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    208 thoughts on “Aya Healthcare

    1. My first recruiter with Aya took days to respond but ever since I got my friends recruiter, Steven Sanchez, my experience has been way better. He responds quickly and tries his best to be the first one to submit me for each assignment. This is now my 5th assignment with him. My first assignment with him was in Seattle. My husband and I had a lot of doubts about traveling all the way from TN to WA, but considering the lack of jobs .. he strongly encouraged us to give it a shot. And now we can honestly say that was the best decision we’ve ever made. We absolutely fell IN LOVE with WA. So we are forever grateful for him. He checks in on me during each assignment and has been great on communication. I definitely recommend him.

    2. >>Steven Sanchez<< at AYA is an incredible recruiter! He listens and supports and goes to bat for me. I completely trust him with my assignments and know that I can contact him anytime with questions or concerns. Recruiters make or break you! Especially since the assignments available has dropped and the amount of people traveling has jumped. I highly recommend him, you will love working with him!

      • What if Steven wasn’t backed by one of the best Agencies would you still feel the same or is just the agencies rates?

    3. My recruiter Steven was very responsive to me and helpful in finding contracts in a timely manner. Very helpful when I got sick during an assignment and friendly. I’d recommend my recruiter and this agency. Only thing I was confused about was I don’t get travel reimbursements like other travelers did, but I guess it depended on how you want your pay overall given.

    4. I have been traveling with Aya for about 2 years. I was referred over to Victoria Carrassco by one of my friends. SUCH. A. GREAT. RECRUITER! Always quick to respond. I had an unfair situation that happened while on assignment that I was super stressed over and she had my back and advocated for me. I honestly couldn’t imagine being in that situation with anyone else. I called her crying and was met with so much empathy and care. I recently accepted a permanent position so wanted to recognize her efforts with all my gratitude!

    5. I have been in Aya for 3 years now, my recruiter Angie Coon and her assistant Lucy Odonnelll are awesome. They are always fast to get me an assignment and give great advice. They both are knowledgeable and proactive. Also the travel specialist is great as well. They never fail to call for any updates.

    6. I only travel with Aya and have been beyond impressed with my recruiter Taylor Tucholski, since our very first conversation. It is because if Taylor’s dedication to my experience that I travel exclusively with Aya. More than once I have shared with other travelers how grateful I am that she is my recruiter. As travelers, we all have heard horror stories shared by fellow nurses. I can truly say that I never have such problems. I attribute this to Taylor’s proactive approach to every question and concern that I have had since we began working together. All contract information is straight forward and easy to understand and I never feel like I and haggling about anything. As with all employment, half of the employee experience can be attributed to the employee. Travelers have to keep in mind that this can be a competitive market and understand that you have to be “marketable” to get the jobs that you want. There isn’t a recruiter in the world that can make you stand out over other applicants if you don’t keep your resume up to date and your professional image sharp. The posted pay for some Aya travel positions is lower than other agencies offer for the same job but, keep in mind that you have to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. The higher pay offer may not have all of the benefits as the lower one does.

    7. I’ve been a travel nurse for 3 years now, with 3 different companies, and I’m so impressed with my recruiter Kristin McKnight through Aya! She’s fantastic at what she does, excellent communication, prompt, personable, so informative, and always making sure to touch base as necessary. If there are ever any issues/concerns/questions with credentialling or any aspect of a contract, I know I can count on Kristin to make sure things are addressed timely and effectively. With travel contracts, there are always so many moving parts, but Kristin makes every transition feel seamless and supported. She’s now been my sole recruiter for 1.5 years and counting, so blessed to have her in my corner!

    8. I was paired with Kristin McKnight and could not be more pleased. She took the time to ask me questions to put me in the right place and situation to suit my needs. On the few occasions I’ve needed feedback she’s been prompt and attentive, I would have absolutely no issue with recommending her to my colleagues.

    9. I’ve been traveling for about 8 months now and I absolutely love working through Aya Healthcare! My recruiter, Kristin McKnight, is awesome!! I’ve spoken with many recruiters at different companies and by far she is the best! She is always on it for me! She looks for the best contracts for me and my skill set and doesn’t give up with it gets tough! Kristin keeps looking until we find the perfect contract for me! She never makes me feel pressured, nor does she try to sway me in any favor other than my own! And even after my assignment is booked, she keeps up with me and checks on me throughout the contract to make sure I am good and do not need anything! If I have any questions, Kristin is available to me and responds quickly! For that reason, I continue to get my contracts with Aya! I recommend any travel nurse to work with Kristin McKnight and Aya Healthcare!

      • I also have Kristin McKnight as my Aya recruiter, I have been with Aya for 9 months now. Kristin is good about getting back to me with any questions I have in a timely manner and also takes into consideration my schedule (mostly night shifts) when she reaches out to me. She also pays attention to the profile we created on me and actually utilizes that information, which is super efficient on her part. I will continue to work with Kristin and Aya for my foreseeable future as a travel RN.

    10. Looks like recruiters spam this site promoting themselves. But these Aya recruiters I’ve only worked with one so far but I don’t understand how they run the business like that. They take a while to respond to you(days). They just have a large market share but damn. How is this how they operate

      • Have been with them for 7 years. It was not like this at all till about 3years ago. And when Covid hit they all went remote and it has been AWFUL. I have not traveled with any other company there was no need. I am not looking for new. They are the largest and now that’s all thy care about.

    11. AYA is the worst agency I have ever worked for. All they care about is the money they are making off of your nursing license that you worked extremely hard for! They claim to have support for your travel assignment, I was passed around to 10 different people until finally someone actually did something. But, all they did was SAY a lot of things they were going to help with and did nothing at all lol. My recruiter was a “senior” recruiter in her early 20s if that tells you anything, completely useless. I wish I had never contracted with AYA. It ruined me on ever travel nursing again. It was THAT bad!

      • I don’t know what is worse:

        Being passed around to different people who claim each can help but don’t help


        Not being supportive by not contacting an employee during a job assignment

        I have experienced every Aya negative comment on this blog.
        As with any society, some groups prefer to work and associate and “believe” with each other than with others. There are the business plazas with nothing but Asian businesses at one plaza and Hispanic businesses at another plaza.
        I give Aya credit for “attempting” a different belief in what they may call, some people. The truth in a belief can change, right? However, as it is not a challenge or a game to see what is true or not, Aya does not get credit for their professionalism with nurses. It is NOT about the money when a license is on the line. If it was about the money, Aya would believe the nurse.

        • You mentioned a license on the line. I feel like you have more to say. I am going through risk management contacting me from facility I’m working for and Aya said they need more info from facility. I was told not to talk to them yet.
          Did you have a similar situation?

    12. But I just want to share my experience with one of Aya’s recruiter. So back story I got into an accident on 1/15/22 and had to do multiple surgeries on my bilateral ankles throughout the week. I am now at home and healing. I texted/called my recruiter the next day after the accident 1/16/22 that I won’t be able to work anymore bec of the said accident and also emailed my supervisors where I was currently working. Didn’t use my phone because I wanted to rest and just to see that this guy did not even reply to me at all and to find out at the Dayforce website that I am terminated. This is not fair! Accidents happen and it’s not like I didn’t want to finish my contract! I loved working where I was. They just want their commision and after that they won’t even reply to your texts anymore. I’m tired of these kind of recruiters. Anyone from Aya that has recruiter like this?

    13. Horrible experience. First recruiter stop responding after I had asked for certain preferences like pay and location of contracts. They have this fearure that lets you request assignments but they are never open when your recruiter gets back to you. After not hearing from Aya after a month another recruiter picked up my profile. This time they just stop calling when I didnt like the choices they were sending to me. I was looking for positions within a two hour drive and he sent me to spots 4-5 hours away. He got offended when I turned those spots down. Another agency got me a position within 2 weeks with everything I wanted. Medical Staffing solutions is top notch

    14. Declined a couple of contracts because of severe weather conditions or based on the reviews from other travelers and nurses on the quality of the facility. Now they have every excuse in the book when I submit my profile for any position. But, it’s their loss, so many agencies and with 20years of experience I’ve never had a problem getting a job. So, I’m not wasting anymore time with them. Unfortunately, I recommended them to six people during my first assignment, if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t recommend one. I’ll hold off recommending any company, until I have 3 assignments under my belt, and the agency meets and surpasses my expectations.

    15. AYA is a terrible agency to work for. The recruiter I worked with was so immature and inappropriate. Submitted me to assignments I knew nothing about and then got mad when I declined the offer. She also didn’t check on me during my entire assignment and took over a week to get back to me about missing stipends from my check. Pay is lower than other agencies and you have to deal with too many people for everything.

    16. This company sucks I cancelled my contract due to lack of PPE and equipment and staff assistance . I was told by AYA that I should have let them correct the problems but staff stated that this has been going on for years with the hospital . No support from AYA at all , I’m going back to my other agency. Good luck to all that work with AYA.

    17. After I turned down an offer for a job in Los Angeles this company retaliated against me by refusing to find me another job. Now they are acting like the mafia when I went with another company by finding out which hospitals I have applied to and destroying my pay packages after I’ve been offered a job. If you ever turn down a job here be prepared to never work again. It’s truly scary.

      • I get it, I’m feeling as though my recruiter is doing the same, I had two offers, one was in Minnesota that’s current weather is -3 and such below zero and the other was at another hospital in NC, that has a horrible reputation across the state so I declined both. And since then, it’s like every possible interested jobs I request all of the sudden now there’s an excuse, and the one’s theyre suggesting are much lower in weekly payrates then the ones I’m requesting. I’m moving on, it’s their loss , there are too many other agencies to work for then to deal with their Mess.

    18. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians! You have to communicate with so many different people it is ridiculous and they do not respect your time off. Its all about them!
      Have a contract cancelled,(an obviously overworked and bitchy nurse calls you and does nothing for you, clearly for the facility not the nurse! If she doesn’t like her job she needs to get a new one or retire) your recruiter disappears.

    19. Emily Ziegler is the best recruiter and has the best team working with her. We have worked together for a little over a year now and having this team by my side has made for the best experience traveling. Even when we had challenging times, the team was right there with me working to get me to where I wanted to be. Thank you Aya!

    20. This person who watches this page needs to check into IP address because the reviews below are FAKE NEWS of the same people. Come on are you kidding? Aya is one of the bigger agencies that pays less and blacklists nurses. That is why they have to comment on themselves. One of the smaller agencies they work with as a vendor did that too after I told my situation.

    21. Madelynn Merchant is my recruiter and she is great. She always makes herself available and makes sure I get things in line for when it’s time to start searching for a new assignment.

    22. �Madelynn Merchant Is my recruiter and she is great! She really is accommodating at all hours and works hard to get me my contacts!

    23. I have enjoyed working with Cheryl Freese. She has helped find jobs even from West Africa and been encouraging and communicative through out.

    24. I have been with Aya for 2 assignments now and have had absolutely no problems! My recruiter, Madelynn Merchant, has been so attentive and available to call. I have not used their housing so am unsure about that aspect but the benefits and insurance have been awesome for me. I would definitely recommend Aya to other first time travelers.

    25. I am not a nurse, I am a rad tech, so up top where it ask how many years a nurse. I had to put something in order to be able to submit this form. So my suggestion is send out forms according to occupation of your clients.

    26. Cheryl Freese is my advocate. Promptly responds to any needs I have. Benefit package is good with Ayahealth. Would like short disability offered at a reasonable price.

    27. If it wasn’t for Madelyn Merchant, I probably would not of stayed with travel nursing.
      I had to go with another recruiter as Aya did not have a position in state I wanted, but I can not wait to get back with her. She is very caring of her nurses, understanding and works hard to keep us happy. She is the bomb.

    28. Madelynn Merchant has been great to work with! I feel that often I could get other nurses to come on board with the agency if the pay was more competitive to other travel agencies. As soon as they find out how much lower the pay is they go with other agencies.

    29. Madelynn Merchant has been an excellent resource as a recruiter and is always going the extra mile to find me the best jobs available!!!

    30. Cheryl Freese is the reason I am with Aya. she is the best recruiter, she listens, gets me great assignments and really cares. Highly recommend!

    31. Madelyn Merchant, my recruiter, has really gone above and beyond to ensure every assignment is better than the previous. She makes sure our package is the next possible package. She�s always available when I need her. I would definitely recommend Madelyn to other nurses.

    32. Cheryl Freese is an awesome recruiter and took very good care of my wife and I. I highly recommend her to anyone considering travel nursing.

    33. I have traveled with Cheryl Freese at AYA since 2016. I do not plan on traveling with anyone else. They make me feel like a valued employee and work to make traveling easy and worry free.

    34. Great company and they work hard for you. Madelynn Merchant has been wonderful! I wish the 401k match started the first year with the company though.

    35. My recruiter, Cheryl Freese was absolutely amazing. I never felt pressured, and I always felt like she had my best interests/wants/goals at heart. I had very few issues traveling, but the couple that I had, she constantly advocated for me. I would not consider any other agency/recruiter when I return to travel.

    36. Entire team is phenomenal. I�m closest to my recruiter however anytime I make contact with anyone from Aya, it�s the best experience. I�m proud to work for AYA and be part of the mission!

    37. I love Madelynn Merchant because she is the best! Working for Aya Healthcare has been an excellent choice. Aya’ staff has been amazing to work with because they obvious love their job. I have never had to wait for nothing.

    38. Aya has been an awesome company to work with. My recruiter Madelynn Merchant has been amazing. She is always looking out for the best assignments for me, and staying on top of it. The paychecks always arrive on time, and insurance is always included as part of your pay package. Full 5 stars, I’ve enjoyed working with the agency.

    39. Cheryl Weis is the BEST recruiter on the Market. I would not travel with anyone else, she is consistent, compassionate and works hard for me!

    40. Cheryl Freese is amazing. Always friendly, reachable, and accommodating. Couldn�t ask for a better person to work with!!!

    41. Working at a hospital with 4 other travel agency nurses and all made the same except my pay was short by $400.00 a week. My first time traveling and will never use Aya again.

    42. Stephanie is hands down your best employee. WOW! She amazes me. Her attitude, spunk, drive, and compassion are unmatched! She works so hard for me and I appreciate it. We have a had nothing but a great time navigating my travel nurse career. Forever thankful! Please give her the ultimate kudos – I sure do!!

    43. I can’t say enough good things about Rebekah Ghan and Emily at Aya healthcare. They were supportive, available whenever I needed them and friendly! I would highly recommend a first time traveler or any nurse that needs both great personal and professional support. The pay and assignment are exactly what I was hoping for thanks to everyone in the agency’s hard work.

    44. I could not adore my recruiter, Monica Hamilton, more. I literally sing her praises every chance I get. She feels like a good friend that checks in on me from time to time just make sure I’m liking my assignment and it always feels like she’s thinking of the next awesome adventure she wants to send me on. Her support staff through Aya are professional, fun and make sure that all of my ducks are in a row (which is a huge deal for me because I seem to always be on an airplane, or road trip, or mountain peak) and they make sure to keep me posted on anything that needs to be done for my next assignment…always without feeling like they’re nagging me, just some super friendly and welcome reminders. I look forward to using Aya (and especially Monica) for years to come. She’s the kind of recruiter everyone should not only want, but should actively seek out. I constantly feel lucky I found her.

    45. My recruiter Rebekah Ghan has been so excellent, that I’ve made sure to refer her to all other murders I’ve met this long to travel. Because of her I haven’t looked into any other travel agency. She really is great!

    46. What I like about my Aya recruiter Brooke is that she is always on top of me. with each assignment she makes sure that my transition into each hospital is a smooth one. I like the way the whole team plays a part in calling and making sure that i was transitioning

    47. My recruiter Stephanie Eng was amazing! She was always very honest and transparent about the traveling process. She was always very responsive whenever I had any questions or concerns. When she said she would follow up on something, I knew I could count on her. She cared about me as an individual and not just a client.

    48. I have the best recruiter at Aya Healthcare Monica Hamilton. She is always so thoughtful and does a great job. Could not ask for anyone better or a better company to work for.

    49. The reason I stayed with Aya for so many years was because of my recruiter, Shannon Wash. I talked with Shannon on a weekly basis whether I was on assignment or not and she was never pushy! I found a true friend and always knew I was in good hands.

    50. I worked with Monica Hamilton at Aya Healthcare. She has been amazing and so supportive. Would highly recommend working with this agency.

    51. Aya Healthcare is an amazing company to work with! I can’t say enough positive things about them as the whole team, including my recruiter Rebekah Ghan, have been super helpful and always available when I need them. Rebekah has always been super helpful, positive and easy to talk to right from the start. I feel like she always has my best interest at heart and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone as she is the best! The whole team is also easy to talk to, helped make this process a breeze with how organized it all was and how knowledgeable they all are! I will definitely be working with them again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a travel position.

    52. Aya Healthcare has been a wonderful company to work with. My recruiter Monica Hamilton has been everything I could hope for. She is always easy to get in contact with, which is very important as a traveler in unfamiliar areas. I know if I ever run into any problems (which I have not) she will be on the other end of the phone to fix it. She also is just a truly caring person and checks in with me frequently to make sure my assignment is going well and to make sure my personal life is fine too. I consider her more of a friend than my recruiter! I would recommend her to any fellow travelers, as well as Aya Healthcare.

    53. Travel Nursing is a scary endeavor as there are so many variables on the table from location to hospital, to staff, to licensing… and I honestly was freaked out when I started out! There is definitely a huge learning curve even with the my 5 years of nursing experience I had going in. But I am so glad I went with Aya as I felt supported through all the doubts and questions; they helped me figure everything out always with timely response to my emails and phone calls. They have made my travel nursing experience unforgettable and enjoyable!

    54. I have been working with Aya Healthcare for a couple months now and would highly recommend them. My recruiter Stephanie has been a guiding light during the whole process. She answers all of my questions, no matter how rediculous they may seem, and makes me feel ready to take on the world, one job and state at a time. I have felt so supported by the Aya team and my recruiter since before day one and continue to feel this as my assignments continue. I am so excited to see where my travel adventures will take me!

    55. I have been working with Aya Healthcare for a couple months now and would highly recommend them. My recruiter Stephanie has been a guiding light during the whole process. She answers all of my questions, no matter how rediculous they may seem, and makes me feel ready to take on the world, one job and state at a time. I have felt so supported by the Aya team and my recruiter since before day one and continue to feel this as my assignments continue. I am so excited to see where my travel adventures will take me!

    56. I have been with Aya for almost 4 months now.I’m new to them but they are so accommodating,professional, paycheck always right,they follow up with me to make sure I’m ok especially my recruiter Angie Coon.There is no perfect agency but the way they treated me, for me is perfect.I just completed my first contract/assignment with them and now I extended another contract and a month in the hospital I’m assigned currently.For now,I’m happy and satisfied with Aya.But wait,I also got the best set of scrub uniform from them free and a nice perk from my recruiter.Aya makes me feel good as a travel nurse especially that I’m new to travel nursing after 25 years of working long term in 3 hospitals.I wish I joined travel nursing earlier in my career but hey!what matters most is I’m happiest right now in my career as a travel nurse. Gypsy nurses rock and I’m in control of my schedules and vacations.Thanks Aya and Angie Coon….

    57. Aya has been wonderful to me across the board. My recruiter Sara Rundle has always gotten me assignments where I’ve wanted and when I’ve wanted. More than that she is available, honest, caring and thoughtful. Sara thinks of things I may need or want, often before I even consider them, which helps ensure a great experience when traveling. Knowing I have a team of people handling things like compliance and payroll keeps things running smoothly with each transition to a new contract and Sara is there every step of the way even after the contract is signed. The agency is great and Sara is fantastic.

    58. Deanna Steen is my recruiter, Uh-mazing. She has a special place in her heart for us NICU nurses! She has always had feedback from other travelers she works with about each location/unit so that she could help me match more closely to my requests. She always has my best interest first and foremost in her mind, finds out about me as a person first, then as a contractor. She has more than met my expectations as a recruiter, she exceeds them always.

    59. My Recruiter Monica Hamilton Is awesome.

      She is very Proactive, efficient and always positive and ready to assist me with any traveling or employment needs.

      Therefore I highly recommend AYA

    60. Aya Healthcare, and particularly my recruiter, Ali Zane, has been wonderful to work with over the years. She was there for me in the beginning supporting me through my new experience as a travel nurse and has continued to be there for me whether it�s just touching base with me each week, or helping me to find the assignment best suited to my skills and interests.

    61. Aya has so many great perks and benefits. The staff sees you as a PERSON and not just as a traveler. Aya makes sure you are knowledgeable about your assignment and that you know what to expect from them as your agency. You feel taken care of, and like you have an actual employer. I�ve worked with agencies that are just looking to sign nurses up for contracts and you hardly hear from them before, during, or after your assignment. It feels good to find everything you want in one agency opposed to bouncing from one agency to the next to obtain what you are looking for.

      I feel a great amount of support specifically from my recruiter Rebekah Ghan. Rebekah always has my best interested in mind and steers me in the right direction wether it be deciding job location or who to call to help me with my taxes. I can count on her to be honest and guide me through this crazy traveling journey. I Know Rebekah is a seasoned recruiter and has an abundant amount of information to share and I love that I am able to take advantage of her. My recruiter has my back, which is the whole point of having one right?

    62. My recruiter is Rebekah Ghan!!! She is amazing! I will never travel with anyone else! She works hard for me to get me what I want in every assignment. She is honest and straightforward with me about any questions I have! She is responsive to any questions I have even after I have started an assignment! She even answered when I was stuck in a snow storm on my way to an assignment and not going to be able to make it on time! I recommend Rebekah Ghan with AYA Healthcare to anyone looking into starting traveling! She will be up front with you from the get go! If she doesn’t know the answer she will find someone that does and will have it to you most of the time by the end of the day! Couldn’t imagine traveling without her! I have heard some horror stories! You definitely can’t go wrong with Rebekah Ghan, even if you have had a bad experience try Rebekah and she will change your mind! She is the best!

    63. I�ve traveled with Aya for over two years and have had an incredible experience. My recruiter Deanna Steen made the process so seemless and took the time to explain everything step by step.

    64. Great agency and great recruiter. Have been with this recruiter for over 2 years and will recommend this agency and recruiter to anyone considering travel nursing.

    65. My agent Angie Coon is the reason I have traveled as long as I have. She is personable and seems to really care about finding the right fit for me regarding assignments. She is easy to reach and very motivated to find what I am looking for.

    66. Lowball pay rates, compliance process is a nightmare, too many people to deal with in order to get anything done. Clinical resource nurse is hateful and accusatory of the nurses.

    67. So many reasons to distrust this agency. The pay they offer is consistently significantly lower than other agencies for the same assignment. I missed an opportunity for an extension because recruiter would not call me back for 2 weeks. I had to be the one to inform unit manager that I could not extend because they wouldn’t produce a contract and it was a hardship for the hospital that I wasn’t extending. I worked with them one more time because they exclusively had the contract I wanted. My manager really wanted me to extend but Aya offered me a HUGE paycut to stay on. According to unit manager, HR says there is no change in the amount they are paying the agency for me. My recruiter submitted me to an assignment without my permission once as well. I had already been submitted to the position by an agency that was going to pay me $500 per week more than Aya when this happened. If you work with this agency it will damage your reputation with hospitals. Aya is about as shady as they come in my opinion. The recruiters schmooze you like they are used car salesmen but they are absolute weasels to the core.

    68. There are many things about Aya I would like to rate as less than satisfactory but the the compliance process is beyond belief. After working with several agencies over the years with smooth transactions, I find the staff at Aya to be sub-par in all aspects except courtesy. Having to submit, re-submit, and one more time, please submit, items for compliance is more than a hassle, it is unprofessional and unworthy of an agency that promotes itself as “Ranked #1”.

    69. If a car dealership got these kinds of ratings, they’d be out of business. Why is this company still able to stay in business…because Lucifer runs it. While the facility did fudge their job description, come on Lucifer, have some grace…oh that’s right, you have none. Just send your demon clinical coordinator to lambast me (and yes, I DID hang up on your sorry self). BTW, yes Lucifer, I should have known that I’d be floated to all levels of hell/hospital that I’ve never worked in and have to suck it up, even with the treat of losing my license. Oh that’s right, I should brush that off too…Didn’t you tell me that the “Chain of Command” is followed by hospitals…did you get that term from a show you watched demon clinical coordinator (I threw up after you told me that…and after I hung up on your sorry self). I do get paid on time; recruiter is very nice however, Wal-Mart greeting is looking way better, “Laundry soap is on isle 8!” Stay away.

    70. My recruiter, Ali, is awesome. She is prompt, attentive and works hard to find me assignments. Paychecks are always on time and accurate every week and my payroll rep is very responsive. Pay rates are not stellar. I often saw rates posted on Facebook with other agencies, exact same assignment, $200-300 per week higher. They also don’t give you any special gifts or bonuses throughout the year (except pizza on your birthday and a cheap Christmas present). Benefits seem great, however I have not yet utilized them (knock on wood 😉 They will provide assistance with licenses in the more difficult states, like NJ and CA. Overall, I’d recommend Aya based on my awesome recruiter and they do have a wide selection of assignments.

    71. Aya recruiters have a reputation for being unprofessional, and bullying their nurses. My experience has been no different. I switched between several companies over the last few years to accommodate the desires of the location I wanted to be in (which is a common practice for travel nurses), and this tactic lead me to Aya. They had a contract in a city I had desperately been trying to get to, so I reluctantly accepted their offer…knowing that it would only be 13 weeks, in a city I wanted to be in. Anyways, my recruiter put immense pressure on me toward the end of my contract, as I was trying to find a new job…I was honest with her telling her I was using several (up to five) other companies to try to suit my needs for a new city to work in. Her response was nothing short of unprofessional, saying that she wouldn’t be willing to help me anymore if I was using other companies…I told her I was surprised and offended by her response as my experience with working with ALL my other companies never lead me to such a disgraceful response; and that I was doing what was best for me and what gave me the best financial and situational outcome. She shrugged off my response, and in fact did not assist me in trying to locate a new position.

      If you end up in the situation I was in, be sure to check your paystubs! They shorted me on SEVERAL paychecks, and I had to contact their financial department to get things straightened out. That’s another thing; there are like 8 different points of contact you must go through in this company to get something fixed….your recruiter is NOT your only point of contact…they are always pointing you in different directions in who to talk to to fix an issue you may have. This has not been my experience with any other company I had worked with.

      Only work with this company if you are desperate to be in a certain location, and no other companies have contracts in that area. Believe me…it has been a regrettable and unprofessional experience to say the lease. You should never feel like your recruiter is trying to intimidate you in to doing something…they look out for their paycheck over yours.

    72. I have mixed feelings about AYA. I strongly feel that my recruiters excellence is what makes it a company I work with. I think they take too much off the nurses salaries to pay for the plethora of “specialized” positions that exist in this over staffed company. They take 25% of any bonus I get. My recruiter is the only consistent factor. I have talked to an uncountable number of people in the payroll division, recruitment satisfaction, liaisons, compliance, etc. There seem to be a lot of hoops to jump through for every assignment, tests I have to complete usually while I am on the road travelling to the new destination because they don’t get assigned until then (maybe hospital maybe AYA) and I have 24-48 hours to comply. I have usually gotten paid the correct amount and always on time. When there were discrepancies in my pay check they were always resolved quickly with a call to my recruiter or payroll. I am reimbursed for licenses and travel expenses.I usually have many jobs to choose from. AYA has contracts with a large number of hospitals so their network is extensive. The insurance is expensive and covers nothing. $100/ week. I have had to pay for everything I have incurred in medical expenses with the exception of routine medical exams (annual pap and mammo). I had to pay full price for a pneumonia vaccine that I have to take because I have no spleen. This had always been covered before I travelled. Eye insurance only covered $47 of my glasses. Overall I think AYA does an OK job but there are too many people involved in the process. I would still recommend them but with reservations that there are probably better companies out there. As I stated earlier, I think AYA is my company solely because of my recruiter, Rachael, who is honest, reliable, friendly, and truly concerned about me.

    73. My original recruiter switched roles with the company, so I was left with an unfamiliar recruiter at the beginning of my assignment. This wasn�t ideal, but the new recruiter made the adjustment fairly easy and ensured I was cared for. They are a large company, and pay is typically slightly lower than other agencies but they have more jobs available.

    74. Crappiest agency out there. STAY AWAY!!!!!!! Horrible communication, lowest pay there is… complicated pay structure that even the recruiter doesn’t understand. When it comes down to it, you WILL NOT make what they say you will. They say they are trying to change the industry.. my answer is yes… for the worse!

    75. Simone V is an amazing recruiter!! She always has a positive attitude whenever I talk to her. She is honest yet optimistic. I would highly recommend her as a recruiter. As far as AYA as a whole, I think they pay rather well. I do not like having to talk to a different person for each department, I prefer a single point of contact. The only reason I stopped working for AYA is that I wanted to travel to a specific location that they did not have jobs for.

    76. Been with same agency and same recruiter for entire travel career. I loved my recruiter Kevin! Anytime I had a problem and called they were on top of it and made it a priority. Good a reimbursing licenses/certifications etc.

    77. All the reviews concerning low ball pay rates , lack of communication , and lack of empathy towards nurses is accurate . Did an assignment with them and was severely lowballed by 500 a week compared to the other travelers and I was certified in the specialty while they were not . Had issues with being floated to another specialty with no experience , basically told to deal with it by their “clinical laison” some lame duck from Texas who gets paid to tell you to deal with it . Rate them a zero and their recruiter keeps contacting me after the horrible experience , takes a person with zero regard and money hungry to contact someone they knowingly ripped off for another assignment . Stay away from aya .

    78. This company doesn’t have a clue! Dishonest recruiters who only care about how much money THEY make. The are great at the beginning, but stop calling you once the assignment starts… especially if you actually need something from them. I was the absolute lowest paid traveler in my unit, (ER). My housing sucked and they refused to do anything about it. They promised one thing, then while I was driving delivered another. They actually stole me from another agency and then failed me. I went back to my origional. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! STAY AWAY GYPSIES!!!

    79. This company will lowball you. And are fast talkers and will swindle you make sure you understand everything about your pay upfront. And your assignment

    80. My recruiter Dane Hayden is the best! He listens, always on point and work directly for his nurses. He gives you choices and demands higher pay for his nurses. I never have a problem with this agency. My paycheck is always correct and on time. It’s 2yrs now since I’m working with this agency only and never experience anything negative

    81. Hi Team,
      This is my first travel assignment and I was really excited to get to it if ya know what I mean. I did my research and I went with this company because of their ability to get my California nursing license fairly quickly. I was very impressed because I actually received my license 4 weeks and 1 day from the time I sent the license application back to AYA, so I felt obligated to go with them 1st.

      Well pretty quick out of the gate I had issues with them trying to find the “BIG $$$”. I had been talking to 3 other companies and I had a great idea what California was paying… Well my AYA rep came back with a significant “low ball” deal for me.. I confided with some other travel nurses that had been out here and they all agreed that it was a “low ball” offer, and it was probably because I was a new traveler. So, I call my recruiter out on it. I told him that I had spoke with a few other agencies and I new that he was not sending me the “big” money jobs, and if he could not accommodate my request then someone else would and I would gladly reimburse his company for the cost of my Cali License. Needless to say the very next email he sent me was substantially larger than the previous attempts to bait me. It worked, hook, line, and sinker.
      After arriving at my new facility I met 5 other AYA travelers and 1 Flexcare traveler that started the same day. We all hit it off, things were great with the facility except…. IT IS NOT A TRAUMA CENTER…. What??? My recruiter told me it was… Deet-de-dee on me for not doing my research. It is a Community Hospital ER in the suburbs of San Francisco… Oh I did I mention that the Flexcare traveler was making $400 more a week.. yeah…

      Needless to say I am now on my second assignment (with a NEW COMPANY) at he same facility. The other nurses here are amazing and super friendly to travelers..

    82. Recruiter was very kind and always easy to reach, but in the end, she was not at all knowledgeable and pretty much useles. Or was feigning ignorance, still don’t know. Ongoing issues with the facility were basically treated with a shrug and telling me to continue working on my own to fix things and stick the contract out (I realize now that was for her financial benefit). If I could remedy my concerns on my own, why would I contact them to begin with?! She lied about the facility and claimed she’d heard great things, but literally three other highly rated agencies told me that they no longer will deal with the facility due to persistent and consistent nurse complaints and concerns! Liaison was entirely useless as well. Cannot in good faith recommend this agency to anyone. They’re pretty much used car salesmen, which is a same because they are so easy to use.

    83. Screwed up my paycheck more than once. There seems to be zero communication between departments. My recruiter was great, but the contract(s) – I signed SIX different contracts for one assignment – are misleading and don’t encompass what was promised. My per diem M&I changed four times during this one assignment. It almost seems as though they deliberately
      want to confuse travelers. Will NEVER take another contract with them.

    84. I have a giant laundry list of complaints about this company. Their communication between departments is lacking, and they definitely are not to be counted on if the assignment has difficulties. Their pay is not competitive. It started before I signed my contract. While obtaining my California license, I was told by my recruiter I had my license before it was instated, only to find out 4 weeks later that wasn’t true and I was missing a document needed for processing. I planned getting the license months in advance because I knew California took a while. Due to a miscommunication between compliance and my recruiter my license barely made it on time to start my assignment. In addition they required me to get PALS certified in less than a week from my start date (I’m an adult ICU nurse). This could have been communicated a month prior when I signed my contract that the hospital required it. Instead they wait until the last minute. I told my recruiter I wanted housing. She dragged her feet until the last minute, so I had to be put in a hotel until my apartment was available. I had to call them multiple times to get an orientation schedule, and it arrived only 3 days prior to my start date after multiple phone calls. Once at the hospital, it only got worse. Within the first 2 weeks, the hospital violated my contract and sent me to a unit that was not specified in my contract. When I realized this, refused to finish my assignment that day, and called Aya, they were less than supportive. They got a clinical liaison involved who never resolved my issue, and instead of supporting me and valuing my safety concerns of the hospital, told me I should resolve the issue with the hospital myself and encouraged me to give them a second chance and finish my contract. At this point I realized all they care about is making money off of me. Sadly, the pay was so low I couldn’t afford to leave. Definition of being caught between a rock and a hard place. Lastly, my contract is over in less than a week, and the compliance lady calls me to tell me she’s missing a required document that was never communicated to me. Talk about disorganized and unprofessional. I will never work for them again, nor would I recommend them. The only thing they have going for them, is they are all very friendly and act like they care. But this is all a facade until real work needs to get done or the road gets rough, then they are not to be counted on.

    85. Does not cover to and from travel. I traveled (drove) 1800 miles to and from the assignment.

      Does not cover required uniforms.

    86. I have Veronica as my recruiter. I have done this for years and she is the best recruiter I have found. She lays the cards on the table and makes sure I’m well taken care of. I think she’s awesome!

    87. This is the second agency I’ve worked with and my recruiter and the staff that works with her have impressed me. They are through business minded and professional !

    88. Fantastic. I have never had a problem with them. They keep in contact after the contract is signed. Very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Over all great company.

    89. Everyone at Aya has been fantastic! This is my first travel assignment and everyone I have dealt with so far has made the transition very easy. I have always felt informed and kept up to date on the entire process! They have really made this a great experience for me so far!

    90. My recruiter seemed honest enough but his account manager and HR are misleading, unprofessional and I feel unethical.I was sent a contract for the wrong job in the same hospital. I told my recruiter and it took 2 days to “research ” it. Then found that the job I wanted was lower paying than quoted. They seemed to want me to take the other job bad.I stuck with my choice. After giving me over 30 hours of computer testing, with HCA stuff and their prophecy tests, on Friday before work was to start Monday I told HR I needed to know about my housing g and orientation schedule. I was told I would not be given housing until I passed 2 pass/pass tests at the facility 8 hours away.That I would have to stay in a motel and if I passed they would try to find housing. Since I had asked about this more than once that week, I asked why I wasn’t told this earlier, so I could have options. No suitable answer given. I was starting to feel like a POW. I had already been off work 2 weeks waiting for this.I told them to forget the contract. I couldn’t trust them at all.Run from them. I don’t even want to travel again.

    91. I was quite impressed with my recruiter Oliver. He is very friendly, courteous and very easy to talk to. I felt like he really cares about his job and the nurses he works with. I’m looking forward to working with Aya Healthcare and I know I’m in good hands with Oliver.

    92. I worked for a different agency and transferred to Aya when my recruiter started at Aya. I have nothing but good things to say about my recruiter but this company is terrible. The first hospital I worked at with them was a disaster. The assignments were unsafe for the patients and me. This was the first time I was actually in fear of losing my nursing license. They got me in touch with their so called nurse liaison. He actually told me I was overreacting and every third travel assignment is usually terrible. I have not had that experience and all together I have had 10 travel assignments. When I gave my two weeks notice early to take a job making a lot more money, they would not send me copies of my files because I left early. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

    93. uncaring, unprofessional towards nurses in general. travelers must realize the agency client is the facility, not the nurse. the less they get the nurse to accept – travel, housing, insurance, PAY – the more the agency/ recruiter gains. first-time travelers beware – do NOT sign a contract you have not thoroughly read and understand. if you don’t understand, ask, either another traveler, through forums, and lastly your recruiter. remember you are not the client!

    94. Very impressed with my recruiters professionalism, promptness at taking care of business, very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. Her enthusiasm is refreshing.

    95. The company is efficient, in general- and seems to be well-managed from a business standpoint. However, I was assigned a young, aggressive, and often disrespectful recruiter who really doesn’t get that there are hundreds of travel companies with which she is competing. The pay I was promised was not the pay I received. My contract was cut short because the facility department was overstaffed/census down- but I was accused of having “communication issues” with people outside of my department. Yes, I was bullied by a floor RN and a PA who didn’t understand that PACU RN’s work with anesthesia personnel and take orders from anesthesia professionals, not surgery dept. Physician Assistants. No support from AYA or from my overly assertive recruiter. When I told my recruiter, Laura Osmun, I would like to do one more assignment before returning to grad school, and therefore probably would not be traveling for as long as 2 years, if ever again, she dropped me like a hot potato. She knows NOTHING about nursing and demonstrated zero regard for the people whose work pays her salary. She was sanguine, without understanding or empathy, and TOTALLY self-interested. I would not recommend her and I would not recommend AYA, after 2 assignments, 5 months apart.

    96. Wow calling me back so quickly. It was great. And guiding me through the process, it was so kind. I like Aya’s “Can do attitude”, and positivity.

    97. My first recruiter had me thinking I may leave and find a different company but Aya quickly switched me over to someone that I have found to be absolutely amazing! Always on top of things, quick to reply, willing to work with me to see ensure that my needs and wants are met. Honestly, very happy with them currently and would highly recommend them to any travel nurse.

    98. Kelly Twohey was exceptional with helping me and my friend secure traveling jobs. She is very delightful to work with. I can tell she is a hard worker and she definitely alleviated any stress I had with trying to secure a traveling position in LA. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks a job through AYA Healthcare. She is THE BEST!!!

    99. You are my dream team!! Thank you for helping me with Parallon week after week. You respond back to my emails like superman flying through the skies! Thank you for all you do – I enjoy working beside you!

    100. My recruiter Taylor Kirk is awesome! He was energetic, informative, encouraging & really easy to talk with. He made my travel exploration great by staying in close contact via VM, emails & text. I was impressed by his customer service!

    101. I’ve called my recruiter with this company when I’m on assignment with someone else for advice on how to approach a recruiter that I’m upset with. She could not have been more supportive and understanding. I don’t take benefits (insurance) so just guessing at that rating

    102. I was given a great deal of misinformation and would not have taken an assignment with them if they had been honest with me. Having signed the contract and started working before I discovered all of the mis truths, I finished the contract and will not work with them again. When the manager of recruitment tells you that you aren’t going to make a lot of money with them and if you want the company with the highest paying contracts that you need to go with one of two other companies, and then tells you that their forte is communication and customer service, all while not communicating with you effectively or providing even a modicum of customer service, there might be a problem.

    103. My recruiter was very helpful! I stopped traveling when I got married, but I’ll be sure to get back into it one day so I can work at AYA again with all of those great people.

    104. I love working with Roberto. If he is not sure of the answer to my many questions, he does not blow smoke. He finds the answer quickly and gets back to me. I know I am going to have choices with assignments and dont feel like I have to take any specific one. I’m happy with my travel assignments. Ask for Roberto for your recruiter.

    105. Zeid is great with timely communication and shows true enthusiasm. He made me feel like I was important to him and the company and that he cared that the application process should go as smoothly as possible.

    106. My recruiter Anthony is excellent. He was very quick at getting my first assignment and stayed in contact with me. The housing provided had some issues but Anthony stayed in contact and offered to help me move if needed. The credentialing department appeared to be disconnected and disinterested in assisting me with updating credentials and gave me tremendous grief like resending photos 3 plus times because they weren’t clear enough- their efforts in communication and support were substandard compared to the rest of the company. I was hoping this company would have more positions to choose from and really hoping they might come up on their low pay rates. This company is a good choice fro “destination” assignment- not so good for a “high pay” assignment.

    107. This company is dishonest and incompetent. My recruiter Kelly lied to me multiple times about housing, benefits, and hospital of contract. She stated this company was known for exceptional housing. I was walked into an apartment in Skid Row at Los Angeles (Which is the ghetto/homeless territory. There were concrete floors in this apartment, no furniture, and no refrigerator. She assured me this was the first time this had ever happened. Another traveler of Kelly’s had the same problem I did. Since these conditions were not acceptable to live in, the company placed me in a “4-star” hotel until other housing was found. This hotel was filthy and in a high-crime area on sunset blvd. Also Kelly promised I would be using EMR but it was actual paper charting. I drove from Illinois to LA by the way. I was not reimbursed for any travels whatsoever. I talked to my recruiter’s supervisor, Megan, and she was very rude and not helpful at all. She would not answer my calls or return them. I then spoke to Sophia, Megan’s supervisor and again, nothing was done. Please reconsider using another company. This company is not concerned about you, the nurse.

    108. My recruiter, Kelly is beyond amazing! Truly an advocate for Aya and myself as a nurse! She handled a situation I was recently involved in and showed compassion, concern and directed the concern to the appropriate parties and got them involved as needed. She is truly an asset to your company and embodies true care and professionalism in her role.

    109. Ali zane is great! I was skeptical about doing travel nursing. She definitely made me feel at ease with the whole process. Ali and her team is very proactive and works efficiently on accommodating your traveling needs. She is your recruiter and she is someone I could call a friend. It’s great when you can rely on someone like Ali for your next adventure with travel nursing.

    110. Aya is a good company however with any good company there are flaws. The company will most likely side with facility if there’s a problem because no one is willing to loose a contract. Pay can start out well but there’s always the company’s “overhead”. So lets say the company can bill the facility at a high bill rate of lets say 70.00. You’ll only get 30-40 dollars of that! Make sure that all requested/needed time off is in contract!

    111. Aya is friendly on the phone and they act as if they want to be your best friend. They tell you they will compensate you if you send them other nurses, and then they somehow forget a few times even after 3 reminds. They don’t pay as well as other agencies. They are kind of like car salesmen. They don’t really care that much..they somehow remember other things pertaining to you signing the contract but forget several times to compensate you for sending them nurses their way. I is basic to below average. They are too nice to the point that you realize that their game is on…kind of like car salesmen… Word of mouth is key..many told me to stay away from Aya after I had signed my first contract with them…I won’t be going back..

    112. Have had 5 or 6 assignments with them and my wife has had 1 asignment with them. being in different specialties and different certifications has made our case slightly dificult for other agencies to get us where we want to go. However, each time we tell them “put us in a 15 mile radius of this point” they have come through with flying colors. They aren’t the highest paying, nor are they the lowest. But as for service and getting things done quickly, they are there working as a team to make sure things are resolved. There was a couple times where things did not get resolved at the recruiter level and had to be moved up to management level. Management there is amazing and made sure things were cleared up quickly and resolved.

    113. Recruiter and agency staff did not have knowledge of goings-on at facility where I was placed – “we’ve never had these problems before.” Contract is what you negotiate. If you have must-haves, be assertive for those but flexible with others. Pay and travel allowances satisfactory. Housing was on my own. Would try this agency again but would be more explicit with facility questions and ensure answers fully before proceeding further.

    114. My recruiter Erin made me feel like I matter to her, like a real person not just a traveler. Anytime I need to speak to her she was quick to respond and that means a lot to me, because previous agencies I’ve dealt with wouldn�t.

    115. Worked with an agency called “Vertex”. Vertex Agency took money out of paycheck, threatened to call the police if I did not leave the apartment, and then two weeks later I am still being threatened and harassed especially from being blacklisted. However, I do not think I was because I have been able to obtain a new job and have already been extended. I had to change my numbers and am about to change my email. When I contacted Aya the VP said, “She did not care”. What a nightmare.

    116. Absolutely love love love my recruiter from AYA (Brooke K)
      I came from AMN and noticed a HUGE difference. The insurance is horrible for those that want the bare bones, but worth getting your own insurance to work for this agency.

    117. The pay rate was great with my first assignment, but got lower with each subsequent assignment. On my last assignment they provided an apartment, but then acted like they were doing me a huge favor & did nothing but hassle me over details. The compliance person doesn’t seem to know the difference between RN & allied requirements. The pay checks were often missing pay for call, charge, etc. I submitted a time card on Monday morning & then routinely got a text a day or two later telling me they hadn’t received a time card. The whole organization seems to have gone downhill since I started with them a year ago. I’m traveling with a different company now and am much happier. On a positive note, Aya has great health insurance rates.

    118. I have talked with NUMEROUS recruiters and companies this last month. Came back to Aya Healthcare because they were on top of their game. They where there to explain and answer all my questions. I feel like they really have my back!

    119. I’m on my third assignment with Aya and I love it. I have not run into any problems with them at all. Everyone has been very helpful, quick to respond to my questions/emails, concise, and I love that everything is done electronically. I only wish that the travelers had access online to view what jobs are available, but I understand that would put their opportunities in a more vulnerable position to competing companies. My recruiter is great and I have recommended her to many other people who have expressed interest in travel nursing.

    120. It has been a wonderful experience dealing with Aya Healthcare. Their staff is world class! I would especially like to mention my recruiter Helen. She has been such a pleasure to work with. She is professional, courteous and on the ball. Initially, I contacted another travel health care agency but I did not receive the prompt response to my questions and information that I received from Helen. This is my first travel nursing job and so far I am very pleased!

    121. HUUUUUUUGE shout out on the process at Aya. It was the smoothest, easiest going and most pro active communication I have ever encountered with an agency. Specifically, Mandy my credentialing specialist, was awesome at getting info out to me and answered all questions in a very timely manner.

    122. Jan, my Recruiter of Therapy, was not only friendly but also very sincere. It was my pleasure talking with her regarding to my career path. She was willing to spend more time explaining the career options, and that was extremely impressive.

    123. My husband and I are both travel nurses. We are currently on our fourth contract with Aya. We continue to work with Aya because we have been successfully placed in the hospitals we want to work. The pay is good and meets our expectations. However, every time we have renegotiated contracts we find discrepancies and need the contracts corrected. The impression I got each time was the recruiter was hoping we would not notice a change in pay or other compensation. Pur recruiter know we are not new to traveling and becomes very aggravated and sounds put out every time we ask for something that has been done for us in the past, by Aya and other companies, and we know is within reason for us to request. We considered taking the company health insurance and each time I requested the costs I was given a answer of “about x dollars per pay period.” Each time this costs changed. We had additional questions about the insurance and our recruiter referred us to someone in HR. After speaking to HR we were told the costs was $352/mo (the same costs as BCBS if we were to get a private insurance policy from BCBS) for the company. We were told by HR our recruiter actually sets the terms of costs to the traveler and so we called him again. He then requoted our pay package and the costs of insurance was $404/mo. Um, that’s more money than it would costs the company. So we declined the health insurance. On another occasion, we were hesitant to re sign a contract because after reading tax law on line we felt we would not be eligible for the tax free stipends. Our recruiter said we could speak to someone from the legal department. Another person called us, stated he was the Vice President of Aya (I later goggled him and he was the VP of a particular department. Not the VP of the entire company.)and he told us there was not a actual legal department and things we completed and advised based on previous incidents experienced by the company. So I was lied to about the existence of a legal department and advised based on the companies previous practices which does not ensure it is legal. These are just two examples of dealing with Aya. If we were new travelers this would probably get us into bad situations. However, we are seasoned travelers and we aren’t timid about asking for and expecting what we need and doing what we feel is legal and makes us comfortable with the decisions. We have worked with three companies and talked to many other companies. Our experience is that for the most part they are all the same. You just have to be knowledgeable and do what makes you feel comfortable. Our recruiter definitely reminds us of a sleazy car salesman. Just be sure to put you first and be firm in what you are willing to accept.

    124. They LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE.
      They don’t follow through on
      non-smoked housing, or that
      the RN put animals, non-smoked housing on form sent to
      RN, these were ignored. All very argumentative, and CEO not interested in travel staff. Sweet talk you into company, then BULLY you to death. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. It’s not worth your time, health, sanity. Experienced Traveler RN

    125. My recruiter was unprofessional constantly calling me “hey girl.” Insulting me by trying to intimidate me when I caught her lying about how much I would be compensated. I asked for the percentages of the tax in the state I would be traveling to she refused to tell me. I told her the numbers she gave me were not adding up to her quoted weekly rate and she called me “a little accountant.” Every nurse has the right to know every detail of the contract and how they come up with the quotes. I can name many more examples of constant insults towards me and then she would say she was being sarcastic. I had enough and decided to go with a different company. I wrote an email to the management of Aya healthcare described everything that happened when she was trying to get me to sign the contract. Still waiting for a reply from managment. I kept on catching her in lies. Beware she also like to put a time limit on the contract by stating “I will be leaving in one hour so let me know If you have any questions there is only one position left I would not want you to be bumped.” Thats a lie. I’m very surprised of the numerous positive reviews on this site. Hopefully I am the only one that received the bad apple from the company. Please talk to other travel agencies before signing a contract with Aya they take a lot of compensation. I received almost double amount for the same hospital from a different agency. Makes me wonder what the percentage amount of what they take for themselves?

    126. name removed, name removed and name removed are fakes liars and they never kept their promises. They messed up mycheck and always have unexpected deductions; they make up stuff to steal money from your paychecks. Never agree to work for them they would leave you stranded on the streets without apartments or housings. A lot of nurses are complaining about them and don’t ever take a chance to work for them..

    127. The agency allowed for rapid employment on an assignment. If only I had known what I was getting myself into. I now have strong reservations about working with Aya, as my personal experience doing travel work for this company left me feeling like a cow sent out to slaughter, and they made a profit on my head.

      I was strongly encouraged by the recruiter to work in a remote area of Northern California because “The pay is excellent, and it is a great hospital for your first travel assignment!” The agent sugar coated the assignment and location. However, when I later encountered problems on the job the agency could do nothing more than make a phone call to the director, which resulted in no resolution to my problem. So there I was, stuck in a toxic work environment, and the agency was powerless to help supposedly. Let’s say that the agency did nothing to help. As a traveler I was powerless to work my way up the chain of command to stop bullying by one of the permanent employees.

      I also encountered a bad living situation, and Aya did not do anything to relocate me. They merely recommended apartment complexes that required a minimum 3 month lease. My travel contract was for 13 weeks, which meant either ruining my credit by breaking a lease at the end of my travel assignment or losing money by paying for the rest of the lease to protect my credit. In the end I had to resort to paying more than double the expected cost of living at a very sub-standard motel because there was nothing else in town unless I was willing to commute 30-40 minutes.

      Aya Healthcare, or more specifically my recruiter, left me high and dry in the middle of nowhere, in a bad work and living situation. Traveler beware.

    128. This was my first assignment with an assigned time frame. They rushed me to get all my medical and background checks and over 6 hours of test taking to be done in 2 days. Once my contract was signed, I rarely heard from my recruiter. I was pretty much on my own and I never did travel before. The pay was so little and the stipend fee was what kept things financially going but buyer beware, if you are sick you lose that one week’s stipend fee especially if the hospital had no hours for you to make up that week. If you are cancelled, you have to be cancelled for the full shift of 12 hours in 4 weeks to be compensated. I still cannot get pass the thought of being charged per hour for not working just because I really was sick. READ your contract and read up on the blogs from a worker’s stand point before going into travel nursing. There are no PTO days, vacation time and barely any compensation for being cancelled. I thought this agency was supposed to be in third place for a reason but I understand now why they are not 1st.They are not the worse nor are they the best. You just need to be educated before signing up. Always keep a savings account for those rainy days and make sure your recruiter cares about you.

    129. They and another agency were trying to get me my first and present contract. When the other agency came trough first and got me a job, my Aya recruiter and her manager barraged me with phone calls for 2 days trying to get me to shaft the other company and let them take the same contract with me. At one point I stopped answering their calls because they were so pushy about it, it was bordering on psychotic. I thought this was a little weird and disconcerting. I am currently signed on with them for my second contract. It has not started yet, but I am going to pull out even if it costs me some money because….they promised me they would ensure I had a particular 4 days off to attend my daughters wedding. Since I signed the contract they have done nothing to assure this. They put some wording in the contract, but in such a way it guarantees nothing. Recruiter or HR has made no effort to reach out to hospital regarding these days. They said I could call the appropriate management at the hospital myself. When I requested a name and number to contact, the recruiter gave me a name, of someone that turned out to have nothing to do with staffing matters, and the general number to the hospital. It was like pulling teeth to try and get her to get me a direct number to someone. I got laryngitis for 2 weeks and was put on strict voice rest. When I asked her to contact someone for me regarding the days off since I couldn’t talk, she blew me off. As far as compliance paperwork goes, the HR person, Heather has taken a month and a half and close to a thousand emails sending me piles of disorganized documents, some in duplicate, modules without tests and tests without modules, and unpaid-time hospital specific orientation material that I have had to spend hours just trying to get in order before I could even start working on it. Every new batch of documents, I have to sort through and weed out the duplicates. She has lost or misplaced multiple documents that I have had to resign or resend. All this stuff was so simple and took less than 2 weeks with my current contract and agency. The contract they sent me came in way under the pay package they quoted me, but luckily I caught it and had it redrafted. When she first presented me with the contract, the recruiter, Barbara actually looked up the number of the unit where I was working, called me there and had my charge nurse pull me away from my job, which was very unprofessional, and embarrassing for me. I had a bad feeling about them but signed the contract because it was only my second, and I am still getting used to the idea of not having a stable job, or having to fond a new one every few months. I am much more at ease about it and will never feel like I have to compromise and sign on with a smarmy company like them, and am actually ready to pay whatever financial price I need to to get out of this contract. There are other companies I have found that operate with actual honesty and integrity.

    130. This is my first assignment with AYA. I will not be using them again. First the recruiter was snippy when a I turned down a job that was not a right fit for me. I’m guessing bc it was high paying for what I do it affected how much she would get. I am in a location that is not easily accessible by car so you had to fly in. They claim they knew nothing about needing a rental car. Unfortunately a rental car at this place is nearly a grand. Aya only willing to pay half. Found this out after I go here. Also was not told up front that this was a third party contract. When talking extension, she claims she begged me to taking the higher paying contact that did not fit me and basically doing nothing to keep me at the current location. Also they gave me the wrong paystub info. Still waiting to see if getting paid correctly. I had heard bad things about them and knew better than to work for them, but thought I would give them a chance. they blew it.

    131. Pay was the worst i ever worked, i did not take housing in LA, that was the money that helped me to get through the assignment. I was promised 1000 $ for travel expenses from FL to CA and back, only got 600. Health insurance was 250 a month and my card was sent to FL address instead to me in LA. Contract itself was only good for agency, with penalty for everything, was no way to stop working without paying a huge penalty.No support on the job.

    132. Best compliance staff in the world. That means so much for a traveler. But I will never work for them again. Recruiter lied. Sending nurses to a bad place. Over and over again. This spells danger to me. This is my career I love what I do and a lying recruiter puts the job I love on the line.

    133. I was told I had to sign my contract by a certain day and my computer was broken. My fault, I signed on my recruiter’s say as to what my contract said (on my IPhone). Dumb, but I had worked with this recruiter many times with another agency and he was always reliable. When I got a new computer and read my contract, I was making LESS than I would at home by the time I factored in housing. My recruiter kept telling me it was because “You took the insurance”. I’m sorry, $400 less a week than quoted was not because I took the insurance. $1600 a month does not constitute insurance costs, it constitutes misrepresentation. Do not trust this company or its reps!

    134. I have been a travel nurse for 10 years, this is the first company I ever had issues with.
      When it came to getting housing and transportation you would have thought I was asking for something impossible. When there were hours to be repaid to them from an illness, I had no problem paying this fee, however when I asked how much and when it would be taken out I never got a response. They just kept saying they were hours owed for housing,fine just let me know how much and when it would be taken out. Never ever go a reply. Had to take a cut in pay just to move closer to the hospital for the call I was expected to take.
      The recruiter was the only one in the company that was even nice. Horrible experience.

    135. AYA has been absolutely fantastic. I’m currently in the middle of my first contract with them and they are fast and reliable. Everytime I need to talk to my recruiter Chelsie she responds super quick with a call, text or both! Benefits are great, except I pay a lot extra (comes out of my housing stipen) for my husband to be covered on the plan.

    136. I’ve been on two assignments with Aya. So far they have been decent. I’ve heard horror stories about other agencies though and haven’t experienced anything like that at Aya, which is why I’m staying.

    137. I’ve been with Aya since I started traveling. They have only done well for me. I’ve had a total of 3 recruiters since I’ve been there and all of them have been fantastic. Highly Recommended.

    138. Been with two other agencies and they stunk compared to Aya. I’ve worked with two recruiters at Aya Healthcare, both have been extremely friendly and excellent at their job.

    139. My time with Aya Healthcare has been great! I’ve taken several assignments with them, each one going smoothly. I really don’t have any complaints. I’d recommend Aya Healthcare to any nurse considering travel nursing

    140. I found Aya Healthcare 3 years into my travel nursing experience and haven’t looked back. I’ve had two different recruiters, (one left), and both have been fabulous. Not too pushy, but willing to go the extra mile in getting me a job. I have had two instances of my paycheck being inaccurate, but they always resolved the problem promptly. I’ve been with other major agencies who made me feel like a number and not a nurse!

    141. I traveled with three agencies in three years until I found Aya. I don’t require much: I just want to be paid on time and want to be submitted to assignments that I ask for instead of whatever works well for the recruiter. My recruiter at aya actually listens and respects me and my wishes– I don’t have to haggle for what I consider basic necessities. Pay is comparable to other agencies, but that goes with the territory. I’ve been with Aya for three years now and don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon.

    142. The Nurse Recruiter (name removed by admin) condescending toward Registered Nurse. Not know the scope and practice of RN, feels the RN obligated to THEM. Lied to about housing. Not have housing arranged before arriving to assignment had to stay in motel the first night. Was told that the hospital would provide housing and that I would not be able to request housing stipend, – absolute lie! The hospital only required payment of $331.00 per month, of which I which the rest of my housing stipend was “pocketed” (more than likely by my Recruiter Michele Rhodes. I have email asking a direct question of which she refused to answer). Also, Aya did not support me regarding an accusation of sexual harassment that HR disagreed with and was working on mediation for personal issues in the matter (I had touched a unit clerk with the tip of my left index finger). The Nurse Manager (all of 2 years RN experienced stated to me that because I was a “contract nurse,” he was overriding HR involvement and that it was “easier to deal with if I let you go.” Aya refused to allow explanation and immediately terminated my contract. AND, Amber, who works in payroll calls me an states that Aya is fighting the unemployment request because I am guilty of sexual harassment!!! She outright, and confidently stated that I was guilty of sexual harassment! No documentation, she was not there! So, if you want an agency to condecend to you, lie to you, be unsupportive, and slander your character, – then this is your agency!

    143. My first contract was cancelled with them on the day of orientation. I have no records against any of my licenses. In 4 months, 4 paychecks have been low/incorrect. I though this was bad until another traveler informed me her first 4 paychecks were low. Service is deplorable. The contract language is confusing as well. My pay is average for the first 3 shifts in a week. I take home 250/day plus housing is paid for. On the fourth day I bring home an additional 170 with no other bonuses.

    144. I have had an amazing experience over the last year and a half with AYA. I have nothing bad to say and have already referred others.

    145. If you are in a position where you cannot take the housing stipend and take tax free meals and incidentals, the pay packages are horrendous.

    146. My recruiter, Cheryl, is great. They got me a job quickly in the city I requested. Friendly, she checks in weekly for me. I have not had issues.

    147. Very few of the agencies I have used have impressed me like AYA. I worked with them as a first time traveler and when issues arose at the hospital, they were right by my side unlike so many of the agencies today who side with the hospital. My recruiter was there to listen to my concerns and took them seriously. I would still be with the company but he left to do other things. Unfortunately, his replacement and I did not hit it off or I would still be with them. The hospital on my first assignment was a nightmare but the fact that he stood by me made all the difference!

    148. I have worked for Access for three long-term assignments now and would definately work for them again. Housing is safe and clean, furn is the same, pay is only slightly less than other companies, but insurance plan is good. Dental tops at $1500 a year..not $1000.. My recruiter is Sofia Morris and she is absolutely the best recruiter I have ever worked with

    149. C. Veety is my recruiter… flat out awesome. Recruiters have to be nice for their job – he’s an absolute hoot. The pay is not the best, I’ll be honest, but I have heard a lot of nightmare stories about other companies with higher rates. Access Nurses will give it to you straight, if you do your best, are professional, and fulfill contract terms that you sign, it will be a fantastic relationship for you. The only thing that has been a little frustrating is losing some new-hire paperwork in the very beginning… but it was fixed within a day or two. I highly recommend the company.

    150. I cant say enough about my recruiter. She came in on a sick day off just to make sure I got an assignment that day. She said she wouldnt leave until I did. I’d like to see more choices of assignments but I’ve been happy so far. I’m not an easy person to work with and I’d say all of them handle me great. I think most agencies pay about the same. Some are better at hiding some, rearranging it from pt A to pt B and fluffing it up. They dropped the ball on the insurance. Never told me signing up for it was a one time shot in the beginning. But they reimburse me to get my own, so its ok. Overall, I’m impressed.

    151. Remember always to ask “what is included (benefits) with that rate?”
      My rate changed three times before we agreed. There is always room for negotiation.

    152. Nice, friendly recruiter, and she stays in touch after the assignment. Paycheck always on time but had to hassle them to add the premium for declining health insurance. Very poor rate of travel reimbursement. No completion bonus. Rate of pay is okay but not great. There are better agencies.

    153. Good housing, low pay. I was told that per diem is going to be phased out. If that is true, I will not work for this agency again as the pay is already low enough.

    154. Recruiter eager to get me placed, but after assignment started, didn’t seem to care about any concerns I had with the facility or possible jeopardies with my license. I will not travel with them again!

    155. They are a smaller agency so they don’t have as many contracts with a lot of the bigger hospitals. But, with NICU being more specialized, I know it’s harder to find jobs out there. I have had equal good and bad assignments with them. Everyone there is very nice, but they are not always on top of things. I had to remind them about things expiring.

    156. They were willing to fast-track me into an assignment.

      On the down side, they pay less than other agencies at the same facility, and make you sign a no-compete clause for 1 year with your contract.

      My recruiter, however, is excellent, and very responsive to my concerns.

    157. The recruiter gave me false information regarding items that were included in the apt. contract and failed to inform me of the need to change apt. locations 4 weeks into the contract and without adequate notice.

    158. Agency spends little time with nurse once recruited. Does not follow up on some promises. Has low salaries compared to other agencies for the same job/facility. 30 day wait on benefits. Sketchy on information required for assignment. Some info left out until after the contract is signed. Then you are on your own.

    159. Everyone there that I have had dealings with has been very good. Very responsive to my wants and needs. Lots of assignments in CA, have had trouble getting one on east coast. As always a lot depends on the efficiency of your recruiter.

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