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    16 thoughts on “AMN

    1. Trash company. Once you sign a contract, get ready to be ghosted for at least several days for any questions you may have. The credentialing and payroll departments are clearly overworked and disorganized because of it. It has been a frustrating experience. You really feel like a number here and there is no ounce of going “above and beyond” like other companies do. Leave as soon as you can.

    2. They will DNR for anything under the sun. Blacklists are illegal. Plus half of these positive comments are recruiters talking themselves up. It is especially funny when they DNR you from an assignment because they �claim� the hospital said something bad to about you. Next thing you know the hospital has no staff and wants to hire you on board. They need nurses not vendors that blacklist them for nonclinical butt hurt reasons.

    3. The worst company I have EVER worked for. So unprofessional, unsupportive, unorganized. They care about the figures instead of the client. They will leave you cold and side with the organization to keep their reputation. They will send you to the most in need hospital which is far by worst hospitals that treat you like crap. And they are a scam especially with referrals and travel bonus, that is if you ever receive a bonus. Run fast from this company if you want to keep your passion for nursing.

    4. This is the Worst Travel Nursing Agency ,they lie,hide important matters ,send you wrong or incomplete instructions ,on boarding process very long and never on time, unsupportive, threats to blacklist you if cancel a contract, very evasive with pay, and many more negative things, if you can bypass all that, then you can work with them. If not….find another agency. I am convinced they do not respect Nurses at all. Be careful

    5. This was my first travel assignment with AMN and let me tell you it was probably the worse experience I have ever had as a traveler. The clinical nurse manager for AMN waited until 2 days before my contract ended to call me and inform me that the manager and the staff stated they had numerous problems with me. I found this funny because one, I had never even met the manger and two, I never even talked to the other staff members unless I was asking them something. Because of this she said the manager said I was short. I don�t feel like I need to be friends and laugh and joke with the full time staff. I was also curious because if I was that bad, why wait until 2 days before my contract ended before you come and talk to me. Then when she starts to threaten my job. I informed her that I could always work for another agency. Her response was �Well AMN owns 7 of them�. I chuckled because there are thousands of other agencies. I politely said thank you and hung up the phone. Well never work with these people again. They always side with the hospital. One incident was I questioned the charge nurse about the order they assigned admissions. I came on shift and had 4 patients. Another travel nurse had 3 patients and then the only full time nurse there had 2 patients. I asked why I was getting the first admission and there was a nurse sitting there with 2 patients. They ignored me and I refused to take the patient. I told them they could figure out what to do with that one patient or all 5 of my patients. The gave it to the other travel nurse with 3 patients. The facility was very unfair when it came to staffing because there were several nights when some nurses had 6 patients and was gettin all the admission and there were nursing sitting there all night with 3 patients.

    6. I’ve taken 2 contracts with AMN and so far I haven’t had any issues. My recruiter Killian is awesome! She has always been supportive and accessible when I’ve needed her. Having her as my recruiter is the reason I will continue to work with AMN.

    7. DO NOT USE!!!!!!
      They bother you when they need something, but are unreachable when you need something. Don’t reply to emails, send you to voicemail, don’t return calls, etc.
      I have been fighting for the $2000 they owe me for almost a year. They ignore all my contact attempts.
      The housing they put me in was horrible!!!!!! Very Unsafe!
      There is nothing positive to say.

    8. This agency was fine until I had a problem. Both times a big issue with my contracts came up my recruiter disappeared and wouldn’t return my calls. I was not impressed.

    9. I have worked with AMN for the last few years. I know the thought is that travel nurses make tons of money and never pay taxes. This is simply not true with any agency. The price they tell you up front is the price with all the housing and benefits. I am very fortunate to have the best recruiter at AMN, Christina P. She answers my calls, tries to get me almost all the time what I want and the pay is what most other companies are paying. The housing is nice and if I don’t like something, she makes sure it gets fixed until I am happy. Nurses travel for the lifestyle. The money and benefits are not what you get at a facility, but neither are the restrictions. I had one problem with my payroll and Sean had it fixed before the day was out. I like this company and will continue to travel with them. I also recommend them to my traveling pals whenever they ask.

    10. I have worked as a Traveler for 10 years, and have worked with a number of companies. I started with Club Staffing, which was gobbled up by AMN. I do not understand the other reviews of this company, as my recruiter has been AMAZING! She has not only kept my working (running from one assignment directly to another), but she has had the company cold call locations I want to be in just to keep me working. If I call, and she is on the phone, I get a return phone call within 10 minutes, and any problems I have had with other parts of the company, she has resolved for me. The rate of pay I get is so much higher than any other travel company I have worked for or talked to, and as long as you know the laws, and how to deal with them, your take home is PHENOMENAL! Out of 10 years worth of assignments, I have only had one bad one. After 13 weeks of working with them, They had me off and working for another location. Not all can be Gems. They offer either to provide the housing, or they can give you a housing stipend. I always take the stipend as it is tax free money, and you can always find a decent place to live and pocket the difference.

      I am really disheartened to hear these negative reviews, as I have loved working for this company. My recruiter has made all the difference in the world!

    11. So the reviews above, although I cant say are all the recruiters fault, the nurse has a duty to know the laws around travel, but I COMPLETELY AGREE that this is by far the most dishonest, money grubbing agency that I have worked for. I have worked for 6 different agencies so far, mostly because of where the different companies had places to work and not the company itself – but if AMN were offering $100 an hour in paradise I still wouldnt take it – because there would be lies, all lies. The machinery is efficient in the company, that is they get the paycheck on time. I dont take any benefits so dont know about that. But – being lied to and cheated out of pay is unacceptable. Please fellow nurses pay heed. MANY times there are ways your recruiters can get places that other companies are posting. I would rather clean up shit all day and have 8 patients, as long as they didnt lie to me.

    12. I worked with them from Oct 20th 2015 to June 18th 2016. �

      This was my first assignment as a travel nurse and likely my last.� I almost have no words for how poorly this company was run and how poorly it treats its nurses, and likely the hospitals with whom they conduct business with.� �

      Abhorrent, borderline fraudulent, deceitful and misleading all come to mind when I think back to my contract with AMN. �

      Speaking to other nurses who had also made contracts with AMN I found I was not alone in my assessment that AMNs business tactics take advantage of nurses.� Clearly there�s a systemic issue that�s coming from the top and extending out.� With that said, my specific grievances are the following: �

      1 Wages from the beginning were explained in a way inconsistent with actual wages and in a very convoluted way.� Over the phone it was explained in a matter of fact way that wages were a fixed amount being offered, and on top of that incidentals.� For example, my recruiter told me hospital A is offering $38, hospital B is offering $42 dollars an hour plus extras and so on. � It wasn�t until I saw my first pay stub that the amount quoted wasn�t the actual hourly wage, it was more around 26/hr.� When I spoke to my recruiter to explain, I was told “it’s LIKE I’m making 42 an hour” because of non-taxable income.� I could have accepted that had it been explained, but that is NOT how it was explained upfront.� The �highlight� of this?� WAIT FOR IT -� Those non-taxables (lodging, meals and incidentals) were in actuality FULLY taxed during my entire contract.� My recruiter left out a few details: I needed either a secondary address to claim residence, or to live more than 50 miles from the hospital to be eligible for non-taxables.� The recruiter can�t claim ignorance having been there for over a year.� This was deception by omission.� Again, these stipulations and regulations regarding taxable income were not explained �� ONLY a blanket statement that those were non-taxable.� This of course voiding the entire rationale for telling me �it�s like you�re making $42/hour.�� Unfortunately all of these revelations weren�t revealed until the end of my second contract. Is it asking too much to have been informed of these important details!?

      1 Before signing my second contract I enquired about bonuses.� I was told another lie that bonuses were not something AMN does.� However, when AMN tried to sign me on for a third contract my recruiter tried to entice me with a bonus!� There was no way I�d go for it considering what I had just learned about getting taxed and everything else.� So are bonuses given to AMN by the facility, and recruiters only use them as bargaining tools when it�s in THEIR best interest?� While I have no way to prove AMN always receives bonuses when their nurses complete an assignment, I have reasonable suspicion they probably do and AMN rarely gives the nurses anything. �

      My hope writing this is that it sheds light on this absolutely terrible company. Sure, I should have read the contract in more detail and asked more questions. That�s obvious. What wasn�t obvious to me was how misleading a company this big could be. My recruiter knowingly withheld these details and knowingly misled me to believe one thing, when in fact the reality was much different. Worse yet was the flippant attitude when I brought these things to light. An attitude of �well, that�s just how it is.� No apology. If I were you’d I’d stay away from this company and all of the companies they own: Merritt Hawkins, Nurses RX, Medefis, Staff Care, Club Staffing, SwiftWise, NurseFinders, Kendall and Davis, Med Travelers, Advantas, Locum Leaders, Onward Healthcare, NurseChoice, Linde Healthcare, American Mobile, O�Grady Peyton

    13. If there is a company worse than this, i’m sure its pretty hard to find. Great housing, and lots of jobs (they are a big agency and own rights to lots of hospitals) pay is crap and recruiters don’t care about what you need as a traveler, they only care about numbers and getting their money. They will not hold up their end of the contract and will screw you over. beware.

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