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    53 thoughts on “Convergence Medical Staffing

    1. This company takes my calls, responds quickly and answers my questions. They’re supportive as well. Bottom line: I am assertive and so are they, so we’re a good match! Brian, my recruiter, works hard to find assignments I’m attracted to and he understands my professional needs. I highly recommend Convergence to others based on their performance, thorough on-boarding and their Director of Nursing, who is an amazing clinical advocate.

    2. Great communication with travelers. Might be why they can keep their travelers with them. My recruiter is Dottie and she is great at her job. Thoughtful, funny, down to earth. Pay is good and always correct.

    3. My recruiter, John, is always honest, professional and hardworking. Everyone is wonderful to work with and available to me quickly. Credentialing was online and easy to complete. Could be overwhelming, but they kept me on track to completion. Pay is always right on time!! Great place to work!

    4. Convergence has great health insurance and my questions are always answered quickly. My recruiter is available at all times. Pay is always good! I highly recommend them!

    5. You guys are awesome at keeping me updated on what I need and when I need it. Everything is always sent to me in sufficient time to get it done. A shout out to Christie for always having my back and placing me in assignments you know I will enjoy-well except Iowa in the dead of winter haha. I�ve truly enjoyed the past year of travel. What a great company to work through!!

    6. My recruiter, Dottie, is the absolute best! She�s helpful, has strong follow up skills and always available to me. She has gotten me two interviews in areas that I want to visit. Everyone at the company has been incredible. By far the best!!! I highly recommend.

    7. Everyone at Convergence always takes my concerns seriously and they are always there to answer all of my questions. My recruiter works hard to make sure I get on assignments that are in my best interest and in the locations of my preference. Convergence also has the best bonuses and PTO programs for travelers!

    8. �I love the staff. They are always willing to help out, gives assurances when needed and provides guidance when I�m perplexed. My recruiter, Dottie, gets a BIG 10 on a scale of 1-10. She has resolved issues for me, is upfront and highly responsive to my needs. If she doesn�t know the answer, she gets it quick. She is just AMAZING! I highly recommend Convergence because the staff is awesome, gives you many choices with assignments and they stay in touch regularly to make sure that I have no needs.� Pay is accurate and on time dependably.

    9. There is no pressure to go where they want you to go. I get to make my own decisions and they make certain that I have everything that I need while on assignment. They consistently check on my satisfaction and offers to do things to assist me. Pay is accurate and always on time. There is nothing I have to ask for. I give this company a 5-star rating!

    10. I�ve work with the Leaders in Travel Nursing in the past. Took a hiatus from Travel Nursing for a while. When I did decide to go back to Travel Nursing a nurse colleague told me about Convergence and also said her Recruiter was the best. My recruiter is one of the better ones. She goes a long way to accommodate me and my preferences and for that I am deeply grateful.

    11. I had an issue with my first travel assignment with this company. The company at all levels stood behind me and pulled my contract without hesitation. I felt very supported by the company and would readily refer them to other travelers for employment. My recruiter, Christie McGee, was ALWAYS easily accessible and attentive to any questions or issues. By far THE best travel company for which I have ever worked.

    12. Mo Fregia calls to check on me every week. If I have a question or an issue he has very quick to answer or try to solve the issue. He cares how I’m doing and how my assignment is going.

    13. This is one of the best travel companies I have ever worked for in the last 30 years. From Sunny Leone in the very beginning until my first assignment everything was made just as easy as possible the staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating. Since I’ve been on this travel assignment they are constantly in touch with me wanting to know if I need anything and I can tell they really care.

    14. I love working with convergence. They actually put family first and make sure that you have everything that you may need. I can always get in contact with my recruiter any time I need to

    15. Christie McGee and Greg Allan are so supportive and honest. I have listened to other travelers talk and when I start talking they often ask for contact information. Super helpful, honest, up front, hides nothing, supportive beyond belief and the fact that I can reach them 24/7 says it all. I will never leave them

    16. Christie McGee and Greg Allan are so supportive and honest. I have listened to other travelers talk and when I start talking they often ask for contact information. Super helpful, honest, up front, hides nothing, supportive beyond belief and the fact that I can reach them 24/7 says it all. I will never leave them

    17. I ran into a bit of trouble at a certain facility,and the staff and agency backed me and pulled me out when things got to the point where it neededto be done. Every person i have ever talkedto at the agency has been both professional and friendly. I’d recomend them to any traveler.

    18. I hear traveler complaints often regarding their travel company. When I hear of the dissatisfaction, it makes my decision to stay with Convergence a no brainer. For three years, I have had exceptional attention to detail, my recruiter is attentive and responds quickly and my pay is accurate and on time each and every week. My recruiter is a straight shooter and resolves my issues fairly and quickly. I am shown respect and appreciation on a consistent basis. They definitely do what they say. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

    19. Everyone I have ever spoken to at Convergence is the very definition of Professionalism. They are friendly, listen well and are timely with their responses. Most importantly, they carry through with whatever they tell you. I rank them a solid “10” out of “10”.

    20. My recruiter is always available, she answers my questions and is quick to respond. They listen to you, work with you and provide an environment that you want to be a part of.

    21. APPROACH WITH CAUTION and watch out for recruiter “Mo”. He will lie and deceive you and is constantly suspicious and accusing his Traveler(s) of being dishonest when, as most people who accuse someone for being dishonest, HE IS THE ONE WHO IS DISHONEST ! I’d use them because of a great guy named Greg Allen (Founder, VP or CEO?) but you might want to try another recruiter than the aforementioned one I had.

    22. I’ve worked with other agencies but my recruiter, Mo, gets me where I want to go and works really hard to take care of my needs during and in-between assignments. Very happy with the company.

    23. My recruiter is always prompt to respond to my calls. He answers my questions immediately. If he can’t provide an answer, he collects details and follows up quickly. He’s a “10” on any scale as a recruiter. The company is always willing to do what they can to ensure my satisfaction. You can’t find that just anywhere… I’m very happy and content with this fine group of people. I get paid what I’m worth and am shown appreciation frequently.

    24. My recruiter stays one step ahead of me and takes care of anything i need immediately. The staff is awesome, respectful and quick to provide answers to anything I ask. They have proven to be honest, attentive and they consistently over and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Convergence to anyone.

    25. My recruiter is helpful and understanding. When I need anything, I only have to mention it once and it’s handled. My recruiter is always available to me, including through phone, email and text when I need her and she responds quickly. She usually checks on me weekly. Their insurance package is very good too. Everyone is friendly. They’ve earned my trust and I wouldn’t work for another company.

    26. I am so impressed with the interaction of Convergence employees. My recruiter is wonderful and proficient with her work. Beyond that, she truly cares. She even called me on my start date to wish me luck and reminded me that she is available to me with any questions or issues. The credentialing team is generous and patient. They helped me through the “heap” of requirements and actually made it much easier that I had anticipated. I would describe the group as dedicated and caring. Highly recommend.

    27. In over a year’s period of time, I have never had a pay issue, never been dissatisfied with my pay, they have done everything that is discussed before I accept a contract, I can reach my recruiter any time and she treats my needs urgently. They offer great insurance benefits and frequently SHOWS me that they appreciate me. I’m here to stay.

    28. My recruiter is wonderful at his job and always gets back to me within minutes. He helps me with any problems (which are few). Everything is very organized before starting an assignment, during the assignment and even on to the next assignment. I cannot complain about pay and they have excellent benefits. The staff knows me by first name and are always fun to speak with. They demonstrate that they appreciate me and I feel like a part of their team. Highly recommend.

    29. My recruiter, Christie, returns my calls immediately and ensures that anything I need is handled. Great sense of urgency to make sure I’m taken care of. They’ve gained my trust through their consistent actions and guidance. They are responsive to my needs and responsible with my career. Great folks.

    30. My recruiter responds to me promptly and the entire staff is accommodating and easily approachable – most know who I am if I call. They continuously show me that they appreciate my work. My needs are treated urgently and there is never any waiting. This is the best company I’ve ever worked for.

    31. I may not work with Convergence again only because I am retired. Should I decide to take another contract it would be with Convergence.

    32. Working with CSM has been an absolute wonderful experience. My recruiter, Mo, was always there when I needed him and called me every week. I knew I had his support anytime and that he was just a phone call away. Like having him right beside me. This company is wonderful and if I go back to traveling again there would be no question which company I would travel under – Convergence Medical Staffing. Professional on all levels.

    33. Benefits: Travel nurse is new to me but I feel there should be a Vacation package added and a 401 or 403.
      The recruiter Mo Fregia was very supportive and knowledgeable and if he did not have the answer he would redirect you to the person who did or find out the answer and get back to me in a timely manner. Great company to work for!

    34. If ever you’re looking for honesty, this is it. I’ve never been misled, someone always returns my calls promptly, pay is accurate and my recruiter is the absolute best I’ve ever had. Everyone is approachable and always a pleasure to speak with.

    35. I have been working with Convergence since 2014 and couldn’t be happier. Greg, my recruiter, has never been pushy and works hard to find the best assignments for me. The group is prompt with their responses to me and my recruiter always makes time for me when I call, which is sometimes frequent. He has always proven that he has my best interests in mind and truly cares about my personal success. They make travel nursing a great experience and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, reliable and professional company.

    36. Grady and Greg have been astounding. I went with Convergence due to the swift response, processing, and helpfulness of these two. Also, they made it so easy, explaining everything. Credentialing was quick and a breeze. I have and will continue to recommend Convergence to others.

    37. I couldn’t ask for a better company and recruiter than Christie. Working with her has been the best experience ever. She is always there for me no matter what and she is always a phone call away. I definitely recommend Convergence to anyone who wants to travel. I am currently happily on an assignment and have decided that I don’t want to leave them. Christie, being the amazing person that she is, made it possible for me to get my next contract exactly where I wanted to be located (NH)!

    38. I like the attention and personable approach that my recruiter takes. They take care of the traveler completely from before the assignment starts until completion of the assignment. I have always been one who works and I like the incentives in place for those of us who work according to the contract. I�ve received numerous bonuses totaling over $4,000.00 to date and have been paid and reimbursed on time consistently. I�ve been traveling with them over two years now and have not been disappointed.

    39. The recruiters are the most accommodating I�ve ever worked with and they are on top of their game. They make taking assignments easy and are always available when I need them. I�ve never been disappointed with anyone at the organization with over a year of working with them and will most likely never work with another firm again. I love working with them and feel highly cared for � in fact, spoiled.

    40. I traveled with Convergence for 14 months. I found Brian and any of the others I dealt with to be supportive and trustworthy. They stand behind their word. I would work through this agency any time.

    41. I have been traveling for about 4 years and decided to complete the application process with this company based on the reputation and reviews on this website. I am licensed in 27 states, all of my credentials immunizations and health records are up to date and I am travel ready. I use my time wisely and take higher paying assignments with lots of hours. I completed the entire application including uploading the required documents after a brief email exchange with a one of the recruiters. I was surprised to get a follow up email requesting the same information to be emailed to her. I explained that I uploaded them but also emailed them. I was really surprised to see another email asking for the same information again. Not once was there a phone call discussing travel options or compensation. I did outline my many years of experience as a nurse, I also explained that I am currently on assignment working lots of hours and need to use my time wisely. I really don’t understand the complete communication failure on the recruiter’s part. I feel like my time and efforts were wasted. I asked for my information to be passed on to another recruiter- at this point that has not been honored. I am happy to know that there are other good companies to work for.

    42. This company doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but when you need a reliable agent, Mo Fregia is the best in the business. He actually calls weekly to check on me. I’ve been with 4 other companies, and as long as I was making money they didn’t care about me at all. It makes all the difference in the world to know that you have someone on your side in this business, because other companies look after the hospital first.

    43. My recruiter has my best interests at heart. He wants to know where I want to go and what kind of facility I am looking for. The entire office us friendly and helpful.

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