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    33 thoughts on “AHS Nurse Stat

    1. After my first recruiter left. My next recruiter was nice, but ignored or just led me on every time I asked about education reimbursement. While it sounds minor, it was extremely frustrating and I still haven’t been paid for my time I spent at home working on modules for over 20hrs. I likely won’t get reimbursement at those point since my contract ended, and I had asked my recruiter what I needed to do on 3-4 different occasions, and he finally told me to send in a screenshot of the completed modules AFTER my contract ended and I no longer had access to these modules. This was the only travel assignment I have done and will ever do since I decided to live permanently in AZ, where I did my contract. At this point, it’s about the principle of the situation. I was ignored and led on for months. That’s just ridiculous over something that should have been simple and already dealt with.

    2. Traveling as a Psychiatric RN has opened so many avenues of care that I didn’t know existed. From children to adults, from behavioral to forensics. Most of all my recruiter, Christopher Capparelli, is an amazing person! He has been with me from the beginning, always keeping me informed, listening when I just needed a friend, and just simply excellent in his work! I’ll always respect his judgment and character.

    3. Talking to a few recruiters with different companies initially when starting my travel career was exhausting and stressful. I met Tony Lemos with AHS through a friend and it was the best experience. He was very great with the whole process. He helped walk me though everything and took the stress out of the whole process. Anytime someone mentions traveling I give them Tony with AHS, even if they are not yet ready to travel I just want them to have a great experience when they are. His support still even though I’m not traveling at this time is so amazing. He is so personable and reliable.

    4. I love working with Tony Lemos. He has been honest from the start. Never takes advantage of you. Always fights for the nurses. Will do what’s right. I couldn’t ask for a more honest or more hard working person to be in my court. Been traveling for over 6 years and he’s the only person I would recommend at this. Love this guy!

    5. Heather is by far the best recruiter I ever could have asked for! She is extremely professional and honest, but kind and understanding! She is extremely efficient and timely is providing responses and in getting problems fixed! She never stops working for you and has a way to make you feel like you’re the only traveler. I was worried about a lot with this being my first assignment, and she always listens and helps any way she can!

    6. Patrick Roberts has been super helpful. He is honest, supportive and always answers my questions in a timely manner. He addressed concerns/problems efficiently and promptly. He is always friendly, patient and seems to have a good handle on what assignments would be a good fit for me to consider! Very helpful for new travelers!

    7. AHS is great to work with as a whole and my recruiter Patrick Roberts is even better! Thanks for the opportunity.

    8. Coming up in Oct. I will mark my 3 year anniversary!!!! I completely lLOVE LOVE LOVE all the team at AHS who have enabled me and assisted me through this journey! My recruiter Reagan Kipp is oh wow 🤩 incredible!!!!! Y’all she not only takes my needs into thought but also the fact that my family and dog go wherever I go. That right there takes the win 🏅!!! Thank you AHS for allowing me to be part of your team.

    9. Reagan kipp is the most amazing recruiter out there. She’s so caring and kind and you actually feel important every time you speak with her. She goes above and beyond all the time to help get you everything you want. I will forever be greatful for her and making my travel experience amazing.

    10. Tyler Carlos is my recruiter, and he is great at what he does. He is time efficient, fast at replying, and he has been so easy to work with. He is professional and he doesn’t treat me like a number but like a friend. Thanks Tyler !

    11. My recruiter Laura Huddleson was very friendly , easy to work with.. I’ve been with this company on a few assignments and have no complaints

    12. I have had an amazing experience with Tyler Carlos at AHS!! Soo thankful for all of his honest hard work!!

    13. AHS has been a wonderful agency. They made the boarding process simple and efficient. Chris Capperelli has been nothing short of an amazing recruiter. He’s always available, supportive, and personable. As long as I’m travel nursing, it will be with them!

    14. AHS got me my first travel assignment. Brody Schwartz is very professional, knowledgeable and always available to take my calls. I look forward to more assignments.

    15. Leah Opinion from AHS travel agency is really active day and night weekends and holidays. Never missed my calls. She answers all my questions on time, very efficient with all information. She is a to go to recruiter. Bravo Leah and keep it up.

    16. After retiring from my full-time hospital job, I went to AHS staffing for a travel position. I stayed at that travel job for 1.5 years. Thankful to AHS staffing for keeping me employed . My recruiter, April is very prompt, in getting back to me on new places, benefits and pay. I fully recommend AHS staffing for your travel jobs.

    17. Nikki is my recruiter and after working with other recruiters, I will never use anyone but Nikki! Nikki truly works for me, she is always responsive , she is always checking in on me, and always handles any issues immediately! She is supportive and has the patience of Jobe! If you are looking for the best , contact Nikki!!

    18. With this being my first travel assignment, I am so pleased with the whole experience! Holly is amazing! When she went on vacation right before my assignment started, she made sure someone was following up with me and was available to answer all my last minute questions!! Now that is amazing customer service!! Highly recommend Holly!!

    19. My recruiter Carlie Sanders has been excellent from the start. She has gone above and beyond to make sure all my needs were taken care off.

    20. I’ve really been enjoying my contract with AHS and my recruiter Heather is one of the top reasons. She always goes above and beyond for any questions or issues I may have. She is very thorough and has your back at all times. If there’s anything she can’t answer she points me in the right direction, which is all I can ask for. This is my first contract with them and everything was very clear and thorough. Thank you Heather and keep up the good work!

    21. Wendy Crossmock has gone above and beyond to guide me through the whole process! She has been incredible and I can not wait to work with her again in the future!

    22. My Recrutier is Patrick R he has been amazing professional resourceful and is making sure I’m informed of everything. This is my first assignment with AHS and I’m looking forward to being with them for another one.

    23. My recruiter Dana is just purely amazing!!! She’s very efficient, detailed, and always answer any questions in a timely manner. This is my 1st assignment with them and everything was very clear and organized. Thank you Dana and continue the good work!

    24. I am really enjoying my contract with AHS. My recruiter is Carlie Sanders and she has been amazing from our very first conversation. I have worked with a few different recruiters with different agencies and I have to say that Carlie has been the best I’ve worked with. She is straight forward about the contract and even watches out for possible improvements with things such as pay increases. As soon as the hospital I signed a contract for increased their rate she was on it! She even took the time to explain the benefits of different contract lengths and guaranteed hours and the pros and cons of each.
      Not only is Carlie attentive and informative but she also responds right away, which is very helpful since working night shift keeps me awake at weird times . I really appreciate her availability and transparency. I recommend this agency and Carlie Sanders to all my travel nursing colleagues.

    25. Patrick and Katie guided me through this fast and awesome process. Patrick ensure that I could trust him with pay rates and honesty. Katie helped me with my compliance and keeping me updated. Bonus they pay $250 towards scrubs!!!

    26. I worked with Dana Headley in the past and am happy to have found her again. Responds even during off hours and will help get in contact with the appropriate person if she doesn’t have the answer.


      Dana is more than a recruiter; she’s Family!! And she sure is fast!!! I had an assignment within 4 days!! At the last minute she aborted on contract for an even better one because she wanted us to be comfortably housed and reimbursed. Who does that?

    28. My recruiter Dana Headley is reliable, resourceful and swift. Dana makes me feel like we are a team!!! I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years and Dana is by far my best experience!!!!!!

    29. LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! This is my first assignment with AHS and they have been not only kind, but professional, knowledgeable, and work hard to get you the best rate possible for our profession. I couldn’t have asked for a better team and looking forward to continue working for them. Again…LOVE THEM!

    30. My recruiter is Erin Honeycutt, she is great to work with, friendly, easy to get a hold of and hard working. If you have a problem, she works on resolving it immediately. Just finished my 1st assignment with this company and hoping my 2nd assignment goes as well as my 1st did. So far I would definitely recommend this company.

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