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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: RT/RN TEMPS
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable1
2. Friendly1.5
3. Efficient1
4. Honest1
5. Pay rate2
6. Paycheck accuracy1
7. Housing1
8. Benefits1
9. Supportive1
10. Assignment selection available1
11. Individualized1.5
12. Insurance plan1
13. Reliable1
14. Accessible1
15. Reputable1
16. Accommodating1
17. Professional1
18. Paycheck arrival time1
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1
20. Chances you will work with them again1
Total Score (number or rankings)22(2)(0)
  • This was my first travel experience and almost ruined the whole idea for me. I thought I was doing great when I first called and got the owner/president. She couldn't say enough about how great they were, how long they had been around and that she could do anything, "because I own the company". I was placed in a dysfunctional facility for psych/addiction treatment, supervised by at least three "superiors", none nursing, the main one a recovering alcoholic doctor who had stopped drinking. I loved the patient care and the patients, with whom I got along fantastically. I got no pay stub or info for six weeks and then only after daily phone calls/emails. Their excuses ranged from, "I forgot to go to the bank", to "It's been crazy around here!". My contract was renewed ONLY through my own work with the facility staff and getting patient recommendations. Six weeks from the end of my second contract, I started asking for another assignment. Multiple calls were not even returned and when they were, I was told words to the effect, "There's not anything for your speciality (Psych) on the East Coast". Truly hard to believe. I was promised insurance and declined a good offer for private coverage. THEN, with no warning and without starting it, the company cancelled any offer of insurance. The company did give a supplement to cover private but by then it was totally inadequate. I was desperate for another job and took a second contract after a 2-month break of them looking, a GeroPsych (nights) unit an 8-hour drive away. I arrived to find the motel they sent me to (extended stay minimalist, buy your own kitchen equipment, $10/day WiFi) had never heard of me or the company. They wanted $450 up-front payment! After several calls (8:30 PM on a Friday), I got through to one of the underlings who regaled me with many excuses why the reservations had not been made. One offer to reimburse for food and a night in a motel; never saw the money. I thought it over and declined the contract, went home. The underlings that called me several times the next day practically threatened me with being unable to work ever again in travel or for the facility parent company. In addition, I am a resident of one state, worked in another. The company sent half my unemployment insurance premiums to my home state. So, when I filed after leaving, the state had never heard of me or the company. It took 6 weeks and dozens of calls, faxes and emails to get it sorted out, BY ME! The company again gave excuses; using two different insurance brokers, "they messed it up", "we didn't know anything about it". They were not even aware of a problem until I filed and was denied. MY OPINION ONLY, based on 40+ years, Registered Nurse: This company may have been good at one time, but has down-sized to three people and does NOT get the job done. I found out later that the rate of pay was minuscule at the time for travel Nursing assignments. The former Respiratory Therapist owner/president appears to know very little about Nursing. She maintains a matriarchal style, regardless of her own,and her long-time associates failure to provide adequate service and support. She takes little accountability for mistakes, omissions and the pain they cause. I would not recommend anyone, of any discipline to work under the name of RN/RTTEMPS. 10/31/2015
  • Horrible, unprofessional and rude. 12/24/2013
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