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Travel Nursing Company Review of: Richards Healthcare
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable3.3
2. Friendly3.7
3. Efficient3.3
4. Honest3.3
5. Pay rate2.9
6. Paycheck accuracy2.9
7. Housing3.3
8. Benefits3
9. Supportive3.4
10. Assignment selection available3.6
11. Individualized3.6
12. Insurance plan2.9
13. Reliable3.3
14. Accessible3.7
15. Reputable2.6
16. Accommodating3
17. Professional2.9
18. Paycheck arrival time3
19. Chances you will recommend this agency2.9
20. Chances you will work with them again3.1
Total Score (number or rankings)63.7(7)(0)
  • comment4, 01/04/2009
  • diferrent strokes here, my experience with them really was good, maybe i was lucky this is my 2nd assignment.. 11/30/2006
  • Travel pay was paid as "sign on bonus" and was taxed accordingly,I was not informed they paid travel this way. On Thanksgiving of 2005 I was paid $12 something/hr when the contract stated time and a half of base pay which was about $34/hr so should have been paid about $51/hr..had to file with Tex employment commission (TEC)and took about 5 months to recieve my wages due me. I can post all pay stubs, the 3 different W-2s I recieved and the TEC papers and the contract for all to see. 11/30/2006
  • i have taken 3 assignments with them... so far i have no issues 11/16/2006
  • they are flexible, and offer individualized packages for each traveler..oh i can always reach my recruiter no matter when. 11/16/2006
  • I started an assignment and was unable to clock in at the facility. My recriter said to get a time sheet signed and send it in to the company whole I was working on the clocking in problem. Richards refused to pay me until they recieved my clock in reports, which did not even exist! (They did not pay me for a over a month). Stay far away. 06/28/2006
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