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When waiting on an interview call from a hospital job through a traveling agency is it appropriate to contact the hospital directly?


This will completely depend on two factors: the hospital and the recruiter you are working with. I have heard of recruiters having a candidate call the hospital directly but it may not be appropriate in every case. Your recruiter will know the specifics of the situation and how it should best be approached to benefit you. Definitely do not contact a hospital directly without prior approval from your recruiter.

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Looking for info on Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow New York. Especially housing. Anyone?


I assume you are wanting information from other travelers such as what it is like to work there and what the housing is like. If this is the case, I would post this question in our membership forum for all to respond to. Also, if you go to the websites meet members section can email nurses in New York. They may have heard what it is like. The meet members section was created for just this kind of reason. You can quickly gain and share information with one another.

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