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Travel Nursing Blog Round-up

Perhaps you missed some of the exciting travel nursing blogs that were posted this week? Or maybe you just have time to read them all. That’s ok! We’ve picked our top 5 favorite articles from this week that we think you should read. Here there are:

Travel Nursing – Is Your Skill List Up-to-Date?

By Howard, Sunbelt Staffing on October 4th, 2012
No GravatarSo you’re ready to start travel nursing. You’ve got the education and experience, your resume is newly polished and you’ve prepared for those tricky interview questions. Have you forgotten anything?
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Cancelled Travel Nurse Contract? Don’t Panic!

By Jeannie, Travel Nursing Blogs on Oct 08, 2012
2cd54104a216c942fcd1deffc95918b1?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upWhether it was a complaint from a patient or coworker, the hospital thought you were a bad fit or perhaps you just got sick – cancelled contracts do happen.  It’s normal to think your travel nurse career is over, but fear not, even veteran travelers have a contract cancelled occasionally.
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Travel Dashboard – Tools for Travelers

By Gypsy Nurse, The Gypsy Nurse on Oct 10, 2012
1dbc221864db9516a918dbd97a5eb2db?s=100&r=pg&d=mm - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upWhen you are planning to go on a trip, especially one that will be rather long and have multiple destinations, it can be stressful keeping track of everything. Flights, hotel check-ins  time zones, currency converters…there is so much to keep track of.
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Travel Nurse Wellness Tips – Change is good!

By Tara, Medical Solutions Blog on Oct 5th, 2012
707be867ec542b113c9741447f9fd083?s=48&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upFor those of you that are on the road as a traveling health professional, your options for exercise equipment may be limited. However, you don’t have to just change the activity to increase a change in your body.

Follow the Fall Colors for Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

By Healthcare Travelbook on Oct 2nd, 2012
f4040893b5e6ce84e252fcfc97fe08e0?s=60&d=http%3A%2F%2F1.gravatar - Travel Nursing Blog Round-upIf you are presently trying to decide where to take your next travel nursing assignment or are going to be on the road soon, you may want to consider following the fall colors.  Here are some of our favorite spots for the fall season:
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Follow the Fall Colors for Your Next Travel Nurse Assignment

Autumn is now here and we are starting to see it unfold. Scenic drives, long walks with leaves crunching under your feet, hot apple cider… and of course, the changing colors of the trees. They bring a beautiful array of different colored foliage; it’s almost as if someone took a paint brush to the earth.  If you are presently trying to decide where to take your next travel nursing assignment or are going to be on the road soon, you may want to consider following the fall colors.  Here are some of our favorite spots for the fall season:

The East Coast. Spotlight state:  Vermont

travel nursing in vermont in autumnThe best time to experience this area is the middle of September to end of October. You can look up fall foliage reports from the state foresters to get the inside scoop on where to see the best hues. Practice your swing on some of New England’s most scenic golf courses, or on one of many tennis courts. Take a guided horseback ride, fish in local lakes and streams and pick up some of the maple products that make the state famous.

The Midwest. Spotlight state: Nebraska

travel nursing in nebraska autumnWhen the fall colors blanket the Midwest, there are many opportunities and activities to enjoy the changing scenery. And where better to see the abundance of trees than in the founding Arbor Day state. Pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers’ markets, drive through the wildlife state parks, and enjoy a family outing at a pumpkin patch with bonfires, corn mazes and hayrack rides.

The South. Spotlight state: South Carolina

travel nursing in south carolina autmnThe colorful foliage displays in the mountains of South Carolina normally peak later in the fall season because of their warm fall weather. In addition to the traditional beauty of fall leaf foliage, the autumn displays feature other picturesque sights as well. Along the coast, the marsh grasses change dramatically from the summer shades of soft greens to shimmering fall hues of gold and amber. Touring the scenic highways and recreation areas is the best way to get your fill of the scenery. Besides the foliage, enjoy visiting South Carolina’s beautiful mountain waterfalls, including Whitewater Falls with a total drop of 900 feet and six of the state’s magnificent State Parks.

The Pacific Northwest. Spotlight state: Oregon

travel nursing in oregon autumn

Fiery red, vibrant yellow and rich gold are some of the colors you will see in the Northwest. The display does vary from year to year and the color and duration dependent upon the weather conditions. Dry Indian summers, which often occur in the Northwest, lead to breathtaking hillside panoramas. The Oregon fall color season begins in mid-September and peaks in mid-October. The favorite scenery of the locals is along the Columbia River Gorge, where fall colors are so memorable you will never forget.