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    34 thoughts on “Century Health

    1. Best nursing staff agency ever. I would only use them for travel nursing. Everything from first contact to placement was great. Communication was awesome and they were always on top of it. Thank you century.

    2. I had multiple issues with this company, from recruitment to payroll. It was extremely disorganized and no one seemed to know what they were doing. I had high hopes based off of the company�s reviews here, but had an awful experience myself. Although century has great paying assignments, it is definitely not worth it.

    3. I am very happy with my recruiter. She dose what she pormised and would go above and beyond to help us with our assignement. The company is medium sized and have most of the contracts in southern part of Cali. Can’t compare them with big companies for their health insurance and benefits. But they offer honest assignments and good pay.

    4. I was very fortunate to have Century Health as my first nurse travel agency. Lissa Soto was very helpful and honest with us in navigating what can be a very confusing process with plenty of predatory practices to avoid. I would highly recommend, and have many times, Century Health. I left them after one year only due to assignment availability and hope to have my next assignment with them.

    5. I have worked for Century and Lissa Soto for over 3 years. Lissa is straightforward and will tell you the good and bad truth about a facility. She does not or allows her nurses to go to a hospital not knowing what to expect. She and Century have had my back and supported me every step of the way. I would recommend them and will continue to work for them in the future.

    6. The century team is awesome. Their friendly and personalized service makes me feel appreciated and important. I love my recruiter Lissa, she takes great care of me.

    7. Great company to work for, supportive staff. I really appreciate the family like environment. I started working with this company as a registry nurse in 2008 and I am pleased to be working now as a travel RN. Century is the top of the line compared to what other travel companies has to offer.

    8. Attentive, reliable, and understanding of their employees needs. I love working for people who be understanding and meet my needs.

    9. The staff at Century make me feel like I am their only nurse…their primary concern…priority. They made sure I had a choice in assignment that set me up for success, and provide me with 24/7 support as needed (rarely needed).
      I felt prepared for work, am paid fairly and they even follow up with me to make sure I submit my time sheets to the work site so that there is no lapse in my pay. With Century I am free to focus on my assignment and feel more supported than I ever did when I worked for a hospital, and getting started was easy as they use the latest electronic communication options eliminating wasted time and travel to complete the sign on process. It made me feel important and that having me as part of their team was important to them. Great experience!

    10. Very professional “clean” agency. Lissa Soto is very “pro nurse” and is very good at what she does. Lori Jones is also very friendly and polite. Very reachable and I was able to receive most of what I wanted. Small agency that cares about their nurses. Good pay and the streamlined on boarding and simple, straight forward contracts are a real plus! I think they are working on developing a 401k/HSA for their employees.

    11. I have worked with Century for a little over 2 yrs now. I work occasional per diem for them and they are very thorough with making sure all my stuff is complete. Very professional and friendly. Pay is always correct and on time. Would highly recommend Century Healthcare.

    12. As a nurse moving across the country this agency went out of their way to make sure I had resources to the area I was traveling to. Sometimes finding a job is the easy part, its the little things outside of that, housing, and area to live and having furnishing contacts that make it so much easier. I had been in contacts with several other agencies and there pay scale was much higher and stayed in legal regulation, and I have never ran into any paycheck issues as I have had with other companies. The staff are very friendly and sometime they make you feel like you are their only nurse and that you matter. I would highly suggest that you take a look at this company when starting to look for your travel needs.

    13. I have worked for Century Health for 4 years. Their competent, caring staff keeps me resigning contracts every 13 weeks. Every time I needed something they were easy to reach and answered all of my questions. Compared to other travel companies I have worked for, their pay can not be beat. I recommend century to anyone who wants to do travel nursing!

    14. Treat you like family, only negative is they use a secondary company for housing and that makes the costs higher.. my recruiter there Lissa Sotto is the best,Ive had in 11 years

    15. Century was the most recent company that I worked with and the most flexible. I was able to get them into a location that they previously did not have contracts with; and they represented me well. I absolutely will continue working with them in the future!

    16. I have had great success with this company 100%! Travel nursing truly comes down to being flexible and also getting what you deserve in a fair way. I love how there is absolutely no negotiation here (since I went to school for nursing and not business). If there’s a better package out there, you are encouraged to go for it and there’s much support in the decision that works for YOU! I would highly recommend this company to any traveler…experienced or not!

    17. Small nurse owned company with very simple on-boarding process. Pay is usually better when compared to other companies with the same Job offer.

    18. I used this company for about a year and a half. Simple straight forward contracts. I was usually making several hundred more a week than my fellow travelers. Backed me up when I needed it with a hospital issue. Would work for them again if I restarted traveling.

    19. I worked with name removed from this Century briefly in 2015. Everything name removed told me was complete BS. She lied about the pay, insurance, and contract length. Halfway through my assignment I had to leave for a family emergency and name removed started harassing me. I explained I had a death in the family and she tried to make me keep working. name removed kept calling and messaging me on Facebook. Stay far away from this company and especially name removed.

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