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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Pine Ridge Hospital
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Friendliness and acceptance of travelers by staff5
2. How open are they to allowing you to expand your skills while traveling?5
3. Hospital Technology1
4. Location (A nice area to live)3
5. Cafeteria food1
6. Parking5
7. Physical layout of hospital effecient3
8. Hospital appeal (looks)2
9. Hospital orientation geared toward travelers?5
10. Simplicity being initiated into the system (Do you have to do lots of unneccessary paperwork, drug testing, criminal background checks, etc. in addition to what the agency requires before you can start working?)2
11. Reputation of the hospital2
12. How nice are the doctors to staff5
13. Friendliness of staffing office5
14. Happy with the work scheduling procedure?5
15. How efficient is their system so you can get your job done?3
16. Adequacy of their nurse to patient ratio5
17. How well staffed are they5
18. How happy were you with your workload?5
19. Staff morale (overall)3
20. To what extent would you recommend this hospital to other travelers?4
Total Score (number or rankings)74(1)(0)
  • I worked in the OR department(s) in the hospital. I worked at this OR for 2020 during covid. Overall, I am very happy with the experience I had. This hospital is on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and is a federal assignment that takes any state license. The reservation is very rural and in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Walmart or Safeway was 60 miles away via 2-lane highway (1 lane each way). There are 2 local grocery stores but the options there are very limited (especially produce and healthy food) and it is VERY expensive. There are 5 options for food in the city (Pizza Hut, Subway, a local burger spot, the fried food in the grocery store, the fried food at the gas station, and a local coffee shop that serves food during lunch). I started before covid and the nurse manager and staff were extremely welcoming. One thing that was promised was that my contract would never be cancelled, even with them cancelling elective surgeries. For weeks I went to work and did 0 cases and every week I still received my paycheck as usual. When surgeries were going, we did 90% EGDs and colonoscopies (I had no endo experience prior), 4% c-sections (no c-section experience prior), 5% lap choles and lap appys, and 1% hernias. There are 3 ORs (1 dedicated to c-sections), 2 general surgeons, 1 OB/GYN, & 2 CRNAs. The OR is very traveler friendly. The biggest problem came towards the end of my assignment (the last 4-6 weeks out of 10 months) when the existing nurse manager switched positions and we got stuck with an ED manager that had never worked in the OR a day in her life. She was clueless and not helpful, even condescending at times. Because of her, I can no longer recommend this as a good place to work. If Nichola (not to be confused with NicholE) is still nurse manager, avoid this place. 03/26/2021
  • The name of the housing complex was hospital complex. Housing was located in city of Pine Ridge. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 4. The OR staff gets priority for hospital housing because of having to be on call. I think housing is very hard to find outside of the hospital complex so make sure that is squared away first. I paid $400/month for a room in a 4-bedroom/2 bathroom duplex. For the price, I have no real complaints.
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