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Travel Nursing Company Review of: All About Staffing
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable3.4
2. Friendly3.2
3. Efficient2.8
4. Honest2.5
5. Pay rate2.6
6. Paycheck accuracy3.2
7. Housing3.4
8. Benefits2
9. Supportive2.5
10. Assignment selection available3.1
11. Individualized2.6
12. Insurance plan1.6
13. Reliable2.6
14. Accessible3
15. Reputable2.8
16. Accommodating2.6
17. Professional2.9
18. Paycheck arrival time3.9
19. Chances you will recommend this agency2.4
20. Chances you will work with them again2.8
Total Score (number or rankings)55.9(8)(0)
  • Communication or lack there of is very below par and makes this company seem very unprofessional 05/14/2014
  • This agency is horrible. First, it began with the pre-employement paperwork. The lady that I dealt with threatened to not "hire" me because of paperwork she did not have. But she did have it, she had to look in a different area in her mail inbox. This was one reason my start date was delayed 5 days. Second, I was enroute to my assignment and my recruiter calls to say I didn't have a job because of the paperwork. And did not have a place to stay (they put me up in a second rate hotel for the next few days until I began my assignment). Third, my pay rate was not accurate for a total of 7 weeks. I had to keep on top of my pay to make sure I was being paid the correct amount. Fourth, my "tax home" was not correct. Someone does not know the difference in "AZ" and "AR". Fifth, my apartment was great. But took me on average an hour to get to work. A 15 mile drive but because of rush hour traffic took me an hour. I could keep going and going. I only took the assignment because I NEEDED a job. They are quick to find jobs but thats the only positive that came out of this company. This company is the reason why I am no longer going to travel. The pay rate was the same that I could get as a permanent nurse while sleeping in my own bed. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! You are just a number and they DO NOT care about your satisfaction. 05/02/2014
  • Parallon and All About Staffing are owned by HCA. I believe they only serve HCA hospitals, They offer poor pay, no health insurance, no travel reimbursement, no other benefits. Don't use housing they provide. My recruiter was wonderful, which is why I went with them. 04/02/2014
  • Not a good experience. 10/27/2012
  • My experience with AAS was as an intermediary with another travel company in order to take an HCA position. I will never work for another HCA facility simply because it would require going through AAS to do so. While the position was actually great, dealing with all of the screw ups in my paycheck was not. It was like pulling teeth to get an accurate paycheck each week. If you forget to clock out at a facility you will only do it once since the issue with getting it resolved and actually getting paid the hours you worked will be something that ensures you never make that mistake again. 06/23/2012
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