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    36 thoughts on “Advantis

    1. Advantist medical has been great and easy to work with. When Taylor reached out to me the first time, I had been looking for a a travel assignment without any success. When I shared my preference with her and what I was looking for she was very helpful, knowledgeable , and extremely encouraging. As soon as I had the chance to recommend her to another friend of mine who was looking for a recruiter and new agency I immediately referred her to Taylor. It’s been an overall great experience.

    2. On my first travel assignment and went with Advantis. I’m pretty low maintenance so I don’t need a lot of communication or hand holding. They do what I’ve needed them to do. Find me work and pay me well. So far, so good. Paychecks are nice and plump, MUCH higher than my previous staff job and the hospital I’m at is pretty darn cool. It’s taking awhile to get my credential reimbursement, but I’m sure that will come in due time I have no doubt. We’ll see how things go for round 2, but so far, so good.

    3. Advantis Medical has been one of the best travel agency I’ve ever worked with. They are very professional and my recruiter Averi is the best. My pay is always on time and never had anything that couldn’t be sorted out. They respect me as a person and always support me on my assignment. I’ll continue to work for them for any assignment they have.

    4. I had been looking for an assignment and got lucky when I saw a post by Chelsea R. Her reply was prompt, and she was able to help me find an assignment that’s a great fit. She’s been with me every step of the way. Thanks for caring about your clinicians, Chelsea.

    5. Advantis and my recruiter, Chelsea R have been beyond amazing! She has moved mountains to make this assignment happen for me and I couldn’t be more grateful! If you’re looking for the best recruiter who is willing to go the extra mile she’s your girl!

    6. Hands down the best agency I have worked with of my 6 assignments. Chelsea R has went above and beyond to make this assignment happen for me. She is very responsive and transparent and talking with her is like I’ve known her forever! If you’re looking for a good agency and the best recruiter…she’s your girl!

    7. Great agency to work for. They are helpful and friendly. They work hard to get you place in a contract that suits your needs. I definitely recommend them to anyone.

    8. I am glad I chose Advantis when starting work as a travel nurse. They made the onboarding process easy and found me the exact type of assignment I was looking for! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into travel nursing.

    9. I would recommend Advantis Medical Staffing for any nurse wanting to travel. They are very fast in finding you an assignment that works for you. The pay is comparable with any company out there. They are always available if you have any needs or issues. My recruiter is awesome.

    10. Having a recruiter that has your needs and wants at the forefront of their agenda means a world of difference. Chelsea Rhodes is my recruiter and she has won me as her nurse for a lifetime. She has been diligent with finding me assignments, negotiating contracts, and checking on my weekly to assure my assignment is going well. I have enjoyed working with her, and I always share my experience with Chelsea, and Advantis, with my nurses as I encourage them to reach out to her for any and every need they may have, or foresee with their current agency.

      Advantis Medical has made my traveling experience the best! I always brag on the ease of the systems they have into place that justify and respect my role as a nurse. I did not have to do any of the extra leg work that I normally have to do with other agencies. I simply had to submit the documents asked, and go to my facility. That’s truly what nurses want.

    11. I would definitely recommend this company. This is my first assignment with advantis. Chelsea Rhodes is my recruiter, she responds quickly and is always so sweet, always checking in.

    12. I had been looking for a travel assignment in Florida and have had no luck in many of the online Facebook groups until I happen to stumble upon a post. I reached out to a recruiter that had posted a job that I felt I was a great fit for. Great thing that I did get a response back because Chelsea R has been the best with assisting me to find a great assignment with this company. She is professional, knowledgeable, positive and has been available to assist with this new assignment. I am so glad that I reached out and have has the pleasure of finding a great recruiter that cares about her clinicians. Great working with you Chelsea.

    13. I came across my recruiter’s name, Chelsea Rhodes, on a post on Facebook and messaged her about a job on Monday and on Tuesday I had a job offer and accepted the position! She has been wonderful to work with! Fast, responsive, and super nice! I am loving my new recruiter and Advantis Medical Staffing! Highly recommend!

    14. I did my first travel contract with Advantis and could not be more pleased. They took time helping me get started and find the right contract for me. My recruiter Chelsea was amazing, she was always keeping in contact with me and made sure I was doing okay and if I needed anything. I never felt pressured into hurrying and picking a contract that wasn’t right for me.

    15. Fantastic company to work for. I have been very satisfied with my experience with Advantis and especially my recruiter, Chelsea. Wish I had worked with them years ago but very glad I do now.

    16. I have been given the pleasure to join Advantis medical staffing and I have nothing bad to say!!!! My recruiter Mike is everything. He’s been very sufficient since day one of working with him. My assignments have been wonderful. Highly recommend joining Advantis medical staffing.😊

      • Hands down best agency I worked for. The communication and assistance through everything has been amazing. Thank you to Chelsea for helping me through this process. I love my assignment and have extended 2 times thus far. Thank you.

        – Mario Solano

    17. I came across Advantis by a friend of mine who recommended them! My recruiter is Chelsea R and she has been amazing! She has been honest with me, patient, compassionate and concern about issues or anything that may bother me about taking a contract! She listens to me and she doesn’t pressure me into a contract! She is so sweet and checks on me!! I’m thankful for my friend that refer me to her and I would recommend her to anyone! Great company!! Very professional!

    18. This is hands down the best travel nursing agency I’ve ever ran across. Highly recommended for anyone looking to jump into the travel nursing industry!

    19. Advantis is the best agency I have ever worked with….so kind and thoughtful and my recruiter Averi Calder is the best….couldn’t ask for a better recruiter…❤️❤️❤️

    20. I am a first time travel nurse. Right from the start, I was welcomed and supported. The transition from staff nurse to travel nurse was smooth and easy. I have a wonderful recruiter, Leah. She’s very knowledgeable, sweet, and helpful. I would recommend Advantis Medical to anyone who is looking to start traveling and to current travelers. 🙂

    21. After doing research and asking around, I decided to give a Advantis a chance. I am Glad I did. My experience has been great. Paychecks are on time and my recruiter Michelle is awesome. She has been very responsive and supportive though this whole process

    22. So far the agency has been great with working with me. I had to have a switch of recruiters and it went flawlessly and both have been helpful and kind

    23. I have been with Advantis for a little over a year and the company has been great to work with. My recruiter Madison T has been amazing to work with, she makes the whole process go smoothly, I have heard other travelers complain about issues they’ve had with their recruiters and I can honestly say that I have had zero problems. Great communication, she checks in, and answers any questions that I have.

    24. I have been with Advantis for a little over a year now and the company has been great. My recruiter Madison T. Has been awesome to work with. She is extremely helpful, answers any questions that I have and in a timely manner as well. She checks in throughout my assignments to see how things are going, grerat communication, and its always pleasant to talk to her she always seems so upbeat!

    25. Loved working for them for months now, I wish the website was easier to use and there were more locations to choose from. My recruiter has been fantastic and very helpful

    26. Advantis is my current go to. As a travel nurse for the past 3 years and an employee with Advantis for the last year I haven’t come across any issues while being employed with this company. My recruiter is excellent and super responsive. I’ve had no issues with my paychecks etc. Will continue to use this company!

    27. So far my experience has been pretty good. My recruiter is nice and very responsive where others in the past have ghosted me. I really like the facility and unit I work on. My paycheck has always been on time. My only negative experience with adavsntis was credentialing. In the beginning this frustrated me a lot having to resend documents and redo urine drug screens but after that the process has been much better and my recruiter is very responsive which makes up for it.

    28. They’re credentialing department is horrible. Having to resend documents so many different times and start dates being pushed back because their credentialing specialists are quitting or not organized.

    29. I came across Advantis when they were able to fill a very specific need in a crisis. Although not currently my active agency, they are on the back burner. They listen, provided and produced in a most friendly, yet professional manner.

      • I have worked with four different agencies and this is by far the best company I have worked for. They are very understanding and they are very helpful. My recruiter name is Averi Calder and I absolutely love her! I can call her at any time and she responds.

    30. Too many agencies out there that take care of their nurses better. With all other agencies, if there was a time reported discrepancy, the agency paid the nurse according to her word instead of shorting paycheck. Also, have never had to provide receipts to receive travel money. There are far too many agencies out there. I will stick with those more accommodating.

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