance Plan: I put a 2 because none of these apply to me, so I�m not sure how they are. I�m sure they�re great, I just don�t have experience with them.

      Assignment Selection: pretty good! I do wish they had more places.

    43. I have a great recruiter, her name is Cecilia Merrill. This is my first year with Fusion and I am thankful to have Cecilia as my ” go to ” person.

    44. This is the best agency I have worked with and will only work with them in the future. My recruiter, Kelvin Nesbit is extremely patient when working with me and definitely go the extra steps to help me find the right assignment.

    45. I’ve been trying to get to a specific area. We’ve been getting closer, but not a 100% where I want to be. Pay is good, I only wish it were slightly better. I see pay rates for other places of similar background advertised and I sometimes think that I’m being gipped a little.

    46. I have been with fusion for almost 3 years. I have also worked with other agencies as a travel nurse and came back to Fusion because they were so good to me. I have referred 7 other travel nurses to them because of how great they are! My recruiter Jessica Casper has been the best! She has always been so supportive and does whatever she can to make sure her travelers are well taken care of. I cannot say enough good things about this agency. The pay rate is always fair when compared to my fellow travel nurse colleagues, and they have never messed up a pay check. They have contracts all across the country in amazing locations, and I have never had a problem finding the one I want. Fusion is great and highly recommended!

    47. My experience with Fusion has been entirely positive. I feel like they have treated me like gold from day one.

    48. Recruiter Kendall Hazel is amazing to work with. Staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all phases of preparing for travel assignments. They definitely work hard to ensure the best fit assignments for the RN and truly care about your experience.
      Great company!

    49. Recruiter is great; communication with compliance person could be better; not thrilled with pay for the hours between 36-40. Really not happy with the non-compete for a full year and binding arbitration. Contracts seem to be written in manner that allows for blind job submissions.

    50. I love Fusion. I have been with the company for almost a year now and I am so happy that I chose them. My recruiter, Chase is amazing! He has helped me every step of the way. If I ever have a question, he answers the same day. I would recommend this company and Chase to all of my friends.

    51. Fusion has been amazing for our travel team! If there is ever an issue that comes up at any point in an assignment, Fusion backs their travelers and does everything in their power to rectify the situation.

    52. Fusion has been amazing for our travel team! If there is ever an issue that comes up at any point in an assignment, Fusion backs their travelers and does everything in their power to rectify the situation.

    53. Fusion has been amazing for our travel team! If there is ever an issue that comes up at any point in an assignment, Fusion backs their travelers and does everything in their power to rectify the situation.

    54. Chase is a great recruiter. Very honest and upfront about everything. Would definitely take lower paying packages from other companies just to stick with him.

    55. I have really loved working with Fusion, I switched to them from another company because they had more jobs in North Carolina where I wanted to work and they were recommended by a fellow traveler.

    56. I had some issues with communication and honesty with my original recruiter which ended up leaving the company. I have been very happy with the replacement, Chase Saxton.

    57. Great company. Chase Saxaton is an awesome recruiter who is always available, works hard to get the nurse what fits them best, and quickly solves problems

    58. This is the first company I went with. This is my first travel assignment. This company and my recruiter is awesome.

    59. Very great agency. Have been through a couple recruiter and each one has been assertive and quick to respond. Pay packages are decent and I�ve been satisfied with the selection of options in jobs so far. Jennifer Yeshnowski is a great recruiter!

    60. Jennifer Yesnowski, handled me from day one. I never used anyone else. So very happy with her and with Fusion! She is caring, accommodating, kind. She reaches out to see how you are and really cares about the answer. I’m so happy with this company!!!

    61. Fusion is very up front about paycheck breakdown and after-tax totals. My recruiter, Nate, is excellent, always asking how things are going and looking for jobs that meet my (admittedly picky) criteria. I have had an excellent experience with Fusion so far!

    62. Recruiter Jennifer Yeshnowski is amazing and one of the biggest reasons I could give fusion such good ratings!!!

    63. Fusion is the only company I work for. Kate Martinez is wonderful to work with. She takes time to get to know me and finds assignments that fit me. I haven’t even thought about trying any other company.

    64. Fusion has been the best travel agency. They are always there to help, answer questions, and make sure you are taken care of. You are not only a number with them, you become part of the Fusion Family!! Love being a fusionite!!

    65. My recruiter Carrie is awesome! She is always in contact with me and is just on point! I would recommend her to any traveler..

    66. I�ve been with Fusion for 3 years and have had the best experience with each travel assignment. Jessica Casper is an amazing recruiter and makes me feel like I am her top priority even though she has other travelers to take care of! Love Fusion and Jessica!

    67. Kelvin nesbit is my handler. He’s top notch in my view. I have never felt more looked over than with kelvin. Always available to me is he. It’s like your best friend working with you. I’m down for the moment with surgery. But I plain to return fast. I know Kelvin will take excellent care of me.i can’t say enough great things about him. Other than he’s underpaid by 3.67 an hour. Don’t wanna kill him with taxes.

    68. Don�t always feel my questions are fully answered. Sometimes feel pressured to make a decision or sign contract even though I still have unanswered questions. Feel confused quite often as to details of contract, even after starting assignment and trying to clarify any questions.

    69. Kelvin Nesbit is my recruiter at Fusion Medical Staffing. He�s great. He�s knowledgeable, honest, reachable, and friendly. Fusion is a great company too, with awesome team members.

    70. My recruiter Brian is amazing! He checks in/updates me frequently. He listened to what I was looking for and was able to secure my first assignment in my specialty at a top Medical Center.

    71. Fusion is an excellent company to work for! I�ve felt like they�ve had my best interest at heart from day one and my recruiter Jessica Casper has been so helpful and reliable.

    72. I’m new to Fusion but so far my Recruiter Kevin is awesome he got me started on my assignment right away stuck by my side and made sure every question was answered.

    73. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Fusion! My recruiter, Kelvin, is great. He is always available for questions and to give honest advice. I really appreciate all he has done for me!

    74. Jessica is a wonderful recruiter! She is always honest with me about jobs, very professional, nice, and caring about my interests. I highly recommend her to other recruiters!

    75. I have one of the best recruiters, his name is Kalvin Nesbitt. he always keeps me in the loop, looks for the best assignment that fits my needs and has become someone that I would recommend.

    76. Worked with this company for about a year first contract felt odd but got me in the location I wanted and had great pay for the area. Second contract I felt I was given the run around wouldn’t submit me to more than one place for no real reason ultimately got a good hospital but poor pay. When I could have had excellent pay and another good hospital as well. Sucked it up and continued. Got told my last assignment only signed six month contracts. I reluctantly said sure because I was told there was NOTHING in the area I wanted so I branched out to be more flexible. Showed up to orientation,not another soul who signed was even given a six month option. This assignment has been not great as well. The company showed me just how unorganized they actually were. Telling me I have to fix problems with the systems and call x,y,z. Well I looked everywhere asked them to send me the educators phone number multiple times for me to finally run into it (on my own pestering of the hospital). I will ask questions be told oh we’ll look that up give us a bit and never get a responce. I know I’m not the only nurse I honestly don’t want them to call me all of the time and I’d rather rarely talk to my recruiter. But when I can’t pull out medications because I’m not in the system or do POC testing (no aides on floor to help with that) for months, I get groucy. I was told all of my cert due dates, prophecy due dates, and physical dates. All were wrong. So wrong that I spent 5 hours in an urgent care waiting for a physical before work to be able to work. Recieved emails from the HOSPITAL about the prophecy testing saying that if it wasn’t completed by the next two days I would not work anymore. The due dates were two weeks to a month off with nothing more than get them done. Nearing the end of my contract was told great we will submit today only to be called the next day asking questions about if I would be okay with this and that with said “submitted” assignments to be told “okay great I’ll get you submitted”… Those are probably gone. My recruiter felt lazy to me in not assisting with some of the problems I’ve had at this facility and have gone with anither company so I don’t get given the run around on important details. Some recruiters are great mine has not they’ll kill you with kindness but potentially lose your assignment with mismanagement.

    77. Aubrey Foley is an incredible recruiter. I am sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I don’t use that email very often. I had an outstanding experience working with her. I worried about NOTHING! She is the first person I will call when I return to traveling. Fantastic representation!

    78. I have done several contracts with Fusion. Never taken the housing so can’t comment on that. Paychecks are always on time and correct which I consider to be one of the most important things! When it comes time for the next contract they are always quick to get things done and done right. I haven’t worked for another company but I am pretty happy with John and Fusion.

    79. I’ve been with Fusion for 1.5 years now & I glad to have found this agency! Of course none are perfect,BUT my agent Aubrey F. takes the extra mile to accommodate/correct any issues I may have. PLUS, this is the ONLY company that I know of that gives PTO according to time worked with them, not after you’ve completed a set amount of hours… I plan to stay with them for the remainder of my travel experience. Great benefits too!

    80. I felt it was very inpersonal. My recruiter didn�t seem to have an interest in getting to know me, or my special circumstances (traveling with small children) they basically forced me into finding my own housing, and when it fell through, they were resistant to helping me find something saying �when why can�t you just stay were you set up?� They they lost multiple of my documents that were submitted multiple times. And anytime I need something, I have to reach out multiple times in order to get an answer or I will never hear anything back. I have had such a bad experience, I would never recommend them to anyone!

    81. I know it’s hard to keep up with every state and every facility but it would be helpful for recruiters to know more about what each licensure requires to obtain it.

    82. My on boarding crew was amazing and made this an easy transition for me. I look forward to working with them throughout my traveling career.

    83. Fusion is by far one of the best travel companies. They had my back from day one as a new traveler not knowing anything. They look at you like an individual, not just another body to throw somewhere.

    84. I pretty much have worked with Fusion for about seven years, and have recommended two others, Raquel is my best recruiter, do or die with Raquel, lol.

    85. By all the recent �Fusion Accolades�, I can tell they sent out emails asking their employees to say nice things about them.

      This company is dishonest and does not have the nurse�s best interests at heart. Pay for assignments is not comparable to some of the other companies. Non negotiable. They do not care. Beware.

    86. Fusion is the first company I have used for my first travel nurse position and they have been great! My recruiter is awesome and all of the people I have spoken with from Fusion have been great!

    87. Fusan is a very good company and I got a very reliable, and the best recruiter Molly Gottschalk.Thank you Molly for your time and help.

    88. Raquel is a great recruiter! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start travel nursing or current travel nurse looking for a new recruiter!

    89. I have been with Fusion for over four years, I enjoy working for the company never had a bad experience with them the team is very professional they try to get you in a facility 8f the area you want to go but sometimes that may not always happen but I recommend this company to anyone who is looking to work with a honest and trustworthy group of professionals

    90. There are so many agencies out there and I have checked others out but the pay is not as good as Fusion. My recruiter Jessica Casper is very efficient and very good at her job. The benefits and health plans aren’t as good as some of the other agencies but that is not my main concern.

    91. Nothing but good things to say about my recruiter and experience with Fusion Medical Staffing thus far! Would recommend and have!!

    92. Jessica Casper at Fusion Medical is hands down, the best recruiter I have ever worked with which is the main reason why remain with Fusion. All of the staff are awesome but Jessica really goes above and beyond for me to make my assignment as stressfree and enjoyable as I could ever hope for. She�s super friendly, reliable, and more than I could ever ask for in a recruiter. Shes my rock. At work. She�s my work rock and she makes work rock.

    93. I love working for Fusion. My recruiter is always available and ALWAYS wants to make sure I get the best assignment possible. My recruiter gives me so many options for places to go and makes sure he knows it is a good facility and that I will enjoy wherever I end up. The pay is great and I feel like everyone cares about me.

    94. I wish I could say good things about this agency, however, I can not. I don�t know where all the comments about great pay are coming from…their pay rates are mediocre if not low for the assignments they give. This company is extremely unprofessional; I have had 2 recruiters in my time with Fusion. Both bombarded with email, text, and calling, all within a 2-3 minute time frame, when I had specifically stated to text only and don�t need that extra headache of being nagged for the same thing. Assignment selection is not that great and they will quote you lower than other agencies who have been offering the same position. Neither recruiter I had would fight for me NOR have my back. The final assignment I did with them was the last straw, had multiple issues with the hospital I was with, deemed unsafe environment, and no acknowledgement or adherence to my contract. I had issues WEEKLY and had informed my recruiter about these issues, nothing was done about it. Went higher up on the chain from my recruiter and was given to his manager. Basically, I was told to �hold on and we�ll find something better once assignment was done.� I had asked for a new recruiter TWICE and was blown off. Nope, couldn�t get a new recruiter. They couldn�t get me an assignment I wanted, and had I continued to stay with them, I wouldn�t have been working. Had NO problem getting a job with a different agency and for more money, better benefits, and high OT rates 48 hours after contacting them, when Fusion couldn�t do it in 4 WEEKS. I even emailed the PRESIDENT of this agency and asked in my letter not to have my recruiter contact me after I resigned, so what does he do? Has my recruiter contact me!!! Unprofessional, they have gone downhill since 2016 and it shows. DO NOT go with Fusion. There are better agencies out there. They are in it for themselves, you as the traveler are just lining their pockets with money.

    95. I worked 3 assignments with Fusion with two different recruiters both of which had extremely different personalities. My first recruiter overwhelmed me consistently with repeated txts, emails, and phone calls when I did not get back to her within 2 minutes. My first assignment was delayed by a week due to my recruiter dropping the ball on getting the facility the proper paperwork they needed. On my 2nd assignment, she forged the OR mgrs signature on my time sheet. My potential 3rd assignment was cancelled due to my recruiter telling the wrong start/end date to the facility 3 times which discouraged them & therefore I was cancelled. My actual 3rd assignment I started with another recruiter who I rarely was able to get ahold of in a timely matter due to his child constantly being sick or my recruiter coming in late, leaving early, going to the gym in the middle of the day, etc. Always excuses. When it was time to look for my nxt assignment, he refused to speak to the OR mgr where I was currently & re-sign me. Then in giving me pay packages, refused to give me bill rate which I was being quoted by other companies $400-600 difference/week & wanted to know why.

      I addressed my situation with, Thea, which was the manager at the time and she didn�t seem too concerned either.

      My experience with Fusion was repeatedly unprofessionalism!

    96. Received 8 phone calls from this agency between 07:51 and 07:58am with no message left. Posted a screenshot of this on a travel RN board on Facebook only to have a representative of this agency claim no one from her agency called me that many times even though I had the proof. Wanted me to private message her my phone number so
      she could confirm this. Tried to insinuate that it was a different fusion company calling me, however the original caller finally left a voicemail and sent an email…It was from Fusion Medstaff. Very unprofessional behavior from 2 different representatives of this company.

    97. I made a switch from a company I really liked because I heard so many good things about this company however, I had an issue at a hospital where I was working and my recruiter never got back to me until a day later and each time I contacted my recruiter Dustin he never gets back to me in a timely manner. I met other travelers with this same company who informed me of all the nice little things Fusion did for them I haven’t had that same experience this is the last contract for me I’m going back to Medical Solutions should have never left them to begin with.

    98. I have been with my recruiter, Tony Korth, for two years. I am extremely pleased with our relationship and communication. Fusion is an excellent company to work with.

    99. Fusion has been the only company I have worked with since I started travel nursing over 1 year ago. They have been nothing but professional and helpful. I am proud to work for them.

    100. Working with Fusion for my first contract has been a stellar experience. My recruiter, Dustin, has been phenomenal and I will continue working with this company.

    101. Fusion is the best most reliable company I’ve worked with and I consider them family and they treat me like family! Highly recommend!

    102. Fusion was very accommodating, there was an unfortunate circumstance that happened with me during my assignment and they were supportive. Courtney is a star, couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter.

    103. I just completed one year with this company, they are very honest about after tax income. Had a sudden death in my family and they gave me a week off and sent me a card. I have sent several other nurses to this company to work and they each have been treated very well. Limited assignments in some areas but they are very good about getting another assignment.

    104. I and other nurses had a patient safety issue with a hospital move and I didn’t feel supported by this company. One nurse had Medical solutions and they made many phone calls to management and got their quality people involved which was impressive that they went to bat for all of us. Fusion is great if you are at a well established facility. Friendly and professional.

    105. Fusion was recommended to me by a traveling friend and I have had the best experience with them! My recruiter makes this company great. Jessica Distefano is seriously the best. She never fails to respond when I need her and always has my best interest in mind. Love working for this company!

    106. Really enjoy working with Fusion and my recruiter Jessica Destefano! Always listens to me….never pushes me and keeps my thoughts for assignments at heart!

    107. Enjoy working with Fusion. Smaller company so the pay and options don’t seem as large as others have reported but really enjoy my recruiter and feel that the company values us as travelers. Haven’t worked with another company or used company housing.

    108. Fusion medical staffing has been absolutely wonderful to me. They take extra care when assigning me to make sure I “will fit”. The only thing I would like to see is life insurance added to benefits.

    109. Ms. Jessica Distefano is simply the nicest and best hardworking person I have met. She can be reachead at any time of day. Addditionally, she is very proficient and knowledgeable.

    110. Ms. Jessica Distefano is simply the nicest and best hardworking person I have met. She can be reachead at any time of day. Addditionally, she is very proficient and knowledgeable.

    111. Jessica Distefano is the best recruiter ever. She cares and listens to me whenever I need her and she never tries to force anything on me. She constanlty checks in on me during the week to make sure that my assignments are going good and if I need anything. I’ve been very pleased with Fusion.

    112. Jessica Distefano is an awesome recruiter. She pays attention to my priorities and helps me find the right fit to the best of her ability.

    113. My account manager, Jennifer Y, has been fantastic! She started a few months before I began travel nursing and we’ve been learning along the way together. She’s dependable, honest and funny as hell. If there is something that she does not know, she says so up front and works diligently to find the answer. I’ve only had one issue with my paychecks, but that was a complicated situation with the facility jerking us around, but within two weeks, everything was resolved. I highly recommend Fusion, the quality assurance staff are smart and efficient. Everyone I have interacted with at Fusion has been polite, kind and transparent.

    114. Worked with fusion since 2014 with breaks in between. Throughout 2017 have seen a huge decline in this agency. Responsiveness, friendliness, competence in paperwork and accurate paychecks and having travelers backs has fell to below average. Refusals to overnight corrected pay after multiple messed up checks. Getting anyone including upper management on the phone, respond to an email or text takes multiple attempts. Which I give at least 24 hours, even when deadlines are involved but no reply is becoming too common. Will never use nor recommend again. Very sad to say.

    115. Fusion represents me well. My recruiter and everyone else always seems energetic, compassionate, and ready to help with whatever need I have at a moments notice. I feel they work to maximize my earning which adds to rewards I experience in my work by alleviating financial stress. Thank you Fusion!!!

    116. Tony Korth is a great recruiter. He works to find assignments that meet my wishes.
      Fusion does many charity events, which I believe is important. They support their employees.

    117. I really like Fusion but know places that pay more. I have a great recruiter and after working with some not so good ones i choose to keep the recruiter and lower pay. Fusion does well with pay, just not the best.

    118. Fusion is an amazing agency to work with! It’s truly a family and that is they’re approach, my recruiter is always there for me and if for some reason she has to be out like for a funeral, she let’s us know and should we need anything, there’s always someone there to help, someone who knows me!

    119. I am currently on my second assignment with Fusion. I’m in a traveling trio and my recruiter, Cecilia, has worked extremely hard to make sure all 3 of us are happy with every assignments. Couldn’t have ask for a better experience and can’t wait for what the future holds thanks to Fusion!!

    120. I began my first assignment in Sept 2016 my recruiter Katie half my hand and walked me thru each step calmed my stress and eased my transition to this new lifestyle. Pay has always been correct on time. Calls and messages are returned quickly and answers provided same day.

    121. I really enjoyed working with this company at first, but they then got greedy as I kept taking assignments with them, and totally low balled me on pay my last assignment. They tried to strong arm me into doing required learnings without pay, and waited until the 11th hour to tell me I needed to do fingerprinting that was required by the facility. I don’t think I’ll be working with them again.

    122. Love the agency, my recruiter. The benefits available. Wish there were a bit more openings along the spectrum of nursing (palliative RN, stepdown RN positions)

    123. Absolutely love this company, beyond glad I chose them! They truly seek to give you the experience of a lifetime. They make you feel like a person and not a number. Hands down Meghan Patton, RN is the best recruiter!

    124. My recruiter and QA manager are fantastic – they always get me exactly what I need and are honest when they don’t know an answer. But they will find an answer for me – usually that same day.

    125. I am on my second assignment with Fusion. They always pay on time and keep their word. They are honest and I have recommended them to several other nurses. I find my own housing usually with Airbnb for a few weeks and then rent from one of the nurses at work who wants to pay off some debt. I am looking toward my third assignment with them and especially like the fact that they staff both the east and western states. I have no complaints and have visited their facility in Omaha Nebraska. The entire team was so positive and upbeat, I was totally impressed!

    126. Didn’t have my back when contract was cancelled (low census but they made up bullshit to keep from paying the cancel fee). Never even called me back after I left several messages.

    127. New to travel and traveling with two kids I was nervous to start but Fusion made it easy. I have been impressed with every employee I have had contact with and their truly excellent communication. It is an agency I hope to be with for a long time.

    128. Great company. Very professional. Pay check is accurate and on time. My recruiter Jessica is friendly, professional, and attuned to what you need in a contract. I would definitely recommend this company.

    129. This is the third agency I’ve worked for and by far the best. I feel valued and like they take the time to get to know me personally.

    130. Fusion is a fantastic company. My recruiter listens to me and even took me to the zoo when I was in town. The staff is friendly and everyone seems to have a good time.

    131. My husband and I are traveling for first time with special needs. The staff worked hard to find us a great assignment to meet our needs.

    132. Got cancelled without any notice or cause. My recruiter not only didn’t have my back but wouldn’t even return my calls. Unprofessional. Lost a lot of money. Can’t recommend.

    133. Andy Bern is my recruiter and he has always been available when I need him and has always promptly settled any issues I may have had.

    134. I have been with Fusion the last 2 years of my 6 years as a travel nurse. They are by far the best company I have ever worked for and my recruiter Sara Spanjer is amazing. They value me and and my knowledge. They truly care for their travelers. I will never travel with any other company.

    135. I’ve had a fantastic experience with this company. Everyone is approachable, friendly, and professional. Starting travel nursing involves a huge amount of paperwork and they stay very organized. They pay well and work with me on contract options. Taina is the best recruiter I could ask for.

    136. Fusion went over and beyond in trying to find me a job in a specific city and didn’t give up until they had one that fit what I was looking for. I am very please with Fusion and their friendly and supportive attitudes and efficiency with pay and good insurance. Would definitely recommend!

    137. Andy is my recruiter and he’s great! He is a very supportive recruiter and he’s always there when I need him! He truly is exceptional and I give his number to any nurse thinking about traveling 😀

    138. Super friendly, quick responses highly recommend, you’re a real person to them not just another money maker

    139. My recruiter Tony North is the only reason I moved to fusion medical. I know he will have my back at any given time. He is the real deal and as long has I work with Tony, I know all will be well. But after moving to fusion, it isn’t just Tony keeping me with fusion. Everyone has been wonderful. So THANK YOU

    140. Samantha Kastler has been a great recruiter! Always on top of things. This agency has been top notch! Hoping to stay with them for many more assignments.

    141. Love Fusion. I’ve traveled with Fusion for one year now. I have the most awesome recruiter, Andy, and the support staff is great, too. If I had just one word to describe Fusion, it would “INTEGRITY”.

    142. I only rated the housing a 3 because we have only taken the stipend thus far ,(only on our 2nd assignment)! But that has been excellent! Adam is not only my recruiter, but I have come to know him as my friend! I know for a surety that he ALWAYS has our needs and wants in mind when discussing anything! I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and have! They are exellent! My only dislike is the dental insurance so far!

    143. Best agency I’ve been with so far. Honest, dependable… They do what they promise without having to constantly call and harass them. This is my agency of choice until something better comes along but so far nobody has come close! 🙂

    144. Meghan Patton has been extremely patient with me. After speaking with other agencies I can say that I’m sticking with Fusion from here on out. They go to bat for you. What I like is that I only talk to one person, in other companies you talk to several. I can’t wait for my current assignment to end so I can get back with Fusion.

    145. I tell everyone I can about this wonderful small company. I think everyone should give Fusion a chance at least once. I mean if you don’t believe me, keep reading the rest of the comments. This company is the best in the business with most amazing, professional, caring recruiters and ancillary staff I’ve ever used or read about. This is now my forever company. Thanks for all you do for me Fusion.

    146. I love Fusion! They make you feel so appreciated as an employee and go above and beyond to get you where you want to be. Thank you Fusion!

    147. I love my recruiter Tony Korth. He is great. Supportive, always finds the best pay package, even helps out with the non covered prescription that costs me $400 or more per month when I was paying $4 per month. Yes that is typed correctly. Always listens and gets me to the place I need to be, even though I change my mind about 20 times. I always have my next assignment about 4 weeks before my current assignment ends. I love Fusion.

    148. In my experience, Fusion has been easy to work with, friendly, and knowledgable with all of the information provided. I had a lot of questions at the beginning of my contract and the recruiter was accessible and patient with everything I needed.

    149. Been with Fusion for over a year now and after working with many other companies I will not leave this company not even for a job I want. They have found me something any place I have wanted to go. Sara Spanjer my recruiter is the best. She is there when I need her and on top of everything. Great company.

    150. I absolutely love this company. They communicate with you, take the time out of there day to check on you. I really do appreciate how they are involved with you while your on your assignment. Thanks Fusion for this great opportunity.

    151. My recriuter Jessica Franson is amazing, gets me assignments where I want to go. No issues with pay. Highly recommend Fusion to anyone!

    152. Fusion makes me feel like a valued asset, not a burden or liability. I have an awesome supportive team spearheaded by my recruiter, Caroline. I am Cath Lab RN, this specialty can be challenging but they make it easy and a pure pleasure. I ranked the Benefits, Housing and Insurance Plan a 3 because I have not utilized these services from Fusion as yet.

    153. It took a while to find an assignment for me but it was the perfect fit. So the wait was well worth it and my recruiter never gave up on finding that perfect assignment for me.

    154. Fusion is the only company I have traveled with so I cannot give feedback on them versus any other company. That being said, unless they couldn’t get me an assignment I was looking for, I have no reason to travel with another company. All of my needs have been met with them. My only criticism would be that they could have a better understanding of licensure rules specific to the states that they do assignments with.

    155. Andy Bern is a wonderful recruiter. He is very personable but professional and very supportive. He listens to what I say and works to meet “my” travel requirements. Any issues have been addressed and resolved immediately. Each of the staff that I have communicated with have been easy to talk to and work with. I have recommended them over and over again. I’m still trying to find my way through the world of travel nursing and so far, Fusion has been my guiding light. One word to describe them would be “integrity”.

    156. Fusion has been great! I can always reach my recruiter. She checks in with me weekly on the phone just to see how things are going and address any concerns. I highly recommend!

    157. Fusion has been an absolute joy to work with. They are so nice and willing to go above and beyond to help me with anything I’ve needed. I will definitely recommend them to any nurse!

    158. I am currently on assignment in CT in a critical care unit with this company. Samantha Kastler is my recruiter.She has been awesome. When we were trying to find the right “fit” for me, she took soooooo much time with me. She listened to what was important to me and matched this assignment to my preferences. Every person I have dealt with from Fusion, has been extremely efficient, professional, personable and caring. They return phone calls in a timely manner and stand behind me as a nurse. I don’t feel like I’m alone here. The pay is great! I obtained housing on my own (my choice) but Sam and Dan both offered suggestions and would have helped even more if I had let them. This is a smaller company and they make you feel like family not a number.

    159. They are a smaller company and their very personable. I’m on assignment in Omaha where their office is and I stopped by to see my recruiter and was introduced to everyone from the owner to the receptionist. They made me feel like I was the most important client they had. My recruiter Taina McDonald is amazing we talk at least once a week. She’s very supportive and as a first time traveler that puts me at ease.

    160. The best agency ever they take personal care of each Nurse fulfilling all needs. Very prompt kind and hard working for their staff I wouldn’t change a thing

    161. Been working with Fusion for about 2 years, I like them better than Aureas, Raquel is the best recruiter, and Dan Beller is pretty awesome too.. I try to be stay with them…

    162. Fusion is a great company to work for! They respect you as a person and appreciate you working for them! They are fun to work with and extremely nice!!

    163. I was extremely nervous when I started this journey but my recruiter, Leslie, made everything so simple! She listened to every concern and had my best interest at heart. I love Fusion for their honest, reliable and down to earth staff!

    164. Fusion Medical Staffing takes care of their employees…regardless of the situation. My recruiter, Raquel, is always available and resolves all issues immediately or within 24 hrs.
      As of thistime, I cannot see myself accepting a contract with any other agency.

    165. This agency works hard to ” land ” the assignment locations Im interested in working. Their pay is higher then my last agency. And the staff is far friendlier. I am very pleased with Fusion MedStaff and absolutely love my personal agent Thea.

    166. I’ve had an excellent experience with Fusion. Paychecks were on time and exact amounts. All interactions were professional, encouraging, and positive. This was my first travel assignment, and all my hesitations were addressed and put to ease. I would highly recommend Fusion!

    167. My recruiter is always available. The company is attentive and knowledgeable. They are the real deal. NO quibbling over money.

    168. paycheck has been less than expected due to health insurance deductions. Unable to do any overtime because agency charges too much.

    169. Very competitive and will work with your offer to match or exceed other offers you may have. Fusion is a thoughtful agency, always sending thank you cards and gifts for nurses week.


    171. Jess and Sam are AWESOME! They go over and beyond to get you anything you want. They are very hard working and just amazing.

    172. This is my first assignment as a travel nurse. So far, everything has gone smoothly. The real test will come if there is ever a bump in the road; I pray there never is.

    173. The staff at Fusion are fantastic, very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I’m currently on my first assignment with them and so far have no complaints or problems with anything. If I have any problems, my recruiter is available at anytime by office /personal phone, or email.

    174. Wow. I had two great assignments with this company. They were amazing. They took care of every need, even checking that I made it home after my assignment safely. Thank you to Jess McQuillen, she is a one in a million recruiter. Also thank you Dan Scardina, Sara, and Holly, you all make an awesome team! I can’t wait to work with you again!!!

    175. I was really worried about leaving my current job, and frankly my lifestyle, to pursue a travel career. I signed up with four different companies, talked about extensively with all of them. After my chin thought, I chose Fusion Medical. The Fusion staff made my transition better than I could have ever asked. They have exponentially exceeded any and all expectations.

    176. This company is excellent at finding assignments that meet my needs. The contracts always have exactly what I need in them. No surprises. They are also very supportive when I have questions. Always quick at respond to my emails and calls.

    177. My recruiter has been amazing . She has went above and beyond to assist me. I would definitely work with this agency again.

    178. Fusion has been an amazing change for me from the previous travel company I was with. Fusion makes me feel like an actual human!!

    179. My recruiter Caroline is always there for me. She calls me regularly to check up and make sure my assignment is going well. It’s good to know that you have someone who really cares is looking out for you.

    180. I absolutely LOVE this company! Top notch treatment! This is my fourth company and by far the BEST!! Definitely worth giving them a try.

    181. fusion is the most awesome co ever as a long time traveler I have worked with few talked to many and fusion and my recruiter jenni Paulsen rose to the top from my first assn. with them and has stayed there tru many assignments

    182. I am very satisfied with my agency!!! The staff is excellent they really do whatever it takes to make working for and with them a wonderful experience!! Great staff greater people!!

    183. LOVE Fusion! Jess Jackson & Dan Beller are awesome. Great customer service, keep you informed & updated. Really feel like they have my back. Couldn’t be happier! 🙂

    184. I am new to travel nursing and fusion has made this a very exciting experience. I hope to have a long working relationship with fusion.

    185. Fusion is an incredible company to work for. They go above n beyond for there employees. Always there for u when u need them or even just to check on u. I will n have recommended other travels to them. I will stay with for a long time to come.

    186. Fusion is awesome. The staff worked really hard to get the positions my boyfriend and I wanted as well as another friend of ours!! Always available,easy to talk to and enthusiastic!!

    187. I’ve had great experiences with fusion, they treat me with respect, always thanking me, it’s just nice..I could not say enough about these guys, they surprised me, really…

    188. Very good company to work for. Thea is such a great recruiter. She has been there every step of the way…would recommend this company to everyone.

    189. Fabulous group of awesome people working to make your contract the best. You have a team not only your accounts manager but housing,credentialing,benefits,hospital vendor management assistance and so much more. You know they have your back!Love them!

    190. best company I have worked with by far! Wish they always had assignments close to my home! I will always choose them over any other company!

    191. Just signed my 2nd contract with Fusion. Normally I jump companies for assignments but I will be staying with this one. Great company. Love My recruiter, Sara.

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