Travel Nurse That's Homesick?

Have you been traveling and having a blast and then suddenly feel a longing for home? Could it be that traveling isn’t for you after all? Many travelers are asking themselves this question right now. However, if you have been enjoying your travel experience until this point, you are more than likely experiencing homesickness.


Being away from home for an extended period of time, especially during times of family gatherings such as the holidays and special events.


You may feel gloomy for no known reason.

Your thoughts keep wondering back to your home.

You may feel a little less social during this time.

You may have slight feelings of loss.

You may even have physical symptoms such as headache or stomach ache .

Easy Same job

No matter where you go, you have the same job. The faces may change, but the job remains the same, in general. If you know your job well, you will do fine. The medications are the same and the patients still need the same kind of care for their conditions.


Stay active

Call home often

Have someone send you something that reminds you of home

Get out and do things you enjoy


Talk to a friend

Some travelers find an assignment close to home during the holidays.

If you are feeling down and you don’t know why, you may have a case of homesickness. Many first time travelers, especially, may get this illness as a result of being away from their home for an extended period for the first time. However, many experienced travelers can get the illness as well. It is important to accept it and be good to yourself during this time

If you really have a bad case of homesickness, you may want to find an assignment close to home during the holidays or set up your contracts with holiday vacations already planned for you to go home and see your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to take an assignment with the added condition that you already have a trip planned to go home during the holidays. Give them specific dates even if you don’t have a plane reservation reserved. If you have already started your contract and didn’t make any holiday provisions in advance, then you may need to rough it out and know that this illness will pass. Then, make a mental note about what to do next year when the holidays come again. Prevention is the best intervention.