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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: worldwide travel staffing
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2.2
2. Friendly2.4
3. Efficient2.5
4. Honest2
5. Pay rate2.6
6. Paycheck accuracy2.9
7. Housing2.2
8. Benefits2.2
9. Supportive1.8
10. Assignment selection available2.2
11. Individualized1.8
12. Insurance plan2
13. Reliable1.9
14. Accessible2.8
15. Reputable1.7
16. Accommodating1.9
17. Professional1.9
18. Paycheck arrival time3.6
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1.9
20. Chances you will work with them again2
Total Score (number or rankings)44.5(12)(0)
  • I was sent on a contract in a US territory with the work visa I was advised to get. I had to pay upfront for my own flight, license, and other expenses. The visa I was told to get was the wrong type and I was denied entry. Worldwide travel never answered any of their emergency numbers or return a phone call or email. They ghosted me, left me with thousands of dollars of expenses, and left me stranded overseas. 08/07/2019
  • This company will jip you out of your bonus. They will not back you, but they will the company! They suck to the max moreso than any other company that i have work for in 16yrs. 01/03/2019
  • I dont feel my recruiter has my best interest. They have been very fair and I can get a human on the phone when I call. 09/04/2018
  • excellent everything 05/20/2018
  • Excellent experience, very attentive in all aspects, they are always aware of the staff, they give the best support and confidence to the travelers. 04/15/2018
  • Did not reimburse me for my travel expenses. Did not pay me my completion bonus. This is the slickest, worst company I have worked with. Stay away from them! 12/18/2015
  • They are as slick as used car salesmen. I never felt like my rep was out for me- just trying to pay me as little as possible. The bonus is a joke. They try to find reasons not to give it to you. The math was shady and I had to fight with them to get them to give me my full bonus. I worked the same position as a nurse from Supplemental and she was making 100 more a week than I was for the same contract!!! Stay away from them. If you have to use them, be sure you read your contract very carefully because they will try and use it against you. Be sure everything is in writing because if it's not they won't follow through. That happened to me. They promised to pay for my license, but tried not to, despite my rep telling me they would pay me "no matter what" several times. Eric was my rep and he was nice, but superficial. When the going got rough, he just kicked me up to Joe G. the owner. Joe G. is the ultimate slickster and will say anything in order to get you to stop asking for your money. The bonuses and reimbursements, travel costs, etc...all come at the end of your contract. If you miss any work, you can forget about most, if not all of your bonus and reimbursements. It wasn't until I went to a different company and got a new recruiter that I understood what it meant to have someone watch your back and truly advocate for you! Stay away!!! 09/29/2014
  • Worked with them for nine months. Left for tax reasons. They never tried to help me find another position. When I had issues, the response I was given..."what do you want me to do about it?' Worst company ever. 05/21/2014
  • Owner is extremely rude. Acted like I agreed to an assignment that I did not and proceeded to try to manipulate me into taking it, saying things like I'm not a good mom because I don't keep my word (because I decided to go home to my son instead of traveling again), stating that I didn't bother being a mom on my last assignment, lying and saying it is a $90,000 a year job then when I informed him $1,100 a month doesn't equal $90,000 a year, he tried to say that you would need to get a salary of $90,000 a year taxable at a regular job to take that amount home. Never been treated so badly by any company in my life. Dodged a bullet. 12/06/2013
  • This agency mainly deals with state psychiatric hospital contracts. They are not very honest and they do not back their nursing staff up, even when there is proof that the nurse is in the right. Not a good company to work for. 07/28/2013
  • greedy company; no support for nurses 03/15/2013
  • dishonest big time 01/13/2013
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