5 Ways to Make a Bad Impression on your First day of Traveling Work

5 Ways to make a bad impression on your first day of Traveling Work Whatís a good way to create a bad impression on your first day of an assignment? The following are a few suggestions. You may not want to read this if you donít like sarcasm.

1. Arrive Late Arrive to the hospital late and complaining about the traffic and how hard it is to find your way around the hospital. Make sure to look dishelved with your shirt hanging out half way and a stethoscope around your neck while you chew your gum.

2. Mistaken someone else as the head nurse Make sure you mistaken someone else as being in charge. When you do meet the head nurse, just give him or her a glance or a shrug and keep moving. That will make a marvelous impression. The supervisor will create wonderful assignment selections for you with all the support you need.

3. Arrive Unprepared Tell them you need to borrow a pen and a stethoscope because you forgot yours and didnít plan on working the first day anyway. Furthermore, make sure to throw in a few additional requests such as special fitting scrubs or gloves to accommodate you in some special way.

4. Point out better ways to do things When you first get there, tell them ways you see that they are doing things inefficient or old school. Mention that where you come from, you do it better. They will appreciate your suggestions and come back for more input.

5. Stand Back Stand back and donít offer any help. If you see a nurse struggling to push a stretcher around the corner, just move out of the way and smirk. Also, make sure to stand around and chat about how bad your company is treating you, how much you hate your housing, and how bad it was to work in the last facility you were in. Follow these suggestions and you will surely be asked to extend your assignment and have a wonderful experience.