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Travel Nursing Company Review of: American Mobile
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2.7
2. Friendly2.8
3. Efficient2.3
4. Honest1.9
5. Pay rate1.9
6. Paycheck accuracy2.4
7. Housing2.5
8. Benefits2.3
9. Supportive2.2
10. Assignment selection available3
11. Individualized2.3
12. Insurance plan2.2
13. Reliable2
14. Accessible2.2
15. Reputable2.1
16. Accommodating2
17. Professional2.4
18. Paycheck arrival time3
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1.8
20. Chances you will work with them again1.8
Total Score (number or rankings)45.8(158)(0)
  • Na 07/11/2021
  • Nightmare to get paychecks right. They take a lot of money. Same job and they paid 1000$ less than what other agencies were paying. Difficult to use their app. Wont give you any incentives. Large company but NOT worth it! I feel bad for their recruiters too don't think they make much. They were not willing to negotiate pay. Go somewhere else. 02/08/2021
  • They will DNR for anything under the sun. Blacklists are illegal. Plus half of these positive comments are recruiters talking themselves up. It is especially funny when they DNR you from an assignment because they “claim” the hospital said something bad to about you. Next thing you know the hospital has no staff and wants to hire you on board. They need nurses not vendors that blacklist them for nonclinical butt hurt reasons. 12/29/2019
  • This agency was not easily accessible and did not call back or communicate unless it was convenient for them. If I ever ran into a problem I was told to “hang in there” and had no support. I had to fight my own battles very much and very little was done on this agency’s end. I was highly dissatisfied with American Mobile which is too bad because they have monopolized the travel industry and have the most travel opportunities. However, I would very likely pass up an opportunity to keep from working for American Mobile. 03/09/2018
  • They blind submitted me twice. I thought I was getting a call from a hospital in CT, (after I paid for a temporary license $180) and I received a call from a DC hospital. I did not even have a DC license. Luckily for me the first two times things worked out and I took both contracts. They recently tried a third time. They are a vendor for the Network at a hospital I was looking at contracts through and took my profile (bc they had it on file) and submitted it. Then contacted my actual company (sub contractor) and told her what they had done. You can't trust these ppl. I lost so much money working directly with them for my first year of travel nursing. I could never contact my recruiter at AMN as she was always out of the office. I can't list everything that is wrong with this company. All I can say is don't burn your bridge with them, they are a large vendor and have their hands in everything. Just use a smaller more reputable company to go through with any contracts. AMN is also extremely disorganized, request things that are out of your scope of practice to fulfill and will not help you if you ever actually need something. Do. Not. Trust. Them. 02/16/2018
  • I have been with AMN fir over 2 years. I have talked extensively with over 6 other companies, but I have always chosen AMN for 4 reasons: 1. My recruiters go above and beyond. Molly is amazing and goes above and beyond. 2. They pay me better than the competitors. I do know that often this is a complaint; however, I negotiate my contracts and we always talk. If you can do this with a good recruiter, you will be happy. 3. To insure a family of 4 it relatively inexpensive - although the insurance plan is very, very basic. 4. Open jobs - AMN has by far one of the largest (if not the largest) number of jobs posted across the country. Contact Molly if you need a good recruiter and tell her John C. sent you. 12/19/2017
  • RUN 09/22/2017
  • Misrepresentation in all areas. When called on it, they place you on "review", and ruin job opportunities 09/03/2017
  • I have always had great experiences with AMN and whenever any issues happened I was always taken care of. I had one job start a week later than my contract dated. I found this out pretty close to my start date and too late to doing anything about it like extend my current job by one week or delay my airbnb by a week. AMN paid me a full weeks pay with my per diem and stipend because of the error. 06/19/2017
  • My first contract with AMN was horrible, but I attribute this to the hospital and not the company. My second contract went very smoothly. My advice to new travelers would be to work with another reputable travel company to start and then transition to AMN if you want to work at a great health system such as Stanford. 03/20/2017
  • Long story but extremely rude, unprofessional, and dishonest. 03/20/2017
  • First the GOOD- always have assignments in many locs, maybe that's why so many nurses work with them, including people I know. Housing provided was very nice and safe, however it was very far from work and commute was terrible. I ended up having to find my own place halfway thru. Recruiter did work on finding shift I preferred, however was not able to make sure I was staying near the hospital in the city (which was a major priority to me) The BAD- pay check errors frequently, once the assignment is started recruiter is not supportive, insurance/benefits dont start until 30 days after your assignment begins, and last but not least the pay is horrible for the job, would never recommend this company to a friend! 02/10/2017
  • 7 out of 11 checks so far have been incorrect. They either short me my milage or don't pay it at all and then try to wait until the next week to pay it. If they do send it this week it gets taken out of the next weeks paystub. The timecare will be inputted correctly and the paystub will be wrong. The contact was incorrect at the start and I missed it because they didn't include milage reimbursement in the contract. I've about seen it all at this point. Thank God I only have 2 weeks left with this horrible company and I'm done. Will be reporting to Labor Commisioner. 01/26/2017
  • checks were always shorted for me and multiple other travel nurses..we all had to complain to get our money corrected by the thousands of dollars. It was horrible. We could never get in touch with our recruiter, leaving mx messages before getting a return call. I will never work for that co. again. 01/10/2017
  • Pushy, pushy, pushy. "I've got an assignment in such-and-such and hurry up before it closes" is the line you will hear every time. Forget the cost of living where the job is; forget where the job is, "It'll go soon!!" is what you will be told. Or this, "They've offered an extension (8 weeks before your end date) and I'll give you an extra $2/hr and, well okay, I'll talk to you later!!" and now you're extended, even if the honeymoon period has not worn off yet on your assignment. Loves to call to conform to their high pressure sales tactics. I'd rather work on a car lot than ever travel with AMN again. 01/05/2017
  • This company works for themselves only. They are sugar sweet when discussing contracts, bait and switch scammers when it comes to signing, and completely off the radar once they have you. I've been through 3 recruiters - one requested switch, one quit the company abruptly, and the third was nearly absent. The unit managers consistently talk of how they don't like working with them but feel locked-in due to their exclusive contracts at several facilities. Save yourself the headache and go with a smaller company that actually cares about their travelers. 12/06/2016
  • The worst ever. They lied to me and then when I read the contract I was supposed to sign, I called and told them I wasn't signing it because it was completely different from what we had discussed on the phone. She told me not to worry; that it didn't need to be in the contract to be true. I refuse to sign and she harassed me every day for 3 months. She threatened me etc. Terrible 11/29/2016
  • Im on my second assignment and have already (unfortunately) signed up for a 3rd with AMN. Surprisingly there have been 0 paycheck issues. I found out the hard way, they have been monitoring my FB and a travel nurse group I belong to, I said nothing bad about the company. But my statement on FB was about work options in a particular city and If maybe other companies had more options, my recruiter gave me a talking to about this, I was done with them at that point. Also Denver pay rates aren't good, I know. But when I ask for money for new uniforms, she give me crap and wont do it! I had to beg for $100, when I need an entire new uniform because this hospital is very strict and only allows 1 color... I need an entire new uniform collection and that gets expensive!! IM DONE 11/28/2016
  • Excellent company to work for, 10/10/2016
  • This is the worst place to work for. They use computer interviews for assignments that you don't know the details of. When the hospital goes against their contract, are discriminitive, and lie to cover their behinds; they DNR you when you complain about it. Reason why I am leaving the nursing profession is due to companies that ruin the nursing profession like this. 09/13/2016
  • My recruiter Stephanie G was great everyone else was terrible. Anything that my recruiter couldn't control it went downhill, consistently calling to fix pay, no support from company regarding clinical or any other issues. Very sneaky company. 08/05/2016
  • My recruiter was responsive and personable, but she got me mixed up with other nurses twice. She did not get me an OT rate (i.e. I only got 1.5x my base pay). I worked in one unit with many other travelers, and I was being paid substantially less than all the others. Paychecks on time, benefits good. 07/22/2016
  • I did my first assignment with AMN lived in florida and my first assignment was in DC my recruiter Killian completely lied to me about the hospital I was assigned to Most of the hospitals in DC have the name "washington" in it so I showed up to the wrong hosital for my first day and that hospital told me I do not have a contract with them and told me the hospital I had a contract with, which let me add was in the middle of the inner city in a really dangerous part of town. I am an ER nurse and I have been disappointed with this company since day one. They do not even care if you work for their company at all. When I tried to get a new recruiter I left messages and called all the numbers listed and could not get anyone to call me back and when I finally found the number for the president I had to call her three times and threaten to leave the company if I do not get a call back and then she finally called me back. Now I have a new recruiter still with AMN and I heard from her once and I have not heard from her again and my current assignment is over in 4 weeks. I have not heard one person say something good about this company. I plan to be leaving this company soon. It is worth getting paid a little less to know what is expected. 06/21/2016
  • lied about the contract. Contract stated ICU RN, actual position was float pool. AMN did nothing to correct the problem. 06/14/2016
  • Completely disappointed at the treatment from this travel company. Would not recommend to any nurse. Disrespected or blown off when concerns are raised. Recruiters who push their agenda and certain assignments over your preference. I feel like I had to constantly call to get anything done for my credentialing, for my pay, or reimbursements. It has been a terrible experience. 06/08/2016
  • This was my first assignment, and my last with this agency, they steal!!!!! They lie!!!!! I want out of my contract so bad I cant stand it, they are taking my money, charging me for missed shifts on top of not getting paid, I was supposed to have PTO for emergencies!!! I am making less than back home, they are stealing my housing money, i cant get a hold of anyone ever, it takes days, no support, I feel unsafe doing my job, my license is on the line daily, and they don't care! I cant even get out of my contract because they will charge me thousands to do so, WORST company EVER!!!! I am so disappointed, you better read your contract, and its so vague that doesnt even matter in the long run, they will take you for all you have! 06/03/2016
  • Auburn Medical was my first travel assignment and I ended up staying for 9 months! I absolutely loved it here and I am so sad to leave. I definitely see myself coming back here and working as staff! Wonderful people, very welcoming. 05/23/2016
  • Although every one staffed with agency is very professional and nice, the pay and honesty of the assignments have not been consistent. 04/26/2016
  • Horrible company to work for! Payroll issues, assignment issues, no communications between departments... Everything is ok until you sizn the contract then you are on your own... NO support! When I told my recruiter that I wasn't going to use them again became angry and told me that I was taking food out of his children's mouths. 04/13/2016
  • The issue with FAT companies like AMN and others is they are Top Heavy. Way too many executives with big salaries. They are able to pay them while offering very low pay rates and section 8 housing to the nurses....No, I'm serious Section 8 housing with drugs and crime, cars being broken into, apartments being broken into. They 're attitude is, well it's the best we can do for our nurses. Yet, they bill the hospitals $1400 a shift for OUR work. Yes, I saw the billing invoice at a hospital in Concord, CA from someone in the inside who I befriended about 8 years ago. I can only imagine what it us today! So beware of the Big Hogs. Greed is their drug. They don't care about the nurses. We are just slaves to them. 03/28/2016
  • The negative reports here are accurate! I did read the reviews here before working with American Mobile but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I thought "How could a Company Really be that bad to rate a 44% approval rating? Well I found out! American Mobile Reps flat out lie to you! From one Nurse to another... "Don't believe anything this Company tells you until they produce it in writing and then stay alert because they will not honor the terms of your contract". 03/23/2016
  • DO NOT EVER TAKE AN ASSIGNMENT WITH THIS COMPANY! DO NOT EVER TAKE A SUB-CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY. I took a sub-contract with my company through AMN, first the amount of pre-contract modules that must be completed is ridiculous, second get everything in writing and be willing to walk when even that is violated, they set ridiculous time frames to get "all required" documents in and then be prepared for last minute ridiculousness and the threat of not starting on time if you don't get it in. I know they are a large conglomerate just skip them all together and go with someone else. 03/16/2016
  • AMN was absolutely horrible. Late checks & incorrect pay rates. I worked for 6 weeks and submitted all documents I needed for paychecks (that were supposed to be weekly) and I did not get paid until HALFWAY through my assignment - that included my housing stipend, meals, and regular pay. They kept saying "oh it must just be a glitch in the system, you will definitely have it next week." So my first check because it was such a large amount was taxed ridiculously. Had I been paid weekly, my taxes would've been normal rates, but because I had one HUGE check it took about 41% of it total. They also sent me to a hospital that was complete unsafe and I felt like I was at risk of losing my license daily. I asked multiple times what could be done or could I terminate this assignment because I did not want to compromise my career for a unit that couldn't run properly. I was told it would cost me $2000 to break my contract halfway through so I should "just stick it out." It was also nearly impossible to reach my recruiter (maybe I could get her by e-mail once a week when and I never got answers to questions I asked). She never returned my phone calls. The same goes with the benefits and payroll department. They do not care about their staff was the overall impression I got. I would NEVER recommend them. 02/11/2016
  • Truly a horrible experience! Flat out lied to! Pay was always wrong. 01/16/2016
  • Worst company I have worked for in 8 years of traveling. I was rushed cross country only to sit in a apartment. The day I shold of started all my certs were upto date. One expired that Friday which I had a class planned for that Saturday and return to work on Monday. The contract was cancelled saying they couldnt do orientation for 4 more weeks and I had to pay for my housing. I was also promised a travel reimbursement when I arrived and checked into my destination. Which I never received. They lied to me on more than one occasion, they are also very unorganized. So I Drove cross country not only to not be reimbursement but to not have a job that I signed a contract for, you also never hear from your recruiter onece they have you the job. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN MOBILE THEY ARE A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME. 11/18/2015
  • Nurse Recruiter was very friendly, but somehow disorganized, not returning calls in reasonable amount of time, and not giving all information. American Mobile has to improve in communication with applicant staff and returns calls in reasonable amount of time and not late in the day, sorry I grade you C-. Needs better management. 11/11/2015
  • 1st assignment with this company & they wouldn't correct missed payck when it was their mistake! Looking for another company because benefits are VERY high! Company wouldn't talk to me about benefits till after I had started I know why!! 11/06/2015
  • I have worked with AMN on and off for 3 years and truthfully the only reason I have stayed with them was my recruiter. Kristen is absolutely awesome but is now a manager so herself and another recruiter takes care of me and they have both been honest about everything from day one. The problems are: 1) low pay compared to most agencies, 2) sick time is a financial penalty to the traveler, 3) multiple times through the years paychecks have been lacking, not payed, or some other reason which I don't find out about until after the paycheck WAS supposed to go through. Lastly, housing has been ok. I got the housing on 3 assignments but now take the subsidy due to lower pay and have lucked out finding good housing. In closing, my recruiters have been absolutely awesome but the company as a whole seems to be pretty greedy and don't really have the traveler who is making them the money in mind. AMN is not all bad and have a HUGE selection of jobs but if at all possible, try to get another agency. 10/30/2015
  • This is by far the worst travel company of the 5 I have worked with. They lied. They put me in housing with roaches and drug addicts in the parking lot. They also paid me 500 less per month than they were paying 3 other nurses for the exact same contract. They also lied. My recuiter lied often. Also, when I had an issue that needed to be resolved, I couldn't get in contact with her, but when she wanted me to extend, I had constant calls. 09/30/2015
  • My first assignments were great, excellent recruiter who handled any issues that arose. Sadly she left the company, and the replacements are not nearly as good. Now I have a at best average recruiters, low pay, vague contracts, terrible housing, that you have to jump through hoops to get fixed. Stayed with them out of a sense of loyalty, but that word means little to AMN, and when this contract is over we are done with AMN! 09/23/2015
  • my advice..don't ever use this travel company. .Horrible,dishonest and pocket most of your and greedy 08/08/2015
  • my initial recruiter became irritated with all the questions i had for her and gave me to another one with the company. I almost didn't take an assignment because of this, I am glad I did. The pay was exactly what they said it would be, it is on time, and my apartment is exceptional. I can't speak to the insurance as I did not need this benefit. After all the bad I have heard about this company, on this my first assignment with them, I have not found any of it to be true. 08/02/2015
  • My recruiter was wonderful but she left the agency after getting me my last contract with them. I didn't bond with the new recruiter the same way, and after comparing to many other travel assignments realized that I was far underpaid. I also believe that my license was safe, though, and they had lots of options of where I could go for travel contracts. They could not find any close to home and had very few in the state I'm hoping to stay in now, so I am planning to try another agency next time. 07/03/2015
  • After 31 years as a permanent hospital employee, it is difficult to communicate with a deceptive recruiter. Negotiating a contract with them is like negotiating with a used car salesman rather than a human resources officer. I can never get straight answers to simple questions. It's frustrating dealing with the lack of professionalism of these people. 06/21/2015
  • First assignemnt they put me in housing that had drug dealers above me and it was filthy and I did not feel safe. My recruiters are friendly but could only say sorry when this happened. Another time, they forgot to pay the electric and I came home late that night with my roommate on a holiday weekend to no power or water. It took me two hours to get in touch with the "emergency housing" department. The lady gave me a hotel room in the hood of Tacoma, WA and I was unable to check in until 3am! WTF?! They would have charged me for extra night if I checked in before. I've had nothing but problems with them and they don't sound like they care. It is very frustrating and I would not recommend them to anyone. 06/05/2015
  • I spent most of my 14 years as a traveler with AMN and in the last 2 years, they have really gone downhill. I have had my recruiter for about 8 years, have had some bad assignments that I had to fight my way out of and decided to go with another company for my next assignment. Said recruiter was downright nasty to me and threw all the bad experiences in my face! Will never recommend this company again! 05/20/2015
  • I have worked with AMN for about 2 years and have had ups and downs. Truthfully I know the pay is pretty horrible compared to other agencies, but since AMN bought up a lot of other companies, they truly have a huge data base for jobs. Honestly, the only reason I kept traveling with them was my recruiter. Although it is very hard to get ahold of her, she always calls/emails me back and has treated me really great from day one. However, I probably wouldn't recommend them due to bad pay and how much it actually costs to have to call in sick. Pretty ridiculous. 03/25/2015
  • If you are a first time traveler, stay absolutely AWAY from American Mobile. For a company so incredibly large, they pay their nurses complete crap and they lie about what the hospital will pay you. The sad thing is that most new travel nurses do not know what to ask for and how to get money so you can EASILY be ripped off from them. If you take an assignment in southern California with with AMN, do NOT accept an offer less than 1800 a week because I promise you, that recruiter from AMN is pocketing all YOUR hard earned money. I was completely ripped off and stressed so badly about my finances. When I asked for a pay increase or a bonus, my recruiter, Jenna Scaduto did nothing to increase it and left me completely hanging. She texted me "good luck" because I did not agree to her 2 dollar increase. She also never checked up on me and did not care for me as a person. Unless you are an experienced traveler and KNOW how to talk, stay absolutely away from this company! 03/16/2015
  • very disorganized and rude staff. recruiters do not return calls even in complex situtions and certainly are not supportive. 03/16/2015
  • This company is only good for getting you into big name hospitals around the USA. Pay is low, there are no loyalty bonuses. Once they get you in an assignment you are just a number and a $ machine to AMN/AMH. They are fake and polite to your face, but when there are issues, no one takes responsibility. Had 2 late pay checks in a year that I had to make multiple calls for AMN's mistake. Only calls to check on you when it's time to renew assignment, or if something is off with worked time. Will only work with this company again if I am starving, will not recommend to others. 03/13/2015
  • Lied about pretty much everything. Would never work with them again. 02/26/2015
  • pay schedule unsatisfactory along with dishonesty from recruiter...there are too many agencies to be lied to by the people who should have your back. 02/25/2015
  • With my first assignment I had an awesome recruiter, but he left the company...I wish I had. Then with my second assignment, my CA license was two days late so I was stuck in California waiting for 30 days to start my assignment. They promised to get me work during the time and THEY NEVER DID. SO THERE IWAS BREAKING THE BANK FOR 30 days writing to start at Stanford..which by the way...I sat in a classroom for 2 weeks. So why was my license so important. AMN DID NOTHING. If you are in an area where people are racist, DON'T EXPECT SUPPORT...the recruiter will say "I just can't believe that in this day and age that's still happening" While you fear for your life. It turned out to be MY WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! NO SUPPORT, THEY AUTOMATICALLY CONSIDER YOU TO BE A LIAR...My last recruiter only returned my calls if someone had an issue with me. I WAS VERY SURPRISED...I WISH I HAD QUIT WITH MY FIRST RECRUITER AND FOLLOWED HIM. They promise you the world.....AND THATS ALL IT IS AN EMPTY PROMISE!! 02/15/2015
  • Jan. 2015-- If you like to get ripped off then let me tell you, this is THEE company for you. Will underpay you and admit it with no shame, they are pushy. Contracts are written very vague, ex: travel reimbursement up to $400.. up to?? based on what, which is it? They will charge you for any missed shifts, yet you won't get paid for canceled shifts for up to 6x/contract even with "guaranteed hours".. but ur not allowed to be sick or have a family emergency for any reason?? They also royally screwed up on my w2 and had to deal with the hassles of having my accountant fix their mistakes, constantly under-paid &/or would charge me fees even though I worked overtime.. I had to call them constantly to get the right pay. You are just a number and disposable to them. Don't work any overtime with them, because they will underpay you big time!! If you are working in cali where you're supposedly getting OT after 8 hrs, just know that they are barely paying you enough to cover ur actual hourly rate, maybe a bit more, not an actual OT rate. Travel nursing is not what it should be anymore.. Good luck! 01/23/2015
  • The recruiter I have with AMN is definitely out for herself. I told her different places and specialties that I would like to work, she told me that none of these were available and placed me where she had been pushing me to go. I now know she was lying about these things because I have a friend that took a job through them in a location that I had asked about. My pay is much ($8 to 10$ an hour) less than other travelers at the facility I'm at now. They do not guarantee your pay, and on top of that, they make you pay them $18 and hour for any missed hours. I didn't think that was a big deal because I don't call in sick, but orientation at the facility was over faster than they thought and I was short 4 hours and was not offered the option to make this time up. On my next check AMN took $72 dollars from me. 01/12/2015
  • I have worked with AMN for 3 assignments, and have never had a problem with my paychecks or misinformation. My only complaint with them is they charge you $18/hour for any missed hours, on top of not being paid for the time missed. Do NOT get sick or have an emergency!! Remember to negotiate for reimbursement for endorsements and certifications up front, and taking the housing stipend and finding my own housing works great and saves lots of money. 01/05/2015
  • When Nurses Rx first combined with American Mobile, I didn't think much of it until my pay rate suddenly dropped. Then the recruiter I worked with for a long time was let go. The recruiter I was transferred to was great until she went on medical leave it was after that I really started having issues. the recruiter sent me on an assignment that literally felt like I was in a rat trap. When I tried to request a buy out she made excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't buy out of the contract. The pay was horrible, but when I had to have surgery they tried to retro cancel my insurance to the last day I was actually on assignment. I had to get a lawyer to prevent that based on the last couple of checks that showed my insurance premiums withheld. I will never again work for a company associated with AMN. 12/28/2014
  • This agency under paid me 500 per month compared to all others at the same hospital on the same contract. They initially put me in the ghetto with bars on the doors a broken lock and druggies begging for cash in the parking lot. They then came up with an extraneous charge for me though never emailed it to me for over 200.00. My recruiter only ever returned my email or call when she wanted me to sign a contract. 11/28/2014
  • American Mobile has the lowest pay rates compared to most others it's too bad I did not know prior to accepting this contract thru this company! I will not be using them again and hope any traveler currently looking RUNS from AMN.also know they have many other travel companies that have been merged so please ask if there are affiliated with AMN. Never again will they cheat me out of a great salary to fatten their pocket. Good luck out there fellow travelers you've been forewarned... 10/30/2014
  • American Mobile pays their travelers $6-8 dollars an hour lLESS than the other travelers with different agencies on same assignment as yours! I will not be extending with them and will go travel with Sunbelt they pay excellent I've seen the other travelers paycheck from sunbelt. How could AMN treat us like this? DO NOT TRAVEL with AMN go elsewhere 10/26/2014
  • Travel techs beware of this company by all means. Recruiter says its like making 20.00 an hour then you look at contract and actually its 9.30/hr!! Oh and btw if you accept an assignment in CA beware they dont tell you that you only get overtime rate if you work 40 hours consecutive in a week. So when the facility wants you to coverall kinds of shifts remember you only get straight time then OT premium which for me is 4.65 for the last 4 hours of a 12 hr shift . I was literaly told I would have to work 6 12 hour shifts consecutively in order to qualify forb12hrs of OT pay. Well, had the snake recruiter told me that in the beginning I would NEVER have driven cross country to make 9.30 an hour!!! Oh and it is acceptable standard for housing to this company to put you in an over rated, drug infested, college partying complex and if I dare try to go to another place on my own ( w/o their help of course) its assured they will "payroll deduct" the ridiculous BS rent for the remainder of the lease. $2500 for a studio that didnt evwn have a microwave, tv. Oh I forgot itsbmy responsibility to bring ny own tv and vaacuum and microwave and pots pans dishes etc.. STAY away from this company! 10/09/2014
  • Recruiter was energetic, friendly and supportive until I signed contract! Lied to about pay, charged a 500.00 pet deposit and 50.00 a month pet rent for a 10lb dog. Housing was supposed to be great! Well it was dirty, and full of drugs, I could not even walk out of my apt. Thru the hallway with my dog w/o smelling pot everywhere. Sat on balcony one nite and there were teenagers on the first floor shooting drugs. Complained to " account manager" what a joke! Did nothing for me at all. All you ever hear is " well no one evr had that problem before" I NEVER made anymore then 500.00 per week even after working 5 12 hour shifts! I have been in healthcare for 20+ years and have never made that little and I especially didnt commit to travel 2600 miles from home for it! I questioned recruiter as to why my contract said 9.30/hr and that is not what you told me originally. Her response was "I do not have the ability to negotiate that" ARE yoi kidding me!!! You are making triple an hour while I am working these hours and you tell me that!! They hook, line and sinker you, dont be fooled by the "blended rate" and you will be making $20.00 an hour! BS!!! Lets not even start with the "exclusive" contract with the facility. PLEASE!! I have been here for 1.5 months and never heard from my recruiter, NOW she decides to call and "talk" about next asssignment! Well low and behold the facility I am at wants to extend, I spoke with another Travel company and wow they can accomodate me with a sign on bonus AND 350 more take home in my pay. Surprising how another company can understand my experience as an asset, make money off of that but I can as well!! Needless to say I have nothing to say to this recruiter other then I am NEVER taking an assignment with you again, and I will NEVER recommend either! Horrible experience 10/06/2014
  • Hospital compliance officers are the pits . Keep asking from you documents you already submitted. Dont do their job right !! Doesnt check their file first before asking for documents again. Rude !! Doesnt know how to listen !!! You have to fight for your paycheck every 2 weeks !! Gives you the lowest pay !! Recruiters haggle w/ you to get a low pay !! A BIG Mistake to work for this company !!!!!!! ! ! ! ! 10/06/2014
  • As a first time traveler had the worse and horrific experience from contract,travel time,finances,leaving to another state,pay,reimbursements,customer service,apartment stay,and to top it off,a very non-compassionate recruiter who can a good talk but not professional in handling first time traveler concerns. DO NOT APPLY OR EVEN GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR TIME!!!! 10/01/2014
  • sending my profile to people I didn't even know I applied to. health benefits that don't kick in until 3/4 of the way done with contract. No benefits that carry over once contract completed. 09/09/2014
  • I had a GREAT recruiter and he left this company. And now I can see why. APPARRENTLY the great service that I got from them was ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM. I had nurses lie on me - NO SUPPORT FROM AMN. I had my contract end early, they NEVER TOOK MY WORD FOR ANYTHING..THEY ALL BUT CALLED ME A LIARMWHENEVER THEIR WAS AN INCIDENCE. I WAS AMAZED AT THIS. I HAD NEVER WORKED FOR A COMPANY THAT TREATED ITS STAFF THIS WAY. My new recruiter ONLY returns my calls if there is a complaint or problem. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE. 09/07/2014
  • Make sure you ask ahead of time about license and certification reimbursements, Became a problem at the beginning to get that paid for. 08/25/2014
  • HORRIBLE!!!!! I did two assignments with them. They forgot to get me housing, both times they put me a town over not near a bus route, I had to get a car, no discounts offered. The furniture was awful, the bed was cheap and my back hurt from that squeaky thing. I dealt with filthy dirty housing and cockroaches and water shut offs, banned from the association run community pool. Payroll? I am amazed I got paid! If you that low amount I got pay. It took 6 weeks until I got my first check, health insurance was $188 a week - still not sure why. I got nickeled and dimed the entire time, cheated out of money, a decent place to live, a decent contract. They did not live up to a single thing they promised. I feel bad for my recruiter - who is a gem!!!! Hiyasmin Vargas - PLEASE go to another company and I will follow, I already switched companies and am having a much better experience. 08/10/2014
  • I had multiple problems with my paychecks and my housing stipend not being included. Their pay rates are not the best; they end up making a lot of money off the nurses. Loved my recruiter, but bad agency. 08/09/2014
  • Great opportunities for assignment selection... But it seems you have to negotiate a lot to get great housing. They also try to nickel and dime you a lot with small charges. And don't always want to pay promised reimbursements and referral bonuses. Tips: Negotiate a lot. Also research on the housing before going there. Get all the reimbursements included in your contract. 08/05/2014
  • The first time I traveled for over a year I always used AMN. Going back to traveling, I went with them again. This time it has been problem after problem. They have left off my housing stipend twice, resulting in getting taxed on both checks instead of one. Now, they are saying I did not sign up for insurance and are having to pull my form to see if I did or not. There are better agencies out there with less problems, and who pay more. I will not be using them again. 06/14/2014
  • Had to fight for every little detail. Housing was horrible and did not initially include the simple things, like a microwave. Recruiter would not return calls. 06/11/2014
  • I took my first assignment with American Mobile almost a year ago. I travel with my friend, so we try to get assignments at the same facility as a travel pair. You would think the company would try even harder to make us happy since they are getting two contracts. I was so disappointed with them! The first red flag was when they were not transparent about an assignment being contingent upon passing a computer test the facility required that took six hours! I would rather take the NCLEX again! They allowed us to fly three thousand miles across the country believing we had a secure contract. My friend did not pass the test and was across the country for one month waiting for another job. Luckily, she has a great recruiter at Emerald Health and he was able to place her. We decided to give AMN another try when we took contracts in LA. Unfortunately, they made us move after we resigned for another 13 weeks. They said the apartments we were living in raised the rent by 1800 dollars. Yeah, right. The housing they made us move into was terrible! We moved into a an apartment filled with college students who partied all night and played loud music. They also messed up my health insurance and I ended up having to go on Cobra and pay double out of pocket! I am done with this company! They are unprofessional and don't care about keeping their nurses! I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I have talked to many travelers in CA and found they feel the same way. AMN is based in San Diego, CA and they are just too big of a company to care! Take my word, go with someone else and feel appreciated! 05/27/2014
  • Disappointing. Biggest doesn't equal better or best. 05/21/2014
  • At first, the recruiters at American Mobile were very helpful, friendly and accommodating. I had a friend that worked here so I figured I would give it a shot even though I had read HORRIBLE reviews all over the internet. The assignment I got was somewhere a had always wanted to work so I was very pleased with that and they put me is a nice hotel until housing became available. Then the nightmare started... I was told that my housing would be in one of two specific areas within reasonable distance from the hospital I was working for (I am in homecare so distance/travel time was very significant for me). When I finally got my housing assignment, it was almost 45 minutes from my work place & San Diego traffic is horrendous so that made it even worse. When I tried to address the issue, I was told that it was the only housing available at the time and that I would have extra amenities (second bedroom, washer dryer in unit etc) that I wouldn't be charged for due to the inconvenience. So I let that issue go since the place was pretty nice. Then came issues with my contract... I was told by my recruiter that my pay rate would be $21.00 per hour & I had to work 8 hour shifts or 72 hours per pay period (biweekly). My first contract was completely wrong, pay rate was listed as almost $5.00 less per hour & it stated that I was to work 12 hours shifts/80 hours per pay period. I brought this to my recruiters attention because I was charged for the missing hours not paid any OT hours & my check was very short. She said that she would amend my contract & I would be paid the funds owed to me. Well the contract was amended (4 weeks later) to 8 hour shifts 72 per pay period but without my knowledge it also changed my pay rate to $18.00 per hour! Now the company I worked for was great & my coworkers were very open & helpful to me (or so I thought). I got the flu a couple weeks in and decided to call out sick (rather than go take care of children diagnosed with cancer having depressed immune systems) and my supervisor called my recruiter complaining about my absences saying that I had already missed four days when it was in fact only 2 days! I also ran into some car troubles and had to switch shifts with coworkers so that I could get my car fixed, which none of them had a problem with at all. I also covered shifts for others when they needed the favor so as far as I knew, this wasn't an issue. I also was not paid out any of my mileage until my contract was up, I was spending hundreds of dollars in gas for this assignment. And when I submitted my mileage form, the supervisor told me I calculated wrong and she changed it to over $100 less than what I had calculated. The last straw was when I has a death in the family, my supervisor told me that it wasn't even my immediate family so she didn't see why I would need to take a day off for the services (3,000 miles away) and that it would be considered another sick day. When I informed her that I was going for one day to make it to the services she told me that we would finish out my contract & there wouldn't be a renewal. So since family is first in my world, I went to the services and missed only one day of work. Well I came back & worked my next 2 scheduled shifts, the supervisor never said a word to me. The next day I got a call from the clinical director of AMN saying that my contract was being cancelled due to my absences and then she went on to say that the staff had multiple complaints about me as well. (None of which we're ever brought to my attention) I was shocked! AMN did nothing to advocate for me in this situation and I never heard from my recruiter again! So then she tells me I have 48 hours to get out of their housing & I would be charged $75/day for every day I stayed past 48hours. I told her that as long as all my funds were paid out to me within 72 hours as required by law then that shouldn't be a problem. Well not only was my paycheck not ready in 72 hours but it was only half of what I was owed because they couldn't figure out which addendum to my contract was correct and I was charged for 5 missed shifts when I had missed 3! So now I'm homeless, sleeping in a tent and having to go back & review every paycheck & stipend to be sure I get all the funds I am owed. And on top if it all, the director had the nerve to tell me that it was a real hardship for me to be in their housing past 48hours because they needed to put another traveler in it, when they were literally putting me out on the street without all the funds that I'm owed. Don't ever work for this company!! It's not worth all the stress for the few perks of traveling. Find a more reputable company!!! 04/17/2014
  • Horrible company - along with umbrella company Fastaff and Nurse Choice = be very careful! They are not nice and their clinical manager suffers from bipolar disorder. This was shared with me from another agency who fired her; and told me she has been fired from working with agencies in S. CA. Guess that's why she does not deal with patients. 04/16/2014
  • I was in a 26 week assignment at the worst hospital ever for travelers. I was honest and told my mgr that I had come out of remission and my cancer had returned. I wanted to work and was cleared to do so without restrictions by my oncologist and primary physician. I called in for 2 shifts with a doctor's note.The hospital found a way to let me go and my travel company followed after 4 years with them - I never received any negative feedback up to that point. Instead, the hospitals where I'd worked all wanted me to stay/extend or offered me staff positions to keep me. 04/09/2014
  • Like most AMN employees, I did my first assignment with them until I realized like most, they are the Wal-Mart of agencies. I got a hellish assignment were everybody laughed when they heard who I was working for. I was making half as much as the other agency. Though everybody had problems with housing, pay and details with their assignment, I had only small issues. When I went to the higher paying agency, I call my recruiter. She called the other travelers "liars" and demanded to see their pay stubs. It was like I broke up with my junior high girlfriend. She went ballistic and had a melt down. I still get emails from them almost weekly. Now I'm getting stuff from places like "Joe's Travel Agency" and at the bottom in fine print it says "An AMN agency". Avoid them. 04/01/2014
  • Only worked assignments with AMN & NursesRX because they had the contract where I wanted. My recruiter told me I'd be in the same city, I wasn't, Pay was screwed up once a month and it took forever to fix. I was on an assignment with them thru a smaller sister company and they emailed me saying they overpayed me $100. After following up with them and never having had an overpayment applied to me, I now have creditors calling me to collect a debt that I never owed. I am always dissatisified with them and that's wth 4 contracts under my belt with them. Only go to them being forwarned and cant get a contract where you want elsewhere. 03/24/2014
  • I had multiple issues with American Mobile. I believe it may have been more the facility's fault rather than this company but I wanted them to step up and resolve my issues and they did not. 03/19/2014
  • I have been traveling for a couple of years with the same company, which I loved. Unfortunately, this midsized company was unable to obtain a contract in NYC, because AMN owns the monopoly on travel nurse placement in New York City. Living in NYC has always been my dream, so I switched to AMN, who was able to obtain a contract at one of New York’s top rated level 1 trauma centers. Initially, my recruiter, seemed attentive, energetic, and organized. However, this changed the moment my contract was signed. After repeated requests for her to return calls, she took her own sweet time to call me back...we’re not talking hours. We’re talking days. I asked her to draft a contract extension 6 weeks prior to the end of a contract and it was not completed. I almost lost my extension because my recruiter and AMN dropped the ball on my extension contract. I then, called my recruiter’s boss, who was less than profession or courteous stating “you’re the one who dropped the ball, not us.” “You must have done something to make the facility refuse the extension.” The actual assignment was even worse…a complete nightmare. The hospital, which was ranked 7th best in the nation, turned out to be a complete horror. Travelers, as expected, were staffed on short staffed high volume days, so nurse to patient ratios were high, 8 to 11 patients to one nurse. In NYC, you expect this type of ratio, so I was ready for the ratios. What I was not prepared for was the blatant disregard for patient safety and appropriate nursing care in this facility. While working at that facility I told my recruiter on several occasions that nursing practice at the facility were unsafe. Chest pain patients were placed in hallway beds without cardiac monitors. Some of the doctors would order cardiac monitor, but there were none available. When following the chain of command and addressing the issue with the Charge RN, I was told “the patient doesn’t need to be on a cardiac monitor.” Patients with PEs and DVTs were not placed on cardiac monitors and nursing staff and management seemed to be okay with this. There were not enough IV pumps to hang antibiotics and on more than one occasion I was told to “just hang the Vancomycin or Levaquin” by gravity. Admitted patients were left in the ER for 80+ hours at a time, waiting on an available bed on the floor. While in the ER, the hospital lacked basic patient needs – pillows, blankets, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks and when patients became irritated or upset about the inhumane way they were being treated, staff seemed to disregard their concerns. When I mentioned these issues to my recruiter, she would just say how “sorry she was” and that she’d “fix things.” Nothing was ever accomplished. On top of all this, in three months, my paycheck was short three times. The first paycheck, despite turning in all appropriate paperwork, was short my travel and licensing reimbursements. I called Meredith, frantic, because I had rent due and she stated I’ll try to get this fixed. One week and several irate messages later, I finally received the money I was owed, unfortunately, one week later than my rent was due. On two different occasions, my paycheck was 24 and 48 hours short. I brought this up to AMN and they blamed the hospital. I checked with the hospital Kronos system, which showed that I clocked it. This runaround persisted throughout the five months I spent working for AMN. Nothing was ever resolved and no matter how many people I spoke with nothing was ever resolved. I truly believe American Mobile is the absolute worst travel nurse company ever. They do not value travel nurses or seem to realize that without us they would not have a job. They lack the ability to communicate, they lack the basis of professionalism, and timeliness is not even noted on their vocabulary. 02/20/2014
  • 01/27/2014
  • Very low wages. Came for an assignment in California. The staff nurses make a minimum of 54 per hour. We (travelers) make less than 20 per hour. Have found another agency to work with for next assignment. The compliance department is disorganized and unprofessional at best. Good company to help relocate to a specific area because they have lots of contracts. They make deals with all Kaiser facilities to pay traveling nurses very low wages. This saves Kaiser lots of money and lines the pockets of American Mobile. Nurses are simply cheap labor. 12/16/2013
  • This was my first and last travel nurse job! My recruiter was very energetic and friendly, but that is where the good part ends. I arrived at the apartment complex that was confirmed twice for arrival date to find it wasn't ready and had no furniture. I talked to the housing department and was told they would reimburse me for the cost of an air mattress to sleep on for the night and the furniture would be delivered tomorrow. I bought the air mattress and a bag chair to sit on and sent the mattress receipt to the company for reimbursement. Once the furniture arrived I put the bag chair on my patio and two days later it was stolen. I quickly learned that this housing complex was a complete dump and apparently the cops were always watching it because of the drug problem that was going on there. My first day of orientation I arrive to be told that I wasn't hired for an OR position as I was told by my recruiter, but instead an office setting. My recruiter had no idea what was going on, so how am I supposed to know. I told myself that since this was my first travel job I would stick it out so I didn't have to back out of my first contract. I should have run screaming, not because of the assignment, but because that was my second day of being a part of this company and it had not gone right at all. I continued to renew my contract only because I was looking for a permanent full-time job with the company I was working for. If I could have found another job I would have left immediately, but this was the area I wanted to stay in so….like an idiot I kept renewing. Over the course of my contract with AMN I was shorted over $1900 in pay, complained several times about my housing arrangement (nothing was done, so I found a place on my own), was traveling 25 miles one-way to work because AMN put me in the town they thought I was supposed to be working in when I clearly wasn't hired for there. I had to repeatedly contact the same people over and over again about the same issues because nothing was ever taken care of the first time. Towards the end of my contract I lost my housing subsidy without knowing until I got my paycheck because they sent the letter to the wrong address that had been updated twice. Now….they tell me I owe them money for my housing allowance that was paid to me on my last paycheck. I hadn't gotten a housing allowance for the last month I was working with them, but all of a sudden they decided to give it to me? By the way…..I was never reimbursed for the air mattress because the lady said unless it was in my contract there was nothing I could do! Are you kidding me? The entire company is crooked and just out to take advantage of the hard-working people that are naive enough to believe what they tell us. They are dishonest to their employees and should be shut down. I know there are always people out there that are unhappy no matter what, but I am not one of them. And I am not the only person who has had trouble either, there is currently a law suit against AMN for similar issues that other traveler(s) have had with AMN. Don't believe a word they say! Go with another company that treats their people with respect and honesty! 12/10/2013
  • -Hidden fees/deposits -They are not supportive...they always defend the company vs. the traveler -They nickel and dime everything -It is hard to speak with someone in Cust. Service (they hardly answer the phone...always in meetings) 12/10/2013
  • Housing was AWFUL!!!!!! 12/04/2013
  • I was a travelling LPN from 2007 to 2012. This company did open doors for me that were not in my wildest dreams. I got higher pay than where I am from. The positive was clean apartments in safe areas. I liked the hardship advance $300 they give if your low on funds when you arrive at an assignment. They let me get an apartment I chose to be closer to my assignment. I was always reimbursed my pet deposit. I was blessed with the assignments I had. I enjoyed not having to cough up rent money. Paid housing was wonderful. I was put in places that had a pool, hot/sonna gated community. The negative was my recruiter withheld bonuses like reimbursement for interim travel home while on assignment. They also did not pay holiday pah to me for tje 4th of July I worked one time. They have a group lawsuit against them for improper wage deductions and lack of reimbursement. I maybe getting a backpay check in a couple of months. RNs you make more $$$, and you are in hot demand. So you can be be picky and negotiate farther. After all that it was bittersweet. So watch your pay stubs closely with these guys! 12/02/2013
  • I started my travel career with this company. Since then I have had 5 assignments. My recruiter, Joseph V. was TERRIFIC!!! We had an excellent relationship. He was ALWAYS available. I was given his direct line as well as his cell phone number. He knew me so well that he knew what my needs and wants without asking me and knew when there was a problem. Did I say he was TERRIFIC?! The problems came when he moved to another company. I was crushed. I was transferred to a new recruiter who's okay but doesn't seem to have the time for me. My housing this assignment was horrible. I was put in a hotel for a month. I was then moved to an apt that had roaches. I had to constantly call and was told that they would spray. I was also told that roaches were common in Texas. Ummmm... No. I never had any problems with roaches during my last assignment which was 9 months in Dallas. I was finally moved to another apt. Long story short... I have reunited with my beloved Joey at his new company! 11/14/2013
  • The reviews about housing, pay and the less than scrupulous antics listed under this company have all occurred to me during my assignments with AMN. I'm a veteran at this and yet I kept going back to AMN hoping they would be deserving of the hardworking travel nurse's loyalty and earnings, they are worse than ever.....Question everything and try the smaller companies who appreciate for making the money and giving them a share for the administrative worries to be off your back....after all, without your earnings they don't have anything to even exist.I have many horror stories of housing, pay and benefits issues with AMN as well as rudeness, apathy and inaccuracies of pay. They have tried a lot of slippery antics to not give you what you've earned and to keep as much for themselves as they can. It also takes some frustrating efforts and persistence to rectify their "errors". Most nurses believe too much in people and don't realize the "business" behind these big corporations could careless about the person that is bringing in the money....instead, they just see you as a work horse. If you feel you aren't being treated right go to a smaller company. I was told for years they were better and I have since found out the hard way they were right. Traveling nurses are a unique breed and deserve supportive companies that make it easy when support isn't necessarily physically around and they are standing on their own working their buns off and giving a company a share of that hard work. 10/16/2013
  • They CHARGE you for sick/call off days $18.00 an hour each day! You must watch your paycheck! My first assignment in CT, I felt unsafe in the apartment they put me in and when asked to be moved after first two weeks, they didnt believe me and stated "no one else has ever complained"! Pay is LOW!-stand firm -dont let them push you around 09/12/2013
  • This company would not stand behind me as a traveler. Was hard to get travel reimbursements from them and pay was low. 08/18/2013
  • company assigned me to step down unit which was more like a medical surgical unit where they did not do drips. then I was honest in my re-interview and without any notice I was told that AMN will not give me any assignments anymore which left me in a very bad situation I ended up unemployed and without a place to stay. 07/22/2013
  • I haven't had any huge issues since working for this company. I've worked at two not so desirable hospitals and I'm ready to move on to another agency. This current hospital has staff that's notorious for trying to set traps for travelers. It's sad because at the end of the day we're all RN's with the same opportunities. When I talked with my company's liaison about my concerns regarding safety I felt pushed into a corner. I knew then that AMN is only out to help themselves and aren't concerned for their nurses. I would do more research of each company when starting a travel career but as far as AMN, proceed cautiously! 06/13/2013
  • This company forced me into a couple of contracts that were not working for me d/t decreased census. Refused to help me transfer to another contract. Then they tried to charge me for housing after the contract ended. Stay away from any of their 100's of companies. 04/27/2013
  • I drove across country only to find out AM had never submitted paperwork to the housing community, of my arrival. I stood in the lobby for 2 hrs.while things were worked out. I had to argue to have it cleaned, and 2B put up in a hotel while the carpeting was cleaned. I got a clear sense from the dirt trails on the carpet that they don't clean between every occupancy. They have an exclusive contract with Kaiser Permanente, and they WILL NOT go to bat for you if an issue with Kaiser comes up; and I assure You it will. You will sign for one unit and then find you are routinely used for staffing to other units. I was on my contracted unit a total of 4 shifts in 13 weeks. When pulled,you're abused by the staff. When I finally spoke to the nurse manager on a Friday, I found out the following Monday that my contract had been cancelled, with 3 days of the contract remaining. They cited I didn't seem like a 'good fit.' AM never contacted me. I found out when I showed up for work. American Mobile did not back me up. I had 2 days to vacate my housing, with nowhere to go. DO NOT SIGN WITH AM! Sign with Flexcare; they dont have 50 different depts. 1 person handles everything, and does it beautifully. And the $$ is phenomenal. 04/27/2013
  • The jobs are great, (a lot of work). I work hard and I expect to get paid for it. When I looked at my first paycheck after three hard weeks of work, learning their way, etc, I only thought it was a mistake, or that it was a bonus for something I did well ;} But no, that was my paycheck. Deductions here, deductions there, and my rate 21.30/hr I had to ask for a loan to survive two more weeks, to then find the same unpleasant surprise. I never got reimbursed for the ALCS and NRP clases, nor for travel, as I was promised. All my complaints were ignored. I was unhappy with the housing I had been given, specially for not having washer and drier. Soon, talking with the nurses about it, I discovered that AMN had placed me in a low income government housing. They prob. were paying very little money, and I was paying triple to AMN for that housing. And there are more things that I can tell. I know these people owe me money. I have been thinking about Dept.of Labor. Sincerely. 03/08/2013
  • It is true that American Mobile does have a large selection of jobs to choose from which is always a plus. My recruiter was wonderful and helped me out any way she could. The downfall of this company is their payroll and payroll department. I have never seen so many mistakes with my paycheck and every week I had to make sure to double check my pay stub to make sure they got it right and most the time it was still wrong. They actually over paid me by $70 and then billed me for it a year later after I no longer worked for them which I thought was in very poor taste on their part. 02/11/2013
  • my recruiter calls weekly to see if everything is going well and if i need anything.the agency has been flexible on benefits to reimbuse me for expenses. 12/12/2012
  • My recruiter, Elise Chetzron, is a wonderful girl. Always looks out for me. 11/29/2012
  • I went with AMN because of the large amount of jobs available. It is tolerable if you have a good recruiter that will listen to what you want, otherwise the frequent paycheck mistakes and other mess ups will overwhelm you. I traveled for location, not money and am looking for a new company now. 11/16/2012
  • I used this agency as my first one and thought I was being treated well and paid well. Now that I am with another company, I am making about $500 more per week with better assignments. My recruiter spoke to me like a friend which was nice until I wanted more. Definitely avoid AMN. Choose anyone else. 11/12/2012
  • Tell you one thing & do another. Out for themselves most of time & not always truthful. Make promises that are not always kept. Charge you for washer- dryer that is included in the apartment anyway. Their california pay is terrible. $17 to 19 base. 09/24/2012
  • No comment 08/30/2012
  • this agency is great with finding positions but travel reimburments are terrible. recruiters give info that is not consistant from day to day 07/14/2012
  • I had planned to work for this company but had not signed a contract since they could not get me lined up in housing that was suitable for me. I went back and forth for several days with my recruiter on this and finally took an assignment with another agency. This company blackballed me from ever taking an assignment with AMN as an intermediary stating I broke a contract even though I had never signed one with them. Other traveler friends have also spoken of all of the issues they have with their paychecks not being correct. 06/23/2012
  • Lots of assignemnts, but my recruiter was hard to get a hold of most of the time. 01/26/2012
  • Failed to have new assignment ready when old assignment was up; housing deplorable-I was afraid that I would get bedbugs; two paychecks in a row late and inaccurate; condescending recruiter. 12/01/2011
  • had a horrible contract in the bay area. once i signed my contract, didnt hear from my recruiter again for another 2 months when it was time for her to get me my next contract. 06/09/2011
  • American Mobile has been the worse travel agency I have ever worked for. Reimbursements the are in my contract require 3 days of phone calls to be reimbursed. Their pay is low and their recruters will tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign up. They are more trouble than they are worth. 09/03/2010
  • Nurses RX merged with Preferred healthcare and it was down hill from there. there was a trememdous amount of MIS information 08/18/2009
  • no agency is perfect, but they did a great job 01/19/2009
  • I had three recruiters in 8 months. That makes it very difficult to buld a relationship and feel that they are really working for you 11/19/2008
  • This is my first and last assignment with AMN. It has been a nightmare from the day I arrived. RUN away. They are totally screwed up!!! 11/15/2008
  • HRN, Med EXP, Nurses RX, Peyton Ogrady, too. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE COMPANIES!!!!! 06/22/2008
  • First time traveler. Was originally assigned to Arizona and contract start date continued to be put off. Told recruiter I wanted to be submitted for other positions. My recruiter is EXCELLENT! Was submitted for other positons and got the one I wanted. Gave me inconvenience bonus which included free housing for me and my 17 y/o son, .5 miles from facility. Nice town in Maryland. Increased my travel reimbursements. Very professional, always accesible. Would recommend. I think recruiter is very important and mine is the best. 04/21/2008
  • i worked for an agency that was affiliated with amn, and received my paycheck thru amn. PEOPLE, CHECK UR ONLINE PAYSTUBS!!! they will difer $200 per paycheck, another nurse i worked with had an unfort. exp. where she also had same happen. run like a big dog if ur with them or considering. will never work for anyone affiliated with them again 03/24/2008
  • I am on my 3rd assignment with AMN and I love them. I have a great recruiter. He is always available, I have never waited more than 5 hours for a return call from him. It took a while to get a reimbursement for housing but that was the hospitals fault. I would and have recommended them. 01/27/2008
  • Something was wrong with just about every paycheck. Was on the phone most of the time with payroll clearing up problems. Benefits were horrible. Made promises that they didn't keep. 10/06/2007
  • Made offers that they didn't keep. Pay was poor. Always made less money than other travelers. 10/03/2007
  • I traveled with this company a year ago. They outright lied to me about a pet deposit stating that my apartment required the pet deposit and there was nothing they could do. After handing over the deposit, I found out that the apartment complex did not charge a pet deposit. When I confronted them about lying they made up an excuse that they charge all of their travelers a pet deposit. I was very disappointed with that. Also, this company pays low, does not offer any tax advantages that many others do so I would not travel with them again. 08/28/2007
  • I am on my first assignment and I like them but they were not able to get me an extension or keep me in the same city as I wanted. The pay is very low and I am going with another company as they are offering more money and a bonus. I would come back to them in the future though. 08/11/2007
  • I would NOT reccommend this agency. They stuck me in a horrible apartment that wasn't a safe area. Then when I called to tell them this they didn't believe me. They then took out over $1,000. + on taxes for each pay check. I have made no money. Find a different company!! 07/30/2007
  • My recruiter was knowledgable and friendly. I was placed on a Neuro/Tele Unit, however, when I got to assignment it was everything but Neuro/Tele. I do not think that my recruiter new this before hand, but in the future needs to look into the type of units before she offers it to her nurses. Overall I am satisfied with this company. The housing is as expected. The pay is a little low which I knew starting out my first assignment. Paychecks are what I expected and on time. All the staff at this company are very accomodating and friendly. Would consider working for again if pay more and units assigned are verified in the future. 07/28/2007
  • Pros: Housing and furniture are nice. Recruiter tried very hard to get me the job I wanted. Cons: Health insurance has a huge $900 deductible. Travel reimbursement and pay rates are low. It's a decent company for a first time traveler. Just don't go looking to make tons of money. There are worse agencies out there. This one could definately use some improvement, especially since they are a huge company. 07/12/2007
  • I felt very manipulated and rushed/pushed into an assignment I wasn't sure I wanted to do. 06/05/2007
  • The recruiter I worked with lied about payscale, insurance, and the job discription. 05/11/2007
  • My Recruiter always responded to my calls. When I had an issue with the hospital I'm working in, the company did all they could to remedy it. No problems with paychecks, always there on time. good company to work for. 05/07/2007
  • This was my first assignment with this company. I had a horrible experience with my housing (not the company's error) and a couple of paycheck errors. I could not reach anyone about my housing concerns for 2 days. When I did reach my recruiter, things were taken care of quickly. She has been wonderful. Travel reimbursement could be better. 05/07/2007
  • i actually had an entire month where my paycheck was for $0.00, even though my time cards were for 75 hours. it took them a few weeks, and they did finally pay me and actually gave me a $700 inconvenience bonus, but it was just ridiculous. and then, after telling me i didn't need to pay a pet depostit, they took $600.00 out of my check!! it was returned after i left the company. would not recommend this company. 04/30/2007
  • This company doesn't offer any sign on bonus' or completion bonus'. Travel reimbursement isn;t good. It cost me over $1000 to get to my first assignment, and all I got was $450.Also, review you contract carefully, because some things aren't what you thought they would be... 03/19/2007
  • I was basically pleased with American Mobile until my third contract. I found my own job and had to make the contacts myself. I have never had to do this on any assignment prior to this one. I was very displesed with AMN's performance and told my recruiter this. 03/16/2007
  • new to this but will update. 01/12/2007
  • Company has good assignment selection. They were always accurate with my paycheck. That lack a little in pay and benefits, but overall an ok company. 11/29/2006
  • good company...lots of is not as well, but good housing 10/18/2006
  • seven assignments with this company 10/15/2006
  • I have had an excellent recruiter! This is my first time traveling and the agency has lived to my expectations as a first time traveler.
  • Just started my first assignment with American Mobile, everything has been great.. wonderful recruiter.. any problem has been taken care of VERY quickly.. and I can't believe how nice the housing is.. so happy to be traveling with American Mobile!
  • This is my last assignment with this company. I have told them my salary requirements and that I prefer working days, but they have been unable to meet those needs. I have been with them over a year now, and I am not happy. I have spoken with fellow travelers with the same company and we feel the same.
  • It all depends on your recruiter and I have an excellent one.
  • I have never had any problems, you do need to negotiate with them for extras such as private housing, once you have traveled with them negotiating is easy for subsequent assignments
  • Have had 2 great recruiters, any problems always taken care of rapidly to my satisifaction
  • Error in paycheck twice. Paycheck late once. They worked through another subcontractor and did not tell us until the day before we had to start. Attended a mandatory 8 hour class (after working a 12 hour night shift) for which everyone except for travel nurses were paid for. Have traveled before with other companies and was paid for this class. Initially told us that housing was free and then had to pay towards housing
  • 3 assignments with AM all great! Pay on time and correct. Recruiter the best Ive worked with
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